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3 mos ago
Back to the site. Promotion finally paved way for me to pursue my passion.
3 yrs ago
4 yrs ago
Finally graduated from college... what now?
4 yrs ago
Just bought Witcher 3 for 45% off, but my laptop can't run it even on the lowest setting.. fml
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5 yrs ago
Work starts tomorrow, expect minimal activity. 8hr shift might kill me, but I'll still find time for the guild.



Why are you here though?

Star Wars
Elder Scrolls
The Witcher

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- Brimstone
- Brimstone 2
- Orbitum 2 - SciFi Space Nation RP
- Star Wars: The Succession Wars
- The Elder Scrolls: Rising Storm (Fantasy Nations RP)
- The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention

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@Willy Vereb

Talked with @Sigma about the Jump Gate camping. There's an Eden Accord that prohibits the laying of mines directly at the gate's close proximity, as well as for turrets. Weaponizing or Disruption of Jump Gates is prohibited, lest they want to incur the wrath of the combined power of accord abiding nations.

There's also a reason that gates won't function correctly if there's an object in the immediate vicinity of the exit point. Possibly your pitch with the radiation burst can tie up with that as well, let's just wait for Sigma's approval.
Temp WIP Placeholder

The Black Sun

General Information

Affiliation: Unknown

Leadership: Black Sun is run by a group of cell leaders all reporting to man called Abraham. [Intel Report #9018]

Holdings: Black Sun holdings are scattered all across the cluster, well hidden from interested parties. [Intel Report #6682]

Description: The Black Sun is a human-supremacist paramilitary group that is involved in illegal or dangerous experimentation, organized crime, sabotage, and assassination. The organization supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are entirely justified, regardless of the cost.

Description and knowledge about the organization is disparate, varying on which layer of the cluster the information originates from:
  • Frontier - Populace glorify them like figures of legend or myth, using their stories to scare children; like a modern day Baba Yaga. Many relate the frequent cases of missing people to the Black Sun, but never really connected it to the organization.
  • Peripheral - Majority see them as a collection of gangs and pirates, preying on the less developed settlements and the desperate. According to unreliable sources, most of Black Sun's operations in the Peripheral are in the form of smuggling and human trafficking.
  • Core - Fear and terror, the prominent emotions a Core worlder feels with just the mention of the organization's name. People know they exist, but never gained any concrete evidence to support it. News never mention them directly, while authorities deny their existence. In some sectors, the mere mention of Black Sun is enough grounds for imprisonment.

Rumors in the black market mention of Black Sun's interest in procuring ancient artifacts belonging to a supposed nation of humans that existed before the rise of the current Core powers, called Genestealers.

Asset Overview:



Miscellaneous Info

Arcadia Corporation Product Catalog

@Duoya Yep! there's still lots of room in the cluster. :D
A Siggy NRP is a NRP I can't let pass.

*Throws interest datapad*
Inserting placeholder for the NS.

Edit: Inserting 200 years before the formation of the Union, and an internal map.

Formally putting my interest mark here
Placing dibs on Ospria.
Just wondering, is there a CS format we can look at? so we can conceptualize our cities while waiting for other players.
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