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Current Hey all, I’m in some complicated times atm, will try to reply this week.
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Pardon my absence friends.
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Fam visit over weekend, I’ll reply asap
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Woo-owh where half way there woo owh livin on a prayer - 4 of 8 major college assessments done!
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Hey all, I’ve got quite a bit in next few weeks, excuse my absences :-)


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The vault door faced east, it was tucked into a rocky outcrop on te side of a mountain. The road leading down to the valley is in disrepair, weeds grow in the cracks. Aside from rocks, there is a great deal of regrowth forest trees and a few abandoned and trashed construction machines, possibly from when the vault was built.

K4TY hovered out and it's scanners slowly rotated. The morning sun was low over the horizon. K4TY randomly said "it's a wonderful day" in a positive feminine tone, albeit robotic and ending with a raspy "scchh".
The Overseer shielded his eyes as the light poured into the vault. "Remember your primary task is to find a new home for a lot of people, it should be defensible and have resources, or at least an area around it to deploy the GECK" he said, "also, if you can find more weapons for us, and the settlement, that would be good too".

Walking the party to the door, the overseer looked out but didn't pass the threshold.
Not really, this is afterall essentially a beta run so I'd rather a smaller group than larger :-)
I did, I messaged him/her, kind of changed his/her mind.
@Voltus_ventus hey mate, how's it going?

Though I'm the Overseer/GM I prefer not 'moving people along' though may do it from time to time, don't take offence.

Also I won't be particular about post order except for during action / combat mode.
One badly repainted Rob-co Ms Nurse hovered out of the medbay and up to the entrance where Will was waiting. She introduced herself in a robotically feminine voice "hello" her statement was followed by a brief raspy static sound "#*^<".

Derek, the vault security officer arrived also, in order to see the party off, and take a peek out the door. "Damn I wish that siren would shut up" he declared, it made the whole door opening experience unnerving. He approached Will, saying "hey Will, this is K4TY" he said gesturing toward the mr gutsy like robot, manufactured for medical assistance. He leaned in and said softly "though 'she' does prefer to be called 'Nurse Katie', and I'd stay in her good side because she has had some, programming tweaks".
Don't rush out the vault yet please, I'm going to introduce a robot npc to join you both
The overseer nodded at will, then looked at Agatha. "He's keen, that's why he got the job" he stated matter of factly before addressing Agatha's concern "glad you mentioned it, just a moment".

Walking over to a locker, the overseer pulled out a backpack. He carried it over to the desk and opened it, he took out to vault-Tec water canteens, they had there own sling. Then he pulled showed the rest of the contents, three flares, a multitool, a kitchen knife, a few cans of food and a rope.

"Obviously all these things are self evident, and you know, the rope, well Charlie Bronson always has a rope, and he always ends up using it too" he said as he repacked the bag and slid it towards Agatha. "I really wish we had more weapons to give you, but until the timelock on the armoury expires, I can't leave the entire vault vulnerable by giving you Derek's weapons".

He cleared his throat and walked over to his console. "Now we better get a move on, I'll see you to door" he said as he turned the key and pressed the button to initiate the opening of the huge vault door.
Yeah no worries, I've been having forum bug issues recently so haven't been logging in as frequently.
The overseer looked at the archaic wall clock before replying to Will "it's zero seven hundred now so the earlier you leave the better, make the most of the daylight, if there is any".

He then faced Agatha, replying "well I didn't select you, the TURKS did, but having said that, I think it is a good selection". His mind wandered momentarily to some of the disasters caused by inappropriate individuals being placed into roles way beyond their skill sets.

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