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JoJo Ruby Mamoru Maeda Hitomi Roy Kusayanagi

Team C

Isshin smirked as the group continued forward, “You all might’ve noticed that your team is short a member, don’t worry though. Reinforcements is on the way” he said giving a wink to the trio. As soon as he said that he could hear Mr.Hisakawa making his way over to the group with their reinforcements. “Speak of the devil” the man smiled as he came to a stop and looked back as the old man dropped off the student. 3 out of 4 of the team members were transfer students, this exercise was more so a proving ground than training for them.

Roy was caught up in the atmosphere of the area, the air that he breathed was nice and free. It reminded him of home. “We should probably take this time to come up with a strategy of some sort, we can’t just rush in full force. Especially with people like Ezra and Acion out there” The boy took off his helmet out of courtesy so his group mates could see the face of who they were talking to. This was when Isshin informed them on their missing member, in which the boy hadn’t totally noticed until now. He scratched his cheek nervously chuckling,

“I hadn’t noticed to be honest, was more caught up in my own thoughts.” after saying that Mr.Hisakawa came dropping off their 4th member. A strangely dressed girl with cat ears though she was attractive so it didn’t bother Roy all too much. “At least we got someone in place of Toni though. It is nice to meet you, my name is Roy Kusayanagi” he offered a hand as he introduced himself to the new member.

Hitomi only recognized the names of a few of her classmates from yesterday’s Quirk Application class, so was drawing a blank on strategy, even knowing what three of them could do. That’s when the fourth member was finally announced and introduced. Hitomi glanced at her to give the new girl a smile and a nod before going back to her thinking and planning, before she noticed the cat ears, whereupon her whole demeanor changed and she suddenly grew really, really happy. She zipped right up to Ruby, beaming, and held out her hand not even a second after Roy did, and certainly not enough time had passed for Ruby to have shaken Roy’s first before she found herself with another hand to shake.

Upon inspection, the hand belonged to a girl with soft-looking white hair in a ponytail, and emerging from it were two sheep ears, and two goat horns. The sheep girl was wearing a tight, ill-fitting brown bodysuit with a suspiciously natural-looking fur trim.

“Hi, I’m Maeda Hitomi! Call me Hitomi!”

Joann stretched getting herself nice and limber it also helped to build up more energy to run throughout her body this way, after rolling her shoulders she caught what wing of the information Roy was talking about. He mentioned two people named Ezra and Acion but didn’t bring up their quirks meaning he knew they were capable even without using their abilities, she knew Acion from the gym incident, though had never actually spoken to him, Ezra was brand new to her. “Be careful if you fight Takeshi, he might be stuck up and a whiner, but he’s pretty tough with that stick of his” JoJo explained and then moved her eyes over the rest of the teams and bit her bottom lip when she saw Yukari “Yuka’s quirk is some kind of rubber ability, that and she’s a tricky one so don’t get caught off guard” that was all she knew of anyone on the rosters, she didn’t even know her own roommate’s quirk or fighting style other than she was very well off.

“HM a fourth member?” she asked blankly soon to be greeted with the sight of another student, she had never seen before but this one had cat ears. Bringing up her arms she mimic’d Roy and took off her helmet to greet the new girl and shortly bowed her head as an acknowledgment to the fourth member “I’d shake your hand, but my gauntlets would shock you to hell, anyway my name is Joann but JoJo is better”

The first thought that rushed through Ruby’s head when Roy offered a handshake was that he indeed seemed polite. While that was something Ruby valued, her eyes were more busy wandering up and down his body, inspecting him thoroughly so she could always end up recognizing her teammate wherever. She returned a friendly smile to our boy Roy before she was abrupted. Ruby pulled her hand back and sort of smiled awkwardly and in surprise at the sheepy girl. If Ruby didn’t know better she would even call her cute. However, since she offered her hand so rapidly and somewhat pushy, the catgirl was quick to shake Hitomi’s hand first before immediately after going for Roy’s. While smiling, one could see her fangs which were one more feline feature of hers. Unluckily however, not a trusty tool to be used in battle. They just sorta looked cute.

“Please call me Ruby. It is my pleasure to meet you all.” she said with a calm yet friendly voice. JoJo herself was acknowledged with a returned bow of Ruby’s own head, she thought that returning this greeting was the most appropriate behavior.

“I’ll do my best so we can prove ourselves!” she said somewhat enthusiastically. Luckily the others couldn’t see her tail as it was since it was shaking rather happily below the coat. She genuinely enjoyed meeting her (hopefully) soon-to-be classmates and comrades in arms.
While Ruby didn’t personally care as much for their quirks, it was very interesting to know and important to know for the fight that was coming up. She would need every piece of intel that the girl could acquire.

“I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about this yet. Neither anyone’s quirk nor the situation of the map and all. I was pretty much just pulled out of class and told to come here so I apologize for that.”

Roy took a quick brain note on what Jojo had to say about Takeshi and Yukari. Takeshi had some kind of stick supposedly and Yukari had some rubber technique? These were very vague details but it was better than nothing. He would need for her to elaborate.

