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Roy Kusayanagi

The smile on Roy's face vanished after hearing the last sentence Takeshi spoke, you could tell how bitter he felt by his body language. As if he needed someone else to protect him. The boy balled up the blankets and cocked his arm back before launching the blanket back at Takeshi with an added boost from his quirk. Shortly Roy succumbed to the repercussion of overexerting himself as he made a painful expression.

"Thanks for the apology but no thanks, I didn't purposely retaliate expecting for you to come protect me and I am pretty sure neither did Reina. Sure we got battered and beaten, some more than others. With the scenario we were in none of us should even be alive. It'd have been better if you kept that thought to yourself like the rest of us who are pros or are training to become one you selfish bastard.

It was a bit out of character for him to say what he did but at this point he didn't care, as if he was about to be pitied by a guy who lost his own arm. From the depths of his blind rage, Roy managed to plant his feet firmly on the frigid hospital floor as he faced Takeshi. The boy held a hand up to his chest, "You don't think any of us wished we could have protected one another a little better?!?Reduce at least one scratch?! Take away one more bruise?! The boy's legs trembled as he moved forward closer and closer to Takeshi until they were face to face.


The blonde took a deep breath before taking a few steps back, he was pretty sure anyone even remotely close to the room heard what he just shouted but at this point he really didn't give a damn. He decided to just stop talking for now as the more he spoke the more agitated he just became...soon enough an awkward silence filled not only the hospital room but the hospital corridor.


Once the school day was over, Raymond would retreat to the library for some quiet studying time. It as always much quieter there than at home with his lousy alchoholic dad. This was an everyday routine as he would often take the time to take in all the notes he had wrote down for that day.

Night fell pretty quickly and it was time to head home, sadly. The boy placed all his belongings in his backpack and made his way to the bus stop to catch the next bus home. Going home had to be the guys least favorite part of the day just because of the environment he would have to return to.


He cursed at himself as he got off at the bus stop near his house, he prayed that the he had already passed out drunk. Raymond even walked extra slowly just to give him extra time though it wasn’t enough to prevent the inevitable. Raymond placed a hand up against the handle of his house and opened the door. His father had been laying face down on the counter with bottles of beer surrounding home. When he heard the door open, the man turned his head towards his son giving him a grin.

”Welcome home you little shit.”

Just ignore it, he is piss drunk. It’s the alcohol talking. Raymond tried to continue walking towards his room but soon felt a hand latch onto his shoulder.

”Just gonna ignore me? You ungrateful little!”

As Raymond turned to face his father, he felt a fist crack him right in the jaw causing the boy to crash into the wall. Anger and adrenaline filled the boys eyes as he pushed off and tackled his father to the ground. ”I’m done putting up with your shit!” the boy said as both of them wrestled on the ground for positioning. Eventually Raymond won and began raining down a multitude of blows to his fathers face. Each punch he delivered slowly sucked the fighting spirit out of the guy. The boy had blacked out for a bit as he wailed on his old man, coming back once he saw that his punches were drawing blood.

Raymond stared at his bloody hands with a traumatized gaze then at his fathers bloody face, before rising up off the man. The boy grabbed his backpack and spit out some blood onto the floor.

”It didn’t have to be like this, don’t blame me for your bull shit. Maybe if you manned up and played your role you wouldn’t have gotten the shit beaten out of you.”

Raymond made his way towards the front door, he definitely wasn’t about to stay in the house.

”Maybe mom would have never left your ass.”

Roy Kusayanagi

It was unbeknownst to Roy that Takeshi had nearly killed him. Thanks to the blankets that had been flung into his face, the view of the blade was obstructed. ”Why though” the boy grumbld as he tried to find the end of the sheets with his hands. First Kaida threw that jacket at him and now Takeshi is throwing blankets? What’s with these people? As he was about to take off the sheets he heard Takeshi apologize to him before hearing the sudden movement of a metal rod which was Takeshi latching onto the IV pole.

Freed from the grasp of the blankets Roy was ready to lay it on him but upon seeing the critical state his friend was in the blonde decided to bite his tongue. The whole event of Takeshi being dog piled literally replaying in his mind, the dude was one armed now. It was pretty depressing to see him like that.


Roy bit his tongue again, he didn’t want the mood to get even more gloomy by asking if he was okay. Of course he wasn’t! He gave the words he were about to say a second thought, honestly he’d hate it if someone were to have pitied him so he wasn’t about to do the same.

”I’m starting to think we all survived just because of how stubborn we all are.” the boy said shaking his head, to be honest all of them should be sleeping right now, hell it was magical that Reina was even still awake.

Roy watched as Reina moved towards Takeshi, catching him and placing him back into the bed. She even reprimanded the guy a bit which surprised the boy, a smile was plastered on his face.

”It’s best you listen to her, especially after what she did today.” he said teasing the two.


Raymond was focused on what the professor had been writing on the board when suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder, before even looking over the boy rolled his eyes. It was as if he already knew who was tapping on his shoulder, call it irony for that it was the energetic guy. He seemed to have been extending his hand forward and trying to introduce himself. Raymond gave him an annoyed face before raising his hand and extending it forward, but not to shake is hand. The boy pointed forward towards the professor who stopped whatever he was doing to give Ken a piercing gaze. After he would realize he was the center of attention and the professor resumed, Raymond turned back to the bored. He didn’t blame him for being annoyed, first he shows up late and then tries talking in class?

”Raymond Carter, good morning”

It was a bit forced for him to be so cordial, you could tell just by the enthusiasm behind his good morning.

