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At first the check ins was rough but once a routine was in place it began to flow very smoothly, you would think that with one line it would be inefficient but this wasn't Houdini's first rodeo. As each student walked up to the pro hero, he greeted them with a smile and asked for their identification papers, upon checking in each student was given a badge with a number on it making it easy to identify each other.

The white haired man closed his brief case once the last student was checked in and let out a excited sigh, [color=f7976a]"Alright! Now that everyone is checked in we shall now begin part 1 of the Sekai Academy entrance exams! As you all know the test is broken up into a written and physical portion! Now, If you all would please follow me!" The man said leading them towards one a shack that at first glance would raise questions as to whether or not the students were at the right place, Houdini then rolled up his sleeve and pressed a button causing the shack to rise up from the ground revealing the entrance to a hidden doorway underneath the shack. "We are heading towards the testing hall, please stay with the group and don't get lost. We wouldn't want any delays now would we?" the pro said with a smirk.

After a short walk the testing group entered a large state of the art auditorium, "Please take your seats, make sure to fill up the front the seats from front to back." Once everyone had been Houdini pulled out another card from his pocket, this being a 2 of diamonds. "Please turn off your cellular devices and take out a #2 pencil, I will begin passing out the written portion of the Sekai Academy hero entrance exam. A hero in this day in age must be as smart as he is strong and be well versed in present day quirk ethics which is why there is a written portion. At Sekai Academy if you are caught cheating you will receive an automatic 0 so please refrain from cheating, you have 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish. When you receive your test paper you may begin" After giving instructions, Houdini flung the card into the crowd in which the card began to glow brightly before exploding into a multitude of papers that neatly floated their way onto each and every students desk.


1 hour and 45 minutes later

The man said as he pulled out another 2 of diamonds and held it high in the air in which the card began to glow, like a vacuum all the test papers were pulled towards the card seamlessly, disappearing into the pocket space never to be seen by the students again. "We will now prepare for the physical portion of the exam, please pay attention as I recite the instructions. The man said before a backdrop began to roll down at the front of the auditorium.

"We will be conducting a mock battle inside of a forested setting and your performance will be graded through a point system, it may sound strange to you but a pro must always be prepared despite the area. Inside the test site you will be met with resistance from 'villains' who are robots as well as be required to save 'civilians' which are also robots as a hero. You will receive points depending on how many villains you take down or how many civilians you save giving the opportunity for those who are offensive oriented to shine as well as those who specialize in Utility! Use your quirk to try and earn as much points as you can, using your quirk to attack other students will result in heavy penalties, you have been warned. We will give you guys a 20 minute break to stretch and prepare before starting!"

@Melpaws@Silver Carrot

I’ll work on a cs tonight for ya :3

I’m interested in joining, are you more in need of heroes or villains?

Marius Anderson

Speech:#A36209 Thoughts:FFF79A

While Marius was busy embracing the ground, an unexpected visitor began scratching the base of his ear causing it to twitch a bit as it startled the pup. "Huh? What are y-" His tail began to wag from left to right as it actually felt pretty good, who knew how good it felt for someone to scratch your ear for you! Too bad all good things come to an end as he felt a very sharp pain in his ear unexpectedly. The boy jumped back and let out a few whimpers as he held his both ears and stared at the culprit with misty eyes full of distrust. Marius began to backpedal away from the humanoid cactus with extreme caution.

Soon enough the school day had began to start and with that the teachers introduced themselves one by one, the man in the spacesuit was called Captain Spacenaut, he seemed pretty nice and the emotes that his visor could make were rather soothing and comforting. After Spacenaut-sensei introduced himself, the rest of the teachers followed suit but they all didn't give off the same appeal as spacenaut did, they all meant strictly business. Hopefully I wont upset anyone the boys tail went limp as his anxiety began to kick in, knowing that his quirk will be under close observation and evaluation by his peers always made him anxious. The reason being that whenever his quirk was a catalyst in a situation it never went well. As they arrived at the large concrete arena Mori-sensei joined the fray rather late and introduced herself as the quirk development specialist, the person in charge of guiding class 1-A with developing their quirks. She was rather joyful and excited which made Marius even more anxious, Once she sees my quirk i doubt she'll want anything to do with me. his ears began to droop to the side as introductions began.

The first person to take the stage was Ryuujin Katsuro, who seemed to be somewhat of a pyromaniac. His fire gave Marius chills and reminded him of probably some of the darkest times of his life, as the fire rose to 20 stories the boy resorted to covering his eyes as he quaked in fear. I don't want anything to do with that guy.

