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Interest check all recoded! With new plots added!
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Slowly recoding my Interest check to make it a bit... better. Stay tuned!
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language. (I don't do smut yet; so there's that)

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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And how his plans will crash and burn against our heroes.
Probably a bad time to mention Seb and Jenny are off planet... yeah?

Sounds like a plan for Mike! I feel bad for these babies.
I really like these babies and now we're literally just fucking their worlds over briefly.
Although, try anything against Steph and I fear her powers may come into play.

I feel like they'd split up after the shit with the Agency goes down. Steph won't know where to go, Harriet would probably go stay with Duncan...
God knows what will happen with Gaia; especially if we end up doing the shit with making her go Feral for a bit; then that would be extremely dangerous.

And that sounds like an idea with the Imps! I like it!
Ray looked up at Benjamin with a shake of her head, "Nothing, nevermind." She started, thinking quickly as she moved to scratched her ankle. Momentarily forgetting her pills were in her hands and accidentally slipped one down the side of her shoe. She placed her hand on the table again and paused, feeling the pills in her hand.

She was confused at her own hand for a moment before she wriggled her foot. She blinked and gave a small smirk at herself, looking around to see if any of the other nurses had seen.

Sara just watched everyone now, the dark spirit seemed to settle itself down for once.
Her eyes drifted to Ray and Benjamin as she noticed Ray looking around, before she looked away in hopes to not arouse suspicion.
Gavin almost took a bite of his sandwich when Sparky let out a loud bark, his sensitive hearing causing him to jolt forward and almost drop his sandwich. He turned to face the puppy Pokemon before he noticed Mindy walking towards him, he flinched slightly before he smiled.
"Hey." He said, moving to take a bite of his sandwich and dropped a bit of cucumber onto his shirt, which left a small splat before it dropped to the grass at his feet. "Darn. This'll need a wash later." He uttered to himself before he finished his sandwich.

Niccia looked to Michael as he spoke, instinctively stepping closer to him as he draped his arm over her shoulder.
"Mhmm." She said softly, looking around before she looked up to BluBelle and Merlin, before resting her eyes on the Arcanines, "Most of mine are used to each other by now, Jycii and Charles still squabble to figure out who is the best bird on team." She said with a small laugh, "I love them both equally though, and they're both pretty tied in terms of power."

Harry gave a bit of a yawn as he listened, nodding once as he licked his lips.
"Mm, definitely." He said, his tail swayed as he moved his head to gently nudge Saruya. "That definitely is an interesting question!" He mentioned as Saruya asked if their trainers had though about it too, "I doubt Niccia even knows how babies work. Maybe not now, but... Eventually maybe."

Charcoal enjoyed being with the two larger dracaniod pokemon; his tail swaying before he blinked as Ixia ran over to greet him happily.
"Ixia! These are my friends, Blaze and Marble!" Charcoal said with a bigger smile. Ixia looked at the two, much larger, Pokemon.
She swallowed her fear and smiled, waving, "Hiya! I'm Ixia!"

Saber looked to Tyson momentarily, holding Mei close to him as he watched.
"Hello friend!" Tyson said as he sat up to get comfortable.
"Hi! I'm Mei!" Mei said, as she was looking the wrong way from where Tyson stood. Saber gave a small smirk at Mei before he bowed his head at Tyson, as if forming a peace treaty with the other dragon.
"I'm Saber." Tyson only grinned at the words spoken to him.
"I'm Tyson! I'm one of Niccia's Pokemon!"

Blubelle smirked at Merlin's words, before she nodded gently.
"Of course." She started, "I was apprehensive at first; I know the feeling of taking on a dangerous Pokemon onto your team. Saber was... one of those Pokemon." She trailed off for a moment before she nodded at his words, "But I feel like Andy is the best trainer for her so far."
Orian is a bit bigger than Comet, Comet is a tiny baby but she's also an extreme breed so you kinda can't count Size for Strength ahah.

And yes, I agree with this tiny new dragon, Seb will love her and Aero will absolutely love a tiny friend.

The Old King's Dragon will probably be bigger than RedClaws, he's a large Time Dragon.
Poor Harry; Doing the exact Opposite of what she wants to do. Maybe now she'll see the negative of working for a place like this?
Were we still thinking of turning Mike into a Vampire? I still have Steven lurking around, wanting to strike at Gaia at any moment.

I also made it the chip on Gaia tracks things too uwu
Making it so they can get as much information that they can use against Gaia at anypoint.
Kekek, Sara's spirit doesn't like Jazz. She knows this and likes to use it against them.
Gaia listened to his words, her tail swayed before she nodded once. She wordlessly turned towards the shed and walked along, she paused and glanced back towards Ethan with a blink and a sway of her tail; "Shall we have a look?" She asked, smiling softly-the most human smile she had ever smiled. Her ears pricked up as she looked to the sky, a small speck in the distance zoomed towards her, causing her ears to droop backwards as she couldn't exactly figure out what was coming towards her.