The boy was relieved that their new teammate had a positive attitude. He gave her a nice firm handshake “Yeah, let's do our best. Also it is fine that you don't know our quirks, we just learned each other's not that long ago.” Roy held his hand out before making a small construct that looked like a wooden construct. “I can make constructs out of solar energy as well as harness it raw. Swords, shields, spears, you name it I can make with the right amount of energy."

“We were just about to come up with our strategy for the bout but I'll fill you in on the basics so far. We are playing a big game of king of the hill and right now we are en route to the starting area. The good news for us is we have a clear path and all we have to do is head north, bad news is we are sandwiched between two teams so an encounter on route is highly likely.” Roy put a hand on his chin briefly thinking. Majority of his foes in this battle he had no clue on what they were capable of which bothered him.

“After everyone is done explaining their quirks I think the best course of action is sharing our knowledge on our opponents and making some kind of plan from there.”

“My quirk is nothing special, and I’m not even being humble,” started Hitomi. “My quirk is nothing but my sheep and goat traits. My ears, my horns, my hair, that’s it. I think I was only brought in because I was top of the class in Support, so I hope I can bring something to the team. Takeshi has a stick so that could be related to his quirk but I don’t know. Maybe he could just be good at fighting with sticks and have a secret quirk. Yukari has a rubber ability, though. That might help us figure out what their strategy is going to be if we know the quirks of the rest of her teammates. Roy, you were here in this class yesterday. Do you know anybody’s quirk? The more we know, the better we can plan. Especially if it’s a quirk of one of the team members in the groups either side of us, which if my memory serves me right, were Yukari, who we know about, Kaida Beaumont, Dulga Tatara and Mamoru Akasha in Team B, and Monotome Fumika, Amane Kishimoto, Yashiro Takeshi, and Chiwa Hatori in Team D. If you’ve seen them use their quirks or fight in a class or exercise at all, please tell me.”

Hitomi had taken charge pretty fast and had a lot of academic confidence for a member of the Support class. seeing this cute sheep girl turn into a professional sidekick, at least in attitude, was as jarring as it was sudden. She hadn’t even come up with a plan yet. She was merely information gathering at this point, though having remembered the full names of the members of the enemy teams was impressive. Hitomi was clearly top of the class for a reason.

The boy folded his arms as the adorable sheep girl switched into strategy mode. When she asked if he knew anything about the surrounding teams he was a bit reluctant to admit he did not know everything.

I’ve kept a close eye on everyone since I met them so this pays off pretty well though there are a few blanks in my information log. Mamoru Akashi can summon a super durable shield on will. Caution should be used around her as the fighting style she uses is extremely reckless In the sense she won't mind maiming herself and her opponent. Despite her small size she is exceptionally sturdy. Mamoru sports pink hair and a bubbly attitude.”

"Dulga Tatara, her quirk is a mutation type which gives her six arms and super strength to go with them. I'd say you get in her grasp it is pretty much game over. She won't shy from using underhanded tactics if it means victory. You'll know who's dulga is because she is extremely tall.

Kaida Beaumont, I have yet to see her quirk to be honest but all I know is that she is resistance against heat so in other words a natural counter for me. Kaida has purple hair”
He said folding his arms as he relayed the information.

“Team D I only know about Motome Fumika, she can make constructs like me though not quite the same. When she activates her quirk her hair is the giveaway.” He rubbed his head as he had yet to see the rest of the others on team D in action.

“I also thought I should mention more on what I do know. Team A I have probably had the most time inspecting as I've been in combat with each of them. Ezra is the tall boy with black hair, he had exceptional strength and can move pretty quickly for a big guy. His quirk accelerates an object boosting its destructive capabilities and speed.

Jett Haven, the other blondie in this class and a ladies man nonetheless. He is capable of teleporting though I do not know he specified distance. He does happen to wield batons so be weary in close quarters. Jett is wearing a black gray and red getup today.

Mina Kasuke is the blonde girl on team A, she knows martial arts and by no means a lightweight. Her quirk allows her to emit light and laser beams. she might try and blind you with her light while she attacks you“

“Tomoe shouldn't be too much of an issue when she is awake but when she is asleep her quirk spawns a doppelgänger who is not like Tomoe at all. The clone is much more battle oriented with impressive speed and strength.

“On team E, Donny and Acion are to be watched out for. Acion is the only person in our class who I've seen capable of flight. His wings are made of razor sharp feathers as well.

Donny I don't exactly know what his quirk does but I do know he can cause mass destruction. Last exercise he toppled a building so I would label him a threat. The other two on team e I have yet to see in action.”

“By stick I mean he carries a wooden sword, I think his style is Bushido, but I could be wrong, he’s the type of person who doesn’t want to use his quirk unless he has to” JoJo further explained, continuing with her stretches the goggles she wore focused and tinted themselves to further limit the sensations her eyes were experiencing and heighten her focus on one thing.