Marius opened his eyes when it was time for the next person to take the stage, Zhao Emiko was here name and she has to be related to Zhao-sensei. Her quirk had caught him by surprised as she threw a punch in the air making the boy leap a few feet back, not only that but she was shouting as she did so which was totally unexpected. She's also pretty scary, I'll avoid her as well

After her was Himaru Mitsuo, another pyromaniac which received another big nope from Marius as he pretty much could make homing missiles. Once again the boy covered his eyes as he saw the boy blow up the rocket produced by spacenaut. I'll add him to that list too.

Seto Yuuki was up next and she the first person to not intimidate Marius today, her quirk was actually really cool. As he watched her slip and slide around the stage the boys eyes widened as he became captivated. Once she finished he clapped rather happily. Woooww

After her was Suihara Mizura who was also a water quirk user, she seemed a bit strange but her quirk was amazing as she and her water clone put on a choreography for the class. Marius also clapped after her demonstration as he was impressed by not only her quirk but her skills. That was also really cool.

Itsuki Konomi was up next and she seemed like the nicest out the bunch, her quirk allowed her to split in two which seemed extremely handy as they were full functional, the catch was that she also split her mass while she used her quirk meaning that the clones were also half her original size. Must be nice to never be alone

Himura Haruki stepped up next, he was extremely energetic. Even more so than Mori-Sensei, his quirk was probably the strangest as he was able to phase in and out of Mori-sensei as he pleased. Marius clapped again for his quirk as it was definitely the most unique quirk he had seen so far.

Once Haruki was done, the most terrifying demonstration was up next as not only was her quirk explosive but her personality, her name was Hanzawa Lacara and she was able to emit lava, yes L-a-v-a. Though it is tied to her emotions, this was someone Marius didn't want to take a chance on. He was definitely going to avoid her. During her demonstration she began to get worked up, Hanazawa-san even began to speak in English which Marius picked up on as he was also knew how to speak in English. The tone she was using the amount of weight her words carried along with the lava spurting violently from her body was enough to intimidate the boy. Marius covered his eyes once more.

Some guy named with the surname Yasuhide took up the stage next as he wasn't very willing to reveal his first name, his quirk was rather graphic as he was able to manipulate the blood in his body to create spikes and the like. His attitude was rather scary as he seemed like he could care less about anything, he even cursed in front of the teachers and flipped off Mori-sensei. Yet another person Marius would have to avoid, that made him No.5.

After him, Akizawa Nadeshiko tooked the stage and was the first mutant to do so which may not have been something many others took much interest in but to Marius it was pretty awesome. Her quirk was pretty self explanatory as her body was composed of slime, not only that but she could also change the shape of her body to fit her needs. It seemed like something that could be really useful, once her demonstration was over he clapped happily for her as well. For some reason her introduction made him happy, despite not being a mutant like her, the fact that she had the courage to go up there was inspiring.

It seemed like he wasn't the only one inspired as another mutant girl went up and she was a shrimp! Physically a shrimp! Not just in height, she had a pincer and everything. The pups eyes grew wide as he saw her take the stage, her pincers were super strong as well as her shell. It was quite amazing actually to see her crunch the pillar in between her claw. The whole demonstration put a smile on his face as he saw her...a mutant having genuine fun being themselves. When her demonstration was over he clapped.

A girl named Hattori Himōri went next and she was able to transform her body into silk that she had complete control over. Not only was she able to produce a abundant amount of silk it was actually super strong as she used to bind Mori-Sensei. Hattori also seemed to be pretty genuine as she apologized to Mori-sensei for making her fall over during the demonstration leaving a smile on the boys face.

Genki Nyoko assumed the stage after Hattori and her quirk caught the boys interest, The ability to sap energy and transfer it to others, maybe she can keep my werewolf form contained incase I ever get out of control and a teacher isn't around. Her quirk was actually pretty strong, it surely could catch someone off guard if they weren't careful.

After him was the boy he saw from earlier, his shaggy hair and pale skin was something of note. Marius stood their quietly looking at him as he awaited for the boy to emit his quirk but it was easy to see he had nerves as well. The pup noticed the cactus he was holding in his head and was a little confused as to why he had a plant up their with him, as he pondered the thought the boy tilted his , his large flopping to the side following his head.

Soon the silence was broken startling him as he shouted a phrase that he had never heard of, but once he was down a wave of sadness swept over Marius crippling him. Immediately the boy grabbed his head and fell to his knees as tears flooded down his cheeks with no end in sight. All the anxiety and fears he had been feeling rushed to the front of his head and he suddenly was overwhelmed, nothing else mattered and he didn't even get the chance to pick up the boys name. He truly did feel he was going to die in this moment.

