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In BLEAK 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

H E L S T O N | F R I D A Y | O C T O B E R 2 6 ★

Mundane. BLEAK. Humdrum. These are words that could accurately be used to describe Helston on a day-to-day basis. The weather wasn't particularly interesting either, a light mist shrouding the small town like a blanket, though this was relatively typical, waters brought over from the eastern gulf no doubt. The soft glimmer of sunlight was beginning to slowly make waves throughout the quiet town. Everything seemed normal, in Helston standards.

The town certainly couldn't compare to the normal of Dadena City--a city with scrapers that reached far beyond the clouds. At least, these were the exaggerated tales that were told. It was situated way up north past Eastbourne and Mineral Grove. Not an easy or particularly safe trek to take, but worth it for some. Dadena City was unlike any other. Bustling with life, dazzling colours, and a cathartic cacophony that only the city folk could actually appreciate for all its glory. Yet the city life certainly didn't come without its flaws. Underground weirdos and the ever-present attempts of the unions were always something to keep on the mind.

Even still, this was certainly something our dear Luca always missed. A day didn't go by that he didn't miss the city and the underground world that pervaded below it. Looking out over the rooftop was unlike anything else. An experience that was difficult replicate in the flat land that was Helston. And yet, here he was, doing just that. The town was beginning to move, early-birds preparing for their equally early work. A number of individuals in the quiet neighborhood had gathered around a large tree(common to this region), their gaze look up towards the canopy. The wind of gentle this morning, creating a soft whisper amongst the branches and the leaves.

"Should we wake him?", someone said. "Leave em. He's here like this often". An older stout woman gasped, "But what if he falls?". Her husband pulled her away, "He won't. He never does." Another woman shook her head in disbelief, "I found him upon me rooftop the other morning. As sound as a rock I tell ya." The stout woman gasped again at this remark, her husband fighting harder to drag her along.

This was indeed true though. High up near the canopy was Luca, his tall lanky figure awkwardly sprawled out upon a large protruding branch. His arm was dangling off the side and his snore was like a cat. Surprisingly nimble for someone of his height. The murmurs from below broke him from his slumber. The hard bark to him as comfy as any silk comforter was to another. though perhaps this was less of the feeling and more of the experience. This was as close as he could get to the rooftops of Dadena City.

Luca's eyes opened wistfully as he sat up and yawned, his legs dangling over the side. Seeing him wake up, the small crowd began to disperse, "Be careful where you lie kid. I reckon you might fall and break your neck next time." Luca shook his head, refuting the statement in a rather unbothered kind of manner, "I am not a kid." he said, surprisingly deft in the manner that he kicked off the branch and landed softly on the dew covered soil below. The man stared at Luca, though the latter was paying the man little attention as he wiped himself off, "Completely missed the point" the man muttered, walking off.

Back inside the house, Finnes, his personal attendant and she's basically my mother figure was laying out plates on the table, an iron spatula in her hand full of meatless spud(a potato mix, usually with meat. A popular breakfast in Halston). "Come come. Sit before your breakfast gets cold." she said, motioning towards the empty chair at the table. The 21 year old Luca crossed his arms and pouted as Petra came stomping down the stairs, followed by her twin Petyr who was trying to consolidate her.

"How was I supposed to know that you liked him?"

"Umm...because I told you!" Petra yelled at her twin.

Finnes looked up from filling the last plate with spud, her face vexed, "What the hell is going on?"

"You knew I liked him and you kissed him anyways."

"I did not. He kissed me first!" Petyr retaliated.

"That's beside the point!"

"Hellooo!!!" Finnes snapped, grabbing their attention at last. "Both of you sit down please. We can discuss this later"

Petyr shrugged as Petra glared at him, but they both inevitably took a seat opposite of eachother. Looking back to Luca, Finnes rolled her eyes, "Now what are you pouting about?"

Before he could respond, a loud explosion could be heard from outside, a fair distance away from where they were. The light brought on by the explosion seeped through the windows as a tremble rippled through the house. Everyone stood still and remained very quiet until the trembling came to cease. Petra was the first to rush to the window, gazing out towards the distance. "And here I thought we moved out of Dadena City to get away from all this bull" she snarked.

