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Hey there,
to top this off, I'm 34. If you are not of adult age, please don't message me.

Roleplay I'm currently interested in: Fantasy, Modern SciFi and Anime.

currently involved in 4 roleplays, soon to be 5. Always welcome to more later on.

About me: I am legally blind and visually impaired. So my postings to roleplays can me spread out due to eye strain and other medical things. But I do post when I say I will post, all because I do not like letting my partners wait.

offline chatting: I don't mind chatting offline on here, but to make things easier I do have Snapchat. If wanting to chat on there simply PM me for a request and I will happily give you my screen name.

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in need of some action filled smut!

A new plot idea: (And this one I want to add a bit of slice of life into it, modern if you will and perhaps some friendship ruining?

why don't we start by setting this in modern time (but we can remove the actual shit side of actual modern day events) A multi plex of apartments and our two unwilling participants are neighbours among others of course. But as time goes on we can toss in some seduction, pety fights between others, manipulation, domination, submission, thrills, adventure, sadness (no sad endings haha), common interest, gameplay... You know everyday life stuff.

But I want to bring my own disability into this roleplay, I am legally blind with tunnel vision and limited sight. But I do pretty well for its setbacks.

So does anyone wanna play with a little blind girl? Haha an I'm over the age of 30, so I'm good with a lot of anything haha.
I have come up with a list of what genres / pairings I have in mind for future roleplay partnerships.

underlined are the roles I will most like to play, and I above all really don't like playing canon characters from fandom or anime and games. Just a preference, please respect.

And my partner, that means you, the person who is going to PM me me after reading this and deciding to start a RP with me. Please be over 18 it's more comfortable roleplaying with someone who is maturely comfortable with blood, gore, semi violence, sex, smut, domination and submission.

Now the list!

>Human X demon
>casual worker x rich benefactor (something like fifty shades of grey but better)
>ninja x ninja (fantasy)
>bar wench x pirate (fantasy, SciFi)
>wanted pirate x kings guard / government official (fantasy, SciFi)
>human x lamia (fantasy, SciFi, modern)
>monster girl x human (fantasy, SciFi, modern)
>hero x villain (fantasy, SciFi, modern)
>civilian bystander x villain (fantasy, SciFi, modern=
>princess x villain (fantasy)
>human x monster guy(fantasy, SciFi, modern)
>adventurer x werewolf/vampire

that's all for now, please come entertain me!
It took me a while, but I've come up with the basis of what I would like this roleplay featured around. Yes I straight up mentioned before I want 18+ and to some that means one thing and another thing to others. In fact it's purely a maturity level because PG 13 is boring to a degree.

my girl is an outlaw, wanted for crimes she may or may not have committed, depending on whom you ask. Wanted from town to town the posters of her face plastered on every building, every post and bridge gate. - when will it end - Are you the companion to this roleplay going to be hunting her down? Will you gather petty emotions like the fleeting spring breeze as you get to know her sad story? Or will you be the unexpecting victim to something gut wrenching and make her face the crimes punishment? You can't just love or hate this woman, connect to her humanity and see if there's a chance to save her.

Her name is purely Snow, or Yuki to be more accurate for time periods and such. Standing at a short/average height of 5'5" she has milky white skin that can be easily mistaken for the pale flesh of death. She has waist length blonde hair usually tied into two braids or lose. Black iris's like the night's darkest thought, and decorated with black eyeliner and pale red eyeshadow. Snow is slender, curve, and proportionally well busted. Dressed in a fishnet body stocking, paired with a red and black mid length kimono. Attached to her left hip is a single slender katana sheathed in what could only be described as coal and blood stained tragedy.

Do you want to play?
I'm looking strictly for an anime roleplay. I only roleplay as my very own created characters, I hope that isn't a problem.

I have some mash up's that peek my interest for the specific anime show, and I shall list them below :)

- samurai champloo
(OC x Mugen or Jinn. Even your own OC is fine.)
-Naruto (OC x Kiba,Naruto, Sasuke, shikamaru, kakashi, Shino, well any main male characters, I can't remember their names 😭 or your own OC)
-cowboy bebop (OC x Spike, Vicious, Jet, or your own OC)

Give me spicy, Mature, action, drama, romance, adventure!

My OC can be played for both anime, she is based for that. I have some pics of her that I drew way back, I can share if wanting or I can just give a good ol description of her.

Love to hear from you soon!
Welcome to my dumpster fire set of 1x1 requests of partnership. Been thinking long and hard about some 18+, Mature roleplay mashups and creations. Haha.

So I am definitely seeking out a FxM roleplay, and hope I can land anyone even a little interested.

I myself am not up to speed with a lot of the newest anime out there or games that have come out but I assure you I can still be interesting for a long term RP partner.

Fantasy, Mature, 18+, Older anime (such as Inuyasha, Trigun, Samuari Champloo, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop....) Modern lifestyle, Drama, Romance, Spicey, Furry, SciFi, Action, Thriller.

Well that's a whole lot, I hope it doesn't scare anyone off with such a wide selection. But I once again I assure you, it won't be boring. I can post 1-2 paragraphs per post, be online daily to make sure a reply is sent. I also have a confession that I do not play canon characters, I'm all OC because it let's my creative side out.

If you're the lucky winner in this raffel prize that has chosen to obligate me with you're inquisitiveness, send me a PM so we shall get the party started!
@Dumpsterfire02 Welcome to the guild.

why thank you! <3

Thank you :)
I also used to be found on Gaia's RP forum section. Welcome to RPG!

Thank you and hopefully we meet again ;)
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