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Current I'll sing my message loud enough so you may hear me.
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My characters surreal dream experience was one of the most fun things to write.
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Note to self. Look for the source image of character references.
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Spent around seven hours doing Collab. Time flew!
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Signed up for my second game. Same GM. No idea how he squeezes all that hard work in one day, but he is good. Called Oriflamme, check it out.
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Event: Castle Mandelein | Location: Mandelein, Kerremand

“Home, Sweet Home”.

Jamboi leaned down as he picked at the dirt, rubbing it between his fingers. The Yanii tended to prefer the wet path and the Yasoi tended to prefer the trees.

He moved to swing up into the trees as he perched upon the top as he took in the sights, scouting as he attempted to make out key figures of the geography to get his bearings, making sure to avoid any tree octopus or tree crocs, or the stranger Kerreman tree variants of climbing animals that tend to inhabit these parts.

Furthermore, he called down instructions below as they moved, the ragtag group making good time. He was able to make out the fringes of civilization as he guided them towards that direction.

The unnatural roar was particularly interesting. Ashon started to hop between the tree tops, he aimed to narrow down its location. Searching for signs and tracks.

It was when they approached something more familiar when things heated up.

“Yanii’s ahead.”.

Event: Primitive | Location: High Desert, Torragon

With the group doing their best to hold off the Royal Sand Wyrm, Ayla had one trick up her sleeve, and a friendly rodent covering her back.

She drew her hands as she gestured, using her flute to play. The unnatural sounds emanated from the VOID. The waves of the VOID start to seep into the surroundings, reflecting as they converge upon the Sand Wyrm.

The creature… the creature was unable to resist the VOID.

The eerie music corrupting its very soul, twisting it’s emotions as now it started to become…


Extinguishing all anger, fear, sadness, the Sand Wyrm is now begun experiencing the very pleasant and warm fussy feeling when one is truly happy.

Event: Metropolis | Location: Wánggǎng, ReTan

Maura raised an eyebrow as they seemed to appoint Yalen as the leader of this little troupe, especially as the blonde boy appeared out of his depth. Maura rolled up beside him with a smile beamed toward the deputy Governor Hou Jianhong, the translator Jiang Xiulan, and the others assembled to greet them.

She leant forward in a bow-like gesture as she spoke up to put her Retannese classes to use. “你好。我的名字是商人莫拉。龙湾岛岛主。” Whilst the speech is a little stilted, hopefully it will increase the likelihood of there being positive opinions of the group, and her especially.

She started to follow suit with the others in the company, greeting them one-by-one, allowing for them to introduce themselves whilst providing a suitable name and title in Retannese.

Yalen: “五人信仰的亚伦弟兄”
Trypano: “炼金术士特里帕诺”
Niallius: “光辉之剑的尼亚鲁斯”
Abdel: “调查官阿卜杜勒”
Ingrid: “海巨人英格丽”
Rikard: "雷霆天空的里卡德"
Kaureerah: "海科雷拉之声"

After the official introductions, she allowed the translator to continue her work. She smiled and nodded, “We think your Avincian is good. Hope to learn Retannese as well as you speak it.”

Maura smiled and greeted Wu Long warmly, taking his hand. “Culture and Respect are important. We are honoured to be introduced in such a respectful and hospitable way. We aim to use the opportunity here to learn more about it, and perhaps share our own.”. Whilst it was easy to do pleasantries, the idea of a group of students being expert traveller hunters was rather concerning, also the pang of ‘from your homeland’ felt like it was subtly accusatory. “Evil does not concern itself with boundaries. We will assist the best we can.”

Event: Primitive | Location: Tethered Refuge, High Desert, Torragon

After separated from her new friends, she found herself returning with some old friends to the place they first met. The desert. Despite all the perils, returning here since forever has brought some excitement, as she wondered how life has changed for those who remained behind. She was almost tempted to make a Sand Angel before realizing how embarrassing that would look.

“Remember when we first came here. All those hungry Halassa were chasing us? Jo went pow, one flipped and it cartwheeled away. Then we tricked that big grumpy sand wyrm? It was an adventure.”

