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Sounds fun, colour me interested (:
In Pariah 4 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Throwing my hat in for this, I'll start working on my cs tonight~
Sounds cool, I'm interested if you're still looking for folks~
Going to be working on my character over the weekend, hopefully I'll have something by Sunday
@QueenNugget Thanks for understanding (: I'll get my character in as soon as I can.
Sorry for the delay with my sheet, I've had a hell of a week. I most likely won't be able to get a complete sheet together until Monday at the earliest (if I get really lucky I might be able to do it tonight, but I don't want to promise anything). I understand if that's too late for you, and I don't mind bowing out if you want me to.
Sweet, I'll work on my character later tonight (:
tentative interest
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