“Anyway, my quirk involves activity and moment, the more I’m active the electricity I generate, the better overall my body becomes,” She explained to the new girl “, that reminds me, you make light contracts right; is there an energy release when you make them or do they contain energy…. actually, just make something and I’ll trial by fire it” JoJo requested popping her back and walking up to the boy. “Also, Hitomi with all the sheep’s wool I bet you gather a lot of static electricity we could synergize that with my quirk for a power boost, also who are we going to fight off for the point, target selecting or are we just going to gun it for the point because I think I can outrun most of them”

Ruby watched very closely as they all explained their quirks both to one another and to herself. It was crucial knowledge in the upcoming challenge and all the information that they had about their opponent would surely and greatly aid them in what was to come. It didn’t exactly boost her confidence knowing that one member of her team has little to none fighting capabilities, at least from what she had told the team. However, it was way too early to give up hope.

“I suppose since everyone is explaining their quirk best course of action to do so too.”
The girl reached on her back and pulled her sword forward, holding it out in front of her as she slowly let the long piece of cloth at the handle fall down to the floor. “I don’t know how to explain it well which is why I’ll just show it I suppose.” After that, Ruby threw the cloth of the sword in the air so that the entire length was lifted off the floor. Then, without any optical or audible changes, it suddenly just became ‘stuck’ in the air. Ruby let go of the sword to examine it as the length of the cloth together with the sword both were now stuck in the air.

“I can make things basically unmoveable. It is unaffected by basically everything else now. You could sit or stand on the cloth or sword if you like and it would still stay stuck mid-air. If there was a truck charging at this cloth and sword with full speed it would still not move and the truck would crash into it as if it was an indestructible wall. Keep in mind though, since it is literally unmoveable now I can only move it again if I release the effect. It doesn’t work on humans or animals though.”

And with that Ruby grabbed the handle of her weapon again before slowly putting it back onto her back. Afterwards she decided to listen for now. She didn’t know anything about their opponents, but it would be very important to learn about her teammates first too. After all, they would need to come up with a good strategy! The only problem was that Ruby had never fought in a team yet and barely ever spoke to people before. Therefore, she really did not know what to say in that situation without showing her incompetence when it came to these kind of team meetings, so she just sort of shyly looked to the floor in front of her and listened to what they had to say.
Hitomi, processing all of this information, thought for a second.

“Hmm, if they’re all as powerful and as good fighters as you suggest, they might be focusing on each other, as per Game Theory. What if we make a beeline for the goal, using my shotgun, JoJo’s electricity and Roy’s light to keep any attackers at a distance where their combat abilities will mean nothing? If there’s a locked door, I ram it. Once we’re in the building, Roy and Ruby can barricade us in very effectively. Our only concern after that is this ‘Donny’, if he can level a building, we might not be safe, but I can’t see a Hero doing something that dangerous on a Hero course….twice…” Hitomi gulped. So this was the big leagues, huh?

“That teleporting boy. Can he bring his teammates into the building with him or will he have to come alone? Mina...We should have brought visors or goggles, but I didn’t know anybody’s quirks. Roy, can you block or absorb her light? We don’t know everybody’s quirks either so there maybe somebody who could stop us in our tracks before we reach the building. It’s not a foolproof plan, but it plays to our strengths.”

Roy fangirled a bit when Ruby revealed her quirk, it was really unique how the sword was just fixed in place. Like a magic trick almost, when she offered for the group to try and move it he was the first to make an attempt. “Don’t mind if I do” He said grabbing the hilt of the weapon, he tried moving it from its fixed position but it was no use. It was as if the sword was excalibur and he was not worthy of removing the blade.

“Some quirk you have their, its like an impenetrable defense if you ask me” he said scratching his head. When Hitomi went back to strategizing Roy went back into serious mode, “Yeah they certainly are hero class potential, they have some kind of skill or talent that gives them an advantage in battle. I don’t think they would completely waste their time chasing after us but that does not mean we can leave our guards down. We should probably avoid teams early on like Hitomi said. It would be a waste of time and energy.”
She then asked if Roy can block or absorb her light triggering a brief flashback from his fight with the girl. He shook off the thought and gave the sheep girl and Jojo his answer.

“Yeah I can reflect her light with my constructs and they contain solar energy when I make them in order to keep shape.” Roy made a small ball, “Careful it is hot” he tossed the ball over to Jojo. At this moment the boys eyes widened up, if this was a cartoon a light bulb would be shining above his head. “Hey Ruby, could you try something really quick?” Roy said as he his hand out, the lights on his armor began glowing yellow as his quirk activated. Soon a sword was constructed out of the light, he gave it a couple of swings before holding it up to the cat girl. “Since you can freeze things do you think you can put my construct in stasis? It is made entirely out of solar energy so don’t hold it for to long it might burn ya.” Roy said eager to find out the outcome of this test.
With a rather serious expression herself, Ruby was quick to answer Roy.

