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@Obscene Symphony Clearly you not had the joy of First-Person/Present tense.
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I don't think it is normal, but I am going to check all my friends and make them think I am stalking them.
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Hyped for this new RP starting.
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My characters surreal dream experience was one of the most fun things to write.
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Note to self. Look for the source image of character references.
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It appeared that Faline had discovered a collection of boxes, each one seemingly designated for a particular member of their group. Amandine observed with curiosity as Faline began to unpack her box, revealing a set of finely crafted equipment that exuded quality and craftsmanship. It was clear that these were high-quality items tailored to their individual needs. Torsten, on the other hand, seemed to have a set of camping supplies, likely intended for his long journey. Dorothea was still in the process of getting ready, and Amandine, after descending from the bunk bed, made her way to her own sealed chest.

As she approached her chest, Amandine couldn't help but wonder about Simbel's whereabouts. She briefly entertained the hope that the Elvian might be inside the chest, though disappointment set in when she found it empty. However, what did catch her attention was a scroll nestled within. She picked up the Dragonian scroll, carefully unfastened the binding lace, and gently used the wooden handles to unfurl it before her. Inside, she found a golden reflective surface, devoid of any writing or markings. A sense of curiosity washed over her as she gazed at the scroll, contemplating its possible significance. She made some assumptions about its enigmatic meaning and decided to stow it away in her pack for safekeeping.

Amandine eagerly helped herself to the food, and once everyone had finished eating, she took it upon herself to gather the remaining scraps and pack them neatly. Faline shot her an inquisitive look, prompting Amandine to look up and chuckle. "What can I say? I am a growing girl," she quipped with a grin.

As she finished collecting the leftovers, she noticed Torsten preparing himself for their journey. He carried a rather sizable rucksack that looked a few sizes too big for her petite frame. Amandine nodded toward him, her expression determined. "I'm ready," she affirmed.

Amy: Can I have Simbel?
Mentor: We have Simbel at home.

Can I have Simbel in my box?
I am kidding.

Event: A Healer, A Bard, and two Benny's. | Location: Palace of the Chosen, An Zenui

“Nyax-Acan will be there,” Naxos announced, as they neared the city. He was pointing to a particularly large and ornate building that rested within an indent of the canyon, surrounded on three sides by its walls and fronted by a small plaza that bordered the river. “I dunno if it'll be so easy to get an audience, though,” he cautioned. “unless you've got some sorta plan, you're not telling me...”

Tku observed the building for a minute, trying to get an idea of what the building was for. It is hidden away, put into a crevice of the canyon. Yet at the same time it is given ornate stature and placed among the river. The plaza was small and basic, a necessity for any official building. Tku scratched his chin, unable to fully make out what the building was.

He shrugged, "May I ask the purpose of the building? It might help us with our approach," he asked Naxos, obviously still thinking of a plan.

Naxos regarded him. “It's the Palace of the Chosen,” he replied simply. “It's... where he lives when he appears.”

Ayla pondered for a moment. "We can always come knocking," she grinned mischievously. "Arrive with a fanfare. The people would love a demonstration, and it would certainly grab their attention. Perhaps we should address him by his title as we descend from the heavens."

“So, a little panache?” pondered Naxos, “A little pizazz?” he nodded slowly, considering as they landed briefly on some cliffs nearby to work out an entry strategy. “Where would that come from?”

Tku nudged Ayla, "I like your style lioness," Tku grinned. "I can handle the decorations, you can use your sonic, I can whip up some petals and other things to catch the eyes of onlookers." He stretched for the performance, "Think you can handle the music," he playfully challenged Ayla.

Benedetto, meanwhile, had only recently rolled out of bed. He yawned, stretched, and moved about in his silk pyjamas, rolling his neck a couple of times. He slept, of course, in the highest tower and it was from here that he pulled back the curtains to look out over his city through floor-to-ceiling windows. He gazed out across the parched yellow-red-brown landscape, the markets with their colourful canvas roofs, bright and gay, that had just begun to stir, the grand halls of the trade guilds and the spires and minarets of of the manors that perched atop the bantarsca.

Then, he heard something faint in the distance, and he turned his head. Sipping his coffee, he paused and cocked it to one side. Coming out of the rising sun, he beheld the most incredible sight.

Ayla nodded, saying, “Benny always said to 'Go big or go home,' so it's time to make him eat those words, Arslan-Tku style.” She began to pull out her flute as she armed herself with her greatest weapon.

Nyan-Acan wasn't following when his name was called, but he soon caught up. 'Go big or go home,' he seemed to agree with a resounding meow.

They were in agreement, and so the show must begin!

Tku rid himself of the unsightly harnesses and simply stood on the 2 kite tuskers. Gold and purple streamers trailed behind as it seemed like vibrant red rose petals started to form where they were going to land and fill the surrounding air. His stance was strong and confident, perfume filled the air and it whisked around. The kite tuskers were cleaned and manicured for the show. They were truly radiant, sadly he didn't have the kinetic or arcane to turn it from great to amazing. It was all on her now, the Grand Star, Voice of Torragon, The Lioness of the Arslan Family, Ayla Arslan!

