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Current Sometimes, Life is there to test your limits- Push you harder, make you work more. You will have days where it feels like everything is against you. This is just a Hurdle. Overcome. Thrive. Survive.
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-lifts up Pokesona- This baby can fit so many Moves into a Moveset!
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Life is meaningless and Happiness doesn't exist.
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Jay smiled at Rex's words, he moved to tuck the book in his sidebag before he looked around again.
"Thank you." He said, looking to Rex with a bigger smile, "Thank you so much." Wyf let out a small trill and fluffed herself before she settled on a nearby seat and started to gently preen herself.

"But that sounds simple enough, yeah." He started with a furrow of his brow, "But the execution of such thing will be harder to do."
He hesitated on speaking for a moment, his necklace gave a bit of shimmer. He felt it sting against his sting but didn't act on taking it off.
"Right, so we're waiting on an Elder yeah?" He asked after a moment of silence, looking over to Wyf slightly before looking around the room. "Hey... Have you got any Fae crystals here?"

Vex properly got up on the horse and ran her hands through its mane, Horse's were nor something she was really used to. She got the horse to follow Zion's.
As they neared the gates, Vex's ears pricked up slowly and her senses focused around her again.

Her ears flicked, getting used to the air running across them. She was happy to finally have her true form out, she was happy to be away from the other Hunters...
Part of her was worried, it was known that Hunter's carry companions, and with meeting Jay coming near she worried that she'd be asked about hers.
She looked to the sky for a moment, closing her eyes before she looked back to the gates again.
"Screw the Hunters at this point." Vex mumbled slowly, "We have bigger problems."

The dust rumbled from a figure as it lay in its hibernation area. It's handler sent it away ages ago, but it remained faithful.
Hunters didn't want it around, especially not if its handler is what she was.

The beast slowly pressed its paws into the ground, lifting it's furred head to the sky and let out a low, rumbled, roar-like yawn.
It's frayed wings fanning out slowly, it tugged at it's broken chain around it's left hind leg.
It let out a small rumble before it leaped up from the ground, using it's wings to flutter out of it's crater.
The moon shone against the beast, it's ash-brown fur glistening as it's emerald eyes narrowed over the area below it.
The beast shook it's mane as it moved to leap down the outer moment of the Crater.

Anyone who witnessed this beast would believe to have seen a ghost, a Manticore walking around this area. Manticores weren't known to roam this far inland.
Dia watched the screen for a moment, "They play this all the time." She stated with a disgruntled frown, "A month in, Ray had the entire documentary memorized." She continued, "It's not even that interesting. Most of the bits about talking are just about the fish populations and how they breathe and eat. Nothing new in the terms of learning."

She looked to Benjamin as he mentioned about Solitaire, "Oh? Solitaire sounds good." She nodded with a small smile, looking around.
She could spot two of the other Nurses roaming around the room, A few of them she didn't recognized. "maybe they're... New?" She asked out loud with a furrow of her brow.

Ray continued walking along, freezing up as she noticed the new Male Nurse outside her room, he seemed to have paused and was reading some file papers.
She slowed down her walking, Ari watching quietly as well; Josh looked up and straight at Ray.

The two seemed to stay completely still for a moment, Josh's eyes seemed to be settled on Ari rather than Ray, and Ray's eyes were looking around the man himself.
"He knows' I'm here."
"I know." Ray whispered back, flinching as Josh stepped forward.

"Heading to your room already?" Josh asked coldly, "I feel like you're missing someone." He hesitated, "Where is the guy?"
"We're not hanging out." Ray said sourly.

Sara blinked, thinking about what Marc said.
"D...Dinner would be nice!" She said with a bigger smile, "I... Don't get out much, as you already know, I don't know anywhere to eat..."
She frowned at the idea of making Marc pay for it, "I'll make the money back for you though... I don't really get paid but..."
I love Benny. Benny is a good boy.
Sparky is really the only one that I have a fixed Moveset, even then it's literally shit from the list I have xD
Heheheh, Sparky's movesets are at least... Slightly limited.
Some of the moves are pretty surprising xD
Okay so I did the maths and stuff
Sparky can use; because she has a specific move that's much like Metronome; 147 moves.
Gavin nodded with a smile, moving off towards the pants after Mindy pointed him to them.
He glanced to Fez and James after a moment. "If you two wants to look around you can. Just stay in the store. Penny, you do the same." He said, looking to the air with narrowed eyes.
He watched Mindy leave with a small sigh, tilting his head before he went back to looking at pants.