“Well… it is not unlimited. It does not matter how much pressure or energy is put onto the object that I froze, that won’t affect me. However, the duration and size of the object basically dictate how much effort it takes me to keep it in that state. It can get quite energy consuming I am afraid.”
She crossed her arms in front of her body and listened to the conversation carefully. Sadly Ruby had to admit, she did not have a plan herself for the situation. Luckily however, the support-class call up seemed to have plenty of ideas for a strategy and Ruby was better in fighting than planning ahead anyways.

Once Roy moved his construction over to Ruby, she carefully grabbed the shining blade by its handle and observed it in her hand. It was quite amazing, it felt like a normal blade in every way, except that it was quite hot to touch. However, this just served as a reminder for Ruby how amazing other people’s quirks can be. Amazing but certainly also frightening.
“There should not be a big problem with that as long as it is made of molecules that are bonded together I can put anything into the stasis." Since the weapon was slowly becoming uncomfortable to hold, Ruby’s golden eyes wandered off the construct and looked at Roy before she just opened her palm to both release the blade reveal that it was indeed suspended in the air.

“It will stay exactly the way it is until I release it again and probably nothing will be able to move it… or…” She raised her right hand and extended her index finger as if she was about to say something important. “The time limit is up. Please keep in mind that my ability has a time limit to it. The longer I come into contact with something, the longer I can freeze it. Since I touched the sword for roughly 15-20 seconds, it should be able to stay like this for roughly 5 minutes. Though don’t quote me on that.” Ruby said with her typical quiet and calm voice.

Joann’s eyes opened a little wider when Roy created the little floating orb, this was the first time she saw a creation quirk up close, it was hard to believe someone could just poof something into existence with no effort the whole idea of it really put things into perspective about where she was. She quickly snapped herself out of the trance and went to grab the ball without a second thought and winced at the heat it generated, but refused to let go eventually she put more pressure on it trying to see if her body could absorb and convert his energy to hers. Eventually, cracks started forming around the object, but she wasn’t gaining anything from, at one point she stopped wondering if she could and broke the orb to prove a point.

“Well that’s a clear no all I got was first degree burn guess you and Ruby are our only synergy quirks speaking off Ruby, that’s quite the quirk you have there I think it going to be a game changer” She commented looking back up at the roaster for the other teams “I think we should talk about formation, single file feels like suicide mission; I’m the fastest here so I could scout ahead or intercept people, Ruby and Roy can build temporary defense while Hitomi guards them” JoJo suggested scratching the back of her head and sighing, this was probably the most effort she had put into anything since coming to school, honestly she was just itching to fight the amount of energy she had built up before coming to class and what she was generating right now created two more stars that floated aimlessly around her like they were stuck loosely in orbit. “Oh, and my quirk does this when I have too much stored up, far as I know they act like batteries,”
Honestly, that wasn’t the only thing she noticed about her quirk the fact that her body creates those stars stopped her from gaining more energy creating what felt like a ceiling to her power putting the girl in a box of limitation whereas everyone else felt as if skies the limit. Keeping that piece of information to herself she continued on with suggestions about the formation of the group itself until someone else threw their ideas in the hat.

“So,” began Hitomi, stretching. “Are we in agreement? The plan is to get to the room as fast as possible while still being careful and cautious. If anybody tries to stop us, Joanne intercepts. Or Roy and Ruby keep them at a distance. If anybody gets too close, they get a beanbag to the face.” The sheep girl cocked her shotgun for emphasis on that last line. “Once we’re in the building, we use our quirks to barricade it as best we can and deal with any unforeseen quirk users as and when they appear. It’s not foolproof, but this plan, I feel plays to our strengths better than any other plan will. We don’t want to go looking for a fight and risk any losses to our own numbers. The goal is to capture the point and defend it as a full team. If anybody has any more ideas, questions, suggestions or objections, now’s the time to voice them.”

Roy started stretching his arms as he nodded in agreement with Hitomi’s plan, “I agree with the plan, if there is one thing I’ll do it’s protect my team to the best of my abilities.” The boy said as he twisted and turned himself loose. It seemed like that vendetta with Jett would have to be put on standby. “Just don’t go too far from us Jojo, we don’t want you to be in a predicament that has you cornered.”

Amane Kishimoto

Amane walked in complete silence far from the group, the only sound that came from him was the clanking of his armor. His teamates seemed to come up with a decent plan as well as incorporate the boy into the plan without the boy even given them much to work with. Quite promising indeed these weren't a bunch of people who planned on sitting back tight. Soon the other male in the group asked him of his quirk though Amane took a minute to respond the boy.

"My quirk?" the armored knight asked as a bright purple aura soon enveloped himself. Soon the teammates around him would begin to feel a heavy weight upon their shoulders, as if they were carrying another being on their back. It was a heavy pressure that was placed upon their shoulders for a few seconds before it was immediately relieved. Amane's aura also disappeared as well, vanishing in the air.

"I can bend the fabric of for your plan just point me towards the first enemy you see and I will take over from there." he said looking down at Chiwa opening his hand, his palms were rather large. They shadowed the small girls fingers "I'll take that communicator that you have been holding on to." He only gave the team half of his story though not revealing that he could manifest artificial black holes as well.

