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Current Friendly Reminder that Gardenvoir will summon Literal Black Holes to protect their trainers.
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Bad colds suck. I feel horrible calling up to work sick but they wouldn't want someone hacking and coughing violently every fourth sentence.
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Me: I don't write smut. Also me: I... Could write... Smut.... Maybe


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Orian nodded at Sindra's words before he looked to Kela as she spoke, his head moved towards Lor as she fell and moved to try to catch her.
Ram moved faster and went to offer his horn to her quietly. "Take my Horn." He said with a rumble.

The Hooded figure moved forward Lor quickly and knelt towards her. She moved her hood back to reveal her face.
Her skin was a deep mocha colouration, her eyes a stunning copper colour. For the most part she seemed human, apart from the red, twisted ram-like horns that seemed to grow from her temples. "You're going to be okay." She said before she moved her hand towards the wound, "I need to touch your skin to heal... May I?" She asked with a small tilt of her head.

Damien properly sat up now, he felt the blood rush to his head but he pushed through the pain. He looked up towards Kela and Lor.
"Oh... Good." He panted, moving to lean against Orian's neck momentarily, "She's safe."
"Just wait til she realizes you're fatigued." Orian said with a laugh.
"You may not be partners. But you share a bond that may allow you to become a Rider and Dragon." Ram said quietly towards Sindra, "If you wish to, of course. Although a bond that is crafted between Rider and Dragon, even if not wanted, is near impossible to break."
Steph gave a small shrug when Benjamin mentioned about waiting five minutes, "Yeah." She said flatly, "I'm sure you guys have missions to do without me."
Steph glanced back out the window again, she caught a glance from Harriet from out the wing mirror before she looked away again.
Harriet glanced towards Duncan, who was watching her. They seemed to know something was wrong but they didn't speak of it.

After five minutes, Duncan slowed down and put the car in park as he pulled up to the organisation.
"Here we go." He said before he hopped out of the car. Each door to the car moved and opened by themselves.
Harriet stepped out of the car with a small stretch, she glanced to her arms and blinked at the black coiled markings down her arms.

Steph flinched and fell forward as the door opened on its own, falling onto the ground with a grunt.
"Fuck." She started before she moved to stand up, She winced as she looked towards her shoulder, a good-sized graise slowly dribbling with blood.
Drake's attention never moved from the dark corridor, which didn't seem to light up despite the burning orb of light in Drake's hand. There was silence from the WereDragon before he looked towards the vampire with a small blink.
"No, I found nothing." He said, his voice flat. He moved his hand for a moment, as if he was going to put the fire out before he tossed it down the hall quickly.

The fire ball flew through the air before hitting the wall at the end, as the Ball flew, small parts of the hall lit up before fading back to its sudden darkness.
Drake furrowed his brow slightly before he moved past Alister before heading back the way they came.
As soon as Drake turned his back to the hall, the Plasma flame suddenly erupted again, a flicker echoed around before it stepped forward- It was neither human nor beastial, just a shaky shadowed figure. The faint whispers of a scream echoed through the air before the flames finally disappeared.

"Valeria-!" Andrew called out as she stepped out to the Hunters, watching her trick before he stood there stumped. "Whoa."
The youngest Hunter had stayed back from the madness, seeming distracted by something before they stepped towards the group.
He froze up at the sight of his group fighting each other, before he looked at Valeria and suddenly dropped his eyeline and tried to back up to the trees.

Andrew noticed the younger boy and moved quickly, slipping into the shadows before moving to grab the Younger Hunter.
"Stay quiet if you want to survive." He whispered before he pulled him into the bushes away from the carnage. The Young Hunter wanted to screamed, but he tried his best to hold back.
Jay moved to the fridge to see what they had stashed inside. He knew that someone kept the house stocked while no Hunters were here; Although he wasn't sure if it was a Spirit or another Unknown kept by the Hunters to do so.
He pulled out a small can of lemonade and opened it before he heard someone knock on the door. He let out a small whistle to call Wyf to her. Wyf took to the air and flittered quickly to Jayce's body, tucking under his hoodie quietly and hiding.

The Hunter moved towards the door before he moved to open it slowly. He blinked at the look of the figure on the other side of the door.
"Good evening." Jayce said politely, "May I help you with anything?" He asked with a small tilt of his head.
To Rex, he wouldn't seem like a Hunter; he didn't have the armour they always seemed to wear, he was in plain clothes, he was unarmed... But the male had a weird aura to him, it was soft and calming.
Vex gave a small nod at the mans words. She was relaxing around him... This was definitely different for her, considering he tried to kill her not only a day ago.
"It sounds like it'd be a nice place to stay." She said, "What is the natural wildlife around there like?"
Ixia's ears twitched and she looked around, she let out a loud "Chu!" in response to Mabel calling out her name, the Hounchkrow tightened his grip on her momentarily- Making sure the sound was cut off quickly from the Rodent.
"Shut it." He snapped, "They won't find you-"
"Drop me." Charcoal said through the light, he felt stronger and his voice was slightly different. "Fend off the damned krows, I'm sure they'll be easy..."

