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Current When your paycheck bounces from work and you really enjoyed your job.
3 mos ago
From my experience, the majority of RPers are not heterosexual especially on here. haha.
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I did one of those. Welcome back!
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Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches I love you, oh
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Depending on situation, character, RP, and GM preference. You write in different perspectives because you ONLY use third doesn't mean everything else is a mental illness kiddo.


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This will be a very environmentally intensive role-play for people to interact in what is known as "Ecoven" which will drive folks on epic journeys, crazy goose chases, and emotional endeavors for prosperity. In-character scenarios will be interactive, with actions having consequences based on what characters choose to do. This means that depending on the problems that they face, the team will either fail or succeed. Keep in mind that failing isn't always a terrible thing. To choose to forego the money that a rare mineral would bring could save one's or everyone's lives.

What is the plan for this roleplay?

This will be a small to big group role-play with easy access to leave and rejoin, allowing for a continuous journey. Crews, like missions and stakes, can change at any time! The role-play will take place in a futuristic sci-fi setting that will allow the crew to travel through space. Individuals will be able to put planets, species, races, and more into the universe with admin approval to keep the engagement of this role-play in and out of character!

The idea of what the crew will be!?

With the "leader" or "captain" or whatever title one would like to give Kalrith Soreden, every member of the crew will find themselves in a difficult situation. It's possible that this man deceived you, prevailed, gambled you into debt under him, or you freely chose to sign the contract he offered you. When it comes to earning money, he is renowned for paying the highest rates. In contrast to other businessmen who essentially turn you into a slave. Even though he may not be superior, he always keeps his word and pays five times the rate of anyone else. How did you become a member of this man's crew and a part of his twisted game of work?

Following the signing of the contract, your first mission may have felt like hitting a brick wall because you realized you made a mistake with the small signature you provided, or it may be your first mission altogether. How long have you been controlled by the man referred to as the "Devil"?

Come sign the contract to, among other things, go on space missions, risk your life, create traumatic memories, and receive financial compensation for your efforts!
Banned for having an epic neon profile picture.
Banned for only being a single malt. Why not a double malt?
Banned because god damn that profile picture is sending vibes. 😏
Banned for not banning sooner.
Banned for thinking I am that benevolent of a soul.
Banned for even needing a dexterity roll. TSK ~ ametuers.
Banned for not smoking.
Banned for not being a fan of cats.
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