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Also, you guys don't have to use the exact same format as me! You can put whatever you want in it as long as the required stuff is in it, and format it the way you like it ^^

I've got the skeleton of my light fella done. Just need to flesh him out and figure out how I wanna word his abilities.
Someone like @Raijinslayer, for instance.
Out of curiosity, where are we drawing the line on sword variants? Would a naginata qualify? I'd assume so since one of the Pillars uses an axe, but still wanted to check.

I posted this in the char tab the first time, and there's no way to delete posts without getting a mod, so rip.
Right now I'm looking at Breath of Thunder for the sighted lad, and Breath of Mist for the touch one.
I'll take [視力] enhanced sense of sight (light) & [接触] enhanced sense of touch (dark) for 500, alex.
Akizawa Nadeshiko


UA Highschool - Staging Grounds


From her place in the back of the pack, Nadeshiko found her worry rising once more at the sudden announcement that they would be expected to demonstrate their abilities. It was to be expected, considering the description of the Heroics course, but to have to stand on a what turned out to be a massive stage and display her shame for near enough two dozen people? It was the type of thing she had hoped to have time to warm up to. To be expected march bravely before their peers not ten minutes after arrival and "show their stuff" without reservation was absurd. Thankfully, class 1-A was comprised of individuals bolder than she in its majority, and so while she toyed with the hem of her skirt, someone stepped up to plate.

Cowardly as she was, the mutant did manage the small kindness of leveling her eyes to watch the display. She recognized the boy who took the spotlight first, a student who had attended middle school with her. Ryūjin-san hadn't shared a homeroom with her, but he was not the type of person that was hard to notice in spite of distance. In the sea of her more normal peers, seeing the occasional flash of flame on campus served as a beacon of solidarity back then. That she was not alone in her hardship, though the blazing boy on stage never seemed to buckle under the weight his own abilities as she did. She would have admired that quality, when she was a more hopeful person, but now she could only see it as misguided. He fought a losing battle out of pride, or fear, or the hurt that surrender would bring on perhaps. Accepting reality was painful at first, but there was comfort in its finality.

It was not particularly comfortable watching the resulting fire show. She had a particular aversion to fire, and watching him loose wispy waves of blazing gas left her to ponder how she would fair against someone with such a Quirk if she were to become a "Hero". Demonstrations came and went, blasts of energy and explosives cracking in the sky, water that moved free of external control and a Quirk that nearly singed the audience with its violent nature. Could she truly compete with people whose abilities were so destructive? She did not have the ability to lift a truck with ease, or launch lightning from her palms, or any number of more useful abilities. She was just slime. Malleable, bereft of structure, weak. A melancholy fell upon her more strongly than before. How was she of all people going to keep up?

Pensiveness gave way to a sharp realization as Nadeshiko peered from beneath gooey bangs to her fellows, watching another boy descend from the stage after a scolding. There were not so many individuals left in line for demonstration. She would be expected to go soon, lest she have to endure the embarrassment of being last. Perhaps it did not matter, as all eyes would be on her anyway. A sigh broke free from between her lips. Part of her hoped that the others would be merciful in their judgement. Now was the time to grow a spine.

She pulled free the mask she had worn across her face and tucked it into the pocket of her jacket, which too was shed and placed in a neat bundle on the ground. Her blazer joined it as well, and the goo girl rolled up the sleeve of her blouse as she forced one leg to move after the other, making way for the arena. They all had Quirks too, she tried to remind herself, though it was of little comfort as she tangled with the reflexive anxiety of exposing the glossy pink "skin" of her arm to the world.

Had she the lungs to accomplish it, she would have likely taken several deep breaths to steady herself as she padded towards center stage. For all Nadeshiko was privy to, the other students could've been absorbed in their own worlds, for she found some badly needed comfort in directing her eyes to the smooth marble tiling below her feet. If nothing else it certainly helped in stepping around the smoldering remains of magma that lay scattered about the platform. Once she arrived, she did not do the crowd the honor of establishing the long denied eye contact expected of a presenter. Instead, she held up her exposed arm to draw attention to it. Now would be the time to test her earlier hypothesis.

"My name is Akizawa Nadeshiko," she managed, her voice somehow retaining an edge of unease despite its softness. Speaking truly wasn't her strength. "My Quirk is called Gelatinany. It is a Heteromorphic Quirk. My entire body is comprised of a smooth, pink goo rather than flesh or bone."

Flinching at the awkwardness of her own disjointed explanation, she decided to move onto the demonstration portion, in the hopes that the effort would distract her from the sinking sensation in her stomach. Knitting her brow, she willed her body to conform to the image in her head. The long, ropey bands of "hair" around her head began to shorten themselves as they retracted into her head. Where they once reached the top of her lower back, the tips just barely dangled about her temples as she styled them into a fairly simple bob-cut, a style she had practiced in the past. Unimpressive as hair styling was, though, it was not where her demonstration ended.

Those with particularly able eyes would see the mass lost from her hair traveling down her neck and across her shoulders in a small bulge. It slide down the bicep of her exposed arm, creeping downwards until it reached her wrist. The mass of goo then flooded forth, swelling the petite form of her right hand. Churning and stretching, it took a shape identical to that of a large foam finger.

"Since my body's composition is quite malleable, I can change its shape to fit my whims." As if to further illustrate the point and dispel any belief she was a sports fan, the mass of goo shifted once more. This time, it flooded back upwards into her arm, where the slender limb filled outwards and shaped itself into a muscular, powerful looking appendage distinctly out of place on such an averagely proportioned girl.

After a moment it once again shifted, the arm losing its bulk in favor of length as it transformed into a long, flexible tentacle of pink sludge that wiggled about for a moment before Nadeshiko willed it to return to shape, hesitant to strain herself further with such advanced manipulations. As it shrunk, the goo slowly made its way northwards once more until the hair that draped Nadeshiko's shoulders was once again full length.

"I... hope that was sufficient."

Mori-sensei looked absolutely fascinated with Nadeshiko's demonstration, it was almost as if she was barely stopping herself from running up onto the platform to get a literal feel for her body's properties. The woman instead watched carefully as Nadeshiko's body changed shape and wondered what that would feel like if she could do the same. She did a wave motion with her arms and imagined them instead as boneless goop.

"That's soooooooooo cool!" Mori-sensei cooed, clearly a new fan of Nadeshiko's. "I have so many questions for you, but they'll have to wait until everybody has gotten a turn! Your Quirk is certainly unique and I hope we learn a lot from each other!"

Nadeshiko gave a small bow in response to the cheer. The acknowledgment felt nice, though the complimentary nature of sensei's words was significantly dulled by the way she enthusiastically praised each and every student. It was her job, after all, to make them confident and bold. Just another part of her job. At least nobody in the crowd had recoiled... she hoped. Nadeshiko once more made a hasty retreat, eyes locked towards the ground, and went about fixing her uniform while the next student inevitably took her place.

gonna post a wip so i remember to finish this.

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