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14 days ago
Current =W= forever. Today's jam: Jamie (acoustic.)
26 days ago
Waldo took some time off and finally found himself.
1 mo ago
Why shouldn't you argue with a dinosaur? You'll get jurasskicked.
2 mos ago
This book on anti-gravity is so surreal, I can’t put it down.
2 mos ago
Just type.


Howdy. I'm Dee. Been tabletop RP'ing since '90 (D&D 2, 3, 3.5, Rifts, Palladium, D20, Pathfinder, Shadowrun) and writing collaborative fiction for nearly ten years (JvS, represent!) In my day-to-day existence, I'm a theatre technician, a parent, I tend to work too much -- and writing is my escape. I take it pretty seriously.

I'm a pretty big fan of Sci-Fi (but I'm pretty selective about what I read,) Post Apocalyptica, certain Fantasy works (though I prefer my sword-and-sorcery via tabletop...) and Zombies. Used to watch a lot of movies, and read a lot, but having a three-year-old stymies that quite a bit. (2022 edit: the three year old is now nine!)

Some character inspirations: Harry Callahan, Max Rockatansky, William Munny, Snake Plissken, Tyler Durden, Cpl. Hudson (RIP,) Severen (RIP,) Peter Venkman, Malcolm Reynolds, Han Solo (to be continued...)

I tend to look for small groups of dedicated, talented writers who post regularly and love the unknown of spontaneous or semi-planned RP. Hit me up with ideas!

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Gunther -- good to see you! (Last wrote with you in that Serenity RP a few years back.) Haven't made the OOC yet, but I'll linky it ASAP. I need to dig thru your PM's and get back at you.
Anybody? Let's go... don't make me get the lasso...
Hey -- Western lovers! Come on in!
ok, send me a PM, we can work out some form of Google Doc!
hmm. To be honest with you -- not really. I trust in my ability to "roll with it" and have been writing fic since 2007. I rarely if ever plan it out. Spontaneity is king.

I just don't know how to reel in writers. If you have ideas in that vein, lemme know!
ok, I am content to start up a thread for OOC, IC, and Characters... but I'm not convinced there's enough interest yet.
**looks, sees, likes**
I suppose so -- although I hadn't really thought of that, initially. I pulled the notion from 'The Postman,' honestly. Stealing the clothing, maybe trying on the persona. Or even, creating a fictional travelling fire & brimstone judge/jury/executioner type. Should have recalled the Pale Rider motif. I love that picture. But it has been a very long week, and honestly, I thought of stealing / finding clothing a la Postman.
I'm thinking something along these lines.

...except he's no preacher.
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