"If you can keep up with me you are more than willing to but if you get in my way I wont pull any punches." the boy warned the others, he was not afraid of harming his own teammates if they put themselves in the way. It was his way of punishng thoes who are incompetent.

Commence Exercise 2, King of the Hill!!

Akihito Yoshida

The sun was shining brightly, greeting the combatants on training ground Beta. The teams were just a few minutes from beginning, the young heroes fabricated their strategies en route to their beginning points. The man took seat and the control nodding at the two ladies signaling he was about to begin. Soon the cameras flashed onto each of the 5 teams at their starting points.

Team A began at a T-interesction surrounded by the woods, Team B had a similar beginning location as Team A, Team C's starting location was unlike the others as they were surrounded in heavy wooding, easy to get lost if they take a bad turn. Team D began at a local community center, they were located farthest away from the point though not by much. Team E began in a gated community, filled with middle class houses and lakes. Once each of the teams reached their designated started points Yoshida Sensei came over everyones Communications devices.

"The time limit is 1 hour and 30 minutes, you may now begin!"

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Damian Ivorn

Interacting with: @Joker892@Sho Minazuki

Damain folded his arms with a smirk as Vega accepted the two into the group though we had to do things his way.

"As long as we don't cause unnecessary mischief, I have no problem doing things your way"

On any other day this would be crazy talk surely, following one of the biggest troublemakers in Luna crescente would have usually led to no good. But the man had a different tone in his voice, it was much more cooperative. Enough to make the boy think that just maybe, Vega could be a decent leader. Damian was just going to run with this rare sighting as far as he could take it. As Jack approached calling him light weight, he let off a light chuckle.

"Whats up old drunk", Jack was already talking about fighting which was no surprise to him. "Things should be interesting as is with an S-Class mission, we will get our fair share of fun" he said reasurring his guildmate. That was when Vega asked if he knew how to hunt with traps. If Damian didn't know how to hunt, he certaintly would not be here today nor a chieftan in line of his non-existant tribe.

"I've been hunting since I was young. Bow, trap, spear, I can do them all if not better than a pro. What are you looking to capture exactly?" The boy said stretching his arms a bit, what could this man have in mind?
Damian Ivorn

Interacting with: @Sho Minazuki

As Delsin explained the perks of an S-Clas mage, the young boy couldn't help but smile. You could see a good bit of hope pour into the kids soul as he listened to the mans words. Finally it was a start to avenging his family, with access to information he would be able to certaintly find who or what annihilated his village. Damian made a fist in his and started chuckling before responding.

"Thats all you had to say master, and yeah there is something we will have to talk about..." Damian began walking over in Vegas direction.

"After you make me an S-Class wizard this year"

Looks like this time around Damian will be in the game and not on the bleachers, as he approached his guildmate you could sense a different air around him.

"You don't seem to have gathered a squad together yet, so i'll make this short. Let me and Jack join your 'team'. Damain said putting his hands in his pockets and looking at Vega with a stoic face. "I won't be lounging around this time because I plan on becoming an S-Class wizard this year. If you still don't want me on your team that is fine, so what is the verdict?" he asked the guy infront of him.

Sure it was a longshot for him to ask Vega to pick him up on his team as he has never showcased his potential as the boy usually backdowns from any fight given as well as being a newcomer to the guild. Though with Jack,Vega, and himself, this team would have some serious fighting power and skill to handle whatever might get thrown at them.
@Sho Minazuki Hope ya don't mind me just picking Vega out the crowd and making an attempt at grabbing some of his attention before he disappears.
Damian Ivorn

Damian was still a little tipsy, arm in arm with Jack his babysitter. He just stood there smiling like a idiot as he waiting for Delsin to approach the two. As he addressed Jack sounding surprised that the rough guy could actually be responsible, the young lad gave a chuckle in response to this.

"Who would've guessed" he said under his breath, the thought of who was so close to his slipping his mind. Surely this would cause some kind of face or glare from his guild mate. W

"One of you will be in it for the challenge and the drinking money" When these words came out of Delsin's mouth, Damian scrunched his eyebrow and gave a confused luck. Damian shook his head, he was never, EVER, going to drink again. He didn't understand why Jack took such a love for it. Not being in complete control of his actions was rather annoying, he felt as if there was someone playing with him like a puppet. Everything had a much larger influence on himself whether it was words or actions, they displayed an even larger effect on the boy than usual.

"I hear the ladies are pretty keen on the vaunted title of S-Class too, just between you and I."

A prime example of larger influence on the poor boy, Damian's heart skipped a beat and the boy was slightly speechless. The mathematics behind it made perfect sense.

"Master, I know what you are trying doing... and I like it" he said with a hearty smile.

