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I go by Merc or Lu, whichever you prefer; they/them pronouns. I'm a 24 year old who's been roleplaying for over 15 years, and a professional cat herder living outside NYC. In addition to forum rp, I also LARP (junior staff / full-time NPC) and tabletop (DM and PC), and occasionally I cosplay (badly).

Currently looking for a new long-term roleplay to get excited about.

I'm mostly active on weekdays; feel free to harass me over PM or Discord (rhosymedre#0737) if I'm ever holding anything up.
I generally post in a timely manner but, y'know, life happens.

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Going to be working on my character over the weekend, hopefully I'll have something by Sunday
@QueenNugget Thanks for understanding (: I'll get my character in as soon as I can.
Sorry for the delay with my sheet, I've had a hell of a week. I most likely won't be able to get a complete sheet together until Monday at the earliest (if I get really lucky I might be able to do it tonight, but I don't want to promise anything). I understand if that's too late for you, and I don't mind bowing out if you want me to.
Sweet, I'll work on my character later tonight (:
tentative interest
Tentative interest
Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still here, but between being sick and preparing for a new job I haven't had much time/energy to write.

I'll try to get a post in before the end of the weekend
The Father & The Mother

Looking around as they approached the palace, Angeline couldn’t help but make a face of disgust at all of the pomp and extravagance surrounding them. It all seemed to her like a bloody waste of time and precious money… but then again, Exodus had more money than they knew what to do with. She twirled her sickle around one hand as she turned to Avidan. “Really looking to impress, aren’t they,” she mumbled. “Must be nice having money that isn’t better spent elsewhere.”

Avidan slowly caught up to Angeline after a ways, now walking beside her, the large man standing like a mountain. He saw the look upon her face and knew exactly what her thoughts would be. She had come to the same conclusion he had, and her words were his clarification. As they loomed closer towards the festival, strange aromas wafted towards them, making his nose slightly burn. Try as he might, Avidan was not use to this at all. His gruff voice then broke the silence between them, "Entire place reeks of privilege and greed." he paused, watching Angeline twirl her sickle a few times, "Think it would have been bad if I had brought my sword?" he finished with a slight chuckle, before returning to a scowl. He had left his weaponry upon the boat, not because he cared about making a good impression, he just didn't need it to kill someone.

“Ha!” She snorted out a short, smileless laugh. “You, carrying that thing? You would’ve scared them all back to the holes they crawled out of. No, it's probably best. Besides," she added, her eye caught on a particularly colourful banner, "if need be, I'm sure you could find something that would do just as well. One of the palace's pillars, perhaps." To that Avidan let out another chuckle.

As the neared the festival, he could hear the large crowd, all the royals and nobility. He hated these people. Avidan looked to Angeline again, "Don't do this... Fucking festival shit. You do the talking?" Avidan asked in what sounded like a question but probably came off as a command. An event such as this, was one thing Avidan had never thought he would be apart of, and he absolutely despised it. But he had a responsibility, for his people, for a future he would never see. The Mother was more then capable to be his voice, and the voice of Luthra, even without knowing his plans. She was a smart woman, and he could respect that, being Thanatos and all.

Angeline didn't respond, but gave a short nod. She expected nothing else - and she preferred this more than anything. The fewer voices in Luthra's conversation, the fewer chances for someone to say something gravely wrong. And besides, she had spoken for her kingdom more or less alone for years before Avidan took his place as Father. What was one festival? As out of her element as she felt, she was sure this would ultimately be no different than any other negotiation.

As they entered the palace courtyard, Angeline carefully hooked her arm around Avidan's, posing herself as she had seen other queens do so with their king. As much as she hated putting herself on their level, she knew that it would only help for them to look the part. She picked up a glass from the tray of a passing server; examining it carefully, she realised the drink contained blood. Pausing hardly a moment, she sipped at the drink, and wondered what other uses human blood had for the body. Perhaps there was more to Exodus's youth than just bathing in the stuff.

Then a young woman dressed in what Angeline could only assume was the highest of Exodus fashion approached them. She spoke first to Avidan, picking him out as Father, before turning to Angeline and addressing her as Mother. The woman introduced herself as the kingdom's princess, and Angeline opened her mouth to respond - but before she could the young princess was already on her way. “Why invite us if they are so afraid," Angeline mumbled.

But she wasn't as worried about it as her words might have implied; of course they were afraid of Luthra. The Thanatos worked hard to earn that reputation. But the fact that they were invited in the first place showed that the fear could be overlooked, and that relations could be mended.

Avidan looked down upon the girl who had the courage to speak to him, low and behold it was the Princess of Exodus. The girl knew who he was, very surprising, but he supposed it wasn't at all hard to guess. He heard what Angeline mumbled and shook his head in agreement, before saying, "Too pretty." and then following Angeline's lead, by grabbing another drink from a passing server. He didn't pay it much head before downing the contents. He grimaced, "Tastes like piss." He wondered if they were serving anything stronger, but then he shook his head. These people didn't know alcohol like Luthrans did.
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