Not seen from the onlookers side is that Tku almost fell to his utter doom but Nyan-Acan jumped on his shoulder and balanced him out, Thank Oraff for this cat.

After everyone was securely in place, Ayla signalled to the Tuskers to soar toward the largest tower at the Palace of the Chosen. As they ascended, she prepared to perform a melody that would harness her sonic magic. The chorus of the song rang out, its tune vibrant and upbeat, creating a grand entrance in the sky.

Tku's colourful streamers fluttered behind them, and rose petals rained down from the sky, creating a magical and enchanting display both around them and below. The Tuskers joined in the spectacle, blowing their snouts like trumpets, adding a majestic and triumphant element to the performance. It was as if the carnival itself had arrived in An Zenui, bringing wonder and awe to all who witnessed their arrival.

Tku pointed toward the shape by the window, identifying it as Benny. The cat responded with a meow in the direction of their friend. As the Tuskers approached, they maintained their graceful glide, and all four of them smoothly dismounted from their rides, landing gracefully on the balcony. Before the awestruck man, they all bowed low in unison, a sign of respect and reverence.

"Are you entertained?" Ayla spoke, addressing the man. Her voice carried the weight of their request as she continued, "We humbly request an audience with the great Nyax-acan."

Benny had pushed open the glass double doors and watched the unfolding spectacle. It was, indeed, magnificent, but the icing on the cake was undoubtedly the final act. Ayla landed light on her feet, like a cat, landing with a flourish. Then, came Tku, somersaulting off of the back of a pair of tuskers, sailing proudly through the air, trailing sparkles as he went. Nyax-Acan's eyes followed him. They watched as he over-rotated. They watched as his expression of joy turned to one of worry, then of panic, and then one of grim acceptance. He smacked hard into the ground, skidding along his chest and stomach. Benedetto reared back and laughed. "Oh, too much!" he admitted, cracking up at Tku. In truth, he'd drawn a bit of the Obenjan's energy away, softening his fall. "And I see Tku's even done his customary landing for us!" He clapped excitedly. He took a sip of his coffee. "And yeah, sure. Come on in. We'll talk before I get all started for the day." He shook his head, impressed. "Can hardly say no to an entrance like that."

Nyan-Acan followed closely behind Benny as they entered the room. Ayla assisted Tku to his feet, brushing him off and offering a sympathetic smile. "Sorry, we didn't realize you didn't have kinetic magic," she said, her tone apologetic. Together, they followed the older Benny into the penthouse of the tower.

Ayla couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu as she looked around the room. Memories from the past came flooding back during that encounter in the Forked Tower, and she muttered to herself, "This certainly brings back flashbacks."

However, they had more pressing matters to discuss. Ayla pondered how to broach the topic with Benny. She couldn't just blurt out all their troubles like a laundry list. With a hint of sarcasm, she thought to herself, Hi, Benny. we tore up the desert looking for you while you were sitting back like a king, was almost murdered, and, oh, the society you rule is about to erupt with infighting and death any minute now.

Instead, she decided to start with a more measured approach. "Benny," she began, "we've been through quite an ordeal since we last met. We could use your guidance and assistance now more than ever."

It was like a bad, repetitive dream. Except this time he couldn't cushion his fall. Reshta has deemed he would fail his acrobatics once more. It's fine. I'm fine. Totally fine with no wounded pride, Tku thought as Ayla helped him up. If his makeup had been lighter, then the red cheeks of embarrassment would have shined through with Benedetto's comments.

"Thank you for the audience Benedetto," Tku did a light bow still as he was of higher stature now. "I believe we come with important as well," Tku added.

"I guess I owe you an explanation too," Benny replied, leading them to a table with sumptuous chairs around it. "Oh, your tuskers will be fine on the balcony." He snapped his fingers, there was a surge of magic, and bowls of water and simple feed materialized in the shaded areas to the side for the creature.

Tku walked in and besides the grandness of the room, he was interested in his rings. They had unique symbols on each of them. For someone of his stature, it at had meaning, "Thank you for the accommodation. An explanation would be helpful." He was going to leave it at that but his curiosity got the better of him, "And maybe some details on the rings and dark magic?" Tku asked, letting it get the best of him.

"We were worried about you," Ayla began, her tone warm and somewhat nostalgic. She glanced at Benny, making a subtle reference to how much time had passed since their last encounter, both in terms of his appearance and the subjective experience of time from her perspective. "It seemed like an age since we were last together like this. I'm glad you made it out of that sandstorm."

Benny snorted and took a seat, gesturing for them to do the same. Deeper in his apartment, a scantily-clad woman rushed from one room to another. He glanced her way, missing her, and cleared his throat. "It has been ages," he admitted, "from a certain perspective." He let out a bark of ironic laughter. "I knew a bit of temporal magic, but I'd never time travelled before." He shrugged. "I tried to jump to before I made the stupid decision to fight the storm." He drummed on the tabletop, rings glimmering golden in the sun that filtered through the windows. Outside, the tuskers were drinking eagerly and sometimes spraying water at each other. "Sent myself back into prehistory." He shook his head. "Saw the fall of Toleus. Saw the flight of the sirrahi, the start of civilization. Saw it all."

