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Sounds good! I’ll make a cs just in case!

I see that you guys are full currently (that was super fast). I was wondering if you would be willing to accept more people if positions opened from people dropping out of the rp?

@desdamin If this is still ongoing I am interested in joining. Already got an idea for a character.

Komei Academy Prefects

Berg stood with his arms folded and eyes closed silently waiting for the 5 minutes to pass and for the team to engage. As time tickled down the young hero’s excitement and impatience began to show by the taping of his right foot on the pavement. Felix chuckled to himself at the sight, “just make sure to not go overboard alright?” The boy said while stretching out his arms, “It’s been a bit of time since we all fought together, this is going to be a whole lot of fun, I’ll be sure to embrace this villain role to the fullest.”

Nestor nodded, “I’m also pretty psyched about this as well but let’s not underestimate them just because they are first years, their quirks will still be a pretty big problem if caught out, on top of that they'll all be surely fighting with a chip on their shoulder after what they've been through.” The horned boy added, Berg broke the conversation up with a look over his shoulder signaling the group that it was time to move out. Shihone propped herself up from her position on the wall, a spark of electricity shot through her hair and she grinned, “Let’s go show 1-A who they’ll have to compete with for the top spot” before running off she stopped and turned to the rest of her team.

“Oh an Tarata-San is mine” a spark of electricity streaked up her uniform as the words left her lips, Berg smirked “Do as you wish as long as we stick to the game plan. Nestor you will take point, Shihone and I will provide more than adequate backup. Felix and Kiyoko do what you do best within the chaos of it all” Berg remarked while fixing his earpiece.

“Affirm your positions, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it” Berg said before running off.

Once everyone was in place Berg took in a deep breathe, “We have some stubborn foes today so feel free to get a little extra rowdy if you need to prove a point. Nestor, we’re ready when you are.”

Nestor was on a back alleyway positioned near the center of the training area, the boy took a deep sigh. “Feels good to have a support system behind you” he said before picking up his heart rate, soon enough Nestor has begin to undergo a transformation. His nose and mouth transforming into a snout, his horns and teeth growing in size and sharpness, even his feet has transformed into hooves though the most notable transformation was the increase in body mass and size. Within seconds he had transformed from a high school student into a ferocious beast.

Nestor Leventis

[Quirk - Minotaur]

Nestor is able to transform himself into a minotaur, while transformed he is granted strength rivaled by a small group(pros included) as well as a tough leather skin adept at mitigating damage.

He let off a menacing roar that echoed throughout the training ground. Class 1-A would surely pop of within moments notice, holding out till the rest of the team can work their magic was the only objective. He just needed to get their attention, surely taunting them would be that’s not it, he needs to create a ruckus. The Minotaur looked to a vehicle parked to the curb, the beast leapt into the air and slammed into the vehicle flattening it like a pancake. The beast proceeded with its rampage by grabbing the flattened vehicle and tossing it into the second story of a nearby building. This will do he grinned as roared again before hammering his fists into the street destroying all the pavement within 30 feet radius.

[color=9e0039][/color]“Stop me if you can worthless heroes!”[/color] Nestor then took to the air once more, anchoring himself on the outside 4th story walling of a nearby building. He dug his feet deep into the building before taking off again to the rooftop of another building.

While Nestor was busy having fun, Felix and Kiyoko were busy laying out the behind the scenes work. “You lead the way Kiyoko, this is exactly right up your alley since you can check if the coast is clear. Nestor is buying us time to work.” He said winking at her, “and don’t worry you’re pretty little head I’ll be right behind you providing exemplary support.”

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Damian Miyamoto

Damian grinned as he watched the girl maneuver through the air with the skillful use of her quirk. It was clear to him that this wasn’t her first rodeo by any means as she made her way over to him with ease. “Those are some pretty nice moves” he said as Nadeko picked him up by his jacket, giving him enough space to untangle his bandages. While Damian was occupied, Nadeko explained the game plan in which the boy nodded in agreement. “I’ll let you have the points for defeating it, it’d be a shame if you failed because I was selfish.” He said smirking, his face soon disappeared as the bandages wrapped around his head. The boy then anchored one of his limbs to the spot and lept off the creature, using the momentum generated from his weight to swing himself up into the air.

Once he reached the peak of his swing the boy released the anchored limb and Sent two limbs flying into the shoulder of the robot with incredible force, enough so that they pierced the armor plating. “Critical hit” He said with a smirk as he pulled himself to the shoulder of the machine.

“I’m in position to tie it’s arms, you finish the rest.” From there Damian anchored another limb and leapt from the robots shoulders, swinging around the machines body with his bandages as he constructed its movement more and more. Once he was finished he anchored himself on a rather large tree as extra support and dug his feet into the ground.

