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11 days ago
Current Folk of the Air series by Holly Black is good and just a wee bit spicy (not super descriptive or anything). I just finished reading that one. XD
4 mos ago
I have group RP dating back to AOL days - so like 94? 93? Somewhere in there.
4 mos ago
@Dagger - It's because you're awesome. <3
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6 mos ago
No power in the 'verse can stop me.
10 mos ago
Creeping around in cardboard boxes since 1998.


I've been playing since AOL days (I just dated myself, didn't I?), and I've been looking to get more writing into my life again. I do paragraphs, consider myself advanced, and write in the third person. I live in the Eastern US timezone; I'm 30+ and prefer mature RP partners. You don't have to be my age by any means, but that maturity needs to be there. XD

I can post multiple times during the day and would love to find other folks who can do the same. I write paragraphs, and the amount can vary depending on the situation, but you can typically expect 2-3. I may go a bit shorter if the scene calls for it, such as if there are a lot of conversations or a location transition. I can also go a bit longer if I'm diving into the way my characters think/feel, setting a scene, or happen to get into it. If I churn out 50 paragraphs, don't feel you have to! We're good as long as you get a paragraph or two and hit all of the critical parts.

Things about me:
I love to write! I also love video games, TTRPGS, etc., and enjoy fibercrafts (knitting, crocheting, spinning), watercolor, and about 5000 other hobbies. XD

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In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
@Jen They are right: I hide username changes made more than a year ago. Not sure where to put this info. The idea is that people should know that you changed your name, and they have a year to be able to connect you to your old identity, and after that you get some privacy.

Thanks for confirming!
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
<Snipped quote by Jen>

i believe it's all usernames older than a year that get blacked out, but don't quote me on that one.

Oh, that could be! I only joined back in October.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 3 mos ago Forum: News
@Mahzapparently my old user name isn't blacking itself out on my profile. 😅 A friend pointed it out to me, so they can see my old one too.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 4 mos ago Forum: News
Not sure if anyone has noted it yet or not - changing your username makes your email unverified. Not a big deal, but not sure if it's intended or not.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 4 mos ago Forum: News

I'm not sure what the ideal is here, and I think everyone will want it to work a little bit differently. For example, I don't mind getting email notifications for DMs if I'm actively browsing the site, but I'm going to guess that some people would.

I think the other boards I'm on just send you the notifications whether or you're considered online or not.

I also don't have a preference whether or not the context of the DM is included in the email, but I could see people having an opinion here. Even on the boards that spit out the entire DM in the email, I still go read it on the board. LOL.

I personally don't get digests from any of the other boards I'm on, and I'm not sure if they're an option - I could see it being handy for thread play. Maybe make it an option to either do the individual emails or a digest hourly or something?

So, to reiterate, for me personally: Every DM gets an email.

I'm mostly just thinking out loud, though. XD I figure doing so can't hurt, right?
In Mahz's Dev Journal 4 mos ago Forum: News
@Mahz As a note from a 1x1 role-player, most of our RPs take place over PMs, so having emails for any "post" in that section would be a nice feature.

This. I only 1x1 in PMs, and the lack of email notifications is rough. I'd love to get an email notification for any DM, not just new threads. :)
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