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Post is up, made a couple of references to Gus, but tried to stay away from dictating any actions or placement.

If anything needs changing, please feel free to advise me.
Conn leaned against the tree, his eyes half-closed as he pretended to be snoozing. All around him, men readied themselves for the ambush, their weapons drawn and arrows nocked. They had been working up their courage for the past twenty minutes by Conn's count, a common tactic among men about to go into a fight of life and death. The bandits were right to be nervous, even if they had no real clue as to the real threat to their plan. Of course, Conn had equal reason to be nervous. If he or Gus had made a misstep and tipped their hand too early... well, they would undoubtedly be dead long before the approaching mercenary party. He just hoped Sir Dorian's friends wouldn't accidentally... or purposefully... bleed him out before he had a chance to explain the ruse.

He opened his eyes and glanced towards the sky, smiling as he saw a white eagle in flight over the nearby path. A good omen, he thought to himself.

"It is time," Conn said aloud. He rose to his feet, brushing away the dirt that had gathered on the lower part of his robes and straightening his collar. Presentation was everything when meeting new people, after all.

"Armúr Draíochta," Conn muttered as he stretched. The arcane words vibrated the air around him, gathering light and energy for a brief moment before coalescing around his body. Magical barriers shimmered into existence, anchored to his physical body and taking on the form of plated armor. Conn rolled his shoulders and shifted his weight from foot to foot. The magic was practically weightless, and while not as strong as true steel it would deflect lesser strikes away from his body. It's true advantage however, was that it did not interfere with the sometimes delicate art of shaping magic into spells. Close by, he heard the snap of bows as arrows shot into the air, arcing towards the white eagle.

The next moments were a blur all around him. When arrows failed to bring down their prey, the bandits lunged forward with sword and dagger, further causing confusion among their archers as they now had to avoid striking their own. The mercenaries had no such qualms, as they were outnumbered six or so to one and so their attacks could go wild without endangering their own side. Still, the numbers and the surprise were on the bandits side, and it seemed one of the mercs had already collapsed to an unseen issue. Conn continued to observe as more bandits dropped from the mercenary attacks, only to be replaced by another foolish thug.

"Well?," a bandit said, holding back from the fight as he noticed Conn just standing there, "c'mon, get your payday!"

Conn turned to the man and gave him a sad smile, "for what it's worth, I am sorry about this. I did enjoy sharing breakfast with you all this morning."

"'Ey? Wha-," the bandit began, the realization beginning to fill his face. The man's turned to brandish his sword against Conn, but it was already too late.

"Codlata domhain", Conn's hands darted through a series of motions, tracing arcane energy through the air. He needed to clear space around himself if he was going to try to help the mercenaries. Glittering dust filled the air as Conn spoke the arcane words, falling upon the nearest bandits and causing them to suddenly become fatigued, perhaps even falling over where they stood even as the snores of deep sleep slipped past their lips. It would be only seconds before the bandits realized they had been betrayed from within and began to target Conn as well as the mercenaries.

Conn mentally reached into the well of his own being, drawing upon the warmth that had filled his soul since his days when he called the church his home. He had changed much since those days, but his faith had not.

Gods guide my allies blades to the hearts of their enemies, and may their feet carry them from harm., he thought to himself, reciting the prayer in his mind as he connected with the divine power behind his faith. He lifted his left hand up, and soft blue light began to radiate outwards, seeking the forms of the mercenaries as well as Gus to provide them with a blessing.
I'm up for it if you are.


Hey @jasbraq

You wanna pop in on the battle as a team?
At work at the moment but will post when I get home in about six hours

Not gonna lie, had a harder time than usual coming up with this one, so please, feel free to give feed back or let me knwo where I should adjust things.

Ported over from Interest Check.

@WhiteAngel25 Interested. Should I fill out a char sheet and send it to you or post on teh OOC?
I'd be up for rolling a templar.

Update: Rolled up a templar of lightning, but honestly if any Scion wants to pair up, I'd be more than happy to oblige and adjust the sheet accordingly.

Left magical ability limited for now till we get a sense of character power levels.

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