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Shihone Yamada

A smile crept up on Shihone's face as Mina gave her icy comment, it was about time someone with a bit of common sense spoke up and its sad to say that it wasn't Kiyoko. Once Mina took control of the conversation she had a rather interesting view point on the situation, Shihone was about to speak on it but it seemed like Roy had beat her too it. He came from left field with a lot of tenacity which made the upper class man chuckle a little as he bought up Amane.

"I can agree that nobody wants to be viewed as weak but everyone has a different way of dealing with their problems, just because a method might work for you doesn't mean it will surely work for next person. As a hero its important to keep an open mind." she said tapping her head with a smirk, as she was about to elaborate some more her phone began to off. Shihone nonchalantly reached into her pocket and pulled out smartphone with a deadpan face.

"Oh what perfect timing Berg!" she said with immense sarcasm, "Sorry guys but we have upperclassman duties to attend to, but don't be sad we will meet again soon." she said with a smile, "Hopefully next time we meet you guys will be at 100%." She turned to Kiyoko, beckoning her head signaling that it was time to go.

The Monday after next...

Since the incident, Class 1-A was met with a mix bag of attention from the rest of the student body. Especially those who were directly in correlation with the incident. While some were genuine concern and praise for their braveness throughout the situation, there were also some who bashed them for getting so banged up in the process and making the students of Komei appear weak. But come that Monday they would get a chance to think about something other than their new popularity once they reached class.

Akihito Yoshida

"Gooooood morning students" Yoshida sensei with a expressive and wide grin, something he had never done before. Yoshida sensei and expressive in the same sentence just spilled danger.

Something was terribly wrong.

"I have an important announcement for all of you, a month from now the Komei Olympics will begin. For those of you don't know, this is an event held by Komei Academy every year to display our up and coming Heroes. This is your chance to display what you got and get noticed by your favorite pro heroes. In the meantime we will be buckling down and increasing the intensity of your training" he said with a rather devilish grin on your face, "Luckily I have taken the liberty of starting you guys on a good note by hiring some extra special people to assist you guys as well as boost your morale." he said with a smirk, "The class is your's upperclassman."

Komei Academy Prefects

Shortly after 4 people walked in and took their place at the front of the classroom, two of them being people who were rather familiar. Their uniforms were lined with a gold trim along with a golden Komei academy badge adorned to the center right of their chest, clearly distinguishing them from the rest of the student body. Once they settled themselves in at the front of the classroom, one last person walked in. This man had a rather powerful air around him, his uniform was similar in style to the others except it was lined in a platinum trim and a platinum Komei academy badge.

Grayson Eisenberg

"Good morning everyone and on behalf of my colleagues we thank you for having us." in unison all of the upperclassman bowed their heads.

"We stand at the pinnacle of upcoming heroes within the student body for Komei Academy, the top 5 highest ranked students known as the 'prefects' based on battle strength, decision making, grades, and pro hero cases solved. My name is Eisenberg Grayson and with me I have Kiyoko Uchino, Nestor Leventis, Felix Arnet, and Yamada Shihone." Grayson soon began to pace back and forth at the front of the classroom as a he took a good look at everybody. "Training will commence in 5 minutes, change into your hero gear and meet me at the entrance to training ground Alpha.

Don't be late "

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"Best part is the boys are paying! You should totally come!”

"Sorry to crush everyone's hopes but there is only one person I'm paying for. He interjected abruptly before following along with the rest of the group. As he walked past Eira, he overheard the white haired girl introducing herself as well as the girl with wraps over her face.

Raymond positioned himself towards the middle back of the group as they made their way over to Smash burger and in all honesty it was a pretty relaxing walk. At least I found it enjoyable he thought to himself as he took notice of the white haired girl who was beginning to run out of steam as Chloe wore her out. This received a chuckle from Raymond as he watched Dawn give in to exhaustion, "I'll handle Chloe duties while you catch your breath?" he said before speeding up his pace to catch up to the blind girl.

"I know you're excited and all Chloe but you should be more careful, running around blind isn't exactly the safest thing." he said as he caught up to her, not only that but it was clear to see that Chloe didn't spend enough time around others with the way she was so trusting of everyone and everything. "This is your first time here right? I'll help you order your food if you'd like? he said, slightly concerned and protective as he surveyed the surroundings before waving back at the group of classmates he came with. "Lets wait for everyone else to catch up before going inside. My name is Raymond by the way"


Shortly after tapping on the girls shoulder, a girl with a pattern of speech equally as unique as her appearance quickly swept in, she seemed to be rather excited. She asked if she knew them and whether or not he wanted to come join them to eat, she finished off with saying that if no was the answer to both questions then what he did was rather rude. Shortly after, Peter came in to clarify that they were going to get smash burger and whether or not if he wanted to come.

