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Current Hey all, I’m in some complicated times atm, will try to reply this week.
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Pardon my absence friends.
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Fam visit over weekend, I’ll reply asap
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Woo-owh where half way there woo owh livin on a prayer - 4 of 8 major college assessments done!
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Hey all, I’ve got quite a bit in next few weeks, excuse my absences :-)


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How about a somewhat casanova space explorer journalng his/her way through various systems, many aspects of these adventures that will not be detailed in public ;-) i can play either gender role/s, or we could do a pair of adventurers...

I’m a casual player, typically easy going, but like a bit of detail, perhaps images to set the scene if a description is too challenging.

Do pm me :-)
Very cool, recently got hooked on the expanse, can’t wait for the next season. I’m going to have to ponder a bit on a character for this.
K4TY had no ability to intentionally be stealthy. She followed William into the long grass. Since she hovered above the grass, she spotted the turkey nest first, and the turkey spotted K4TY. It leapt up, revealing several eggs that it had been warming, and showing its height, it was almost as tall as William.

The turkey was outraged by the disturbance and charged at the party. Within moments it was a short distance away...
Don't be sorry man
A few miles up the road, the party came upon a pre war ranch. There were dozens of wrecked cars, trucks and farm machinery scattered around the yard. There was the skeleton of a house, partially collapsed long ago, and a barn that was mostly still standing.

Areas that had once been gardens were overgrown with all manner of plants. The fields had returned to mostly natural prairie, with grass and herbs up to waist height, and the occasional thicket of trees and shrubs.

K4TY couldn't detect any threats, though somewhere in the distance there was a weird gobbling sound.

My bad, though I gave an option, I was anticipating the party to go south, so had that kind of mapped out in mind, now I've had to do a fair bit of thinking about what exactly is north west, I had a vague idea, just need to develop it. I probably should just roll to randomise stuff in the future lol I think that would deliver the best outcome.

Appreciate the prompt though, glad you're still interested :-)

So you want to head south east toward Lawton?
"#<!* According the the professor..." K4TY was referring to the vaults very reclusive and possibly mad scientist. "...less than five percent of humans survived the Great War, of those, half will be horribly mutated, the other half will be reduced to savages scavenging in the irradiated wasteland like animals".

K4TY paused its macabre answer with a rasp, or rather the professors statement somehow etched into data. Her front sensors seemingly stared at William. "*#< My assignment is to monitor and to assist, I don't have an opinion ¥{#".
The track zig zagged down the hill. K4TY swirled slowly as it beelined toward the main road. The dense thickets of shrubs made it almost impossible to see beyond the road, K4TY scanned nonetheless.

Upon reaching the main road that passed through the grassy valley, K4TY raspily declared "to the south east is Lawton, a military town most likely struck during the Great War *#<¥". Implying that it may be a source of weapons, though may also be irradiated. "To the north west is the whichita wilderness and wildlife refuge" it said, implying there may be a suitable area for GECK deployment and settlement.
Apologies folks, been very busy and out of mobile service the last few days and the rest of the week.
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