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I go by Merc or Lu, whichever you prefer. I'm a 23 year old who's been roleplaying for more than half of my life, and a teacher/professional cat herder living outside NYC. In addition to forum rp, I also LARP (a serial NPC as of late) and tabletop (DM and PC), and occasionally I cosplay.

Currently looking for a new long-term roleplay to get excited about.

I'm mostly active on weekdays; feel free to harass me over PM if I'm ever holding anything up.
I try to post at least once per day but I'm currently in the middle of moving, so I'm sorry if I don't always post as quickly as I should.

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I like the concept. Definitely interested (:
I get that. I wasn't sure how much you wanted Eli to understand, especially from that last post. I wasn't planning on having her like, give long speeches in Hebrew or anything lol

That being said, I like the idea of them tutoring each other after they've had a bit of time to gain each other's trust.
@Infamous Empath yeah, basically she spent the last ten years speaking Hebrew with her previous group and in that time she lost a lot of her English. She knows some basic words but not enough for her to feel comfortable trying to hold a conversation.

And that's totally fine lol. I'm posting the translation in italics so as not to be exclusionary.
The stranger's response was... not what Aviel was hoping for. He returned her language just long enough to confirm that he wasn't fluent (what the hell kind of accent was that?) before switching back to English. His nerves bled into his words, shaking his voice as he spoke. She strained to follow what he was saying, but quickly got lost; the only thing she was sure she understood was "by choice, not birth."

... well, that would explain the accent.

She hesitated a moment, not breaking eye contact, as she tried to puzzle together the rest of what was said. He was smiling and nodding to her, as if trying to be friendly. Probably because of their shared beliefs. Common ground is common ground, she supposed, although she personally thought it was unsteady ground to begin with. Ten years of hiding in sewers to escape nightmare creatures will shake the beliefs in even the purest of hearts. Aviel, of all people, knew this. Still, the stranger seemed genuinely happy; and, making a small concession to herself, she had to admit it was nice to find him as well.

Aviel turned to the tall girl and nodded, as if to signal her approval, before locking eyes once more with the stranger. "Speak. Slowly." She was careful to sound out each syllable, for fear that she might be misunderstood if she didn't. "Ha anglit sheli garua meod." My English is poor. She spoke the Hebrew slowly and deliberately, hoping that he would catch more words that way. Obviously he couldn't act as a perfect translator, but at the very least she could communicate her inability to communicate.
My mistake. I'll post something soon.
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Aviel watched as the stranger pushed back his coat; her eyes caught on the cord and lingered there, perhaps longer than they should have. It surprised her; it was the first time she had seen the tzitzit after leaving her previous group. And although she rationally knew that she and her neighbours likely weren't the only surviving Hebrews in New York (and certainly not in the entire world), it still caught her off guard to meet another so soon.

Her eyes turned back to his face as she tucked her gun into her waist. Did she know him?, definitely a stranger. All the better. Her gaze passed over each face in turn as they spoke; the tall girl was nodding and subtly motioning toward the man. The child was back to her own work; the space woman was still fussing with her suit. Aviel took a deep breath and, for the first time, turned her entire body to face the man.

"At medaberet ‘ivrit?" She demanded. Do you speak Hebrew? It was the first time speaking her preferred language in front of this group, for no other reason than that this was the first time she was hopeful that she might be understood.
Aviel's eyes flicked momentarily away from the stranger toward the sounds coming from outside. Clickers. She carefully adjusted her aim as the man moved to confront them, still aiming at him but feeling more confident that she wouldn't have to shoot; after all, if there were more of his kind waiting in the dark, they certainly wouldn't wait there to be murdered by clickers. And as for the clickers themselves... well, she would never spend a bullet on those things, as they were easily dispatched in other, less wasteful ways. She watched as other members of her group went to take care of the problem. As far as she could tell, there were only three of the monsters. Not too much of a problem, and so she decided not to get involved.

Aviel slowly began to lower her gun, but stopped as she noticed the child pull a knife from her own bag and take a step toward the doorway. Is she mad? Aviel mumbled under her breath in Hebrew as she jumped the table to get closer to the child; she stood blocking her way, mumbled a curt word that was supposed to be "Stop", and again pointed her gun toward the entrance. Entirely unnecessary, she knew, but if it would stop the kid from being stupid, then it was worth it.

Besides, Aviel reasoned to herself. The child must have some use if she has been kept alive this long.

She finally lowered her gun when she saw the space woman return to the shelter. Aviel's eyes followed her momentarily, but turned back toward the door when the woman started fussing with her space suit again. She said nothing as the others came back.

Without turning her head, she looked to the space woman as she began to speak, but only briefly before returning her gaze to the tall girl and, as soon as he was visible again, the stranger.
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