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Valery Shimmamoto

The rocking of the ship jostled the young man awake from his cot, as he slowly came too he could feel an immense amount of pain across his chest. The bandages that liked his chest were lightly stained in Scarlet. Valery winced a bit from the pain inspecting his surroundings, he seems to be in the lower decks of some ship.

His memory was a bit foggy but the pain from his body got him right up to speed. He noticed that despite losing the fight he wasn’t restrained, perhaps they no longer saw him as a threat? Surely the marines would incarcerate him for such a crime. He attempted to get onto his feet, finding success but only temporarily as his body was rather weak from blood loss. Quickly, Valery stuck to the walls of the ship. Propping himself up with the wall as he shuffled over to the cabin door. As he reached for the door he took notice of the knob shifting on its own, Indicating someone was about to enter.

“Ahh I see you’re finally awake” captain Rockaport smirked before giving Val a good strike on the top of his head

“OUCH WHADDYA DO THAT FOR!” Val replied as he clutched his head and kneeled to the ground. He could physically feel the afflicted area begin to swell up.

“YOU STUPID BRAT, DON'T EVER DREAM OF EMBARASS ME LIKE THAT AGAIN OR ILL PROPERLY CUT YOU DOWN MYSELF” the captain shouted, spit particles assaulted Valery. He was so mad it was almost as though you could see steam seeping from his ears as he shouted.

After a little bit, captain Rockaport cooled off. Seeing not much use beating the kid up more than he already is.

“By the way that Marine guy left a message for ya, he said he can’t give you that sword bsck right now because he needs it for something. But if you want you are more than welcome to try and challenge him once more but he won’t hold back next time.”

“I see…” Valery replied, letting the room fall in silence. You could visibly see his annoyance as he zoned out in thought. The guilt of failure as not only did he fail to retrieve the sword but his opponent took pity on him, it was shameful to say the least. Memories of the fight played in his head, he was unable to land a hit of any type on the man. He wasn’t even fighting at full strength yet he managed to still run circles around Val. He was far too weak and naive.

“Thank you for all your help, Captain. I’m sorry for an-“ he was stopped by the captain holding up his hand before lighting up a cigarette.

“Don’t start getting all sentimental on me now, clearly this was something important to you.” Rockaport puffed out a cloud of smoke. “There comes a time in every man’s life where they’ve got to fight for something they believe in and I saw it loud and clear that marines resolve was just stronger than yours and it showed, call It what you want but you’re lucky that he let you off with a wound instead of taking your life or letting you rot in a cell.”

Valery clenched his fist, what he was saying was true. Even while fighting it seemed as though he was always looking past him, as though something far greater was important. “Why are you telling me these, you barely know me and I caused a lot of trouble for you as well”

“So that you understand before you kick the bucket before me. I've seen a couple of fights in my day and I could tell you were clearly fighting for a cause. That resolve will get you far in this world. Don’t worry about why I am giving you advice, Us older guys are here to guide you youngsters so don’t think too hard about it.” Rockaport exclaimed before taking another puff. “We’re about to dock shortly. I’ll have one of the crew members bring you a parting meal before we go our separate ways. You can also have some of my old clothes that don’t fit anymore in that crate in the corner.” The captain replied before heading off.

What was brung to the room was more like scraps than a meal, a cold chicken leg with some rice that seemed to have gone bad. Valery sighed as his stomach growled, he begrudgingly ate food. With each bite he missed Ocean song Village more and more.

He then rummaged through the crate of clothes managing to find a plain white t-shirt and some tan trousers which happened to match the boots he had. By the time he was all set the ship was docking at the gangplank. Valery surfaced from the innards of the ship, breathing in fresh air as he laid his eyes on Kappa island.

“This is yours” Captain Rockaport replied as he handed over Valerys sword.

“Thanks for everything, captain,” Valery said before bowing his head. “Next time I see you, there’s going to be another sword attached to my hip” he exclaimed as he waved goodbye to the rest of the crew.

Now making contact with Kappa island, Valery recalled a large tavern that peaked his interest from the doc. The meal he had in the ship was a bit underwhelming, he’d need proper nutrition if he was to regain full strength.

