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my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..
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pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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bump up, still looking
bump, I don't bite :P
I been watching the newest episodes and it made me want to role play Yuki Sohma from the show.

No rules really apart from no one liners I guess.

As for your character, you can pick one from the show or create your own also don't worry if you never even heard of the anime, might be more interesting for you if you haven't, stepping into the unknown ^^

Anyway as for parings?

My character Yuki / Your OC female (or male can work as well)
My character Yuki / tohru honda
My character Yuki / Akito Sohma (Something I want to try out)

PM me for a quicker response
banned for bringing up something stupid like Warhammer 40k
@Helexa PM sent your way :)
random fact? my head makes no sence and my spelling is realllllllllly baaaaaaaad.
banned for your bird picture looks gay
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