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9 days ago
Current Chaotic at best. Is this for real?
14 days ago
Every single damn thing I play on Steam has it's own tech issues. Please just let me play ffs.
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1 mo ago
Discipline over motivation. I repeat! Discipline over motivation!
1 mo ago
Breaking Free ~


Naktair sia fothisev svern wer pab

It's been 4 years since I last indulged myself in psychedelics and was also the last time I felt superbly creative.

Going back, I primarily focused in creating stories, painting/digital arts and writing songs while under the influence. Eversince I stopped experimenting, I can barely produce a great work or should I say I am not satisfied with any of them.

Trying to bring back my passion in arts. So there, a freshly purchased Intuos!

A friend of mine introduced me to this guild and I am excited to try RPs; It's my first time so I am trying to learn how this whole thing works.

Interested in:
Femme Fatale
Crime and Investigation
Spy themed
Psychological Thriller
Dark Humour

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