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Persia Hayashida

Since the weekend everyone has been talking about the Amane incident and it has grown rather annoying. Okay he took things a little too far but talking about it 4 days later had made a certain student irritated. That student being Persia Hayashida, she was probably the only person who was over the whole situation and didn't treat Amane any different. No it wasn't because she thought his actions was right, its the fact that people who had no business being involved wanted to try and take matters into their own hands. That and her class was overly dramatic to the point of shunning the guy. Persia had been perched up in the branches of a tree deep in thought, taking full advantage of the chance to get some piece of mind from her overly dramatic classmates. The breeze was rather nice from her position, the wind blowing on her head was really soothing.

She noticed someone walk by and lay on a nearby bench. Persia was a rather curious person, especially when it comes to a person she never seen before. On top of that the girl had a tail and catlike ears which piked her interest. Not only that but rarely does someone goes to the courtyard to lay on a park bench right.

"Someone else wanting to clear their mind. I wonder what they could be thinking about"

She stared for a few more seconds before deciding to go pick the nekos mind, the brunette climbed downed the tree she was in and made her way over to Ruby. By the time her feet hit the ground the girl would have noticed she was nearby because of her enhanced senses though it was likely she didn't pay too much attention until Persia was really close. The purple eyed girl poked her face in front of Ruby's view of the sky. She looked down into the kitty's eyes, her own growing wide as she observed the girl for a split second before getting out of her way and saying something. From Ruby's view she could see the girls thigh high black stockings out the corner of her eye if she decided to stay in her position

"oop! I'm sorry if I disturbed you, its just that I was surprised someone came here to relax right after school. Usually everyone just rushes to go train, grab something to eat, or just go off campus to have some fun." Persia began fiddling her fingers behidn her back as she continued.

"When you're at such a big establishment sometimes you forget about how nice the outdoors is."

Suddenly the girl slapped her own cheeks as she realized that she had been rambling without officially introducing herself to the girl.

"How rude of me! I am Hayashida Persia, hero course class 1-B. It is a pleasure to meet you."


Roy Kusayanagi

Roy probably had the longest weekend second to Mina only, as if she wasn't already stuck up to begin now she had the embarrassment of getting her ass handed to her by Amane and the fight with Kaida adding fuel to the fire. It was probably best to just avoid that girl for the time being. At first he didn't feel bad about Mina getting thrown into a wall by Kaida when their class watched the footage in class, it took attention away from his blunder on day 1. Though it caught him off guard that such a small and timid girl was capable of such power, she didn't just throw Mina into the wall. There was so much power behind that throw that she left a body outline from the impact. He had to chuckle quietly to himself in the corner of the classroom so that Mina didn't try to kick his ass again. But once the clips of Amane and Mina fighting rolled out. Roy was furious at the amount of disrespect that he had shown her but there wasn't much he could do at the momennt. He just bit his lip and kept his mouth shut out of convenience.

When Mr.Yoshida showed the clip of Kaida shattering the guys armor, a nervous laugh escaped the boy. Part of it was releif and a self note not to piss her off. All the abuse that his armor took, one punch was enough to cause irreversible damage to his gear. Why would she hide something like that in the first place. As if super strength is something to be afraid, the number 1 hero currently posseses such strength and he is internationally famous. It made no sense.


He wish he hadn't been so impatient in trying to figure out what her power was exactly and why she hid it. The whole complication that went down over the weekend replayed over and over again in his mind. Since he pushed Kaida to spill her secret she ended up pushing him away, and on top of that he is on Dulga's hit list now. The thought of being on her radar made a chill go down his spine. Too put it all together, things were awkard between him and the only normal girl in class 1-A.

By now he would have already apologized to Kaida upfront but for somereason whever he tries to his mind just goes completely blank and he'd fumble his words. Roy had been contemplating everything that happened alone in his room, usually he'd be haning out with Acion but he had some business with Aurelia. The blonde untied his tie and took off his Komei uniform before neatly placing it in his closet. Everyday he would train after school to get stronger, his goal was still fresh in his mind. Roy changed into a black t-shirt, black sweatpants, and some gym sneakers. He then grabbed his phone off his dresser and headed downstairs.

Once outisde he saw Takeshi leaning against the side of the dorm house in a trench cloak, to be frank the guy stuck out like a sore thumb. Roy put both of his hands in his pocket and turned over towards the edge lord present near him.

"You waiting on somebody Yashiro?"


Amane Kishimoto

Amane winced a bit as he didn't realize how hard he had been gripping onto the mop, his fingers were still injured. Not only did the get hit with a point blank explosion but they were used as target practice by a certain 6 armed person. He didn't like how Mako approached him, its one thing to have a student talk to you like that but another teacher was a different storry.

"Mako do you think I would have this mop and bucket if i didn't want to be a hero?" he had to bite his tongue before he said something else. Was he really being lectured by an ex super villain on how to be a hero? Out of all the shit he heard today this had to be the most rediculous. Now she wanted him to follower her to her little afterschool classes, What is the difference between your extracurricular class and the detentions I will be serving with you every weekend? Besides even if I did want to come I couldn't. I am not free from my janitorial duties for today, i've just begun."

Amane was in doubt that his grandfather would let him free his second day on the job, unless sending this abomination of a hero was a way of punishing him even more.

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Amane Kishimoto

Amanes schedule from here on out was pretty much strict and monitored. It almost seemed like principal Hisakawa wanted him out personally to the extent he was going to.

But that would be the easy way out with no life lesson to be taught.

Word of his one man assault on class 1-A and the way he slandered Mina had spread through Komei like a wild fire. Even his own class was against his actions, their eyes fell on the boy full of disappointment. As he walked through the hallways, the sea of students would part allowing him to be seen by all students. Even some of Mina's fanboys approached him trying to pick a fight, spouting powerful words as they tried to get under his skin. They even went to the length of physical bullying as the knocked the books he was carrying out of his hand. He wanted to fuck those guys up, his body quaked under his school uniform, some of the bandages that was wrapped around his chest even came undone.

Yet Amane didn't retaliate at all which gave the students confirmation that Amane Kishimoto was ok thin ice. While the other kids schemes on ways to get him expelled the only thing Amane could think about was his grandfathers words.

"If you get into any kind of trouble you're dreams of being a pro will die here at this Komei Academy."

The guy meant it and there was no way around it which made him want to tear his own hair out. Being a living legend and being the headmaster at a top 50 academy for heroing internationally meant the guy could track Amane down however he pleased. The boy had to roll with the punches or find a new career.

The first day on the job was always the toughest, the fact that his body was still sore from all the injuries made things even worse. When school was over Amane had 15 minutes to prepare for janitorial duties around the school. Amane put on a pair of navy blue janitor overalls and a navy blue cap to help from attracting attention. after checking in with the head custodian that he was present Amane went off to go clean the cafeteria in which he met a familiar staff member.

Though the students, teachers, and his own grandfather accepted Akane Mako just because she was attractive and powerful. Amane did not, a supervillain gone good never sat right with him. Especially someone as deceiving as Madame obsidian. The boy had been pushing a mop and bucket towards until he came to a stop in front of the lady. The first words coming out of her words were insults, as if he had not received enough of those today. He stared at her fox like facial expression with his own vibrant amber eyes, she would see he was burning with anger inside.

Amane gripped his mop tightly trying to release some stress. Even teachers were trying to piss him off today huh? Though it has to be Ms.Mako, the boy would be seeing her every weekend for detention until the end of his freshman year."Mako, is there something that you need cleaned? If not then I'll be off." The boy dropped all honorifics when it came to Akane Mako, he treated her as if she was just another student. He tried his best to not sound hostile but it was tough Trying to supress his emotions while the mop he was holding shook viciously inside the pail. He tried to move past her but stopped in his tracks once her stare fell upon him.

