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Roy Kusayanagi

As Mamoru poked back at Roy saying that Ezra was a growing boy he just grinned, thats when he felt a jab in his gut from Mina. He winced a bit his body still aching before looking at her face. She had a hurt look on her face as she looked up, the blonde whipped his head looking up the stairs. What he saw as Kaida and Jett in a very close embrace, he was dazed in thought for a couple seconds before looking the other way. He thought that Jett liked Mina and vice versa, what were the two of them doing hugging each other like that and so closely! I smell drama brewing, this was certaintly the curve ball but at the same time the boy felt a bit of envy having two girls fight over him. That lucky bastard! He broke out of his trance as Mina said she was not hungry and left the group, he tried to reach out for her before she left but his body was not having hit. He grunted a bit at the quick movement, he figured to talk to her later.

"Well anyways, lets dig in! he said as Mamoru showed the 3 to their seats, as soon as he walked into the dining room he was assulted by a little pink haired girl. She stuck white on rice to the boys body, Roy winced again as she held him so tightly."Ouch! Tomoe! If your gonna assault me everytime you see me warn me first!" he said a little upset. shortly he wrapped his good arm around her hugging her back. She would notice this time that his body temperature wasn't as warm compared to before but still nice and cozy. Tomoe would also notice how he positioned his body awkwardly to keep his injured arm out of the way of her snuggle hit and run. Roy saw Acion giving him a nod before crab walking over to his chair with Tomoe in tail, "How are you holding up bud" he said acting as if Tomoe wasn't around. That was when his stomach growled really loud and he looked down at Tomoe, "Alright Tomoe I am really hungry, you can assault me as long as you want later." he said his cheeks turning a light red. He then saw the Den mother come in, though he didn't quite catch on to her appearance compared to others since he is general 30 degrees warmer than them. Though he did feel a strong presence, she introduced herself. A fire lady, literllyhe said to himself as he heard the steam come from her chair. He knew Kaida would probaby love her heat, she effected a rooms temperature without even trying.

He then saw a smol sheep girl at the table as well, the little lady was so adorable. "Oop! I almost didn't see you there,
I dont think we have met before, I am Roy Kusayanagi. And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting"
he said to the girl.

He glanced down at Tomoes food and his mouth began watering, he whispered under his breath. The assaulter was so close to him she probably would pick up on him.


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Roy Kusayanagi

Roy slumped forward when Mina said she would kick Roy in the head again if he was able to share that video, "Why must you resort to violence..." he murmured. "If you deal a blow to my head right now your gonna be the person who killed Roy Kusayanagi." He winced once more, his arm was throbbing and was still really hot, he couldn't really feel it all that much neither. He looked over at Takeshi who was giving it straight to the little girl, the boy had a point. Mina was getting a bit ahead of herself calling him a bully. He turned to Mina and stuck his tounge out, just to annoy her. Why he liked annoying Mina? Mostly to subdue the constant reminder of her foot to his head and also her priceless reactions.

"Awe I don't think thats bullying Mina dont be so sensitive, its all fun and games...if anything im the one getting bullied." She didn't have much a say in opposition to Roy who got knocked out, detention, getting called pathetic by Mr.Yoshida, Acion dissing his phone, being bled on severely, and being referred to as top 3 weakest in Class 1-A. It was the reason he was pushing himself so hard, climbing from the bottom, the fuel behind him not submissing to his injured body.

Roy really thought about how shitty his day was frowning as the group reached the dorm house. He could smell the food from outside, "That smells good". The blonde said gulping, he opened the door and followed the smell of beef over over to the dining room to where he saw Mamoru and another girl in a Kimono. He chuckled to himself and decided to play along, "Those Kimonos look very nice on each of you, I hope you have food for 6 more" though there was 4 of them he leaned in closer covering his mouth and whispering to Mamoru. "Ezra is a fatty, he counts as 3 alone" he pulled himself back, "We have traveled far and wide, me and my comrades peckish."