[End of chapter 1]

Apologies for delay in my sheet, had gotten injured over the weekend. Still cooking it up and going to roll it out today or tomorrow. @Aeolian
Wow I was not expecting a spot to open anytime soon so I am caught a bit off guard. Thank you for the opportunity. I am also totally fine with making a male character!

Also a special thanks to those who vouched for me

This rp looks great all around, unfortunately I’m just now seeing this a week after applications closed.

Most likely the idea of a waitlist is something you’ve probably haven’t given much thought, but if this were open back up in the future I’d love to join.

I’ve grown quite fond of the world building, characters, and overall vibe of this rp. I’m definitely going to be keeping up with this in my free time. I’m looking forward to how interactions between characters as well as how the story will play out.

Valery Shimmamoto

After about a 10-minute detour, Valery was back on the main road and heading into town. By now the sun had turned in for the night and the moon had revealed itself. This provided Valery with a sense of relief, watching the sunset and the moon rise has always provided Val with a sense of security. Even amongst the hurricane of emotions, it seem to provide him with a moment of clarity to reflect as he used the moonlight to guide him to town.

Old Man Shigetsu made his thoughts pretty clear, even though he could see where he was coming from it was difficult to fully
comprehend. The geezer had much more to lose as he had to take into consideration the dojo members well being. In the end, his hands were tied. Valery sucked his teeth before shaking his head trying not to become annoyed again.

“Now is not the time to get pissed, stay focused on the plan”

The first order of business was learning about the bastard in question, Val not only didn’t have a location but a name nor face to boot.

“Ughh” he groaned as he rubbed his temples vigorously. He should probably start there before picking a random place to sail to. He thought who might even have any info at all and before not it clicked in his mind.

“Shun!” He exclaimed, pounding his fist into his hand. That guy pretty much grew up in the dojo. He would have some information worth his while for sure! With haste, Valery picked up his pace as he began jogging toward town with excitement. He for sure would have some sort of description of the person of interest.

"Ahhhhh" Shun exclaimed in relief patting his visibility protrudingbelly as he exited the establishment. An ear-to-ear grin was plastered on his face. "A shame that Val missed out, nothing beats some barbecue after a strenuous day of training." Oceansong village looked illustrious as always after sun fall, a rather cozy port town with a warm and inviting vibe to it. Lanterns and large flora decorated the streets coupled with vendors and restaurants galore. People of all ages populated the streets with smiles all around which provided a comforting feeling.

Shun made his way down the main street towards the docks, in search of his favorite dessert spot. A small ice cream cart near a beautiful ocean view of the North Blue. It was relatively close to Hatchy's BBQ restaurant which made it the perfect dessert for this occasion.

"I Knew I would find you here!" A familiar voice sounded off in which Shun turned only to see none other than Val. "I see that Sensei let you off the hook" Shun replied as he waited for Valery to catch up to him. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Valery shook off his comment, "Got a moment?"

Shun noticed the sense of urgency within Val's voice, not to mention that he also had his actual sword with him. Either something serious happened or Valery was about to do something stupid. Shun let out a sigh, "Sure, we can talk over some ice cream."

The two perched over a ledge, watching the vessels aligned along the docks of the harbor. Shun had taken a bite out of his salted caramel cone as he turned to Valery who had been eating a simple vanilla cone. "So whatcha need to talk about?"

Valery had been staring deeply into his dessert before taking a deep breath. "Old man Suigetsu gave me a bit of insight into the person I'm looking for. He made sure to leave out a description or name though deliberately, I guess upcoming marine hotshot. I was hoping you might have some useful information on this guy." Valery took a bite out of ice cream as he awaited his friend's reply.

"Are you sure you want to pick a fight with the Marines? I mean there is no coming back from it, you'll be viewed as a criminal. No different from a pirate." Shun questioned his friend. "I understand that you are eager for vengeance but is that really what is best right now?"

Valery held the cone firmly and sighed, "It's not smart I get that but I'd rather actively do something instead of waiting idly by. Old man Suigetsu said they are communicating with the Marines in order to retrieve the clan's sword but by the time that happens we'll be the old man's age." Valery took a bite out of the side of the cone. "They're not going to give back the sword so easily, it wasn't like my father was an angel after all in the eyes of the world government. Neither am I completely clean either Shun." Valery said taking another large bite out of his cone. "He offered me an out by telling me to come here and lay low, which is probably why old man Suigetsu is trying to scare me off from taking matters into my own hands." Valery gazed off into the ocean with deep intent, "I'm planning on setting sail tonight whether you give me what I'm looking for or not, so do you know anything at all?" Valery took another bite out of the cone, only leaving one last bite of the cone.

