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2 hrs ago
Current Yay for depression kicking my ass, and the reptile brain taking over and rage-quitting in a fit that included deleting my save file for a particular game. -_-
6 hrs ago
"It's shattered, just like your fragile teenage dreams."
13 hrs ago
I feel I need to watch Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid again.
23 hrs ago
Halo Infinite isn't going to hsve a battle royale mode. 343i, you've regained some of my respect in the span of an article. If I like Infinite, Halo 5 will be forgiven.
1 day ago
God bless whoever made this.…


I'm back, biznitches.

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Banned because everyone knows it's a rabbit in the moon.

And another nostalgia trip for the Bionicle fans.

@Sola No worries, bruh. IRL happens. Plus, you know for a fact I'm sticking around.
I have a fetish for hand-holding.

At one point (when my online home was more or less the X-Evolution Digimon forum), a few online buddies and I tossed around the idea of abridging Digimon Frontier. For IRL reasons on all of our parts, we didn't do it. That said, I would be able to die content if I could help write/voice an abridged series. I say "content" because I could die happy if Sentai or Funimation gave me a shot in an official series.
Still better than me, because I don't get cannon characters either.

Jokes aside, I can understand wanting to have a partner play a canon character opposite your OC (and, looking back on the days I was one of those, I am quite ashamed, really), and I suppose that fantasy applies to real people. However, I'm simply more comfortable with "Hey, I want a romantic story with a fictional character" versus "I want a romantic story with a celebrity". Maybe that line of thinking comes from watching shows like Criminal Minds, where the latter has been used much more than the former.
Banned for saying that with that expression on your loli avatar face.
This should hit my fellow Bionicle fans somewhere in the nostalgia.

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