It was a little humurous because they all did look like they went through a journey. 3 of the 4 did, Roy had bandages wrapped around his forehead and all over his right arm. Ezra who was towering over them and covered in bandages as well, they also had Takeshi in the back in a black Gi and a wooden sword . Roy felt pretty badass with these two monsters behind him. But wait...there was Mina in the school girl uniform. Roy turned back around chuckling, "Mina is our mascot" said without hesitation awaiting her response. He noticed Acion sitting with Tomoe and another girl, he didn't take Acion as a ladies kind of guy but he seemed to have their attention. Good for him.

"Can we sit anywhere or is there assigned seating?" He asked as his stomach rumbled.

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Roy Kusayanagi

Roy smirked before busting out into laughter after getting a reaction out of Mina. He was also partially thankful that she didn't instinctively attack the boy. Her girly scream was quite satisfying, "You know your pretty cut when your frightened". Roy kept on laughing before it slowly declined to quietness. "Haha..ha.." His vision got blurry soon as the injuries caught up to him. Roy began falling backwards before gritting he grit his teeth and caught his body. The injuries he sustained seemed to have been catching up to him as he was reaching his limit. "I'll be fine...I just need to treat my wounds and sit in the sunlight a bit" Roy said as he made his way over to the armory in search of a first Aid Kit.

Surely there would be one somewhere, he looked all around through all the weapons and gear and found it against a wall. He grabbed it and took a seat, the first item he takes out is some ointment, bandage wrap, and a pair of scissors. He cleaned the wounds, wincing as it stung before rubbing ointment on the cuts. Finally topping his arm with a bandage wrap. he took his phone and used it as a mirror in order to dress the cut on his face. Roy cleaned it before rubbing ointment on cut and wrapping some bandage around his forhead. He wanted to visit the nurse but didn't want to miss the dinner Donny was preparing. Roy placed the scissors back and grabbed a couple more packets of cleansers and ointment as well as some more bandage wrap to bring back for Ezra. He walked over to Ezra and handed him the first aid supplies."Dress your wounds at least so they won't look at you crazy" Roy said smirking as he made his way to the exit of the gym.

"Lets get some food, I'm starving" Roy said to Ezra, Mina, and Takeshi. He held the door open for everyone to walk through. It was around sunset and also Roys final chance to get some more energy before the day is over. The group of four made their way back to the A-1 dorm house. Roy let out a sigh to himself, "the 3 biggest Egos all together" he said under his breath. He turned back around at Takeshi as they arrived at the dorm, "Mind sending me that video you took of Mina. I could also have some use for it" he smiled widely while rubbing his hands.

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Roy Kusayanagi

As Roy and Ezra began exiting they overheard some others training in the room as well, "Actually I want to check out these guys really quick". He peered into the other training room seeing Takeshi in a black gi fighting another girl and Mina who was spectating the battle, they managed to catch the end of the battle. Roy was still in pain and winced, he leaned against a pillar for support as he watched the two soaking up the battle. They both moved exceptionally well and had great control of their body. Takeshi seemed to have been wielding a wooden sword, Primary weapon of choice I suppose, very proficient. The other girl seemed to have been fighting in a style he is used to. Very similar to Ezra in being straightforward. He jabbed at Ezra, "Looks like the girl version of you over there" Roy said chuckling. Soon enough he stopped at the sound of a big explosion which signaled the end of their duel, seemed like the intel gathering was over. Roy watched as Takeshi began snapping and the two started an argument, and then Mina hopped in dropping her two cents. Roy almost felt bad for the boy since he did have a blunt but very true point, both ladies parted ways one heading for the exit and another for the locker room.

Time for a proper introduction

The blonde boy made his way over to Takeshi rubbing his arm with a wide grin, "The female species, such fascinating creatures" Roy said opening the conversation. "I recall you being from villain studies. Most notebly those shadows you produce and that swordsmanship. My name is Kusayanagi Roy. A pleasure to meet you, I would offer my hand but.." He signled to his arm that was dripping with blood. "I will be keeping my eye on you Yashiro, your sister told me you were pretty good. She wasn't lying." Roy took his leave on that note making his way over to a blindspot by the locker room and waited for Mina to come out. He planned on scaring her, but wait... what if she kicks him in the head again. He wasn't sure if he would be able to live through a head injury like that again. He gulped as he heard the door open and jumped out in front of Mina shouting really loud.

