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Completely Random

The Name be Varin

I used to be a Graphic Design Major

I love animals specifically Wolves

I cook a shitload that's cause i love to eat

I draw a shitload cause i like writing stories for my characters

i tend to weird people out their loss

i am a practicing Wiccan Still in the extremely early stages so ALOT of reading is taking place right now

Chronic binge watcher of most recommended shows

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“Well thats good i figured you had to be lost in thought or admiration of the beauty the lay above our heads” he said Gesturing toward the night sky. It was indeed beautiful the canvas of the daylight had passed and amongst it now lay this evenings masterpiece painted with warm rays of a fleeting sun and clouds that went from beautiful pristine white to a now cool almost deep blue truly a sight to behold. Not unlike the young woman that stood before him that flashed a soft smile in his direction. Row saw the hand that eased up behind her and tapped her shoulder. A little joke was cool every now and again so Row wasn’t gonna spoil the persons fun. As she extended her hand the figures hand tapped her on the shoulder. Row took stock of how she reacted. Maybe he was reading too much into it but there seemed to be a little more behind that jump it was reminiscent of a flinch. Rows expression did not change he still wore his patented smile. As Char introduced the two after pushing herself off of the wall.

“Hey bro how goes it, As Char said though again i’m Rowan or Row for short. I think i saw you around once or twice but it's nice to actually get to know some of the neighbors. If you don't mind my saying the look on your face and the energy of all this seems a bit off i'm guessing you both had a rough day shitty even. Why don't you two sit tight a moment it is a party and what's a party without a cold brew. Relax ill be right back.” Row said as he snagged a few of the beers from the table and returned rather quickly “Try to knock some of that stress off and enjoy yourself i can tell you i’m about to. My roomie just hooked up the karaoke machine so im about to go and destroy everybodies ears. Alfie it was a pleasure meeting you and i hope i get to see more of you. Charlotte if you feel so inclined when everything is said and done you should hop up on that stage and belt one out with me.” Rowan Joked as he knocked his first beer off no problem...this he knew however was gonna get him in trouble.

A little nervous but the fun kind of nervous, nervous excited to be exact. Row picked up the mike and scanned the songs that were already loaded into the machine. He looked for something that had a nice groove and was smooth all at the same time. It took him a minute but he found it. He found the song he was looking for you could relax and just enjoy yourself to. He in fact found 3 and he set them up so they would play one after the other. The First The Second the third Row spared not a vocal and had a ball up there on the stage rocking swaying and for a taller dude he had moves more than anything he had fun. He had hoped that others would soon hop up on here and enjoy themselves or at least jump on a duo with him but he would have to wait.

Row couldn't help but smile it had been so long since he had heard an authentic, really authentic accent. While his accents were nearly nonexistent unless heavily intoxicated he listened intently to what the young redhead was saying. She even had the legit emerald green eyes he hadn’t seen eyes that green since his mothers and that fire red hair as well. It was truly like getting a vision of his childhood. However before things got to awkward Row had quickly corrected her. “Well not full blooded Irish my Mom was Irish and my dad Carribean so they essentially bred and made a tall ass drinking machine” He said with a little chuckle as he looked down at the redhead. “As far as the party goes you wanna keep heading up and up and eventually you should find the place where are the beautiful people are” Rowan said as he continued on his hand beginning to rub his pendant. This young lady was putting out good vibes he would hopefully see more of her around the apartment...After he lead her to the third floor at least.

The walk was short for the two but it was fun to chit chat back and forth about what they had missed and how fresh the rain would smell on any of their emerald fields. “”But alas ms.Stark this is where i get off. I need to get dressed for the party. I wont leave you lost in the sea of doors though just walk to the end of this hall and from there make a left and head to the fourth floor and im assuming when you get there you wanna do the same.” He said as he watched the young lady walk away as he headed into his apartment.

“Claire, Claire you around...hmm guess she hasn’t come back yet” Row chuckled to himself as the scene played the reverse of this morning. As he headed to his room he caught the notice of what she was trying to shove under the door. “Hmm okay maybe she’s headed to the roof already. I guess ill see her there.”

Heading to his room he left the door swung open, with claire he didnt have to worry much about privacy and if necessary he could always close the door, no matter though. He gave another shout to Alexa. “Alexa, Pandora from the first song on Alexa started playing fantastic music. Rowan in all his nakedness couldnt help but to let his carribean side flow throw him as he kept in time with ‘Turn Me On’ by Kevin Lyttle and every song that followed even dancing his way to his closet grabbing a shirt and some shorts the party was gonna be fun and if there was dancing then Row would be there doing just that. If he recalled there was gonna be karaoke at least he thought thats what the flyer said. Either way Row was gonna have a damn good time.

