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Akizawa Nadeshiko

Ishin Academy | Sapporo

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There was a small mercy in not having to argue with Adrianne over who would carry the luggage—she had always heard foreigners tended to be pushy and stubborn, and she did not do well with confrontation even on the best of days. Content to trail along behind her newly acquired room mate, Nadeshiko kept her eyes trained on the courtyard beneath her feet as they maneuvered towards the girl's dormitory. The merriment of those around her didn't make much of a different to the goo girl; she was not one for socialization, and it seemed that her partner was of a similar mind. If nothing else, it would make for a quiet year between classes, proved the German kept to herself.

Which, as of now, she did not seem to want to do. Adrianne's sigh caused her to raise her head, listening intently to the words that followed. With how terse and rigid she sounded, Nadeshiko idly wondered whether or not the devil-girl actually wanted to know her opinion on the day's plans, or if she was simply making small talk out of some kind of obligation. The fact that she huffed shortly after, apparently exasperated at the fact they would be spending a day acclimating before beginning classes, perhaps shed some light on that. Had she wanted somebody to vindicate her feelings?

"I do not mind," She replied, soft and inoffensive as usual. "I have no expectations to begin with."

That was a white lie. She expected Ishin to be much worse than this day had thus far proven it to be. But the headmaster seemed rather intent on proving that assertion wrong, if his ominous speech was anything to go on. Perhaps it was for the best that they had this day to adjust to dorm life in that case.
Feral had expected something of a welcoming party after being tossed through the air at a hovering vehicle. The two droids inside, however, proved to be remarkably unwelcoming despite the lengths she went through to reach them. Given that she had the advantage of time on her side, dispatching the droids as they unhooked themselves from the walls of the transport proved to be relatively easy. A parry here, and slash there, and the hacked apart pieces of her greeters would sent plummeting out the sides of the VTOL to rain down upon the Sarkaz below. Free from any interlopers, the Lupo had plenty of time to move through the machine and into the cockpit to see whether or not she would be met with more resistance.

Mercifully, it seemed not. The droids piloting the VTOL were hyper-specialized for the task, which led her to another conundrum—having the land the thing after she took care of its true pilots. If the rough entrance to Retra's HQ was anything to go off of, she did not much like flying, but with a timer ticking away and her squad mates waiting below, she had little choice. She would have to take over for these helpless drones. Exercising as fast a reflex as she could, the young Operator dispatched the two pilots of the vessel with a slash to the back of the head each, leaving them to roll about the cockpit as it suddenly careened to the left. Rattled by the sudden shift in motion, Feral barely had time to shove the deactivated husk in the main seat out of the way in order to grab the controls and yank them in the opposite direction to stabilize.

What followed made their chaotic landing on the Vindsvalr look like a cake walk. The VTOL jerked and swayed in the air, rocking back and forth and making at least one full rotation around as the distressed Lupo behind the metaphorical wheel tried her best to figure out the controls. It took her some time, but eventually she managed to intuit how to make it go down. So down it went, perhaps a little too fast for comfort, but not so fast that she crashed the thing into the street, or smooshed poor Vlad like some kind of vampiric mosquito. As the VTOL made its rocky landing, Feral dislodged herself from the cockpit, and made a shaky retreat out into the main compartment, poking her head around the side of the bay doors.

"I do not like flying."
For the second time that day, a hail of bullets soared past Feral's head as she found just enough cover to avoid being reduced to a thin paste. She questioned just who Retra expected their operators to be facing off against with such a glut of firearms, but ideas of Laterno usurpation aside, it seemed the Lupo had something to do. Their local angel apparently had the means to suppress the enemies just long enough to close with the enemies and take them out, and as soon the the staccato of gunfire lifted, she ducked out of her cover to rush the opponents along with Dragoon and Vlad. She had every intention of scything down as many of the pinned opponents as possible in her allotted ten seconds, but the hulking Sarkaz among their group seemed to have other ideas.

Taking out the ground forces was of more importance overall, but having the VTOL able to follow them up onto the roof of the building with all its possible weaponry was not something she looked forward to facing. Deciding to play nice with her team, the silver-haired swordsman simply nodded towards Vlad, pulling her curved blade from its scabbard with a lightning quick flourish that left the head of at least one of the downed droids rolling—once it was released from Thrones' arts—across the pavement.

