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No, you're fine. :) I've just had a really busy weekend. I'm gonna try and make my post today and fix my character sheet updates.
Okay, updated my character sheets with the stuffs.


Edit: Will post this weekend.
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Awwww! Thanks! Then I think I nailed his portrayal then. YES! I wanted him to be this adorable, loveable, squishy kind of character! LOL
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act one: way down we go
Okonedo Residence Ritman High [Football Field]
Interacting with @Benzaiten@udonoodles@Gisk, everyone present


That gossamer heart of his was beating quickly as he looked at the group messages on his mobile and frowned to himself. Oleander was running late for the reunion at the Ritman and by the current time, he'd probably already missed the pre-game session at PJs dive bar too. In truth, he had only arrived back in Delton an hour prior, just as the last hints of daylight withdrew from the rising moon. Delton was a small town, a bit ways from any major city and devoid of too much lamplight, filling the quaint town with the faint sparkles of stardust. You couldn't get this kind of night view in Portland.

When Oleander arrived at his childhood home by taxi, he opened the front door with his spare key and entered slowly, lugging his single luggage bag behind him. The flight from D.C. left him feeling mildly fatigued, but he wiped at his eyes wearily and looked around the house for any signs of family, relieved to at least have made it there safely. It was gratitude for the little things that carried him. He called out once, noticing that only a few lights through the house were on. No response. Oleander smiled at the sight of the family dog and cat (Rocco and Poppy) nestled together asleep on the sofa; heavy sleepers they were. He called out louder this time, at last receiving a reply from his older sister, Samara.

"Oleander?!" she yelled from down in the basement. "Yeah!" he replied in jest. "Down in the basement. Hurry up and look at this!" His sister's voice trailed off, muffled by laughter that echoed up as he opened the basement door and peered down into the cellar. It smelled like old paint and wood, same as always.

When he rounded the corner, he saw Samara and his younger teenage brother, Enoch, rifling through an old photo album they pulled out of the nearby 50s era console. Oleander waved at them when they looked up and before they could protest, he threw his body on them so he was laying across their laps like a wood plank. Enoch made a grunting noise, "Too heavy..." and Samara tried to nudge him to the floor, but he wouldn't budge. "I see you made it in one piece––with a few extra pounds in tow."

Oleander huffed at her, "Lies."

"How was your flight?"

Oleander, still laying across his siblings, shrugged, "It was okay I guess. Where's ma and pa?"

Enoch sneezed and then pushed his glasses back up his nose, "On vacation in Nigeria visiting our African brethren, or, something like that." Oleander's face went a bit sour, like he'd been slighted somehow. "They didn't tell me about that. What the hell..." Samara pulled her arms from under Oleander's body and laid them across his back, "Well, it was a last minute thing." she explained, "Ma was feeling really homesick, so they just up and left." Samara stared at him for a moment, reading his expression, "Oh, so we not good enough?"

Oleander sighed, disappointment seared into his countenance "I talk to you guys all the time. Besides, its not the same. Anyways..."

Samara gave him a slanted look, "Mmhmm..."

"What was it that you wanted to show me?" Enoch sneezed again, causing Oleander to stir in shock. Samara pulled his ear, "You're laying on it dipshit."

"Oh." Oleander sat up and then squished himself between Samara and Enoch. The latter plopped an old photobook on his lap, and then pointed to an image of their parents in some kind of mid 80s getup. Oleander let out a laugh, "Oh, that is funny." Enoched joined in on the laughter, "Right? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that!"

Oleander cocked his head a bit, looking at the picture from another angle, smiling, "I don't know. I think it's totally lunarious." Enoch furrowed his brows, "Lunarious? That's not a thing. Nobody says that." "I do, clearly." They bantered for a bit while Samara looked at her phone. Eventually, she stood up and softly kicked his leg with her foot, "Aren't you gonna be late for your thing?"

"Right! Thanks sis!" Oleander exclaimed, making for the basement stairs when Samara grabbed his wrist, a look of concern present. "Wait."

"Hmm?" he murmured, confused. "You gonna be okay?" she asked. Oleander paused for a moment, trying to glean what she could of meant. He nodded, "Ugh, yeah. I think so. Why do you ask?" A weird silence lingered between them, as though Samara had something she desperately wanted to say, but held her tongue, possibly for his sake. She cleared her throat, looking slightly guilty, though Oleander didn't catch on, " reason. Just thought it might be awkward, or whatever. You haven't seen that gu...I mean...those people in a while. And I know how much that school meant to you."

Oleander's gaze softened as he let out a chuckle, pulling his sister in for a warm embrace. "I'll be fine. But I appreciate your concern, Samara. It'll be like any other high school reunion; laughter, maybe a few tears, moonlight reminiscing, the usual stuff. Nothing weird." Oleander let go of his sister, giving her one last parting smile as he made his way up the stairs. When he reached the top, he turned back to see Samara watching him, the concern lingering still. He crossed his fingers and winked, "Well, fingers crossed."


