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Zenshin was left without time to soak in his win as the next round of matches were set to begin, Zenshin himself being apart of it. A mix of feelings had begun to stir within him as he heard his name as well as who his opponent would be, Donothan. An image of how that boy wielded and examined the practice weapon seemed like second nature to him flashed in his head. Zen could feel a dryness spreading within his mouth as he gulped down some air.

He had barely made it out of that last fight with a win. His incantation was extremely rushed resulting in a rather poor display. It was an okay start but he felt as though it wasn’t enough to get into the knights. Even with his subpar win there had seemed to be a group of people whom were swayed by the Valeforians performance. Even some nobles seemed to be on notice of Zenshin not because of any particular talent but because of the rare Snow incantations he could use.

Zenshin took his place on the stage once more but it was different. There was an eagerness in the air as people waited in anticipation waiting to see if the boy would cast other snow incantations in his next bout. There was excitement not just for him but also for his opponent, Donathan. This particular young swordsman was stood out based on their demeanor. Group that with their weapon of choice which almost seemed to match its user in size and how he wielded it like nothing. There was a myriad of thoughts popping into peoples head. They were unable to the extent of his skill in the match previous this one and the people were rather eager to learn.

Zenshin watched as Donathan made their way on to the stage, exchanging looks once settled in. Zenshin was a bit caught off guard by his opponents look as he wasn’t expecting it. It was thought this person looked at him with relief. A relief that was different from the looks of relief others had today when they looked at him. It was as though Donothan was relieved that Zenshin made it past the first fight and was able to prove some doubters wrong.

Zenshin couldn’t help but let out a nervous smile, as he raised his weapon for battle. His stance still incredibly shaky yet possessing comparatively more confidence than before. He couldn’t help but let a bit of the excitement in the arena seep into himself.

”Nice to meet you” he greeted him followed up with a nod of acknowledgment.

If you do decide to make an interest check, could you mention me in it?
I am also interested in this, sounds like fun!

The other matches that were set to take place at the same time ended in quick succession. A victor being decided rather quickly within a couple moves. Looks like it was true when they said sword fights do not last long. This lead to the attention falling upon Zenshin and Kero's match, well for those who bothered to pay attention. The Arena was clad with a mix of chatter, as people talking amongst themselves about the results of the fights. Thought this didn't last long.


Keros let off a powerful cry as he charged at Zenshin with his blade held to his side and his body turned, ready to let off a power attack once in range.

His cry startled Zenshin, snapping him out of his own trance as he turned to face his opponent.Keros's from was incredibly crude, akin to that of someone who chopped trees down. He was much faster then he looked and managed to close the gap while his foe was off guard. In response the boys adrenaline began to pump, Zenshin instinctually tensed up his muscles and back peddled in order to soften the impending blow. This resulted in his guard being broken completely in the face of his opponents overwhelming strength. Zen's arms were thrown back from the recoil of the clash, nearly dropping his weapon in the process. The gap in strength was too large and the advantage was clear, this was something that both competitors realized within that first move.

Keros wasted no time following up with an overhead strike, aiming to literally crushed Zenshin with a head on attack and end the duel. In terms of physicality, Keros had the upper hand. There was no were to go, Zenshin woudld have to stand his ground and stop his foes advance or else it would all be over. He clenched his teeth as he planted his feet firmly with determination in his eyes. He had came to far just to turn back right at the gate! The Valeforian quickly extended out his free palm and begin to flex his fingers, taking aim at the arena flooring.

"Icicle field!" Zenshin cried as a ray of snow shot out from his palm and coated the surrounding area.

Keros, whom had been charging the Valeforian with a full head of steam took notice of the change in terrain but could do nothing to change course. As he took his next step he would feel his feet fly out from under him before tumbling uncontrollably past Zen. Caked in snow and ice, Keros quickly attempted to rise to his feet only to come face to face with a water ball larger than the boys head. Zenshin held his hand steady and looked down at his opponent trying his best to look intimidating.

"Please surrender" Zenshin issued in a rather polite turn which had confused his opponent. Even though, Keros had no reason to not take up his offer as he had been bested. The boy shrugged and dropped his sword in defeat, shortly after the officiator called the match between the two.

"The winner is Zenshin Ferros!"