It wasn't until the next person to assume the stage came up that Marius felt the effects begin to wear-off, his name was Dimitri Megalos and he was a mutant as well. His quirk was called Minotaur and he named it after a mighty beast of legend just like Marius, a smile spawned on the pups face as out of all the mutants he easily had the most charisma. The guy was incredibly strong, Marius surely didn't want to be caught on the other side of those horns. Surely once his demonstrations was over he clapped for him!

Marius clapped his hands against his cheeks to psyche himself up enough to go next, You can do this, just like Nadeshiko, Ebisugawa, and Megalos did, it isn't that hard. The boy began to move and assumed his place at the center of the stage. As he all the eyes on him his heart began to beat incredibly fast as his anxiety kicked in, All these eyes on me, their staring right through me...Judging me. His eyes darted from Nadeshiko to the cactus girl, his heart beat slowed a bit. they're all just like me, they've been through similar experiences like I have. It won't be that bad." While Marius was in his head about 11 seconds has gone by with him staring aimlessly into the class and the class staring right back at him, the pup then took a deep breath and began to speak. "H-He-Hello e-everyone, m-m-m-my name is Anderson M-M-Marius. M-My quirk" He had almost forgot about his quirk, he forgot that he was going to show everyone how much of a monster he was. How he couldn't control his quirk not one bit, and if he was to somehow get lose...

"My quirk is called lycanthropy, I-I have ears and a t-tail like a canine." he was quaking violently in front of everyone. "I can also t-t-transform into a werewolf where I receive a boost to my sensory skills on par with that of a wolf as w-well as super strength" the boy gulped and took off his outer jacket and shoes, tossing them to side before continuing. "Everyone, please take a few steps back.

The boy then fell on all fours and began to grunt as his eyes turned from a caramel brown to a golden yellow color, initiating the transformation. His skin began to darken hastily, and hair began to grow everywhere rapidly except for his face, palms, and feet. The boys nose transformed into a snout and his ears began to sharpen along with his teeth into that much more like a canine. Along with this his body began to accrue a large amount of mass causing Marius's body to grow exponentially till he towered everyone currently present.

Once the transformation was done the wolf stared menacingly at everyone present before standing on his hind legs where the size of his body could really be gauged as he was easily 8ft while on two feet. Marius then let out an earsplitting howl as he got acclimated to his transformation.


His eyes darted back and forth among the class and faculty as he was seeking the alpha among the group. First bouncing onto Katsuro before snorting, quickly denouncing him as who he was looking for. His eyes then fell upon Seo as he was attracted to the sent of blood, the Lycan flashed his teeth and licked his lips before catching glimpse of the one he was looking for, McCoy.

Not the smartest of folks, the big man didn't notice the way the transformed wolf boy was staring at the other students until those eyes were staring at him. McCoy was quick to bare his chest in defiance to the roaming eyes of the predatory student and took a menacing step forward.

"Yus got da looks like ya wunts ta foight! Dat right, pooch?"

Marius barked at the man as he paced around the arena before walking to the other side creating space for the man to enter the ring. The boy bared his fangs and growled violently as he waited for McCoy who leapt up to the arena with a short hop, taking up his position on the side with a fierce grin of his own.

"C'mon den, pup. Ya gutsta show us wut yas ken do!" He sneered, the thick accent making it difficult to understand him.

As McCoy stepped into the ring the pup barked ferociously at the man before charging at him wasting no time. The wolf took a few steps in order to gain momentum before going airborne, closing the distance between himself and McCoy effortlessly. The boy cocked his right arm before bringing it across McCoy’s chest, claws and all as he tried to ravage his core with his opening strike which McCoy took full on without so much as a flinch. If anything the big oaf stuck his chest out and let the attack score directly across his chest, the claws raking deep furrows across his suit.

His chest didn't have a mark.

McCoy just laughed, head arched back to bellow his joy. "Haaha! Das da spirit. C'mon ya mutt dats all yu got?!" Taunting the wolf boy with another great heaving laugh.

Marius eyes widened, surprised that the only thing that he felt his claws dig into was his suit. Even as he looked at the area he attacked there wasn’t even a scratch. “GRRRRR”, the wolf then bared its fangs as he decided to go for a chomp right at the jugular. As much as he likes to play with his food, this wasn’t much fun at all.

Teeth wrapped around his burly neck, the laugh was cut off but the sharp fangs refused to find purchase and dig in. Balling a fist, McCoy was about to strike back out of habit but remember this was a student.

Clamping both hands on the lycanthrope's muzzle, fingers brushing the sharp fangs without injury, he began pulling the jaws away from his neck and detached himself from the otherwise deadly teeth.

"Das a funny quirk yus got. Dis all ya can do?" McCoy looked almost bored now.