"One more thing though before we are off to get 'him'." the last word coming off his tongue with a bit of venom turning his head slightly towards Jack as he referred to Vega. Surely Vega was at the ceremony, Delsin would have the boys neck if he skipped it. Though it was unlikely that he would be close to the center of the square. Damian would have at least tensed up a bit with the weird vibe him and his magic gives off as well as the reaction of some of the towns people. The best clue on his wearabouts was that he was at least in town square and the awkward space in the crowd in the corner of the area that had formed when the annoucnement began gave the boy a good idea. Turning in that direction Damian could see the sadistic guy posted, nodding his head at guy who he struggles to call his guildmate. He didn't want to cause the guy to wait too long as the man was very impatient.

With the next sentence he was about to spill, his expression and tone was much more pressing on the matter of S-class.
"With access to much more challenging missions I am going to assume this also comes with access to classified information,
Yes or no?"

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Ruby Mamoru

Enclosed in his office, Mr.Hisakawa had been shuffling through student forms and reviewing their skills. There has been a few transfer students who had quite the interesting quirk that is certainly fit for heroing. The principal tapped his foot looking at his watch seeing it was about 8 o’ clock. The reminder that class the hot blooded class 1-A would be having another exercise again made his smirk a bit. Another opportunity to see what the class is capable of and another chance to test some freshman who did not quite make it in the entrance exams. The old man opened his drawer and pulled out a turquoise binder, upon opening it on the front page was a student info sheet with a small picture in the upper right corner. As he slid the paper out he chuckled to himself.

“Let's see what you are capable of Ms.Mamoru”

At the same time, in a different part of the building, the class of those that tried their best but did not quite make it into the hero course, the general education class, assembled in their own room already prepared to face another day at the academy. While being part of this class, or rather, being accepted into this class meant no shame at all, a particular student, Ruby Mamoru, was more than disappointed with the position she was in. After all it was the hero course which she so desperately wanted to become a part of. She couldn’t explain to herself why she failed, she just didn’t understand how she managed to fail the entrance exam which she had prepared for so much. Thus there she was, in the back of the class, staring out of the window. The only reason why she applied for general education was that she knew that in some rare occasions, exceptional students were allowed to move up into hero course. This was the last bit of hope she could hold on to, and the girl with the feline features surely wouldn’t let this small chance escape her grasp.

Arising from his seat, Mr.Hisawkawa read the homeroom of the student in which he was on his way to retrieve.

“Class 1-C” he said under his breath, Ruby Mamoru had failed the exam. It's not so much as that she did not deserve the pass more so that the task did not fit her skill set as nicely as the other candidates. As he arrived at the classroom he placed the paper back in the turquoise binder and opened the door.

“Sorry to intrude but I hope you don't mind if I steal Ruby Mamoru?” the man said with a jolly smile as he scanned the room for his target. Finally he had found her in the back of the classroom, once he saw her he didn't break eye contact.

Without any warning, even though the class was just about to begin, someone that could potentially change Ruby’s future entirely. At first the girl did not pay much attention, thinking it was just another student that was maybe a little too late. However, when she second guessed that thought, knowing that everyone was there and heard her own name, her feline ears perked up and she looked at the man who was already focusing on her. It was the principle himself! Gravity Yarl! She had heard many stories about this hero before, but seeing him in person again is quite a sight. Ruby herself didn’t reply to what the principle said, after all it was the teacher who would have to let Ruby go out of the room. The girl herself never broke eye-contact with Mr.Hisakawa, she was too intrigued by this man to back down. While there could be many reasons as to why he would call her out quickly, for now Ruby only thought it would be something small, something trivial. Surely it would not that important...

The teacher looked at Mr.Hisakawa a little confused, finally moving his lips. “Y-Ye-Yeah that's fine go ahead” with a hint of nervousness in his voice. Upon the green light the principal signaled for the girl to come along.

“Gather your belongings Ms.Mamoru and we shall be off”

Ruby was a bit surprised as she heard the principle tell her to ‘gather her belongings’, but without questioning it much she moved the few things she had on her table back into her bag and then stood up. Of course, now she was a little bit nervous about what he had to say to her. In any case, having the principle himself take her out of the class like that, with her bag and everything meant serious business and Ruby was well aware of that. However, she also knew that she had to make a great impression. Therefore she quickly stood up, her tail swaying slightly from left to right and showing her true mood, Ruby bowed slightly to the teacher and said “Excuse me please.” Before she walked through the door and followed the principle wherever he would head to. A rather neutral impression was implanted on her face as she did so.

He kept his smile as the young lady packed her things and followed him. “You must be wondering why exactly I might've pulled you from class so early, I have a simple question for you” the principal stopped and pivoted his body towards the girl.

“What does being a hero mean to you exactly?”
Indeed, Ruby was wondering why the principle had pulled her early from class. After all it must be quite the important reason! Thus, when they stopped, Ruby turned her body to face the pro hero and looked him into his eyes as he asked the question. A hero? This was a tough question. After all, the reason why the girl aspired to become one was because of her parents. But of course, her parents have told her many many times about how awesome it is to become a hero and what a great honor it would be. Therefore she was sure she could answer this question well.