The arena roared to life in shock, not only were they shocked with Zenshins victory but also the boy possessing rare magic to boot. Although it was snow magic, the crowd was in awe that it was in the hands of a commoner.

Once the match was over Zenshin dispelled his attack and extended his hand to help Keros up off the ground. "Guess it isn't my time yet." Keros sighed before facing Zenshin with friendly eyes. Nice move nonetheless, you really got me good. Who would've known you had snow magic up your sleeve?"The boy said before giving Zenshin a hard smack on the back. The Valeforian winced in pain before nodding his head. "I just barely managed to be honest." Zen responded humbly, his adrenaline from the fight beginning to subsiding. He began to freeze up a bit as the gaze of the arena fell upon him but the energy was a bit different, it seemed as though he managed to sway the opinion of some people in attendance today.

"I'm going to be rooting for ya, don't go losing or else you'll make me look bad, alright?" Keros said as he exited the stage.

A grin creeped up on the boys face as he followed behind shortly, he had managed to get a victory in the first round. It was sloppy but Zenshin was proud of his achievement.


Sifting through the crowd proved a bit difficult for the thin framed boy, it also didn't help that as time passed the grounds filled with more participants. The stands even began to roar with life with every second as citizens from different backgrounds filled the stands. It was hard to stay trapped his mind as the excitement within the grounds grew. Zenshin clenched his chest as he made his way to a good viewing spot, trying to temper his own excitement, a smile even began to creep up on his face.

Zenshin made sure to get as close to the stage as possible, using his length and thinness to his advantage to fit in tight places. Once the young Valeforian was settled in with a great view of the stage, he heard trumpets sounding up showing that they would be starting soon. The announcer would then take center stage and give a speech about the noble tradition of Grayle's knighthood, a speech that many people seemed not too much interested in. Zenshin on the other hand was indulging in the experience as a whole. A wide grin, ear to ear, plastered on the boys face. This would surely be a day he would never forget.

The second part of the speech explained the rules for the duels that would take place. One-on-one fights with weapons and relatively low level offensive spells, okay...I can do that. The boy was a bit nervous that he would be center stage for everyone to see but still excited at the same time. He would be able to take the stage and put his skills on display for Grayle to see! Zenshin clenched his chest once more as he was apart of the first batch of young men to be called up.

So much for watching, guess we are diving into the deep end first.

Before stepping onto the arena, He took a moment to observe the crowd and just how many eyes were on him. He could see what he made out to be the four knight captains in attendance was well. Even the sparkling coming from nobility within the stands made his heart race. Time to make an impression he said as he prepared to take the stage.

"Select your weapon of choice before heading up"

"O-O-Oh, sorry about that!" he said with panic before taking a detour to the quartermaster's table. How could I forget that this was part swordplay. I don't even know what exact weapon to pick. Zenshin stood stood flustered as he watched as a boy with light grey hair selected the longsword way bigger than themselves, throwing it across the shoulder with ease and comfortability. Hmm, looks simple enough he thought to himself before grabbing the wooden longsword. Despite being a training sword it was his first time holding a sword in general. He was quite fascinated in how it was built as it was not what he had expected. Zen shrugged before slinging the blunt weapon over his shoulder, caught off guard by its density, Zen felt his begin to shift sideways. Soon he would feel his body crash into the weapon rack, sending all sort of wooden equipment falling to the ground. His face flushed with blood, as he quickly rose from the rack, his arm a bit tender. The arena roared with laughter and gossip at his blunder. Zen turned to the quartermaster whom had his face was in palm at the time.

"Perhaps a regular sword?"

"Yeah, I think that'll be good."

Zenshin would shortly take his place on the arena with a comparatively smaller and lighter weapon in his hands. His opponent had been waiting for him with a smug look. Keros was his name, a young lad with a shock of brunette hair atop his head stood tall with his weapon in hand, he was comparatively shorter than Zenshin standing at 5'5. He possessed a standard build, his hands a bit warn from rigorous physical labor it seemed. Keros sported patchy clothing with scuffed boots, it was easy enough to see that he wasn't of nobility.

"Lets make this quick and easy."

