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I’m well stressed because I’m getting a new kitchen monday, and this morning they taped down my living room and hallway. There’s a lot of packing and cleaning and preparing going on! So its a big delayed my dears.
I had a busy weekend, but I should be writing soon :-)
@Days I think it is time for that collab between Stella and Theo. 😉

Oh, oh, oh it certainly is!
Oh, my, GOD, Esty.
Also, glad you're home safe.

That post was AMAZING. Totally worth the wait. Poor... well everyone, haha. You can be totally proud of this one! :)

“You think you've escaped me, but I am always here. Submit to me, and maybe I’ll let you keep the ashes of your son.”

This made me GASP for sure. How is our sweet, lovely Esty such a savage and brutal antagonist? This sentence is a chef's kiss, for sure. Can't wait to read Thierry's reaction, either. Man, that's a hell of a lot to respond to haha.

“He will serve me well, opening the way to the End. You should be grateful. Your son will make the impossible possible. Everything his father could ever be proud of.”

Oh hoh hoh, the plot thickens. Everything Thierry could be proud of, huh. Such a recurring theme. I love it!

#6’s gaze shifted to Sabrina, and gestured to the HiveMind agents, who forced her to kneel.

Can't believe you made our queen kneel :O

“The Lady of Nobility, Mistress of the Broken Home, do not grieve for your son. He is merely serving his destiny that he evaded all those years ago in the depths of Gaza.”

Savage! Also, more exposition about Gaza ;)

“You haven't fully recovered from the darkness, have you? Do not fear, Von Galloes will happily adopt you when your father finally falters and succumbs.”

Oooh my GOD. This one's so brutal, too. Vonny can stick it where the sun don't shine >:(

“Yes, I know #6 has an issue with orders. It can't be helped…

Von Galloes stepped toward Theo, his sick smile widening. “Finally. Finally, I have you.”

He ran a finger down Theo's cheek, before lifting his chin, moving Theo's face from left to right, inspecting him. With a nod of approval, Von Galloes beckoned Stella with a finger.

No Vonny! Bad Vonny!
@Estylwen Hope your travels go well!

Yes you did! It was damn amazing, Angel! Such an amazing read. Momma Sabrina is such a queen, and I'm all here for it. Scrumptious post, I like the lifeblood thing a lot, too. So calm and collected.

What almost made Sabrina think this was all a dream was Thierry admitting she was right. Her honey eyes blinked in a shocked manner. She watched as Thierry made amendments with Cosette.

I cackled, haha.

The Egyptians revered the Afterlife, even going as far as to create tombs such as these to protect themselves through the cycle of Rebirth. If the person going through the Afterlife was judged well on their deeds and how they lived their life, they were rewarded with a better position in the next life

Mommy is so smart. I love this bit.

Your father will keep you safe

No pressure, Thierry.
Aww take your nap!

I'm sorry to hear it. If you need ideas, or brainstorming, or anything at all, let us know! <3
You got this! :) Can't wait for people to read the collab and GASP!
Update, It’s going awesomesauce :)
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