The pup reached out and grabbed the man's wrist as he tried to pry himself free but it was to no avail, his arms barely budged and on top of that he had a vice grip on his muzzle. The wolf slide his hands up on McCoys arm as he attempted to dig his claws into the man's arms as an attempt to free himself of his grapple.

"Dats it. Fight wiff all ya got!" McCoy lurched forward, shoving the werewolf off and across the arena grounds. Free of the clawing hands, he took a firm hold of his shirt and promptly ripped it off. Bare Chested, McCoy flexed his arms and took a running start at Marius with a grin across his mustached face.

He was much much stronger than what was anticipated as he even managed to throw the lycan to the other side of the arena grounds. Before hitting the ground Marius managed to slow his fall by digging his claws into the arena, creating sizable claw marks on the tile like flooring. After regaining his balance Marius barked once more, McCoy was the real deal no doubt. It irked the canine that he was simply toying with him.

The mustached man was now sprinting at him, signaling the start of the real battle. Without wasting a second, Marius kicked off the floor with his hind legs and took flight once again to collide with the massive teacher serving as the practice dummy, McCoys thick arms grappled and pushed in an effort not to hurt the boy but still establish strength and eventually settled into a submission hold across the wolf's throat to restrict movement. It had taken a fair deal longer than anticipated to pin the spirited beast and even now they fought with ferocity and vigor to match the teachers own.

"Das enuff, ya fink?" McCoys words were strained, focused primarily on maintaining the hold.

The canine banged and scrambled wildly as McCoy had him pinned on the floor, clawing and attempting to nip at the mans face and arms but finding no success. Slowly but surely Marius began to run out of steam, releasing a bitter growl before submitting defeat. With his fighting spirit gone, the yellow in his eyes began to revert back to its original caramel brown color and the rest of his natural physical appearance following shortly. As the boy’s transformation wore off he could feel the strain on his neck loosen until eventually breaking once Marius was completely back to normal.

Marius clenched his head as he checked himself, first looking down and noticing that his clothes were still on his body. “Wow they actually do work” he said before noticing McCoys shadow being casted upon him. The boy looked up and felt his intimidating glare, not only was he staring at him but he was bare chested as well, and he was the reason for it. “S-Sorry about your shirt McCoy-Sensei” he said sheepishly as he quickly stood up and bowed apologetically before reaching for his shoes.

"Ahh das ok. I's gunna rip it offs soonur or latuh. Good foightin wiff ya boy. Opefully we's gunna do dis fer reals latur." The demonstration done, McCoy gave Marius a pat on the back and exited the demo area with him. A few minutes later, McCoy had a beige colored t-shirt covering his chest while he waited on the sidelines.

The pup nodded, embarrassed by the fact he didn't have much control. He didn't even get a chance to show off his sensory skills, the boys ears flopped once again.

Marius Anderson

Interactions: ???

Once a good amount of distance was placed between himself and the two other test takers, Marius decided to stop and a take a short break to calm down. He leaned against a warn down building and clenched his chest, begging for his heart beat to slow down as he slouched over. He quickly turned his body, placing his back against the building in which he shortly slid down onto the floor. He took a deep breath before throwing his hands against his face before silently sulking to himself.


He questioned why his quirk worked in that manner, upon activation his personality would flip and he'd turn into an aggressive beast, a monster that he was honestly afraid of. It was another side of him that when released it instilled fear in not only him but those around him, the way that boy looked at him was proof. He looked at him as if he as crazy and that wasn't even close to Marius being at his worst, though the girl on the other hand seemed much more startled then frightened. The pup took his hands away from his eyes to look up into the sky and take a deep breath, the physical changes that he had equipped during his short transformation began to revert back to their original state. The boy slouched his head back down towards the ground before holding his legs in a fetal position, his eyes drifted from the ground towards his watch which had been broken when he got trampled in the mob.

"Oh gre-...THE TIME"

He nearly forgot about the exam which was going to begin soon, Marius leapt from the ground and frantically looked from left to right trying to figure out which direction he should go in. He then paused remembering to use his senses, Marius closed his eyes in order to direct more focus onto his nose, the pup inhaled the aromas that surrounded him before sprinting left.

I can still smell the turkey!

Marius began running on all fours, increasing his own speed as he made haste towards the entrance exam area.



In a cloud of smoke, a white haired man appeared at the center of old Shinto village square. The pro known as Houdini captured everyone’s attention as he made his entrance, the excitement on his face was clear as surveyed the area of all the partcitpants before greeting the examinees.

“Good morning examines, I hope you had an easy enough time making your way over here. I am the pro hero known as Houdini and I will be overseeing your exam this year.”

