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Current my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..
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pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!


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@RoccanIronclad I'm sure we can come up with something, send me a PM if your still looking for a partner and we can talk.
@SkyeGreen We can talk, spitball ideas and maybe roleplay together, I can do fantasy stuff and might have a character in mind. Expect a PM soon after this message (If you don't already have the PM)
@GamerXZ are you still looking or did I just waste my time? you not got back to all so I dunno what is going on?

You got my interest.

Send me a ooc PM and we can talk plot and characters and pokemon gen and all that. Depending on the gen in mind I have at least two cannon characters I like to try roleplaying, one is from gen 2 and the other I believe was gen 3 (I honestly can't remember..tbh)

@Lord Sesshoumaru might be intrested, PM me with what you have in mind.

As he stood around, the dark shadow dagger in the evidence bag faded away into nothing at this time and was gone. Aizawa could see there was still another fight taking place a little up ahead but he stood back. This wasn't his fight but he would stick around if things turned for the worse. Finally he spoke again to the other two that was with him pulling out a notebook writting down his number twice before tearing out the page giving one number to each of them. "Call me if something turns up or you need me for anything."

Slowly he walked up the damaged park area to where the other fight was taking place ahead with what looked to be some girl with a quirk he wouldn't be able to stop with his own quirk which might be a bother seeing she was one of the other villians that had turned up, another girl he knew nothing about and some other person, a male fighting by himself. He wanted to be close by just in case the male needed some help, he was sure after all the male was a hero at any case.

@Argonaut@King Cosmos@creamymikan@Guy0fV4lor


He sighed, he grew bored of waiting for a no show. Well he thought maybe he could find them? this was down town after all and was almost sure Twisted Metal hangs out around here in the shady spots but maybe he was wrong? He could ask around in his own bar at least. "Oy guys!! do anyone here know Twisted Metal at all?" there were mummers around the hall before one spoke "Yeah Shade, I know. He hangs out in a sort of dump, near a skip or like junk? it's not far from here actually."

Getting up looking up at the workers "If anyone comes looking for them to the dump and to me won't you?" After hearing them promise to do just that Shade left the Inn and made his way quickly down town. Finding the dump and soon finding the old shack that was used by Twisted. He walked in without a worry looking at all those inside. "You sick of those hero's as well I'm sure?"

@King Cosmos

It will stick around for an hour before fading away so it still be in the container at this time. But will soon fade away.

As he waited in his inn for any bad guy to pay him a visit he was talking to some of his reguler guests, listening to storys of stealing and black mailing which didn't really intrest him but it was something to do. The Black Nest was a little full today but no new faces or rather..not any of the faces from the park. He kept glancing towards the door before looking back to the speakers again. "Waitin for someone Shade?" No-one really knew his real name and they doupt if Shade himself really knew it any more. "I have an would help to have others to listen to. To take down the title of hero..with my quirk...and the fact I am still unknown it helps. I can sneak into their group and plant seeds of distrust, I sent out a few notes but I will give them time. I can do this with or without them anyway."

"We can help as well you know! this is like a home to us you know?" Shade smiled, maybe he could make use of those who regulerly come here...though their abilitys, their quriks are nothing fancy. But still, he can use them if needed.


After nodding in thanks to Phycut for doing what she could for his injurry he pocketed the eye drops back into his pocket looking around tiredly and a little annoyed. Hearing Blazing Fist speak close by Aizawa made his way over. "You mean the one who seemed to use Shadows? I don't know anything about him. Never seen his quirk before either. Hard to say if he was a friend or a foe.."

Sighing a little looking around again, he didn't like this much. But right now going after the villains in their condition would be a bad idea, the attack was disorginised and everyone was doing their own thing. "Next time....we need to work as a team, instead of all of us doing our own thing. I made a mistake and payed for it, not again." He wasn't on about the dagger but the fact he nearly choked, having a villain use one of his tools against him. It annoyed him but he made a note in his mind to never let that happen again.

"One thing at a time, first we need to tidy up this mess, then see if there are any sacurity videos on what had just happened here. Maybe we can identify who is who and find them before they attack again." He said finally.

@King Cosmos@Argonaut
@Guy0fV4lor fair enough.
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