GO, I CANT HOLD ON FOR TOO LONG!” he shouted to Nadeko.


Soon the students would find the sound of fighting die down, while some of the kids lowered their guards and sighed with relief others were still on guard a bit skeptical of how the test could end just like that. Houdini chuckled from behind his screen, [color=f7976a]"Wow they did rather well with the first wave of robots and it even seems like a star has shined from the group, but just when you think the fight is over is when it truly begins."[color]

The baby faced man chuckled as he cracked his fingers before setting off the second wave of robots. These robots were a grade above the last ones, armed with a better AI system, thicker armor, and firearms mounted on their frames (rubber bullets of course) they were for sure made to be a bigger threat than the last. The students would soon realize that the worst has yet to come, the sounds of guns firing filled the forest rather quickly and just as quickly the fighting picked up once again.

"This is the part of the test where the test takers can truly shine...Now what to do with our little Technomancer" Houdini said with a grin as he watched the screen he was looking at zoom in on Jason.

Nadeko and Jason would find a perimeter set for the civilian robots at the starting point of the test in which they could take them to. Though they would quickly find the problem that is arising as the sound of gunshots began to grow louder, with the robots having their sights on the group of trainees and civilians the students would have to rack their heads together and rather quickly if they don't wish to get wiped out here.

Izumo would also find herself in a predicament, her quirk protected her rather well against the close range enemies within the last wave but these new challengers could shoot her down from afar. As she traversed through the forest she would find herself being under fire by the opposition as they blasted the bark of the trees with bullets causing debris and splinters of wood to fly into the air.

"You're maker is here, puny hero" one of the robots exclaimed.

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William Vectis

@j8cob@Raijinslayer@Sanguine Rose

William chuckled quietly, unable to take humor within the conflicting views in front of him. As much blunt as Cade put it he had a point, Bessie most likely wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He responded to his question stating that Bessie was an animal which William already knew, his question pertained more so to what animal is she. The boy sighed, [color=fff79a][i] I guess I’ll find out shortly[/][/color]

Suddenly a chill causes him to twitch as he felt his nerves whine. “Ugh” the boy groaned. Before facing his teammates, “I’m ready to go, I’d rather deal with the temperature outside of here.”

The group made their way to the docks in which they were receiving rather strange looks because of Ria’s outfit in which William just shook his head in response. Ria then bought up whether or not the boy secured a bot in which he nodded, “I’m going to go out with you but If I had a choice I’d rather not go for a swim, I spoke to someone yesterday and they said they would procure a boat for me but not expect anything fancy. But before we go into the water.” William extended his arm out and clenched his fist tightly, “Crystal Magic: Magic tracking Crystal” the boy then opened his fist and there was a crystal ring sitting within his palm.

“Here Ria, I figured since we don’t have a communication lacrima, this is the next best thing. I’ll be able to keep tabs on your location and how deep in the water, put it on one of your fingers and it will adjust its size accordingly.” Within the distance William saw a rather large creature emerge from the ocean before crashing back into it. Automatically he assumed he was Bessie in which he groaned as he saw the waves began to build up aggrssively before soaking into a magic barrier. From there he took notice of a straggler boat making his way to the docks and upon arrival seemed like he was ready to collapse. William was unsure if whether or not this was the boat that he was to recieve,

“you alright over there?”

@Heartfillia@Tenma Tendo@Stern Algorithm

Raymond took notice of Stevens effort of...well attempting to get noticed. He chuckled at the sight as it was wholesome but perhaps a bit too much effort, though he did certainly succeed in lightening the tension that was built up in the crowd. Raymond then felt something biting at his body in which the boy began to scratch at frantically but not so much so to attract attention. The sensation seemed to only spread throughout his body until he decided enough was enough.

Raymond placed a hand on his chest and from their crystalize began to materialize and spread throughout his body until the boy was encased in a thick layer. His quirk made light work of whatever it was that Dawn has conjured up which earned the boy a sigh of relieve knowing the nuisance was dealt with. Once he relaxed his muscles the crystals that lined his body eroded away into dust that was scattered on the floor around himself.

“Don’t know what that was but glad its gone, something must’ve got into my costume.” He said brushing crystal residue off his vest, shortly after the announcements of the teams were made and he had landed himself with breeze and a girl named XiaoPao. “Hmm someone I know and someone I don’t” He said before seeing Breeze face the boy and begin walking over to him with a rather mink vibe. If we’re going to win we’re gonna have to do something about that morale.

The other teammate they had was a girl who had a mutant type quirk as she was part girl-part lobster. Breeze took intiative in explaining her quirk staying that she was able to store things within her body but it seemed that talking for just a bit caused her a bit of anxiety as her voice died out. Raymond sighed and gave off a smile, “No need to be nervous Breeze I don’t bite” He said before turning to XiaoPao, “My quirk allows me to summon and manipulate crystals making me a pretty good close ranged fighter, though larger constructs are a bit more difficult for me to control.”