He drummed some more. "These rings, by the way, are from guilds. They represent my dominion or whatever. These people like their hierarchies. Anyways..." They felt a sonic bubble fall around them. "I had to fend for myself and I did. Managed to hitch a ride with some fleeing sirrahi." He arched an eyebrow. "Fuckers went back millions of years and I wasn't about to stick around." He scowled and took another sip of his drink. "Want any?"

Ayla pondered for a moment, her brow furrowing in contemplation. "Did you travel into the future as well?" She recalled her previous encounter with him, where he had appeared older. She shook her head, as if dismissing the thought. "That didn't happen yet."

She looked a little hesitant as Benny offered her a drink. "The last drink we accepted was poison, and we were almost murdered," she explained. "That's something we want to discuss with you in a bit." Nevertheless, she accepted the offered drink, while Nyan-Acan explored the penthouse suite.

"Are you happy, Benny?" Ayla inquired, her voice tinged with curiosity as she looked at him.

Tku nodded at first, satisfied with himself for having figured it out. Maybe a bit of vindication that yes, fighting a giant storm is stupid. That was until Benny dropped the fall of Toleus on them and that the sirrahi were there. It was world shattering. He gulped at the thought and tried to stick it to the back of his mind. He had no reason to not believe him. He had travelled in time. Somewhere in Tku there was also jealousy, to travel not only the world but history.

But Tku pushed them back, compact them. He inspected the rings, believing now they might have a chance with the dominions Tku felt Nyax-Acan had. "I'll take some, thank you," Tku trusted if Benedetto wanted them dead, he would've done it. He was going to get to business but decided to let Ayla's question take priority for the mean time.

He poured them each some coffee. Then, he leaned back and crossed his legs, tone conversational. "I'm sure I probably have more travels ahead of me," he admitted. "Pretty happy with the gig I've got, though." He sipped again, "though these people sure have a love of oppression, no matter how much I try to hammer it out of them." He shook his head. "Don't tell me you tried to do the same, huh?" He glanced, sidelong, at Ayla.

"Perhaps trying to fight oppression with oppression is not sending the intended message," Ayla mused as she accepted the coffee cup and took a sip. "Glad you're doing well, genuinely."

As Benny steered the conversation towards the purpose of their visit, Ayla's expression grew more serious though continued to try to keep the tone light. "Just some guild masters in need of Noblesse Oblige. Kidnapping Marci wasn't enough; they have a taste for blood, and regicide is the preferred gourmet choice for their palate. After they failed and framed some clueless sap, they thought a high noble would quench their thirst as a temporary substitute." She frowned, her words reflecting the gravity of their situation. "Tku said you are the judge here, and we thought it best to address this with you first."

Benny shot her a bit of a glare at her advice, but then she continued. "Once I figured out how to better time my jumps, I ended up in a place where I learned a great deal about the VOID and..." He shrugged. "I dunno. I just didn't see much reason to come back. I've been with these people ever since, jumping slowly forward in time and spending a few months here and there if you wanna look at things in some strictly linear way. It's made me some sort of authority, outside of their formal system but mostly unquestioned... until recently." He shrugged for the second time. Ayla was still speaking fancifully and his shrug faded into a thoughtful scowl. "Less riddles, Ayla. Tell it to me straight. What's going on here?" He glanced at Tku, wondering what input he might have to offer.

Tku felt he was here more as a support and he was alright with that. Now that things have gotten to the actual reason for their visit, Tku reached for the letters within his bag. "These are some correspondence between Sozo-Calupé-Cenzan and Talo-Tecazan-Mostix-Cazui," Tku slid them over for him to read while they talked, "They seemed to have plotted on attacking 4S farm with raiders. They attacked with many demons brought forth from out of nowhere. I believe you know the master, Jascuan. This later revealed other plots that Wesca is involved in."

Ayla nodded solemnly. "Wesca is the brains behind the operation. She made that clear when she poisoned me and pushed me off her balcony with magic. If it wasn't for Benny," she referred to the cat, "we wouldn't be here. She's the one responsible for hiring the mercenaries, too. It appears that the dowager is also involved. It's a tangled web of conspiracy, all in opposition to the King's reforms, meant to consolidate and maintain power under the guise of security."

Benny's hand shot out, clawlike, and snatched the papers from Tku's hand as he was still in the process of extracting them. He grunted a thanks and brought them up to his face, where his eyes flicked back and forth across the page. When he was done with the first, he rapidly flipped to the second, and then the third. He scowled. His eyes widened. He shook his head and let out a low whistle under his breath. "Holy shit." He peeled his eyes away for a moment, plunking the papers down on the the tabletop. "This is damning. Where'd you get this shit?"

Tku let out a discreet smile, "Does it matter? It's just some evidence you or a eye demon 'happened' to find. Easier that way."

"In An Zenui," Benny replied, straight-faced, "we have laws, and we follow them." His voice was flat and unamused and he suddenly seemed a rather different figure than the impishly malevolent one that Tku had previously known.

Tku sighed, he had hoped Benny would be more lenient for the evidence. He desperately wanted to keep Marci out of it but her reputation was faltering quickly in his mind. [colour=734960]"Marci retrieved them [i]after[/] Talo and Wesca held her captive. I cannot speak for her mind scape while escaping but we have them now."[/colour] Tku spoke with an upstanding tone. "I apologize Benedetto, I was too brash with the law there."

