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Men of War Assault Squad 2 - Wait, why the hell are my Clones killing each other? *remembers team settings* .....Oh...
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Evil Dead taught me not to trust tree's
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It doesn't have Lizardmen making out with Human women, 0/10
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Da-na na, na, na. Another one in the trash. Another one goes and another one dies, another one in the trash.


I run a Digimon centric facebook page, almost 3000 strong :)
I post mostly Japanese related things with the occasional Reptile picture or video with other things intermixed :3

My deviantart page>
Some of my characters>…

I prefer roleplaying on Skype, Discord, and in PM's on this site :)
If you want to rp, feel free to send a PM my way :)

RP genres
And mix/matches of those

Fandoms I rp
Digimon (any season)
Yu-Gi-Oh (no card games)
Godzilla (Millennium and TriStar universes preferred)
Star Wars (Any Era, including Old Republic)
Elder Scrolls (Any game, more familiar with Oblivion and Skyrim + ESO )
Jurassic Park (JP and World)
Legends of Chima
Halo (AU's)
Dead Space
Mass Effect
FutureCard Buddyfight (The world, not the cardgames attached)
Ark: Survival Evolved
District 9
Pacific Rim
Starship Troopers
Land Before Time (nostalgia ftw)

Content level
I don't do Human x Human because I roleplay to get AWAY from normalcy, not recreate it.

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Another bump
A bump, because why not - no one reads my threads anyway lol
lacroix drinks aren't real
A bump because I'm too tired to do much of anything else
I need this XD
For those who don't know what Kobold Garden is>…

Basic tl;dr - Knight/Person finds Kobolds, decides to keep them safe and build up a little society for them.

Pairing ( Bolded is my role, but I can play a Female character if you really, really want me to )
Male Kobold/s x Female Knight
Male Knight x Female Kobold/s

For Kobolds, Specify if you want me to use 1 or many, Note: Only one or two will be unique characters)

You don't have to play a Human if taking the Knight role, you can even be an Alien if you want lol - just remain somewhat Humanodi
A bump to scare people
@IRLCleric - Unfortunately all motivation for this has died due to people saying they'd join, and then nothing

If you or anyone else wants to use this stuff for their own rp, they can
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@Fetzen -

Wolf is right, a Drow may as well be a Dark Elf so that's fine with me, same as Gargoyle and Mutated Human.
Although, the mutant would still be considered Human depending on just how deformed they are, in which case they'd be classed as a monster if it's too much XD

I meant it more in the sense if you had a race option not listed, to ask me, and then I'd let you know yes or no
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