"AHHHHH!!" he peered in front of Mina with the crimson red liquid flowing down the left side of his face as he had a psychotic smile on his face, his arm sliced up and bloody as he reached out in a fake attempt at grabbing her. He was prepared incase she tried to hit him in the moment.




Roy Kusayanagi

Ezra had been grinding, lifting the dumbbells at a pretty impressive weight when he was suddenly encountered by somebody he’d spent the day with. It was the idiot who nearly lost them the training exercise, yet somebody he would still refer to as a friend, and at this point, that was a lot considering how paranoid he tended to be. He looked toward the kid and gave him a grin, before looking at him. He didn’t look like he belonged in a weight room, yet he had zero issue with him presiding here. Self improvement was necessary for everyone and whilst he believed in natural talent a lot, he also believed in willpower and the drive to improve so he was pleased to know that Roy was willing to work on his weak points.

“Nothing much. I’ve just started so it’s kinda surprisin’ you’re here so early. You tryna put in some work too, or you just here to check the place out?” he spoke in a pretty friendly tone as he continued his workout. The workout facility was certainly not a joke, and it was definitely the best he’d been in, yet it still had a feeling of homeliness. He was not disappointed with this school so far, everything it offered seemed to be extremely high quality and prioritizing the comfort of its students.

The big guy was going at it with the weights, he asked Roy if he was trying to put some work in too and Roy just chuckled and look down. “In this business you can’t afford to not be enough in a situation, always gotta be prepared. In my position there is no time for lacking” Roy said finishing stretching his legs and arms before getting up. He hadn’t have a proper shower yet so his hands and arms were still stained a light red. “This is my first time in this place and it is pretty impressive, might make it my second home here.” Roy said putting his hands on his arms, “Well I am ready for that special training you were gonna put me through if you are.” The boy had plenty of pent up energy to train with and he was eager to better himself and begin.

He recalled how Jett and Ezra fought in the exercise compared to how he fought Mina. The two of them did not think much of their action and relied mostly on instinct, cutting time and making their movements faster. Maybe if he could learn how to fight without thinking much and letting his body feel the battle then his combat prowess would grow. Another thing he wanted to improve was his control over that hand construct. The utility and potential on it was priceless as he could be on the defensive, offensive, and hold an objective at the same time. Problem was that it had a ridiculously high burnout cost as well as it hurt to use. He moved his finger around making a fist then opening his palm stretching it before turning back to Ezra.

“Besides I got to kick your ass in the future so that is all the more reason to be in here getting better”
Ezra grinned. It seemed that Roy wanted to start a rivalry, and whilst he certainly wasn’t strong enough to oblige his promises at the minute, he definitely saw potential in the kid and his quirk. It held versatility, any quirk that his type held tended to do so, even with the obvious negative side effects to it. He figured that the training would begin now, and knowing where the training room was due to memorizing a layout of the school, he was more than happy to oblige his promise.

“I’m going to give you that training I promised, but we’ve got to have a spar. I have no idea how strong you are based on only watching you, so I’mma need you to put 100% effort into this so I got a good idea, you get me?” he spoke as he began walking over to the sparring room that the gym had available. He wasn’t exceptionally worried about Roy or his ability within this spar, but he certainly needed to figure out how much he could take. After he done this, he could easily figure out the regimen based on a few more tests and based it on what he did at his age around the time period where he was at his level of strength.

Once they arrived, Ezra closed the door behind them and stood casually opposite Roy. He was all to ready to begin, and to be honest, he was looking forward to it. He’d had the spar with Yukari, but that was cut short due to gimmicks and a very awkward memory. He’d had the training exercise, but he never felt done after that. He’d barely been injured and the only injury he’d sustained was fatigue, so he was excited to see if Roy could push him further than Jett and Yukari.

“Begin whenever you’re ready. Don’t hold back whatsoever.” he spoke calmly as he looked at him dead in the eye.