"Did you come to pour salt on my wounds? Just hurry and get it over with"

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Exercise 2 Aftermath

The action packed morning came to a close with the majority of class 1-A paying a visit to the nurses office. Because Mr.Hisakawa put the training to a halt, an official winner was never declared. Mamoru and Amane were the first ones to have their wounds treated due to their critical body conditions. They both would be left with multiple scars running up forearms once Kiwi was finished with them.

Jett sustained the least amount of damage compared to the other four. He was left with multiple bruises around his body along with a severely sprained ankle which had swelled up to the size of a basketball. With all the stress placed upon his body the migraines from his previous head Injury came back to haunt him over the course of the weekend.

Mina had been the most stubborn to treat, she was conscious and as long as she stayed that way she refused to take the time to properly treat her wounds fully until she had to be forcefully pinned down. On top of that she would look over at Amane periodically and look at him with such intense bloodthirst letting it be known that she hated the guy.

The injuries these four sustained would travel into next week for sure. As for the rest of class 1-A they would surely be back at 100% by Monday after resting properly over the weekend.

After the students were treated they all gathered in classroom 1-A to review some of the highlights from the much. Team D's battle with Master Croc was the first clip to be displayed on the screen and it seemed like once again Fumika was in the spotlight with her signature Haruka Kick and deceitful illusions which were both used on the pro hero. This also explained the reasoning behind Team D's absence at the point.

Mina and Kaidas emotional cat fight was next up on the loop, lucky for the dragon girl her clothing covered up her scales perfectly. The students would definitely come to the conclusion that Kaida had superhuman strength especially when the part came on where she shattered Amane's armor with a single blow.

The two support students who participated in the training exercise had gained some newfound popularity and interest from the students and teachers once they're impressive defense on the point was shown. Against the odds they managed to comeout with less injuries than one would expect.

Dulga also received some appraisal as well as constructive criticism on her leadership over Team B, because of her strongwilled personality she managed to keep her squad together and focused throughout the competition. As for how the match ended was something that they chose not to show the footage on because of the dramatic finish.

The rest of the day went by without a hitch with their first week at komei coming to a close.

Once Amane had came too he had received the scolding of a lifetime from Mr.Hisakawa. He suffered some pretty serious punishments that he had to pay the price for because of his actions, else he would be expelled. The kid would be on janitorial duty after school 7 days a week as a way to discipline him. It's pretty embarrassing to have to clean up after the same people you condemned. On top of that he was banned from any extra curricular activities. To add insult to injury couldn't use his quirk assist in his duties.

If he got in any kind of trouble again the guy would be expelled.

On the weekends when class is not being held, students were free to spend their time however they pleased. Majority of the kids would spend their time outside of school and exploring the town of Hosu. Others would spend their time training on their own, studying or taking a combat class being held by one of the staff members.

Tuesday, April 10th

That Monday and Tuesday the students would be surprised that Yoshida sensei decided to take things easy during the class period and hold the teachings inside. For the first full week they would focus on the introductory things, what exactly is a hero in today's society and what their job entails outside of dealing with criminals. Because they would be taking a short break on the physical exercises did not mean students could just lounge around. The hero course at Komei Academy places a lot of responsibility on their students from day 1. A pro must learn to balance their busy work life as well as their own personal life.

Outside of lunch, homeroom, and electives, the school day was no different from any other high school. Students were full of excitement and relief as they were moments away from being released from school. They kids chatted amongst each other as they shared their after school plans until they awaited for that final and most satisfying…


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Exercise 2 Climax

Amane kneeled down to catch his breath and survey the area. His plan was taking toll as the others began working together to take him down. A smile spread across his face,

“That's more like it...a challenge.” As long as they saw him as a threat they wouldn't call his bluff. Truth is he couldn't defeat all of them, not with the current battle conditions. He turned over to the dragon girl with a smile.

“Now look, that girl blinded you out of spite, my actions may have been far from righteous today but for someone who commits such acts and holds vengeance is just like all the other useless pros.”

He then faced Jett with a straight face, “She is tossing mud all over your efforts for the sake of her own pride. Maybe you can be of better use trying to talk her out of that ego. The next person may not be so forgiving”

Amane got to his feet, “all that power you have yet you're naive and too forgiving that'll be your dow-...”

He felt a sharp pain shoot up from his hands, it felt like someone drove a spear into them. The bullet easily sprained 2 of his his fingers and took the skin off his palms. The bullets that hit his chest were the least painful of since he had cushioning on his abdomen. Though they still hurt like hell leaving two welts on his right peck.

The bullet that hit his neck had to hurt the most, the rubber seamlessly struck the soft flesh causing Amane’s head to jolt towards the right. That last bullet heading for his face curves into his nose making it deformed, the bridge of his nose now bent up and towards the left.

The barrage of bullets were enough to bring Amane to his knees. He clenched his bruised neck with his bloody hands. “Hiding in the shadows now?” Amane looked up and saw a something dropping down though he knew for sure that wasn't shooter. The direction the bullets came from weren't from directly above.

Amane made gestures with his sprained fingers to send one of his orbs to intercept the cloak. The black hole made light work the the cloth, shredding it to pieces in seconds leaving nothing but dust. The boy began coughing up blood from the impact and his body straining itself. He was at his limit for sure but he couldn't drop dead now without a lasting finale.

The avian man was watching everything from above. Not just the fight, but the talk as well. Sure, he was to some degrees, right, but it did little to sooth Acion’s anger. Defeating one’s opponent is a fighter’s duty. But humiliating one’s opponent directly and deliberately is not the act of a warrior nor a hero, but an ignoble and despicable man. He’d had enough. He would not just be battling this guy physically, no no. He was gonna battle him idealistically. He was gonna show him where that ideology would go.

But then came the physical. The knight was having his orbs protecting him with that gravitational pull that he had. Close quarter combat would be impossible. His only chance would be to deal ranged attack to him. But unlike Dulga, Acion cannot control the precise trajectory of his projectiles, so his only hope would be to attack in great mass, and hope that a few of them would do damage to him.

And so he did. From the high ceilings, he initiated his all too familiar feather hailstorm, pulling out a little near to him that he could feel the gravitational pull from his orbs.

The feathers dug into his chest and arms, the boy winced as he looked up.“I thought i said I would save you for last.” His clothes were now becoming stained with his own crimson fluid though he was rather calm after getting impaled. Even though this was training there was a lot of tension in the air.

Everyone was fighting with purpose, it was much more satisfying to battle actual people over brain dead ones.

Amane enlarged on of the orbs pulling Acion down into speaking distance.

“Hey birdie. *cough cough*”

His flight path was all of a sudden disrupted by an unprecedented force. While his wings were able to counter the pulling force of his orb, he was more or less defenseless. But for some reason, the guy that he, along with so many others, desired to see taken down, did not attack. Maybe he couldn’t attack, or he was toying with him.

”I would be the last anyway. Or at least for you. This would be the furthest you could go.” He said as he crossed his arms in front of him. ”But isn’t this nice? A man who was proactively and aggressively beating up people to the point of humiliation was actually making conversation with me.”

Blood began leaking out of his mouth and down his chin as he coughed. “Yeah it's nice alright, but Wouldn't you say that I had this coming? Extreme measures needed sometimes, especially when that person is stubborn.” His voice wasn't hostile anymore, maybe the loss of blood was finally starting to get to him. “Teamwork happens best when there is a common threat.”

”I don’t disagree.” He said, looking at the visible injuries on him. Common threat, huh? Was he so noble to play the villain for everybody to deal with, so that they could actually work together as a team? Probably, but humiliation should be in no way a method. ”But your action did not say out loud your intention to play the villain, but rather your true personality.” His voice got harsher. ”Did you really believe that taunting and humiliating your opponent would show that you are trying to implement extreme measures?”

