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Current Ps5 or new Xbox..... Hmmmmm
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1 yr ago
Let's go joker!! lets steal some hearts, from the phantom theives of heart!! persona 5 royal hype.
2 yrs ago
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3 yrs ago
my hero acadamia rp,…
3 yrs ago
Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..


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okay, you got me intrested @Angel Of Red


that is up to you, they your characters at the end of the day.
it's cool, I usually only do one on ones anyways.
maybe this can get this started seeing my free RP was going no-where lol

I don't mind.
Name: Rafiel
Nickname(optional): N/A
Age: at least over 100....for reasons lets say he is 231
Gender: male
Species: Pure guardain
Likes/dislikes: He likes Fish quite a lot be it raw or cooked. He hates violence, anger, anything negitive as it has a rather bad effect on him
Role in society: citizen
History(optional): He doesn't remember much about his past after being locked away for around 10 years if not longer in the dark and so the world scares him as well as being alone in the dark. He was kept captive because of his blood will boost the strength of anyone who drinks it be it magical strength or phsical. He was kept alive for that porpose but eventually he did get free. Though he has a pair of brillaint white wings he is no able to fly with them as he was born with a very frail and weak body and never did have enough strength to fly but where he lacks in phsical strengh he has untold magical potental.
Other: N/A

Yeah she's fine, if we get two more maybe I can start this hopefully but who knows :/
Lol Lyly if your interested then give me the rather simple CS


You could try asking any friends you have here to join in.
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