The two walked over to the arena, Roy keeping a straight face as they made their way. Ezra proposed they spared, the blonde boy smirked and tilted his head down once again. He was probably the only one who got the best view Ezras abilities today. Once they got onto the mat and Ezra stood opposite of Roy shook his hands loose and got a deep breath.

“Begin whenever you’re ready. Don’t hold back whatsoever”

His eyes shot open as he slid his right foot back and gathered energy in his right hand, soon a yellow ball of energy formed in seconds and he fired it off at Ezra. Though something was different about this blast, it shined incredibly bright and moved oddly as if it had no specific mark to hit. It zoomed towards Ezra and upon impact it would let off a bright light as the densely compacted energy was released. Roy quickly got on all fours and slid his left foot back and spreading his hands apart mimicking Kenichi’s moves. It wasn’t as good quality as the blue haired boys but should yield similar results. The boy gritted his teeth and released a blast of solar energy at the ground from his feet and hands propelling himself at Ezra’s ribs. As he flew through the air a helmet formed on the kids head to further increase his damage and also protect his head. He had been soaking up everything today and everyone's moves, combining them, and using their abilities for himself. The boy closed the distance fast between himself and Ezra though it still left the big guy some slight room to react if he caught wind of what was going on.

Ezra was met with a shock as the blast connected to him, he never expected such a sudden assault, but given the circumstances, he guessed it was the best move for him to perform. Speed was to be key in this matchup if he were to stand a chance and whilst Ezra was taken off guard by it, it still held flaws in its pattern. The moment the flashbang had been thrown, Ezra had already entered a defensive stance covering most of his upper body, and even though the blow was to connect to his ribs, it would have done a lot more damage had Ezra not been braced for a blow.

The pain had surged through him as he felt himself winded by the blow. It was a good move to fulfill and he had definitely dived headfirst into this situation. The heat from his head was also giving him pain, but the problem that Roy had done is that he had completely underestimated Ezra’s physical strength and performed an incredibly risky move. Quickly composing himself, Ezra grabbed a hold of Roy in a ring and proceeded to pick him up, quickly pointing his head toward the floor like some wrestling move. The precaution of the helmet was a smart move as Ezra proceeded to slam Roy into the floor as hard as he could, head first.

Roy felt the contact being made but then felt Ezra grab the boy and pick him up about to slam him into the floor Roy tried to hold his hands out and blast him point blank but was too late. The boy switched plans onto the defensive trying to pad his fall. The arena was extra durable to protect against destructive quirks. Roy put his arms up to protect his upper body and reinforced them with a construct plating. Roys eyes grew wide as his adrenaline began rushing. It was like time slowed down as Ezra attempted putting the boy 10 feet under. BANG! The sound of Roys body colliding with the ground echoed through the gym. He managed to protect from a broken neck but still suffered heavy damage to the upper body.

The boy laid on his side and looked up at a huge guy presiding over him. Roy was in a daze, his eyes low and vision blurry. His protective armor disappeared as he lost focus. The blonde groaned as blood trickled down the side of his face, he gritted his teeth and held both his hands out in front of Ezra sending off a blast to distance Roy from the juggernaut. His body slide across the ground 5 meters soon sending himself into a roll before stopping on his stomach. He coughed a bit, “I see this is not a Spar anymore” Roy said coughing a bit more before mustering up strength to get up. He fixated his arms and pushed his body up soon making it onto his two feet. “I'm coming for you” Roy said with a smile, his willpower not faded despite standing like a newborn fawn. He made a riot shield though it was very thin. His smile faded as he grabbed the shield with too hands and slammed it against the ground causing it to shatter as shards of the shield flew everywhere. Some cutting Roy's body, he quickly held his hand out and made a blast that would project the shards towards Ezra. Almost mimicking Acions feather technique, the shards flew at the boy fiercely though the aiming was slightly lousy and moreso to the right.

Ezra let out a sigh of exhaust as Roy blasted himself away before smiling. He had perhaps gone a little too far, but he did not have doubt about the boy’s durability, which is why it was no surprise to him when he was able to recover. At least he did not break the kids neck, that was something that he was thankful for.