Finnes put the iron spatula in the sink and wiped off the dried spud that had got on her hands, walking over to the window to look out beside her, "We came here to keep Luca safe." she said matter factly, looking over to Luca and giving him a motherly wink. Luca smiled as he fiddled with his fingers, "What could that have been?" he asked, his essence bubbling with curiosity. Petyr seemed rather unphased by it as he stuffed his face with a spoonful of luke-warm spud, "Probably just typical union fodder. The resistance can handle it I'm sure."

Petra snapped, "That was no typical explosion. And that light? No way!"

And then the siren went off and Petra immediately moved to grab her gear from out of the closet, "Gen-Alert" she said bluntly, latching something to her waist. "Wait wait wait!" Finnes stepped in, but Petra pulled out her phone and shoved the screen in her face, "Look. The coordinates of whatever the hell created that light and tremor have already been posted on the Net channel. The resistance is gonna need all the help they can get." Putting the device back in her pocket, she moved towards the door. Petyr finished slurping down the last of his spud and moved towards the closet to get his own equipment, "I'm in." he stated, prompting a simple nod of approval from Petra.

Luca watched as they opened the front door, "Wait for me!" he said in an exuberant hurry. Thrilling things like this always got him exhilarated. The potential danger took a backseat to his own curious inner workings and what may lie out there. This type of chaos reminded him of the city. He always sought it whenever it came to him.

Finnes made a zag towards him and stood in the way, "No the hell you're not." Luca pulled away from her, "Yes I am! And you know you can't stop me."

This was true and Finnes knew it. She watched as Luca went to grab his own gear, frowning, but knowing there wasn't anything she could do to stop him. "Fine! I'm coming too then." Petra raised an eyebrow and looked at her in shock, "Seriously Fin?".

"Yes, seriously!" she insisted, grabbing some gear she had stowed in a drawer, "If Luca is going, then I'm going too."

Petra looked at Finnes with a crossed expression, "Luca may seem awkward, but we personally trained him. He can hold his own. Plus he's special like me and Petyr. You know we can do certain things that you can't. And for something of this magnitude, you should probably stay back and keep us posted if anything happens within the town."

Finnes didn't respond. She simply brushed past them as she began towards the coordinates that had also popped up on her phone as well. "Are you coming or not?" she said curtly, not looking back at the three of them. Luca, Petra, and Petyr all looked at each other and shrugged.

"Wait..." Petyr said suddenly, a grin forming on his face, "Aren't we gonna take the car?"
In BLEAK 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In BLEAK 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

[P.S. Click on Lorn's picture to hear his new voice]

Outside the Abandoned Magic Item Factory

Things were moving faster than planned and zero time was wasted to commence on operation 'Cat Rescue'. Familiar with the woman, whose child he'd tutored before, Lady Isabella greeted him personally by warmly rubbing the top of his hand. Brief greetings were made before the began to explain the situation. He understood the pain the child was in, Dina was her name he recalled. Though the little girl was upstairs, he could feel her pain and distress at the loss of her pet Exceed. Her tears penetrated his soul like they were his own. These feelings, though they were not his own, they served as a greater motivation for him succeed in this quest. It had empowered his resolve.

As they made their leave, Lady Isabella pulled Lorn aside and looked at him intently, her face a bit red and agitated. And then she leaned into him and whispered in his ear. When she pulled away, Lorn's expression went rather uncharacteristically cold, but, keeping his composure, he simply nodded and left, following after his comrades who had already ran off towards the abandoned magic item factory outside of town. Lorn called out to them as he caught up, "I shall accompany Sir Dreadlin around the flank. But before we make any rash movements, let us survey the setting and act accordingly." he finished saying.

They were in new territory, which meant they needed to be cautious. It was rare that Lorn teamed up with other mages on quests, let alone quests that required confrontation. The words spoken to him in private by Lady Isabella penetrated his mind as he and Dreadlin separated from the girls and snuck around the back, hiding behind some kind of rusted mechanical contraption. He looked to Dreadlin as he pushed some of his hair behind his ears, "I can feel the exceed inside. It's scared". He peaked from around the corner of the contraption, taking note of several figures lazily gallivanting about the outside of the factory. One of them complained about being on guard duty as Lorn noticed a familiar dark guild mark on one of their arms, swiveling back around to Dreadlin, "I'll use my magic to peak inside. Maybe I can pinpoint where the exceed is. In the meantime, please protect my body in case things get violent out here. I won't be able to react to anything while I'm doing this" he said matter of factly.

