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Current Ps5 or new Xbox..... Hmmmmm
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Let's go joker!! lets steal some hearts, from the phantom theives of heart!! persona 5 royal hype.
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my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..


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birthday pump, PM me if interested
birthday bump, PM me if intrested.
New idea

A form of blackmail! - Simple enough. Your character is a hacker that finds nudes or something crazy racist on my characters phone! He had also hacked her webcam, watched as she tested out bondage play with ropes and gags and the like though not really finding it something she enjoyed. To act cool though while watching he heard her say how cool it would be if someone breaks into her house, kidnaps her and forces her slavery. She spoke about freedom being overrated and would just want to spend the rest of her life in bondage though never meaning anything. A quick search and you learn her address, to make her yours.

Reminder of the other ideas:

plot 1

MC just turned 21, she invites a few people including YC she really does not know apart from online to meet with her in the woods for fun and games. She never even met with an of them or know any of them yet she is feeling bold. She jokes about bringing rope and they can 'have her' any way they like just for fun. She didn't expect anyone would turn up but all the same she goes off wanting some time on her own, she even brings with her the ropes she said she would have, finding some of her older sister's things, being a little tipsy she also tosses in a few ball gags not thinking in the mix and a blindfold or two. Her sister was a flirt and loved to play naughty as it were. It was late, dark she was alone in the woods near a lake. She had left her phone at home, her final post was that she will be waiting to have some fun. Online she was a tease and yes, a flirt but in reality she just wanted a quiet life..As expected, no-one was there...

I was thinking this can turn into a kidnapped situation/bondage sex slave or toy or anything really

plot 2

MC is in jail for a crime she never did, she was framed and was now behind bars in a medium security prison. YC is a security guard working in the prison and all seems fine apart from MC still insisting she didn't do anything. She has been warned not to keep kicking up a fuss, as she would cause fights, trying to break out every chance she had...every opportunity..What she didn't know is in this prison the guards are in charge and were allowed to do anything to the girls they were watching. In the prison there was an area that some girls spoke of a place they do not want to return. There was a thick red door that led underground which led to a part of the prison that is more of a dungeon than a deal with the more difficult inmates.

This can be more of a fuck toy/bondage play situation

plot 3

MC has a BF (YC) though she doesn't realise he is controlling her. Telling her who she can talk to, what she can eat, where she can go and so on. Her friends told her he is not good for her so one day she goes over to his place, to tell him she is leaving him. He however has other plans and since she is trying to leave, he will keep her...hidden away in a secret place. Keep her trapped and his...his slave to keep and play with, he is not going to let her leave freely..

Pm me
I got a few ideas in mind, got that itch to role play and lacking yeah.

As for rules, I am rather relaxed with this and is laid back so the usual rules apply like no god modding and that stuff

I think I should add I do 3rd person role play and I role ply through PM and will be role playing a male. For my original ideas I can play a female if requested especially for the nsfw ideas I have.

anyway, lets get into the fandoms:

Anime fandoms:

MHA, characters I am willing to role play:- Shouto, Aizawa, craving Amajiki as my main...I also role play Dabi.

Bleach, Characters I role play here is Ukitake or Toshiro.

Fruits Basket, My characters I role play in Yuki, Hatori, Ritsu, Ayame

Inuyasha: I like to roleplay Sesshomaru

Game Fandoms:

Undertale, I usually main W.D Gaster but have role played quite a lot of the cast before now.

FF7, characters I role play here is Tseng from the turks but I can also try Vincent or even Nanaki.

Pokemon, usually I do an OC here.

You can play what ever character you like be it from the fanom or your own OC

(I suck at lists so if you don't see anything ask, I played/seen a lot of games/Anime so it wouldn't hurt if you want to try something.

I also have a few original ideas if you are interested

I have a fantasy sort of plot

A supernatrual plot

A few nsfw plots, I usually play the sub in these.

PM me and we can talk
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