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Current Alpha x Omega 1x1 Int Chk:…
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Before I make a 1x1 int check. Omegaverse. If you know it and want to do it, please like.
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Can I get one? With Strawberries?
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That sounds delicious
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Not sure what stub installer is but there's already been unfinished games being launched like Fallout 76. It's upsetting to keep updating when the game should already be completed upon purchase.


I write: fantasy, sci—fi, adventure, romance.
Preferably 1x1 [MxM]. But will join groups if interested [no romance in groups].

I get chatty in OOCs.

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Fonsus nodded as he continued to scribble in his notebook. His pen paused as Richard spoke up.

“Maybe,” Fonsus replied and his pen resumed, no doubt to catch and note Rich’s words. He did make a good point but the place and timing were not great. Fonsus hinted, “But that’s not exactly the focus of our school project.”

“So if it takes incredible charm work to cover damage or distract from the damage, would it be possible to lift such spells? Or reverse them? This is under the assumption you can’t find the wand or wizard in the first place. Unless…you would have to find the source in order to lift their spells…because you don’t know what spells they used in the first place. Which makes this entire thing difficult.” Fonsus frowned at his notebook. He felt like he was running in circles.
I don't have time for another RP.

Player/Player, rather than the GM/Player style you mention. Both sides work to develop the world and continuously push the plot along with every post.

^ This.

It's more fun to collaborate and build together than have one person do the work. Sometimes the original idea is mine, sometimes the idea is theirs but we both have things we toss in the pot. We generally build the setting and the beginning plot first but leave it open-ended so we can have fun along the way.

Also, don't be afraid to reach out if you're stuck. Kind of like "Hey, I don't really know where to go with this next post. Where or what is the next point/place/goal we're trying to get to?" Your partner may be able to help. Communication is key to a lot of things in life. That includes your writing and your writing partner.
“If you can’t hide,” Fonsus muttered as he scribbled down a few words. He paused in thought, staring at the notebook in his hand. “If you can’t hide, you can cover it, right? Sort of like a distraction or smoke and mirrors. If you don’t want it to be found, or at least not easily, you’d make it so others would be focusing on something else. Right?”
Addie nodded along with the conversation. He also moved out of River’s way, placing himself in a position just off to Richard’s right. Rummaging in his pack he’d brought along for the trip, he pulled out his green notebook and a pen. Flipping to an unused page, he ran his hand over the page, pushing out unseen wrinkles of the paper. He marked the date in the corner and scribbled some title near the top. Adelfonsus was ready to take notes.

“We’re interested in the details of spells. Most defense and offense spells can be traced or tracked after casted and we wanted to focus on ‘if a wizard didn’t want to be caught after doing something bad, could they cover their tracks?’ Is there a possible way to eliminate evidence of a magic duel?”
Fonsus followed his friends through the doors and down the hall. He missed Richard’s look, stuck in his own thoughts. The whole setup was weird. The director was far too casual about this. Or, perhaps, their plan was actually working? Truth be told, Fonsus was nervous about the whole operation. If they got caught, they’d alert his mom. Since she was responsible for all three of them…! He really didn’t want to know the repercussions.

Last-minute jitters were cast aside when the door opened, revealing their target. Despite their ulterior motives, relief swept through Fonsus at the familiar face. He guessed some part of him was worried over the professor. The professor, after all, used to teach his favorite class (probably the only one he’s proficient in).

“Professor Clowers!” Fonsus said. His hand weighed on Richard’s shoulder and he gestured to his best friend. “This is Richard. He’s new! Transferred or something.”

“Do you mind if we, uh, ask you some questions? We’ve got a new professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and we have a project we’re working on. We’re supposed to use references and we thought you’d make a great one…Being the, uh, previous…professor and all.”
“You know,” Fonsus said as they neared the building. “I was expecting something different.” However, as they entered the building, Fonsus wasn’t disappointed. He swept his gaze over the mural, nodding his appreciation for the art. He saw the receptionist second, and, for a moment, he halted in his reply. Volunteers? His brows ticked upward at the thought.

“Ah, no. We’re, uh, not volunteers. We came to visit an old professor of ours. Professor Clowers. We were his students last year… We would like to see him.” Fonsus finished lamely.

The blonde witch pushed her brows together as she pulled in the information. “Clowers…” she muttered. Her eyes grew a tad wide in recognition of the name. “Uh, please, wait here. I have to… get our director.” She disappeared before their eyes. Her heels clicking down a hall could be heard as the blonde rushed to find her manager.

“Huh.” Fonsus blinked. He turned to his friends. “Do you think we’ll get to see him? Or,” His brows furrowed and his voice dropped to a whisper. “is he here because you-know-what?”

So if fonsus askes about volunteering what should the lady say?
I don't want to mess up Gisk's hidden plans
“Yeah, it’s right here.” Fonsus confirmed the book in his pack. He zipped up the backpack and hoisted it onto his shoulders. “Maybe we should think up of some questions as we walk? You know, authenticity… or… something. Hey, Rich, if you’re cold, you can take my scarf.”

They had started their journey and walked down the sidewalk. Fonsus unravelled the cozy knitted scarf from his neck. It wasn’t that long but its fluffy blue yarn made up in bulk. He handed it to his best friend. “I’m kind of used to the weather here, so take it.”

Fonsus wore a pair of jeans, a jacket, and his trusty old beanie. He never cared for gloves. He found them bulky and limiting, especially when practicing wand flicking. So he wore none. But he kept his hands in his pockets. It was chillier than he anticipated.

“Would it be too obvious if we asked about memories and hexes?” Fonsus mused out loud. “You can affect the physical person of somebody but would it be possible for things that are less tangible?”

“What do you think, River? I guess we’ll be doing the distracting while Rich snoops around. Anything you’d want to know?”
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we can chat here again!
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