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Letting go of someone who effortlessly walked out of your life is like trying to catch the wind – you can't hold onto something that was never meant to stay
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Job interview in the morning. wish me luck <3
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Everytime I speak the wrong thing comes out. Solutions.


Hi, Qia here <3. One day I will complete this...maybe.

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"The melding of moonlight and fire," he noted quietly, a flicker of appreciation crossing his features as the celestial and elemental energies intertwined. "A convergence born of unity indeed," he mused, recognizing the significance of their combined efforts against the encroaching abyss.

As Lunella took decisive action, directing her moonbeam toward the Elemental Marauder, Orion's focus intensified. He understood the importance of each strike against the dark forces threatening Nexustead. His own flames danced in a synchronized rhythm with Lunella's celestial display, each flicker pulsating with an unwavering resolve.

With the Celestial Defender's plight in mind, Orion's fire surged forward, weaving with Lunella's moonbeam to contain the encroaching darkness. "Together, we defend," he murmured, his voice resonating with a shared determination. He directed his fiery energies to engulf the area, not only to repel the Abyssal Marauder but also to lend strength to Lunella's efforts in healing and restoring hope to their injured ally.

"Damn it," Orion growled, his voice laced with frustration as he watched the Abyssal Leader's manipulative tactics unfold. "Their schemes have grown more insidious." He clenched his fists, feeling the heat of his elemental power surging within him, a visible manifestation of his determination.

"The corrupted races, Feyweavers and Celestial Guardians alike," he muttered, his eyes scanning the chaos, now tainted by the Abyssal creatures' influence. "They were our allies moments ago. Now, they're twisted by this darkness," he lamented, the weight of the situation pressing heavily on his shoulders.

"Elara's right. We can't charge in blindly," Orion remarked, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. "Rushing in would play right into their hands." His gaze fixed on the corrupted beings roaming the town, his mind already racing with potential strategies to counter the Abyssal Leader's advancements.

"We need a plan," he declared, urgency evident in his voice. "A well-thought-out approach to rescue our comrades and secure the Elemental Nexus. It's the linchpin of Nexustead's defences," he emphasized, his fiery gaze reflecting both concern for their immediate predicament and the broader consequences of failure.

As Elara's call for a council of war echoed through their minds, Orion's focus sharpened. "The central square, then," he stated firmly. "We'll regroup and strategize there. Every moment counts," he stressed, already on the move, his fiery aura flickering with a renewed intensity as he made his way toward the central square to convene with the defenders.
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Interacts with Natsumi (@Kuro)

Sophia's expression softened as she perceived a hint of hesitation in Natsumi's demeanour. She didn't want to pry or make her feel uncomfortable by delving into sensitive topics. But as Natsumi continued, Sophia's attention remained rapt, though she sensed a guardedness in her narrative.

"It sounds like you've been through a lot," Sophia replied gently, aiming to offer comfort and understanding. "I can't even imagine how challenging things might have been for you." She paused for a moment, allowing her words to convey the support she wanted to extend to Natsumi. "You don't have to go into detail about anything if you don't want to. But I'm here to listen whenever you're ready...despite being a stranger and all." Sophia didn't have many positive experiences in terms of communicating with others. Having mainly animal friends growing up probably didn't help with this either. So the girl sincerely hoped that her words didn't put any pressure on her new companion.

Sophia felt the residual tension lingering in the room after the recent chaotic events and pondered Natsumi's suggestion. "Yeah, maybe a distraction would help," Sophia concurred, seeking to divert their attention from the unsettling occurrences. "TV sounds good. It might give us a chance to take a breather, you know? Try to shake off some of the craziness." She hoped that a brief respite could alleviate the anxiety that lingered within both of them.

"And yeah, I hope everyone's okay too," she added with a sombre nod. "That... that was intense." The gravity of the situation lingered in her mind. "I hope that guy... Billy, I think? I hope he'll be alright." She hesitated for a moment, feeling the weight of the recent events. Sure, Billy more than likely deserved it but...the last thing she wanted was someone to lose their life without having the chance to maybe make up for their bad choices. The situation was way too close to home, either way.

