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@CadenGallic@Pyromaniacwolf@Mr Allen J

While Basil might be the most intelligent of the group, he also has some nasty character traits which would not really work well for a leader in my opinion. Examples being his distrust of people and willingness to switch sides and abandon the group.

I actually think Jaden would be the best candidate out of our little group. He seems to me like a reliable person who would stand up for his team and such. Plus in the Strengths section it says that his skills work great in a team so... yeah, that's just my thoughts though.
Hello everyone!

Most of you guys probably dont know me so just to explain why I suddenly post a CS here out of nowhere... Well I've been contacting the GMs via PMs about it.

Anyway, considering the deadline is closing in I decided that now would be a reasonable time to post my CS in the OoC and say hello to you all!

So... Hello!

Now without further ado...

You don't have to feel sorry feel sorry about that. It's understandable that you'd be disappointed when you're excited for something which turns out to not happen. :)

I'm sorry for how things went, but there's no way to reverse it now. Anyway, I hope you guys have fun with the reboot. Just make sure that if you're gonna 1:1 copy the setting you give credit where credit's due.

Have a nice day everyone.
Alright, so as you may have noticed, this RP died before it began. Yes that is true. The reason to this is due to several irl setbacks to all gms. One litterlly has a dead pc, another is unable to post due to travels and the last one had underestimated finals for college, failed, and now has some irl stuff he doesnt want to talk about. This is why the GMs suddenly stopped providing updates.

Also, @DarkwolfX37, I might have been 'online' everyday, but as you've seen by checking my account out I havent posted anything in 2 months. So you decide on wether I intentionally didnt inform you or because I had a stray tab open which I forgot was even there.

As for rebooting. Go ahead.
Question: Will the RP start with the characters arriving at freak camp, or will they have been there for some time? Just asking so I can think about how April'll feel about all these other characters.

Though I'm pretty sure she'll be real friendly with the boy who can heal her injuries. :p

The RP will start with the characters having just arrived at the camp, so all the characters will see eachother for the first time.
Don't join this RP guys

You'll get AIDS.

Thank you Allen, I knew we could depend on you! :D
Hello, coming from the other interest check, still interested! :D
Yes please!
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