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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
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I roleplay many different genres and Fandoms; I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.
I am very new when it comes to writing Smut, but if it's not the primary plot of the roleplay I will allow it in my roleplays.
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Nygari flinched when he looked to her as she put her head on his shoulder, but relaxed as he gave a smile. She kept her head on his shoulder as he spoke to Harry before closing her eyes.
Harry's ears dropped at the joking of Saruya being like Entei before he pricked his ears up again; listening to the words that Ho-Oh was saying. "Something warm and cozy?" He repeated before he nodded and hopped up to his paws, "Right okay, I can work with that!" He said with a shaky voice, he was fully unsure about himself before he headed away from the small group that had gathered.
Nygari opened her eyes slowly and looked over to Netherlu as he asked if she would have grandchildren; she blinked as she thought of the question before she gave a bit of a yawn.
"I'm not sure really." Nygari spoke quietly, "Frosiien seems to have fallen beak over claws for a human, Prezzle is a grumpy bastard and Thunderk is just... An idiot." She said with a small joking grin, "And that's just the Kanto children of mine."

Vatier smiled weakly at Niccia and Michael as they said they'd help. He wasn't expecting to get help at all, but this made him feel more welcome than ever.
"I have five children." He started, Niccia's ears pricked up and looked up to Vatier with surprise and confusion before she gently smiled. "A young Abra boy, Galian. Two Ralts twins; a girl, Ella and a boy, Elliot." He paused for Michael to write it down, "A Rufflet son, Dorian but he was close to evolution so he might be a Braviary at this point, and an Aipom Daughter, Ti'ni."
Niccia nodded as she glanced to Michael, "And you're saying the humans took them for the idea of trying to pull the Ultra Beasts out?" She asked as she looked back to Vatier, "Which sounds like Aether Foundation."

Frosiien gave a small grin to Andy's words before she slowly head him to Kim, watching the little Mew Gently pulling on the cheeks of the Furret. "Definitely got a babysitter." She laughed, giving a small sigh, "It's a shame we can't interact with humans more often. But Fathers rules are sadly rules."
The new Mew's ears twitched as he glanced up to Andy and Frosiien as they got closer to them.

Kyio nodded, "Of course, we'll be here to help if needed." She said in agreement before she looked to Watcher, who had his arms crossed.
"You guys can go mingle, Kyio you need to tend to your wife and child. Harcu can go be a silent watcher. I'll stay with father for the rest of StarFall if needed." Watcher spoke, looking to Kyio and motioned with his hand for her to head off.
"You're stunning." Kyio said, turning to bow to Lecrero before darting over to Yalgai and Sparky carefully.

Belle only grinned as Chifferi reprimanded her for asking too many questions as she gently put Mindy down.
"My apologies, Ms Mindy." She bowed softly, "I got rather excited; It's an absolute pleasure to meet you." She gently cupped Mindys' hands in hers. "I hope you're not too spooked by all of the Legendaries here." She glanced to the little Jirachi with a surprised look on her face.
"Niccia's here??" She asked with a bigger grin, "Oh I haven't seen her in ages!" She turned back to Mindy and tried to drop her excitement level as to not spook her, "Have you been travelling with Niccia?"
"We also need to help Ray." Ari started with a frown, "She deserves to be saved from here too."
Dia looked away from Benjamin towards Ari as she spoke and hesitated with a nod before she looked towards Sara. "Surely we have a way to get out of here?"

Sara shuddered at the idea of people disappearing, closing her eyes as she tried to focus on things around her so she didn't panic. She wrapped her arms around her chest as she breathed in slowly.
"Ray'll be, okay right?" Ari asked after a moment, looking towards Sara, "She'll get out of the isolation rooms?"
Harriet winced as she breathed in and looked to Ethan as he took her arm. "Sorry," She started as Ethan helped her up back to her feet, "We're a team." She agreed before she straightened up as she felt her bones click before moving towards whoever took her trunk and mirror and took it from them before Barrow moved away to door.
Harriet glanced to Ethan as the other two where out of whispering difference, "Somethings happening to me." She said to him quietly, "Nothing... Dangerous to my health. Possibly a version of 'puberty' but for the Memopath species?"

She followed the other men carefully, "You... Mentioned the others were taken away." Harriet started again after a moment, "Do we know why?"