“A hero…should always protect those in need. It is not about beating up villains everyday, it is about helping others. Being a pro hero… is a great honor. That is why I enrolled at this academy.” and with that Ruby pushed her chest forward confidently.
“A hero is the embodiment of everything good in this world. A true hero does what is right and doesn’t take what he has for granted. Simply put… a hero needs to be truly heroic!”

As the girl gave her explanation the principal smirked, once she was finished he began chuckling and turn around. “It is a great honor yes, but with that comes a great responsibility. The decisions you make leaves a lasting effect on the population whether they are good or bad” the man said wagging his finger.

“I like your answer and attitude so I have a proposition for you. But I might already know what you will say… class 1-A are about to conduct a training exercise. Showcase what you have to offer and I’ll consider a transfer, some of class 1-A may have already seen what you have to offer already.” It was quite the sight, he didn't even ask her if she was still interested in being a hero but she had her answer ready.

“If you want to shoot your shot head over change out into your gym uniform and make your way over to training grounds beta, if you need some gear then Arsenal can assist you with that, he is in the gym.” The man glanced at his watch, “if you leave right now for the exercise you can just make it before it starts” the man said with a smirk.

“Now what choice shall you make”

By the time the principle had asked that question, Ruby was almost already on the run. This was the rarest of all opportunities, a direct chance given by the principle himself! The girl knew she had no time to waste at all. As she had already turned her body and began to run towards the nearest staircase, she quickly shouted back “Thank you so much! I will not disappoint you!” the feline girl said with a confident voice. When the principle made the proposition that she was allowed to prove herself, Ruby’s eyes had opened quite widely in shock. However, now there was no time to slack. Such a chance… she was sure to take it.

As fast as she could the girl ran down the path towards the gym. This was the moment she could truly prove herself, this exercise was sure to show her true skills as a hero!

Inside of the gym Ruby immediately asked for a gym uniform. Since she was not part of the hero course, Ruby was not allowed to have a costume yet, or rather they did not make one yet. Furthermore, when talking to Arsenal however, she learned that the sword she had ordered while signing up had arrived. The sword itself had a sharp blade, however the blade itself was rather wide so the other side could be used as a blunt weapon too. At the end of the sword’s handle, a rather long 10 feet long and 4 inch wide piece of cloth was secured tightly and wrapped around it, ready to be released similarly to a cape at any chance. (For reference, check the character picture in the CS tab where she holds out her sword). On top of that Ruby furthermore asked for a cloak, one that was able to cover her whole body and naturally included a hood too for her head.

Once she received her equipment, Ruby secured sword behind her back knowing full-well that with her own sword she could give her best. After all, there was no way she would be giving any less than 100% during this ominous “exercise”. Even though her cloak was improvised compared to the costume she wished for, together with her sword she felt comfortable and capable. After all, adaptability and feeling confident is an aspect that every hero needed to have! Furthermore, Ruby dressed herself in the brown-ish cloak, it was at least some substitute for her costume. Once she had secured everything tightly, the catgirl thanked Arsenal and then continued her way her destination.

“Beta…. Beta…. Where is beta!”

Ms.Mamoru sighed out in frustration until she finally discovered where her location was. As if stung by a bee she started her quick pace again, arriving shortly at her destination. Deep down inside of her Ruby prayed that she would make it in time, collecting her gear took some time after all.

The old man just laughed to himself as the young lady took off. “Ahh, the burning youth is quite a sight to see.” In the meantime while ruby prepared, Mr.Hisakawa took care of the things behind the scenes by giving Mr.Yoshida a heads up on the new challenger. He briefly spoke with L guardian while he made his way over to training ground Beta to meet up with Ms.Mamoru and instruct her on the exercise as well as her teammates.

Soon enough she would arrive at the gate to the arena, just slightly out of breath as her eyes spotted the principle. Her makeshift costume sure looked weird, a cloak that covered her whole body together with a hood and that weird-looking sword with the cloth at the end. Once she had arrived, the girl was quick to spot the same person who had sent her here: the principle.

“Mr. Hisakawa!”
The catgirl said while standing in front of the pro hero. “I am ready now. Ready to take my chance.” She didn’t wear her hood currently, it was following down on her back. Since this cloak wasn’t specifically made for her it didn’t consider her cat-ears which is why it was rather uncomfy to wear.

The principal has his hands on his hips with a smirk. He felt rather bad he didn't get ruby sooner, “Sorry for not informing you sooner, if I did you wouldn't have had to rush” the man said scratching his cheek. “Anywho, the exercise you will take part in today is a game called king of the hill. 5 teams will battle to secure one point. The team you are on is team C with a few other transfers as well.” Mr.Hisakawa pulled up a map of the training grounds on his own multipurpose device to show the young lady.

“They only left a couple minutes ago so you should be able to catch up in no time, it seems as though team C’s starting area is not too far off. Are you ready to go?” The man said as a black and purple ball of energy began floating around the two.