It was when they had to be quiet they entered the refugee, she put her game face on, despite the temptation to announce Hola soy Ayla~! in happy reunion.

The biggest surprise was how Amanda, the tethered leader, look so spiritedly and fresh. Even her friend Marci, Amanda’s daughter, was overjoyed at the sight. Though, news from her grandfather drew concern.

The mention of the Ruins of Zaqhoria though… was different. No excitement or adventure there. Only death. Ayla nodded, as with Zarina, but the three of them were not enough. “We barely escaped when it was six of us and a royal sand wyrm…” This is definitely not a good omen.

However, there was something she could do.

“As for the other problem. We have the solution for this.”

Ayla went into her satchel, as she pulled out a bunch of papers, including an old paper which is approximately 300 years old from when she was last here, with an additional letter. Adorning her cloak, she started to display her thoughts for others to watch.

“King Sancho is interested as the refuge has a very important position. One that has long been unused and unexploited.” She patted upon the bundle of papers as she pushed it forward to Amanda. “The Refuge is in a prime location between the Northern Coast and the Merapora. This could become a very valuable trade route, especially if trade from ReTan were to avoid the monopoly of Malabash and Virang, and come through Torragon.”

She decided to go fully into the pitch, “This is a plan we have drawn up for the Refuge, yourselves, to become a major trade hub. This would resolve the funding issue, you will no longer rely on others for income, they will be petitioning you for funding. You would experience trade and prosperity, and access to exotic goods. The Refuge will no longer be a remote plan hidden in the desert, the Tethered Refuge will become a gateway to the Merapora.”

“The papers are a petition, and a proposal to King Sancho. It would be a mutual relation in terms of protection, establishing a Suzerainty. In return, you have full internal autonomy, including profiting from the trade travel from the network.” She beams widely, “As fortune happens, my business partner is in ReTan as we speak. She offers her full upport as well, she has a... invested interest with Abdel." Her cheeks blushed as her meaning could be rather evident and clear without the accompanying cute mage of the pair together. My proposal to you is allow our trading company to be the ones to work with you in this, offering an unrivalled partnership as a gesture of continued goodwill towards everyone here.” She spread her arms out.

Though, she knew what was coming next, what was her stake in this, and she aimed to nipped it in the bud. “My ancestor, Alizée Arslan, made a promise to the people here, and as her descendant, it is my responsibility to fulfil it to the best of my ability. This place is home to some of my dearest friends.” She looked around the room, indicating toward Jocasta, Marci and Isabella, including images being displayed of Laella, the children in the classroom, and the many others she encountered here. “So please, take a look through what is there, and it should contain the answers you need. We will do our best to help Escarra in the meantime.”

Event: Stepping through the Portal | Location: Ersand'Enise | Starring: Maura @Ti, Abdel @YummyYummy

Life was, overall, good for Abdel. He made new friends, got two jobs he enjoyed and was beginning a third that hit another passion of his, and had a girlfriend. Well, they became a thing around the break of Caldores. Both had gone their separate ways to reunite with families, one at the Refuge along with other Tethered youths with his two big adolescent Skuggvars and infant Wyrm, and one back to Varrahasta. Still, they met up to see their respective homes before eventually tackling the start of the year with optimism.

The young man, not even fifteen as the school year commenced, had continued tracking low-grade criminals associated with Traveller activity or other illegal works. Inside the cap of one of the marks, after a frisk, he’d find the following the note:

Surprised but aware of what this might be, his first instinct was to approach someone like Yalen or Zarina for better insight, but eventually he opted to find his partner instead, with his intimidating critters in tow. He knocked on her door, unable to hold back his smile.

Maura was preparing to get ready herself. The letter said to be outfitted appropriately, to meet the Zenith?! She was going through her wardrobe to find her best dress, jewellery boxes open and gold cast upon the bed. What is a suitable gift… is this about the trade company?. There are hundreds of questions going through her mind, no, thousands, the unexpected invitation was overwhelming. In the middle of her preparations, there was a knock at the door as she made haste to throw something on clumsily and did not have enough time to fix her hair. The door opened as she was in a somewhat dishevelled state to be greeted by no other than Abdel. “Oh… you cannot be seeing me like this”, she closed the door as she began to blush red. What if he doesn’t like me any more after seeing me like this? Oh no, we just slammed the door on him!. She creaked open the door. “Close your eyes, then you can come in.” She peeked through the door to check, then brought him into the room.