It didn't take too long to find out; Gaia stumbled back as Harriets Wyvern, Arvo, smacked into her face happily.
"Garh!" She growled before she pulled the small Drake from her face and held him in her hands, her arms outstretched all the way as the creature wriggled and tried to coil himself around her arms.
Duncan had taken a bit of his sandwich as Benjamin asked his question. He mulled it over as he chewed, moving his left hand to cover his mouth as he swallowed.
"I'm unsure." He started, "There isn't a reason to leave my Police Force just yet." He continued, moving to sip his coffee quietly, "I've thought it over, honestly. But I doubt they'd allow someone to be a 'part-timer' of sense. Someone to pop in and out when they can type thing."

Harriet listened while she ate, she loved the idea of Duncan joining the agency, but she understood why he didn't want to. She knew it was hard for him to be the only Unknown in the front force like he was, but at the same time it's everything he wanted to do. He trained his life to be a Policeman. Harriet thought about what she had done all of her life for where she was now.
She had trained all of her life to be an ambassador, a helper, someone to tie Humans and Unknowns together... And here she was hunting down unwanted Unknowns without a second thought to who they were. A frown formed over her face as she continued to eat.

Steph looked at her food before her stomach gave a loud rumble before she tucked in, happily crunching down into everything. It was... surprisingly better than what she expected? everything was soft and puffy with the perfect amount of crunch.
Her tail swayed happily, flicking in and out of view as her wings seemed to relax.
A figure tapped the tablet screen in front of them; looking over the things that the Vampire gave to them on this 'Gaia'.
They leaned back in their chair as they checked the emotion scanner on the chip, Irritation. They though as they pulled the pen from their mouth to make some notes. They had to keep track for the boss, otherwise the plan in action wouldn't work properly.
They paused and pulled up a phone app on the tablet, slinging a text towards Mr. Johnson. I'm just monitoring for now, yes? Making sure I can see what it's temper is like and how it reacts to things?
Ness coughed as her lungs adjusted to the air; something her long-lost breed was known for- Adaptive Survival.
She waved her hand across her face before she moved a strand of bright red hair from her face. Thank the stars she had landed safely, and thank the stars that she landed in a place with a sun.
She shuddered to think what could have happened if she landed somewhere without a sun.

She took a moment; closing her eyes to gain a bearing as bright white runes etched down her arms. She was relatively safe, For now. She thought as she scanned the skies, the ships hadn't followed her. Gotta have been too busy. She continued to herself. She stepped away from her ship some more; taking a look around as she tried to figure out where she was.
"A city." She started, "Not the worst place." She continued to herself before she checked the area around her, "No Guard flags, no posters... nothing to show the Council's control..." she trailed off.

Her horns glistened in the sun, slowly starting to glow as they pulled power from the star glowing down on the planet.
She breathed before the cage rattle again, "Hey hey hey." She uttered, moving her hand down and slipped it into the cage quietly, attempting to sooth whatever was inside. "I'm here darling, you don't have to be afraid Ra."
Whatever Ra was, seemed to calm instinctively at his handlers touch, giving a snort-like sigh as he grabbed her hands.
"I'll let you out soon. First we need to get somewhere safe." She said, moving her free hand up to her ruby red necklace. I will forfil my promise...
Nessa Nova

Age: Looks 25, much older.
Gender: Female.
Species: Star-Born- A long forgotten race thought to be extinct. Ironically they had said to have died out when their planets star exploded.

Height: 5'9".
Face: Deep Ruby Red hair, sits just behind her pointed elf-like ears.
Deep Lilac Purple skin, her hands, feet and underside are darker Lilac. Deep Amber Orange eyes. Pale white freckles dot over her cheeks and her nose.
Ness travels lightly, or so it seams.
She wears jeans and a tank top, often with a small vest or jacket.
She's always accompanied by her sidebag, which seems to hold a lot more than what it looks like it should.
She carried her old-styled Scoutbots; as well as a few gadgets always strapped to her or in her bag at all time.
Her tank top allows her wings their freedom, but her vest often covers them so they're hidden.
Her tail is dragon-like, with midnight blue feathers down the tip. Her finger nails and toenails are a natural dark blue as well.

Ness takes pride in keeping herself safe, hence the scoutbots and her pet.
She's quiet and often overlooked, well, she used to be overlooked.
She's kind and caring, but due to the incident she's very unwilling to trust.

History will be listed here as it's mentioned in the Roleplay :)
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