Raymond was caught off guard by everything, before he could reply the girl snapped out of her trance and their eyes met briefly. A blind man could tell that this girl was attractive, her eyes were a nice deep blue color and were easy to get lost in. She complained about having to walk 3 blocks but ultimately she was fine. Raymond let out a smirk as they broke eye contact, placing his hands in the pockets of his blazer. She was a girl that knew she was attractive, and someone who he’d have to be alert about. Not that confidence is a bad thing, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The pretty eyes girl answered the question that was proposed, whether they knew each stating that she didn’t know him. She ended off with saying she’d forgive the rudeness it she could save them from Pebbles corny lines in which Raymond turned to Peter and chuckled.

“If I am going to make makeup for my rudeness, I really don't have a choice” He followed them after her as they began walking, “I’ll even pay for your food to make things right.” As they began to walk, Raymond notice Eira walking up asking if they were going to get hamburgers. He turned his head to the side trying to stifle a grin, it was unlike her to be so docile. She was usually busy going off on people but for her to want to join in on a social activity was rather interesting.

"How cute"


Roy Kusayanagi

With a bit of vigor, Roy brushed himself off after being thrown by Kenichi. “What a guy” he said with the sound of annoyance in his voice. In the corner of his eyes he noticed Kaida was behind the couch shivering, probably frightened from what had happened as she was curled up in a fetal position. He made his way over to her and kneeled down beside here before rubbing his hands together warming them extra nicely and placing it upon her back and rubbing it gently.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, their just our upperclassmen.” He said, continuing to try and calm her down. As he did so he listened to Mina give her response to what Shihone had asked, just by her response it was clear that she was still bitter about the whole exercise. He just chuckled to himself “You’re still taking the exercise personal I see, is it difficult to get off that high horse of yours?” He rose from his kneeling position and faced Mina. “If you get knocked down, pick yourself back up. Nobody in our class thinks any less of you just because you lost to Amane.”

He scratched the back of his head as his cheeks were slightly flushed. “Jeeze, its embarrassing to see you so vulnerable considering the fact that you beat me. I hold you to a higher standard.”

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Raymond let out a sigh, relieved that the two of them were capable of other emotion that isn't sadness. He smirked as he closed his book and placed it on the table, "its settled then, I knew you two couldn't resist free sweets. We'll meet in the parking lot after school then." he said as he grabbed his book and empty bowl of fruits, "I'm going to get some fresh air before class starts up again, I'll see you guys later."Raymond got up from his seat and waved goodbye before leaving the Cafeteria, disposing of his trash on the way out.

Sweets are a start but it’s going to take a lot more than that to get them out of the slump they are in. Being a hero is probably more mentally straining than physically, if they are going to get in their feelings every time they fall short then maybe this line of work isn’t for them.


Maybe that’s a little too harsh of a though, I mean they had different upbringings of course so they will obviously handle things differen. For their sake though, hopefully they will adapt soon.

Raymond made a left turn down towards the parking lot, noticing Peter who as accompanied by two girls. He was a pretty cool dude, optimistic for the most part and sometimes funny which is the kind of attitude that Raymond wanted to be surrounded by. He raised his hand in order to get the boys attention.

“Yo Peter” he said as he approached the 3, as he walked up he noticed a pair of girls jumping into an Audi R8 in the distance. It wasn't really his style to snoop in other peoples business but it definitely was something to take a mental note of. Turning his head back towards peter he noticed one of the girls looking pretty distraught. Without a second thought he simply tapped her on the shoulder to snap her out of the trance she was in.

"You alright there?"


Houdini smirked from behind the he screen as he watched the kids flood out of the starting point, using their quirks in all sorts of manners.


It was to be expected from the examinees, they aimed to rack up the most amount of points and top the leader boards which in itself isn't a bad idea, but there was something else that Houdini was looking for. Call it that x-factor, something that could change the fate of a situation all together.

Being a hero isn't all about power and strength.