What Maura would see by peeking would be Abdel with the most generic of dark tunics, baggy cloth pants and some T orragonese-style shoes. Typical, yet the fabric appeared of high quality - being friends with Isabella would do that to even the most fashion-challenged people. “Uhm, okay.” he complied, confused as to why girls were so uppity about these things. He stepped in, hand covering his eyes. Once he would have been one to try and sneak a glance, but he had since gained a little bit of class, “You’ll never guess what I found on some guy I caught.” he seemed excited to share his story, eyes still shut, leading him to pace around in the drawing room like a fool and bumping into some random furniture.

Maura rolled her eyes playfully as she whispered out: boys. She moved toward her vanity as she gazed within the reflection as she straightened herself out. Her eyes also followed the boy as he appeared completely clueless, unable to help but giggle at him. “A note from a special person!” Abdel boasted, “It’s in my back pocket if you can reach it.” he turned around to what he thought was the opposite of her. He was being honest with not peeking by even shutting off his drawing. After fixing her lip balm, she moved toward Abdel as she moved her arms around him, embracing him at that moment, an excuse for closeness as her hands roamed for his back pocket. “You won’t believe it, Ayla and myself received a special note as well, from the Zenith, even. We think she might have heard about how successful our business is doing and this is why we are dressing up.”. Her cute face facing up to his face, blushing and smiling fondly toward him as she snagged the note.

Abdel returned the embrace and opened his eyes to see his Maura all eager for some hugging, and looking bright as ever, “Look at you, so fancy.” she chuckled, before posing a kiss on her forehead as she inspected the note. It was the same as her’s, “I think …” he scratched his cheek, “It’s because Ayla was part of the last group, and I was involved too.” he paused for a moment, and then it hit him, “And she saw just how essential someone with your smarts would be if we were sent somewhere!”

Maura raised an eyebrow to him, “Who said flattery gets you nowhere. They don’t know what they are talking about.” Her gaze connected with his as she leaned up to place a peck upon his lips, her eyes widening as she realized her lip balm was now plastered upon his mouth. “Perhaps you should wash your face, we are off to see the Zenith after all.” She moved herself toward her seat, the new cushioning being a well deserved treat for herself as she made her way toward the door, waiting for him to catch up.

Abdel blinked post-peck, and his cheeks tightened a bit as he couldn’t withhold his growing grin, “You’re right.” he admitted, taking a couple of minutes in the lavatory to wash his visage before emerging, looking fresh with his hair damp too, “Okay, ready?” as they stepped out, Qadira and Dayanara were waiting for them, and Zorayas was lurking about as she usually did.

They would eventually reunite with their friends and face Zeno-crafted puzzles to prove their worth. Nothing they couldn’t get through, even if the couple was split.

Once through the other side, they sat down to tea and cakes, listening to the Zenith, and her request for aid. It seemed like their skills were in high demand, Maura, who has learnt Rettanese and Governor of Longwan, and Abdel, bounty hunter and investigator. The task before them was ripe with opportunity, especially as the offer of trade relations were on the table.

“This is the big opportunity we have been waiting for, the chance to get a slice of the Rettanese pie.” Her eyes sparkle as Ersand’Enise is never ceasing to be the place of dreams and opportunities, of what a stroke of Reshta to have been able to enrol. “Mmm, Rettanese pie.” Abdel oafishly daydreamed, “Just be sure your, ahem,” he made some air quotes with his fingers, “Rival -” he nudged his head toward Ingrid, “doesn’t try to swallow it all.” snickering ensued. Maura raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Rival? Please, we are not even in the same league.”. She moved her hand within his, her fingers spreading to encourage his apart as they interlocked, squeezing upon his hand.