“They are laws for a reason; they exist to maintain order and justice. But laws are only valid if they are grounded in justice themselves. The commitment to justice sometimes carries with it an obligation to disobey unjust laws.” she added, sipping her coffee as she couldn't resist offering her perspective on the social commentary.

“The documents were obtained from Talo and Wesca's house. It was during Marci's imprisonment there that she overheard their plans and saw where they kept the documents. She managed to retrieve them during her escape, the aim of bringing their crimes to light.” Ayla ran her finger along the rim of the cup. “If they hadn't committed a crime by kidnapping Marci, their other misdeeds might have never been exposed. Poetic justice, in a way.”

Benny cracked up at the pair. He held it in for a moment before letting out a small laugh. "Well shit," he exclaimed, "I was messing with you, but that's good to know." He nodded thoughtfully. "This is a good lead. A very good one, but Wesca..." He furrowed his brow and shook his head. "And the dowager... We'll need direct evidence for them. *Irrefutable* evidence. They're powerful people, and popular: especially the latter."

Benny - the feline version - let out an emphatic meow, rubbing up against a table leg.

Ayla shook her head, "Wesca intentionally kept her name off the paperwork for that reason. We doubt we would be twice blessed by Reshta," she said, tapping her finger against the cup. "We'll need to set a trap for them to expose themselves, raise the stakes. We'll put pieces in place, create a situation where they are forced to act, and they will give us all the evidence we need."

Tku agreed with Ayla, "And we do have more piece," Tku assured. "Zarina spent time with the raiders and some of them can identify Wesca herself. Desmond is helping with the transfer over to a safe house," Tku spoke with a little enthusiasm, sure they would succeed. "The assassination is a little less steady but we do have people that were framed along with circumstantial evidence that their they weren't doing it mixed with Wesca being an expert poisoner, as seen with Ayla."

He took a breath, "I also think it would be hard to get them with just the letters. But this city lives for the public's opinion. If Sozo is arrested, that forces her to make a move. If the witnesses come that forces her to make a move. One is locked in the Omenaxan and has most likely spilled her info, her name is Tenaxi by the way. Zarina is out trying to get her and a girl named Classa out." He did a lot of speaking and he felt the anxiousness build as he was putting his case forward.

"I know I'm optimistic by nature but Benedetto, I think there is room for you to strike them down. In front of a crowd to gain the public's trust. In front of the King to convince him of his mother's betrayal." Tku hoped they provided enough ability for him to act.

Ayla poured some milk into a saucer as she gently spoke "pspsps" to lure Benny to the table. The Nyan-Acan came from where it was scouting around, wearing a lady's garment on its head. Ayla discretely removed the cup with some slight disapproval as he sat on the table, lapping up the leche.

Benedetto blinked. There was little left of his younger self's bravado. He appeared to consider, going still as he did so. "You know that mess you got tangled up in before?" he asked Tku, though he did not wait for a reply. Instead, he rose and began pacing. "I made my judgement and I'm confident that it's a correct one, but Fiske killed people." He shook his head. "Killed and maimed officers who were doing their job, on a hunch. On his snap reading of the situation. He didn't trust the courts to make the right decision."

Ayla narrowed her eyes, looking up from petting the cat after quietly removing the... garment from his head. "But can they be trusted?" she prodded gently. Her experiences here had shown her something of the corruption that flowed through the lifeblood of this society.

Benny scowled pensively. "When I'm here, you can, or when it goes directly to the king." He shook his head, frustrated. "We're so few, actually trying to change shit." His fists were balled. "And there's just so much inertia built up against us." He let out an exasperated breath and turned back to Tku. "I got off topic." He waved dismissively. "Truth is, a lot of people weren't happy with how I dismissed that case. It's become a rallying point for some." He tilted his head and, for a moment, something of that old cruel glint returned to his eyes and he was the Benny he had been. "They're feeling strong now - important - like they've outgrown me or something," he sneered. "I've got half a mind to crush a few and remind them." He shook his head and looked away, crossing his arms. "It's easier to be feared than loved, you know."

There was a long, tired breath as he gazed out the window. "But not today," he relented, turning back to face them, somewhat settled again. "We do this the right way, and I think your plan's a good one." He nodded, gradually convincing himself. He glanced down at the cat named after him and smiled, briefly. "Go after the small fry first. Bag Sozo and take him somewhere legal and secure, but make sure he doesn't go to the Omenaxan; *they* own that." He was pacing again. "Promise him a deal and protection, and none of them are brave enough to directly fuck with Nyax-Acan." He grinned viciously, and Little Benny scampered off behind a chair. "They'll reveal themselves by coming after him, or we do it at the Golden Skies Day ceremony tomorrow, in front of everyone: force their hand. Force them to answer." His expression morphed back into a scowl. "And, if the people are smart, they listen," he concluded. "If they're not, then it's time to remind them what Nyax-Acan means."

Nyan-Acan watched the discussion with a keen eye. He had been scouring the penthouse, uncovering the secrets most preferred to keep hidden, and even charming the attention of the Cazenax mistresses with his feline allure.

