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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Ray looked to Benjamin as he spoke before she nodded and glanced towards Ari, who floated quietly beside her.
"Right." She said with a weak smile, "Thank you."

Dia almost ran into Benjamin as they both looked for each other. Dia grabbed Benjamins' hand and pulled him out slowly.
"Come on." She said with a small smile, "Is Ray okay?" She asked as she lead him out slowly, hoping no medical staff would start asking questions.

Sara looked to Marc quietly, "I don't think I could do the dance game either." She laughed slightly before she looked around, "I don't think I'd be good at a shooter but we can try it out!" She said with a bigger grin.

Everything was going well, the spirit was keeping down; Sara didn't know if it was from her own strength or she didn't want to hop in control either, but she shrugged it off and wanted to focus on the current time.
"It's up to Arceus if he wishes for Darkrai to truly be banned or not." Frosiien gave a sigh towards Penalopy's words, glancing towards Michael for a moment before she looked down to Niccia, who watched the Articuno hesitantly. "But I think we shouldn't talk about such a dark pressence on a good day like today, For Niccia and Michaels sake." She said firmly, staring directly at Penalopy.

Niccia looked to Mindy as she walked over to them, she looked towards where Andy went before she looked over to Mindy. "We can head out back if everyone is ready to." She said with a weak smile, "If everyone is ready, if not I can take the others who are ready out and whoever isn't ready can stay inside?"

Gavin waved back to Mindy, grinning almost like an idiot before he caught himself and silently cleared his throat and turned away to cross his arms to hide his blush. He closed his eyes momentarily before he reopened them as he saw Duusian floating in front of him.
"Hey buddy!" He said with a grin, moving to touch Gavins' cheeks. "You might get to meet my human today! He's really cool!" He chattered happily.
Gavin moved quickly, grabbing Duusian in his arms before he tucked the Legendary under his arm and started to walk outside without another word.
Steph quietly followed after Benjamin, keeping her eyes to the ground hesitantly as she walked along, her arms filled with whatever she could carry- even her tail was coiled around a few bags of things.
She stopped at the damage that Gaia had caused and looked at it for a moment, she had this odd feeling that she was the reason for all of this, but she couldn't just blame herself for everything anymore... Could she?

She shook her head to herself as she started to follow Benjamin again, looking to the door to her new room with a small amount of hope shining in her eyes.
"A new start..." She uttered out loud, not just about the room, but about her real life. She was slowly accepting that she was.. well, She now.

Rose nodded at Stuarts words about the agency growing diverse, before she hesitated at his next question.
"Undress?" She asked as she looked down at herself, hesitating again and started to take her jacket off her shoulders and started to lift up her shirt to get it off.

Momentarily it was stuck on her extra arms and the spider legs, but she managed to get her clothes off and she stood naked in front of Stuart, smiling softly to herself. She was still slightly awkward at her own body since the transformations, but she was getting better with herself, an enjoying her new found appendages and possible new skills.

V'moph looked to Alex as he shook his hand and motioned to another Agent before he gave a bit of a nod. "Key would be good." He started before he paused at the question about the transformation of their team mate, "I can answer what I can, but the Queen knows truly about the ritual." He said as he glanced into the greenery behind him.
He worried for the Agents if they came close to their Queen, especially with how weak she was...
Chance looked over towards Haki as he started to cry, he was hit with a sudden wave of grief as he looked to the floor.
"Haki..." He started before he moved to walk over towards Haki. He moved to grip the Warbeasts hands and slowly lifted them up towards his face.

"Don't cry for me Haki. Please don't cry." He felt his heart twist, moving to lean towards the mans face before he kissed his forehead. "I feel close to you. I feel like I can be myself around you, I feel like I don't have to hide anything or do anything that isn't a lie about my personality."

Nessa followed after Adrian as he sat down, Ra moving to take a place on the table happily. Ra tucked his tail around his body as he looked between the two humanoids happily.
"What made me become an adventurer?" Nessa repeated before she smiled softly. "A lot of things, Ive always loved adventure and my curiousity is... annoying sometimes." She laughed to herself before she looked around slowly.

"I..." She started after a moment of silence, "I was... framed for killing my husband. I... Didn't do it; we raised Ra from birth, we were a family but... I was hunted off my planet due to this.... This accusation." She slowly stared at the table, tears starting in her eyes. "So I've decided to follow my heart again, and my heart tells me to travel."
Fae went to argue with Maggie's words before she heard the part about being on a leash and her eyes widened, cheeks suddenly flooding with red in colour.
Fae looked to Dianna, who only grinned at Fae's sudden fluster before they both quickly followed the Rogers female inside.
"Voices?" Dianna uttered to herself as she looked around, hearing the sounds inside as they slunk through the doorway. The squeak of the door caused Fae to bounce and ready herself to attack something, but she slowly relaxed after a moment of nothing moving towards her.

Dianna looked back to Fae and then looked towards the source of the sounds.
"Oh hey!" Dianna called to Scooby, Shaggy and Daphne. "Funny finding you guys here." She continued with a bit of a grin. Fae sighed as she saw her cousin and Maggie's sibling; Seeing Scoob made things even better, she really liked that big doofy dog.
Fae moved quickly past Dianna and Maggie, moving over to Scooby and started to smush his face in her hands with a little bit of a grin.

"I'm glad we found you guys instead of something more scary." Dianna said with a glance towards Fae, "Hey Fae, did you manage to bring any of those recording Drones that you were working on?" She asked after the idea suddenly flooded into her head. Fae blinked slowly, pulling her hands away from Scooby with a bigger smile.
"I mean, if I'm allowed to bring them out," She glanced towards Daphne, "I did bring them, but someone doesn't like me showing off my tech."
Chance swallowed his bite with a bit of a smile, "I..." He started, "I... really appreciate that." He cleared his throat momentarily before he closed his eyes to stop the tears from starting down his face.
"I... It takes a lot for me to open up." He suddenly said, "I've been through a lot of stuff in my life. A lot of betrayal, a lot of..." He trailed off softly.

