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Current Ps5 or new Xbox..... Hmmmmm
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Let's go joker!! lets steal some hearts, from the phantom theives of heart!! persona 5 royal hype.
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my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..


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I like your idea and would love to play the female role to your idea.
@Shadow Dragon

I can do a one on one RP, what you got? PM me so we can talk.
@SonySoen sent you a PM
The slave trade is leagal in most places in this fantasy world. However, there is one rule to the slave trading trade, humans can not be sold as slaves but everything else is alright. Mostly the rich owns a slave, for work labor, for pleasure reasons and may other reasons. My character happened to be a young elven female, young for an elf as she just came of age and against all warnings she left the safty of her elven home to go exploring. It wasn't long before she was caught and taken to the slave trade. After taking a look at her they put her into the pleasure and fun section.

PM if intrested.

Hope to hear from someone sooner than later.

Same here, PM me so we can spitball ideas, I just know I love to RP Ukitake. I might have a lose plot idea as well.

Alright, you got me on brother/sister.

I can play an adopted little sister to your brother.

Might even have a plot starter in mind.

I not watched Bleach in years but there was one character I found adorable and would love to RP with him and that is the captain of squad 13, Juushiro Ukitake. so I am totally intrested in doing a Bleach RP with you.
Yeah it was me and your welcome. @Hidden Lilly
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