Houdini placed his right hand in the air before flicking it, like magic a red 3 of diamonds playing card appeared in between his index finger and middle finger. The man threw the card swiftly onto
the ground and from it a foldable table, chair, as well as a briefcase had appeared. Houdini slid behind the table taking a seat while simultaneously opening the briefcase.

“If everyone can neatly form a single file line, I will begin to get all participants checked in and accounted for before we begin the Sekai Academy entrance exam”


Marius was beginning to close in on the exam area, his ear perked up at the manly voice he could hear in the distance. The only thing blocking him from reaching the exam was large wall that separated the abandoned village, it towered at about 15 feet in the air. Marius felt a bit daunted for a split before a voice popped into his head.

I can make it!

The pup lowered his body and began to pick up in speed, once he was about 25 feet away from the wall Marius lept onto the side of a house situated near the old shinto village border before vaulting over the obstacle. As he lept off the house, he his finger and footprints on the side of the building. His eyes grew wide as he cleared the wall. Though what waited for him on the other side was a rather large bush in which the boy ended up kissing.


were the only words he said before disappearing into the bush, his yell could be heard from quite a few students that were situated on the outskirts of the square whom quickly whipped their heads around questioning the sound, only to find no culprit. After a few seconds of searching they surrendered and moved to checking in with Houdini.

"Lets go check in."

Marius took a moment to gather himself, other than a few twigs stuck in his hair he was pretty much fine. His ears perked up at the voice of some girl who was most likely talking to a friend, saying that they should go sign in.

Marius peeked through the bush that he was in to check if the coast was clear, he already attracted enough attention today and didn't want to be popular for another 'public event'. Once he believed that there were no eyes facing his direction he hopped out of the bush and cleaned himself off before heading off to check in.

Marius Anderson

Interactions: Nearby - Izumo Hatsue, Jason Akizuki

Marius was soon swamped by the mob of crazed fans, sure he was no longer suffering from dreaded embarassment but now he had a new problem at hand. "AHHH!", the boy shouted while reaching out his hand dramaticaly as if someone was going to pull him out of this predicament but he was wrong. Soon enough Marius was swallowed up the the crowd of crazeds fans, bouncing around suffering a bit of blunt blows before being aggressively shoved to the outside of the mob. Marius landed on the ground with a hard thud, he had took a couple of good hits while he was in that madness though the mild pain on his body would disappear soon enough. The young pup looked down at his clothes which had been stained dirt from when he hit the ground, his ears drooped too the side once again as he saw the condition his shirt was in. "Wow" he said before getting onto his feet and trying to brush off as much dirt from his body as he could, "the nerve of some people."

Soon the boys ears twitched as he heard the sound of laughing and gigglign approaching, at this point he was pretty much tired of social interaction and wished to be alone. The voices were approaching rather quickly and soon enough they caught up to him, and to his luck it was the same pair that caused the outbreak. Marius's ears perked up as he looked over his shoulder and stared at the two, his eyes were still fearful but also hid a bit of resentment. As he stared at the pair there was a short moment of silence before the pup turned his head forward and lowered his body onto all fours taking a defensive stance, the boys pupils began to dilate, fangs began to sprout from his mouth, and his nails tranfromed into razor sharp claws. Even his build bulked up the more he became in tune with his feral instincts.

Marius let out a few warning barks as the two got closer, both predatorial in sound. ”Stay away from me”, the boy backed up a few steps before breaking off into full sprint putting on display for the two an impressive show of athleticism. With two powerful pushes from his legs, Marius was near the end of the alleyway and preparing to bank a left turn as be made his way to the exam site thanks to his heightened senses. As he made his way, a trail of finger prints and footprints we’re left behind for the two to follow if they dared.

Damian Miyamoto Biron Nishamura


With dumb and dumber escaping the grasps of the former hero, they were now tasked with making it to the old village square, I am going to get a vantage point real quick to see how far exactly we will need to travel." the blonde said as he extended his arms outward, the same cloth like appendages seeped through the sleeves of his hoodie before grappling onto a nearby building and pulling the boy to the roof. From higher up he felt a nice breeze that caused his hair to sway, Damian made sure to leave some appendages anchored onto the roof to act as a safety harness. The boy took in a deep breath as he made his way over to the highest point on the building, a smirk of excitement clearly plastered on his face. The boy scanned the horizon shortly before his eyes widened at a point of interesst in the distance, towards the edge of the village northwest of his location he could see poor quality buildings in the distance which could definitely fit the descripton of broken down and ravaged. With his destination now marked the boy made his way to edge of the building and safely returned back to Biron who had been waiting patiently. "So?"

"We're heading northwest, lets hurry up and get there so we can scout out the comp"

With that being said Damian broke out into a speed walk with Biron following.

