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I don't want to go into rules so I only have the one, I am not the most patient of people so if you decide, yes I will like to do this with you, try to at least post once a week but if not then let me know and not keep me waiting. I will check up on you, give you three chances to get back to me before moving on.

Now for the plot, I will break this into three sections.


The world has has three main kingdoms, a kingdom high in the north, brutal and tough but they get by, Then you got the biggest kingdom around the center which is the heart of the land with a little of everything apart from the costline. The kingdom to the south is the one with the coastlines and trades in a lot of fish and the like. Slavery is not illegal in any of the three kingdoms, but human slaves are still not allowed. No, in this world, living in the wild are those who are part animal part human. For example there are those who are mostly human but are seen with claws of a tiger, tail and ears. These beast people are okay to be hunted, captured and used as slaves. Many keep them for different reasons. Some for war, some for work, sometimes even as pets for children or even toys to be played with.


You have just came of age, being the son/daughter of the king of north. Most people there have a cruel, wicked side to them and the king is no different. He will torture his slaves having quite a few just because he can...Seeing how his child is coming of age, he tells his child he has a wonderful gift to present to his child, a slave of their own to play with, to beat, to use in any way...to be in charge of. The child never really had a slave of their own this will be their first, usually the child would ask to borrow a slave from their father if they needed something.


Naelasa, unknown by the king of north, being part raven is also king of the raven people. After getting captured by the kings slavers his people gathered others like them to group together, coming out from forests, the mountains, gathering in secret to put an end to the mistreatment of their kind. Some of them can also shift their shape into the animal they are a part with, Naelasa if free to do so can if he wished turn into a large raven being the raven kin. There is talk of starting a war against these kingdoms.

This I envision be a mix of story/plot as well as nsfw content if you are also into that. A mixed bag where anything can happen. I hope this will appeal to someone :)

Of cause if you have any questions you are free to ask and I will do my very best to respond with an answer.

Thanks for your time.

PM me or tag me if you like to know more or would like to give this a go.
My character was looking everywhere for a job, newspapers, online, in the job center and found nothing she thought she was qualified to do. By some luck however she did find something finally online.

It read as followed:

Wanted someone to work around the house, cleaning, cooking, polishing and other household jobs. Pay will be fair and based on your hourly times on working. No experience is needed, click here for more info.

After my character clicked to see more it came to her screen a contract to sign, terms and conditions. No-one read that so she clicked agree to all that and put in her name Cindy Stone, age 24, she added in her home address, her number and her email address.

What she didn't read was following.
By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to offer up your freedom in this legal binding agreement, your freedom will be stripped and you will be reduced to a slave. If female you will also be expected to give sexual attention to your master. You agree to have anything done to you with no questions asked, live to serve....and more on those lines. Cindy never read that, she had an email almost at once saying someone was coming to her home, she was 'hired' and someone was going to lead her to her new home/work placement.

I am looking for a dom male character who is not afraid to hold back.

I do my role plays through PM also PM me if you like to give this a try.
another new idea added.

new idea:

In a fantasy setting in a time of war everyone is out for themselves. However there is talk of gaining power maybe even that of the gods but for that you need a key but the key is not any normal key. The key is a white winged person, the last of it's kind. To gain the power that only the key can lead to for yourself the key must go there as a prisoner or captive. Otherwise if the key wanted to go by himself to the source of power and being free to do so the power will go to the key instead. Power hungry people and creatures hear of this and also hear a report of a white winged person spotted in the woods... I am hoping this to be a M/M rp and would like my character to be male but I can do F/M as well

PM me and let me know :)
birthday pump, PM me if interested
birthday bump, PM me if intrested.
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