With her weapon drawn, she proceeded to crouch for a moment, then launched herself into a vertical jump that would land her atop of Vlad's angled shield. Coiling herself up like a spring once more, Feral eyed the shaking VTOL overhead and identified any possible handholds on the vehicle before giving Vlad the signal she was ready to be launched.
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Akizawa Nadeshiko

Ishin Academy | Sapporo

Interacting with:

Nadeshiko had, for her part, remained passive as the cacophony of her classmates raged on around her. Two by two her fellow were paired off, some eliciting more excitement than others, until the majority had been assigned to their dorm mate. She did not take much of the time spent idly to look over her own; it seemed Adrianne was more interested in the goings on of the others than she was in speaking anyway. Perhaps that was for the better. While she had done reasonably well with introducing herself to Shun and Kana, she was unsure of how good of an impression she would be able to make on the eternally-displeased looking German with whom she would be sharing her living space with for the next year. Better to keep your mouth shut and appear inept than open it and remove all doubt.

Of course, her time in blissful silence could not last forever. While she idly thumbed the handle to her suitcase, the timid catgirl in charge of their section set off towards the dormitories with the nascent heroes at her back. Nadeshiko contented herself to follow along towards the back of the group, watching the more lively members from afar while she dutifully listened to their guide. Standing beneath the shadow of the Shinonome building, Nadeshiko found the tour ending far more prematurely than she had expected. Aside from a rather unexpected display of dexterity from the class's most rotund member, there was little left to observe but the group slowly breaking away to individuals until finally someone spoke directly to the pink goo-girl.

"Now that's over with, shall we get settled in, Akizawa-san?" Nadeshiko peered up from her daze, catching sight of the foreign freshman gesturing for her to follow along. "Just t'let you know, I'm not much for talking, but I don't mind a little chit-chat."

"That is fine." She answered softly. It seemed that she was correct in her earlier assessment of Adrianne. It did not make much of a difference to her⁠—she was also not one to make conversation.

"Also, if you don't mind, I can help carry some of your luggage to our dorms."

At that, she was unsure of how to answer. It would be impolite to refuse, but at the same time, she did not wish to inconvenience someone who already looked so displeased by the circumstances they were in. Beyond that, she only had the one suitcase, set up on wheels as to not be a burden. A moment of brief rumination followed before Nadeshiko steeled her resolve and answered with a simple shake of her head, ropey strands of slime-like hair shifting to-and-fro as she did.
Eldrid Isfjellbarn

Crashing into mossy soil and stone was never something to be triumphant about, but the sudden impact of the creature crashing to the marsh's floor was something of a win for Eldrid. It meant that the beast wasn't just going to skitter off back to its den the victor of this cowardly ambush. She hadn't expected to fell the thing with a few savaging blows, so its sudden shriek and reversal of the impromptu grapple she held on it did not surprise her much. Rather than try to struggle free from the monstrous creature as its shadowy maw grew to engulf her, she donned the wicked, battle hungry grin so common among those who practiced her magecraft.

"Better than you have tried this, asshole!"

Her hands slipped from its sides as its jaws saw fit to lock around her, fingers digging into the edges of its mouth in what one would assume to be a preventative measure to keep it from snapping closed on her. But it was not to keep it off her that she held so fast. Instead, it was to keep it from escaping her. Even as the whirring blades of its internal void sliced at her arms, the Dragonslayer inhaled a deep breath, the putrid swamp air mixing with the coppery scent of her blood. Then, with just as little warning as her earlier maneuver, she exhaled. Only, instead of the air she had sucked up, a cone of fire erupted from her mouth. Angry red dragonflame filled the beast's stomach in lieu of her flesh.

Eldrid Isfjellbarn

For a time, there was nothing. Everything that had befallen Eldrid after the cart was flipped by the creature was something of a blur. An unwanted groping, the appearance of a boat, the screams of the dumb whelp in charge of their transport as the monster flew off into the distance with him.

Then, rage.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?!" The fiery magi suddenly exploded, her indignation at being ignored by the horror flaring to life like the burning mana at her back. It hadn't even bothered to slow her down as it had with the others on her "team". Did it really think she wasn't worth distracting? The powerful muscles of her legs tensed, and she raced forward across soggy soil. Only a few steps before...


An explosive jet of flame forced its way from her palms, aimed backwards as to blow herself through the air towards the creature. She soared across the marsh, her feet barely touching the ground for a few transient steps before another raw burst of mana sent her flying forward.


Eyes like a dragon, she could see the figure fluttering through the air, pathetic cargo in tow. The heat in her palms grew for a few precious seconds as she nearly stumbled across the blood-slick soil. Another blast of bright orange flame saw her momentum more than recovered.


Close enough that she could read the terror on their driver's face, she snarled a final battle cry, and launched perhaps the largest burst of flame she had yet, propelling herself not only forward, but up.