Marius Anderson

Interactions: Izumo Hatsue, Jason Akizuki

Shutupshutup SHUT UP!, the pups ears twitched as he overheard the boy revealing his wearabouts to the girl next to him. The boys heart began picking up in speed as he prayed to the heavens that the girl didn't turn towards his direction. DONT TURN AROUND DONT TURN AROUND! Alas his psychic powers had failed him as the girly turned to him, flashing her pearly whites and giving the pup a warm smile. Immediately, Marius's cheeks flushed red and his began thumping so hard that he thought it was going to jump out of his chest. The boys ears flopped even further now and the amount of anxiety he was feeling was clear in his eyes. You just had to go for the turkey sandwhich huh?, Marius eyes darted back and forth between the pretty girl and the boy who was with her...who was giving off a somewhat wary vibe. Why is he giving him such a strange glare, WAS HE STARING AT HIS GIRL FOR TOO LONG?! As these thoughts raced through the boys mind, he hadn't realize the awkward amount of time that had passed by with him not saying a word to this girl. On top of that a crowd was beginning to form around the 'circus act', even so much as hearing nearly all of the comments being said about him. It's sad to say it was something he was used to as he grew up.

"Is that boy okay?

"He seems pretty frightened"

["Its pretty rude of him not to reply to a pretty lady"

" that? Izumo Hatsue?!"

Soon the crowd erupted into shouts and cheers as they noticed the appearance of the idol, so much so that they began to crowd around her, in the process picking up Marius unwillingly. NONONONO! Soon enough he was pretty much sandwhiched in the crowd, how much more can things not go his way. All of this over a stupid sandwhich! It was hard to pick apart what the kids were saying as it seemed to come out as a bunch of nonsense with everyone trying to attract Izumo's attention. While most of the kids wanted an autograph or picture of some sort, there were a few who had even offered their assistance in locating the starting line for the Sekai Academy entrance exam.


Arachne Damian Miyamoto
Biron Nishamura

"Your Arachne!, the spider hero...well X-hero" the boy shouted in excitement as she hung in the air suspended, inches away from pouncing on the boy. The spider lady's frown turned into a small hmph as she somersaulted onto the ground. Arachne was a rather aged hero, similar to that of Gran torino though she didn't succumb to the shrinking. "I'm surprised a child like you would even know who I am.. Damian had a wide grin on his face as he began to fanboy a bit, "of course I do, you were a hero that my...m-my looked up too. You were strong, crafty, but at the same time gentle and aware of your environements extremely well." "Indeed, unliked that over the top, destructive man that every seems to idolize, All might." Arachne walked passed Damian and picked up the statue that was Biron had knocked over. "Might I ask you who your brother- Pharaoh, his name was Tyson Miyamoto though..." there was a hint of sadness in his voice that Arachne had sensed, the old ladies widened a bit in rememberance at the sound of that name. "I remember that fool, an overly joyous fool...with a righteous heart, I remember the day in which I seen he had passed. It is indeed sad to someone with such passion and youth to go before me, a washed up hero, and old hag."


The room had became awkardly silent, the sounds of muffled noises and movement could be heard coming from the ceiling though it was difficult to pin poin at first for Damian as he looked anxiously from side to side trying to discern where the sounds were coming from. "Um, miss Arachne...could you please release my friend? If it isn't too much of a hassle." the lady pulled on a peace of silk that was completely undectable by the two kids which released Biron from the ceiling. "WAAHHH!"

I gotcha buddy! Quickly, Damian raised his hands up and outcame from each of the sleeves on his hoodie came 2 cloth like appendages, 4 in total. The appendages stretched out and wrapped around Biron stopping him from crashing down into the floorboard of the store. As each of the strands of cloth held Biron in the air by each of his limbs, each of the pieces swayed gently from side to side.

[Quirk - Mummify]

(Damian can summon 10 cloth like appendages from his back each being equally as strong as steel. Each of his appendages are prehensile and capable of picking up items as well as people too. The cloth like appendages on his back can reach a maximum length of 20 ft as well and can be used for an assortment of tasks as well.)

"Why didn't you release him safely?"
the boy asked as he safely placed his friend on the floor, Arachne simply picked up the statue that was on the floor and turned to the boy what may have seemed like something rude was really her just testing the boy. "Why didn't I release him safely? didn't ask me to." she said with a straight face. "Was that supposed to be a joke?" Damian was beginning to get a little fired up. "Relax boy, I was only giving you a simple test. His reaction speed was alright, for a novice, he also manage to save his friend without hesitation interesting.