Raymond then placed a hand on his chin as he examined his teammates, they definitely placed him with an interesting group then again if he was placed with another powerful front liner like Renard or Yi this competition would have been over from the beginning. Doing this alone was going to be impossible he was going to need the assistance of his teammates. “Breeze did you happen to bring any objects with you by chance?”


The orders his sensei had given replayed In his head, it wasn’t like Hasashi had taken missions where he was to be contracted to a laborer but they rarely came by. Whatever it is for it must be important.

Hasashi had arrived to the place where the group was supposed to meet up, a bit skeptical of the area. He was sharply dressed, all black suit with a red undershirt and black tie along with his signature mask. As soon as Vincent asked if that was everybody was when the masked man entered the warehouse, he gave him a glare despite have having a mask on his body language conveyed the message, he needed not to say any words as his prescience was enough. Silently he took his place next to a crate in the corner of the room, the dark lightning in the room felt rather satisfying.

Once he was settled in he decided to get a better at everyone who decided to show up and it honestly made Hasashi question if he was in the right place. The cast of attendees ranged in age from teenagers to middle aged people though no one that particularly stands out. This better be worth while.

Raymond simply smirked in response to Freya, she was still as timid as usual. Suddenly he felt a pair of arms wrap around his body and a pair of legs around his lower abdomen. Instinctively he pulled the arms wrapped around wrapped around his throat forward in order to breath, the difference in strength causing Dawn to climb up higher along the boys back. "Who tha hell?" he said craning his head in which he met eye to eye with the one girl in his class who had an insatiable hunger, wouldn't you know the first thing she says to him if he has any food on him.

"Ask yourself why exactly I would bring food to a test?"

Raymond gave her the deepest death glare ever, Would I be wrong if I turned this girl into a large gemstone? he thought to himself. Soon the girl started yelling in his ear being the ultimate nuisance, the two were even beginning to garner attention because of Dawns shenanigans. "Mind the human ear 2 inches away from your mouth when your yelling, thanks" He then noticed whom she was calling for which had been Chloe, he gave her a strained grain as it was hard to be happy when he had this fly in his ear. Once again Dawn began screaming to the boy, completely omitting his first attempt to ask kindly once she started hitting him on the side with her legs was when he had enough in which Raymond reached across his body and placed his hand on the girls mouth.

"I'll give you one more chance before I freeze your mouth shut, I'm not one of your little fanboys alright?" he snipped quietly at her before taking his hand away and picking up the girls legs in order to give her a better secure grip before making his way over to Chloe. Once they made their way over Raymond looked over his shoulder at Dawn giving her a glare that said Either you get off or Ill take you off my self. Before turning to Chloe doing his best trying to seem agitated, "Hows your morning Chloe?
William Vectis

@j8cob@Raijinslayer@Sanguine Rose

“Oh looks like I’m the late one” William said with a small chuckle choosing to ignore the girls slightly sullenee mood. Serena also mentioned word of an interview which made sense as to why sorcerer weekly was here. The boy took another glance of the guild and sunk a bit into his clothing as most of the model members are off doing jobs somewhere. At least Arcturus was here right? The boy shook his head, befuddled that the thought had even processed. Let’s just pray Serena can keep everything under control.

Will then noticed Cade sizing sizing him and in which he didn’t pay to much mind to. The guy then spoke up questioning William ability to hold his own if he were to end up in the water with the Bessie. He had a good point as the boys most powerful spells were off limits when outside of dry land. Alas he was determined not to be a burden to Ria and Cade.

“If I am to be of use then that is a risk I will have to take, i can’t promise 100% that my contingency plan will work but I gave Ria my word that I’ll assist her and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.” William said without skipping a beat.

Serena then offered them a drink but William kindly put his hand up in refusal, “I appreciate the kind gesture but no thanks Serena” he said with a friendly smile. Soon enough Ria came back from the small task that Ria had lent her in which Will greeted her with a grin. The boy then scratched his head at the girls outfit as she seemed to be a bit underdressed for the occasion...or were William and Cade overdressed? Perhaps she had something up her sleeve he had hoped. She asked the group what the plan would be in which William placed his hand on his chin. Ria proposed the idea of going toe to toe in the ring with Bessie right off the back but he would like to at least think of another option before resorting to giving Bessie a beat down. "I agree with Ria, I would like to devise a plan that allows us to resolve the issue without hurting Bessie." The boy said a bit stumped on a solution, "Well lets not waste anymore time and head to the harbor, we can think up a plan on the way. Might I ask what exactly is Bessie?"
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