Shun sighed, "It sounds like your mind is already made up, there's no point in convincing you otherwise." the boy shook his head. "I heard some of the senior students speaking amongst each other about a Marine named Maxwell Rackham. He's risen up the ranks quickly, when it comes to skill with a sword he is in a completely whole other league. He also seems to be pretty popular with the ladies, developing something of a small cult following. He's got long black hair and sharp facial features as well. Shun said with burning envy, "The last thing I heard was that he was somewhere within the north blue so you might be able to see him if you're lucky..or not should I rather say" Shun said dusting his hands off.

Valery closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Maxwell Rackham, I won't forget that name. Thanks, Shun I really appreciate it." he said relieved, as he finished the last bite of his ice cream cone before facing Shun and sticking his hand out. "It seems like this is where our paths will split though Shun, thanks for everything while I was here. I guess I can say I learned since I first came." Valery smiled, Shun grasped his friend's hand and returned the smile. "Oh really? Doesn't seem much like it, in fact, you're leaving with even more reckless abandon."

Valery chuckled, "Take care of everybody in my stead alright? Also, give Suigtesu some trouble here and there every once in a while."

"Not a chance in hell"

With that last exchange, Valery was off to the docks. From perched up top near the ice cream cart he noticed a ship preparing to set sail. It was time to catch a ride to wherever they were heading, exchanging some muscle for travel seemed like a fair trade.

Valery Shimmamoto

“So who is this guy and what does he look like?” Valery questioned eagerly, his body seemed somewhat restless as he waited in anticipation.

Reitsu turned his back to the young man and walked silently to the center of the room before sitting on the floor. He then raised his hand, gesturing for Valery to follow and sit in front of him. Skeptically, Valery raised an eyebrow at the old man's gesture but followed shortly.

"The individual in question seems to be a part of the Marines and not just anyone but someone of status actually. Apparently, he's gone up the ranks at a rapid pace. Picking a fight with him would be foolish." Reitsu said with a stern glare, warning him not to do something stupid.

Valery folded his arms and scoffed, "Is that supposed to scare me? I couldn't care less if he is some mindless foot soldier, so what if he has a fancy coat and wears a fancy schmancy suit? He's not getting off the hook unscathed."

Reitsu sighed, "I'm not telling you this to scare you, I am warning you not to go out a pick a fight that gets you killed. Everything is already being handled as we speak, we've sent a representative to request the blade back. Even if you somehow manage to pull it off you will forever be an enemy of the World Government, they'll hunt you down like an animal for the rest of your life!" Valery simply rolled his eyes as he stood up on his feet "like the World Government would give a shit. People like us don't mean much to them. Thanks for the warning gramps but I can handle myself just fine." Valery knew this already, his old man wasn’t exactly someone in good standing with the world government. Nonetheless, it didn’t make him feel any better hearing about those yesmen.

"Where do you think you're going? We're still talking here!" Reitsu questioned Valery, "I think I've heard enough, I'm going to bed early" he replied before closing the Shoji doors. He placed his hands over his head in a fit of annoyance as he made his way to his room.

Valery's temporary living space was rather small, with a desk and simple floor bed with a pinstripe sheet being all there is for furniture. Even then that was about all the room could fit inside. The walls were a dark walnut color, visibly worn from wear and tear displaying the age of the establishment. Light from the moon illuminated the living space from a single window. Valery let out a sigh as he laid down on his back with limbs spread apart akin to that of a starfish.

"That old man must have a screw loose or something. Like I get that he is responsible for many people but still, does he not feel any form of anger at all?" Valery tossed onto his side at the thought. "Why the hell did I even come here in the first place? Old man Reitsu is a pain in the ass" Valery groaned some more as he sat up. Despite feeling annoyed with the thought of Reitsu, he knew deep down that since he’s arrived in Oceansong village his skills have improved drastically. So much so that he’s become one of the top students despite being an outsider of sorts. He can’t deny the fact that Reitsu took him in when his home was destroyed.