The pair walked forward into the portal, stepping through into Wanggang, ReTan.

Secondary Character

Secondary Character

Event: Coldfire Training | Location: Zenobucks HQ, Zazzy's Dorm Room | Starring: Ayla @Ti, Dorothea @Jasbraq, Zarina @Yummyyummy

It is time for class! The girls made their way to Zenobucks headquarters, also known as Zarina’s dorm. They found a cool corner within the room which was converted into a make-shift classroom. There are plenty of pots ready for boiling on the side and available for practice.

Ayla was excited to find out more about her family history as well, the fact the book was apparently written by her great-great-great… grandmother was certainly a big thing and she hoped to examine it more. She went toward the front to help herself to an ‘Ayla’, preparing one for Dory and Zazzy for when they turned up.

It was a MESS. Monkeybirds were waddling about, chanting tunes and repeating words they had just learned like human toddlers, albeit with an avian pitch and often a lack of context understanding. However …

“Squawwk! Kitty cat! Kitty cat! Cooking cat!” called out Nehk-butt, the most social of the Monkeybirds and definitely understood what she was saying. She slapped her dragged towel onto the wooden floor as she called out, “Yes, that is kitty cat, Nekkie. Here.” a small bowl with a piece of pork was served, and the bird eagerly dug in. Zarina then set her hands on her hips and addressed Ayla, “Ready to learn? Where’s your friend, Dory?” she asked while tidying up the remaining planks of woods that were to be placed next to the pots.

Dory huffed and puffed as they finally found the dorm she was going to meet. ” I’m right here. Sorry if I’m late, I had to do a little errand,” The girl smiled towards the others before jumping on Ayla. “Ready to learn, Ayla?”

Ayla was caught off-guard as Dory pounced upon her. She stretched open her arms as she happily received the girl, and brought her in for a hug. “Hola Dorada!”, and pecked her friend upon the cheek, giggling in excitement of the moment. As Dory resumed her proper position, she turned to Zazzy, “We should be ready now. Now show us the book.”, stretched her arms out toward her in that teasing ‘give me’ manner. In the moments where Zarina busied herself with the preparation, she turned toward Nekkie, “Hola soy Kitty Cat, what is your name?”, and leant forward to pet the Monkeybird as it enjoyed its pork treat.

“Kitty cat! Kitty cat! It’s a Kitty cat!” repeated the avian, flailing her arms in excitement when Ayla gave her attention. Clearly she didn’t truly understand speech yet and merely repeated terms that were triggered by certain things, such as Zarina educating the bird on Ayla being Kitty Cat, “Kitty cat! Dewie! Kitty Cat!” she raised the ‘dewie’ which happened to be her old, used towel she dragged around.

Zarina emerged from her bedroom where the Froabas eggs remained under the sun, “Yeah, got it.” she waved the booklet in her hand and posed it on the main table by the large Mammoth wool bed sprawled in the living room. Both girls could freely take a gander, “Dory, welcome.” Zazzy gestured toward a chair, inviting her guest to sit, “Nekkie! Not on the table.” she shot her index finger right at the bird, causing the hyperactive Nehk-butt to freeze and then waddle away.

Ayla giggled at the sight of Mother Zarina with her Monkeybird children, standing up to greet her friend warmly as she gave her a hug. “Enjoying motherhood?”, she smirked wide as she moved upon her tip-toes to give the tall girl a peck upon her jaw. Zarina’s lips puckered up, and her eyebrows cocked, “Y’know, I’m never going to judge housewives ever again.” Ayla then snatched the booklet from the table with a twirl as she moved over to the seat again as she pulled the old letter from her bag as she brought it side-by-side to inspect the hand-writing. “They look pretty similar, we think”, she held the documents together and squinted, “Could be the real thing. Now we are even more excited to learn.”

With the booklet on display, they look at the various diagrams. The strangest concept was that the base ingredient was water to create fire, or specifically, causing it to erupt into flame without the use of arcane magic. The result is a blue flame which appears invisible in daylight.

