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6 yrs ago
Current Fuckin' American stereotypes, fuck yeah, motherfucker. youtu.be/M_tMD5bTbLM
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6 yrs ago
@Garland- Oh, you know it, darling~ ♥
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6 yrs ago
Hideyoshi is best waifu. myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/im… Hideyoshi isn't male or female. Hideyoshi is a gender in itself.
6 yrs ago
I freely admit to having shit taste, but it could be worse. I could unironically think SAO is a good series.
6 yrs ago
Starting to think I shoulda just stayed home and binged Madoka.


>> Waiting for RP replies like:

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Some people are into public displays of affection. I'm not. I'm the guy who sees anything more than a hug or hand-holding and wants to bash them in the face with a brick. Repeatedly.
Boredom bump!
Turned into stone by sunlight, then fell and smashed into millions of pieces when a pigeon sat on you just right and tipped you over.
@VitaVitaAR Please tell me if it needs work, or perhaps some beefing up.

@VitaVitaAR More a small thing I'd like to be sure of: for our CS, should our characters have their names arranged as in Japanese (surname, given name), or is a Western arrangement fine?
I prefer having a physical keyboard when writing longer posts. Be it working on a CS, an opening post, or a longer reply, it just feels better to be able to use all of my fingers instead of just my thumbs.
Working on a CS, but it'll be rather slow thanks to being limited to only being able to be on the phone.
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