His suspicion was correct as she wasn't a student here but she was a guest teacher, it made sense to him now. "Yeah you are right." The boy said in agreement, it was clear he wasn't too invested in the conversation but at the same time he was not outright rude.

When she jumped and introduced herself after sometime of walking, her name was Eleanor, Raymond just did a half turn and nodded while introducing himself, "Raymond Carter, Digital Design Major." The lady continued speaking, well in fact she bombared him with questions. It was a bit too much for him as he didn't even have breakfast yet. "Yes and no."

He said blatantly to answer he questions, after a few seconds of silence he elaborated. "I've never been to England so I wouldn't know but yes, I am pretty sure our food portions are double, possibly triple the size. Yes, just about everything is deep friend. When it comes to fast food. No not everyone holds red, white, and blue guns, and not everyone is truly as patriotic as they seem. They may scream 'America' yet contradict what this country stands for. Personally I do not stand under the pretense of Patriotism.

With that the two had arrived at the front of the political science building, "I believe this concludes this little trip, I hope I answered some of your questions about America. But I have to go now Miss Jones, it was a pleasure meeting you. The boy turned around checking his phone, it was nearing time for english class to start and he was on the otherside of the campus. As he was about to turn his stomach growled rather loudly and it was clearly audible by Miss Jones. Raymond's cheeks turned a very light shade of pink as he kept a straight face trying to play it off as if he didn't hear anything. With that embarrassment he was gone.

He manage to arrive at English class right before the professor had arrived, taking his seat in the back of the classroom. Raymond pulled out his pencil and notebook, waiting attentively for the professor to begin the lesson but before then. A boy wearing glasses had jetted into the classroom breathing heavily. It was a kid he was familiar with, Ken was a very flighty individual, and a bit too energetic in the mornings. Raymond prayed that he didn't try and talk to him, especially when he didn't even have breakfast yet.

"Lazy piece of shit"

While waiting for the bus to arrive, Raymond has been cursing under his breath and kicking a few stray pebbles at the stop. It was pretty sad that the son was beginning to seem more professionalo than the man who raised him. The boy simply let out a defeated sigh as the bus had arrived. Why should he let something that will be out of his life soon get in his way? He was going to move out soon and will never have to see that mans face ever again.

The bus ride to the college went the same as it did everymorning, earbuds in and everyone else out. Raymond took this time to focus on his day, it was always helpful and somewhat therapeutic for him to collect his thoughts. As well as remind himself why he wants to attain a higher education. The past few years have been the most critical in his life, he had lost his closest friend and mentor 3 years ago leaving a lasting scar on the boys heart. With Isaac gone, Raymond no longer had anyone to trust. His mother had long gone left the picture, and his father had been left an aggressive alchoholic ever since. The boy shook his head, now wasn't the time to think about that. There is a new chapter in his life, it was a fresh start. A small grin appeared on his face as he arrived at the stop.

The boy grabbed his bag and stepped off the bus, a smile on his face as he layed his eyes on Reinfield college, with his bag slung over his right shoulder he began making his way. After taking a couple of steps towards the school he could feel the presence of someone approaching him, he looked around and locked eyes with a pale skinned woman with black hair. The boy took off his earbuds and listened to what she had to say. It seemed as though she was lost and couldn't find the political science building, it kinda annoyed Raymond that of all people she decided to approach him, the guy with earbuds in listening to music. Raymond dismissed those feelings and checked his phone to see if he had some time to spare, the boy grumbled. He could indeed show her but at the cost of having breakfast, Raymond let out a defeated sigh and nodded. He'd feel bad if he refused to help such a frail and confused girl.

"Alright, I'll escort you."

Raymond placed both hands in his pocket and began walking with the pale girl in tow, he had to give a bit of thought as to where the political science building was as well as where his class was in relation to that. Though it kind was making him curious as to why someone would need an escort in the middle of the semester? Maybe she doesn't attend this school?

"You must be someone pretty important if you were assigned an escort, its a bummer that they didn't show up.
@Ithradine hope you don’t mind Desmond being Raymond’s overseer trainer if he becomes a knight.
I’m pretty sure spots are still open, only thing you won’t belong to the peerage yet when you start.

@Zeeb Blade

As the sun peaked into the cracks of the blinds and the birds outside chirped, it seemed as though nature’s alarm was calling for Raymond to wake up. The boy twisted and turned in his bed before letting out a depressing groan as he sat up on his bed.

”Being a decent human being is a pain in the ass”

He sat there for a minute staring at the wall as he tried to muster up the energy to stand on his two feet though it ended with him just flipping back onto his bed.

This is going to be a long day.

After 10 minutes of contemplating and psyching himself up, Raymond was finally out of his bed and in the shower. A early morning wash was sure to wake the boy up and prepare him for the day, he was hoping to possibly grab a bite to eat before classes would start at the college.

Once he was finished showering and drying himself with a towel, he carried on with his morning hygiene routine before heading back to his room to get dressed and head out. Raymond opened one of his clothes drawers and pulled out a white t-shirt and some black jeans before tossing them onto the bed and changing clothes. He then walked over to his disk in the corner of his room to put his school supplies into his backpack. Raymond grabbed a few pencils and his notebooks before zipping his backpack up and slinging it over his shoulder. One he had everything, he closed the door behind him and made his way towards the front door.

On his way out he saw his dad passed out in the living room with empty bottles of alcohol everywhere. Though it was nothing out of the usual, it kinds pissed Raymond off that he had grown used to it. It’s not a sight that should be seen as normal by any means. The boy just simply shook his head in disappointment on his way out, slamming the door behind him hard. Once outside he took a deep sigh before carrying on with his journey towards the bus stop.

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