After finally preparing fully he made his way yo the roof, following the general direction that he sent roxy in. it wasnt nearly as far up as he thought and when he got there he saw that the party was shaping up nicely. Row nodded in silent approval and look around for a few chances to learn and interact with his neighbors not that it was hard for him to look and find as he stood a solid 6’6.

He caught a glimpse of the Young lady standing near the wall and gazing at the sky the entirety of THAT scene was pretty relaxed she looked to be deep in thought. then again this was a party afterall a meet and greet of sorts. So there couldn't be any harm in introducing himself. That was all the hype he needed as he approached. "Good evening neighbor i'm Row from 3-D. Didn't mean to interrupt your moment of wonder sis just looked like you could use a distraction from your thoughts is all. Hope that wasn't too intrusive of me.” He said to the young woman that looked like a work of art all her own. He flashed her a friendly smile, and genuinely hoped he wasn’t being toooo intrusive.

The water was hot and the shower amazing. The bathroom was empty and this was awesome because it meant that Row didn't have to be quiet and could blast his music. Not many would guess from first glance that Row was a true eclectic. There was no genre of music he didn't keep on his phone. He sat it in a safe dry place and hit a playlist and just sang along. First song was a banger Fire in My Heart, “Okay okay” Row said as he readied himself to rip this song a new one. It took 4 min but he did it and surprised even himself. As row continued to shower song after song came on and with each one he did his best to belt it out. Rows playlist Rows shower didn’t last much longer as the playlist petered out. The entirety of the bathroom was nice and steamy. He took care of everything facewise and finally he headed out. Upon opening the door it swung back and Row caught it in moments as he heard a startled squeal.

“Oh boy my apologies” row said as he pulled the door back only to reveal a little redhead. “I promise i didnt mean to startle you.” He said flashing an apologetic smile. “My Name is Row, it’s nice to meet probably would have been better if my first introduction wasn’t me trying to smash you with a door but hey as my mom always said, As you slide down the bannister of life my the splinters never go the opposite way. I think it meant something about meeting good people on your path or something she was irish half of the things she said never made any sense to me any who. Again my name is row welcome to the building.” He said as he legitimately rambled on.

It was already 5am and for Rowan that was late he was normally up by 4. However after the night he had last night and getting the unanimous message from his totems all telling him he didnt need to be up at the crack of dawn . He decided to sleep in. The thought was funny to him. Shit most people would call him crazy for being up this early and even more JUST getting to sleep. Nevertheless it was his thing, and with that Rowan stood strerching and greeting the sun as his partner in crime. He gathered his totems and placed a wrap around his lower half as he headed out and began breakfast.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen" he began starting his morning conversation with the plants that Ellie bought into the apartment. It was nice and even though she needed caffiene like something of an addict she was pretty chill she respected his space and he hers. The fact that she was something of, in Rowans eyes at least a little bit hippie. Was pretty chill she bought all these babies into the apartment. Row was always happy to see them and made sure they got their breakfast when he got his. He had given them all names and from left to right there was Nancy, she was a gorgeous lil chinese evergreen. Petunia, she was a Saucy lil peace lily. Greg, the fiddle leaf fig he was pretty lax. Suicune, the pothos of the five he was among rowans favorite and his spirit companions liked him as well. He was great for air purification and clean air also helped bring in positive energies. This was good cause it meant Rowan didnt have to cleanse as often but he still did anyway. Last but not least was Rowans baby the cream of the crop and his namesake Lil-R, the ficus Bonsai. With clean air came clean energy with clean energy came happy companions and this aided in keeping Rowan in the chill mood he was always in. While not of the plants needed water everyday he would spritz and wipe the leaves and carry on a conversation before he headed out for his morning walk and today was no different.

"Now that you guys are all fed and cleaned its my turn and i think ill have me a lil omlette with all the fixings." Row said cooking it up whiping in the kitchen a lil bit. He did his best not to wake El but he and the crew of green and the four unseen needed some tunes, "Alexa play Maxwell and volume down 3" he said as Gods by Maxwell was the first to start of the morning playlist. And as he cooked he couldnt help but groove to the chill soulful sound that enveloped the kitchen.

It didnt take long for his omlette to finish and for him to clean up after himself knock it off his breakfast. Knowing he was about to take a walk he grabbed his spirit board pendulum and some clothes as he headed out locking the door behind him.