From there, he brought his hands together in front of him and whispered, "Heart of the Dragonfly" and from within his unfurled hands, a gentle glow had given way to dragonfly, its frame resting upon his palms. He lifted his hand into the air, letting the dragonfly soar up and above the vagabonds who guarded the factory down below. He nodded to Dreadlin before muttering...

"Entwined Journey"

Immediately, his head hung over as his body slumped a bit onto Dreadlin. It was as though he had suddenly fell asleep. In fact, he had connected himself to the dragonfly. His consciousness was now inside the dragonfly itself, allowing him to see and hear everything the dragonfly was seeing. He was now in control of this small creature as he perched upon the frame of a broken window. With the buggy eyes of the dragonfly, he began inconspicuously surveying the inside of the building. There were many more of the dark guild members, more than he had imagined there to be. Unfortunately, no sign of the exceed though, which was most likely in another room or on another floor of the factory. The dragonfly fluttered it's wings and took off into the building, flying around quietly in search of the cat. None of the dark guild members took much notice of the dragonfly, most simply swatting it away when it got too close. The dragonfly perched upon a ledge as it peered around.

Where could this cat be...?


Moving to a new country was difficult. Having no friends was difficult. Losing his father was difficult. It seemed to be an accumulation of these things and other factors that perpetuated the discontent within Ben's heart. He had believed in some kind of cautious optimism when he started his first day of school, but according to his standards, it had all but proved to fail him tremendously. Before he left school for the day, he had been approached by Mr Lehrer about volunteering to search for the missing girl that night, the man presenting it as his duty to the community if you will. A way to potentially meet others as well.

Ben was not too keen on the idea of venturing into the dark forests of night with random strangers, but when his mother caught word of the search, she had favored a different perspective from his own. When she had arrived home that evening, she found Ben's younger brothers gorging on pizza at the kitchen table. And he himself...well..he was curled up in a ball in front of the fireplace, surrounded by opened books, the gentle sounds of his weeping echoing off the flames that danced to warm his frosted heart.

Georgette's face resonated with motherly concern as she kissed Danior and Malachi, took off her coat, and sat her purse down on the dining table. "What's wrong with your brother?" Georgette murmured to Ben's younger brothers. She began to slowly approach him, his frame feebly stirring against the flames. Malachi only shrugged, his mouth still stuffed. Danior looked up to his mother and shook his head, "Not sure. I think something happened to him at school today, but he wouldn't talk to me. He's been like that for about an hour now." Georgette gave him a fleeting nod as she turned her attention back to Ben, kneeling down to the floor once she reached him. She gently began running her hands through his soft curls, "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

Ben didn't turn to look at her, he was still facing towards the fireplace, "It's nothing...." he whispered miserably, the soft sobs more audible now that she was near him. She continued to caress his hair; wiping away the tears that had formed and semi dried upon his nose and cheek.

Somehow she managed to convince him to aid in the search that night. Something about it being Cathartic.



Even amongst the crowd that had gathered, Ben was essentially alone. He meandered through the crowd as he looked for any familiar faces that he felt even remotely interested in seeing, the only one coming to mind was Esther. But, even she was familiarly unfamiliar enough that he probably wouldn't know what to say if he were to run into her. Not to mention their bathroom interaction earlier that day left him feeling awkward and embarrassed. The shy wallflower didn't make any effort to talk anyone as he headed towards the forest's edge. He was more afraid to talk tot these strangers than he was to find a missing girl. Tapping his flashlight against his hip to turn it on, he took one last glance at the crowd behind him, before slowly entering the dark forest.

It didn't seem like anyone noticed him entering alone...

