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gonna post a wip so i remember to finish this.

The year is two-hundred and thirty-eight after Aegon's Conquest, Robert Baratheon is dead.

hol up.
Akizawa Nadeshiko


UA Highschool - Side Gate

@everybody and nobody

The gentle, rhythmic clacking of the railway cart as it dutifully sped along well-worn tracks towards Musutafu provided a welcome distraction to Nadeshiko. It was steady, even, easily predicted. A monotonous sound followed by an equally easy to foresee bump every few seconds. Nothing like what awaited her at the station, or more pressingly, beyond the station. Apprehension was a kind way to describe the feeling that balled itself within her gut, one more aligned with the typical experience of a freshly minted high school student crossing the country to attend a new, strange school. How many tens of thousands of school girls felt that nagging worry, the unease that comes with the unknown this very morning all across Japan?

But apprehension was just that, a kinder way to phrase what she felt. What she felt wasn't the disquiet they felt in the face of new friends, new challenges and fleeting youth, but fear. Genuine fear for the future, though behind the surgical mask she had cloaked her face in for the trip none would see it. Not that she wanted anybody to see it, or her. The baggy hooded jacket was testament to that, hastily dawned atop her school uniform to try and give her a shield to shrink behind. It did well enough, though she was sure it made her look half a hoodlum, hands tucked in her pockets and eyes locked onto the cabin's floor. Better to look a delinquent than a someone with a Quirk. Nobody cared half so much about common punks when balls of sapient slop existed to turn their ire towards.

The crackle of an intercom roused her back to the reality at hand. Five minutes, then they'd arrived at the terminal, and a quick walk to campus that she had rehearsed a thousand times in her head would follow. UA high school, though she couldn't remember for the life of her what the acronym in the name stood for, if it stood for anything at all. None of the pamphlets or forms that she'd poured over with her mother's help had anything to say on the matter. She hadn't wanted to look at them, at first, but her mother had insisted. In hindsight, Nadeshiko appreciated that, that one of them had the spine to take the initiative. The gentle, encouraging smiles had tried to cloak a painful truth that became more apparent the longer they discussed it. UA was a solid option, a school where she could fit in and get a good education, and prepare for a career. A future to strive for.

The only future to strive for.

She'd had no goals. No direction. No future until it came along. Nadeshiko had long ago given up hope on that, but fate had seen fit to send her a life raft when she'd finally had made peace with slipping under the tides. What else could she do? The tides were too strong. Nobody wanted a mutant. Her apathy was justified. Her hopelessness, justified. Now UA wanted her. Now she couldn't make peace with drowning. Now she had to try and swim against those currents she had contented herself with. The cynic in her told her that it was all for naught. That the raft would hold just long enough for her to see the shore, the hope of making it back to land, before fate took it away again and plunged her back down into the seas.

That was the source of her apprehension, Nadeshiko came to understand as she disembarked the train and began to carefully navigate crowds of salarymen and students alike, making herself small among the crowds until she could break away from them. It hurt enough to accept that her peers didn't want her the first time. She didn't want to face it again. What if her one future fell through? When you had no options, failure was inevitable, like the clacking of those railway cars. Comforting. But with a choice, with a chance at success, the sting of not making it was all the worse. Why did she have to risk it? She wanted to go home. But Ōtsu was a world away, and already she could hear the chaos up ahead.

Turning down residential street, she briefly caught a glimpse of the mob assembled outside the gate. If there was any relief to be had today, it was that the school had the foresight to have the new arrivals enter through the side to avoid the worst of it. Still, she couldn't help but crack a sad smile as she listened to the chants fade away, the impressive exterior wall she rounded helping block the cries out.

“Freaks go home! Freaks go home!”

Was that not where they were now? A new home for all the freaks?

As Nadeshiko approached the gate, she found herself under some deal of scrutiny, considering her dress. Perhaps she could've done away with the little disguise once the campus was in sight. Sheepish as was her way, slender pink fingers freed themselves from the pockets of her jacket, and she peeled back the hood with a learned terseness. Ropey strands of gelatinous, pink goo fell haphazardly around her masked face, a rough approximation of hair, and it seemed to dispel any of the doubt among the foursome of daunting men. She fished her lanyard from within the hoodie, showing the faculty present who she was.

"Akizawa. 1-A-16." As if they couldn't read it for themselves. Regardless, they parted ways for her, and she beat a hasty retreat through the gate and into, to her chagrin, what appeared to be a fairly impressive array of students. Perhaps if she didn't say anything, they wouldn't notice her. She never was very good at introductions.

Your point-buy checks out. You didn't put the name of your background in the features tab, just pointing it out. You also still have the spellcasting tab in there, though you can't actually cast spells yet. I won't ask you to remove it, but you will need to update it to the paladin rules ^^;
The Order of the Golden Lion isn't one of the original suggestions, I think? We'll need to discuss that.

Might as well keep it in. Will save me time when it unlocks at level 2.

The Order of the Golden Lion was the best fit I could find among the various knightly orders of Faerun for both geographic location (Elturgard, a theocratic nation just north of Greenest, is led by priests of Torm, the god that the order is dedicated to serving), their habit of sending knights out on quests to atone for past misdeeds done in the name of Torm (why a knight is escorting a pair of hoodlums to Greenest) and what oath I'd like to take (Oath of the Crown, which has tenets that line up well with Torm's portfolio). None of the options provided stuck out to me, and I took them to be options, not required choices.
We gonna have a discord for this going forward?
Have a WIP, in that case.

@Asura You must qualify for multiclassing in both your starting class and your new class - and you must be a minimum of level 3 before you can take your first option, level 6 before you can take a second, and so on.

So if I wanted to go fighter/rogue I'd need to be fighter 6 first?
How're we sitting on multiclassing?
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