”The girl may be stubborn as I had seen, but the fact that you continued even after she was finished only served to say that you were not any better. Teaching a person should not involve the breaching of one’s humility.”

Amane began laughing before being abruptly stopped by his own coughing. “I taunt because they taunted me. It's rude to not fight your foe with 100% effort. Sure I roughed her up, I gave her a chance to stay out of things after the first time. She didn't stay down but instead tried to fight me again despite being in critical condition so I did attempt to put her out cold all for the greater good. Despite that she got back up and intervened in another fight…

Though this time out of spite for that white haired brute. That blonde sabotaged her for whatever reason. Wouldn't you have just incapacitated her since she was only putting others in more danger? If it wasn't for her I'd probably be out of your hair right now and we wouldn't be talking like this.”

“And sure my methods aren't the best way to teach this but it has been effective thus far. If I didn't pose a real threat then this would have ended up up exactly like that shit show you guys call your first exercise. You all should thank me for this lesson, a gift from the future number 1 hero.”

The winged man halted his speech as the guy was speaking his mind. To some degree, he was right. Stubbornness without direction was a recipe for disaster. For a hero it was even worse. But was calling someone worthless was just despicable and puerile. He may just outright beating her out cold, sure, no one would complain. However, telling someone to abandon their dream because of one’s perspective is just as ignoble and bad as any villain. ”That is just wicked. I understand it would be rude to deny an effort. I wouldn’t be saying that the blonde girl was acting with courtesy either, or tactically, in both perspectives. But look at yourself. You are elevating yourself to a position so high that you think you can dictate a person’s life. That you can say whatever you want to a person, do whatever YOU think is right to them and expect them to thank you for it. Did you think you are a god? Forcing your own parochialism into someone else is by no means good.”

Amane looked up at Acion with vengeful eyes. He had s lit enough of this guy telling him how to live. Every has been talking to him like that since his quirk manifested. Living in the shadow of a legend and being forced to live up to their expectations. A weight being so heavy that you can't even breath or move. He was sick of that shit.

“Story of my fucking life”

That pulled the trigger.

”Is that your reasoning? Fine.” The avian man suddenly snapped his head to look at others, anyone aside from Amane. This guy. He didn’t care. He didn’t care what the hell this guy had been through. The fact that he tasted the bitterness of his fucking life so much that he grew to adopt it to his own life philosophy and action placed him well below the line. Acion had had to live up people’s expectation. Aurelia too. They both drifted apart because of that little thing that people thought it would be harmless not to do. And yet did they show prejudice to other people because of that? Perhaps he did, or his sister. But they both moved on, they knew how bad they had been. They saw it. And they fixed it. And they were angered at themselves, ashamed of what they had been. But he did not. He knew he was suffering under that, but did nothing to improve it. He embraced it. Embraced the wickedness

With a clear voice, he shouted out to the people in the auditorium.

”You’ve all heard what he said!” He said, turning back to Amane. ”Story of his life! I show sympathy for whatever shit you put up with. But that is no reason to embrace the ideals that had driven YOU to suffer. Just because someone had suffered so much doesn’t mean he should be causing the same amount of suffering to others. Not to mention a hero that you so proudly claim yourself to be!”

The winged man then turned to look at his enemy, with the eyes that was pounding on him with judgement.

”You say it yourself, that a hero that holds vengeance is nothing but useless. But from our perspective that is what fuels you. A vengeance held against life. As a result, you will not be able to teach us anything without it.” He said, loudly again. ”We know you are trying to teach us about life, but if you use hate and resentment to achieve it, you have already failed.”

”Now, for the sake of everyone present, your story shall end right here.” Fueled with the same anger that he used to convey the message to him, and perhaps everybody else, his wings flapped mightier than before, soon overwhelming the gravitational pull that Amane had put on him. Released from his orbs, he travelled in a parabolic arc and landed outside the area of effects that the knight had. ”I will teach you, again, the true consequences of deliberately going against the public.”

“Well it doesn't matter now, this is my last attack, let's hope you can protect yourself 1-A” the boy said clasping his hands together. The handcuffs that yukari had thrown kept them glued and inseparable but it didn't matter much to restrain him now. The 3 orbs began spinning around him rapidly to the point where it looked like he had a blank ring circling around his body. The magnetic pull around Amane began growing stronger, loose debris slowly began moving towards the guy as his gravitational strength increased

Dulga reloaded her rifle, putting the empty magazine into a pouch as she looked around the room. There were a bunch of holes in the floor, likely Donny’s work, someone was at the back of the room. Two maybe three people, Luelle and Mina at least. Acion was being pulled in by Amane’s gravity powers. Jett was knocked out on the ground. She saw something crawling down the wall, probably Donny. And Mamoru was standing off to the side. Amane and Acion were exchanging some words so as they were talking, Dulga doled out orders. ”Everyone, get moving. Kaida, Yozakura, go secure the other sin this room. I’m pretty sure there are a few people at the rear in a upper room overlooking this place. Akasha, deal with Amane’s black holes.”

Feeling the gravity powers tugging her cloak towards him, Dulga stepped away and took a knee, bracing herself as she leveled her shotgun at Donny. Her rifle was aiming towards the doors. And her other hands were holding her in place. ”On my mark. Three…. Two…. One…. Go.”

Yukari held the communicator close to her ear when she heard Dulga telling her to secure the others. ” Secure the others? What does that even mean?” Yukari wasn’t sure what Dulga meant, but if she was letting Mamoru do anything, something big must be happening. Listening carefully, Yukari tried to figure out where the others might be and that’s when she heard very faint breathing. Almost as if… Someone was asleep. Or unconscious. That’s when Yukari remembered that Jett had fought Amane. Why was he fighting here in the first place? Didn’t he already take a beating before? Now he overdid it. ”Kaida, I’m going to go get Jett before something crazy happens!” Putting the cuffs away Yukari ran over to Jett to grab him.

Kaida was still dealing with the effects of the blinding when Amane was talking to her, suddenly stopping when he was shot. Soon after though dulga told them to secure and get away from Amane. She wouldn’t argue… she still had a blind spot really...but before she could react Yukari said she was going to get Jett. Her face flushed at the thought of holding Jett and she quickly shook her if the blind girl could see it. “N-n-no Ill get him! I can carry him more easily..” She said as she fumbled over nothing to get to Jett first. Acion was going on about something which was fine with her as she wanted to get Jett and get away. He tried to give a speech mid battle which only made her roll her eyes...she read cheesy books….and it was soooo cheesy to go into a monologue mid battle that it was almost cringe worthy.

She sheathed her sword and managed to grab Jett’s right side and started to lift him up. Jett moaned a little at the movement, his head rolling to the side.

”Ah! Wait!” Yukari arrived to Jett’s side, managing to grab him from underneath his arm just as Kaida started lifting him up. ”I can take him somewhere safe, you need to stay here and help protect Dulga-san! I… I’m not going to be much use in a fight, but I can at least take Jett somewhere where he won’t get hurt.” Yukari tried to take Jett over her shoulder, though she buckled underneath the weight of his body and equipment. But she wasn’t down yet. Even if she was going to have a hard time with it, she could try to carry him to the rooftop and put him somewhere far away, so whatever happens here at the auditorium Jett doesn’t end up getting caught in it.

“I can’t do much of anything either! That idiot Mina blinded me and I have a black spot in the middle of my vision now…I'll only get in the way. “ She pulled back with ease, causing Jett to flop back over onto her. While Yukari was seven inches taller than her, Jett literally flopped onto her shoulder, but it didn’t look like she was effected. While she was sure she pulled Yukari somewhat onto her as well. She flushed as his face was so close to hers. “Besides I can get him away faster….”