Fez looked to James with a small smile, "Should we look around?" He asked with a stretch, "Leave these humans to do human things?"

As the Dunsparce came back at Sparky, Niccia tried to ready herself again.
"Brace!" She called out again, Sparky crouched and readied herself.
Sparky's mouth opened slightly, feeling the air grow warmer before she lifted her head, a small ball of fire appearing above her nose.

She leaped into the air and slammed the flame ball towards the Dunsparce, landing on her feet as the embers from the attack flickering through the air around her.

Arisa dove towards Saruya as she went for a Bite as well, contacting her teeth against Saruya's skin, but also getting bitten by Saruya as well.
The female Mightyena stepped back and let out a low snarl, breathing in as she felt the Thunder flicker over her teeth before she dove forwards for a Thunder Fang.

The Male Mightyena narrowly missed the point of Dodging the Hydropump and was slammed into a tree, he let out a yelp before he stood up, his fur all damp.
"My fur!" He started before he turned around, his eyes glinting red, "You fucked with my fur!" He crouched and charged back towards Harry.
Harry readied himself and allowed the Mightyena to slam into him.

"Mew is a special case." Mitch said with a small nod, "She was forced into the Human body, she will age. And if she so wishes, she can give up her immortality. It has happened a few times with other Legendaries. Frosiien's brother Prezzle has done it once before; well, the one before Prezzle."
Varina listened, looking at the ground before she looked back up again.
"Legendaries can Pass away, the Darkrai we're dealing with now is a newer Legendary too." She finally interrupted. "If Niccia so wishes to become properly human, Arceus can create a new Mew."
Steph face went deep red, her horns glowed a slow blue before suddenly flooding with a light pink before fading to a deep red.
Oh god... Why do I feel so... safe She mumbled in her mind, she nodded once at his words, almost hypnotized.

"That... That sounds good." She mumbled, stumbling when he released her face. She picked herself up and straightened herself, scrambling to fix up her clothing and fixed her standing, she didn't notice her tail swaying slowly, or how deep red her horns were.

Just... The Agent responded, Just making sure... I thought she was a war beast? But from... What I just witnessed she could have easily been a bodyguard...?

Gaia landed deep in the mountains, landing on all fours with a rumble and a shake of her head. She let out a loud huff as she focused, her features had became a bit more beast-like, something she wasn't used to.
She stood up slowly, stretching her wings out slowly before she looked down at her body.
"What...?" She asked before she shook her head, maybe she just hadn't looked at herself for a while.

She tried to think back to what had just happened, but her mind was hazy.
She moved to settle in the mountains for a while, she felt safe here...

Harriet listened to the voice as it mumbled more words to her before the words and voice died out.
Once again, silence drifted over Harriet's mind, the power still broken and sprawled through her body and mind. Harriet sat in silence for a moment before her eyes slowly opening.

The shadowy ink around her room suddenly disappeared as she opened her eyes; not allowing her to see what had unfolded. As Harriet stood up, she looked around, nothing in the room seemed different, the tendrils left nothing behind.

A small inkling in her mind told her to find a free field for the Voice to return.
What... was that? She thought to herself, moving to write a note for her father in her book. she tapped her fingers gently against the pages as she waited for an answer.
It sounds like you've been gifted with a link to Zarilyn. Sebastrian replied, Don't be afraid, she's a very kind Goddess. She cares for all of the Mortals.
Harriet nodded at the book and scribbled a goodbye before closing the book.
Ray looked at Benjamin as he spoke to her; her fear slowly disappearing before she nodded at his words.
"Okay." She started, she watched him leave, before she walked off towards her room.
Ari followed without a word.

Dia nodded at Benjamin's words, "Understandable." She said with a bit of a scowl, "If you'd like, you can nod towards someone in the common room and I can try and give you the information I know of them?"

"No, they're probably just close friends." Sara said with a small nod, "After your shift would be fine by me." She said, answering his question, "We could... even go out for dinner?"
I hate it
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