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Current my hero acadamia rp,…
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Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..
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pre ordered undertale on vita. collecters edition is worth the £50 and the wait. coming into the uk from the states.
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Can't wait for Undertale to come to sony, woooot, undertale hype!!


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yeah, everyone has one hero character and one villain character. That is how the GM wants it
no, give us a cs and you can jump in. One hero character and one vilian


just a heads up as well, this weekend I will be out so I might be slow in responding. I go out every fortnight on the weekend so I will be using my phone to post.


Shade chuckled, being believed to be a was laughable. Highly amusing, Shade waited...he was building power, there was enough shadows to work with after all. After a while of not moving, just watching as he was ignored he started to manipulate the shadows. Dark cords reached out and wrapped around Twisted metel, reaching all over. These cords were very thick and strong though using much of his quirk Shade needed to be careful now not to push himself too far. He was glad he was quick and will help if Twisted Metal desided he wanted to fight.


"Stop here.." Aizawa said, still sort of half asleep. The driver did as he was asked for Aizawa to step out. He could see what was going on from where he stood. In the clearing he saw the vilian Twisted Metal, he saw as dark cords wrapped around him everywere they could. He didn't recongise the quirk or the user but if he was helping then sure? Putting on his goggles before rushing into the scene moving a little faster, not longer as if he was half asleep. He was ready to do what he could, pulling his scarf to use it if needed.

@King Cosmoslooks good to me
He was on break, Aizawa took this time to get some sleep. While he slept he kind of ignored his phone going off but after the third or forth ring he couldn't ignore it any longer. Opening one eye, unzipping the sleeping bag he was currently inside and walked slowly to his phone, looking down at the name. It was the police force, Answering the phone he was talking half asleep, "Hello..?"

"Erazerhead, we need you to come at once. The presence of a pro hero like yourself might help calm people down as well stop this madness!" There was silence while Aizawa turned on the TV and to the news.

"Erazorhead, your still there!!?"

"....yeah....I'm here. I'm coming.."

He sighed, there was no school except for those who wanted extra lessons so he had nothing better to do and dispite looking lazy he did care for the people. Making sure his goggles were in his highly useful multi layered scarf around his neck he headed out a little quicker then he would usually. When he was outside he hitched a ride of a taxi who had stopped as he put his hand out. "...I pay later, just take me to where the comotion is happening?"

"Um..I just left there!! you gotta be crazy sir..wait...aint ya one of them pros?" Aizawa sighed but nodded, the driver felt a little safer being with a pro hero, turned his cab around and drove back to the place he was running away from.


Shade was watching everything, hiding in the shadows, amused...bored..not really caring. It didn't consern him to make a big scene. If you cause a big scene after all you get noticed sure...but then you will also get caught by those no good hero's. Well maybe there was a point to stick around at least? Maybe in the shadows, unseen..unknown he could maybe take a hero or two out or at least hurt them...scare them? Shade smiled a little. Sticking to the shadows, keeping himself out of sight from everyone...he managed to make his way closer. Jumping from shadow to shadow before finally getting into a good spot where he could see what was going on. There he would wait and see...he chuckled to himself. Maybe he could play hero...become one of them, get close to them...and take them out from the inside? Actually that wasn't a bad idea.

Shade stepped out of the shadows as he decided on that and aprotched Twisted Metal slowly. "You better stop now..or face me." Out of his own shadow he created his trademark trident and pointed the shadowery blades towards Twisted Metel with a twisted grin. Play the hero...gain the hero's trust...take them down on the inside. It was the perfect plan.@Skinner35

Firstly I do a lot of one on one role plays. If you like Pm me and we can work on something so you can have a taste of that style while I can see just how evil you can go ^^

Secondly, not sure. Erasorhead can't cancel say a quick that has turned someone's body into part cat for example... I think he's be able to stop a quirk like yours to the dagree of taking souls but that be about it.

You should do a one on one rp with me then. I love role-playing a victim of evil. I'd love to see just how evil you can get.

True there. I like dark stuff but there's dark and evil and there is going too far dark.

No offence @Guy0fV4lor
Lol finally agreed on something
name: Shota Aizawa (eraserhead)
Age: 30
Quirk: Erasure, Stops other peoples quirks from working while he is looking at them, cancels out when he blinks his eyes but can't cancel out mutation classed quriks.
History: A friend of his back when he was younger gave him the hero name erasorhead since he couldn't really choose a name for himself. While working as a pro hero along other such pros like Endeavor and Best Jeanist he had his name known out there helping those who needs it. A few years later after helping the police with their work he was suggested to go into the role of teaching. At first he was not sure if he was teacher quality but finally agreed to do it. Now, he works to teach the next generation of young heros of improving their quirks at U.A High School
Faction: Hero
Gear: He wears a long layered scarf around his neck which he uses to aid him in his battles and hides a pair of gold goggles in the scarf. The goggles help cover his eyes while he is using his quirk
Motto: Plus Ultra


Name: Shade
Age: 24
Quirk: Shadow blending and manipulation
History: Ever since a young boy, he watched as a hero failed to save his younger brother...his mother..and his father. He watched them die. Ever since he grew to hate anyone who goes around calling themselves a hero or anyone who wishes to become one. He had lived in the shadows of society, keeping himself to himself at the most part while hiding unseen, using his quirk to hide in the shadows...spying, gathering information..and killing the odd person who talks so fondly of the world of pro hero's.
Faction: Villain
Gear: He creates a shadow black trident from his own shadow to help in battle
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