The winds whistled and rustled the leaves as he proceeded deeper in, the lights of the park fading in the distance. Only shadows of his surroundings glimmered by the moonlight that peaked through the canopies. He gulped, wondering if he should have found someone to go in with. But at this point, thoughts like these only served to distract him from the primary objective at hand, and Benjamin was a very goal-driven type of individual, the type to jump right to it. He had a grave proclivity to get things done by himself. He hated having to rely on others to take action and he hated having to wait on others. Wasteful.

15 minutes in and the sounds of the crowd had all but faded at this point. The owls brought a strange serenity to the relative darkness of the forest with their songs. Ben wasn't quite sure what he was looking for frankly. Maybe the girl or perhaps a fragment of her presence. A relic known to her. Anything remotely related to her would suffice for now.

The sudden crack of wood and dried leaves caused his body to stiffen and swivel, his flashlight focused towards the direction from which he heard the sounds. Seeing nothing of note, he continued his search, looking behind large boulders and in deep crevices of trees. Anywhere that a body or a girl might lie in hiding. It didn't take long before a strange sound was heard again, a misplaced rustling of branches echoing from behind him. Yet again, further investigation proved fruitless. At that moment, he swore he had heard the howling of wolves in the distance. Were there wolves in the forests of Crestwood Hollow? Certainly not right?

Having come to a brief halt, Ben rested upon a large rock, a bottle of water in hand. He took several sips as he looked around, caressing some of his curls behind his ear. Strangely enough, he found that he could see better if he just utilized the natural light provided by the moon. Something about the ambiance was soothing. Cathartic his mother mentioned. He let himself rest upon the rock, laying on his back, head on his arms, eyes looking up at the sky. Not long after, his mind began to drift, suddenly dozing off into darkness.

.... .... ....

He hadn't fell asleep long, maybe 5 minutes. When his eyes cracked open again, a dark figure lingered over him, causing Ben to shriek and jump away off the rock in his frenzy. When his gaze finally acclimated to the figure before him, he sighed deeply, his hand resting upon his palpitating chest "Hakeem? What are you doing here?"

The much taller jock, Hakeem, stepped forward, brushing off his pants, "Did you have to scream? Scared the shit out of me."

Ben frowned, folding his arms across his chest "You shouldn't sneak up on me like that. It's unsettling." Hakeem walked closer to Ben, a look of penitence on his face, "My bad. I didn't mean to sneak up on you. I saw you enter the forest alone, so, I just don't want to see you get hurt. It was hard to keep up with you."

The sincerity in his voice was stirring to Ben, but then feral howls could be heard, much more immediate this time than before, causing them both fall silent and look around their surroundings. "See?" Hakeem protested, pacing steadily behind Ben, who had already began walking away deeper into the forest, "I'll be fine." he assured the jock, his flashlight zipping about the shadowy landscape. "You should go back and wait for the others. I can do this on my own. I'm not afraid."

"I never said you were, but I'm not leaving you out here alone." Hakeem declared, resting his gloved hand on Ben's shoulder. Ben paused, letting out a deep uncomfortable sigh, "Please don't do this." he whispered softly, turning around to face the taller jock.

"Do what?"

Been stared at him, his eyes showing a peculiar pain that Hakeem immediately understood, "This..." he mumbled.
Hakeem suddenly jerked his hand off of Ben's shoulder, "I'm really sorry man. I've actually been wanting to talk to you about that. I...

But without warning, Ben stepped closer to Hakeem and placed his finger to the jock's lips, the warmth of his mouth cascading on his fingertips. Shh... Ben mouthed, his eyes focused behind Hakeem's muscular frame, which had suddenly gone stiff like a plank of wood. Ben's gaze twisted in horror as two red eyes hissed and radiated from within the brush. He had never seen something so horrifying in his life and instinctively, he grabbed onto Hakeem in a tight hug as the red-eyed wolf-shaped creature lunged forward. Ben's power activated, causing the beastly creature to pass through them and crash into the opposing tree, dispersing into what seemed to be a goop of acidic black sludge upon impact, causing the tree to suddenly catch in flames, illuminating the surrounding area to reveal more of these red-eyed black wolves. Up close, their howling now sounded more like a strange hiss.

Hakeem fucking jumped out of his skin, grabbing onto Ben in an even tighter embrace than the one Ben had initiated to save their lives with his power.