”Water to make fire? The only thing close to something like that that I can think of is steam… but steam is nowhere near fire.” Dory rubbed her chin as she tried to make sense of said concept. ”Do excuse me if it will take me a while to get the basic of the spell right.”

The animals were eventually dismissed into Zarina’s bedroom as they were about to do a few experiments, some of which could harm the critters. The hen of the coop sighed in anticipation for the later hours where the room would need to be completely cleaned in order to be remotely habitable. She joined the two and sat on a chair in reverse, arms crossed and her chin over her forearms, “It’s, like,” she addressed Dory’s concern, “you transform the water into something that can catch fire, and the specific method makes it invisible, and kinda ‘cold’, I suppose.” Zarina pointed toward a small splinter of wood, and suddenly it began to evaporate.

“So, does the booklet have your blessing, O’ heir of Hetraxa?” Zazzy smirked over at Ayla, “The spell doesn’t work too well when there’s too much water, however. It still needs to heat up a little and water doesn’t actually ‘burn’.”

Ayla studied it further to understand it better, “It is more… you are burning water without using heat.” She pointed to a diagram of a triangle which shows the fundamentals of fire being Heat, Air, and Fuel. “So this is conventional thinking and this makes sense, right? You set something alight, like wood, and it burns. It doesn’t burn when in water instead of air.” She points to the other side of the page, “This spell completely takes this idea to the next level. It turns water into self-reactive air, which creates an Air which burns itself like a fuel which creates the heat and fire.”. She pours further through the pages, “It is self-containing. So the fire only lasts as long as it is cast. Obviously, if you do it at something flammable, that would cause a secondary fire.”

She closes the booklet as she put it down, “It does make sense… during the Attack on Red River, the accounts report how she turned the sea into fire and burnt the Zaqhorian fleet to ashes. It sounded cool when we were young, a pretty tale but clearly not possible, right?” She pat upon the booklet in a knowing manner, “Perhaps she actually did it after all.”

“This spell really is that powerful? To reduce a whole fleet to ashes…” The Feskan began to let her mind drift with the information presented. “So this is more similar to the touch of corruption spell we learned in the Chemical classes, is it not? Although this one feels more specialized. I am interested to see how far the Arcane school can push this spell further.” It seems as if the moment she could relate the process to something more familiar, she instantly got more excited about it.

Ayla paused for a moment as she considered it. “Why… yes, it is a lot like Touch of Corruption! We didn’t think of it that way, but you got it spot on. It turns the water into a reactive gaseous acid which spontaneously combusts. You are a genius, Dory! Perhaps that is the missing link in this unorthodox thinking.” She laughed loud and happily, and hugged the girl next to her.

Zarina’s gaze shifted between the two girls, lagging a bit behind when it came to all this brain work, “Yeah, that.” she wagged her finger toward Dory and forced a confident smile, “Sounds like you ladies are catching on quick. Good, less work for me~” with that same finger, she tugged the booklet closer to take another gander at it, “... What’s the touch of corruption again?”

The girls started to explore the finer aspects of the magic through the best method possible, practice. It was slow-going at first, especially as the temptation to use arcane to heat up the water was overwhelming. “No, don’t try to burn the water.” “But wouldn’t that make it easier?”. What made it even confusing was how the flame was invisible, and that took longer than expected to notice, as the girls weren’t thinking to account for it. After getting used to spell and seeing it in action, they start to experiment, coming up with new and creative ways.

The pots were coming to a nice boil as the blue flame sat upon the surface of the water, bringing it to the ideal temperature for coffee. Not only they practised for strength, but for control, being able to keep it stable and holding. Zarina rewarded the pair, not with an Ayla, but the Spratz Queen herself brought them all a special treat to go with the beverage.

“The Spratz certainly makes the bitterness of the coffee flow like silk.” Ayla nursed the cup in her hand after the long day they have spent getting the basics of it this far. “Right?” Zazzy was indulging in moderation - a first for those who hadn’t noticed her drop addiction-caused drinking. Had she gotten over it somehow? “The stuff’s still hard to sell ‘cause of the price. Literally selling our souls for this.” she gave a judgemental but clearly exaggerated and humorous glare toward Dory, the Spratz trader herself. Dory smirked in a rather smug manner. "Something so delectable should come with its fair price, no?" The Feskan shrugged as she thought more on that question. "Not really something I can change as I am now." She sipped upon the cup in a refined manner.