"With you!"

Hands streaming smoke from the draconic magic she had used to blast her way into range, Eldrid swung wide, fingers and teeth digging hard into the rubbery flesh of the creature. It was a slippery little shit, but that wouldn't stop her. The second her grip loosened, red hot flame burst from the tips of her fingers, aiming to burn a handhold into the monster's back if needs be. If it wanted to get away so badly, it'd need to work harder than this!

Having exited the alleyway to the chaos of battle, it seemed that the team had managed to mop up most of their resistance in her absence. Most of it, as she came to understand upon spotting the lumbering droid to her left. She surveyed it for a few scarce, noting that it seemed too focused on Dragoon to have noticed her in turn. The armor was thick all across its body... but it seemed to have a weakness around its head and neck region. Grasping the hilt of her blade, she made a rush towards the final remaining opponent. It was only a meter or two away from her when she pushed off the ground and leapt.

Carried by the momentum of her jump, she needed only a split second in the air directly behind it to find her mark. A flash of steel saw the first few inches of her blade slicing through the gap in its armor and into the back of its "neck", likely severing whatever connections it held to the mechanical body below in one fell swoop. Not one to risk being crushed, her feet found purchase upon its back, and with a few solid pushes she proceeded to hop up from its back onto its shoulders, then forward over its head to land neatly to the right of Dragoon.

"The alleyway had some kind of transmission drone. Unsure of what it was doing. I eliminated it regardless." She murmured into her microphone while straightening herself up and tucking her sword back where it belonged.
Feral had little time to be satisfied with her maneuver. No sooner than she landed, the other dog deemed it necessary to descend upon her with its bladed maw snapping. Quick as it was, she was just as quick, and had the benefit of a mind with which to strategize. As it flew at her, she gripped the scabbard at her side and undid the clasp that kept it to her belt. Just as the robot moved to snap down onto her, she raised the scabbard as an offering, allowing it to crunch its metallic teeth into her sword's covering in lieu of a limb. With it busied upon the scabbard, she took the opportunity to make use of her other hand, and thrust her blade upwards from below the beast's chin. The result would be a solid foot of steel wedged through whatever counted as a brain within these drones.

Assured that a good strike through the head could disable them thanks to the earlier drone she disabled, Feral pulled her weapon from the mechanical dog's carcass and made towards the blinking drone that had caught her attention in the first place. It seemed to be disabled, but it was still thrumming away despite lacking an antenna. Another solid stab, this time one from overhead, into the meatiest part of the machine would hopefully do for a coupe de grace. Several more followed if that was not sufficient.

[Feral. Art droids are down.]

A frown spread across the Lupo's face as the communicator in her ear crackled to life. What was the point of all of this then? If her targets had already been dispatched, she was unneeded, and so she resolved to return back the way she came once all was said and done, discontent with her contribution.
Feral's advance was stopped not more than a few moments after it began. It seemed she had been correct; Retra did intend to plant obstacles in her way. It did not help that she had no inclination as to what the main obstacle was, either, though she could intuit that whatever signal the blinking purple drone was emitting probably wasn't good for her or her team. As she placed a hand on the hilt of her blade, two wolf-like robots seemed to drop down out of nowhere, and she grimaced. More obstacles.

But a few robots wouldn't dissuade her from her mission. Dare her as they might, the glowering red eyes of these canine drones did not stop Feral from lowering herself to the ground and, in a sudden burst of motion, rushing towards the assembled enemies. It may have been two versus one in a confined space, but she didn't intend to engage with those kinds of odds. As she approached her target, she made a split-second turn to the right and launched herself skywards with the momentum of her charge. Coupled with the power in her legs, it propelled to the blank canvas that was the alleyway's walls. No sooner than her feet touched the surface did she enact her plan.

Letting her knees bend to collect the force of her sudden lunge like a spring, she fired herself off the wall with all her might, moving above the three drones like a silver-and-black blur. As she passed above them, a single flash filled the luminescent cyberspace, and with it her job was almost done. The power of her second jump carried her all the way to the other wall, which she also bounced off of in a much like forceful manner, directing herself behind the assembled enemies this time and landing with a roll to disperse any excess momentum.

As Feral stood, she turned, facing her foes—or the foe who remained. She had drawn her sword for the briefest of seconds as she passed above them, cutting a sharp arc across the neck of one of the dogs, and carrying that arc through to lop off the antenna of the blinking drone. She expected it to suffice in killing at least the first, and disabling the second. Now just the final dog remained, and for it she prepared to strike again.
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