A stressful sigh permeated the room as Valery stood on his feet. Perhaps taking on the Marines would cause more problems, even if he were to retrieve his father's sword. There would still be a bigger situation at hand, everyone at the Dojo would be in trouble.

“Still…I can’t just stand by. There’s got to be something I can do” Valery clenched and unclenched his fist, looking aimlessly at the callus that lined his palms. He then strolled over to the corner of his room, to find a blade sheathed within a black scabbard. Slowly Valery reached for the sword and stuck it out the small window of his room.

“Sorry old man, but I’m not really in the mood for politics, there’s something that has to be done,” Valery muttered under his breath as he squeezed the rest of his body through the window and tumbled onto the roof. He let out a sigh of relief, thankful that it wasn’t just a drop to the ground. Slowly but surely he scaled down the side of the building, utilizing the most out of the little bit of sunlight left in order to make his way down.

Now all that was left was to make his way to town from here, the dojo was a bit of way away. Valery fastened his sword to his hip as he made his way down the rugged path leading into the village.

Valery Shimamoto

Character Description:

Valery at his core is a strong-willed and curious individual, always asking questions and snooping around in matters that oftentimes do not involve him in the slightest. This has caused quite an amount of altercations in his life that he was too stubborn to back down from. Nonetheless, he never regretted any of it as what he was truly chasing was the adventure in it all. He has his father to thank for instilling this in his head as he too was a rather eccentric dreamer. When it comes to new people he takes interest in, Valery enjoys taking the liberty of creating a lifelong impression for them to remember him by. As for people whom he sees as bothersome, nothing brings him more joy than being a pain in their side.

Character Goals:

Within any form of entertainment, I enjoy the growth caused by experience. I am a young individual and thus have much to learn so I enjoy writing characters whom I also grow alongside. This being an advanced roleplay based upon one piece, there is much potential for this to last quite some time.

With Valery, I intend to write a character who also displays great growth from start to finish as he goes through his own trials and tribulations. Like myself, Valery still has much to learn about the world yet he believes he knows all that there is, in turn, this can often put him into some rather unfortunate/sticky situations that he must learn from. Another goal of mine is also to develop the impact that other players have upon Valery through their interactions with him whether positive or negative.

Character Notes

Organization: None
Occupation/Position: None
Starting Sea: North Blue


Sample Post:


Within quick succession, 3 strikes assaulted the young man’s body. Two being to his head and a 3rd aimed at his legs which swept the boy off balance and tumbling toward the ground.

“OW! What the hell is wrong with you gramps? Why the added aggression today?!” The silver-haired boy whined as he massaged the lump swelling upon his head.

“Your swordsmanship has been rather sloppy today so I decided to knock a bit of sense into you.” A rather intimidating old man stood at the center of the room, a renowned swordsman and master of the Shimamoto Dojo, Suigetsu Shimamoto.

“Also, refer to me as Sensei!” He said while releasing a precision strike upon Valery’s head hitting the same spot once more. The young man was left on the ground clutching his head once more.

“We’ll break here for today. You are all dismissed!” The old man boomed as he turned his back and took his seat at the head of the dojo room.

From there the group of students surrounding the practice arena bowed their heads.

“THANK YOU SHIMAMOTO SENSEI!” The room roared in unison before dispersing.

Valery rubbed his head some more as it was still a bit bruised before getting up to put his Shinai on an adjacent wooden rack.

“Sensei got you good today huh?” A voice came from behind the silver-haired boy. As Valery turned he was met with his own reflection, peering into the crystal ball that was the head of his bald friend Shun. He was significantly shorter than Valery as he stood at about 5ft 6in but held onto a muscular and toned build that was visible even with his yukata being worn. His eyebrows were also rather noticeably bushy giving him a rather interesting appearance. A wide grin was planted on his face as he turned to his friend. Valery blatantly ignored his friend's existence and began to make his way to the front door.

“Hey hey, you come on don’t be so rude! The least you can do is entertain me, Val.” Shun said chasing after him, to which Valery grunted and responded with a glare that conveyed his annoyance.