When Roy launched his second attack, he let out a surprise. Using a bladed weapon, especially one so similar to the one that Acion had shown was interesting to him, yet shocking how he was able to replicate it after seeing it in such a short amount of time. That was something he found curious. If he had this ability plus his quirk, he could truly become a potent threat due to the sheer magnitude of moves he could add up. Still, his thoughts were ended when the shards of riot shield were absorbed by his left arm to great pain. It was lucky that he had wore a sleeveless T-Shirt else his clothing would have been ruined as the shards slashed and tore up his arm, to the point where it was bleeding profusely even if it had not struck any veins. He grimaced slightly, but it didn’t particularly hurt as he swung his arm away from him to try and get the blood off it.

“Good shot.” he spoke quietly as he slowly walked towards Roy in a normal stance, not one that would normally be considered viable for a fight but Ezra had a plan.

Roy smirked a bit but it would seem as if there were two Ezra's. He started walking closer, the distance between the two shortening though he caught the boy off guard with his regular movement. Roy stepped back as he walked forward. The moves he tested seemed to work decently well yet they also had their kinks. Kenichis move works well though if the opponent is stronger it is highly risky. While acions move needs refining, Roy looked down at his arm that was bleeding profusely as well.

His blurred vision was getting better as the two Ezra's became one. Though his breathing had picked up he looked straight at Ezra without fear in his eyes. He was in the midst of a powerful opponent that was far stronger than he was. “If there is one thing I am gonna do… I'm gonna make you use your quirk” Roy said as he held his hand out in front of him. The blood soon began boiling on his skin as Roy gritted his teeth hard through the pain. His arm was covered in his own boiling blood as on the surface of his tattoos, through the crimson red fluid you could see the boy's tattoos shining brightly. “You're gonna fight me with your full power!” He said as his arm soon was coated in bright yellow which soon mixed into a dirty orange as the blood flowed through the construct. The construct soon expanded taking on the form of his hand, though much bigger, flexible, and longer.The blonde cocked his arm back before sending a punch at Ezra. His fist was about the size of Ezra's chest and aimed at his abdomen as well. Roy smirked as he gritted his teeth through the pain , he now knew the thrill of battle. Why Jett and Ezra were going at it so hard despite the insurmountable blows.

Ezra grinned. The truth had been noticed and Roy had realized that he hadn’t used his quirk. He wondered if Roy even knew what his quirk was, and whether he’d even know if he’d used it to begin with. Perhaps he wouldn’t, it wasn’t exactly obvious but his smiles were short lived as Roy set up his offense. ’A gigantic fist that was supposedly going to unleash his full power. He had no idea how to gauge the power of a construct that was not exactly in existence, and how strong the punch that was thrown, but he did not want to use his quirk, as he doubted he’d need it. Planting his feet firmly in the ground in a strong stance, Ezra prepared to grab the fist as it made connection. He knew it would burn and was mentally prepared to fight through the pain, as perhaps it’d cauterize the wounds from the slashing. If he could hold this, it could easily lead to him winning the fight, and it definitely needed to be stopped at this stage before a major injury occurred. The slashing and the slam were about as far as a spar should go, at least in his opinion. He was ready to take this blow however, and find out how strong Roy truly was.

When Roy saw this guy was preparing to tank the hit he just broke out into laughter. “Your crazy!” Roy said as he saw Ezra plant his feet. Roy opened his hand and the construct mimicked the movement exposing its palm. He whipped his arm up and down to alter the constructs trajectory aiming to latch on to Ezra's stomach. Upon seeing contact made Roy tugged hard on the boys body knowing full and well that he didn't have enough power to pull the big kid towards himself . He used the boys stagnant positioning to get a clear shot and once he had a sure fire hit he would pounce in the opportunity. Roy took a stride forward shooting out energy from the bottom of his feet sending himself flying towards his opponent. The grip that he had on Ezra with his construct made sure that anywhere he goes, Roy will follow. With his left arm he reinforced it with a gauntlet, balling his fist and tucking his arm in until it was time to strike. His face wasn’t pretty neither as he mustered up his strength to strike the boy down. As he got closer Roy cocked his arm far back and clench his fist tight.