Yukari felt Jett’s weight off her shoulder and back onto Kaida, but Yukari kept a tight grip on him and shook her head. ”Maybe you can, but there are going to be more people coming into the auditorium soon. If they find you, they’ll attack you and you’ll be too busy protecting Jett to protect yourself. Stay here with Dulga and Mamoru so they can protect you, I can get jett away and be back before it’s too late!” Yukari said as her voice started to rise. She just wanted to get Jett out of here quickly so she can help out her team, but Kaida wasn’t making this easy for her. ”Besides I…. I’m the reason why he’s like this. This is the least I can do for him!”

Kaida shook her head vigorously. “I can-”

Jett groaned at this point at being moved around. His body was screaming in pain from all the injuries he received… But he wasn’t….fully awake. “Ladies…” He mumbled…”There's plenty of me to go around…” he said as he was dreaming of something completely different.

She couldn’t help it. Yukari had a bit of a giggle when she heard Jett talking. Not only because he was okay but apparently he still had time for jokes. But this was still serious, so she kept a tight grip around Jett’s shoulder. ”Whatever is going to happen, it’s going to be big. Kaida-san you’re…. You’re stronger than me. You can protect yourself. The least I can do is save Jett. Please.”

Kaida smiled when Jett mumbled under his breath. Despite the obvious wounds on him, he still tried to put a smile on their faces… She looked at Yukari, and was glad that she was blind for a moment… or she would have seen a very Jealous Kaida. She didn’t want Yukari to have a moment with Jett when he woke up in her arms. She saved him...she should be there when he does wake up...

The orbs circling his body began spinning faster and faster until a large orb came into view, “At this rate you all will be torn to pieces.” His hands were still cuffed together but he didn’t care at all. Soon lose debris was kicked up into the air before being succed into the vacuum, the more objects it pulled in the bigger in mass it would grow. It was pulling anything and everything towards it including the students who were slowly being pulled into it slowly. The gravitational pull was strengthening and soon Jetts lifeless body was being affected by it. His head and feet were starting to gyrate towards it, if the girls weren’t holding him back he would have been airborne by now.

Kaida thought that Jett was getting up...however it was when his feet started to float up as well she knew it was a problem. She pulled him tightingly against her chest, so his face was against her shoulder. While this did not stop his feet from floating up, she was strong enough to hold him back. She didn’t know how to fight that black hole, and she didn’t want to test it out right now. “What ever. Yukari we need to get back now.” She said as she jumped off the stage and ran as fast as she could with Jett.

Yukari could hear the strange but powerful thing behind her. All jokes dropped as she ran alongside Kaida and Jett, trying to maintain her footing as the block hole was sucking her closer. Yukari was so lightweight that she could feel the force pulling on her back. ”Let’s get out of here!”

”That goddamn bastard” Acion cursed as he was slowly being pulled to the orb. ”Is he trying to go for a suicide move?” Quickly, while his feet was slowly leaving marks on the floor, he still remembered what he had up his sleeves. He quickly delved his wings into the ground while crouching to maintain a low center of gravity, his hair blowing by the intense force. He had to increase friction! Also, he turned to his team. ”That orb is the main central power. Take it out if you can! If not, take your cover!”

“You preach to me because of my power. If I didn't possess such strength you wouldn't give a shit about me or my reasoning. You’ll never know my life.”

The principal was viewing everything going on with a rare look on his face, he was worried. “He will collapse the building at this rate. If I don't intervene there could be casualties”. The old man ran out the building with much more vitality then you’d expect from someone his age.Dammnit Amane, what the hell has gotten into you. Mr.Hisakawa exited the watch tower and began flying towards the auditorium with urgency.

”Blah blah blah. You guys talk too much! Let your actions speak for you!” Mamoru moves around, stepping between Amane’s growing black hole and her team. ”A hero puts their lives on the line while villains risks others. All you’ve done is act like a bad villain and a worse hero. Let me show you how it’s done!”

Making sure that her own teammates weren’t about to get caught in the black hole Mamoru jumped towards it, extending one hand and readying a strike with the other. The black hole pulled her in fast and was shredding her arm, blinding her with her own flesh and blood. But she knew what she needed to hit so she didn’t need to see anything. When she was close enough threw a punch. Right before her fist would hit the black hole, Mamoru summoned her shield instantly. Unlike her hand which was getting mangled her shield remained indestructible as it smashed right into the eye of Amane’s slashing ball of death.

The gravity well grew to the size of a giant beach ball and was stirring up the auditorium like a vicious cyclone, the pressure that was being placed on the foundation of the building began shaking it violently. Chairs began lifting up from their fixed positions and were flung around the room before being pulled into the black hole. Suddenly the pink haired girl began advancing towards him shouting nonsense in which he scoffed at. Her belief that you become a hero through great sacrifice was wrong in the approach she took. A hero isn’t a hero purely because of sacrifice.

“You’re views on heroes and villains is severely naive, keep thinking that way and your life will be a short one.”

Suddenly she jumped, she really jumped.

Amanes eyes widened as she leapt at him, it was too late for him to try and mitigate any damage as the black hole had grown too powerful to stop on a whim. Idiot! This girl is really really dumb! He buddy was immediately sucked into the ball of destruction, the vacuum began ripping away at her flesh.

“You idiot! Do you know what you are even doing!!?” The boy could feel the black hole growing unstable from the reaction of organic matter. After this excursion she would probably pass out from all the blood loss as it was violently ripping pulling the blood out of her body with the strength that was built from it. Suddenly something odd, a concussive blow was dealt to the well sending cracks coursing through it. A purple glow emanated from it following a high pitched screech that only grew louder as it become even more unstable. It felt like time itself had slowed down, the gravity well was now a large bomb and Amane was in point blank range with no defense whatsoever.

Yet this guy gladly accepted his fate, he simply closed his eyes and let the universe do the rest.

Amidst all the chaos in the auditorium, Ruby was still near the wall and keeping herself up by her sword. Just a few moments ago the insanely strong punch by Tomoe connected with the girl’s head and busted her open widely. Now that girl that hit Ruby was stumbling towards her, even if obviously injured. It wasn’t easy to spot her, she was still seeing doubles occasionally and her vision had a hard time focusing on the girl ahead. With heavy and deep breaths Ruby stood there, ready to attempt her best at defense any moment now, until suddenly, Tomoe threw something at her and then collapsed. That was… unexpected to say the least. Was Ruby’s blow enough to finish her off? It was rather quickly and with all of her strength after all. Maybe, it was just enough to knock her off. Before Ruby could finish that thought however, the body of the girl suddenly disappeared. Since she still felt dizzy, she did not think too much of it since she thought it just might be related to her quirk. Nonetheless, it was quite creepy and the catgirl thought she just heard some voice whisper to her… must be her imagination.

With her threat seemingly defeated, the catgirl deemed herself victorious in her most difficult battle so far and then leaned against the wall only to slowly slide down onto her bottom. Where she was, sitting up against the wall amongst many pieces of debris, destroyed parts of the auditorium, she was somewhat out of sight from everyone else. They were busy fighting so she didn’t very much fear being attacked. Right now, her bleeding wound needed to be attended to. The red fluid was flowing down her face from the top of her head, even dripping down her chin, she surely couldn’t keep going for long if she lost that much blood. Observing the odd ribbon that was thrown to her by Tomoe, she was about to attempt to create a makeshift bandage.

Hitomi, upon returning to the auditorium, found the door firly closed and locked. She rammed it but it still wouldn’t open. There was too much give for it to be Ruby’s barricade, but still her horns should be able to make short work of a lock. The door must be braced with something. Hitomi looked around, and entered via a window near the roof, using her grappling gun. Lowering herself gently to the floor, she looked around. Nobody had noticed her. They were also too busy fighting. Hitomi knew that while the point was being openly contested, she didn’t need to fight. That’s Game Theory; Wait for the fight to end, and then beat the winner.