Now, it was practise, practise, practise, in their free time for the girls to perfect it.

Event: Spratz Sisters | Location: Leaky Ladle, Ersand'Enise | Starring: Ayla, Maura @Ti, Dorothea @Jasbraq, Yuliya @Suicharte

It is during the closed hours of the Leaky Ladle as Ayla and Maura finished up some volunteer hours. Whilst the girls have met up a few times, this is going to be the official formation of the little musical group they are putting together. The other two should be arriving shortly as they start to decide on a name, songs, and the theme.

Maura took a hold of the Hang-drum as she began to start playing to set the mood. The instrument sat between her legs as she began to run her hand upon it, tapping with careful precision strikes with a tempo. It rang out with bell-like chimes, accompanied by clapping to give a whole body feeling to the music.

Ayla waved, greeted the other two when they came to the door, supporting to them to settle in and set up as Maura continued her practice. When they eventually settle, it is time for the big announcement. “Tonight, we shall form a music group to rival the Soul Sistas themselves!”

Yuliya had walked in a little bit before Dory, enjoying the drums as she walked in and giving a nod to the two. She took her seat in this rather quaint tavern, a place she was not entirely unfamiliar with, but was still foreign enough to give her some enjoyment. She pulled out the cello she’d bought, the finest one she could get her hands on, with her instruments remaining at home. There was a brief test to make sure it was tuned at her dorm room, but it would more than suit the activities that they’d get up to. “Rival? We prettier. If we play better, we better!” she smugly laughed, standing to take proper position and remembering the days of her childhood where she’d practise every day. It hadn’t been nearly 2 months now, but it felt so long ago she was last there.

Dory was a bit later than expected, having the shamisen she got from the Soul Sistas’s concert. The idea of forming a band was rather exciting, but she was still surprised that Ayla invited her, considering her lack of musical skill. “Do you think we can beat them when it comes down to music?” The girl fidgeted as she looked at the confident looks of the others. “Well, whatever it is, I will do my best!”

Maura finished off her playing as the others arrived and smiled toward them. She saw Dory’s lack of confidence, smirking mischievously. “That is okay, we only invited you because you are pretty~”, as she couldn’t resist the tease. She turned to Yuliya as well, giving a light blush from receiving such a similar compliment from someone as pretty as her, “We expect we will find out soon enough if we are prettier than them.”

Ayla couldn’t resist a friendly giggle as well, “Don’t mind them, we want you to join us as you are my friend. We are here to have fun and share joy through music. Though if things are too bad, we do have a sonic mage.” She winked as she moved behind Dory as she gestured to her to hold upon the Shamisen. “Have you been practising like we have discussed? You should play something for us.”

Dory nodded weakly upon hearing the question. “I have… Although I am not quite sure that I’ve gotten a hang of this Nikanese instrument…” The girl started to put her hands on the strings and tried her hardest to play a couple basic melodies… to mixed results.

Maura clapped her hands as she whooped in encouragement toward Dory, watching the Feskan girl go. Sure, there were some errors, but she had clearly been practising and making good progress. “Tried to get Ayla to convince you to play the Hurdy-Gurdy, great for dancing through a Beerhall with.”

Ayla raised an eyebrow toward Maura, “Shush, she wanted to play the won she won.” as she placed a little over her lips as the other girl rolled her eyes at the gesture.

“We are excited about the Cello. It looks bigger than you, Yuliya!”

She smirked. There was definitely a difference of ability within the group, but after hearing Maura and watching Dory play, she was fairly confident in their ability. She herself knew she’d at least be decent. She’d had some practice with most instruments that could be found on Callanast, but the string instruments of the twin continents were always her favourite. Likewise, she thought of the many fond memories of her mother watching her play, giving her advice, interrupting the tutor. Back when she was a girl with nairy a care in the world.