"There is only one reason why you two would be in this village, you are looking for the entrance exam for Sekai academy. Its obviouis with your brother being an alumni of the school. If you wish to find the exam starting line then you have to travel far in the opposite direction of this store." Damian turned to Biron with a grin, "See I told you we should've asked for directi- "DON'T EVEN START DAMIAN!". Arachne had began to get more annoyed by the two kids, the twitching of her eyebrow was a dead giveaway.


Damian Miyamoto Biron Nishamura

”Damian we’ve been following these guys for quite some time, I think they might be more clueless than we are, besides we should try some other methods of finding our way around.”

Damian took his attention off the trio of teenage boys they had been tailing to address his whiny friend, the boy let out a sigh out of fustration as he was also fed up with following these guys as well.

”Alright lets ask around for directions, if that doesn’t work then we might have to use our quirks.” the boy said as he turned back around to find that their ‘tour guides’ vanished without of trace, leaving both Biron and Damian in the shopping district without a trace.

”Well that plan was a total bust.” the boy said slumping his body forward, feeling defeated. It may have not exactly been the best plan but at least it was a start. He had never planned that he’d actually have to work towards the starting line.

”Lets go Dame, we can ask the clerk in this store for directions .” the chubby boy said.


When the two entered the shop, immediately they looked at each other. Just by looking at their merchandise sold there they already knew this wasn’t just any store found in your local town. The whole shop was riddled with wooden carvings of creepy statues And as you walked it was almost as if their eyes followed your movements. Even the lighting in the building added onto the unholy theme of the establishment as the lights flickered. Immediately, Biron was already spooked. So much so that he stood extremely close to Damian to the point where his breath could be felt on the boys neck.

”Hey! Hey! Back up dude.” the boy said giving Biron a light shove causing him to trip over a statue.


Damian turned to Biron with an annoyed expression, as much as he loved Biron the guy was such a baby. ”How do you expect to be a hero if you’re scared of a dusty old shop.”

”Who’s shop are you calling dusty?

Immediately, Damian felt a paralyzing chill go down his spine. It sounded had came from all directions, making it difficult for the two boys to pin point it’s origins. Damian turned his body around to find a culprit but as soon as he took his eyes of Biron he heard a high pitched shriek.


the blonde quickly whipped his head around to see his friend gone without a trace. Damian began to feel a cold sweat, the boy attempted to tightened his fists as an a way to cope with his fear.

”You two don’t seem very fit to be hero’s just by the look of you.”

The voice was near, so close he could feel the hairs on his neck begin to stand up. Immediately the boy turned his head to find an aged woman hanging upside down from the a cobweb attached to the ceiling. The look on Damian’s face said it all.

”Holy shit.”


Marius Anderson

Interactions: Nearby - Izumo Hatsue, Jason Akizuki

So many strange smells the boy said as he couldn't help but clench his nose, Marius had been used to the city life as well as the man smells which accompanied it. BUT THIS...this was a new animal, the smell of dirt and grass being so pure was something completely new to him. Mostly because he wasn't used to the naturally lush and rich environment.

[Quirk - Lycanthropy ]

( Marius has enchanced physical abilities such as enchanced smell, strength, and agility, a long with instincts (some that he isn't proud of) similar to that of a wolf. He is even capable of taking on a werewolf transformation further boosting his physical abilities but at the cost of making him becoming more brutish. )

The boy had been wandering through the village at a rather slow pace as he decided to take the time to discover the area a bit as he was still here. That was until he smelled something that really caught his attention, it was coming in the direction of a girl with blue pig tails as well as a blonde boy. -sniff- -sniff-,She-no whatever was in her bag smelled good, really good...was that turkey? Marius had started to cut through the crowd and make his way towards the girl, the closer he got the more his animal instincts took over.

Why have I suddenly began crouching the way a predator stalks its prey

Marius had dipped his body down slightly and made his ears droop down to cover his presence more, soon enough he had reached the point where he was a couple feet in front of this stranger and he dared not take an inch further once he finally came to his senses. The boy has a common tendecny where he sometimes succumb to his instincts causing him to act out.

What the hell were you thinking? You didn't even know what you would've done once you got got close! You know you wouldn't dare talk to a girl in a million years.

The boy had now frozen in place, crouching position and all as he fell deep into thought. He couldn't do anything but stare as he layed his eyes upon the girl, she was pretty attractive.

Make that 10 million years.

Marius had now been staring for a couple minutes, still crouched, and house now even began to garner some attention. So much so that the boy next to her may have even noticed that Marius had been sitting there for some time.
Sekai Hero Academy, one of the first hero academies to emerge out of Japan once quirks became a natural phenomenon. Since the entrance of U.A's golden age of popularity after producing top notch heroes such as All Might and Endeavor, Sekai Hero Academy has slowly dropped in the ranks to the #7 spot. Despite not being as popular as a school such as U.A, Sekai still stays relevent in the topic of best hero schools with its production of heroes instilled with traditional values of what it truly means to be a hero at its deepest roots.