Suddenly, his ears perked up as he heard his name being called. His sapphire eyes focused intently on the blonde man who spoke of him with such admiration, extolling his bravery and valour. Yes, this was his moment! Benedetto looked toward him, and Nyan-Acan knew precisely what he had to do. With haste, he dashed behind a nearby chair and then toward the desk, where he snatched up a dagger that was typically used as a letter opener. The blade gleamed dangerously as he held it deftly in his mouth, returning triumphantly to the table.

"Ladies, behold the great Nyan-Acan, ready for the challenge that lies ahead!" He dropped the dagger onto the table with a flourish, his gaze sweeping dramatically across each of them. "Join me in this noble endeavour, for together, we shall teach them the true meaning of my name—Purr-Explosion, the feline without equal!"

The cat made quite a show. He was quite cute, and Bendetto smiled and reached out give him a scratch behind the ears. "Sure gave him a fitting name," he admitted, before stepping back. Then, he took in the other two, his gaze growing stern. He was not unaware that they had completely ignored his earlier mention of the subject. "And I'm ready to try this crazy shit, too." He clasped his hands at the small of his back, however, and scowled. "I'll need one thing first, though, if I'm gonna have any credibility at all." He cleared his throat. "Fiske," he stated implacably.

Ayla couldn't help but giggle as Nyan-Acan displayed the same fiery enthusiasm as his namesake. She playfully placed the hilt of her sonic blade next to the dagger on the table. "And you have my sonic blade," she chimed in, giving a playful wink to the spirited feline before turning her gaze to Benedetto.

"We're not entirely sure where he is at the moment," she admitted. "But our plan is to regroup at the farm once we're done here. Would you like to join us there and discuss matters with him in person? or bring him along."

Benny's look made clear that he did not believe her for a second on the matter of Fiske, but also that he wouldn't press the issue... for now. "I *will* need to bring him in," he made clear to Ayla and Tku <@235903628630687744>. "Or things will be much harder for us." He pursed his lips. "But we've got a day and a half to do it, so it's something for later." He put his fist into the middle, where the cat's dagger and Ayla's sonic blade were. "Let's fuck up some badguys."

Tku felt relieved that Benny seemed to be okay with their plan but as it turn to the other criminal.

On the topic of Fiske, Tku was bitter obviously bitter. And he didn't care to hold his tongue. He had tried to give him the benefit of a doubt. He tried to bring it to the group's attention and instead it was met with not even a bit of disgust or unnerve. He tried to let Fiske explain himself instead he his away that morning while everyone else had spoke. Maybe he knew no one there would care? Tku pondered before shewing it away as the intrusive thought it was.

"I know where he will be," Tku contradicted Ayla in a low tone. "And I agree his crimes need to judged fairly on. I believe I am kind. I believe I am patient. But when given a chance to at least explain himself," Tku bit his lip in frustration, "He hid away." Tku was more serious than he had been before. There was no hint of his usual flair. Just a voice of someone who made up their mind.

"Ayla you preach of law and its higher purpose and I believe you whole heartedly believe that. I do as well but," Tku shook his head, "There isn't complication here. Not enough to overlook the corpse I came across. The officer's body was burned, it was beaten. So were the others." Grimace took hold, "He left angry and frustrated like a child and his tantrum got someone killed and multiple injured," his shoulders slumped and his tone shifted to a more tired one. "And I protected him. I believed somewhere in my heart that this was all a mistake. That he was attacked unjustly like we were at the farm." He gazed up at Benedetto, "I make a promise I will not protect him from his crimes again," Tku nodded.

"But-" Tku crossed his arms, "he is helping us for now. Like you said, we are so few and the job we have given him is one that he should be out of sight for the time being." Tku sighed, "The people at the Omennaxen, Zarina, will need us more pointedly than we need to get Fiske." He seemed to refocus himself.

Benny tilted his head to the side. "Well then," he replied, "A force for law and order after all." He strolled over to the double doors and pushed them open. The tuskers trumpeted in surprise and reeled back, gathering in a tight little herd as Naxos tried to calm them, regarding him warily. "Guess you know where you're headed next," he declared, striding up to the balustrade and pointing at a great black tower in the near distance. "And I wouldn't be so hasty just to bust in," he advised. "There's quite a uh... *bureaucracy*, I've heard, and the guards are *strong*."

"If I may ask, can I get placed into prison? I believe if things have gone bad I can be of more help if I'm there quicker. Just in case they are harmed." Tku asked.

Benny grinned. "You really wanna go to jail that badly, huh?" He shook his head. "I can do you one better, even," he crowed. "Remember: I can teleport people." He glanced over at Ayla. "I take it my lady - and her noble companion - will be travelling by air?" He smiled and inclined his head in her direction.

Ah yes! Temporal magic could do that, he could just grab them safely and be done with it! Tku smiled, "Yes yes, that would be very helpful."

Ayla responded to Benedetto with a warm smile. "You certainly know us well. We do have a knack for making dramatic entrances," she remarked playfully. She then moved toward the Tuskers, her feline companion leaping onto one of their backs in readiness. She looked back at Benedetto and quipped, "Plus, they might need someone to organize bail and a ride back home." With that, she mounted the Alpha Tusker and extended an invitation. "Care to join us?"