Sophia's steps echoed faintly in the room as she headed for the common area. The search for the remote felt almost like a distraction from the whirlwind of thoughts about her new environment. As she picked it up, she turned towards Natsumi with a small, uncertain smile.
"Any preferences?" Sophia asked, the remote control feeling like a foreign object in her hand. "I'm not much of a TV person myself. Maybe something light?" She shrugged lightly, her gaze wandering briefly around the room before settling on Natsumi.

"The darkness you bring may loom, but our resolve remains unyielding," Orion declared, his voice a resonant echo amid the chaos. "Nexustead is not yours to claim, nor will it succumb to the abyssal tides you seek to unleash. Our unity is our strength, and it shall be our shield against your malevolent designs."

With a fiery intensity burning in his eyes, he continued, "Your threats fall upon deaf ears, for our determination is unwavering. Your ominous words carry no weight against the united defenders of this realm. We shall not allow the descent into darkness you so eagerly envision. Nexustead shall withstand your malevolent grasp, and the light shall prevail against your encroaching abyss."

Orion's proclamation echoed across the battlefield, his voice unwavering as he rallied not only the defenders but also their spirits, embodying the unyielding resistance against the encroaching darkness of the Abyssal Convergence.

Mia's excitement overflowed as she faced Professor Banner, barely able to contain herself. Meeting someone of his stature, a legend among heroes, was incredibly thrilling. "Thank you! I'm super excited to learn from everyone here. It feels like a dream come true!"

As Mia observed the gathering students, she noticed the varied responses to the situation. Some, like her, were drawn to the Professor's presence, eager to make an impression. On the other hand, several students seemed content to keep to themselves, seeking solace in quieter spots within the courtyard. That feeling that they had, a reluctance perhaps, she could understand. Despite her excitement, a trace of nerves pricked at Mia's confidence herself. Her hand instinctively reached up to ensure her concealed antennae remained hidden from sight. Confirming their concealment, she felt a sense of relief. While there were certainly other individuals with more distinct or eccentric appearances, her ant-like characteristics sometimes sparked a flicker of uncertainty within her.

Lost in her own thoughts and preoccupied with ensuring her antennae remained concealed, Mia momentarily missed a fragment of the Professor's conversation. The name "Crimson Angel" snagged her attention, prompting Mia to glance in the direction of the individual being addressed. She caught sight of the girl - Crimson Angel - and observed her with intrigue. Realizing she might appear impolite or too interested, Mia recentered her focus after a few seconds on the surroundings, feigning nonchalance. She figured she could approach Crimson Angel later if an opportunity arose, but for now, Mia decided to turn her attention back to the Professor and the unfolding events in the courtyard.

The next unexpected entrance certainly caught Mia's attention. Her eyes widened as the armoured figure descended from the sky and executed what seemed to be a rather dramatic landing. She watched, a mixture of surprise and curiosity etched on her face, as the armoured figure gracefully rose from his knee and looked back at the damage he had caused. Apparently, the Professor and he appeared to be on good terms despite everything. A soft smile played on her lips at the thought of piloting such a suit, albeit in a strictly hypothetical scenario. The idea was exhilarating, though it didn't diminish her appreciation for the situation unfolding before her. For now, she stood contentedly observing the conversation between the armoured Jason and the Professor, intrigued by the possibilities presented within the academy so far. At this point, she was ready for anything.

Or...almost everything.

Mia's eyes widened in shock as a chaotic scene unfolded before her very eyes. She observed the red-suited figure, Deadpool, being unceremoniously ejected through a window and the subsequent landing that appeared quite... painful. The unexpected spectacle was interrupted by War Machine's swift arrival, closing the gate and delivering a stern warning to Deadpool. Then, turning around as if nothing had happened, he mentioned something about a tour, a word that made her human ears perk up. Finally, they were ready to explore the school!

