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5 mos ago
Current Replies will come this evening im getting hoed at work
5 mos ago
Where my nightowls @ lmao
5 mos ago
noy doing to hot mentally ill respond tomorrow when i can
6 mos ago
Looking for a solid monster hunter RP.
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6 mos ago
w3ill respond to rps tomorrow or sometime in the middle of the night lol im just tired as balls
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Completely Random

The Name be Varin

I used to be a Graphic Design Major

I love animals specifically Wolves

I cook a shitload that's cause i love to eat

I draw a shitload cause i like writing stories for my characters

i tend to weird people out their loss

i am a practicing Wiccan Still in the extremely early stages so ALOT of reading is taking place right now

Chronic binge watcher of most recommended shows

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PsyEmbrace 8 mos ago
Zinogre is a good thunder wolf boyo. Nargacuga is my favorite tho. :3
Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
Yo! Didn't know if you might be interested, but there is a Monster Hunter RP going on right now. :)
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