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Current Ps5 or new Xbox..... Hmmmmm
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2 yrs ago
Let's go joker!! lets steal some hearts, from the phantom theives of heart!! persona 5 royal hype.
3 yrs ago
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my hero acadamia rp,…
4 yrs ago
Me have cookie, you wants cookie...? *eats the cookie* Cookie gone bye bye..


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@Cyberpunk Vamp

depends on what you got in mind, I can at least take a look and tell you if it is alright afterwards :)
normally I do one on ones mostly but I don't think this works as a one on one.

Anyways a few rules (Need to get them out of the way)

1/ no OP shit.
2/ When it comes to the actual fights I would ask that you talk it out oocly who should win to stop ACTUAL fights.
3/ anyone is welcome and do try to have fun with this.


People all over the world from different fighting styles from karate to wrestling has been called to take part in a huge tornument. Invites were posted out to people all with their own fighting styles to take part to decide who is the best of the best. There will be a special plane to take the contestants to the chosen area where they can fight in this tornument, the prize being five million dollars to the best fighter or so they have been advertised though there is a hidden reason why all these fighters are being brought over to one place.

(keeping the plot simple just so you can get a good idea of the set up)


fighting style:
a little about your character:

@HEAVY METALI can promise you this much. I will not ghost you if it comes to that and will do my very best to get a one on one to work out.
@HEAVY METAL cool let's see if we get any more people interested or I can try turning this into a one on one.
At the moment looking to see if anyone is intrested in doing a dead or alive rp with either cannon characters or OC charaacters. Depending on how many people show intrest this will be either a one on one or even a small group, if say over 6 then of cause it be a larger group :P

Anyways I will be playing a cannon character which will be Hayate.
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@Dark Planet did you get my PM's? or have you lost intrest? I'd like to know?

I be intrsted in this. I'd like to try a classic journey with you.
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