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3 days ago
Current Gotta love it when your heel/ankle throb after a night of work.
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8 days ago
Just finished up my interview to possibly get into the OTA course. I'll be finding out by next week at the latest if I got in. So nervous but excited.
12 days ago
Got the call to set up an interview to hopefully get into an OTA course. I've been working for this for years and I'm so excited to finally reach this point!
17 days ago
Love waking up to have a panic attack over literally nothing.
24 days ago
Managed to cut my finger and THROUGH my nail with the cutting edge on a large cling wrap roll. x.x



So, I'm Blindwoofer and here for some roleplays.

Writer info:
Name: Sarah
Age: 25
Time zone: Eastern
- I have 5 cats.
- Recently engaged
- In college
- Work part time at a small local pizza place.

I want to point out now that I am dyslexic so sometimes my spelling and grammar aren't the best. I do sometimes put in wrong words as well because my brain and fingers can't keep up with each other apparently. If you are ever confused by something I post please feel free to ask. I try to be detailed and proof read my posts but sometimes shit happens. I will not be upset if you question something because if I'm ever unsure I will do the same. Thanks for understanding. ^-^

RP info:

- Casual to low advanced writer. I usually write about two paragraphs, sometimes more, sometimes less. All depends on what the RP calls for at the time.

- I only do 1x1 PM RP. I'm not against a group rp so if you want to invite me into one I will check it out to see if I want to join it. I tend to stay away from them because of bad experiences in the past but I am willing to give it a shot.

- I will RP on Discord so feel free to ask for my username.

- I use character sheets and will likely ask for one. I'm forgetful AF and I like having the sheet to remind me of little details with YC or MC's.

- 18+ only. I'm 25 and ask that my partners at least be over 18. I like mature themes in my RP.

- Third person only. I don't like to mix. No offence to anyone that does that.

- No fade to black. It takes away from the story I think since it's so intimate it can be very character building and it's just a shame to take that away from a story.

-OOC chatting is great. Brain storming and planning out scene ideas is loved. It's so fun to come up with different ideas and throw them around.

- I reserve the right to say no to any RP and to end a RP at any time. You also have that right. I do ask you tell me if it isn't your thing or you're not interested anymore as I'll try and to the same.

- I am on daily. I may not post daily as I am a student and work part time so sometimes my brain is fried. I will almost always answer OOC messages though even if I'm not up for posting for the day. I also understand if you can't post daily or every other day. I love several replies a day but I can't always do that myself I get it if you can't either. Real life sometimes sucks, I get it. Don't worry about it. A little heads up if you can't post for a few days is appreciated.

Things I enjoy in RP:
1. Romance: This is a big one and I am always looking for a good romance. Slow burns are the best as I'm not big on the whole love at first sight thing. I like it worked up to. -Attraction at first sight is totally cool though.-
2. Drama: Jealousy, someone trying to kill our characters, daddy issues. I love it all. IC drama is amazing and fun. OOC drama is not.
3. Action/adventure: Love me some fighting and near death scenes. I have a habit of putting my character into danger because I enjoywriting it out.
4. Slice of life: While I love a faced pace RP I also enjoy slower moments too. A simple walk with characters talking and enjoying themselves is fun to.
5. Smut: I truly enjoy writing out smut but it will rarely be the main focus on the RP. Limits can be asked in PM.

Settings I enjoy:

I am not limited to them but those are ones I have done and enjoyed.

Movies/Shows/Books I enjoy and would involve in a RP:
Most anything Disney -To big a list to make-
The Princes Bride
X-men/Marvel Universe
DC -Not as big into this one but still like it.-
The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
The Warriors series by Erin Hunter

I will not RP as canon characters unless they have an original twist. That's just me personally. I have nothing against them and if you want to use a canon character that's fine by me and I welcome it. I'm not comfortable doing it myself.

I have several characters that I have made for other RPs in the past that I adore and will usually tweak to fit in any RP i'm looking for or interested in. I will also make new characters happily to work in a RP. If you are interested in RPing with me please feel free to ask about my characters. I have Character sheets for all I think at this point, or can make some up. ^-^

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