Very carefully she listened to his explanation, her ears were twitching every now and then. When he was done she was still looking at the map, trying to remember everything significant that she could spot there. After a short moment, once she realized that he was about to get her inside, she quickly looked him back into his eyes.

“How do I win? When is the point… secured?”

“The point is secured and won when your team is either the last one standing or has asserted dominance over the point longer than the other teams when time runs out” as he spoke the two began to feel weightless as gravity was reversed, they were soon floating a few feet above the ground.

With a rather absent look Ruby stared on the floor for a second. “Last team standing huh…”
She murmured to herself before both began floating off the ground. The feeling was both unique and weird, but Ruby was too busy being amazed over being shocked. While she wasn’t saying it out loud, she was thinking ‘Gravity Yarl… a pro hero… it is quite amazing’.

However, once she had regained her train of thoughts the student looked right back at her principle with a typical determined expression. “I am ready to prove myself worthy to be in the hero course Mr. Hiwakawa!” she said right into his face. It was the passion inside her that was speaking in her place, it was as if a fire had lit up inside of her body, one that was ready to fulfill her wish and that of her parents, one that would not rest until she had accomplished her goal. Finally, after failing the exam initially, she had a new perspective! A new opportunity! Her tail was swaying wildly below the cloak out of sheer happiness.

Mr.Hisakawa smiled, “Alright then off we go to meetup with Team C” he said as the two begin moving forward at a steady yet speedy pace. They would reached their mark in about a minute and 30. As they flew they could see the lush greenness and smell the fresh air that was home to training ground Beta. Soon the group of four would come into view. “This seems like your stop, those are your teammates right over there” he said with a smirk as his speed began to slow down as the two began to lower onto the ground. Mr.Hisakawa lowers the young lady softly before taking his leave. “Good luck to you all Ms.Mamoru and Team C, I will be watching” the man waved before flying off.

Ruby nodded to the principle one last time and then turned towards her team. She took her time to inspect each member, and surely enough; just looking at them showed Ruby that she was now playing in an entirely different league. As she approached them Ruby bowed down formally, her tail staying still beneath the coat while her ears were perked up in attention.

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As each of the groups advanced through the training ground they would be able to get a glimpse of the soon to be battlefield. The first eyecatcher is the vegetation, the grounds where surprisingly heavily wooded in someparts while in other parts much more domesticated. There were also homes situated on the street. An Ambush could come from just about any position in this ground as there were ample hiding spots. THe grounds was also full of natural obstacles, light swamps, woods, and lakes were sufficient. These would mostly effect those without the proper tools to get by.

Amane Kishimoto

Prior to leaving towards Team D's starting area, one of his teammates offered him a communicator in which he abruptly held up his hand to. At this point was Isshin and the group embarked. The armor clad boy took his leave giving off his impression to the rest of the team. As the group walked in an awkward formation Amane took a quick glance back identifying the rest of the members this lasted about a few seconds. This was the only glance he took at the others until they reached the others, supposedly one wielded a weapon. The two ladies must have had some ablility related to their costume. Naturally, the boy took his distance he would keep an eye on his teammates from afar and deem their worth when the time is right. On his lower back you could see a collapsible Bo staff, in place of his regualar retractable staff due to safety hazards.

Solar Sentinal

Roy smiled as the Yoshida Sensei began the debriefing, a smile appearing under his tinted mask. The area they were to battle in was a big difference for the young boy. Open and full of sunlight, he would be able to push his limit in this exercise and make up for his blunder. He gripped his hands and began shaking with glee. This was broken at the thought of paying Jett back for his little prank, the blonde boy seemed to calm himself down for the rest of the explanation. On the map it seemed as though Team C was would be starting from an heavily wooded area. He did not have a problem with this as he could just cut things down with a construct, what got to him was the bodies of water. As Isshin signaled for them to head off he was about to take off before realizing Hitomi returning with a handful of communicators. The boy nodded thanking the sheep girl before placing the communicator on the inside of his helmet.

"Hello hello, Come in team Charlie, over." Roy goofed around with tuning the commincator as he followed behind Isshin. He turned back over to his team "What can you do Jojo, and also what is the gameplan"

Akihito Yoshida

After debriefing the students he turned over to his guest, or should he now say guests, "Good evening, Mrs.Haven and Miss Alenguard, let us settle in the watch tower as we oversee the exercise. Yoshida signaled toward a building next to the large gates, specifaclly a door. The instructor used his guardian to open it leading the two woman inside into a building with a view large enough to spectate as far as the eye can see. As Yoshida settled in to the control chair he began bringing up video recordings of each of the teams as the made route to their starting areas. "Isshin will also be the ref for this exercise, his ability to cover multiple areas at once with precision is a nice asset."


Sarge just smirked, he wanted to ask a personal question but held his breath, "Well proposing a test like to a rambuctious group of kids is a good idea... the place you asked it was bad. Your classroom was pretty trashed, I saw the tile on your floor broken." The large man said with a chuckle. "I hope you are more wary next time, those group of kids are blood thirsty you know. If you tell them to hit something they won't ask any questions."

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