Fez had followed Mindy out before Gavin could catch up, he listened to Mindy speak about Mabel before he looked down towards the Mime Jr. "James!" He called out before he ran off towards him.
Gavin stepped outside as soon as Fez ran off and he flinched, "Fez where are you-" He followed where he was running with his eyeline and saw the Mime Jr. and froze up slightly. Oh no He thought, he looked around slowly, Where was she?

"I have unlimited energy!" Missy said to Michael with a Poke of her tongue before she stretched a little bit.
Niccia gave a small nod, "Normal." She thought quietly, "I don't think any of us have a Fighting or Ghost type." She crossed her arms as she thought, looking ta the Pokeball in her hand with a small smile. "I may have someone who will help though."
Sparky bounced around Bear as he fell over, giggling and barking at him before he sprung back up. She bounced into the air and landed on three legs and one of them stretched out.
"Don't die!" She barked with drooped ears and her tail between her legs. "Please don't die."

Varina looked around the Library as they entered, it was an interesting place to be... All of these books and all of the knowledge...
Varina's senses suddenly spiked. A legendary was here? She looked around quickly, growing restless in Andy's grip. She wasn't sure who it was... But it was someone.
Mitch paused, looking around as he lifted his wing to touch his Legendary's side. "Ma'am..." He started quietly.
"A guardian. Yes." The woman spoke quietly.
Tyssa managed to get all the glass into a pile out of the way, but she couldn't find the bin to put it into. Her ears perked up as Lyre came back in, she stood up quickly before she looked at the Sandwiches as they fell to the floor.

Food. She thought before she moved over to grab some. She looked up at Lyre as she knelt down to get the food and looked at the one she had opened.
There was a moment of no movement, and a moment of silence, before she moved to stand up and used her tail to pull the top off the plastic before she took a bite out of the sandwich, her sharp teeth only seen for a brief second.

Tyssa managed to wolf down at least five of the sandwiches before she moved to set the rest of them on a flat surface. The growling hunger had stopped, she stood straighter now before she swayed her tail, looking back to Lyre tilt a tilt of her head.
"Is there anything you'd like me to do?" She asked, she wasn't a fan of orders, but she wanted to help Lyre in anyway.
Ray gave a small shrug, "I wouldn't have a clue." She said with a sigh, "They just seem to have given up on me, probably waiting for me to go crazy before putting me into full solitary confinement and waiting for me to inventively burn out." He said with another sigh. She looked back to her spirits for a moment, before she looked back towards Benjamin with a weak smile. "You ready to actually talk to her?"

Sara flinched at Marc's touch before she smiled softly. "R...Right." She said, standing there as he walked off. She waited for a moment before putting her hands on the cart and moved it back to the kitchen for the kitchenhands to clean up. She just needed some alone time at this point... Not that she ever really had alone time.
You're going to fuck this up. A voice whispered, causing her to shudder.
Go away.
No. Never. The voice retorted, I'm here to stay, and you know this.
Steph listened to Benjamin's words, she felt bad about her words now before she closed her eyes tightly as she kept her face away from Benjamin. She listened to Benjamin talk to Harriet.
She was mentally kicking herself as she mulled over his words, she felt her Depression slowly slinking over her mind again...

Harriet nodded gently, "We're almost back." She started with a glance to Duncan. Duncan said something in the other language for a moment before he blinked and Harriet gave a laugh.
Duncan's face flooded red for a moment before he cleared his throat, "We have like, five minutes until I pull up to the gates." He said with a small laugh, Harriet muttering something to him before he looked at her with a gentle slap at her chest. "You leave me alone."
Jay moved to reach for his cellphone, before he realized he had chucked it into the river on the way here. He held back a laugh before he moved to pull up his bag again to walk to the bedroom to put his things away.
The Young Hunter didn't know how long he was going to be here, but he knew things weren't going to be easy.

Wyf gave a small rumble before she set off into the air and flew around the bedroom to find a suitable roosting place. She watched her owner set up and settle in a bit more.
Jayce looked at the time and moved over towards the kitchen.
Jay glanced around, the house to an outsider, looked normal. But to a trained sight; small parts of the walls seemed slightly out of line, holding compartments that held material and items for hunting the Unknown species- Not that Jay intended to use anything like this, it was for the other Hunters.

Jay felt the shift in weather from a mile away, he got here when it was overcast, but now as the night slowly bloomed; the clouds rolled closer and bubbled in the sky.
The sound of rain slowly started to trickle on the cottage roof; the quiet sound of nature made Jay smile for a moment before he moved to place a book on the Kitchen table.
"God knows what the Vampires will do if they find me here..." He trailed off for a moment, "A Hunter entering a sanctuary, that'd be a cause for concern. I hope they don't get the wrong idea..."
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