She spotted Ruby against the wall, seemingly out of it, and immediately felt guilty for abandoning her teammate for the sake of modestly. She was currently wearing trainers, boy’s gym shorts, and a cheerleading top, all pilfered from the school’s locker room. The sheep girl approached Ruby, and crouched down, before she could see close up the extent of the cat girl’s injury.

”Ruby, your head!” She exclaimed. ”What happened?”

Ruby soon heard a voice, and it was a familiar one. `What a relief! Hitomi, who was seemingly more or less uninjured, had come back. A teammate was exactly what Ruby needed in that moment. Upon being asked what happened, Ruby replied quickly.
“I… I was being careless.” Looking at the blade which was leaning against the wall next to her, she raised one arm to the same level as her head. The catgirl turned her head to face Hitomi and then gave her a thumbs up with the raised arm. “I won though.”

Despite everything, Ruby gave Hitomi a confident smirk. This was not the moment to be pessimistic, she didn’t want to destroy any morale that Hitomi might have had. The neko’s voice was being rather quiet, she didn’t want to waste any energy on talking. At the same time though, her brown cloak was slowly gaining a new color; red. She lifted the ribbon that was left to her by Tomoe and showed it to Hitomi. “Could you… perhaps help me with that?” With her other hand she pointed at the wound on her head, which was basically on her forehead but it went a bit further up on top of it too.

Hitomi nodded without wasting any words, took the ribbon from Runy’s hand, brushed her sticky hair away from the wound and then tied the ribbon around an entire side of her face, tying it tightly at her jaw. ”That should hold until you get back to the nurse’s office. We should go there now, though. That wound looks nasty and winning an exercise isn’t worth ignoring it.” said Hitomi, who was still very unaware of the curse of the Hero’s ego.

“Thank you very much.” The catgirl claimed. Even after hearing the worried Hitomi talk about going to the nurse’s office, understandably so, Ruby just wordlessly grabbed her sword at the handle and used it to push herself upwards and actually stand up. Not facing the sheepy, Ruby just stared off into the distance where fights were still going on. (Edgy I know :3)
“Now is not the time to rest. We have something to prove!... Though I guess letting them fight is optimal for us. Should we hold back for a while, sheepy?”
Whether it was due to her injury or everything else that was going through her mind, but the catgirl actually forgot her teammate’s name. She was too embarrassed to admit it though so she just played it off as if she used a nickname.

”That was my plan,” Hitomi answered, stand up herself, and watching members of other teams fight it out, while they just stood there like buzzards waiting for the carcass. Well, more like a cat and a ewe….waiting for a….metaphors were hard.. After a pause, she turned to Ruby again. ”’Sheepy’?”

Staring confidently into the distance, Ruby didn’t even dare to face Hitomi when she asked about the name. “C..Codenames! Or would you rather give me your official hero name?” Chatting nonchalantly like this after everything Ruby was just put through was exactly what she needed. She could put her mind at ease and regain her concentration for the final confrontation that would surely occur soon.
“If it keeps going like this we will win for sure…”

The two girls would hear footsteps advancing quickly to their locations. Roy had finally made it to the point of contest. Better severely late than never. He heard the familiar voices and smiled under his mask.

“If we are going to choose code names I want you two to chose for me” a black boot appeared from out the corner. Trailing it was their own teammate.

Roy looked at both Ruby and Hitomi with a surprised face, “Were you always wearing that Hitomi. His eyes then panned over to the cat girl and his jaw dropped. The blonde clasped both hands on his face mask and his voice raised.

“RUBY you look like you had it rough!”

Roy was one to talk, his cloak was bombarded with holes. Sleeves slashed and caked with dirt and blood. Mask was partially cracked, a hole in his left boot and many more problems going on.

“Sorry I'm late, are you two alright?”

Hitomi smiled when she saw Roy. ”I’m okay. My costume got shredded, though. That was embarrassing. What about you? You look quite beaten up yourself! And where’s JoJo?”

With Roy’s arrival their team was almost complete now. The catgirl turned her head to face Roy and inspected his body after he mentioned her injury. “You’re one to talk though:”
She simply stated. Turning her head back to the action that was occuring at the other end of the auditorium, the catgirl continued to speak after Hitomi answered.
“I assume you had a good reason why you couldn’t be here… as you see, it has become quite chaotic.”

Roy's head dipped down when the question of jojos whereabouts came up. It was tough to tell his teammates the truth and keep the mood up at the same time. Isshins words of encouragement bounced around his head as.

“A lot happened, once you guys left I fought with Acion and thwarted him off though we both suffered sole injuries...Jojo came back to get me but we were outnumbered and outgunned by team D.”

The blonde balled his hand into a fist so tight that you could hear the material on his gloves stretching. “Jojo suffered serious injuries… and team D spared me out of pity…”

He gave a brief moment of silence before moving up, “I don't plan on losing though. It would make the tribulation JoJo is going through meaning less.” Roy stood over the two, he was scared but also determined. All 3 of them were not exactly in the best physical shape but they were all linked mentally.

“I'm sorry for my absence, you guys just have had it rough while I was gone so I'll take frontline from here on out.” The led lights on his clothes pulsated yellow, he was ready to fight. Despite only recently meeting these two girls he felt oddly close to them in a way. They survived this long against the other brutes, he had to prove he has what it takes as well.

Hitomi chuckled weakly and stepped in front of him. [ffdd99]”I can see you’re raring to go, Roy, but wouldn’t it make more sense to wait for the current fight to end and beat the winners while they’re at their weakest?”[/color]

Nodding to Roy after hearing what happened to JoJo, the catgirl could further only agree with Hitomi. “We all had it rough in one way or another. Even though we are only 3; let us make sure we stand on top of the exercise.”
Lifting up her sheathed sword Ruby held it upwards with her right arm so that it leaned on her shoulder
“Though speaking of the battle…”
The black-haired one did notice how her cloak was being pulled towards the epicenter of the battle and the pull there was becoming stronger and stronger, kind of like a building storm. “we should be careful about whatever is going on there…”

The auditorium began shaking violently around the group, immediately Roy held his hand against the wall for support as he kept close to his teammates incase anything happens. “Something big is about to happen, it's best we stay close to maximize our defence.” The blonde crouch down with the others, “How are we on capture time though?”

”Well, answered Hitomi, ”nobody else has held the point uncontested besides us, at all. I’d say we’ve won, unless something goes very, very wrong.”

A bright light shone from the gravity wells core until it completely enveloped the whole room leaving no corner of the auditorium dark.


The destructive ball erupted launched table sized chunks of debris in all directions dealing great damage to the infrastructure, thanks to Donny’s tunneling the floor began caving in under creating a large sinkhole around the center of the detonation. Mamoru was launched through multiple walls until she flung outside the building. Light leaked in from outside following Mamorus destructive flight path, the brightness was enough to fully illuminate the room.

At the center of the blast was a large crater, what laid inside was a battered, beaten, and bloody boy. The feathers that Acion had shot at him was lodged deep inside his chest to the point where all that could be seen was the silver ends of the tips. He laid still with his amber eyes looking straight at the ceiling of the auditorium as it slowly became undone and prepared to crash into the students below. Though his eyes open Amane was unconscious from the damage done to him the upper portion of his clothing was destroyed in the blast. His muscles had long slash marks lining them that for sure was going to scar, his face also had similar slash marks going along the lining of his jaw and on his cheeks. The cuffs that had been around his hands were still around his wrists but they were pretty much destroyed from the blast. He was not getting up after that one

For the rest of the students in the auditorium they would have to worry about the roof the could collapse on them in any minute as well as the walls that were crumbling. Those who were significantly closer to the blast would be in mucher greater danger from the flying debris as well as the shockwave that could easily take them off their feet if not prepared.

”Dear God…” He growled as the force pulling him in got more and more powerful. At this rate, everything was going to be destroyed, sucked into oblivion. He had to stop him. Somebody had to stop him.

