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Current Taking a break to focus on school and work :) See you guys in a few months!
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Apple (Gfriend)
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Who else loves City Pop music?
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pporappippam (Sunmi)
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Butterfly (WJSN Cosmic Girls)
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Bummer. I suspected I wasn't gonna make it though since Kamenosuke doesn't fit the traditional gender standard.

But that's okay. *going through the stages of denial and acceptance*

No but seriously, it really is cool. You guys have fun! :)

I suppose this means we'll be receiving the verdict soon.

*heart palpitations*

<Snipped quote by Savo>

This is lowkey kind of depressing. I forgot how small "small" groups are.

Maybe i'm weird, but I'm not too concerned with the gender ratio. Plus, I think its usually the opposite in anime roleplays. There are usually almost always way more female characters than male characters, so this is a bit different and unexpected in that regard. But I'm sure we'll have more female characters, don't worry. :)
@DruSM157 Very nice! My vote goes for the jackass cause they're always a fun addition to the group dynamics. :P
@DruSM157 Nice! I look forward to seeing your ideas about the character dynamics.

Also, will you and Hero be making your own characters too?
@stone Oops! 17. Thanks for catching that.

Edited! :)

<Snipped quote by Aeolian>

Aeon arcana isn't available for player characters, please stick to the standard ones, sorry about that!

No worries! Thanks for letting me know :) Back to Lovers.

Actually, working on character with the Aeon Arcana. I really liked Marie in P4:G and the characterization of this Arcana.

Just wanted to put that out there. :)
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