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4 yrs ago
Current Fuckin' American stereotypes, fuck yeah, motherfucker. youtu.be/M_tMD5bTbLM
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4 yrs ago
@Garland- Oh, you know it, darling~ ♥
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4 yrs ago
Hideyoshi is best waifu. myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/im… Hideyoshi isn't male or female. Hideyoshi is a gender in itself.
4 yrs ago
I freely admit to having shit taste, but it could be worse. I could unironically think SAO is a good series.
4 yrs ago
Starting to think I shoulda just stayed home and binged Madoka.


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Metadude 1 yr ago
Hope you're still alive
Metadude 2 yrs ago
What if I told you what
nodogs 4 yrs ago
somehow your username is worse now
Sanctus Spooki 4 yrs ago
Just saw this and couldn't help but laugh. The fact that Cap agrees with you killed me.

Sanctus Spooki 4 yrs ago
So to avoid turning the status bar into a bunny bar (... damnit.) I give you my answer to your query.
Can you honestly claim your deity to be superiour to The Alpha and The Omega?

Fabricant451 4 yrs ago
In my opinion the best Lovecraftian girl is obviously Saya.

Shes basically cute Shoggoth.
TGM 4 yrs ago
the king of memes
Foster 4 yrs ago
Oh vey!

Yer back!
Moth 4 yrs ago
i banned otaku
it was me
TGM 4 yrs ago
Foster 5 yrs ago
Knob: (brit slang)
1. Penis
2. An obnoxious person
2a. "The name that is given to an individual that is being a complete moron, idiot or dumb-ass. Also lacking in common sense."

See also: Baka.
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
Halp Minx's creepiness is getting to me...
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
I've been obsessed with imaging since I figured out how to lol
Take a nice and creepy pic
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
Skitty is one of my fave Pokemon next to ninetails and sylveon
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
Super tempted to but a creepy minx pic that shows boob in my creepiness album
Winter Star12 5 yrs ago
I actually hail Haruhi a lot.
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
I thought your status was a Konosuba Abridged. I am now disappointed. :/
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
Am kind of in the mood for some sort of assassin/plot RP, preferably fantasy and fiction (or if it's realistic modern day, don't make characters based off IRL ones).
VitaVitaAR 5 yrs ago
More then one weapon is absolutely fine.
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
You messed up the "all of us are going to hell" joke. It's "at least it's warm and we'll know people there."
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
When I think of TIDE, I don't think of detergent.
MissCapnCrunch 5 yrs ago
North Minneapolis born and raised
MissCapnCrunch 5 yrs ago
Thank you so much! :
Foster 5 yrs ago
*Drops off a Narga in a box*
-Would you could you narga with a fox?
Fabricant451 5 yrs ago

Dinh AaronMk 5 yrs ago
Foster 5 yrs ago
TFW Foster is considering lewds /w Otaku as soon as they figure out the how, when, and why to respond to their 1x1 int-check.
pugbutter 5 yrs ago
daily reminder that although all Dokis are good Dokis, Natsuki is the greatest, and reserved only for intellectuals, connoisseurs, and other men of class and quality.
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