"What the fuck!"
"I don't know but run!"

Ben grabbed Hakeem's hand and they were off, running as fast as they possibly could to avoid being, from what he imagined, melted piles of bone and flesh. The beast kept on their tails as Ben and Hakeem jumped over logs and ran under winding limbs, scratches appearing on their arms, legs, and faces as they ran without a care for anything they brushed up against. Much better than being caught by these freaky red-eyed, flame inducing, acidic skin-melting, wolf-shaped black-furred hissing beasts. Up ahead, Ben spotted what appeared to be a cave, the entrance blocked by a large boulder. Ben affirmed his grip in Hakeem's hand as the the wolves and the cave simultaneously got closer.

"Run for the cave!" Ben exclaimed.

"But it's blocked!

"Trust me!"

With only a few seconds difference between the wolves and the cave, Ben and Hakeem managed to make it, Ben using his power to phase them through the boulder and into the dark leaky cave on the other side. The hissing red eyed wolves could be heard on the other side, Ben and Hakeem breathing too heavily to pay attention to that at the moment. Ben was slopped on the floor. Hakeem was standing and heaving against the wall.

They both then looked towards the boulder between them and certain death.

"What are we gonna do? What are those things out there?" Hakeem asked between deep breaths. Ben was heaving too, though his mind much more focused on how they were going to get out of here. "I don't know..." he said calmly, looking around. The cave looked like it went in deeper. Much deeper.

They weren't getting out the way they came in anytime soon. That's for sure.

M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 2:50 PM | Boy's bathroom 27 near the Loft

Ben was still weeping when he heard a strange reverberating voice echo around him. It was an unusual sensation, kind of ghostly. He had never encountered a telepath, so he hadn’t even realized that the voice he had heard was in his head. But instinctively, he looked up to the mirror to see who had spoken to him and it was a girl, her face showing concern. He recognized her from his class, vaguely. He turned off the water he was running over his burned arm and sniffled, “Oh…” he mumbled, “It’s nothing…”.

Moving to hide his arm under his sleeve, though noticeably still in pain by his muffled moaning, he wiped away the tears and got a hold of himself, looking at her curiously, “Ummm..what are you doing in here anyways? This is the boy’s lavatory.”

Esther remained at an arm length’s distance. The boy was right in that the space was the boy’s lavatory, and she had no business being there in the first place. The trail of events that had led her there were no secret, however. On her way to the girl’s room, Esther had met a visibly disgruntled or distraught boy coming out of the lavatory in a hasty fashion. The scene had followed with sounds of distress from someone who had remained. This was by no means the truth as to why Esther had found her way in there, but it was good enough for an answer.

“I was on my way to the bathroom myself, and then I heard you. There was another boy out there that passed me in the corridor. Did he do something to you?” Esther’s inner voice spoke in Benjamin’s mind. The girl modestly extended herself to assist him if he so needed, but the boy seemed strong in himself and his ability to withhold suffering. She took a step back while holding the outer door slightly open, unsure of whether to just leave him or wait for him to get back to class.

The girl’s reverberations within his mind echoed and rattled like they were bouncing between the inner walls of his head. He had heard of telepaths, but had never encountered one before, let alone had one use their powers to communicate with him. The sensation was a bit jarring now that he was actively aware of it, his gaze falling away from her, mouth gaping as though it all suddenly made since, “You’re a telepath...” he stated in shock, wiping away the last of his tears on his sleeve.

He paused for a moment in silence, his focus eventually tracing back on her once he finished contemplating her question, “Anyways, He didn’t do anything, at least, I don’t think he meant to.” Ben hesitated, holding his hand to his arm and rubbing it gently. He felt he had already said more than he should have, because his countenance suddenly went frigid, “There’s nothing to be concerned with. Just...” he stepped up closer to her, heading for the door, his eyes meeting her own in a deep icy stare, “Promise you won’t say anything about this. Please..”