Steph slowly fell asleep on her bed, the halo flickering softly in the darkness as she stayed splayed across the bed above the covers, still in her clothes.
Party god in essence haha, drinks, debauchery, all the fun stuff.
Fae's eyes slightly widened at her cousins response, to think she kept something of her making- even after dismissing it all those years ago. She breathed in to speak before Dia spoke up.
"Oh, you mean the chip I put in my necklace?" She asked as she pulled out a small cord that ended in a small locket. "I hope they're waterproof, I never take this necklace off." Dia chuckled before she sighed. She looked towards the horizon with a bit of a frown.

"Oh that's a smart place." Fae commented towards Shaggy, "And Scoob's I made sure to fit perfectly in his necklace so I hope he's not broken." She smiled towards the canine and moved to rub his head gently. "Shaggs, Do you know if... Maggie still has hers?" She asked as she let B.V go from her grip and simply held him in her hand, watching his little diagnostics screen flash with numbers and words.
"Come on buddy." Fae spoke to B.V quietly, "It's a bit of information for you to take." She whispered to the little machine in her hands, as if almost pleading for him to work properly, "And I know you're over-due for many upgrades, but you can do this for me. For Velma and Fred... For Maggie?"
As if the sentiment behind her words, especially towards the end, powered up the little drone bot; the diagnostics screen flashed twice and showed a small success sign before it started to float off her palm. "Thank you buddy. I promise I'll upgrade you as soon as I can." She said as B.V floated up before taking off again, darting off towards where the beasts disappeared off to.

Fae watched B.V disappear before she moved to sit on the floor and pull her legs up to her chest and hugged her legs, staring into space quietly.
My new headcannon is Ernamrous is actually the pokemon equivalent of Dionysus and is a bit of a partygirl.
Nygari gently stroked Lytse's head as she listened, intrigued by the story and gave a small smile as Netherlu nudged her.
It felt like they had never had that fight years ago, it felt like they were still together. "You have received a very important gift." Nygari said softly, moving to lean her head on Netherlu's shoulder; trying to see if she was pushing the limits of her being around him again.
"He's a very special Kid." Harry added with a small smile, "Not the bravest, but he's got a big heart. Even if he wasn't gifted with Ho-Ohs gift, I feel like he'd still be special." The Arcanine said with a small smile to Lytse before he looked over to where Saruya sat and glanced to Netherlu.
"Say, if you were to impress someone who is a child of Entei; to show them your... Love, what would you think to use?" Harry asked after a moment of silence.

Niccia's smile faded at his words, a serious look flooded her eyes as she nodded once.
"We will help." She said with a tone of seriousness in her voice that Michael hadn't seen. "I have a sinking feeling it's tied into stuff with what we have to deal with." She continued, "Humans don't just know about Legendaries Descendants."
"Are you trying to insinuate someone told them?" Vatier said with a serious look, Niccia nodded once. Vatier shivered and shook his head, moving his hands to his head with a grumble. "Oh god, this may be worse than I thought."
"We'll get them." Niccia gently grabbed Vatiers hand, "I promise."
Vatier nodded, "Do you have anything to note this stuff down?" Vatier asked, "I have a few little ones stolen."

Frosiien smiled as Benny enjoyed it, moving to gently rub the head of Mitch as she looked to Andy, "It depends really." She said softly, "Sometimes we have scuffles, sometimes there are things that need to be spoken over. It's not often that new legendaries are assigned; especially not hatched like Mew." She smiled, "Are you getting a bit bored? We could go see the new Mew, I'm sure you'd love to have to get a glimpse of a newly hatched legendary. That's definitely not something that humans EVER get to see." She stood and offered her hand to him, "No one will believe you if you even tried to tell them anyway." She cheekily winked to him.

"Another Normal type!" The Bouffant laughed heartily, "I will definitely enjoy having him around then."
Lecrero rubbed his guardians head and gave an almost defeated sigh, "Of course." He said, before he looked to the Aura Trio, "Will you three be okay with waiting until the end of Star Fall before bringing them here? I will not travel back to Coronet for another few days, I would love to have them with me for the travel."

