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Current Back in black...and Red
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Need a worthwhile rp everyone I join dies within the week #wtf
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Maybe im just really boring i feel like i am fuck it im honestly just depressed
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On the verge of mental breakdown, I can feel it like everything just feels so fucked up rn
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Just wanted to give a shoutout to all the guild members that have been so awesome


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The Name be Varin

I used to be a Graphic Design Major

I love animals specifically Wolves

I cook a shitload that's cause i love to eat

I draw a shitload cause i like writing stories for my characters

i tend to weird people out their loss

i am a practicing Wiccan Still in the extremely early stages so ALOT of reading is taking place right now

Chronic binge watcher of most recommended shows

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this sounds fun im in
Still alive will try to get a post up tomorrow
Alex enjoyed the moments in which he got to pet the newfoundland she was a sweetheart but he couldnt make her the main attraction of the date. In all truthfullness while this was a new experience for Ale it was a welcome one in deed. Aside from the weather the day had seemed to be going quite well.

As Alex stood from the position he once took he smiled as Fluffy got a bit assertive and pushed Astrid closer to him. Alex couldnt help but chuckle as he for the first time got to see how diva treated him through fluffy and astrid. Well well looks like diva rubbed off on your pup... before Ale could finish his sentence he felt a pair of warm lips pressed to his cheek for barely a moment. your lips are warm realizing how bad that sounded Alex smiled before quickly fixing what he said. or at least trying. Im sorry i didnt mean for that to come off that way dammit, i mean that was a welcome reaction i dont remember the last time i...its... instead of rambling on he simply gave Astrid a hug returning a kiss to her supple cheek.

[i][color=lightsalmon]Damn Alex has it really been that long? Yeah the last time you did the dating thing was MaKenna that was 5yrs ago. shit well i guess its time to make this date worthwhile./color][/i]he thought to himself as he turned and held astrids hand in his own Whats say we get out of this rain. Maybe we could get some coffee for starters and take it from there.
<Snipped quote by Howilng Zinogre>

Welcome back :)

Dino kitty is back... Is that why it got extinct?
Could not decide to get on thr Ark?

Dis my true form lmao
I will have a post up by this evening sorry for inactivity
the rest of the night was a blur of good convo and a few laughs. But here we are a few days later and the time that lead up to this day was filled with panic attacks and nrevous conversations held with Diva in fact one was being held right now...

"WHAT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ARENT GOING!?!? Diva now is not the time to joke about this im freaking seven types of the FUCK OUT. I NEED you there your like a safety net for me what if she doesnt like what im wearing what if im to much what if... before Alex had a minute to continue diva cut him off.


"DONT YELL AT ME, im already nervous thats the last thing i need right now"Alex said holding his ears. im sorry i cant help it i dont even remember the last time i was on a date and i dont even know where the idea to ask astrid out came from but i did and we are here and i dont even know what to wear...did i...did i just say that who the hell am I? Alex questioned internally as he stared at in Divas direction seemingly albeit slowly finding himself thanks to that question. It seemed to bring him back close enough to focus. By this time diva had made her way to the stereo system and played the track that always called him back from the darker recesses of his mind. or at least ONE of the songs FOCUS. Hearing this got Alex Fired up, and after a few moments he went rifling through his closet finding the appropriate outfit and kissing divas forehead as he bre a renewed vigor.

Diva waved or rather flapped Alex away as she just looked at him a moment then gave a softer near motherly "Kweh, kweh kwe kweh kweeeh" TRANSLATION-its gonna be ok ill be here when you get back but today you need to do this by yourself. Getting the gist of it alex smiled and readied himself for the day Today's outfit after finally readying Alex grabbed his larger Navy blue umbrella and his longer trench and headed out for the day even though he was still a bit nervous he was ready to do this.

To Alexs Surprise Astrid didnt stand far away from his place of work and neither did Ms.Wheatly or the young bouncing pup that he would have greeted 1st had he not caught Astrid and smiled rather big Goolaflernoon he said completely bumbling over his greeting before smiling again and slowly facepalming. let me try again...Good Day ladies how are we all feeling today?

@PrinceAlexus @misscapncrunch
i think i just made my first post without Diva i feel guilty, should i feel guilty lmao
Alex cocked his head to the side a moment,"Really? this is her first social event? i would have thought she was doing this for years.
I mean she found a quiet corner where there is action but not to much, just enough to keep her interested but not too much so shes overwhelmed. and keeping close quarters to her companion I gotta say she would be the perfect puppy candidate for secret service.
Alex said with a smile.

And in all honesty i must agree with your sister. Living alone while it does have its perks, can be rather lonely after awhile. and if you have a goodgirl like ms.fluffy here it can add to an otherwise dull and lackluster day. isn't that right Secret Service Agent fluffy? Alex asked with a light chuckle. it wasnt long before the response to alexs initial question came and it was truly a shock to his system as he was not expecting a favorable answer. he had hoped he would get one but didnt see it happening until it did.

A warf, wark A walk down beach sounds fun... I've not had chance to explore there much... And Fluffy would love playing in the water. I might need the coffee after to warm up though! So... See you mid to late week?

What threw him most though is she didnt agree to one but all offers. OK OK Alex old chap no need to worry its just a walk some good convo and coffee thats it no worries, no worries at all. but if grand theft auto has taught me anything its NEVER just coffee what the fuck did i get myself into? And why the fuck does my inner monolouge have an accent that switches between english and irish? Cause im losing it thats why yep. on the inside alex was freaking the hell out but it all translated outwardly to a calm and cool exterior that said nothing more except, Later this week sounds perfect ms.Gemstone." Alex said with a nod as he gave thanks to both her and fluffy for the heads up on the creampuffs. didnt take alex long before he decided that he wouldnt be eating from there. and this coming from the guy whose stomach was pretty much a trashcan.

Alex could feel it in his bones that good things were headed his way. and maybe this was the start.


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