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I will be accepting all non-core books on a case-by-case basis. So what this means is if you use something from Volo’s or Xanathar’s you will have to ask if it’s okay to use that. Yes, this includes Unearthed Arcana which I distinctly abhor for personal reasons.
So sayeth TGM

I can read. Which is why I asked.
Are we using the Feats from Tasha's Cauldron?
Outside of Ardenfeld sometimes being spelled Ardenfel that sheet looks pretty solid, as expected from an Asura CS. Could be interesting if we get along and there's no roadbumps. Quick question: I noticed you use "half-elf" as a race but your picture is more of a, well, catboy. Are you intending to use the half-elf stats for flavor while you write the character as a half-catperson IC? or am I dumb and its as simple as a tabaxi made a go at an elf tailor?

Half-elf, half-catperson.
I just like sorlocks.
Oh hell yeah I'm in.
yeah i've honestly been wondering too
Sirius Leverant

"They succeed in spite of their trying, then."

Sirius was quick to retort at the intruder to his reprieve. After all, she surely hadn't set off with the intention of gaining his ire, but her incessant giggling and airy demeanor had managed it all the same. The way she winked at him only stoked his anger all the more; had she really come all this way just to flirt with him and make vague innuendo? If he hadn't been in such a foul mood he might have admired the initiative. However, he had arrived at Taiyōtawa to dominate the rankings of the ICW course, not the first airheaded bimbo to come drifting his way after class. A firm rebuke was in order, to make this fact clear.

"We all have things we'd like to do," he mused coldly, "A tragedy that more often than not they don't come to pass."


April 11th 2018

Residential Kyoto

Even if the venture had done little to endear Nakano's perpetually sour self to him, at least Natsuhime seemed to come away from it happier. He half expected the former's fixation on the house to imply she too could see it in all it's phantom glory. It was more likely she was just ruminating on its destruction—the younger of the two had mentioned that her brother disappeared shortly after the fires, and if not for the middle schooler's insistence that he could somehow come back, Noriaki would have assumed the elder Nakano had perished in them.

Some levity was introduced to the oppressive atmosphere by Natsuhime's concern for the cat. That was something he could provide a defined certainty to, unlike the fates of mysteriously missing siblings.

"The cat's fine. I found him wandering around a few days after we move in," He told the concerned tween to assuage her worries, "I guess he's mine now? He's been sleeping with me these past couple nights, and I bought him a collar and all."
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