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Date: August 26 | Time: Morning | Location: Hope's Studio Apartment
Interactions: (Phone call with Uncle Sebastian), (Reply text to Aria), (Text to Oliver), (Text to Steph)

Hope woke up much earlier than he normally would have this morning, his small body curled up in a fetal position under the covers as his brown eyes gave way to the darkness of his small studio apartment, a night light off to the corner creating a muted glow. It was enough for him to see the surroundings of his one-room (minus the bathroom) abode. There wasn't a whole lot, not even a couch. It wasn't much, but it was home. His eyes lagged behind his early morning intentions as he hung off the side of his bed, a low sigh escaping his pink lips. It was still dark out as far as he could tell and the clothes he planned to wear for his first day of school were sprawled out on this small dining table. His eyes were shut again because even the night light was too much. He hummed a bit to himself as he laced his fingers into his hair and gave his scalp a good scratch before taking the hair tie off his wrist with his teeth and expertly weaving it into his hair to form his signature bun. He rarely ever left his hair down.

Groggy, he shuffled his school clothes off to his bed and then retrieved and wrapped a black kitchen apron around his delicate frame that read ALL THIS...and I can cook?. Hope smoothed out the apron with his palms and gave the corners a timid tug. It was a gift from Oliver Atkinson, one of his best friends. Hope was appreciative of the gift. He was always overly appreciative of the things people did for him, especially when they didn't have to. Oliver always joked about them getting married, especially since people always confused them for a couple anyways whenever they were together. This apron was one of his latest attempts at a marriage proposal, and Hope couldn't help but chuckle softly at the thought, bemused by Oliver's antics and thoughtful consideration.

About 30mins later, the sun was starting to peek through the window and the wafting smells of delightful homecooking permeated the studio. Hope seemed pleased with the progress so far, stirring the contents of a pot with one hand while drinking tea in the other. He retrieved his phone from the countertop and sent a quick message to Oliver as another pot on the stove began to bubble and froth.


Text to: Oliver
You're probably still sleep, but I just wanted to confirm if you still planned on stopping by my flat so we could go to school together? It's okay if you're not really up to it. I'll see you there either way.

P.S. Don't eat breakfast. :)


After an hour had passed, Hope was bent down to the floor and pulling some type of meaty substance from the oven, his face scrunched as the steam choked him. He was carving it into little pieces and placing them into a bento box when his uncle suddenly called from Paris.


Phone call with: Uncle Sebastian
Uncle Seb: Morning Hope.
Hope: ...
Uncle Seb: Hope?
Hope: ...
Uncle Seb: Hope you there?
Hope: Yes Yes! I'm sorry Uncle, I'm just a little distracted. Is everything alright?
Uncle Seb: Oui!
Hope: *Soft Chuckle*
Uncle Seb: *Chuckles* Just checking in on you. You start back school today Oui?
Hope: Aaaah! Yeah...
Uncle Seb: *Silence* You don't seem to thrilled. Nervous?
Hope: Maybe? I don't know...I've just got a lot of my mind I guess. But...I don't want to hold you hostage to my silly teenage angst...*Silent*
Uncle Seb: *Chuckles* Look, I've met a lot of teenagers and you're probably the least angsty of them all. You can tell me if something's bothering you.
Hope: *Silence* It's's nothing.
Uncle Seb: You sure?
Hope: *Low grunting noise*
Uncle Seb: Okay okay. I can take a hint.
Hope: I'm sorry...
Uncle Seb: Hope. It's okay. You'll be fine. Right?
Hope: *Nods head with a low grunt*
Uncle Seb: Bien. Now I gotta go. Talk to you soon ok? Hang in there little buddy. You know your parents would be very proud of you.
Hope: *Smiles faintly* Bye Uncle...
Uncle Seb: Bye kiddo.


The sudden mention of his parents hit him, tears forming and cascading down his flushed cheeks. He wiped at his eyes with his sleeves, but continued on with crafting the bento boxes, not leaving himself any time for momentary grievance. A faint grin rested upon his countenance as he peered longingly out the window. But now, all was said and done and the bento boxes were fully prepared and ready to be delivered, delivered to his friends of course. There was one for Oliver, one for Steph, one for Alex, and one for Aria. And then there was a peculiar Bento box that stood out from the others. It was rested in a separate bag and was filled with Korean food. A note rested on its surface. This one for Min Jun, the cause of his concern that he couldn't muster to bring up to his Uncle. Hope really didn't want to bother him with his own problems.

But truthfully, Hope had been feeling really bad when the much taller student suddenly began ignoring him over the summer. He had convinced himself that he had said something egregiously out of place and offended the guy, eventhough they hadn't really talked much at all at that point. And when they had, it was safe to say that it was pretty awkward. Why had Min Jun started talking to him anyways, Hope thought. And why was he always acting weird around him? This feeling of self-doubt tugged at him immensely. Maybe the bento box would amend his transgressions, whatever they had been. Hope looked at Min Jun's bento box one last time, glared at it, and then quickly made it disappear within the bag so it couldn't cause him anymore concern for the time being.

The sun was in bloom now and Hope had gotten fully dressed, having performed all the rudimentary morning hygiene rituals beforehand. His outfit was unequivocally unspectacular and he was perfectly okay with that. He replied to Aria's text, which prompted him to hurriedly send a quick text to some of his other friends as he waited to hear back from Oliver. If his friend didn't arrive soon, he'd have to leave without him. The first day was about to commence. At this point, students would certainly have already started filtering into Rosefell's walls.


Reply text to: Aria
A party at the lake? Isn't that kind of a safety hazard? Hmmm....

But...maybe if we get enough people to join the cooking club before Friday, we can prepare something for it. I think that'd be a great way for students to bond.

Also, I made you lunch :) So no taco bell please lol

Text to: Steph
Good morning Stevie! I think I'm heading to school with Oliver, so I'll see you there soon yeah? I've made you lunch by the way. :)

Love you.


Hope didn't text Alex. He had relinquished himself to the idea of seeing him at school and not bothering him with an early morning text message. But his nerves jittered as he thought of Min Jun again. Maybe he should bring it up to Oliver, about what happened. Hope pondered on it as he waited.

Even though I turned in my character late, I was really looking forward to this roleplay.

Me too.

But I'm just gonna officially withdraw since it doesn't look like this one is going to be starting either.

A shame.


@Aeolian Good to go! Move him over to the character tab when you have time.


Thanks Haley!

Thank you again Haley and DPL.

*Cries softly*

I really hope Arctic hasn't forgotten about this.

This will be the second RP in a row for me where the GM disappeared before it began. I hope this isn't the case. :(

<Snipped quote by Aeolian>

Hey there ~

Thank you for your interest, but we are currently not accepting new players/characters at this time due to the high level of interest we have already received.

I could keep you on a list of people to contact in case any extra spots open up though?

No no no.

That's okay. :)

You guys have fun!

Gonna see what kind of character I can put together if that's alright!

This is a really cute concept.


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