“Wow I see you’re a bit grumpy, usually you would have made a joke about my head by now or something. Sensei really got you good today” Shun said rubbing his smooth head. “I know what’ll cheer you up. How about we go to Hatchy’s BBQ and grab you grub?”

Valery simply exhaled, accepting nor denying the request initially. Some food from one of the local restaurants didn’t sound all that bad. Perhaps the combination of head hurting and hunger has put him in a less than desirable.

Not to mention today is also…

Valery shook his head at the thought before heading outside. “Just so you know the food is on you.” As he slid open the Shoji doors. Valery was greeted by an array of night lights that illuminated the settlement in the distance known as Ocean Song village. A wave of relief could be seen on his face just at the sight, shortly Shun joined him.

“It’s definitely one of the perks of living on this island. Let’s hurry before all the tables are taken, I’m starving.” Shun spoke, nearly drooling at the thought of marinated beef hitting the grill.

As Valery was preparing to descend down the hill from which the dojo had been located upon. He felt a bit of resistance from the color of his Yukata.

“I’m afraid that Valery here is busy and will have to join you another time Shun.” A familiar tone sounded from behind. In a flash, Valery whipped his head to the side to see none other than the master swordsman, Suigetsu Shimamoto

Shun was a bit shocked to see Master Shimamoto there but he quickly bowed and nodded his head. “Yes, sensei.” The boy then turned to his silver-haired friend and gave him a grin that said ‘Sorry not sorry.’

“Maybe next time Val, see ya later!" the boy waved before beginning the trek to Ocean Song village, in which the silver-haired boy just stuck his tongue out jealously. Valery felt defeated at the sight of his friend leaving him behind. "So what is it you wand old man Sui-"


Before he could even finish his name a fist firmly made contact with the top of Valery's head, adding another knot to the stack from earlier.


"It's Sensei you little brat!... Ahem!" Suigetsu cleared his throat, "We must discuss the important matter of my late brother Reitsu, I recently received a new update." At the sound of these words, Valery stopped rubbing his head and turned to face Suigetsu as he now had his full undivided attention. "What did you hear!" Valery replied without hesitation, his facial expression a mix of sorrow and rage.

“There are rumors spreading of a swordsman within the North Blue wielding a distinct sword has popped up, perhaps we can achieve some answers at last and make peace with Reitsu's death.”

Post Directory:


Zenshin was left without time to soak in his win as the next round of matches were set to begin, Zenshin himself being apart of it. A mix of feelings had begun to stir within him as he heard his name as well as who his opponent would be, Donothan. An image of how that boy wielded and examined the practice weapon seemed like second nature to him flashed in his head. Zen could feel a dryness spreading within his mouth as he gulped down some air.

He had barely made it out of that last fight with a win. His incantation was extremely rushed resulting in a rather poor display. It was an okay start but he felt as though it wasn’t enough to get into the knights. Even with his subpar win there had seemed to be a group of people whom were swayed by the Valeforians performance. Even some nobles seemed to be on notice of Zenshin not because of any particular talent but because of the rare Snow incantations he could use.

Zenshin took his place on the stage once more but it was different. There was an eagerness in the air as people waited in anticipation waiting to see if the boy would cast other snow incantations in his next bout. There was excitement not just for him but also for his opponent, Donathan. This particular young swordsman was stood out based on their demeanor. Group that with their weapon of choice which almost seemed to match its user in size and how he wielded it like nothing. There was a myriad of thoughts popping into peoples head. They were unable to the extent of his skill in the match previous this one and the people were rather eager to learn.

Zenshin watched as Donathan made their way on to the stage, exchanging looks once settled in. Zenshin was a bit caught off guard by his opponents look as he wasn’t expecting it. It was thought this person looked at him with relief. A relief that was different from the looks of relief others had today when they looked at him. It was as though Donothan was relieved that Zenshin made it past the first fight and was able to prove some doubters wrong.

Zenshin couldn’t help but let out a nervous smile, as he raised his weapon for battle. His stance still incredibly shaky yet possessing comparatively more confidence than before. He couldn’t help but let a bit of the excitement in the arena seep into himself.

”Nice to meet you” he greeted him followed up with a nod of acknowledgment.

If you do decide to make an interest check, could you mention me in it?
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