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Current I have ideas. I need to make 550 money quickly. Furry art may be the only way...
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Mums doing okay, she's gotten 2 stents put in and should be home tomorrow. Still not 100% the best, will still be slow. Sorry.
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God I hate the universe, may be slow on replies; Harrowing week, SIL has cancer, Mum had a heart attack. Please give me some time, I'm sorry.
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Moving has been exhausting, plus I twisted my Ankle; replies will be slow. Sorry.
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Actual dentist time. Wish me luck. I have had a calming sedative.


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a Gender-Fluid Novelist and Roleplayer from New Zealand! (They/Him Pronouns please)
I roleplay many different genres and Fandoms; I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.
I do not write smut due to trauma, I will do gentle foreplay up until fade black.
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Dia walked alongside Benjamin as they walked, looking over to everyone they passed. She narrowed her eyes as she tried to check the keys or keycards on anyone else around them. "Maybe the higher ups have them..." She spoke out loud before she looked over to Benjamin as he spoke.
Would they let him request Marc? Surely they'd be able to... Right?
"Possibly something about being more comfortable with dealing with a specific nurse." She said with a small frown, "There are a few male nurses, so you could ask if you could see Marc because you'd rather a male nurse and Marc is the only one you trust?"
I hope it's okay.

Dex slowly finding out that Axen isn't a 'normal' companion ahaha.`
Caana, North Hole

Jay wriggled slightly as she sunk, it was weird and she wasn't entirely sure if she was enjoying it...
Her feet touched the ground, and her vision returned; causing her to blink and moved to rub her eyes for a moment.

She felt herself stumble as she looked around, checking out the windows in slight confusion before she heard the voices. Human voices? Robotic Voices? She thought before she looked around. Where was Axen? Did he not follow her through the hole?
'Axen?' She mentally called out to her companion, only hearing static on the other side. 'Axen do you copy?' She tried again, still nothing but Static... This wasn't good, where was he? Was he safe?

Jay was about to take a step forward before she heard footsteps, causing her to pause before two scientists appeared, both with their own little mechanical Pterodactyls on them. Mechacompanions? She instinctively thought to herself before one of them stepped forward, a female, gorgeous sun-kissed skin, reached out for a handshake.
Jay was about to ask what was happening but the woman spoke, she called Jay 'Director'. Jay hesitated for a moment, she blinked before the robo-dactyl continued to speak.
Director? Jay thought to herself, still staying quiet before she opened her mouth at the mention of everyone having a companion. "That's... Fantastic!" She said with a small smile, "I'm assuming Dex got all the bugs out of the code too? We kept him hired, right? He didn't leave because it got too big... right?" She hesitated, something was weird, a feeling in her gut she couldn't really shake.

Surely Dex would still be here, he'd never leave her side if she took over this place, right? He was surely still alive right? Wait. Why would he be dead? Jay felt herself pause as they led her though the double doors towards the laboratory; her eyes looking up towards the bones being cased and given their own CDE hearts.
She hadn't followed the scientists in as far as they went, and looked towards the containment tube hesitantly.

The knot in her stomach coiled further, that tube wasn't a good size for her; and something just felt wrong. Did they really go forward with the neural network of controlling the companions, rather than give them their own consciousness.
"I..." She started, looking around. She had to contact Dex or Axen... 'Dex? Axen? Do you read me?' There was static again. "Have you done these tests on another? It'll be safe, right?" She asked, when did she become a test subject.

Where was Axen? Why did she feel so.. Alone without his snark in her ears. She could almost hear him calling out for her.
Wait, He was calling out to her!
'JAY CAN YOU HEAR ME' Axens' British voice cut through everything, 'I can't monitor- heart- safe?' His voice started to cut out again.
Jay stepped away from the scientists, moving to reach behind her to the axe she had grabbed before she jumped. "Where's Axen? Where's my friend?!" She called out, her grip tightening on the axe but she didn't pull it out just yet, she was waiting.