Meanwhile, where Ayla was, Benedetto smiled shyly, or perhaps regretfully, or perhaps it was mocking. "While I'd love to," he assured her, "I'm a bit constrained by politics, I fear. People I don't particularly like will soon be looking for me."

Ayla responded with a bright smile. "One supposes having two Bennys would be quite greedy when one is enough," she said with a tease. She gently squeezed her legs to encourage the Tusker to take off, and with a chorus of trumpets, the flock soared through the air toward their destination.

There was a sudden intake of energy as Benedetto reached towards Tku's shoulder. The Revidian smiled and squeezed, just tightly enough for it to be uncomfortable. Then, Tku felt himself hurled through space and time. It was but a second, but an eternal, hallucinogenic one. He landed somewhat roughly on an unsettling soft floor and looked about. It was vast and dark and... damp. There was an awful smell, in truth, and a strange reddish tint to the endless blackness that surrounded him. This was not what he had expected. Maybe he had hoped for more. Maybe putting his trust in Benedetto Corvi - regardless of what he called himself these days - had been a very bad idea. Tku did not know for certain, but he could guess where he now found himself: He was in the Omenaxan.

A good ways away and some time later, a man named Sozo-Calupé-Cenzan had just seated himself at his favourite table in the rear booth of a local tavern. It was a well-known spot, right in the heart of the city's hustle and bustle, but also private and tucked away. From here, he could conduct the business of a guild master. From here he could conduct the duties of a concerned citizen. An unholy alliance of the lesser classes and the demons were conspiring to corrupt and ruin An Zenui for their own selfish benefit, and now they had a fool king to take their part.

Certainly, he knew, as his steak arrived - a *true* steak, culled from a living animal - that they felt themselves entitled to a greater share of the running or society. They had been getting the idea, of late, that they could do what he and the other members of the Bantarsca did just as well. They couldn't, of course. It took cognitive, magical, and moral abilities, as well as an objective and dispassionate temperament and discipline bred over generations to make the hard choices necessary to steer the great sandship of society. He shook his head at the notion of peasants being given direct access to the Vozas - what an utter *calamity* that would be - and cut into the meat.

Sozo took a bite, taking a moment to savour the taste as he chewed, reveling in the juices and rich flavours. It was a much-needed meal, for this had been an exhausting morning - that unsavoury business down in the stuzéts' snake hole. He had not used his gifts in magic to such an extent in years, but the target had been strong: strong and raging and proof positive that his people were an existential threat to the cazenax if even a supposedly 'mild-mannered' accountant could become *that*. Why, if Sozo had his way, the stuzéts would be culled, sad as it was. They were something that the cazenax never should have called forth, let into their home sand their hearts, and become reliant upon. Fortunately, at least, others within society were starting to awaken to the danger.

He continued to eat: hungrily, *greedily*, and spared glanced out of his booth, for soon he knew one of his good friends was due to arrive. Indeed, two minutes later, there was a knock upon the door and a brief conversation outside. He could not make it out. He was eating like a tusker and it would not do for his associate to see him this way. He endeavoured to quick finish his meal before their meeting. Thus, Sozo did not pay much attention to what was spoken and who was there, for he was certain that he knew, just as he was certain of altogether too many things that were a good deal more nuanced than he had convinced himself of.

The officers of the law surrounded his booth and it was a lieutenant who opened it. Sozo, a long strip of steak still hanging from his mouth, dribbling juices first onto his plate, then the table and then his own fine clothes as he sat up, straightened in alarm, eyes widening. Hastily, he choked the last bite of his meal down. "What... what can I do for you, lieutenant?" These were likely the ones his associate had mentioned, who would be finding the planted evidence. They were early and he was annoyed, but people were watching.


He scowled. "But yes, of course! What is it, man?" Can't you see I'm eating!? If they wanted to sit down for a meal, it was altogether too much. His associate was always prodding him with these little nuisances, trying to impress upon him that he was her junior partner.

Instead, the lieutenant nodded to his officers and took a step back. They nodded in return and it was all very odd. Sozo regarded them with growing annoyance, a rebuke making its way to his mouth, ready to be delivered. "By order of the crown and authority of Nyax-Acan, high commissioner of An Zenui-" They produced handcuffs, of all things! *Handcuffs!* "-you are under arrest for the crimes of assault causing bodily harm, property destruction totaling over five thousand ganâx, kidnapping, theft, falsification of evidence, sedition, and conspiracy to commit murder."

Sozo, who was just lifting a drink to his mouth in an attempt to calm his shaking hands and shaken nerves, sputtered and spat it up. "W-what!?" he sputtered, face and voice matching in their incredulity, "Is this some sort of joke of Wesca's!?"

The lieutenant made a face at that and it morphed almost into a smirk and Sozo realized that he had just made a most calamitous error. "I can assure you that it is not, sir. Please exit the booth peaceably and come with us."

"And if I do not?" he asked with shaky calm, a growing edge to his voice.

"Then we will be forced to drag you in like a common criminal, sir." The lieutenant's expression was implacable.

