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2 mos ago
Current pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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3 mos ago
Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!
4 mos ago
should sleep....need sleep....must keep roleplaying, who needs sleep!!
5 mos ago
went out drinking, need headache cure *slams head into wall* ...nope, doesn't help.
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5 mos ago
looking for a dominant character


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rewatching the anime hitman reborn right now and would love to try and do a one on one with this.

I also want to try and do an anime cross over, with bleach/naruto.

as for other stuff I got

Alien/human (My character would be the alien)
Kidnapped/kidnapper (My character will be the one kidnapped. For this I have a fantasy plot and a modern setting plot)
Master/Slave (No real plot, My character would be the slave here)
Demon/human (I have a plot where I play a demon, and a plot where I take the human I am not so picky here)
Angel/Demon (My character will be the angel, Story plot included while I still remember)

There are others I do, just I can't think right now

as for fandoms, if there is something you want to do be it fandom or a pairing feel free to let me know.

I only roleplay one on ones through PM as well now I remember and as I stated in my first post I only have a few rules so I am usually very flexible.
Go inside, take off all clothing and say your a dummy.
When his song had finally ended the heron hopped around some more, looking for anyone close by, not being able to fly was a bit of a bother but he has managed for a long time now. Maybe he will find someone close by...or well knowing his luck he will not but still it won't hurt to find someone to talk to.
Sitting in the soft grass singing a strange but bueautiful song for all to hear all around ore to himself than anything. He was highly inteligent as he watched the world pass him by, watched as some stopped to listen to his song while others walked past while smiling still as his song reached them all the same. Hopping slightly on the grass he carried on singing his strange song that no-one really seamed to understand.
Bump up
Honestly I am bored and need to role play, yes I have a few ideas as it is. A few pairing ideas and I kinda still undertale crazed and would love to do another one on one rp there.

Anyway, lets get the icky rules out of the way (I don't have many)

1/ no one liners, I can work with them but I hate them to a passion
2/ Try to post at least once every say...2-3 days, if you can't post for any reason please can you let me know?
3/ like rule 2 kinda, if you lose intrest or want to stop with the role play for any reason then let me know also. Please don't keep me waiting in the many of my roleplays have died like that.

PM me for quick responce but I will be checking here as well :D
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