Zenshin didn't reply to Keros which seemed to anger him, Zenshins attention was instead fixated on the crowd of participants at the edge of the arena watching him with a shit-eating look on their faces. In their eyes, the Valeforian boy was nothing but an easy ticket into the knights. Some even heckled at the young Valeforian, pleading with Keros to switch opponents. Zenshin's confidence had quicky plummeted and his nerves took the better. The attention of the arena truly fell upon his match with comedic anticipations. Zenshin gripped his sword weakly, even a novice could see he lacked overall physical strength and training with a martial weapon. Expectations were looking pretty low for this match.

A mix of emotions had been welling up inside the foreigner for quite a bit now. Zenshin was still surprised with himself that he had decided to uproot his life and follow his dream. Despite leaving without trace in pursuit of his goal, the boy couldn’t help but feel guilty for disappearing. It wasn’t as though this would be the first time he has let his family down. The discourse within was akin to that of a raging storm. These were the thoughts that flooded Zen’s head as he crossed the kings bridge.

As Zenshin approached his destination he could feel the anxiety settling in. Unsure of whether or not he made the right choice he was restless to see what the future held beyond this day. He had been tirelessly training for years on end, honing the gift of wielding snow magic. A rather rare phenomenon, he would be the first in his bloodline to possess 3 elements. A shaky smile formed on his face as he walked up to the knight who had been admitting participants into the arena. The man already seemed annoyed, go figure. He took one glance at Zenshin before dully going through his questioning.


"Z-Zenshin Ferros"

"Hailing from?"

"V-Valefor, Western Border"

A notable sigh came from the man as if giving the young foreigner the time of day was a waste of his time.

"Family Background?"

""Uhh..Ferros Family of Alchemists, we actually are a family that bre-"

"You can move along now" the man said cutting him off coldly.


Zenshin's body felt warm out of embarrassment as he moved along, perhaps he had a long day already? Nonetheless this feeling passed away quickly as he disappeared into the crowd of participants. A large amount seemed to have been interested in joining the knights and they came in all shapes and sizes, a few extraordinarily sized. I wonder what they feed him, Zen thought to himself as he saw a few people standing out the crowd like trees. Others seemed extraordinarily in shape as it seemed like their clothes clung to well sculpted bodies. Safe to say Zenshin was feeling out of his element here, he was definitely taller than the average but lacked a proper frame as he was stick skinny.

It'll be okay, just focus on yourself and it will work out. the boy thought to himself as he made his way through the crowd.

Zenshin Ferros


Physical Description
Tall and wiry are the correct words that define Zenshin. Standing in at 5’10 and weighing about 145 lbs, Zen's slim and tall frame along with his vibrant brown complexion often gets him a fair amount of looks here and there. Upon his head lays a tuft of black and brown hair draping down his face and over his ears to meet a pair of soft amber eyes. Zen facial structure possesses strong cheek bones, a sharp jawline, and a small and slim nose that compliments his face nicely.

As far as clothing goes, Zen possesses a rather limited wardrobe featuring a small assortment of cloak and loose fitting clothes of standard quality varying in thickness as he enjoys wearing clothing that don't restrict his movement too much. Coupled along with these cloaks are loose fitting pants along with sandals.

Character Conceptualization
The Ferros family came to settle in Valefor not too long after the war. With their medical contributions and alchemical knowledge, the Ferros family quickly established themselves as a respected and known family in Valefor as well as having small influence within other nations.

Zenshin is the first born of the current Ferros family head Lurantus Ferros and his wife Miriam Ferros, Zenshin is the eldest of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. From an early age he took part in the same rigorous training and studying that his forefathers has took apart of at an early age but he seemed to always fall short in ability, failing to show alchemical talent worthy of taking notice. His father was rather wary early on in entrusting the boy with the guiding the family in the right path.

When his brother Lionel was of age to partake in studies he showed immediate promise and results, garnering the favor of their father as he began to focus more on his alchemical prodigy. Lionel quickly picked up on the topics that were being taught to him and an advanced understanding at a young age. It wasn’t long before he caught up to his brother whom had 4 years of age on him.

As time went on Lionel’s shadow quickly casted over Zenshin as his younger brother became the talk of the town managing to catch up and surpass Zenshin in his studies. The gap between the two only seemed to grow from there, even worse as the more Zenshin fell short the more he felt disconnected. Word would begin to spread of the Ferros family prodigy. Even his other 2 younger siblings showed more promise than their eldest brother further tanking Zen’s confidence. Along with his relationships went his confidence as well as he developed social anxiety from the constant comparison. This was also roughly around the time where he would begin to find solace within the legend of Grayle, the boy finding amazement within the courage that Grayle possessed to defy the odds. Perhaps he could maybe follow in his footsteps. It was true the stakes were different, while Grayle was destined to be the white knight who would save the world. Zenshin was tasked with being a competent family head and even then he couldn’t do that. Even so a boy could dream.