The morning was gorgeous and the street vendors were already setting up shop and getting ready for the weeks festivities. The breeze was nice on Row and as he walked he found a nice patch of grass a little further down from the vendors and the air smelled divine. Rowan took a seat against one of the trees and just soaked up the air. He turned so that none could see straight away what he was doing. He laid out his spirit board that was a gif from his parents that they had custom made for him on his 16th birthday. And a pendulum that was comprised of his four totems the crow at the bottom and her beak forming the tip. “So what have you guys got for me today” He asked holding the tip over the center of the board. After focusing a moment it began to spin in a small circle. “Ready for question” He asked, as the pendulum had begun to sway diagonal up and diagonal down. This was the pendulums response as it was saying, yes. “Are there any messages for me currently” He asked continuing to focus. Again the pendulum would respond yes. This next part was always tricky for Rowan cause unlike the movies when things are spelled out super fast. This took time concentration and a lot of energy. He sat there for the next twenty or so minutes and waited for his pendant to react over each letter until it spelled out. “ BE CAREFUL DURING THE NIGHT KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN” afterwards rowan raised an eyebrow and wanted to find out more so he would have to cut this relaxation a bit short and headed back to the home. Once there he locked himself in his room as he had begun to meditate on the message.

He heard his name being called after a bit and it was El but she quickly apologized for near disturbing his meditation and he heard the flyer trying to be pushed under the door. Row chuckled a bit and made it a point to go out later to get Her some of her addiction. His meditations didnt last much longer as he couldnt gather much more aside from the erie message he received from the spirits. Well that and the although ok music it was a bit harder to pull himself into the necessary trancelike meditative state.

He stood stretching and soon after checking his bank account for funds. It was a decent sized amount in there and after grabbing his Old spice:Swagger a towel and washcloth he headed over to the bathroom to officially get ready for the day.

School of stuff rp
Name – Xyfaer Calamitous Darkstar
Age - 20
Gender - Male
Dynamic role -Dom/ Master/ Owner
Kinks – Masochist, impact play, degradation (Giving), Ass play, Fellatio (Receiving), Knife play, Brainwashing, consentual non consent
Hard limits – Pedophilia, scat
Personality – Darkstar is by no stretch “nice” he is the type to take what he wants. He has been seen breaking even some of the teachers that work at the academy. He relishes in the pain he can cause others for his own sexual enjoyment. His eyes alone are pools of darkness vacant of any emotion aside from his own. He seeks to break every being at this school. To bend them all to his will and make them see the truth that there was never any other choice then on their knees serving him as all should. He is literally the embodiment of what it is to be cocky.

I feel like im late to the party and i dont mean Fashionably either

"May the positive energy of the universe surround you, Flow through you, Bring peace to your mind, Love to your heart and a calm to your storms"

Nickname - Row

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Poly Bi-sexual


Rowan stands a solid 6ft 6in and brandishes his dreads with pride. He is often seen wearing one of his many animal totems around his neck he keeps at least four. each holds a different meaning and each has come to him at a deserving time in his life. On either wrist he wears a bracelet of precious stones to him. He has a set of eyes that seem to stare into you rather than at you.


Compassionate - Understanding - Humble -Stoic - Openminded


Rowan is a calm individual, he never rushes into anything and tends to think most things through. Like most he makes mistakes and tends to own up to them before any have a chance to make fun of the situation. Even if he forgets to catch it from time to time he knows how to laugh at himself and encourage others to do so as well. He is very contemplative but understands that if you take life too seriously then you will miss times of laughter and times of beauty. Rowan likes to stop and smell the roses hell, even relax and plant a few for others to smell. There’s enough darkness in the world so he does his best to try and be a light in that darkness.


Rowan can be seen rubbing his pendant or fiddling with his bracelets more often than not and sometimes seen even whispering to something that most believe really isn’t there.


Rowan grew up in a very chill household both of his parents were Pagan and while they never forced their way of life on him it was something that Rowan couldn’t help but glom onto. With his father being closer to Druidic and his mother Shamanic Rowan learned a thing or two from them. Unlike his parents Rowan never chose a particular practice he instead took a bit from everything he has learned from his parents.
Rowan spent a large portion of his life in Dublin due to his mother being Irish. On more than a few occasions though His family took trips to the Caribbean to visit his fathers family. It was easy to see why and how Rowan got to be so chill it was a temperament he learned from his grandparents and his parents and it’s one that Rowan tries his best to put off.
Rowan loved and treasured both of his parents and everything they taught him. And on his 21st birthday he went to his parents and after a looong discussion he got them to allow him to move to america. It was a place that had interested him for sometime and he wanted to travel. It didn’t take much convincing and after a few days of prep Rowan was off.
He bounced around from city to city and after a few years he found himself settled down in redwood apartments and he has been here about a month and a half.


A Bear

A Wolf

A Spider

A Crow

Has parents but they will have rare interaction and maybe a visit later on.