His hair was blowing fluffily in the wind. His eyes barely opened as debris and wind intensity built up. But through that narrow and unclear vision, he could see a tinge of pink coming straight for him, for Amane. Pink hair, recklessness. Who else could it be?

”Oh crap…” Acion had to rely entirely on his wings to save his life here. His six powerful, sharp, strong and heavenly wings. It had carried him through thousands of wind, it had helped him taken down adversaries, it had shielded him from danger. Now he would have to rely on them again. But if he do this, he would be susceptible to the pull. The black holes were pulling in, while that Mamoru was trying to sabotage it. If she succeeded, then, conceptually and instinctively to Acion, it would reverse the effect, resulting in a massive push, or simply an explosion. Or it may strengthen the effect, pulling everybody into it. No matter which cases, he had to shield himself at the right time. He could not shield up now, he would lose grip. He had to wait until the actual event occurs, and then he would shield himself. But he had to do it quickly

In this scenario, it was the former case: a massive explosion. The sudden reverse of force was the perfect indication. He hastily shielded himself, as he let physics do the rest of the work. His body was flung away violently until a concrete wall stopped his momentum. But he did not go all the way not to receive any damage. Despite hurryingly raise the shield, he was still hit in the head by a debris the size of a football. His neck was also hurt from the impact, on the while his armor was in peril. One more hit then the broken armor could potentially backfire on him. Taking a few seconds to figure out whether he was alive or not, he found out that his head was bleeding. The blood went across the forehead, covering his eyes. His legs were twitching. He might have hit it somewhere too, or that he was just too pained in other parts to power the legs.

But the danger was not over yet. He would be damned if he said that the whole building would be ok after this explosion. The wall was crumbling. The structure was severely damaged. He had to get out before this became his burial ground. Seeing that some were already evacuating, he was about to do so. But he halted. If he left now, what about those in the auditorium that couldn’t. This was not a worthy place to die. It was just an exercise, and they were merely students. He had to get them out.

The first person in mind that may not have the ability to walk out would be that despicable guy Amane. Acion desperately tried to fly to that point. Two of his wings were broken as well now, but he managed, savagely. He landed at the bottom of the crater, his legs were on the brink of giving in. The guy was unconscious. No surprise. Quickly, he crouched down, grabbed one of his arm and threw it over Acion’s shoulders. And then he stood up, carrying Amane with him out of the crater. The exit seemed so far away…

As Ruby was standing at the other side of the auditorium with her two remaining teammates, the slowly built up pull by whatever Amane had planned only slowly started to affect them. Once it did however, all three of them began to crouch in anticipation. Whatever had been going on in the fight was much of a mystery to them, Hitomi and Roy had just joined and Ruby had a fight of her own. Seeing this threatening image in front of them the whole time during their conversation surely set the mood. Finally though, something happened.

Someone decided to jump straight into this weird energy that seemed to be surrounding the boy in the middle, and the results were devastating. Immediately an explosion erupted from the source of it all, knocking everything in its path away and throwing dangerous debris towards everyone inside the auditorium. There was little time to act, so Ruby had to react immediately. She turned around to face both her teammates, and as quickly as she could opened her arms together with her cloak to pull both of them into a rather tight embrace, hugging them close and wrapping them up in the fabric then putting it into stasis, if she was able to grab them.
“Hold still!” She said while everything the explosion threw towards them bounced off her cloak-shield with hopefully both of them secured beneath it

Using the time wisely, the team caught they're breath as they awaited for their time to strike. Roy's heart was beating fast as his nerves were racking. Victory was close for sure and he didn't want to mess things up like he did last time. He lifted up his helmet slightly revealing his nose and lips so that he could take in the somewhat fresh air. Breathing through that mask after a while gets a bit uncomfortable

The explosion startled the blond a bit.he wasn't expecting such destruction so suddenly. Without knowing he instinctively activated his quirk with no clue of what to construct. Suddenly he an arm wrap around his collarbone as he was pulled into a an tight hug that was motherly in a way.


He stopped himself before making things awkward. Roy didn't realize what Ruby was doing until her cloak hardened around the two. Hitomi was also reeled into the tight embrace as well which made his heart beat even faster. He could hear the cloak being pelted with chunks of broken flooring.

Donny had managed to avoid a vast majority of the damage done by Amane by hiding underground. The auditorium’s floor collapsed and the rest of the building may come soon after. Donny knew where this was going to lead to so his team needed to go, fast. ”Guys we g-g-g-gotta go. This place is unstable, w-w-worse than what I was doing!” Donny went to make a quick exit for Haruka and Luelle, but stuck around looking for Acion. Donny know Acion was in the thick of it so he’s no doubt badly wounded. ”A-Acion, are you o-o-okay?”

Meanwhile Mamoru was laying in a heap a couple of feet outside of the auditorium, bleeding heavily from her arms. If she didn’t have her armored gloves, she might not even have hands. Though what was left was still mangled and bleeding profusely. But what was perhaps more terrifying than Mamoru’s bleeding and battered form was her face; eyes open, blood from the every orifice, and a wide, wicked smile of audacity.

Then a very faint, very soft chuckle from her lips.

”What are you grinning about?” came and icy yet weak and croaky voice from beside her. Mina had been crawling away as soon as the building started shaking, and before anybody could ‘rescue’ her. She didn’t need rescuing, and thank god nobody tried as she’d never forgive them for it. That didn’t stop her from being hit by several pieces of falling debris, thankfully nothing too big, but everything hurt. No change there, then. The petite, usually pretty girl was in an even worse shape than Mamoru after Amane’s assaults.One of her eyes was swollen. Her face and the front of her dress were caked in dried claret, already starting to turn from red to burgundy. Her legs were bare due to the damage done to her dress, and they were covered in dust, open cuts, and bruises.

Mr.hisakawa touched down at the destruction site with a stern look on his face. The first person he saw was Mamoru who was bleeding profusely from her body. The principal bowed his head slightly, before pulling his watch over to his face. The device also doubled as his form of communicating with the teachers and students.

“This exercise is over due to the point of contest being destroyed. If you are incapacitated we will come to you. Please sit tight in the meantime, Isshin and Master Croc gather any students you see” He turned his gaze to Mamoru who had a smile spread across her face. “Help is coming soon hang on tight”

He could hear the grass rustling to his left seeing a blonde girl, she was equally just as battered as Mamoru was. The man struggled to contain his anger as he walked forward towards Mina, “I oughtta murder that boy, so helpmegod.”

He entered the broke building via the hole in the wall, his gravity veil protecting him from any debris. “Your principal is here, listen carefully. If you can walk follow this path outside. If not sit tight and I will carry you out!” He looked around at the inside of the building as debris kept on crashing down around him. Mr.Hisakawa held out one hand and activated his quirk causing the broken chunks of the building to be frozen in the air. The principal made his way over to the giant crater, his expression anything but pretty.

He was disappointed in his grandson for sure, the kid was lucky that he knocked himself out. “I'll deal with you later.” The old man watched as Acion carried him out towards the jeep. “Thank you for the help Acion but I think all of you deserve a nice break after this fiasco. Knowing when to let another pro who is better suited for the task take the reigns is all part of the job.” He walked deeper into the building to find Roy, Hitomi, Ruby, and Dulga.

“ Ms.Mamoru,Mr.Kusayanagi, Ms.Maeda, Ms.Tatara! I am here to take you back!”

