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8 May 2017 10:55
Current went out drinking, need headache cure *slams head into wall* ...nope, doesn't help.
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26 Apr 2017 22:50
looking for a dominant character
20 Apr 2017 17:11
didn't get far in persona 1 or 2
20 Apr 2017 17:05
persona 4 Adachi and Persona 5 Aketchi should meet up, they got soooo much in common
8 Apr 2017 17:00
another day of stealing hearts with mona, skull, panther, fox and joker. Go phantom thieves ^^
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In Need roleplay 27 Apr 2017 14:16 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
I don't bite, Bump it up.
In Need roleplay 27 Apr 2017 6:31 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
In Need roleplay 26 Apr 2017 22:48 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
Things are rather slow for me at the moment so I am back to looking for a new partner. I role play through PM's as well for you all to know.

rules first then ^^

1, Try to give me something once a day or every two days, if you can't post for a while I would like to know.
2, try not to give me any one liners..I'm around a mid casual roleplayer (as a rule)
3, lose intrest? let me know. I'm a very understanding person.
4, You can be any gender, I normally role play males so keep that in mind
5, I do not do hard core romance but if love blooms then let it bloom. Any sex scenes I will fade to black however and move time forewards.

Now for the pairings, I usually enjoy playing the somewhat strong willed but submissive or weaker character but can play the stronger if needed.

The role in bold in the pairings is the one I would want to play.

Onto the parings then.

Demon/Human (I have a demon character for this already, be warned. My demon character is a bit of an asshole)
kidnapped/kidnapper (guilty pleasure...I love to be kidnapped by a bad person)
Angel/Demon (I have an angel character already, kinda had him from an old anime though)
strong willed slave/master (another guilty pleasure.)

If there is a paring you want that is not one of the four let me know

As an added note, my role plays can become rather dark so be warned. Anything can go from torture, bondage, chains, blood, I am looking for a strong dominant partner in these.

PM or post here if you want to see where this can lead.

In Endertale RP 13 Mar 2017 14:36 Forum: Free Roleplay

Gaster followed with a nod, wrapping an arm around San's shoulder as he did talking softly to him. "I been fired from work, so I can spend more time now at home. They didn't like it when my changes ended up blowing up what they were working on" half shrugging.
In Greetings to All 12 Mar 2017 23:08 Forum: Introduce Yourself
@Kuroyomihimehey there, welcome and have fun :) I'm sure you will have a lot of fun here roleplaying ^^
In Endertale RP 10 Mar 2017 17:39 Forum: Free Roleplay

"I have nothing else to do so I might as well go with you lot." Gaster said with half a smile

(wow, sorry guys, I couldn't think of any more....not like me to do a post so short)
In Endertale RP 9 Mar 2017 22:05 Forum: Free Roleplay

Chuckling at Alphys a little putting his hand on her shoulder and teleporting back to his house with Alphys. Looking around he saw Frisk was still present with Sans as well as the human. Letting go of Alphys with a nod he made his way over to the others. "Seems I am back earlier than planned, though that means I have more free time on my hands now. Seems I altered things too much in seeing what works and what does not work too much and they dont like it when things don't work out." Half shrugging as he was just happy enough to be back.
In Endertale RP 8 Mar 2017 21:26 Forum: Free Roleplay

Offering a smile down to her "We dont have much of a say in what we do here. Remember, the humans are in charge and we agreed to work for them to help them." His name was called angerily from the distance. Paul with the other two was looking at him. Gaster sighed and braced himself making his way over. The other two went their way leaving him with Paul. "My!"

Paul sat down in his office behind his desk looking up at Gaster "because of you the whole thing blew up!! they said you made changes to the plans, thought it be an idea to cross the wires!! This isn't the first time either, well I had it! I want you and your dinosaur friend to leave!" Gaster had expected to get told off but to get 'fired' as well was something he didn't expect though he wasn't 100% sorry he was leaving. Without a word to Paul he walked out of the office closing the door behind him.

Making his way back over to Alphys still in a somewhat good mood he spoke to Alphys "We're off the programme. I guess the boss has had it with me changing things and he wants you gone as well. Anti monster all over gain, I say no real loss anyway. Let me know when your ready...Sans and the others might still be home right now." Glancing up at the time.
In Endertale RP 8 Mar 2017 2:32 Forum: Free Roleplay
I'll start posting again now this has advanced at some time tomorrow.
In Endertale RP 6 Mar 2017 21:44 Forum: Free Roleplay
@The1Rolling1Boyit happens :)
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