Truth be told, though, it had been a while since she last played. Maybe a couple of years or so now. But she had briefly practised in her room, and it was like riding a bike again. Turning to acknowledge Maura, she stood up, holding it by the stem and speaking softly before playing. “I’m excite too. I miss playing this.” And so she played. She was quite good, but the lack of practice was evident as sometimes she felt out of key, or missed a string barely with the bow. But with how calm and confident she looked while playing, only a trained musician would be able to tell that she didn’t mean to do those things. After she finished her little solo, she cursed herself out in a language none of them could really comprehend, frustrated with the little mistakes that added up to a failure in her mind.

Ayla watched upon Yuliya as she played, the way she somehow brought brutality to music and played so aggressively was just so raw yet there was something sophisticated about it, as trying to convey it in such an elegant manner. “That is just… wow…”, she moved over as she looked closer at the bow as the horse hair was split and shredded.

“We are going to be Chulo!”, she clapped excitedly. She looked at the girls before her, definitely going to be a group worthy of song and music, “Once we practise together, we would be great.”. Ayla nodded in agreement, “That does leave one very important question, what should we name ourselves?”

Dory thought to herself before realising something. “Those girls from Rettan had a band, didn’t they? They called themselves Soul Sisters if I remember correctly. Maybe we could do something similar.” In deep thought the girl could not find a good name herself.

Maura put her hand to her mouth as she smirked mischievously behind it and attempted to suppress her giggle, “If they were Feskan, they should have been called the Spratz Sisters.”

The Feskan squinted her eyes towards the obvious joke, clapping her hands together and showing a warm smile. ”Oh, what a great name! It rolls off the tongue perfectly. Way to go, Maura!”

Yuli thought about it for a minute. It could work. I mean, they could have gone a direction to differentiate each other from the other band, but it was catchy and the others seemed to like it, so eh, why not? She nodded in approval and spoke “Is it because we’re so sweet?

Ayla giggled at the suggestion, Spratz is addictive and for good reason, with a well-earned reputation. “Looked there are three votes, and now four for that suggestion.” She pulled the other three together to give them a group hug. “Remember to come here every week for group practice. When we perform live, it will be a blast!”

Maura’s mouth dropped open at how it was adopted, and how quickly. She didn’t have the heart to say she was joking now. Besides, there were far worse names. It was simply nice to be with friends. “We’ll be Bach.”

The jam session ended with a final note from Ayla.

Event: Arslan-Mercador EEC Trade Company | Location: Ersand'Enise

This is the moment that they had been waiting for as the courtier delivered the parchment. The two girls were already in discussion as the knock of the door came.

Maura held the papers bundled up in their protective cloth as she felt the weight in her hand. “This is too light to be a rejection letter”. Her eyes raise up to look at the other girl, twinkling with excitement.

“Open it then, Hermana She giggled, prodding the wheelchair playfully.

Maura batted the hand away from her chair as she began to unwrap the documents. The stack appeared to been freshly inked and stamped with the thick wax Ersand’Enise seals. The document stacks were being shared between the pair of them as they poured through the text.

“There are some changes but…” ”... it is all here. Signed. They approved it!” The pair of them looked toward each other, and squealed loudly, hugging very tightly.

“Time for Blue Rose…” “Arslan-Mercador Ersand'Enise-Callanst Trade Company” “... Arslan-Mercador Trade Company to begin trading from today!”

With the official go-ahead granted by the council. The girls began putting their hard work and efforts into motion, and with official permits in hand, started to secure the assets, buildings, and locations they require.

“Time to put ink to parchment in Mudville.”

Maura was upon the top of the Schwarze Alice as the Torragonese vessel approached, one of the specifically designed East Callanstman vessels. The ramp was lowered as the girl came on board to meet the captain. The Merchant Prince of the Horseshoe, the one named Edgardo Mercador.

“Papi, it is good to see you.”, the girl rolled up in a cheerful manner. The captain finished his conversation as he came over to lift her up out of the chair, squeezing upon her before delicately placing her back down. Mi Morrita - My little girl, why have you grown so big. Papi’s heart aches with you no longer by my side. We cannot trust these contadores - accountants” Maura returned the hug as she squeezed upon him. Even though it has only been a couple of months since she left home for Ersand’Enise, it has certainly felt like forever that she has seen him.