Rowan on a regular day is often found meditating, cleansing his stones and speaking with his totems. Most wont understand him or why he does it. He in fact does it because they have knowledge and lessons to teach like anyone else in your life. When that time comes he can be found pulling out his pendulum and spirit board to decipher what they are trying to say to him.When all is said and done and he finishes with his spiritual things Row makes his breakfast and gives thanks to nature for the provisions. later in the day he can be found relaxing or reading while playing some light music in the background.

Alot of people will hate, as it's been described once or twice Rows toxic optimism he's not naive to how the world works but why focus on darkness if light is an option.

Bryan Alexanders

"Don't judge me I was born to be awesome not perfect"

Bryan Alexanders

Name| Bryan Emerson Alexanders
Nickname| Bry, b-ry, The Lovable asshole, THEE Wingman,
Gender| Male
Age| 26
Birthday| February 7, 1991
Job/Education| Jr. Marketing Manager, Bachelors in marketing


Bryan bears very distinguished features starting with his 6ft stature and chestnut skin color to his naturally defined muscle tone that he normally keeps hidden under his form fitting Dress Shirts. His style of clothing is him at least "a suit for any ocassion and an occasion for any suit." That is Bryan's motto his life mantra if you will. He does have a tattoo of "Black Panthers logo" on his chesteven he doent know the full story behind it he was certain he was drunk when it happened though.

Friends, Bryan is very loyal to his friends often times he is the life of the outtings normally drawing attention to the table when at a club or even trying to hook his single friends up. Women, Since he was young Bryan had found himself loving the opposite sex thanks to his older sister Amarra who coaxed him out of his shell and got him talking. and Fun, these include but are by no means limited too...Laser tag, Paint balling, speed dating, going to the gym, hanging out and making plans at the local watering hole.

Bryan needs people, very needy in fact most dont know this about him because it is something he keeps well hidden behind a smile or funny one liner but Bryan suffers with depression and anxiety. Bryan feels the need to make every situation a happy one and when things are going to a dark type of place he handles it with laughter. or at least tries his best to.

Sexuality| Heterosexual
Funny outgoing and very caring these are the ingredients chosen to create the worlds greatest wingman. That's Bryan in a nutshell there is nothing he wouldn't do for his friends. And always quick with the joke to lighten the mood he believes that if you can make people laugh then you can make the situation brighter. Bryan, while he cant deal with heavy emotional situations will suck it up in a one on one convo its hard for him to drop his guard but he will if it means helping a friend.


Bryan grew up in a damn good household in Queens, New York his mother was a lawyer his father a Doctor and his older sister was was an aspiring model.
Needless to say the good looking genes didn't skip him but he knew he needed something more than good looks he just hadn't discovered what gift was given to him from the proverbial gene pool. His father wasn't distant so much as always busy but made sure to spend time with him when the time allowed. His mothers story was just the same she was always busy and stayed on him about school and made sure to be in his ACADEMIC life as much as she could. So it was pointless to say that he was SUPER close to his parents it was more of an in passing type of relationship. His sister on the other hand had basically raised him and gave him all the MORAL support he needed to succeed and helped to pull him out of his shell that he had started to develop due to not really having anyone. Bryan couldn't help thinking that he was burden on her, because instead of spending time with him she could be doing things for herself but, She had saved Bryan and he had come to depend on her until she showed him how to dress and talk to girls and when he made out for the 1st time all bets were off. That was effectively how he started his high school experience.
High school was a blur to be honest it was a whirlwind of making the grades that had let him shine through and blaze through year after year. Although he was beyond smart unlike most of the smart kids he wasn't bullied that could have been due in part to his naturally muscular physique. Truth be told though Bryan was a comedian but unless you sat down and got to know him you could never tell. he always had most people he met smiling or laughing for some reason or another and could always lighten the mood with a quick quip or random comment.
College Life For Bryan was where he really had begun to blossom This was the place in which he truly found himself from his style to his voice to his form of expression he took everything he had learned and saw from his past experiences and mashed them together and in the hot fires of college did Bry emerge he no longer required help with women he knew better how to balance social and school life. His style of dress went from the basics of what his sister showed him to casual suits and dress suits and ties to just becoming an all around smooth talker that had charmed his way under many a skirt the only problem was they always wanted to stay and cuddle and all that, and it wasn't really his scene at the time. For the right person though he would be willing to push beyond his own boundaries and maybe give the after sex thing a shot. Again thanks in part to his sister Bryan knew how to shop his ass off.

A Memory|
When Bryan was 9 the family took a trip to Universal studios and had got seperated from his family his sister most of all and when he couldnt find her he had begun to panic unsure of what was happening to him, person after person had asked him what was wrong but it only made the situation worse. the whole time this was happening he could only think that he was being abandoned for being too needy. this was the stage of his first Anxiety attack.

Dealing with Anxiety over the years, Losing his sister,

Father: Gabriel Alexanders
Mother: Felecia Alexanders

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