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I go by Merc or Lu, whichever you prefer. I'm a 23 year old who's been roleplaying for more than half of my life, and a teacher/professional cat herder living outside NYC. In addition to forum rp, I also LARP (full-time NPC) and tabletop (DM and PC), and occasionally I cosplay (badly).

Currently looking for a new long-term roleplay to get excited about.

I'm mostly active on weekdays; feel free to harass me over PM if I'm ever holding anything up.
I try to post at least once per day but, y'know, life happens.

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Fiala: There goes my ride

Fiala froze at Death's outburst, her glass raised nearly to her lips, pinky held far out. She waited a moment, unsure at first of how to react; the panic was definitely out-of-character for Desious, and she couldn't be sure she didn't miss something with her inattention. She set down her glass, a gesture she hoped would communicate that she was actually taking this seriously.

Then Hiraga crossed to the window, and Fiala watched as her sister communed with the little creature. The location was announced to the group: Maybell, Oregon. Fiala shook her head, annoyed that she wasn't going to get her drink after all. She straightened herself and glanced around: she didn't bring much, but she didn't want to forget anything when she left.

Hiraga was speaking to the Messenger now, and Fiala suddenly realized what was missing. "Sister, my knives -" she started, but before she could finish her thought, Hiraga was gone, a flash of light that filled the room before disappearing from sight. Fiala made a noise of disappointment. She truly hoped she would be armed before the first fight... but whatever. She was capable enough, even without them.

Turning to Keyla, she made a slight motion with her head toward the door. "Ready for an adventure?" Without waiting for an answer, she bolted out the door, calling over her shoulder, "Meet you outside!", and made her way down the stairs at inhuman speed. In the building's lobby, she lingered for just a moment, glancing at the glowing numbers above the elevators and wondering how long it would take for the Demigod to catch up - if she chose to come at all. Fiala stepped outside and lit a cigarette.

Puffing away casually, she scanned the street, looking for another ride. An affluent-looking teenager pulled his sleek BMW into a nearby parking spot on the street. Puff, puff. She watched as he slammed the door and locked it with the key-fob. Waited as he walked toward her, a disapproving scowl on his face as he looked her over. She stepped aside as he passed her to go into the building. She flicked her free hand's pointer finger, and the keys slid from the kid's pocket, landing on the sidewalk in front of her. He didn't notice.

Fiala scraped out the cigarette on the bottom of her boot, and with a fluid motion, picked up the keys while still bent over. Lit another cigarette while she waited for Keyla to catch up. She didn't expect her siblings to choose to travel with her - many of them had reliable methods of transportation themselves - but she wouldn't turn them away if they chose to come. By the time she was finished smoking, she figured anyone who wanted to be there would have already caught up. She scraped out the cigarette and casually approached the BMW.

Looking over the interior as she hopped into the driver's seat, she smirked. "Fit for a goddess," she quipped. "Keyless ignition. Nice." She started the car. Taylor Swift blasted from the speakers. Grimacing, Fiala turned the stereo as low as she could. "I'd feel worse about this if the kid didn't have such shit taste in music." Glancing back toward the building, she checked to make sure she wasn't leaving anyone behind, and waited about a minute longer for any stragglers while she cycled through radio stations, looking for something reasonable to listen to.
Sounds interesting. I'm interested~
I'll work on a character a little later. Hopefully I'll have something by Friday, but this week is pretty hectic for me

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Luclie: we interrupt this conversation

Luke sipped at his coffee as he listened silently to her words. Perfect. It wasn't a lot of information, but it was enough to assure himself that it wasn't just in his head. He lowered his mug once he had emptied it. "All that matters is that you find it, right?" he mused as he reached for the coffee pot.

As the other patron loudly devoured her sickeningly large meal, Luke couldn't help but glance over. He filled his coffee mug and watched her as he sipped, a morbid curiosity overtaking him. Eavesdropping asshole, came a low mutter from the other side of the booth. Luke didn't immediately respond, but placed down his once-again empty mug and raised an eyebrow. "Did she say her mother was a goddess?"

Then he shook his head. She must be crazy, spouting off stories and not able to tell fact from fiction. He kind of pitied her, so lost in her apparent madness that she would announce such things with confidence to strangers. Still, her mention of the bell caught his attention. He stared at her as he reached for the coffee pot - now empty, he realized as he turned it upside down over his mug.


Luke turned his attention to his companion as she spoke again. She was focusing on something else entirely: his eyes followed hers to the television, which was now showing shakey cellphone footage of the attack. Maybell, Oregon. His lips were parted with shock. The bell - he knew it had to be related. That must be where they were going.

He glanced back across the table. The woman's expression changed; she clearly felt it too. It was now or never.

"Listen, you and I both know that whatever's happening there, has to do with this bell." He spoke quickly, and not as quietly as he would have liked. "We need to get there fast. Let me come with you. Safety in numbers, especially when facing something like this."
@Lord Zee I'm still here, just waiting for the rest of the group before I post again
Interested (:
Annest Williams

Annest drove her silver hatchback too fast, windows rolled down. The freezing wind cut her cheeks as it blew, throwing her hair around wildly, at times slightly obscuring her vision. None of this bothered her, however; she was too busy singing along to the Smile-dk CD, volume way too high, to notice the cold or the pain. Bobbing her head back and forth, her less-than-melodic voice barely projected loud enough for herself to hear over the synthesized pop music, entertaining herself as she drove in the general direction of home.

Coming from what was supposed to be an early morning portrait session, Annest was, for once, presentable in appearance, her blue blouse and black trousers shielded by a long grey coat, her eyes obscured by large, round sunglasses. She drove barefoot, her thin nylons the only barrier between her and the cold plastic; her low-heeled shoes were kicked carelessly into the bottom of the passenger seat. Her beloved camera, by contrast, was placed carefully and lovingly, buckled into the seat to keep it safe. The rest of her equipment almost completely filled the rest of her car, the back seats folded down to create extra space. She was alone for once - Grandfather was well enough to take care of young Noah this morning - hence her current speed, volume and general carelessness while driving down the road.

Up ahead, she saw a man with his thumb toward the road. She glanced at her wristwatch. Her intent was to go home and pick up her nephew, take him out for a day at the festival; but her client cancelled at the last moment (the absolute last moment), freeing up her entire day and giving her plenty of time for a side trip. She turned her music down and slowed the car as she approached him.

As she rolled to a stop, Annest looked him over, noting just how large he was. She frowned, hesitating to speak for a moment; not for fear of her safety - no, that didn't even cross her mind - but because she wasn't even sure that this bear of a man would be able to fit properly in her already-mostly-full city car. Then she noticed how he was dressed - shorts, in this weather? The man must be mad or desperate. Reaching over across the seat, she pushed the car door open and smiled lightly. "Where to, Mountain Man?" She asked as she reached forward to collect her shoes and camera. Scanning the back of the car, she found a safe place for her camera and an out-of-the-way spot to tuck her shoes, then rolled up the windows and flicked on the heat. "Might be a bit of a squeeze, sorry about that."

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