Just as quick as the blast had occurred, it was already over. It was a loud, almost deafening noise, especially for Ruby’s very sensitive ears. All she could hear moments after was a loud ringing noise, beeping out everything else around her. However, when looking up she was relieved seeing as she was able to protect both of her teammates with her stasis, meaning that they survived the blast uninjured. While everything around them clearly showed the damages of the large-scaled blast, Ruby and her comrades didn’t even seem phased by it. They didn’t move an inch and when she released the stasis the cloak dropped down to the position on her back.
The catgirl followed this by turning around, looking at the insane destruction behind them, the point was surely and fully destroyed. Luckily for them, they were so close to the wall that the crater didn’t reach them where they were and they could stand relatively savely. “We… we are still standing… Team C is still going!” She said exhaustedly.

He could hear some of the rubble moving in the North east corner of the auditorium followed by some shouting. A sigh of relief was released from his body now that he knew they were alright. The man took a effortless leap which propelled him over the crater and towards the trio. All 3 of them looked like they had been through hell, especially Ruby and Roy. Those two could drop dead any moment. Once he reached the peak of his jump he began slowly descending down to the ground in front of the group.

“I'm glad you 3 are alright…” he took a deep sigh before moving on with what else he had to say. “The three of you fought rather valiantly despite the circumstances. Let's hurry and get you all patched up, those battle wounds could get nasty if they aren’t treated immediately.”

WIth the ringing in her ears still persistent Ruby looked a little dumbfoundedly at the principle that had just appeared in front of them. Since she couldn’t understand, Ruby thought that he wanted to get them out of there since they were so injured. After all, she wore a blood-stained ribbon that was used as a makeshift bandage around her upper head, and blood was coating most of her face because of the severe head injury. There was no way to get her to quit though, since she barely has any other injuries and she was not too exhausted yet, though it was difficult to stand admittedly.
“P..principle! I can keep going… I don’t need to stop yet!”

“I can’t allow you all to fight anymore for today, the injuries that some of the students sustained today could have been fatal.” The soft and warm voice that he had was now replaced with a serious and stern one. He should have stopped this battle a long time ago, if he did then Mamoru Akasha and Amane would not be in such terrible shape. “I am sorry Ms.Mamoru but the exercise is over, we are heading back now.”

Mr.Hisakawa turned his back towards team C and began gesturing his fingers, soon enough the group of 4 would feel weightless as gravity was no longer affecting them. Gravity Yarl took a leap back over the crater with team C tailing him behind. After safely landing he peered over his shoulder to look at Ruby who was rather unhappy with ending the exercise.

“I would like to speak with you sometime over the course of the weekend so stop by my office in the afternoon on either day, for now I want you to rest up and regain your that clear Ms.Mamoru?”

Once they landed, the annoying noise in her ears was finally but slowly beginning to fade away so she could reply to what the principle had told her. However, in an effort to save energy, she merely nodded.

On their way over to the auditorium they picked up Tomoe and Ezras bodies who both were out stonecold, they were taking a nap near Team A’s starting point which made Isshin question why they decided to sleep at a time like this. They also managed to gather the rest of Team D as well who each were restless in their own sense.

Master croc and Isshin were outside tending to Mina and Mamoru who were in critical condition. His clones mended the Injured students wounds while the reptilian pro loaded them into a jeep to take them to kiwi. The croc carefully picked up Mina who seemed to have been conscious though she was sporting a rather devilish expression.

“Oi, that's a mean glare ya got” he could tell this girl was out for blood. After one of isshin's clones patched her up he placed her inside the jeep. Any kind of bickering or fighting she didn't would be fruitless since she didn't really have the strength to pierce the guys scales at this moment. All that was left was Amane and Jett then the incapacitated crew would be set for departure, the rest of the students would fly back with the principal once things were all said and done.

Kaida had gotten out just after the explosion, clinging to Jett like a little girl with an oversized teddy bear. So much had happened she was in a daze really, it looked like a warzone. She placed Jett in the jeep, then looked around for her teamates, Mamoru was in the Jeep, looking horrible from her encounter with the blackhole. So was Mina, who was still glaring at her. She made sure that Jett was on the Opposite side of the Jeep from her. Yukari was right behind her but where was Dulga? “DULGA!” She called out. For being a six foot tall amazon, she shouldn’t be that hard to miss.

When the explosion had struck, the only thing Yukari knew to do was hang on tight. She was crushed between Kaida and Jett, and whatever pleasure she might’ve felt was forgotten due to the danger of the situation. When the dust settled, Yukari slid out, utterly exhausted. Not physically, but emotionally. She knew that fighting was going to be draining, but hopefully fun. This… This wasn’t so fun. This was about as fun as running into traffic. Just dangerous all around. Yukari couldn’t give up of course, but it made her slightly jaded to future activities. Not only that but the explosion made Yukari’s ears ring painfully, disabling her from really hearing anyone. The room smelled of burn chairs and dust too, but she could make out specific scents too. Good thing she was holding onto Kaida’s sleeve as she walked out of the auditorium or else she might’ve gotten lost or stumbled into something dangerous. When she felt the jeep Yukari knew that the test was over. She hopped into the back and buckled up.

Two fists burst from the ground near the the front of the entrance. Out came Dulga, her weapons safely tucked away as she climbed out from the ground. When she saw Mamoru rush towards Amane, Dulga tried to pick up a section of the floor to shield her team, however the floor had already been extremely damaged and Dulga fell underground. There she found a tunnel after the floor above her collapsed, and then she was hearing Kaida yell for her name. Dulga had many cuts on her arm from the force of Amane’s explosion sending shrapnel towards her body, but she was okay otherwise. Dulga was already bandaging herself up when she approached the jeep. ”I’m fine, Kaida. How are the others?”

Kaida sighed as she saw Dulga approaching the Jeep and answered her, “ Mamoru is in bad shape but she is being taking to the nurse right now, Yukari is fine, but I think she is deaf again from that explosion. She’s in the Jeep.” her hand escaped from under her bedcloak and pushed her white hair over her ears. “I’m sorry I got distracted...Because of me we didn’t win…”

Dulga reached out and patted Kaida’s head. ”It’s fine Kaida. We’ll get them next time.” Dulga pulled her hood down and even took off her mask to get a breath of fresh air. Now that the fight was over she let herself relax and all the soreness in her body came back to her. She really went a bit overboard this time. Or perhaps, she needed to condition her body more. She was an excellent hunter sure, but when it came to actually fighting others she was lacking. Dulga looked up into the skies and knew that she needed to be a better fighter. Dulga looked to her teammates, even Mamoru who was knocked out, and gave them a rare unseen sight.

Dulga’s smile.

”We could all do better. But what we did today was excellent too. Even Akasha-san, as much as I disagree with her, did what I asked without hesitation. She’s foolish but she’s a good girl. With a lot more discipline she’ll be a real hero. Yozakura-san, you did your best despite what you were up against. Haven-san is more crafty than I thought. But you adapted well despite that. Flexible, aren’t you? And Kaida,” Dulga put her mask back on, but the smile was still seen in her eyes. ”You were very brave. Certainly, you’re not the princess who need saving. Rather… More like the knight who can rise up to the challenge.” Crossing her arms and closing her eyes Dulga decided to take a little nap to rest. She was sure that they’ll be back to class soon.

Hearing his teammate somewhat relieved him. ”I am still on my feet. I am glad to hear.” Acion replied as he kept carrying Amane out of the fray. Damn it. He was so heavy with that armor clad. He was afraid. Afraid that while he was doing all of this the roof would come crashing down upon him, burying him along with others still trapped inside alive. But then thankfully, the principal came. The Gravity Yarl. The old teacher had came for the assistance, as he held the whole structure together, preventing it from collapsing, for now, until the students left the area. Thank God…

He also did a favor by lifting Amane off of him, and granted him the privilege to rest. Such a gift after all that battle he had taken part in. Slowly, with an unsteady leg, he fled the battlefield. No victory, no defeat. Just scars of battle.