Belle smiled as she held Chifferi gently in her grip, "Oh? What sort of things? I can't believe I missed the drama!" Her stern demeanor was suddenly dropped now that others seemed happy to see her, she turned to her brothers with a bigger smile.
"You boys look amazing yourselves!" She said with a small curtsy, "I was probably going to sleep through this one," She started, "But something woke me up that I couldn't put my hands on so I decided to see if our little family party still happened!" She looked at the groups of legendaries around before she noticed the humans.
"Oh wow!" She started, "Not just all us legendaries but we managed to snag some humans too!" She grinned happily, "Now this is a party, I remember when we wouldn't even show ourselves to these creatures." She handed Chifferi to Stormiar with a grin and ran over to Mindy and picked her up gently and span her around.
"Oh you're adorable!" She said with a bigger smile, "I haven't been up close to your kind in Millenia; oh your fashions changed so much! How relaxed have the legendaries gotten at this point? Showing themselves to humans enough that we have Humans in StarFall?"
Ari and Dia paused their squabble as Benjamin moved to speak, they both looked at each other before shaking their heads.
"No? Are you okay?" Ari asked, Dia moving quickly to sit beside Benjamin and moved the back of her hand to his forehead.
"Your temperature is okay, so you're not hearing things from a fever..." Dia asked quietly, Ari laughing quietly.
"God, you're such a princess." Ari said, getting a sneer from the other former-spirit.

Sara watched Benjamin carefully, her arms wrapped around herself. She had a look in her eyes as if she saw something, but as soon as he looked to her she looked away and said nothing.
Surely she hadn't heard it too? Being linked to a demon for so long... Did that make her able to sense others? She shook off the feeling and looked to Benjamin. "No." She lied, more to herself than to him. "All I could hear is these two sisters arguing." She faked a small smile.
Harriet glanced back to Morrison as she moved towards the doorway, her ears flicked and she moved to hold out the trunk and mirror to the male agent. "For a moment?" She asked, she waited for him to take it before she stepped towards where the demon was found and knelt, rubbing her finger in the blood before moving to put it in her mouth.

She gave a wince at the bitter taste and motioned for the boys to stand back. She closed her eyes and felt her body shudder as the inky power flooded her body; the illusion around her horns completely dropping at this point, the black horns now in full sight of the boys, as well as a pair of wings that resembled inky demon wings that shimmered like broken glass.
She stood up properly before she sprung herself into the air as the shadows around her seemed to snake around before dissipating. Pulling on her newfound energy she made sure to keep the boys out of her grips parameter; she felt the shadows dig into every nook and cranny it could find before spiraling up until it hit a demon and moved to move around them like a black fuzzy mold, incapacitating them before moving to drain them of their essence.

Harriet strained to keep this power going, she felt the blood in her veins rush cold before she dropped quickly to her knees coughing up a black inky substance. She winced and curled forward slightly before she opened a portal and vomitted a large amount of green inky substance into the portal, hesitating before she purged her body again before closing the portal with a shaky hand.
Whatever she did made he suddenly weak and shakey.

"Gaia." Steph spoke softly in Angellic, not realizing she was doing so. "Gaia, it's Stephan. It's okay, you're okay. I'm here, please tell me what's happening." She tried to tell her, feeling the warmth of her magic trickle over the beastwoman.
Lily would be able to see it if she was still looking through the cameras, but a faint halo had appeared between Steph's horns, and her wings became more feathery.

Gaia gave a weak grumble and shook her head, pulling away softly from the woman and covered her eyes at the glow. "Turn light off." She grumbled, moving to cover her face with her wings.
"Light?" Steph asked before she looked at her hands, noticing the shimmering runes on her mocha skin of her hands. "Holy SHIT." She said before the powers suddenly cut off and caused her to jump back, staring at her hands with widened eyes. "What the fuck was that?" She asked Gaia, "I didn't hurt you did I?"
"I'm fine." Gaia grumbled as she pulled her wing away, "Why are you here?"
"You... Snapped, I heard your roaring and I came to help you... It was instinctive I-" Steph started before she paused and pulled a bit of her hair over her shoulder, watching the white ends steam through her original colour. "Whaaaat the fuck?" She asked, "I wish Ben was here. I wish Harry was here, Would Harry know what's happening?"

"She's have a better explanation on why a Demon blooded beast would be able to use and survive using Angellic magic, yeah." Gaia said as she moved onto one to the spikes on the wall and curled herself up, flicking a wing towards Steph; summoning a small just of air to push her out of the room. "We'll talk about it in the morning."

Steph stumbled before the door closed in front of her. She stared down at her hands and hesitated on what to do; would the books in her room have anything on this? Was there a library anywhere she had access too? She wasn't going to get any sleep with this on her mind.
She briskly walked to a guard, "Please, there's got to be some sort of library around here I can look through?"
"You'll be able to request books tomorrow. Go to your room." The guard said with narrowed eyes. Steph sighed and turned, heading back to her room quickly and searched through the books she was given.

