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2 days ago
Current pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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15 days ago
Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!
1 mo ago
should sleep....need sleep....must keep roleplaying, who needs sleep!!
2 mos ago
went out drinking, need headache cure *slams head into wall* ...nope, doesn't help.
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3 mos ago
looking for a dominant character


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Honestly I am bored and need to role play, yes I have a few ideas as it is. A few pairing ideas and I kinda still undertale crazed and would love to do another one on one rp there.

Anyway, lets get the icky rules out of the way (I don't have many)

1/ no one liners, I can work with them but I hate them to a passion
2/ Try to post at least once every say...2-3 days, if you can't post for any reason please can you let me know?
3/ like rule 2 kinda, if you lose intrest or want to stop with the role play for any reason then let me know also. Please don't keep me waiting in the many of my roleplays have died like that.

PM me for quick responce but I will be checking here as well :D
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Not ready to stop trying yet, bump.
Most of my role plays have either died or have been redused to slow moving, even slower than a snail.

What I dont do.

I dont focus my role plays around romance

I dont do one liner posts nor do I expect them, though I can usually work around them.

I dont like kept waiting after say a week without being told a reason. If you got a reason why you cant post I would like to know

(okay, short list, now for more positive stuff)

Things that I do

I do try and keep my stroys/roleplays intresting as I can

I can role play mostly anything from real dark stuff to every day life.

I prefure playing a weaker style character but I can play a very complex character too.

Open to role play sugestions, PM me or post here if you like to know more.

Just message me if you want to roleplay.
Still open and looking to roleplay. I am open to try anything.

PM me for more information.
Bump up.

I also have other ideas that isn't undertale related.

PM me for more details.
I have got a intrest search on the one on one section but wont hurt to try here either.

I am still crazed over Undertale and love roleplaying out what if situations.

My main Undertale character I do role play is W.D Gaster but I can usually do any character that will be needed at the given situation though I do some better than others.

I normally do one on one role plays by PM but might be open to do a group role play if I get enough intrest here.

As for your character you can be any monster character from the game, frisk, Chara or even a new human altogether.

Either respond here or PM me for a quicker responce if you like to give this a try. I have some ideas in mind still.
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