Chance looked to the pastry in his hands before he moved to chomp down on it quietly again. He wasn't sure if he wanted to explain even more than he already did.

Nessa nodded at Adrians' signing before she stepped slightly closer to the counter.
"Hello, apologies for making you wait." She started, "Can we please get two cups of warm sweet tea, a small glass of Water, a piece of apple pie- Preferably with some vanilla ice cream if we can." She sent the woman a bit of a wink before she looked to the cabinet again, "And I would love a plain scone and a slice of the strawberry cheesecake if I can." She moved to get her bag to get ready to pay for it.
Dia gave a gentle nod at the doctors words, "Of course not, the others just had some concerns that they wished for me to bring it up with you." She said sweetly, "Thank you doctor, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me." She fake looked around for a second, "Now I just have to find the patient who was kind enough to lead me here, He wanted to check in on a friend."

Ari slowly woke up, blinking as she looked at Ben in mild confusion, everything seemed to have worn off by now. "Benjamin..." She mumbled before she looked to Rays spirit beside him and hesitantly have a nod and stepped out of the body for Ray to go in.
Ray didn't seem to hesitate, stepping into her own body with ease as she jolted up, her heartbeat racing and her breathing shaky. She hadn't been out of her body like that for that long for ages. "What the fuck" She started, moving to touch her body in surprise, "Oh my god."

Sara wasn't doing as well with this game as she was with the other one, half of her shots would miss, but she didn't care. She was having fun, thats' all that mattered at this point.
She let out a small laugh as her game finished before she looked down at the tickets printing out. "Not as many as the other game..." She said out loud, grinning almost ear to ear.
Frosiien nodded to Andy as he mentioned he was going to see Merlin. "You have fun." She said with a bit of a grin, "I'll stay in here, I'll wait for you to come back." The Articuno said with a wink towards her human friend before she moved towards Niccia and Michael as Penalopy asked about Darkrai and breaking rules.

"My apologies for butting in," Frosiien started, Rorsh suddenly jumping up to hug her cousin with a grin, Frosiien moving to pick the smaller bird up happily with a kiss on Rorsh's cheek. "But I feel like you're forgetting everything that he has done in the past Pen."
Niccia looked up to Frosiien as she spoke, waiting for her turn to reply to Penalopy's question of why she was unhappy.
"Not only did he rile the Ultra Beasts against the Legendaries, try and harm or eliminate many of the Legendaries on multiple occasions, possessing and corrupting legendaries on a regular basis, and most importantly trying to harm Arceus himself on several instances." Frosiien listed off, in a soft, gentle almost motherly tone.

"And don't forget he's just a massive downer." Duusian's voice echoed through the air, the Hoopa appearing on top of Souls' back. "He's just boring to be around, 'rah rah I'll take over this, rah rah darkness edginess rah rah.'"
Soul nodded at James' words, "That sounds amazing. I'm sure Celebi will be more than happy to see us all." He said with a bigger grin, Fez gave a gentle nod in agreement.
As soon as Haki left the room, Chance hopped up off the bed and moved to his bags. He never carried a lot with him, but he at least had a change of clothes.
He pulled out his fresher clothes, pulling off his shirt to inspect his scars and injuries from being attacked earlier. He pulled his pants off to change into slightly better styled ones, instead of the ripped and torn ones he used for travelling.

By the time Haki had reappeared, he was looking at old mildly healed scars and the injuries from the last few days.
As the door opened, Chance looked up almost immediately with a worried look on his face before he relaxed at the sight of Haki.

Without his shirt on, the extent of his Fae runes and scars could be seen by Haki. The green and pink runes etched up his arms and legs, over his chest there was a few dark brown marks that seemed to be healed scars over his chest, over his heart and down parts of his lower torso and abdomen.

"I'm... Holding." Chance replied quietly with a weak smile, before he looked down at his chest and moved to grab his fresh top to slip it on after he finished looking over himself.
His small wings twitched before they started to fold out slowly; relaxing in the atmosphere. "Thank you for the food." He said with a slow blink, before he got up to grab a pastry to slowly eat.

Nessa looked around as they walked inside, her face lit up at the sight of everything inside.
"Hi!" Nessa replied to the woman behind the counter, she looked around slowly before she looked to Adrian as he spoke.

"You order first, It's my treat." Nessa said with a small grin towards him, before she looked to Ra, who moved to leap from Adrians' shoulders to hers, leaning over to look at everything as well.
Fae grinned happily at Dianna suddenly linking arms with the two of them, and moved with the other two girls with a smile that was probably the biggest she had ever smiled in the past three years.
Fae's cheeks flooded deeper red as Maggie grabbed their hands, her heart raced.

Dianna allowed Maggie to lead them along, she grinned like an absolute goofball as they got closer and closer to the old ride.
"I agree, it's not judgey at all." Dianna said with a small nod, "Unless it's on the list of being fixed?"
Fae's eyes widened at the look of the ride, she stepped forward slowly before Dianna moved to grab her shoulder quickly.
"Calm down there boy." Dianna said with a bit of a wink towards her friend, her voice snapping Fae from the almost trance she'd get from unknown machines.

Fae blinked before she cleared her throat and looked over to Maggie and Dianna with a bit of a grin.
"Sorry, you know how I get with... Machines." Fae muttered slightly before she turned back to the ride before looking around a bit more. "We should check it out, but not stray too far from each other."
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