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6 mos ago
Current Might be getting another tablet soon. So, I might be temporarily returning soon.
8 mos ago
Putting my roleplaying on hold. I currently only have my PS4, and until I get my phone back, I am pausing all roleplays.
9 mos ago
Still dealing with internet issues. Not sure when it will start working again.
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9 mos ago
No internet at home. Should be back on Thursday
9 mos ago
I know the feeling. I have not a response to any of my roleplays for a good while.


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Hmmm. I am interested in plot two, but I don't know what Pokemon is the best fit for my OC, a Lucario named Aaron.
Still looking for a roleplay using Aaron.
@Wunderbar Okay. I'll send you my idea in a bit.
Darn. I am potentially interested, but I don't really play humans. :(
Sounds interesting!
Well, still have a spot for my character, Aaron Rockhand. I had two roleplays using him, but I got busy and forgot to let the second one that I was still interested, just dealing with writer's block.

Hit me up if interested!
Welcome to the chaos!
I responded to your PM with my discord.
Looking to use my character that I never really get to use, Aaron Rockhand in a roleplay! PM me if interested in playing against him.


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