Canna, East Hole

The sound of drums slowly echoed through his ears, gravity had arrived back around him.
Was he out of his stasis area? He could feel himself breathe now, the air tasted like dust and his body ached. He tried to move his arms, they couldn't move and the feeling of rough fiber rope dug into his skin.
He winced, this wasn't good. What... What was happening? Where was he?

He let out a breathe through his mouth, before he suddenly coughed up some stasis fluid; as well as some blood. He slowly opened his eyes, the light stung his pupils so he closed them again, moving to try and move his body again, trying to pull it up, but the ropes were tightly digging into him, scraping slightly against his skin, not enough to break it yet but it was reddening the skin it rubbed into.

Hunger. Food. Maw spoke softly in Toren's head, Fresh air, feels weird. Smell blood.
Toren slowly opened his eyes again, trying to adjust his vision to everything around. I think that's... our blood. Toren thought to Maw, who only gave a tired, sad, hungry grumble like a starved puppy in the back of Torens mind. I'm sorry. He replied before he looked up, spotting the girls.

Caana, Portal Room

Axen buzzed around the white hole still, trying to call out to Jay. "JAY CAN YOU HEAR ME" He called out, he felt like he connected to her mind. 'I can't monitor your heart rate where you are, are you safe?' He tried to call out once more.

He buzzed angrily, more to himself, before he focused a bit more.
'Dex.' He called out, getting a startled grunt in response.
"Axen? What the fuck?" Dexs' voice spoke through Axens' head, "You don't have communication abilities like this in your code! Are you okay? Is Jay okay? What's going on?"
Axen ignored the mention of things 'not being in his code', "Jay might be in danger. She dropped into a portal in the Caana. I can't get a proper connection with her."

Dex swore to himself under his breathe, "Did you follow her?"
There was silence for a second.
"That was a stupid idea to offer, sorry." Dex replied after the silence, "We've never tested you guys going through a Portal, I'd rather not have you like... Explode, or something. Jay would skin me alive/"
"I'm gonna go in." Axen said, he sounded unsure before he spun around the portal in the air quickly before he folded his wings down and dived straight towards the portal, in hopes of getting to Jay safely.
Hello in risk of sounding stupid again, I'm assuming the Pterodactyl-bot is the scientists and not Axen? And since Axen isn't specifically with Jay he's not appearing in the 'dream'?
I only managed to sleepily look over the post yesterday but it's 10/10!
I'll be throwing up my post hopefully tomorrow, I was with mum today and I slept terribly so I need to pass the fuck out hahaha
Character "Please don't be water whatsoever."
Creator, and Creators friends; grinning widely.
Its okay! I understand life gets in the way!
@SporkoBug Such an enjoyable post! Man, Nova's gonna have her hands full with two corporeal interpretations of "YOLO" in her team.

Jay wanted to jump the entire time, she was just waiting to see if anyone else would first haha. Poor Axen, he has to deal with her shenanigans so much, you can understand why hes a grumpy lil guy.
AAAAAAAAAAAA post is up. I hope it's okay ^^;;
Added my two new NPC's to my thing too, i don't have pictures for them yet because im tired, lazy and in pain xD
Mechnoz.io Headquarters, Computer-Science Office

A scruffy, short brown haired male sat in his computer chair, tapping a pen against his bottom lip as his grey-blue eyes stared at his computer screen. Surely this code would be good enough by now? There wasn't any bugs that he could see just off the bat, and he was already running another code through an AI bug checker so if he tried to run it on this, likely it would crash the other; and the other code was a lot more important than this little piece of code he was making.

The door to the office swung open, causing the male to flinch before spinning in his chair towards the doorway.
"Do you mind?" He asked, wincing at the light from the outside inside the dimly lit room. "If you're here to talk, get in here and close the damn door already." He grumbled as the taller male, wearing a suit- Apposed to the scruffy males shirt and jeans- stepped into the room and closed the door.
"Dexter, it's good to see you working for once." The second male spoke, keeping his voice calm and collected. Dex rolled his eyes at the way the second male was speaking.
"Cut the act, Allen, Jay's out in the field." Dex said with a grumble as he moved to put the pen up into his ear to hold it in place as he spun his chair back to his desk. "Now what do you want? I'm actually working on code."

