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Current Let's go joker!! lets steal some hearts, from the phantom theives of heart!! persona 5 royal hype.
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my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..


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I know your not craving it however if your willing we can do a fire emblem? ever played Radient Dawn on the Wii?

So hi,

Everyone does it so a little about me:

* I been role-playing for about 15 years now

* I am understanding and patient (though I hate waiting) but understands that everyone here has a life away from the computer and can't be on 24/7

* With that said I am here most days on and off checking and searching. So usually post at least once a day if not more.

* I don't normally do these so I can't think of anything else to say about me lol apart from maybe my age but why bother since anyone can claim to be any age but with that said, I am 34, come this december I be 35.

* I will accept any partner and any age, if you are under the age of 18 however I would like to know as I can get rather dark and evil in my role plays.

now for what I am looking for:

Simply put all I ask for a partner is three things,
1/ no one liners
2/ If you want to drop out, for any reason let me know instead of leaving me waiting
3/ feel free to duscuss and share any ideas with me if you like.

now for the roleplays, let's start with fandoms.


Fruits basket
Fairy Tail


Fire Emblem
Final Fantasy 7
(If you dont see anything on this list since it is rather short and you want to give it a go then please let me know)

Now for pairings:

The character I would like to RP will be coloured red, yours will be coloured blue but I be open to compermise

Angel/Demon (Have a plot)
magic creature/human

again if there is a pairing you like to do let me know as again my list is rather short

PM me if intrested and we can talk more.

After considering some thought I would love to try and do the Mystery Dungeon Academy story.

I always give my all in any role play and is always aiming to get better each and every time though I have been role playing through many different systems for around 15 - 20 years now. As for the human turned pokemon I think I will go with one of my favorite starters, Snivy the grass snake.
@Emera Lorethe original post hasn't been on for a year but if your still up for a fairy tail RP I'm game if you are.

I was thinking maybe a new orginasation has invaded Fiore who have anti magic weapons and devices, tools and equipment that sucks out magic for magic is now said to be a crime with the new government. You with an OC will be fine and I was thinking maybe taking the role of Rougue, the shadow dragon slayer. After bearly escaping capture, for some reason the new orginasation are seeking and captureing dragon slayers and they had taken Sting.
thank you ^^
I didn't know where else to post this :/

anyway, can someone tell me the code to add in line breaks to posts? I did know it but I forgot what it was.
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