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The Tea Room
A Community Discord

Order of the Hourglass (co-GM) - Main: Ayla Arslan, Secondary: Ashon'Amar'Loiyang, Maura Mercador, Taleja Drakenknecht. NPC: Oksana Levlytsar, and others.
Welcome to Vradia - ꁲꂵꁲꋊꂠꂑꋊꈼ

Current TTRPG
(Roll20) Frostwind (D&D5e) - Argento, Paladin.
(Roll20) Conan - Ivan, Cossack.
(Discord) Picaresque Roman - GM

Current One-One Roleplay
None current.

Eldritch Escape - GM (1:1) - Daylight has not risen for seven days, and no one has noticed. Everyone seems oblivious to it, acting as they normally would. People are starting to disappear, but the news is silent. Bodies are appearing on the street, and yet people pass by without a second thought. Just when you think it couldn't get worse, you die. You are revived by your new companion, who calls themselves Bellwether. The thing that killed you? A monstrous Eldritch horror. Now, it's down to you to fight for your survival.

Potential Interests:
Currently interested in things that catch my attention. A little bit different or a spice to it.
Wuxia/Xianxia themed Martial Arts/Cultivation
Steampunk / Diesel Punk
Age of Sail (Discovery, Pirates, etc)
and more.
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