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i relate.


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Sirius Leverant

Interacting with: @LemonsLocation: School Hallways

There was a brief moment, a small, fleeting few seconds where Sirius was almost worried. The wide, stupid grin that plastered itself across the face of the girl—or obstacle, really—that he had crashed into might've indicated the impact had knocked all sense out of her head. The words which came pouring out of her mouth soothed those near-worries: there surely hadn't been any sense rattling around in her skull even before she found herself bowled over like so many pins. Like most of his 'peers', he hadn't bothered to learn her name. Not until she all but foisted it onto him in her hurried little introduction, so over eager that she hadn't even deigned to wait for a response in kind before firing off more inane banter. Perhaps that was what qualified as manners in the backwater that was forsaken Mistralton.

He watched her with cool, disinterested eyes as she hurriedly backpedaled down the hall, content enough to disdain her from afar as she went back to whatever business such an... excitable girl managed to get up to. But his contentment was short lived. So caught up in his own contempt, it only donned on him after she insisted he hurry along that they hadn't been going in opposite directions when they collided, but rather the same direction. His disinterest turned to alarm, and then just as quickly to indignation.

"Oh, no no no. Do not tell me you are on this year's battle team," He could practically feel the scorn rolling off his tongue as he was finally moved to speak, "You can't even dodge a passerby! I'd hate to see how your Pokemon fare against actual moves."
Just to be clear, the Mystral live in matriarchal tribes, right? Because the OOC says patriarchal but the men are all chased off.
Had a doctor's appointment to settle today, will have something out tomorrow.
Those who lug around massive, bladed weapons such as axes, greatswords, and scythes. They rely on overwhelming their opponents with powerful, animalistic blows that border on inhuman. There have been many stories of such individuals forging covenants with strange shades.

das me.
I don't know what any of those words mean, but I've been meaning to play a monster hunter type character with a big heckin' sword.
Throwing in some tentative interest.
this is my 3000 post alt.

煙影 明美

Location — Ishin Academy Gates

It took a level of willpower to suppress the eye roll that rightfully should've followed the boy's comments, as if he hadn't just been shuffling around through the crowd, aimless as anybody else, hoping the flow would bring him to where he needed to be. She couldn't exactly fault him for expressing interest in her company, though, nor for the devil's grin that followed it. If there was one thing Kemurikage Akemi was, it was a beam of light, sent down from the heavens above to brighten the days of those lucky enough to witness her radiance. He just happened to be the most recent in a long line of beneficiaries of such a luminous blessing.

That, or high school boys couldn't help but puff up like roosters when they perceived a compliment from the fairer sex. Either or, really.

"What gave it away? My youthful glow?" She asked, gesturing vaguely to herself as if she hadn't slept for all of four hours and spent the rest of the morning wallowing and chain smoking like some kind of burnout, "Class 1-A. Suppose that means I'll have to sit up in the front..."

She deigned to follow along with her ostensible classmate, figuring that a second or third year probably would've already found where they needed to be. Her pale blues scanned the crowds with a vague disinterest, if only to pass the moments between words, her mind lazily shifting through potential bits of small talk to offer up. Eventually, she settled on the basics, magnanimous enough to tilt her head to the side and address him more directly while they walked.

"Name's Kemurikage Akemi. You are?"
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