Ezra let out a grin as the battle continued to get more intense. The laugh from Roy made him smile, as he managed to figure out that the secret to his fighting was that there was no secret, only insanity. As the attack came, it surprised him that the fist that he had created opted not to try him for a test of strength, but rather to grapple. It was a smart.move, but not one that would necessarily correlate to his victory as Ezra was already in a very strong stance, and could easily break out of this if he was required to. It was at this moment that he realized that Roy was using this to set up an attack of his own. He was ready for something along the lines of that, as he’d used the hand as a springboard to try and attack him. It had a lot of power behind it. Ezra smiled as he had been forced to do something that he didn’t want to do as he was forced to use his quirk. Quickly freeing his hand, he decided he’d have to respond to the punch in kind to one of his own, aiming for the other boys hand. If he could connect punches, he was confident that he’d win over in terms of strength merely based on his quirk and the lack of stamina that the other boy had at this stage. Using a fair bit of strength and his quirk, he responded to the punch in kind, full well knowing that this was the end of the spar regardless of what happened.hunter12

Roy’s eyes widened as he saw Ezra slip his arm out in the last second and was prepared to counter his onslaught. The way he fought was straightforward solely because he knows that he can take a hit and dish it back 3 times as hard. His battle style was that of a berserker. Roy clenched his body tight and kept his arm solid, you could visibly see the veins popping out of his arms and neck as he launched the punch at Ezra. Who in turn retaliated with his own punch, clashing with his attack. BOOM! Both of the boys quirks had collided with one another in the final race to decide the winner. The blonde boy gritted his teeth and let out a smile as he bumped fists with Ezra, it felt like he had punched solid steel. The two could physically feel the power manifested in the air when their attacks collided. This briefly led to a flashback in Roy's head about when him and Ezra had tested how his construct would hold up against the boys accelerated punch. Roy closed his eyes taking in his realization of the power difference at the moment. He failed to realize how much power he had used up over the course of the spar and all the constructs he had made. His grin turned into a wide smile as he accepted defeat, cracks and fissures began appearing on Roy's gauntlet and hand construct before they shattered into a bright light.

The force of the blow sent him rolling back a few yards before laying on the ground in vanquishment, the blood from his arm began flowing out again. He groaned on the ground in pain as the strain on his body caught up to him. “Owww, my back. Adrenaline is one hell of a hormone to disregard pain.” He was laid out flat on his back and limbs spread like a sea star. The feeling in his right arm was numb from using that hand again, Roy winced from the slashes on his arm stinging. “That was pretty damn fun though, we should do it again...just not today...or tomorrow...maybe end of next week” Roy used his left arm to sit up straight and stare at Ezra.

“After fighting your crazy ass, I can see why you and Jett Enjoyed fighting each other. It's not just to beat on each other till they are battered and bloody but a form of earning one's respect. In a way it kinda defines your personality and what you are made of.” He tried to stand on his own feet but his back was killing him at the moment, most likely bruised. He grunted as he powered through it and managed to stand up. Battered and bloody he stood rose and looking Ezra in the face with a thumbs up and a grin.

“You win this round you big bastard”

Ezra let out a shout as the two connected blows, and at that moment, Ezra knew he had made a good decision in choosing a student of his own. It was bizarre really, he had gone to school to learn but had ended up taking on the role of a teacher within his first day. Perhaps that was what learning was about after all.

Within a few moments he had broken the constructs and sent him flying. He had a good gauge of Roy’s strength, knew what improvements had to be made and most importantly, had earned Ezra’s respect. Not many people who had come to blows with him had been able to remain in such a solid state, and one that commanded such a determined resolve. He’d grown to like the boy despite disgruntlements early on.

Ezra wasn’t exactly in a good state either however. Hr’d been sliced up bad by the fragments and it hurt but he showed no signs of it simply due to his resolve, even whilst it was dripping with blood.
“You got what you wanted. I used my quirk, even if I didn’t want to. Grats.” he spoke with an annoyed shrug as he wiped the blood off his arm with a tissue.

