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Current my hero acadamia rp,…
1 yr ago
Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..
2 yrs ago
pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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2 yrs ago
Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!


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still searching.
bump I guess
I will keep trying.
*sighs* will keep trying, I don't bite you know so I am sure it won't hurt to take a look or get in touch :P
Bump up
still searching.
As it is clear to see, I am searching for a role play partner. So lets get right to things shall we?

a few rules, (not many)

1/ I do not do well with one liner posts

2/ Lost intrest? want to drop out? let me know if you don't want me chasing you up.

3/ try to post at least once a week. I kind of get impatient after that and will start chasing you down.

4/ I don't do smut or sex so don't ask.

5/ I don't do CS's either but can put put a CS together if you prefer.


* means I can most likely can put a plot together
# in pairings means the role I like to play


Yu-gi-oh (Either GX or original)
Fairy tail*
(there's tons more, I'm just too lazy to make a list of them all, so just ask if you don't see anything)


#Kidnapped / kidnapper*
#Slave / master* (I have a few different ideas on this)
#Angel / Demon*
#demon / Human* (I am sure I can come up with two different plots for this)
#human / Demon* (just cause I don't mind playing a human or demon here)
#Angel / Demon*
(If there is a pairing you like to sugest please feel free to sugest it to me, I am usually rather flexible)

PM me and we can talk.
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