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2 mos ago
If you're going to be dumb, you've got to be tough.
3 mos ago
Making the time and finding the energy seems to be the hardest thing as we get older in the hobby, yeah.
5 mos ago
Vindication comes, so too does peace of mind as I close one chapter and open a new one.
2 yrs ago
The people you hate the greatest tend to have the flaws you see in yourself that you resent the most.
3 yrs ago
Sometimes I lie awake dreaming of being as consistent in this hobby as I was ten years ago.


if you're petty with me

be prepared to deal with

the most crazy bitch

you've ever met

Micki | 34 (b. 1988) | Detroit | INTJ
Biromantic Demisexual | Bipolar/Manic-Depressive

Hi. I'm a role-player/writer who has spent over twenty-one years in this hobby.

I will pretty much write anything as long as my partner is cool with my inconsistent posting pace and momentum. I'm pretty sociable and I make dumb jokes all the time. My favorite things to write is capeshit, anime, space operas, horror, and slice of life/mundane drama. My writing level leans toward minimalism, but I try to give my partners/groups more than enough to work off of. I like to think I am pretty flexible.

I like cinema, music, and animation just as much as I like writing with people. My biggest hobby after writing is pop media analysis. Ask me questions or for suggestions and I'm sure to have something for you. 😎😎😎

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I've been thinking and I'm unfortunately got nothing in the tank for this so I'm going to pull out. Good luck to everyone tho.

I could have continued my Tiefling Druid playthrough but decided to start a Drow Monk one instead. I should set aside time to write but I haven't really. #justBG3things
Gonna try and catch up reading today so I can post now I got a day free.

fuck italics

I'll give it a shot.
Yeah, and now I'm written out of the build up. Sucks, but I'll deal.
By the way and to just check-in: @mickilennial @Martian Are you guys still with us? I know it has only been 5 days since the RP officially started, but there's been a lot of posting in that span of time and I don't want people feeling overwhelmed/left out here.

There is a lot of posts to read in a short time. I'm intending to post but between Baldur's Gate and having to read three new posts every time I come back in here its rough.
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