Marius Anderson

Marius's nervous breakdown has seemed to attract the attention of another examinee, she asked if he was alright. Of course I'm not alright, do I look alright! he thought silently to himself as he turned to the girl trying to force a smile. Before he could open his mouth and reply to her, Houdini announced the commencement of the entrance exam. Within moments the room began to vibrate, in which he turned back to the girl who seemed to be also startled by the room moving. She introduced herself briefly before telling him good luck and disappearing into the crowd. Once the elevator room reached its summit the ceiling opened up revealing, it seems like the exam area would be the hilled forest outside of the village.

Once the test had began, the students pouring out combined with the sounds of the robots crying for help made Marius rather anxious. In the distance he could also hear trees being toppled down coupled with loud mechanical noises, wasn't this supposed to be an entrance exam? Why is so much going on? He sat in place silently for a little bit quickly falling behind as the other examinees acted quickly on the opportunity given to them.

Damian Miyamoto
Biron Nishamura

Damian closed his eyes and zoned himself out as he waited for the elevator to reach its summit, he was calm and collected and most importantly, ready for what was to come.

"Biron, this is our first step, i'm leaving everything out on the table." he said with a smirk as he raised his fist up to his friend in which the larger boy responded bumping it back with his own knuckle. "For Pharoah." he nodded as he smirked. Biron may not be the bravest, but he would always pull through when it counted.

Once the count down hit zero, Damian sent out one of his appendages toward the top branch of a neighboring tree before using it to launch himself to the top of the piece of oak. Once he reached to the top he used the moment to evaluate the surrounding area. As he took in the landscape he chuckled, "Looks like they didn't pull any punches". There were waves of enemies surely and they ranged in size greatly, the much smaller yet mobile robots would reach the starting location rather quickly where as the large, titan-esk robots that towered 7 story buildings were further out in the distance.

Looks like we have our hands tied.

The first wave of enemies were inbound, Medium sized canine like robots reached the starting point rather quickly and quickly the fight was on as they clashed with the test takers. It seemed as though one of the robots had its eyes set on Izumo Hatsue, as it quickly got the jump on her.

@EchoicChamber I am interested as well, I have a trickster in the works.

Roy Kusayanagi

Roy smiled at Kenichis comment of talking things out of working things out like bros, a pretty new concept to him considering he has never really physically fought with anyone close to him. "Yeah totally." He then noticed Kenichi's eyes grow wide, very wide before the man reached out and grabbed his waist. Everything began to happen in slow motion as he saw the veins trailing Kenichi's arms begin to protrude visibly confirming the vice grip that he had on Roy's body.

There was no getting out of this.

"H-WOAHHH" Just like that, Roy was airborne and heading straight towards Kiyoko like a missile. Before making contact, Roy closed his eyes afraid of what was going to happen next but much to his own amazement he flew right through Kiyoko. With one less thing to worry about he could now focus on somehow stopping his momentum. Roy opened his palms and released a concussive blast which allowed him to safely land before slamming into the wall.

Shihone Yamada

I suppose the rumors were true

Shihone retracted her hand as she watched Dulga exit the room with a girl with very cat-like features, She must be Mamoru-san. An annoyed smile appeared on her face as she spun around to rejoin Kiyoko. This may have been her first meeting with Ms.Tatara, but this most certainly wasn't her last.

"PFFFFFFFHAHAHAHAHAHA! You got... hahahaha.... You got ignored so haarrrdddddd ohhh my gooood... The look on your face... I... hahaha I can't.... ohhhhhh hahahahahaa!!"

Her friend was laughing hysterically at her which seemed to only add salt to the wound. "Its impolite to point Uchino." A bit of vitriol in her voice, suddenly the loud shouting of a blue haired student followed by the blonde being sent flying towards Kiyoko caused her to grind her teeth a bit as she watched the child's play unfold. Sad to say it was Kiyoko who tipped her over the edge as she played along with the idiocy of the whole situation. The red head glared with intensity as she watched Kiyoko sink into the floor and reappear out of Kenichi's phone.

"Are the two of you done fooling around?"

Her voice slightly strained as she struggled to maintain composure, a streak of electricity flew up the length of her crimson hair as her eyes darted back and forth between Kenichi and Kiyoko. "Also, I would appreciate it if you would act more professional in front of our underclassmen, we are role models after." she said in response to not only Kiyoko's actions but also the nickname that she had just used. The red head then moved closer to the other students, inspecting each and every one of them that were present. "But yes, we have heard a lot about this years infamous class 1-A and it seems like our visit here has confirmed a few rumors for sure. But first and foremost how is everyone holding up, we’ve noticed how quiet you’ve all been since the incident earlier this week.” Shihone smiled as she looked back and forth among the students.

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