As if weight was taken off his shoulders, Allen dropped his shoulders and his smile and gave a heavy, gruff sigh. "I thought she wasn't supposed to be working in the field for now?" All calmness in his voice gone, "Can you tell me why I keep getting calls from her fucking doctors asking for psych appointments?"
Dex rolled his eyes as he listened to Allens complaints, he continued typing on his computer before he stopped. "The big boss got a good hit with the Lourve, they wanted someone from here and she took it." Dex said with a shrug, "I don't know, ask your dad why she went." He rolled his eyes, Fucking Nepo baby. He thought to himself before he looked at Allen from the corner of his glasses.

"She probably put you down as her emergency contact. And of course they can't currently contact her, I doubt she even has her phone with her." Dex continued with a small shrug, "Again, you're her boss, not me. I'm just a mate."
Allen gritted his teeth at Dexs' words, he slammed his hands down on Dexs' table, causing the techie to flinch and stare up at him, "Why did you let her take the fucking Prototype Dexter?" He hissed, Dex flinching back at the words before he breathed in and fixed his glasses on his nose.
"You know she doesn't leave without Axen, he's her best friend. Why? He didn't need any fixes." Dex steadied his breathing as he looked to the bigger male.
"Fucking-" Allen bit his tongue against speaking ill of Jaylyn, before he straightened himself up, moving to fix his tie which had come loose from his erratic movements, "I was going to be showing the Prototype to a possible investor. They have big money and could easily get this business off the ground. Much faster than father ever could."
"Did you talk with your dad about this though? Or are you overstepping the boundaries like you did with Jay?" Dex asked with a roll of his eyes, "Anyway, who's this 'possible investor'? We gotta be careful on this shit."

Allen stared daggers towards Dex as he spoke, "I'm not even going to answer that question. But as for the investor, don't you worry your little code filled head about it. They'll get us off the ground. Just... Make sure Jay gets back here soon, I need the Prototype." He said as he turned and opened the door, shining the light directly into Dexs' eyes before he walked out the door and started to text someone.
Look, change of plans. I'm sorry, the Prototype isn't here currently. One of our workers took it on a mission for the Lourve or some shit. My apologies Mr. Galloes.

Dex grumbled as he needed to let his eyes adjust again before he sighed, "Oi Vie." He grumbled under his breathe, "I really hope that Allen doesn't take over from his father anytime soon." He turned his head back to the screen, "Where the fuck are you Jayjay?"

Caana, Courtyard

"You're lucky we're on a first name Basis. I'm Nick."

Jay only grinned in response to the mans words, seemingly unphased by the dog that charged up to her, moving to rub his face gently before he went back towards his owners. "I've heard about you!" Jay said with a wide grin to Nick before she looked over to the others and gave a small smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you all." She continued.

"Is your little Friend picking something up?"

"That's an excellent question!" Jay said with a smile before she looked up towards Axen, "Anything interesting buddy?" She asked him with a wide grin.
"Endless holes apparently." Axen replied, sounding vaguely confused himself, "The energy here is strangely stable, I don't think we've seen something like this in the past."
Jay nodded to Axen as he continued to float around, she could tell that Nick and Cosette were not too fond of her companion, but a lot of people tended to be slightly weirded out by the idea of a robot-styled dinosaur around them; completely forgetting about the fact he would be seen in a similar light to an AI.

Jay listened as everyone spoke about different things; Blood, Snails, Sacrifice, Demon Portals. She waited to see what the others were planning first, before she watched Nick jump directly into a portal, before Cosette followed him through with a startled scream.
"Oh that looks fun!" Jay spoke with a wide grin, "I'm taking North!" She said without waiting for any other response before she ran over to the north portal.
"JAY DONT YOU DARE!" Axen called in her head angrily, giving a small sigh as he watched her basically backflip into the North hole without a second thought, Axen could only give a grumble as he stayed hovering where he was before he flew over towards the North Portal and floated around it. "You're an idiot! You're insane! Can you hear me down there? Are you safe?"
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