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Current Quietly orders more things offline because things are going on sale and I have no self control.
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We want Wholesomeness? Scarecrows were once known as hobbityboobies!
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Skyrim is for the DRAGONS.
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Oh no Reddit has pulled me in with more Writing Prompts. Hhhhhhhh these make ideas for Roleplays HELP.


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Chance felt anger bubble inside him when one of the warbeasts taunted him, moving to attack before he was suddenly grabbed and taken into the air.
He aggressively struggled against the Griffons grip as they flew away from Haki, "No we can't just leave him there I can fight them let me go you overgrown turkey you're letting him take your- our friend away!" He yelled as he struggled, he continued to yell stuff in the Fae language as they started to scale down to land.

Nessa slipped out of the Griffons grip and moved to sit on his back with a worried look towards Haki as they flew off, she pulled out a small clear crystal pendant and gripped it in her hands as she whispered prayers into it, prayers of protection for Haki and prayers of healing in case he needed them.
She opened her eyes as Chance started to yell and scream, she would have normally smiled at his tantrum-like behavior, but now wasn't the time.

When they landed she slipped off the Griffon carefully and gently pet it's neck, moving to grab Chance by the neck of his shirt as he went to run past her back the way they came.
"NO UNHAND ME." Chance yelled at Nessa as she span him around and slammed him into a tree.
[color=659EC7}[i]"Shut up Chance."[/i][/color] Nessa whispered in a venomous tone she barely used, the young Half-Fae slunk at her words and force. We will go back for Haki, Adrian won't leave him behind. I won't leave him behind. I'm not going to let you run off and get yourself hurt."
"I won't get hurt! The only ones who will get hurt are those fucking bastards who took Haki!" Chance squeak-yelled, struggling against Nessa's tight grip to no avail. "You can't just let this happen Nessa! Haki is the only person to take interest in me without malicious intent! He's a friend Nessa, I don't get friends that often! I'm not going to let my only friend die!"

Nessa moved her free hand to her eyebrows and gripped the bridge of her nose. She stopped pinning Chance to the tree, but moved her hand to touch her pants before touching one of the belt-loops in his, a small gold string suddenly formed between the two. Once that was done, Nessa let the scrambling boy go, watching him immediately make a run towards the treeline again, he made it at least 5 feet before he was suddenly pulled back to Nessa.
Ray watched Benjamin with fear in her eyes, she listened to his words, trying to find any sort of lie or deceit.
"A...A friend?" She asked quietly, she seemed to relax before she looked at her hands. "Am... I dead?"
"No, you've just been pulled from your body." Dia said, moving to sit down on the floor with Ray, motioning for Benjamin to follow suit.

"W...How?" She squeaked before she looked up to Benjamin again, "I'm... Imprisoned. I... Remember that much. I like... Art. I draw, occasionally?" She almost questioned.

Ari tried to relax herself, closing her eyes to ensure she didn't see the needle.
"M...My body is weakened... My joints ache." She focused on everything that made her hurt, everything that was specifically from the medicine and not the fact she forced the main soul out of its' body. "I have a strong headache." Her heartbeat was starting to relax, but her breathing was still slightly strained.

When Marc smiled at her, Sara's seemed to straighten up and her smile grew a little bit. His positivity was starting to rub off on her, she enjoyed his company. When he asked about the book she looked down at it.
"O-oh!" She started before she fumbled through her things to find her wallet, getting more anxious by the second. "Oh no. Where... where is it?" She started to panic, "Oh no, did I... Fuck I think I left it... no no..." She sighed and looked at the book before she stood up to grab it.
"I guess I'll just put it back and hope no one buys it before the next time I come here, which probably won't happen again for a while."
Yeah, Wooloo would probably be the biggest source, unless they wanted to source it from other areas they could go Mareep line.
Yeah, but I bet they'd also use Cotton Pokemon to help plant the cotton plants and then probably get bird pokemon/flying pokemon to help collect all of it to use. But yeah, Silk would probably come from Bug-Pokemon.

Yeah, it's something I really like to think about honestly; it's a bit morbid but hey, so is going out and catching wild animals to make them fight for your amusement and companionship but /shrug.

