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1 yr ago
Current I am sort of back? I'll be popping on when I have time but replies may not be a thing. I'm hoping things will settle near the end of this week.
1 yr ago
I'm moving across country next week, so you won't hear from me for a bit. I expect to be back on the 24th.
1 yr ago
I will be on vacation starting tomorrow. I'll be back Sunday but expect replies on Tuesday. K cool see ya later ~
1 yr ago
Mm, yes. There's nothing like being sleep deprived and drinking a soda in the morning.
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1 yr ago
I know we need the rain but goddamn does it bring my energy down. I want my hot, sunny days back!


Hey! Welcome! Thanks for coming by.

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Creativity and willingness to speak OOC. I do have a discord for OOC chat if you prefer. I do love building worlds and things. It's kind of my favorite part of RPs. But I also don't really like being the driver for everything. So, please bring along your imagination and let's get freaky.

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This is the ad blocker I use.

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Now I demand pics.
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