Around the age of 11, Zenshin would begin spending his free time practicing his magic within the forest outside of his house. He would train extensively as he channeled his strong emotions into his magic, despite not being gifted with alchemical or medical talent the boy did possess control over the element of snow which was a feat in itself. Even so this did not sway his father in any way as their values did not align.

The more Zenshin would train and cultivate his magic the more he would find himself fantasizing about joining the knight order founded by Grayle and making a name for himself. No longer would he be in his brother Lionel’s shadow. No longer the black sheep of the family but a talented child who created his own path. More importantly he’d reclaim the admiration of his father once again.

Alas once he reached a point in his magic he deemed competent he left without a trace. Casting away what seemed like shackles and following his dream on a whim, Zenshin was never more sure about something in his young life.

Other Information
Despite having trained his magic Zenshin possess 0 combat experience has he only has ever casted his spells on still objects nor has he ever held a weapon of any sorts.

Julius Grant

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The ride down the elevator was a long one at that, the smell of vomit and cigarette smoke growing more prominent the further the elevator took them down. The swordsman replied to his comment while also assuring Adalias survival, how noble.

“And they said chivalry was dead”

Likewise, Julius also made it his goal to ensure Adalia survived too, not out of the kindness of his heart but more so because of her history.

Julius was a bit surprised that the elevator took them underground, he made sure to make a mental note of this. It won’t be easy to comeback this way once fighting breaks out. Eventually they reached their destination and Julius was mentally prepared for a brawl only to find out it wasn’t what he had expected.

Based off the first impressions you would think this place would be equally as rundown as the outside but it was a high-end luxurious restaurant. Instantly a million things began to fire off in Julius’s head as he retracted his staff to pen sized form. He was caught off guard by the exotic wild life that swam through the tanks that illuminated the space. His bewilderment was broke by the system in place to protect the identity of not only the workers but the clientele as well.

“Welcome to Yamakazi, Agents. Do you have a reservation?”

Was it that obvious to know who they were? Perhaps they knew they were coming already based off Rokkit landing the ship at their doorstep? It didn’t help they came off the elevator armed to the teeth with weapons ready for a fight. The older woman took initiative and opened up with saying they did not have a reservation. The honest route but this restaurant did not seem like the type to just have an open seat for 5 on hand unless by strike of luck there was a cancellation…

He then heard the swordsman contact shorty and asked if she was seeing this, Julius put two and two together and took the lead as he walked to the front, placing a hand on the older woman’s soldier. His expression changed from his usual deadpan to a very cheery one. The boy turned on his comms with a sleight of hand as he adjusted his long hair.

“I must’ve forgot to mention it but shorty here got us some reservations luckily. They should be under Adalia.” As he spoke he made sure to look at Adalia in order to con the employee into believing it, while at the same time simultaneously sending a signal for shorty to secure the group a table. Before the employee could double check Julius made sure to catch his attention.

“Also one of my colleagues here isn’t feeling too good and vomited on your elevator on the way down here, he suffers from bad motion sickness. Could I trouble you for a glass of water please?” Julius said as he gestured to Milton behind him. Julius hoped he would take the bait and buy shorty some time to secure a reservation for them. She didn’t have too but it was better than nothing.
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Hello! Given RBY's predicament spoken of above, I think we'd be more than happy with a potential addition to the roster, if you'd like to come up with something. If you need help, feel free to ask anyone around, though I'm typically always around :3

In general the forum is closed, but I'm willing to make an exception when someone shows this much interest and asks so politely lol

Thanks you for the opportunity and squeezing me in despite having a pretty large class. I will reach out if I need assistance!

Hi there, I know that you guys are already full and all. I’m just now seeing this thread and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the layout as well as how you two are running this rp so far. I’m not sure if you planned on having new people fill in empty spots incase someone were to drop but I’d love to be apart of what you have going on here. If not I understand completely and will watch from the sidelines.

Thanks in advance!
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