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4 days ago
The only reason I want to live in America - Model Train stores everywhere
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2 mos ago
"Lookit me everyone, I'm Seto Kaiba! I have a dragon fetish and I sound like Brock from Pokemon. Screw the rules, I'm in love with Nurse Joy!" one of the best roasts in YGO abridged
2 mos ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like Evil Dead... I think I understand
2 mos ago
The Dog goes, "Ed...ward..."
3 mos ago
I will cut your man nipples off and replace them with silly string launchers the-american-godzilla.wikia… (Forgot to include link, fail)


I run a Digimon centric facebook page, almost 3000 strong :)
I post mostly Japanese related things with the occasional Reptile picture or video with other things intermixed :3

My deviantart page>
Some of my characters>…

I prefer roleplaying on Skype, Discord, and in PM's on this site :)
If you want to rp, feel free to send a PM my way :)

RP genres
And mix/matches of those

Fandoms I rp
Digimon (any season)
Yu-Gi-Oh (no card games)
Godzilla (Millennium and TriStar universes preferred)
Star Wars (Any Era, including Old Republic)
Elder Scrolls (Any game, more familiar with Oblivion and Skyrim + ESO )
Jurassic Park (JP and World)
Legends of Chima
Halo (AU's)
Dead Space
Mass Effect
FutureCard Buddyfight (The world, not the cardgames attached)
Ark: Survival Evolved
District 9
Pacific Rim
Starship Troopers
Land Before Time (nostalgia ftw)

Content level
I don't do Human x Human because I roleplay to get AWAY from normalcy, not recreate it.

Most Recent Posts

@The Harbinger of Ferocity

The only puzzles I hate are Sudoku ones. Why do I hate them? Mass Effect Andromeda. Some of those just got ridiculous. If not for guides, I legitimately could not have finished the game.

And yes, that is indeed some good advice
When I do puzzles, I prefer to sprinkle seemingly unimportant information through the area

"Huh, that's a neat sculpture"

*two hours later*

"Hey, something needs to sit on this pedestal"

Simple puzzles are the best puzzles as they don't screw with pacing too much
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

The DM just decided to assume we're all retarded and to not bring cute animals into the mix XD

Bumps 4 days
Warning: No fade to black. Includes NSFW between characters, potentially torture depending on rp.
PS - I can do pure naughty bits if a story doesn't interest you.

Places I can rp: PM's here, Discord, Google docs (not liked, but can do them)

Heads Up: All my characters are essentially Argonians, I almost never play a Human unless the other player is Non-Human

Basic Plot starters

  • Player and NPC travel together, NPC doing their best to help the player get home
  • Two Players trapped in an MMO together, work to find their way out
  • NPC's dealing with the emergence of players becoming active in their world
  • Any other idea you wish

Eggs are yoom yoom
Another bump
Egg based bump
Started reading the Gleipnir manga, i'm a weirdo so figured I'd give an rp of this a shot. I got from Chapter 1 to 13 already, and will probably have finished reading the current volumes by the time someone actually PM's me for this.

Doesn't need to be the manga series itself, can also be based on the concept alone. Special coins, traded to a powerful being for what is essentially 'powers', or alterations. Eg, you can become Goku with a few coins, etc.

As an example, the main character is transformed into this

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