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24 days ago
Current Still dealing with internet issues. Not sure when it will start working again.
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29 days ago
No internet at home. Should be back on Thursday
1 mo ago
I know the feeling. I have not a response to any of my roleplays for a good while.
2 mos ago
One more week until I can take this heart monitor off
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2 mos ago
Sigh... the next mouse that my cat catches better hope that he kills it. If not, I'm going to play civil war doctor with it before tossing it outside.


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Hmmm. I am interested in plot two, but I don't know what Pokemon is the best fit for my OC, a Lucario named Aaron.
Still looking for a roleplay using Aaron.
@Wunderbar Okay. I'll send you my idea in a bit.
Darn. I am potentially interested, but I don't really play humans. :(
Sounds interesting!
Well, still have a spot for my character, Aaron Rockhand. I had two roleplays using him, but I got busy and forgot to let the second one that I was still interested, just dealing with writer's block.

Hit me up if interested!
Welcome to the chaos!
I responded to your PM with my discord.
Looking to use my character that I never really get to use, Aaron Rockhand in a roleplay! PM me if interested in playing against him.


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