Oleander steeled himself for the rendezvous. He hadn't seen these people in ages, and the idea of meeting them after so much time had left him feeling equal parts anxious and jovial. While he was excited to see some people more than others, he didn't hold any ill will towards anyone and would put his best foot forward to maintain the image he had always presented on the surface; kind, sociable, and cheerful. The undesirables were to be tucked away, but he was never quite good at that in full.

Commandeering his sister's car, he made his way to the high school, popping a grape into his mouth; stolen from his parent's fridge. At the red light, he sent a text to the group chat.

𝚂𝚘 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙸'𝚖 𝚛𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚎! 𝙸'𝚖 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚛. 𝙳𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚖𝚎. 🐶

When he arrived at Ritman, he took a deep breath, taking in the scene. It didn't seem all that spectacular. Just some run-down school destined for decimation. Most people wouldn't have bat an eye. But Oleander took in how the fence was all rusty and he saw the weathered brick, and the school flag, dancing upon the brisk wind. He pulled his coat tighter against his slim frame, and patted the scarf that warmed his neck. He became a bit bleary-eyed, though perhaps it was just the cold air, he surmised.

As he rounded the corner of the school, he paused. He saw everyone standing in the field and his mouth dropped in awe. Oleander really did not expect to see these people again at all. The shock of the moment filled his body with a familiarity. Even if he wasn't super close with everyone, just the mere fact that he was here again was surreal, something ephemeral he told himself to cherish while it lasted. As Oleander moved closer, the field light illuminating him, he put up two peace signs and waved them back and forth near his face in a cute sort of way, "Hiiii..." he said warmly to everyone, "I cannot believe we're meeting again after all this time. This is soooooo weird." Oleander laughed shyly, putting his hands against his cheeks.

"Okay, I need hugs. I need hugs."

He walked around to everyone, giving them a hug if they allowed, otherwise, just dapping them or shaking their hand, or whatever they were comfortable with. Melanie got an extra strength hug though. She was someone he was always fond of, despite them not getting super close. Oleander stared at her face for a moment, tilting his head curiously, and then chuckled, wiping at her cheek with the sleeve of his jacket, "You had a smudge on your cheek", Oleander explained, smiling tenderly.

Samuel stood out to him in particular, having slimmed down so much and covered in tattoos, he was almost unrecognizable. The thoughts of the past flooded him and he wished he had done more to befriend Samuel instead of listening to his mother. Trystan grew his hair out, which actually looked nice, Oleander thought. Natalie and Meir looked about the same, just more matured. When he got around to Marco, Oleander paused, taking in the visuals. Marco was still as handsome as ever, moreso now as his grew into his sharp features. But the cane threw him off. It wasn't often that Oleander saw someone so young with a walking stick, so he couldn't help but show a little sadness in his eyes. He laid his hand on Marco's arm, rubbing it softly, "I hope you've been well, Marco." There was a tingle that rippled through him, one very reminiscent of his days at Ritman.

When Oleander finally got to Billy, he tried to hold his composure, "Billy!" he exclaimed cheerfully, wrapping his arms around his old bestfriend's neck and giving him the warmest hug of them all. They were always really affectionate and sweet with each other during high school, so this hug felt particularly comfy, cozy, and familiar. Not to mention, they had shared a certain spark, even if neither of them were brave enough to confess it to each other back then.

"It's so nice to see you again. I kid you not, I was just thinking about you the other day."

When he leaned back from the hug, there were tears trickling down his cheeks; they almost twinkled like tiny little crystals. Oleander quickly wiped at them, embarrassed, "Oh noooo..." he started, chuckling through the tears, "I can't believe I'm crying right now." He let out another laugh, wiping with the back of his palms, "This is why I hate being a crybaby. I'm so sorry guys, just ignore me. I'm being rediculous." Honestly though, Billy was one of his only true friends and Oleander was so sad when they departed after graduation. Not to mention, the very essence of this meeting was nostalgic and wistful.

Childhood friends reunited in their old quaint little town. A school of memories scheduled for demolition. A time capsule and hidden feelings simmering to the surface. It was movie scene made flesh.

People always said Oleander was a bit melodramatic, too emotional for his own good, but he couldn't help it. Plus, he hadn't seen Billy or the school, or everyone else for that matter in almost a decade. Wasn't that a good enough reason to shed a few tears? Oleander was a quintessential sentimental softboy after all; it was in his nature.

He fanned his face, calming down, a deep breath helping to reform his emotional constitution. "Wow, okay. Anyways, who's missing?"


NOTE: Feel free to skip the OKONEDO RESIDENCE section if you don't want to read any of what went down before Oleander arrived at the football field. I couldn't put it in hiders without it glitching out, sorry.
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<Snipped quote by Benzaiten>

nahhh dw about it i like what youve got, it fits. i was more amused by the fact jack just has no actual friends

Honestly, I think it makes sense for the character. lol
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Wait wait wait.

Sooooooo, just so I'm getting this right...

Marco liked Billy.
Billy liked Oleander.
Oleander liked Marco and Billy.
Marco and Oleander liked Billy.
Plus Marco and Oleander both saw Billy as their best friend who essentially tied the trio together.