Nothing had any sort of information in it, and someone thought it was a sick joke to put a bible in the stack of books too. Steph grew irritated for a moment before she pulled herself onto the bed and sat with her legs crossed.
"No, you're going to be calm." She spoke to herself, "A thief never loses their head." She reminded what her mentor told her before she focused on the air around her.
Ben would know. She thought to herself, pushing that thought further off into the universe, as if hoping she would connect her mind with Benjamin, "He'd have something smart to say, he'd know where to look to find out why a demon can wield holy magic.."
Harry smiled to the legendary as he mentioned he was like a grandchild. He liked that word, he stretched and settled down to the ground as he listened to Lytse and Netherlu. "A dream?" He asked out loud, more to himself before he looked over to Lytse as he lit his fire up. Instinctively he leapt up to his feet, flinching as Nygari came and ran her hand over his head as she walked to stop beside Netherlu.
"My apologies little one, I didn't mean to spook you." The Lugia said to Harry gently as she moved to kneel down beside her partner, her eyes moved over to Lytse as she took him it, moving to offer a hand to him; a small gesture of her asking if she could touch him.

Vatier looked to Michael as he arrived, moving to smile to Niccia as she finally stood beside Michael and linked her hand within his.
"It's nice to see you again Niccia." Vatier said softly, as if he was ashamed he hadn't come to her sooner.
"The pleasure is mine Vatier, It's been a while." Niccia said with a flick of her ears and a grin, "Now, as Michael said, what's the problem?" Vatier hesitated, glancing to Tanter with embarrassment in his eyes. "I promise we won't judge anything." Niccia added on the end with a smile.
Vatier breathed in slowly, "Okay." He said as he closed his eyes for a moment. "Humans have my children; I fear they're using them to try and tap into the wormholes to summon the Ultra Beasts."

"I know there are a few Pokemon out in the wild who have managed to figure out how to make something that is similar to human alcohol." Frosiien said with a smile, glancing to Benny for a moment, "It's Fermented Berry juice and they all taste different depending on the berry. I've tried some fermented Oran Juice, it's very interesting; It surprisingly still heals small injuries."
Frosiien looked out towards everyone else and breathed in, watching the atmosphere around them before she closed her eyes with a smile. "StarFall is one of my favourite times of the year." She said after a moment, "Especially when we're able to share it with a small handful of humans."
Mitch popped his head up beside Frosiien before he moved to climb onto her lap with a small bowl-like cup in his hand. "You talking about the Berry Jooz?" He asked with a small smile on his face, Frosiien looked down to her companion and sighed.
"How much have you had?" Frosiien asked, a worried look on her face as Mitch moved to lift his wings up and tried to count before he bumbled out some words. Frosiien sighed and lifted the cup up and offered it to Benny. "Give this a try, it might be better for you."

Lecrero looked to Kyio for a moment, who smiled and nodded.
"I have a few older ones, I promise I'm not going to have my smaller ones join you." Kyio said with a soft smile, "Please let us help you, Until we stop this Darkrai."
Lecrero gave a small sigh and closed his eyes. "If you three believe it will help." He said quietly, "I'll have a few of your little ones to look after me."
"It would be nice to have more Pokemon around us." The Bouffant grinned slightly, "Having some sparring mates would be lovely."
"Yes, I understand you want this." Lecrero looked to his Guardian and rubbed his head. "What children do you have in mind?"
Kyio looked to her brothers before she smiled, "Sparky is already travelling with Niccia so I can't offer her."
"Thank me." Lecrero mumbled under his breath.
"I have a pair of Honchkrow twins, But I also have a Corviknight son." Kyio said with a smile, "They're good kids."
Watcher smiled, "I've met the Krows, they're good kids." He said before he smiled, "I have many dragon children I can call on, you name a Dragon Type I probably have little ones of them." Watcher smiled proudly.

Belle looked away from her brothers and to Jirachi; her entire hard-case attitude melted almost immediately. "My friend!" She said as she gently moved to lift him from the air into her arms. "It's been ages, I'm glad you're doing well! I missed you."
She pulled Chifferi in to gently kiss his head with a smile, "I hope you're doing well, you look very healthy and your tags are clean, which is nice."
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