"And is there no way we could perhaps sit down for a meal and discuss this?" the guildmaster inquired, heart hammering, pulse in his ears. "The food is quite good," he continued, "very much a gift from me for good officers following bad orders, only doing their job."

The lieutenant straightened and, with that, he made a small signal with his hand. The officers moved in and Sozo threw up his hands. In full view of all those who could see, his head was slammed unceremoniously into the table and handcuffs were snapped around his wrists. "You fools!" he roared. "You *animals!!!*" He shook and thrashed. "Do you *know* who I am!?" He kicked one and she faltered, but it was only momentary. "Do you know what I could *do* to you!?"

Thus, it was, that Sozo-Calupé-Cenzan, master of one of the five great guilds, scion of an ancient noble house, was hauled out of a diner, thrashing and screaming like the common criminal that, at heart, he was.

ꁲ ꂵ ꁲ ꋊ ꂠ ꂑ ꋊ ꈼ
ꋖ ꂑ ꂵ ꈼ
Day 1 [Night]
꒒ ꂦ ꀯ ꁲ ꋖ ꂑ ꂦ ꋊ
Lock and Key [Somerset]
ꉣ ꁲ ꌅ ꋖ ꂑ ꀯ ꂑ ꉣ ꁲ ꋊ ꋖ ꌚ
@WhiteAngel25 Faline
@Mechromancer Dorothea
@Jamesyco Torsten

ꌚ ꂦ ꐇ ꋊ ꂠ ꋖ ꌅ ꁲ ꀯ ꀗ

Amandine, after finishing her meal, excused herself to freshen up and change into more comfortable nightwear. She returned wearing a simple silk top and shorts, heading for the top bunk she had identified earlier. She noticed that Faline was already settling down underneath and offered a warm smile as she climbed up. After bidding everyone a good night, she settled into a meditative position, preparing herself for rest.

Throughout the evening, she remained quiet and contemplative. Amandine focused her thoughts, reviewing the events of the day and guiding herself into a restful, meditative slumber. She was known to be an early riser, so after only a few hours of sleep, she found herself wide awake and ready to face the new day.

ꁲ ꂵ ꁲ ꋊ ꂠ ꂑ ꋊ ꈼ
ꋖ ꂑ ꂵ ꈼ
Day 1 [Night]
꒒ ꂦ ꀯ ꁲ ꋖ ꂑ ꂦ ꋊ
Lock and Key [Somerset]
ꉣ ꁲ ꌅ ꋖ ꂑ ꀯ ꂑ ꉣ ꁲ ꋊ ꋖ ꌚ
[NPC] Sir Dorian
@WhiteAngel25 Faline
@Mechromancer Dorothea
@Jamesyco Torsten
@Red Wizard Simbelmynë

ꌚ ꂦ ꐇ ꋊ ꂠ ꋖ ꌅ ꁲ ꀯ ꀗ

Amandine was surprised as her words sparked a sense of panic among the others, all volunteering to take the floor in deference to each other. It was a heart-warming sight to say the least, and it gave her a good measure of the different personalities within the group.

She nodded toward Dorothea, who still seemed anxious and stammered a bit. She smiled warmly at the young girl and said, “From my research, they did have a cure, as I mentioned earlier. Those with Duskrot are vulnerable to fire. So they treated it by purging the victims with flames, preventing it from spreading that way. Those infected willingly underwent the process to protect their loved ones. The difference with humans is that they tend to run and scatter, like rats on a sinking ship, thus spreading the disease, which then grows out of control.” She paused for a moment and added, “Not to say the amulet wouldn't work; the Hiemaquas are a different tribe. We might uncover a lot from their ruins about their customs, which would be priceless in itself.”

Her red eyes then fell on Simbelmyne, watching her with curiosity at her brutally honest nature. She could tell that Simbelmyne was a pure soul beneath that socially rough but intriguing exterior. The moment when Simbelmyne transformed into a bird and flew out the window made Amandine wonder what roast eagle might taste like. Perhaps it was a good thing they weren't sharing a bed; otherwise, she might find herself considering eating the Elvian.

Amandine grabbed a biscuit and turned to others. “It looks like there are enough beds for us after all,” she said, smiling toward them for a moment. “Though, I think I may take one of the top bunks.”

Set a new theme song for Amandine which I just came across.
ꁲ ꂵ ꁲ ꋊ ꂠ ꂑ ꋊ ꈼ
ꋖ ꂑ ꂵ ꈼ
Day 1 [Night]
꒒ ꂦ ꀯ ꁲ ꋖ ꂑ ꂦ ꋊ
Lock and Key [Somerset]
ꉣ ꁲ ꌅ ꋖ ꂑ ꀯ ꂑ ꉣ ꁲ ꋊ ꋖ ꌚ
[NPC] Sir Dorian
@WhiteAngel25 Faline
@Mechromancer Dorothea
@Jamesyco Torsten
@Red Wizard Simbelmynë

ꌚ ꂦ ꐇ ꋊ ꂠ ꋖ ꌅ ꁲ ꀯ ꀗ

Amandine continued to watch and listen. They kept surprising her in various ways, and she found herself lowering her guard a little. They might come from different backgrounds, but they don't seem to be bad people. The Paladin spoke with wisdom, the reclusive Druid displayed empathy, the Ranger stepping up to lead, and the Mage was attentively listening to everyone. She had to stifle a giggle at how matter-of-factly Simbelmyne responded to her sarcasm.