How messy that could have turned out if someone confessed their feelings. Well, Billy did openly flirt with Oleander, but at that point, Oleander was still in the closet. And then Marco had his illness to deal with, so he couldn't confess to Billy.

Now I see what you meant by a Mexican love triangle.
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Yep, people can call Oleander, Ollie.

And yep, he would definitely be down for hugs from Billy. Hugs are totally his style anyways. lol


And of course you could use it! :)
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@Prisk of course u can babe :)

Anyone can use my relations template.
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@Salsa Verde

Thanks love! :)


And yeah, go for it! :)
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Oleander Okonedo

"My dreams are the only place where I feel like I don't have to pretend."

O L E A N D E R . O K O N E D O
"The Dreamwalker"

Insecurities run wild within the endless forest of Oleander's heart. For those who don't really know him, his gentle smiles, warm hugs, and affectionate dotes belie an individual ravaged with a desperate need to feel validated and loved. Perhaps therein lies his core conundrum; a lack of genuine love and appreciation for thyself. Since leaving school, his mentality has not improved. In fact, maybe further degradation has left Oleander drifting through his days dispassionately and seeking the gossamer comfort of a starlight slumber instead.

Acquaintances || ☯ Neutral || Friends || Best Friends || Crush || Boyfriend/Girlfriend || Disliked

M E I R . A M O S . M A G G I D @Salsa Verde
Meir was another victim of bullying, something Oleander just couldn't stand. He stood up for Meir once and got socked in the face for it. After that, they formed a sort of semi-friendship-acquaintance thing. But mostly, it was Meir tutoring Oleander a few times a month as thanks. They never got around to really becoming friends though, unfortunately, since they never hung out beyond those tutoring sessions.

W I L L I A M . B I S H O P @Gisk
Billy was probably one of Oleander's very few best friends during high school. They were wholesome and affectionate with each other. Billy craved the spotlight and often attracted attention with his bigger-than-life personality. Being an emotional sponge, it wasn't surprising that he fell for Billy's charisma and musical talents. But Oleander couldn't reciprocate Billy's flirting during senior year and simply wrote it off as nothing more than his usual teasing. In truth, Oleander wasn't out and he didn't want to jeopardize their friendship.

S A R A . Z H O U @banjoanjo
What Oleander always liked about Sara was that she was reliable. While he was emotional, she could stay level-headed and calm no matter what. This made her seem wise beyond her years and someone Oleander could often confide in for advice and thoughtful opinions. She kind of felt like a big sister or older cousin kind of figure to him (also bonded over the whole immigrant thing too).

J A C K . D A N I E L . W I L K E R S O N@nodogs
There is very little that Oleander can remember about Jack. She was so aloof and never around very much. Her apathetic nature made it difficult for him to connect with her. As someone who is heavily influenced by the emotions of others, her general disinterest ultimately would bury any semblance of a potential connection between them.

M E L A N I E . C A V I L L @Benzaiten
Oleander thought Melanie was really cool and they got along well. They weren't friends per se, but they were always friendly. He almost envied her in a way. She was athletic and smart, things he was not. They shared a few classes together throughout the years and worked together on a few group projects. Oleander often thought that if he were more like her, then maybe his parents wouldn't be as disappointed in him.

M A R C O . V A L E N S I @udonoodles
What is it with Oleander and falling for musicians? In truth, Oleander had a crush on Marco throughout all of high school. Marco was his first crush in fact, but Oleander, being in the closet, only watched and stared from a distance. He even had a whole love diary with things about Marco filling the pages. Oleander has since lost his diary, but even as Marco came to school less and less, his crush never wained.

D A N T E . I B A R R A @Laertes
Oleander was never really familiar with Dante, but he thought he was nice. Also, super smart, which seemed to be a recurring theme at this school. Oleander liked the fact that he always passionate and full of big ideas. He thought perhaps Dante was the rubric for how he should be. In any case, Dante is one of the few people that Oleander follows on social media. He was intrigued by the latter's courage to transition after high school. He hopes to talk to Dante more in-depth about accepting his own truth.

N A T A L I E . M I L L E R @Prisk
Oleander had a negative impression of Natalie in high school. Even if she wasn't the one who did the bullying most of the time, he could never understand how she stood by and let her friends treat other people so terribly. If they were bad, then she was bad by association and for being an enabler of their behavior.

S A M U E L . S A B I S T O N@Rockette
Oleander always felt bad for Samuel since he was bullied for being overweight. But the lad was different; not in a bad way, but in a way that made others feel a bit leery and uncertain about him. Oleander wasn't often one to judge, but when his mother picked him up after school one time, she told him to stay away from troubled kids like Samuel. So, under the 'wisdom' of his mother, he did as such and kept his distance.

T R Y S T A N . K I E L . Z A R A G O Z A . S A L A Z A R@The Man Emperor
People used to say that Trystan liked to stir the pot. Oleander wasn't sure how true this rumor was, but it's not like this was the first time a rumor spread about him. He seemed to know about every scandalous affair that went on in Delton, that didn't particularly paint him in a positive light. Oleander stayed out of his way, as not to get dragged into the rumor mill by proxy.
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