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I go by Merc or Lu, whichever you prefer; they/them pronouns. I'm a 24 year old who's been roleplaying for over 15 years, and a teacher/professional cat herder living outside NYC. In addition to forum rp, I also LARP (full-time NPC) and tabletop (DM and PC), and occasionally I cosplay (badly).

Currently looking for a new long-term roleplay to get excited about.

I'm mostly active on weekdays; feel free to harass me over PM or Discord if I'm ever holding anything up.
I generally post in a timely manner but, y'know, life happens.

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@Sightseer oh hey look, I did it~

Can I be Good Bot again now?

Sibley's eyes went wide as the woman confirmed her identity. She responded to Sophia's head bow with a deep bow of her own, her hands clasped against her legs, her hair flung over her head in her haste to do so. In this position, her gaze was drawn to the badger that was still pawing at her boots. She took as deep a breath as she could without hurting her throat.

"Green Sage Sophia." Sibley's words were soft as she searched for an answer that would be... at least somewhat palatable. "My mother told us stories of you. Of your forest. I - I grew up on a farm near a village called Northpass. Your forest marked the far boarder of our farm." She paused to cough. "My mother cautioned us against entering the forest, but I found solitude there. In a farmhouse with seven siblings, it was the only place I could find solitude." Sibley bowed even lower. "Please forgive me. I meant no disrespect."

Her answer danced around the truth: although she spoke no outright lies, Sibley's story still omitted key details - that Northpass was new when she was young, that her family had been the first to farm that land - in the hope that she would not break the Green Sage's heart.

Sibley watched the badger, frozen in her pose, wondering if the truth was shining through her eyes, and, if it was, whether or not the animal could tell. She still felt too weak to hide her expression, and the only barrier hiding it from the Green Sage was her long hair. If the badger could tell, though...
Sorry, I've been busy with a family emergency. I'll probably get a post up later tonight or tomorrow
@Majoras End I have no intention of returning to this game and you do not have permission to use my character as an NPC. RP has not started, as of right now he has absolutely no importance to the story and his particular niche can easily be filled.

There is absolutely no reason to keep him around as an NPC and you do not have permission to do so.
I'm gonna have to dip out of this due to a family emergency.

Have fun y'all
Sorry it took so long to move my sheet over. Family emergency. Working on making it pretty-looking now
@Majoras End thank you (: may I move him over?
@Majoras End finished my sheet, posted above. Let me know what you think
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