Damian Miyamoto


A hand came slamming down visciously silencing the electrical time keeping device, with the amount of time he has done that throughout the year you would think his alarm clock would have broken by now. The boy rose from his bed, eyes still closed as he looked forward at what was his dresser before letting out an lenghty yawn. One after another he opened his eyes, starting with the left before rising out of bed reaching into his red Pajama shirt and scratching the back of his shoulders.

Today was the day, the entrance exam for Sekai academy in which he had been anticipating for many years to come. Oddly enough the blonde was not nervous at all for this day as he had been preparing for the past 3 years. I guess that is what happens when you approach a task with a chip on your shoulder.

Damian made his way towards his dresser and picked up a frame picture of him and his older brother that was sitting on top of the piece of furniture. At first his face was a little distressed as he stared at the photo but it soon turned into a bright and wide grin. The boy had already packed for the exam the previous night before, snacks, water, exam papers, as well as a change of clothes. He wanted to be well prepared for this exam, when it comes to Sekai Academy the exam is never the same everytime, from year to year it changes signficantly in criteria as well as location. This year it would be taking place in Shinto Village on the country side.

Shortly after falling into deep thought, Damian washed up in the bathroom as well as ate breakfast before grabbing his bag and keychain before heading out the front door. The time was about 6:45, he had about 20 minutes to kill so why not pay him a visit? It was still a bit dark outside as he walked through the dimmly lit streets though it didn't bother him much, he has made this trek so countless times in the past 3 years at all hours of the day. As he walked he came across an iron fence with a small section of it cut open, big enough for the boy to fit inside. Damian slipped right through without hitch, a smile slowly becoming plastered across his face, for once he was in a good mood for his visit and at last he arrived at his destination.

A favored hero forever in our hearts, Tyson Miyamoto, 'Pharoah'
June 18 1994
October 12, 2013

Damian took a seat infront of the gravestone with his legs curled up, "Today is the day that I take over where you left off, I think its funny because most of the people I went to intermediate school with asked me why attend Sekai? Why not go to somwhere like U.A or even Komei Academy but it was much deeper than that. The teachings that you instilled in me, the way you you were apart of this community, was something like a role inspiration to us all...

The boy grew quiet as he sat in front of the grave, it felt as though he was in his own bubble as the early morning mist created a shrowd around him making everything but the grave clouded.

”I want to learn from the same school that you attended and walk in your footsteps.”

Damian got back up onto his feet as he prepares to say his goodbyes but was soon interupted by a familiar voice.

”Damian? Are you around here?” a bright phone flashlight could be seen dancing around in the fog, as the voice came closer , the flash got brighter.

”Yeah I am right here Biron”

Soon enough the flash became unbearably bright as it was shone right in Damian’s face before it was turned off.

”I figured you’d be here, we should start heading to the train station. The earlier we get to Shinto the better.”

Damian let out smile in agreement, it was time to go accomplish his goals. He was thankful to have Biron by his side while doing so, at first it was unsure whether or not Biron would even attend a hero academy. As dependable as he is, his major lack of confidence holds himself back from his true potential.


The train station looked like something out of a movie, the dim lighting mixed in with the morning fog gave place such a mysterious vibe. It seemed as though Biron wasn’t having it just by the look on his face.

Soon enough the train to Shinto village had pulled. The two boys boarded the train taking a seat near one of the exits.

”I’m going to take a short nap, wake me up when we reach our stop.” and just like that Damian was off to sleep.


The boy could feel a slight nudge, ”Damian wake up, we’re here.” Damian woke up, a bit discombobulated, as he looked outside the window of the train all he could see were lush green hills. A smile soon appeared on his face as he took in the change in environment.

”Shinto village”

After disembarking from the train, a dirt trail played the role of their guide as they made their way to their destination. Damian had decided to check his phone for time, it was about 7:38, as he looked up in the top left corner of his phone he could see he only had one bar of cellular connection.

”Stick close by Biron, the reception here isn’t too good. It’s best we don’t get lost.” Once the two made it into the village it was easy to tell apart the examinees from the village inhabitants. The examinees all were young with fresh clothes while the villagers were equipped with worn clothes.

”Lets ask for directions Damian, I don’t want to get lost”

Damian looked at Biron and shook his head,”Nonsense! All we have to do is follow the other students, we’ll be fine!”

Damian began to scout around for someone who seemed as though they knew exactly what they were doing. Soon enough his eyes lit up and Damian took off in a fast speed walk right behind them with Biron following anxiously.

What could possibly go wrong?
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