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@EchoicChamber I am interested as well, I have a trickster in the works.

Roy Kusayanagi

Roy smiled at Kenichis comment of talking things out of working things out like bros, a pretty new concept to him considering he has never really physically fought with anyone close to him. "Yeah totally." He then noticed Kenichi's eyes grow wide, very wide before the man reached out and grabbed his waist. Everything began to happen in slow motion as he saw the veins trailing Kenichi's arms begin to protrude visibly confirming the vice grip that he had on Roy's body.

There was no getting out of this.

"H-WOAHHH" Just like that, Roy was airborne and heading straight towards Kiyoko like a missile. Before making contact, Roy closed his eyes afraid of what was going to happen next but much to his own amazement he flew right through Kiyoko. With one less thing to worry about he could now focus on somehow stopping his momentum. Roy opened his palms and released a concussive blast which allowed him to safely land before slamming into the wall.

Shihone Yamada

I suppose the rumors were true

Shihone retracted her hand as she watched Dulga exit the room with a girl with very cat-like features, She must be Mamoru-san. An annoyed smile appeared on her face as she spun around to rejoin Kiyoko. This may have been her first meeting with Ms.Tatara, but this most certainly wasn't her last.

"PFFFFFFFHAHAHAHAHAHA! You got... hahahaha.... You got ignored so haarrrdddddd ohhh my gooood... The look on your face... I... hahaha I can't.... ohhhhhh hahahahahaa!!"

Her friend was laughing hysterically at her which seemed to only add salt to the wound. "Its impolite to point Uchino." A bit of vitriol in her voice, suddenly the loud shouting of a blue haired student followed by the blonde being sent flying towards Kiyoko caused her to grind her teeth a bit as she watched the child's play unfold. Sad to say it was Kiyoko who tipped her over the edge as she played along with the idiocy of the whole situation. The red head glared with intensity as she watched Kiyoko sink into the floor and reappear out of Kenichi's phone.

"Are the two of you done fooling around?"

Her voice slightly strained as she struggled to maintain composure, a streak of electricity flew up the length of her crimson hair as her eyes darted back and forth between Kenichi and Kiyoko. "Also, I would appreciate it if you would act more professional in front of our underclassmen, we are role models after." she said in response to not only Kiyoko's actions but also the nickname that she had just used. The red head then moved closer to the other students, inspecting each and every one of them that were present. "But yes, we have heard a lot about this years infamous class 1-A and it seems like our visit here has confirmed a few rumors for sure. But first and foremost how is everyone holding up, we’ve noticed how quiet you’ve all been since the incident earlier this week.” Shihone smiled as she looked back and forth among the students.

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Raymond just smirked at Renards reply, grabbing a grape and popping it into his mouth before turning back to Freya. ”Yeah, I know you guys will be alright. At least nobody died or suffered any career ending injuries. Raymond’s eyes returned to his book as it was clear that neither of them wanted to go into detail whatsoever. Once Renard came back the question of where he was at that Friday sprang up. Why he was absent was personal topic but he didn’t mind sharing.

”I was paying my respects to my Grandfather, he died two years ago and the date of his death fell upon the same day you guys were attacked by villains. If I knew that you guys were going to get into some trouble then I definitely would have been present protect everyone, that’s what my grandfather would have wanted after all.” Raymond returned to his book as he was slightly agitated, of course there was no way he could’ve known what was going to transpire that day but knowing that still didn’t lessen the pain a bit. ”I hope those injuries you got weren’t for naught Renard, I’m the only one allowed to beat you silly.” he smirked as he flipped a page in his book.

There was a short moment of silence before Ray spoke up once more, “Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us” he was trying to cheer them up but it didn’t seem to be doing any justice. Perhaps it was time to use the ace up his sleeve.

”Do either of you guys have a thing for sweets by any chance? My Grandmother owns a bakery not too too far from here. I’ll treat you guys after school if you’d like?”


Raymond broke focus from his studying as Freya gave him a strained greeting, he winced a bit as he could clearly see it was pretty painful for the girl to act cheery right now.

”Don’t hurt yourself trying to put on a mask” he replied softly with an inviting smile. Raymond then turned to Renard and winced a bit upon seeing him trailing behind Freya. ”Those villains got you good huh jumper cables?” he said jokingly as he popped a piece of cantoloupe into his mouth. The guy looked a complete wreck as he was bandaged up all over, the most pitiful thing to see though was his demeanor above all. It seemed as though he had barely any fight in him at the moment.

”You guys want to take a seat an explain to me what exactly happened that day?” he said gesturing towards two empty seats placed in front of him.

What a Monday it was, everyone was pretty down in the dumps making it hard to focus during class as there was barely any life in the students. It was clear as day to see that the villain attack dealt a serious blow to the class's moral, incorporate the stormy rainy weather and it just made the day even more dreary as sky was devoid of all positivity. Raymond mind was now in the gutter as he began to ponder what might've happened if he had showed up to school that day, guilt was beginning to chip away at him slowly. Yes, he was indeed absent that day but it wasn't for naught.

Physical training had been canceled for the afternoon as Mr.Hayes had to attend to a meeting, this meant the students were allotted free time to train or study. A rare occurrence as Specter was held somewhat of a reputation with his attendance. Raymond best used this time to grab a bite and knock out some homework in the lunchroom, some space from everyone else was probably exactly what he needed. Raymond wasted no time with the opportunity gifted to him, having the opportunity to do his homework in school freed up his afternoon pretty nicely. The boy grabbed a large bottle of water as well as a medium sized assortment of fruits from the lunch line before plopping himself in the corner of the lunchroom.

Damian Miyamoto Biron Nishamura

Marius Anderson

Damian smirked once time was called, completely confident in his ability to pass the written test. In all honesty it would've been a shame if he failed somehow, considering his brother was a hero of notable reputation.

They were given a few minutes to prepare before the true test began.

Biron waved to his friend with a nervous smile, "Dame! How do you think you did."

"Well, I passed of course." He said wiping his nose, there was a cheeky grin on Damians face too, one that immediately gained a reaction out of Biron.

"A little cocky aren't we?" the boy said giving his friend a quirk empowered slap on the back.

Marius on the other hand was having a nervous breakdown in the corner as he prepared himself for what was next, I did least I think so...what if I made a careless mistake! the boy then placed his hands on his head. "Dear God, help me."


Houdini began clapped his hands rather loudly in order to gather everyone's attention

"Alright, we are about to begin the physical portion of the Sekai Academy entrance Exam. Please pay attention and follow me."

The pro walked through two double doors and into a dimly lit room made to accommodate a large amount of people. "Please everyone wait in here." Once all the students had filed into the room Houdini let out a smirk.

"Good luck"

In bright flash, the pro hero was gone. The room began to rumble violently making a few students shudder a bit, it took a bit of time for the test takers to register that they were actually moving. They weren't inside a room but a large elevator to be exact. A large intercom cut on soon enough to give them the countdown until do or die time.

The Sekai Academy Entrance exam will begin in T-minus 5 seconds, prepare yourselves. 5....4....3....2...

Once the voice on the intercom hit 2, the ceiling opened up and sunlight began to flood the room as the test takers reached their stop. The group of kids would soon find themselves in the middle of a mountain forest, once they were given the go ahead. The forest began to erupt with life as tremors and voices alike began to sprout from all directions. Some calling for help while others destroyed the surrounding area as trees could be seen being toppled in the distance. It was utter chaos as students scrambled in all directions with no cohesive plan at hand.

Houdini had disappeared off towards the observation room where he meet up with his other colleagues and survey the test takers.

"Probably my favorite part of the test, seeing who makes the cut."

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