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I just found out I passed my boards certification to become an COTA! I am so happy I can't even express it
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My mom is going in to have a rod put in her leg today. The doctor says it'll be fine but she has bone cancer so any good thoughts would be appreciated
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So, I'm Blindwoofer and here for some roleplays.

Writer info:
Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Time zone: Eastern
- I have 7 cats.
- Engaged
- Work a full time job.

I want to point out now that I am dyslexic so sometimes my spelling and grammar aren't the best. I do sometimes put in wrong words as well because my brain and fingers can't keep up with each other apparently. If you are ever confused by something I post please feel free to ask. I try to be detailed and proof read my posts but sometimes shit happens. I will not be upset if you question something because if I'm ever unsure I will do the same. Thanks for understanding. ^-^

RP info:

- Casual to low advanced writer. I usually write about two paragraphs, sometimes more, sometimes less. All depends on what the RP calls for at the time.

- I only do 1x1 PM RP. I'm not against a group rp so if you want to invite me into one I will check it out to see if I want to join it. I tend to stay away from them because of bad experiences in the past but I am willing to give it a shot.

- I will RP on Discord so feel free to ask for my username.

- I use character sheets and will likely ask for one. I'm forgetful AF and I like having the sheet to remind me of little details with YC or MC's.

- 18+ only. I'm 28 and ask that my partners at least be over 18, 21+ preferred. I like mature themes in my RP.

- Third person only. I don't like to mix. No offence to anyone that does that.

- No fade to black. It takes away from the story I think since it's so intimate it can be very character building and it's just a shame to take that away from a story and I like to write smut. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-OOC chatting is great. Brain storming and planning out scene ideas is loved. It's fun to come up with different ideas and throw them around.

- I reserve the right to say no to any RP or to end a RP at any time for any reason, and do not have to give a reason. You also have that right. I do ask you tell me if it isn't your thing or you're not interested anymore as I'll try and to the same.

- I am on daily. I may not post daily as I work full time now, so sometimes my brain is fried. I will almost always answer OOC messages though even if I'm not up for posting for the day. I also understand if you can't post daily or every other day. I love several replies a day but I can't always do that myself I get it if you can't either. Real life sometimes sucks, I get it. Don't worry about it. A little heads up if you can't post for a few days is appreciated.

Things I enjoy in RP:
1. Romance: This is a big one and I am always looking for a good romance. Slow burns are the best as I'm not big on the whole love at first sight thing. I like it worked up to. -Attraction at first sight is totally cool though.-
2. Drama: Jealousy, someone trying to kill our characters, daddy issues. I love it all. IC drama is amazing and fun. OOC drama is not.
3. Action/adventure: Love me some fighting and near death scenes. I have a habit of putting my character into danger because I enjoy writing it out.
4. Slice of life: While I love a fast pace RP I also enjoy slower moments too. A simple walk with characters talking and enjoying themselves is fun to.
5. Smut: I truly enjoy writing out smut but it will rarely be the main focus on the RP. Limits can be asked in PM.

Settings I enjoy:

I am not limited to them but those are ones I have done and enjoyed.

Movies/Shows/Books I enjoy and would involve in a RP:
Most anything Disney -To big a list to make-
The Princes Bride
X-Men/Marvel Universe
DC -Not as big into this one but still like it.-
The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
The Warriors series by Erin Hunter

I will not RP as canon characters unless they have an original twist. That's just me personally. I have nothing against them and if you want to use a canon character that's fine by me and I welcome it. I'm not comfortable doing it myself.

I have several characters that I have made for other RPs in the past that I adore and will usually tweak to fit in any RP I'm looking for or interested in. I will also make new characters happily to work in a RP. If you are interested in RPing with me please feel free to ask about my characters. I have Character sheets for all I think at this point, or can make some up. ^-^
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