Esther did not have to be inside of his head to know that something was wrong. Between the fanatic handling of whatever happened to his arm and the remaining moisture around his eyes, things were quite clear from where she was standing. However, the boy was rather articulate about not wanting it to be a big deal. Perhaps this was not the time or place to pry any further, but Esther simply could not help herself when it came to these kinds of matters. But she also knew when to not do what she usually dabbled in. And one of those things was to stop speaking in his head. It was clearly his first time for such a thing seeing as he reacted as he did. Esther signed the words ‘I promise’—two simple moves of a silencing finger covering her lips followed by a palm hitting her closed fist, as in putting the words into a locked box. A wide smile flew his way along with squinty eyes as her arms gently came around his lower frame in a modest hug. Esther turned heel and continued into the girl’s bathroom right next door.

“Ummm…” he murmured, unsure of what she was doing with her hands. Obviously sign language, but this was something he had no knowledge of and any attempt at trying to reciprocate would probably be insulting. The best he could do was simply shake his head, acknowledging her movements as her acceptance of compliance, “Okay then.…I guess” Benjamin finally said, sighing deeply in relief.

However, it was when the girl suddenly embraced him that his body went stiff, her petite arms wrapping around his thin frame. “Eh..” was the only sound he could make, his eyes bright and perplexed. Why the hell was she suddenly hugging him? Affection, especially of this nature often him made him feel uncomfortable, particularly with people he didn’t know. Boundaries. It was so abrupt and completely caught him off guard, evident by his arms being slightly arched above them, frozen in shock, unwilling to reciprocate the embrace she presented to him; He watched as she left, a confounded gaze lingering at where she once stood.


[P.S. Click on Lorn's picture to hear his new voice]

Outside the Dragon Heart Guild Hall

Lorn hadn't had to chance to respond to Glory once she had answered his question, the abrupt appearance of Master Kukan putting their rather blossoming conversation on a curt hold as he moved everything along. He stood there more for a moment, watching quietly as Glory and many others went over to the Quest Board. By the time she had returned, he was gazing off out the window, thinking about Bébé and where she might be right now. It was upsetting to be frank; she hadn't reached to him all day. "Bébé, talk to me, please..." he pleaded to her telepathically, reaching out to her mind with his Heart Magic, wherever she was. He charmingly tucked some of his hair behind his ear as Glory tapped him. "Hmmm?" he hummed, looking at her blankly, his mind still adrift on Bébé.

"Lorn. We need to hunt someone's pet exceed. From what I understand your Heart Magic should be able to track it. Get ready and meet me outside. Dreadlin is coming too."

"Ah, yes yes. Of course. Allow me to procure a few necessities and then I will meet with you all shortly." he responded calmly, his expression morphing into that of a coy smile as he watched her tromp off.

Outside the guild, he gave a bellowing sigh and stretched his arms as he approached his comrades for the quest, his hair having been put into a very long and very high ponytail. He was often told that he looked especially pretty when he tied his hair into a ponytail, though he did it for the practicality of keeping it out of the way. This had become somewhat of an unspoken ritual for him whenever he began a quest. Lorn had a brown leather messenger bag hung across his body, his ponytail drifting over his shoulder as he bowed respectfully to his superiors.

When he looked back up to them, he gave them a courteous nod, "I'm honoured to be teamed up with you all on this quest. I understand my role here and will do what I can." After a brief pause of silence, a thought firmly plopped into his mind, "So! I think I might be able to help start us off here", he began eagerly, reaching into his messenger bag and pulling out a small device, showing it to his comrades once he had found what he was looking for, "This girl. This is Dina, Lady Ducard's daughter. I've tutored her daughter before, so I'm fairly familiar with how to get there. It's about a half days journey. A third of that if we traverse by carriage through the Blanch Head Swamps. Can't say it's the safest route though." he said, producing a heavy sigh as he placed the device back in his bag, waiting for their thoughts.

For a moment though, his gaze fell heavily upon Victoria, taking notice of her teetering movements. Lorn gave her a gentle smile and walked up to her, placing a hand on her shoulder and rubbing it in an absentmindedly affectionate kind of way, "You seem a bit..." he paused for a moment, as did his hand, "sloshed? Perhaps I can use my magic to help you with that if you desire so. I don't mind." he offered politely, though, it was more of his way of passively suggesting that she shouldn't be drunk before doing a quest.

Oh Victoria...

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