Led by Hulk, War Machine, and Happy Hogan, the students embarked on a tour starting with the academy grounds. The spacious courtyard brimmed with potential for various outdoor activities. Mia could already envision herself relaxing on the grass with a book or soaking up the sun's warmth, having a huge preference for being outside rather than stuck inside even before her transformation. The tour then led them below ground, revealing high-tech areas. The Danger Room, dedicated to honing abilities, impressed Mia, although Hulk emphasized its supervision necessity. Another notable area was the expansive workshop, ideal for technologically inclined individuals like her armoured acquaintance Jason. The first-floor tour covered essential facilities. The infirmary, efficiently termed the Nurse’s Office, boasted extensive medical resources and staff. Happy Hogan's counselling office, the next stop on the tour, appeared to be in line with the previous room, as it provided a quiet space for personal matters, offering comfort amid the hustle of being a hero. Mia looked over the man in question, her head arching to the side with curiosity. Personally, she'd never heard of a "Happy" before, but perhaps she could check with Peter later about him. He seemed gentle enough, though.

The next leg of the tour took them to the gymnasium, which was equipped with various exercise regions, courts for games, and a swimming pool. Mia's gaze lit up at the sight of the cafeteria and kitchen. She loved food and loved it even more after her accident at the lab. She'd always been a little hesitant to put that fact out there, however, as maintaining a fit body was just as important to her.

Moving upstairs revealed classrooms, the principal's office, and a large library, some sections guarded to Mia's nosiness. She wondered briefly if it would ever be possible to explore what was kept there. Clearly, the girl had not learned from her mistake at her previous school, but surely with supervision this time it might be okay, right?

Exiting the library, the group entered a sizable auditorium that seemed perfect for hosting a wide array of events such as plays, concerts, or even movie nights. But it was the final leg of the tour, the dormitory building, that captured Mia's interest the most. This place was more than just sleeping quarters and common areas; it was where friendships could be forged and bonds strengthened. Yet, the idea of having roommates struck her differently. In her past schooling experiences, being a part of such arrangements was foreign to her. Once again, her hands subconsciously moved to her head to check on her concealed antennae. Would she need to keep this aspect of herself hidden, even in her new home among fellow students? She was used to it in her hero persona but outside of it was a different situation entirely.

Mia felt a nervous knot forming in her stomach, and she let out a laugh, albeit a bit forced, at a joke one of the students made regarding the dormitory arrangement. It was clear the accommodations were packed, almost too packed for comfort. She couldn't help but wonder if such a prestigious institution could have possibly allocated more rooms, considering its vastness.

"I suppose this might give us a chance to get to know each other and possibly collaborate during training sessions. I mean...that's the idea, isn't it?" she asked, her voice carrying a hint of uncertainty.

As the tense situation with the looming Abyssal creatures intensified, Orion's focus was unwaveringly fixed on the impending threat. The change in Quincy's expression went unnoticed in the midst of the growing unease and the sheer weight of responsibility that rested on their shoulders. Orion had a knack for laser-like focus, particularly in situations as dire as this one, and it often meant that he missed subtle cues in his immediate surroundings. Yet, Orion's unwavering seriousness was more than just a reflection of the immediate crisis; it was a testament to his dedication and sense of duty. He recognized the gravity of the situation and what was at stake – not only the safety of Nexustead but the balance of the elements and the well-being of its inhabitants. He had a strong resolve, even in the face of unknown and unpredictable foes. And, for him, every moment counted.

There was simply no room for distractions or misunderstandings.

The tension in the air continued to thicken as the Abyssal creatures drew nearer. It was a palpable, almost suffocating force, and it took precedence over any personal feelings or momentary disappointments for the fire tamer. "Enough of that silliness now. Lives are at stake here!" he said then, his voice cutting through the tension like a blade, sharp and unwavering. Quincy's whimsical suggestion had momentarily disrupted the serious atmosphere, and Orion couldn't allow that to persist. Lives were at stake, and the thought of potential harm befalling the people of Nexustead fueled his resolve. He understood the value of unity and a clear, focused approach to facing this Abyssal threat.