“You know we cannot afford the Callanst expansion without the continued investment from the Arslan family. They have always rewarded us well for looking over their little Princesa.” She moved her hand upon his as she squeezed upon it. “We have missed you loads too, Papi”

The pair were brought food and drink by the crew on an impromptu arranged table and chairs for them to both sit upon. Edgardo reviewed the papers within his hands, flicking through the copies, including a copy of the deeds for the territories of Longwan Island, and Glaskum Kelp Forest. “You have gone beyond expectations, Morra - kiddo. So much, so fast?” He did raise an eyebrow toward the name, getting further into bed with the lions wasn’t his highest priority, but with recent changes, perhaps it is good timing to relieve further concessions from their coin purse as the new masters of the city, especially as there is a lion on the flag. He held up the cloth which pictures a ship, with a lion on board, sailing to the sun.

Maura simply smiled as she saw how pleased her Papi looked. She had been a good girl all these years, and seeing him smile like this was truly a blessing. “Ersand’Enise has more favourable and neutral trading arrangements, under the protection of the Magi. Our ships should not face the same resistance in the waters.”

Edgardo was still in shock. His little girl had advanced their dream so much in such a little time. Ersand’Enise is truly the place of opportunity. “War is still brewing, not even the Zeno’s would dare to get involved.”

She grinned widely, undeterred by the remark, as she handed over the other package wrapped in a blue cloth. Instead of string, it appears to be the stem of a rose, binding it together. Edgardo regarded her in a suspicious manner as he unwrapped and peeled away the cloth to peer underneath as gold reflected upon his face, realizing, and then covering it again. He spoke quietly toward her, “Is this… what is that flag?” “A ship in every port, Papi.”

The pair embraced once again.

“We shall do as you ask, and establish a foothold in these territories. This time next year, goods from Callanst shall be associated directly with the Mercador name.”

Ayla bought her company portal pass as she waited for the Silk Gate to open. She remembered the first time she came here with Jocasta, and the madness that followed. Now, here she was, her name at the beginning of a trade company she set up with her childhood friend.

The portal opened as Hogh Munkhelad laid before her on the other side. Her task was simple, to go shopping and buy multiple goods to bring through into Ersand’Enise, and see what sells big in the City. Once the city has a taste, to then see what can be then bought in bulk, set up contracts and contacts on the other side, and prepare to send out goods across into the Twin-Continents.

Ayla sets out through the portal, stepping into the Hegelan City of Water, centred in a prime location as this is where the Washawi and Olaxec rivers meet. This is important as the Olaxec, Washawi, and Kuska are parts of the longest river stretch in Callanst, no, Sipenta. The trade here was also rife with goods and services to be bought and sold, and with the portal opportunities, there are very many eager merchants wanting to take advantage of the influx of trade and goods coming from the other side.

Ayla didn’t come alone, but bought a cart of goods from the Twin-Continents from Torragonese Terracotta and Beef, to Vigrandish Pepper, and even Coffee. She brought an arrangement of baked treats from Macaroons and Churros that she baked herself, even some sample of Dorothea’s Spratzmuffins. All in an effort to wet the appetite of Hegalen traders wanting to be the first to bring in goods from the other side.

She went from stall to stall, down the crowded streets as she introduced herself at various shops. Thankfully, she is able to befriend a merchant interested in Torragonese Beef early on, and his son came along to help with the translations in passable Avincian. She is sure that he was ensuring their family got a cut of a finder’s fee, but it did make establishing connections a lot simpler.

It also seemed being short in stature herself helped ease the tensions that might have normally come with trading with humans, as they appeared more at ease with her.

Even amongst the crowds, she noticed familiar faces such as Desmond who appeared to be visiting on business of his own. A mental note to check in with him at an opportunity as well.

The day even more being productive as she brought through goods, from exotic looking trinkets, to more staple Hegalen goods to test the market and attempt to arrange buying in bulk.

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