Amandine sighed and relaxed her tone. “My people have lived in the Western Rife Mountains, back when both the Dragons and Dragonians roamed the land. We are simple folk, herding animals like mountain goats, and they provided protection in exchange for gold.” She looked at each of them. “Since they disappeared, life in our land has grown worse. Monsters began to roam, bandits and marauders plough through, searching for long-lost treasures and wealth, hurting anyone they encounter. The Emperor's protection is limited, and we are far away. People leave for the cities, our population dwindles, and our homes become as sparse as the ruins.”

“I am here as a scholar, and what you see as an ancient trinket with magical properties is the remnant of their god. Would you willingly sacrifice your gods to this cause, for potential hostile strangers?” She knew both Torsten and Simbel understood her implication well, even though it was futile, as Faline explained. “Though, as Faline said, we were born in the wrong era to encounter a Dragonian. If any are still around, my Shifu would have mentioned it.”

She refocused on the task at hand. “So, our mission is to navigate dangerous, booby-trapped ruins filled with the angry remains of Dragonians.”

As the others continued to speak and interact, she warmly greeted the dwarf cook and inspected the food, inhaling its scent to identify the ingredients in the stew. She glanced at the four beds behind her. “So, who's sharing a bed?” To be fair, she was willing to sleep on the floor to avoid any arguments, but she wanted to see how the team would collaborate to address this matter.

The Tremere are blood mages.

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Cloudy, Light Rain Location: Main Corridor
Participants: Anastasia Arslan @Ti, Raffaella Struna @Emeth, Leah Clearwater @vietmyke, Manny Ryi @Ebil Bunny, Everyone Present.

Amidst the chaotic eruptions that reverberated through the ballroom, a frenzy of movement ensued. The once elegant space was now a disarray of students darting in multiple directions, a blur of colourful dresses and suits racing toward the shelter. With determination etched on her face, Ana's arms enveloped Raffaella, squeezing the girl in a tight embrace. Beside her, Manny and Leah materialized, their presence solidifying their resolve. The Ni-Seraphi and their menacing Pupa were breaching the sanctity of the building. Time was a fleeting luxury, and urgency spurred their actions.

Ana's voice pierced the tumult, a directive laced with both authority and concern. Her gaze toggled between Raffaella and Manny, these two souls who she now entrusted with a pivotal task. "Raffaella, Manny," she began, her tone both stern and nurturing, "you've got this. Lead the way down that corridor," she pointed ahead of them, "and keep them moving to the shelter." As the two nodded, Ana's eyes turned to Leah, their gravity evident as she awaited the others to move out of earshot. "Leah," her expression was grave, "be ready to seal the path behind us. If they catch up, we can't take them all. Send anyone you see to the shelter or the infirmary if they're hurt and can still be useful. No one left behind."

Her commands issued, Ana's heart swelled with trust in her friends' capabilities. With bated breath, she watched as Raffaella and Manny guiding the students with a mix of firmness and reassurance. The gravity of their mission demanded every ounce of their strength and focus.

But chaos abounded. A Pupa materialized suddenly through a doorway, snaring a student in its clutches. Panic rippled through the air like an electric current. Without a second thought, Ana seized a standing chandelier, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Battle cries mingled with her determination as she lunged forward, the chandelier now an impromptu spear. With a resounding crash, she drove into the creature, her makeshift weapon ablaze with the fervour of her defiance. Wax dripped and flames danced in the midst of the chaos.

"Move! Keep going!" She shouted at the fleeing students, their safety her paramount concern. Left alone with the Pupa, Ana knew she had to hold it back, at least for a moment. Gritting her teeth, she faced off with the creature, the makeshift spear her meagre defence. The Pupa lunged, overpowering her with its superior strength, a bone-rattling collision that sent her staggering.

Barely regaining her footing, Ana locked eyes with the creature, a dance of defiance and desperation. The makeshift spear became her lifeline, a barrier between her and the relentless charge. The Pupa's red eyes bore into her, its determination matched only by her own.

And then, an opportunity presented itself. The Pupa lunged again, the chandelier poised as a weapon of defence. But it was a ruse. The creature sidestepped the crude spear, its momentum carrying it dangerously close. Ana's breath caught as the pointed finger end grazed her arm, pain flaring to life. Thankfully missing her chest.

With a grimace, Ana's gift surged within her, a golden flame of cleansing power that shrouded her form. Resilience coursed through her veins, and with a surge of adrenaline, she closed the distance. Her movements were a blur of determination. She caught the creature's head in her grip, her vitesse-infused strength surprising it. A whirlwind of motion followed, a breathtaking manoeuvre that sent the Pupa crashing to the floor.

Dazed and disoriented, the creature struggled to regain its footing. Ana seized her opportunity, the chandelier now a weapon of vengeance. The resounding impact was met with a sickening squelch, the stench of sulphur and scorched flesh pervading the air. A jolt of triumph surged through her, even as pain throbbed in her arm.

"I rather liked this dress," she muttered under her breath, her words defiant.

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