As the eerie manifestations of the Abyssal Convergence drew nearer, their shadowy forms casting an ominous darkness over the land, Orion felt a surge of elemental energy coursing through him. His connection to the elemental forces of fire was a source of strength, and he knew that he needed to harness it to protect Nexustead as one of its few guardians, here and now.

The flame that manifested in his hand burned with an intensity that matched his determination. He had trained for years to master the art of fire manipulation, and now was the time to put that expertise to use. As the Celestial Defenders clashed with the elusive Shadowy Manifestations, Orion launched his flames like a relentless torrent, aiming to engulf the Abyssal creatures in the searing embrace of his elemental power. The clash of power and darkness was a tumultuous dance, a battle that would determine the fate of Nexustead. Orion's flames roared as they met the shadowy forms, each wave calculated and precise. The unpredictable nature of their foes didn't deter him; it only fueled his resolve to protect the town he called home.

Mia Thompson wasn't the type to sit around twiddling her thumbs. When the acceptance letter from the Avengers Academy finally hit her mailbox, she knew her time had come. Her cozy apartment in Queens had served her well, but the thrill of heroism and the desire to make a bigger impact on the world beckoned her with an irresistible allure. So, on the day she was set to attend the academy, Mia was already prepared to embark on the next chapter of her life. She had meticulously packed her suitcase, not just with clothes, but with a few essential gadgets, as well.

As she bid farewell to her parents, Mia couldn't help but feel a twinge of anxiety mixed with excitement. "I'll try to visit when I can, okay?" she assured them, giving her mom and dad tight, reassuring hugs. Ever since gaining her unique powers, her connection to them had grown even stronger, and they had become her rock during times of uncertainty. Leaving them behind was a little nerve-wracking, but she couldn't resist the pull of the adventure and the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. After all, in the age of instant communication, they were only a phone call or video chat away, right?

Double-checking to ensure she had everything she might need, Mia made her way to the nearby subway station, choosing to savour her last moments of being firmly grounded for a while. She knew that once her classes at the Avengers Academy began, opportunities for normalcy like this would become increasingly rare. The world of heroics and supernatural abilities awaited her, and the subway ride would be a brief respite before diving headfirst into the extraordinary.

Her footsteps echoed through the crowded streets as she navigated through the vibrant urban landscape. With a grin that could light up Times Square, Mia's light-brown eyes twinkled with the promise of adventure. Not even her usual casual attire, a snug-fitting tank top and jeans, could betray the seismic shift that was about to occur in her life.

As she strode through the city she called home, Mia couldn't help but feel the familiar buzz of excitement coursing through her veins. The scent of street vendors' delights mingled with the distant honks of traffic, creating the usual symphony of New York life. She darted through the bustling crowds like a nimble ant, her antennae-like protrusions carefully concealed beneath her hair. Those unique features, her secret to bear, were reserved for the extraordinary life she was destined to lead. Still, she felt the weight of responsibility on her shoulders, the legacy of heroes that came before her urging her forward.

But Mia wasn't usually one to be daunted by the gravity of a situation. No, she thrived on the thrill of new challenges, on the prospect of forging her own heroic path. With a final turn down a familiar street, she stood before the entrance to the Avengers Academy. The courtyard sprawled before her, a haven amidst the concrete jungle. The towering statue of heroes stood tall, a testament to the legacy she was about to become a part of. The plaque's words resonated with her deeply, a mantra for the heroes that would soon fill these halls, including herself.

With a deep breath, Mia squared her shoulders and stepped forward, her heart pounding in anticipation. This was her moment, her chance to make a mark on the world. She couldn't help but think of her parents, the values they instilled in her, and the love that propelled her forward. As she moved closer to the entrance, the prospect of meeting her fellow students and the legendary figures who would guide them filled her with a heady mix of excitement and nervous energy.