“Well I know where you stand now. You’re likely bottom 3 in the class in terms of raw combat power, stamina, evaluation ability, etc. But you have some impressive ability to copy moves. I’ve not quite seen such a talent before, so I know where your strengths lie. We just need to work on the fundamentals since ya got a hospital body right now.” he spoke with a smile. Ezra was smarter than he led on at certain things, especially regarding insight into this topic in particular. He’d been working on himself a long time and watched a lot of people do the same, so he knew what to look for.

“Excuse me for not being a muscle bound body builder” Roy said smiling. “Bottom 3, that is pretty damn low but at least I am not dead last so that is a plus...hopefully” Roy said chuckling before abruptly stopping.

“I feel as though if I can work out my stamina and get it pretty high the other improvements should come naturally. Once I am out of power I am a sitting duck.” Roy began holding his right arm which was sizzling hot. “We aren’t in any condition to continue sparing unless you're some deranged masochist. Let's head back to the dorm house, Donny is cooking dinner for our class.” Roy said holding his arm and making his way towards the exit.


Roy Kusayanagi

As the two reached the school they split off giving their short farewells, Roy decided to go to the gym and get a workout in. He frowned as he walked his thinking about how serious the hero business is. The pros make it look easy, they move fearlessly and their technique is flawless. It would seem as though they had been training all their life for that moment. One slip up and a life could of been lost today right in front of the boy. Roy looked down at his hands which were trembling now. He was surprised how quickly he moved to dress that boy's wounds not even noticing that he had gotten drenched in blood during the process. "Thank God" The anxious boy slapped his cheeks together to get a grip together on reality.

He reached the gym and his mouth dropped, Komei Academy had a state of the art training facility. It was one thing to see it through pictures and another to be physically in it. The tools on display, the training simulations, and even the weight lifting equipment had a broad selection. The boy saw a familiar figure inside lifting weights. He walked inside and soon came into view on the big Murrow reflecting on the weight lifting room. The boy sat on the floor and began stretching his legs, he had been sitting a while so a good waking of the limb was needed. "Sup big guy"

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@Zeroth You gonna head to the gym or head back to the dorms?
@Zeroth I forgot that me and Conscripts had a planned collab a while ago. The collab is long, realistically speaking all the events would that happened would take about 2-3 hours Ic time to process.

Roy Kusayanagi

The boy smiled back when Kaida said she was alright, he turned back over to Tomoe who didn't recognize him right away. Roy slumped his arms a bit, the boy did go threw some drastic physical changes, she then started rubbing on the boys stomach Which made his eyes shot open as she invaded his personal space. Her hands were ice cold compared to the boys warm skin, "Tomoe stop your hands are cold!" he said as he tried to fight against the girls icy assault.

After assaulting the boy she identified him as the kid with the weird tattoos who snuck into her bed, and she said it quite loudly that anyone in the classroom would hear her. Roys face immediately turned cherry red, why would she yell that so loud. She then hugged the boy while rubbing her head against his chest. "Nice to see you too" he said before wrapping his arms bacjk around her body. To Tomoe it would feel as putting on clothes that just came out the dryer. They enjoyed the moment for a second before Roy picked her up and squeezed her hard trying to get every ounce of Air out of the little girl. He growled at her as he squeezed, "Don't say such personal thing so loud in public alright?" He snarled at the girl before letting her go. He smiled satisifed and also relieved that everyone who would give him a hard time about his past had already left. "Anyway Tomoe I have to bounce, we should catch up later I wanna know how you've been" he smiled before gathering his things and heading for the dorms.

As Roy reached the boarding room he took a good look at the outside and smirked before walking in amazed at the boarding house, "Damn" he whispered under his breath, it was really nice..wait was that cookies he smelt? He was gonna go into the room where the cookies were but stopped himself, he wanted to change out of his uniform. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny note card, the principal had handed him a notecard after speaking to him in the morning. The boy hummed as he read it and made his way up the stairs where he met up with Acion. Mr.Icarus himself, what's up" he said as they both walked over to the dorm room. "What room number are you in?" the boy asked.

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