Seeing the teachers return to help the students out from the auditorium, Donny felt it was time to leave. But not with the rest of the class. He lost his disguise in the fighting, leaving him with only his mask. He didn’t want to reveal himself to the other students or teachers so once he was certain everything was safe he went back underground, tunneling out from the area back to his dorm where he’ll have extra meat bags to slip into. ”Acion, everyone, I’ll be b-b-b-back to class on m-my own. I uh, left s-s-something behind that I need to get.”

The principal made one last sweep of the auditorium making sure that everyone had left the building. Mr.Hisakawa nodded back to the other teachers before dropping his grasp on on the rubble. As he walked out the building crumbled behind him leaving a large heap of debris. “We will be returning to the school now, stick close to me and I will transport everyone.”

Isshin and Master croc took off early in the jeep once Amane was placed inside and they were immediately taken to Kiwi so their wounds could be treated.

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Once team D took their leave, Roy's tough guy act crumbled. Honestly he was just as shooken up as the others were but he could not let the others know his true feelings. The boy laid his body on the ground as an attempt at trying to relax himself though the effort was futile.

His body couldn't stop shaking.

"I-I-im so sorry Jojo" he said sitting up and pulling his legs close to his chest, his whole body was trembling. "Maybe if I was stronger...I wouldn't have sustained nearly as much damage, a-and you wouldn't have had to carry me, and this explosion would have naver happened, and you wouldn't be in such a bad condition." the boy bit his lip to stop from rambling, a red fluid running down and off his chin as he chomped down. She probably didn't give a damn for what the boy was saying, failure was a bitter feeling. Though that emotion was even worse when someone was hurt because of your incompetence. His chest was heavy, the thought of how worthless he is clouded his mind. Roy buried his head deep into legs as his body quivered uncontrollable out of rage.

"Heyy! Why the long face. Ms.Joruto will be alright, Kiwi will take care of her." A familiar voice came from behind the boy. Roy raised his head, his eyes widening as he looked back and man did he look a mess infront of his teacher. "Now Now, is that the look a hero should give off? You looked fine when you were speaking with Motome earlier." Roy clenched his legs tight as he listenend to Isshin.

"But's my fau-"

"It's not your fault, by griefing over Jojo you're only taking her efforts for naught. She knew the risks that came with her attacks. the man said as he walked over to her body and began applying first aid to her burns. "In this field of work, citizens and heroes getting injured is a given. You're going to have some ups and you're going to have some downs but you must never let your spirit waiver. Isshin looked back at Roy before wrapping Jojo's afflicted areas in bandages.

"The exercise isn't over yet anyways, you still have two other teammates giving their all because they are counting on you. Anyone can feel good and be positive when they are healthy and their life is going well. During those time of peace when not much is going on it is easy to be a hero. The real challenge comes when the odds are stacked against you unfairly, a hero's prescence is supposed to calm those injured and or endangered as well as produce peace of mind. When you become a pro you will have many more people believing in you who you must not fail. That's what seperates those at the top from the rest. Isshin finished tying the bandages before picking up Jojo and walking off.

"Now what will you do." he said before taking Jojo to the nurses office.

Roy didn't look at Isshin the whole time he was lecturing him, as he spoke the boy's trembling began to lessen before it was ultimately gone. When he spoke of his other teammates his eyes widened, "Hitomi...Ruby..." He lifted his head out of his leg as he digested his teachers words. Roy knew better then anyone in class 1-A what it feels like to have the odds stacked against him felt. His quirk itself was a double edged sword, since it manifested his life has took a severe turn.

No one knew what it felt like to be so ill, to sit at deaths door so closely and have little to no help. No one but him, for him to give up here would make all the shit he endured seem like a messed up joke. Roy started off good infront of Fumika but he just couldn't finish strong, in the end he did end up crumbling.

He had another chance to prove himself, "...Thanks...Sensei" Roy rose up from the ground, his muscles ached badly he wanted to lay down for the rest of the exercise but he had people counting on him. The boys costume was cut up and caked with dirt and dried up blood though he just smiled as his eyes were lit again as he knew what to do. He began moving forward slowly but surely before picking up more speed. The blonde opened up his communicaitions device and began talking to his team, "Team D is making their way towards the auditorium, I am trailing behind them though" he said confidently. The upper portion of his suit was still off and his bareskin was still exposed for the sun to shine on. He was passivly absorbing more energy, by the time he would the auditorium he would be at half capacity.
Damian Ivorn

Interacting with:@Lord Sawsaw2@Sho Minazuki

Master Delsin came over as soon as Damian proposed they get a start on the mission, catching on to Damians last sentence. The guildmaster was quite pleased with Damians enthusiam in him, this had to be the most pride he took in the guy since he joined the guild.

"Meh..nothing really. There is just a reward that money can't buy for once"

the boy said putting his hands in his pockets once more. There seemed to be another person with Delsin, he seemed confident in his ability with a hint of arrogance, Damian peered over at Vega quickly. Like we don't already have plenty of that. When Delsin began taking pride on Vegas choice the boy had to turn his head to the side to stifle his laugh. It was sight to see Delsin acting like a proud father.

Damians laughter came to a halt when Delsin said their group was too small for the guild. Guess S class was no joke, Damian was pretty confident in his ability and with Vega they seemed tough to beat. He then offered the wizard who's name was Adrien as a solution to their problem. Unless everyone was going to die he knew that Vega wouldn't call for help, Damian decided to keep to take this responsibility up on his own if thats the case. He was prepared to lose some dignity if things got out of their league. Damian awaited for Vegas reply to Delsins terms.

The infamous man mumbled like a spoiled kid before agreeing to the 'contract' as well as adding some Vega charm to the end of it. Though the wizard infront of the two didn't sit and take the hit. Adrien jumped to his own defense as he began bickering with Vega. Soon the two were going back and forth in a screaming match forcing Damian to eventually butt in between the two of them. Normally he would just sitback but at this point someone was going to end up in the hospital, he would be without a team, and Luna Crescente would get destroyed.

He got inbetween the two, putting distance. He had a serious face on him, a sight neither of them had seen from the young lad. "Alright! Alright! You guys are too old to be bickering like spoiled brats. Lets just get going, the quicker we get to Darrelea the quicker you each are out of each others face!" he said raising his voice for the first time. He didn't want to be teamed up with them anymore then they did.

"Gather what you need and meet back here in a hour." Damian said before turning a corner and disappearing to prepare himself. Hopefully they would do the same and just leave. He kept walking towards the outskirts of the town to the point there were no more buildings. Once he reached the forest opening the boy merged with a tree and traveled through the intricate root system of the dense forest. The forest was ancient, he could tell by how deep the trees rots were embedded into the earth. After some time traveling, Damian landed himself infront of a large beautiful tree which towered all the other trees in the forest providing a nice view. At least that's what it looked like to other people but this was actually Damians home.

This is where he felt most comfortable, it reminded him a of his old home a bit. He kneeled down and brushed his hand against the moss growing at the bottom of the tree, a smirk appearing across his face. Damian always had some kind of connection with nature since the day he was born, it was etched in his DNA. Never comfortable if there wasn't a grassy breeze blowing in his direction. He merged with the tree before reappearing once more near the top of the 60 foot tree. There was a small hole in trunk which held the boys dearest belongings. He grabbed a map of Fiore as well as a couple more seeds that could come in handy. Damian rubbed soft moss etched into the tree, he felt as though he certaintly wouldn't be home for a while. Looking to the his right he could see a bird nest with momma birdy providing heat for who two eggs that would hatch any day now.

"Hopefully I wont miss their birth"

Damian placed his hand on the tree making the branches around the nest grow even more and provide an even tighter grip around the nest, just in case a nasty storm happens. "I'll see you guys soon"
Damian merged once more with the tree this time a little bit slower, first his legs vanihing into the bark, following his body, and lastly his head. The young man began making his way back to Luna Crescente to meet back up with Vega and Adrien at the town square.
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