As Mia approached the central courtyard of the Avengers Academy, her eyes landed on the towering figure of Professor Hulk. The reality of his immense size struck her immediately. His presence was commanding, and while she had seen him countless times on TV, the larger-than-life persona was nothing compared to seeing him in person. It was as if a colossal legend had come to life right before her eyes.

Mia couldn't help but marvel at the sight. She had grown up watching the Avengers on her screen, and now she was part of their world. The anticipation and excitement welled up inside her. It was a moment she'd dreamt about for years. The opportunity to learn from the best, to train alongside her heroes, and to embrace a path that led her to become an Avenger herself. Her heart raced as she considered the journey that lay ahead.

Yet, Mia wasn't one to stand idly by and let the moment pass. She was confident, and she knew what she wanted. She strode purposefully toward Professor Hulk, eager to make her presence known. She realized that she was about to interrupt his interaction with other students, but hesitation wasn't exactly in her vocabulary. She had a boldness about her, a fearless determination, and she figured if she was going to learn from the best, she had to seize the opportunity.

Basically this bitch

Without missing a beat, Mia extended her hand and introduced herself with an air of charisma. "Hi, Professor Hulk! I'm Mia Thompson. It's a pleasure to meet you!" Her voice was full of enthusiasm, and she wore a warm smile that was hard to resist. Mia had a knack for making connections, and she was determined to make a lasting impression on not just Professor Hulk but everyone she met at the academy.

"Lunella, I'm glad you've decided to focus on the situation at hand. It's a relief that we're not stuck in Quincy's never-ending circus anymore. As fascinating as his quirks can be, now's not the time for whimsy," Orion said honestly, side-eyeing said whimsical individual, "Those Abyssal critters are no pushovers. They're a menace that needs a solid thrashing. It's.... a shame really that we can't solve this with moonflowers and ethereal dances."

Despite the joking tone he'd taken, Orion knew that he and the others may have their work cut out for them. Yet, their talent could not be merely for show. He knew they at least had Lunella's celestial mojo, which could be yielded to bring some sense into their current chaotic mess. Perhaps if she were to channel her powers into a protective shield for the town, he could give these Abyssal creatures a taste of their own medicine.

The fire tamer also hoped he hadn't come across as too harsh with Quincy and Ennui. They may be eccentric, but they were on his side after all. They were a team now, he realized, an unconventional one but a team nonetheless.

Which meant that he'd always have their back, and hopefully they had his.
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Sophia's initial tension eased as she shook Natsumi's hand. Her new roommate seemed friendly and approachable, and it was a relief to encounter someone who didn't exude the same intimidating aura as some of the metahumans she had witnessed earlier. The events of the day had heightened her anxiety, but now she found herself in the presence of someone who felt like a potential ally.

Two people she was on good terms with already? It was a surprising turn of events that she would have never guessed would occur upon her arrival at Aegis.

As she settled down on one of the beds, Sophia couldn't help but notice the laptop and phone on Natsumi's bed, both wrapped in plastic. She contemplated her own journal tucked away in a ziploc bag placed on her pillow, wishing she could call her parents and tell them about everything that had occurred thus far. However, once she gave the idea a bit more thought, perhaps it wouldn't be best to tell them everything once she had the chance. The girl doubted they would be okay with the idea of her already having witnessed someone almost getting blown to bits.

A pang of homesickness gnawed at her heart then, but she knew she couldn't let it overwhelm her. She had come to Aegis for a reason, to understand and control her abilities. And to not repeat the same mistakes she had made before with them, most importantly.

As Natsumi broke the ice with a playful question, Sophia couldn't help but chuckle. "No bank heists on my record, I promise," The blonde replied with a smile, her voice tinged with humour. She appreciated the attempt to make her feel at ease, at least. "I'm here because of... well, my abilities, I guess. They wanted to help me understand and control them. My parents."

"What about you, Nat?" Sophia asked, genuinely curious about her new roommate. "What's your story, beyond a possible criminal past of course?"

Hi new, nice to meet you :P
This looks interesting....if anyone is free to join?
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