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Current Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..
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pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!
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should sleep....need sleep....must keep roleplaying, who needs sleep!!


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Not giving up on this.
Still looking ^^

I had a character already in mind, being the alien sent to earth it wants to warn the earthlings of an oncoming threat that is coming to earth. A band of power hungry space creatures are traveling from planet to planet taking over everything and now they have sights on earth. My character barely escaped as it's own home planet was taken over and enslaved by the other aliens that are taking over all life.

That is the direction I like to go with it, but I am happy to hear what you have in mind as well.
Let me get the rules out of the way first, don't worry there is not many rules

1/ I do not do romances at all.

2/ Try not to post any one liners

3/ I normally do all my roleplays through PM, please tell me if you rather it be in the actual forum

4/ Try to post at least once a day. If you can not post or want to drop out then please let me know instead of keeping me waiting in the dark.

I think that is it for the rules, now for the plots.


(didi you get my PM's blueflame)

Gaster glanced up at fready before looking over at the other two. "For now...lets get inside somewhere or at least off the streets?" Walking towards the nearest building trying the door, glad to find the door opened easily. Looking around it seemed to be some sort of shop with living quarters up a flight of stairs near the back. Leaving the shop door open for the other two Gaster with Fready still in his shield went up to the living room of the apartment before Gaster finally released his shield, lowering Fready to the floor.

Frowning a little, Gaster eyed Sirin when she spoke, feeling her words somehow infulance him? He resisted the effects before snapping out of it but still speaking honestly. "Where I am's underground. I have never been above ground before. I was resting at my desk since I don't really sleep..when I got up from my rest I found myself here in this city. I have no idea where here is or why we are here or even might be possible a lot of worlds has collided into one?" Even as he said it, there was a slight possibility he was right but for some reason he don't think that is it... Not having any answers and no way of gathering information is a hassle.

Glancing down to Fready not really wanting to put it on again but not really wanting to leave it behind either finally desided to put a shield bubble around the animatronic.

that is going to be my last IC post for the time being, just for you guys to know.
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