But yeah, there are hints towards Pokemon eating other Pokemon, which would happen given a wild scenario. But I have always wondered if there are Pokemon they actually farm to eat, cause there is Fruit-based Pokemon and there's a shit tonne of berries and stuff that they can eat. But they do include eating Magikarp and Slowpoke tails and stuff like that so maybe they do eat Miltank after they fail production standards or maybe even all of the 'meat' we see is just tofu or other meat-looking substitute?
Mareep: It's wool is statically charged, probably wouldn't be the best for wool, but sheds every summer- potentially easy to collect?
Flaaffy: Specifically farmed for their wool to make high-quality clothing.
Jumpluff: It has cotton spores, something something cotton wool?
I was thinking something about tauros hair for Wool too? I donno. Bulbapedia doesn't give anything about it being used for any sort of wool/fur based industry.
Blissey Is said to have soft, fluffy fur but they already really have a job in the Pokemon workforce.
I could argue that the Purple Mane fur of Raikou would be super fucking valuable xD Also could be said for Suicune, but Entei's mane is apparently smoke so.
Wurmple and silcoon could probably make fabric from their webbing, as could well.. Most araknid/web spinning Pokemon.
I feel like Mamoswine fur would be fantastic. Sewaddles line are good sewers and probably use their silk for wool themselves.
Cottonee Line, for the same reason as Jumpluff, cause, Cotton. Bouffalant as well, big puffy hairstyle. Eldegloss is the cotton pokemon I was thinking off, then there's obviously Wooloo, but it's evolution dubwool apparently has really bouncy fur.
Now I'm looking up what Pokemon you would logically get wool from safely ahahah
Frosiien gave a gentle nod to Andy's words, and noticed how the others had behaved before she closed her eyes and thought back to her own history. She had a feeling Andy had been betrayed before, a feeling she knew all too well. She wanted to change the subject, she didn't like the mood of the atmosphere anymore.
"Did anyone believe you after you met me?" She asked with a tilt of her head, she was mildly curious about the situation that happened afterwards.

Gavin nodded to Mabels' words and watched as she flew off. As Mabel flew off, Li moved to stand up and watch her almost longingly.
The Strange Noivern looked to Michael and Gavin as if waiting for them to give him a command to leave.
"Do you want to go after her?" Gavin asked as he leaned back on the grass, looking towards Li, who seemed to hesitate as he was asked a question instead of just ordered.

"If you wish to go I don't see a problem, do you Michael?" Gavin glanced over to the human boy quickly before returning his gaze to the sky to watch the clouds move.
Fez settled beside Merlin as he slept, closing his eyes himself as if to meditate. He placed his bone across his legs and ducked his head down slightly.

"So we need a yellow like... Sparky's fur?" Niccia asked with a tilt of her head, running a hand through her Pokemons' head before looking to Mindy as she followed her inside, "I wonder where they get all these supplies from!" Niccia asked with a grin as she looked around, she went to the wool quietly and moved to touch it slightly, "Maybe Wooloo wool? Maybe even Mareep wool? Unless they got cotton fluff from Glossifer or even Jumploom?"
At the mention of Warbeasts Chance froze up and he started to panic. When the Vampire tackled Adrian and looked at him he let out a small squeak. Nessa quickly moved to stand in front of Chance and held her hands in a fighting stance, watching the Warbeasts and Vampire.

Nessa's freckles glistened like stars and a soft aura echoed from her skin.
"Let my friends go." Nessa stressed the last word angrily, "Leave and I won't harm you at all."

Chance took the moment while Nessa was in front of him to move towards the Warbeasts pinning Haki down, he lifted his hands up as if to fight as he let out a low, crackly growl.
"Let him go!" He snarled, his ears drooped back in fear instead of anger, "I won't hesitate to harm you!"

When Ness got angry, the stars seemed to blip in and out, the Protection constellation disappearing and warping into something else.
Yeah I was pretty sure it was Li xD
Love the star hopper idea dear

Thank you! Were you wanting to roleplay it? I can pm you more info if you'd like?
Jase gave a nod, he felt his body shaking slightly before he bowed his head and left the office. He looked around before he headed towards the library. He briefly knew who Stuart was, so he knew who to point out.
He moved towards the library to look around for him, wondering if he would be there first.

Steph watched Harriet as she slowly moved through her piles of things, moving to her wardrobe and leaned over a large closed box with strange runes on it. She seemed to start muttering things as Steph watched.
"Harry." Steph started, "You're scaring me." She said, raising her voice slightly as Harriet froze up.

"Well that's funny." Harriet said as she turned around and sat on the box she had been leaning over, "The Demons afraid of the Alien, shouldn't it be the other way around?" She gave a small wink.
Steph stayed quiet as she watched her before she shook her head. "Your demeanor is scaring me. And it was scaring Mike." She said sternly, Harriet blinked and her ears drooped.
"I guess I got a bit carried away into the darker thoughts..." Harriet said with a frown.

"Lemme guess, you get it from your fa-" Steph started before Harriet hopped back up and held out a small vial.
"Mother actually." Harriet said with a grin as she moved to Steph and placed the bottle in the females hands. "There, That's what I was looking for. Shouldn't take too long to heal up the damages." She moved to put her hands on Steph's shoulders. "I love you, and I care for you. Please stay positive, okay?"
Steph looked at the vial before she gave a small smile and nodded. "Only if you promise me not to kill or hurt those agents."

Harriet gave a dramatically long sigh, throwing her head back with her palm to her forehead.
"You're not fun." Harriet said with a small grin, Steph shuddered slightly. "I would never, I was thinking of at least scaring them, but I did scare Mike and I didn't like that."
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