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19 days ago
Current Feel in the mood for a 1x1, but no idea on what I want from it.
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11 mos ago
My characters surreal dream experience was one of the most fun things to write.
11 mos ago
Note to self. Look for the source image of character references.
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12 mos ago
Spent around seven hours doing Collab. Time flew!
1 yr ago
Signed up and posted in my first RP. Excited.


Current Games:

Sipentaverse (roleplayerguild)
Order of the Hourglass (co-GM) - Ayla Arslan, Ashon'Amar'Loiyang, Maura Mercador, Taleja Drakenknecht.
Oriflamme - Asier Arslan

TTRPG (roll20)
Frostwind - Argento, Paladin.
Conan - Ivan, Cossack.

One-One Roleplay
Only engaged with one-shots so far.

Potentially Seeking:
Sci-Fi Settings
Wuxia/Xianxia themed Martial Arts/Cultivation
Steampunk / Diesel Punk

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