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Current Bad mental Health day but... I got my study at least looking clean so... Yay?
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I have somehow managed to not get Covid despite working in a Supermarket over the initial spread in NZ. Then I left work and became an aggressive Hermit who barely leaves their house.
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Mmm need more roleplays. Fantasy based, little romance but no smut... Mmmm. Fae based? Mermaids? Mmmm More roleplays.
2 mos ago
I... Left my job. I will reply when I can and when my mental health is... better
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Apologies to my partners waiting for a reply. I will reply in the next day or two, my mental health has absolutely tanked and I wish to disappear from the world.
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a Gender-Fluid Novelist and Roleplayer from New Zealand! (They/Him Pronouns please)
I roleplay many different genres and Fandoms; I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.
I am very new when it comes to writing Smut, but if it's not the primary plot of the roleplay I will allow it in my roleplays.
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Nygari nodded softly to Niccia, she didn't need to speak with Netherlu taking the scene so quickly. She almost sighed as he spoke about how fabulous he was, smiling as the older Mew, now that there were two of them, chuckled at the response.
"That's fantastic." Niccia said, "Hopefully what we need to do for Vatier isn't too hard either." She said with a sigh, watching Nygari look over towards the Necrozoma, as if she wanted to ask about what they were doing.

Puths' eyes widened at Andy's words, "A researcher?" She asked, almost afraid.
"Don't worry, he's off the clock." Frosiien said with a weak smile, "No one will know about StarFall unless we wish to tell everyone." She reassured the Cressellia, who nodded softly as she relaxed a bit more.
"I don't know who this Maple is, but I'm sure you do fantastic work." Puth said softly, smiling a bit more again.

Gavin nodded at Harcus' words, giving a small smile before he glanced back to the Life Legendary as he asked about Niccia.
"I'm unsure how the other Mews and Mewtwos were with each other," Gavin started, knowing Harcu was much much older than he was, "But I see Niccia as my little sister, I'm here to protect her."

Belle furrowed her brow as she moved to eat another berry, popping it into her mouth with ease, "What is father up to." She asked herself out loud before she glanced over to where Kim and the little Mew was. "Oh look at him! He's... Half shiny? He's a little mottled isn't he?" She asked.
The Little Mew was now snoozing happily against Kim, his tail coiled up around her leg quietly.
Harriet nodded and followed the others quickly, she glanced to Barrow and flashed a soft smile to him as he took the rear. Her ears perked up as another lesser demon crossed their path and she moved to look at it as they passed, taking a mental screenshot of what they looked like before continuing.

She would have to consult her parents for a book on angels and demons when she could next get in contact with them, surely they would have something of the sort in their libraries... Knowing her father, most definitely.

"This place doesn't exactly scream a resting place for something as innocent as a sheep." Harriet found herself sighing before she closed her eyes. She wished she could bless the place before it disappeared, but she understood why the boys wanted to get out of her so quickly.
Boys? Men. They weren't boys, they were men.
Surely wouldn't you think people would miss you?
Surely you know they would live a happy life without you.

The voices echoed through Rays mind, the sound of her heartbeat slowly echoing through her ears.
Surely medication will bring you a breathe of fresh air.
That way, you can live normally without worrying anyone else.

Sara sighed as she walked towards the staff room, entering it quietly as she went over to make herself some coffee. She kept her eyes away from the other staff members. She wouldn't want anyone to try to strike up a conversation with her, she worried she might panic otherwise.
No no, don't apologise! I fully understand <3
I'm probably gonna be busy over the weekend this week too, sisters birthday on Saturday and I need to do the baking for it on Friday ahaha.
Nygari listened carefully as her husband and Michael spoke, "You were saying that the human looked similar to who Frosiien brought with her, right?" She added in quietly, hoping that would solidify that it was who Michael was looking for. Instinctively she looked around to see where everyone else was, noticing Niccia slowly heading her way over to where Michael was and stood beside him carefully.
"Everything okay?" Niccia asked softly, moving to gently hold Michaels' hand as she did so. "I hope you two are doing okay was well." She said as she bowed to Nygari and Netherlu.

Puth gave a soft smile to Andy, "Extended is definitely a word for it." She said with a laugh, "Especially since Father is more than happy to make more of us if anything happens to anyone else." She sighed softly, before she looked back to Andy and Frosiien.
"I didn't expect you to come with a human Fro." Puth said gently, "But that's not meant in a bad way, I'm glad you found someone to be yourself around."
Frosiiens' face now went red, "Puth," She almost hissed in embarrassment. She moved to cover her face with her hands for a moment with a sigh before she crossed her arms. Puth gave a weak grin before looking to Andy to try and move the conversation away from Frosiiens embarrassment.
"What do you do for work, Andy?" Puth asked with a soft smile.

Gavin's cheeks deepened in colour as Harcu spoke to him, before he glanced to the Order Pokemon; "You and your sister get along, right?" He asked after a moment, "I know Watcher will get along with either of you but you and Kyio are... Entirely different."

Belle looked over the food and got a little plate of nibbles for herself before she looked to the little Wish Pokemon with a bigger smile.
"A new Mew and Mewtwo? Have Gavin and Niccia denounced their titles?" She frowned slightly, Jirachi didn't seem too worried so she hoped it wasn't anything bad that happened.
Ari looked to Benjamin as he spoke about wanting some alone time, she hesitated as she wanted to argue but she gave a small nod and allowed him to leave without another word.
"Just be safe." Dia spoke softly before Benjamin left, before she looked over to both Sara and Ari.

Sara sighed, closing her eyes slightly. "I think... I need to go look like staff again." She said, bowing her head and disappearing out the room and down the hall, going in the opposite direction with her head down as she started to think to herself.

The shadows around Benjamin seemed to darken in intensity, the sound of static crackling in his ears slightly.
The demon summoned for Benjamin watched him carefully, readying themselves for properly gripping into Benjamin when his morale was the lowest.

Ray sat in the cell, feeling the darkness bubble and scratch at the sides of her head. She was pacing her cell now, leaving the guards alone as dark thoughts started to shroud her mind.
They don't care.
Why would they care?
You're nothing.
A freak.
Harriet just grinned at Ethan calling her weird, she was about to speak before Morrison spoke. She looked to Ethan with a small smile once again before she looked to Morrison.
"I'm finished here," She started, glancing towards Ethan with a tilt of her head. "Did you grab the necklace from Gaia's room?" She asked with a soft smile.

Gaia felt herself pulled from sleep, slowly opening her eyes to look through the cracks in her wings as she noticed someone entering her room.
The two guards slowly pulled the goat into Gaia's room, moving to place it in the center before they looked to Gaia and then to each other.

"A beast this size?" One whispered, Gaia's ears twitching aggressively, "This is dangerous to even have here."
"Does it even understand English?" The second asked as they walked back towards the door, "I heard we were contacted by the ones who created the creature. We might have to give her up after our tests."
"I don't know. Boss is pretty adamant on keeping her." The first replied again, allowing the second guard to walk out before they followed and closed the door behind them.

Gaia let out a rumble, her wings vibrating from her noise before she looked towards the dead goat left in her room. A snack, unless they were going to test her mentality when starved.
Ooooooooh... hmmm. I quite like the idea of Ray being the next victim? She's locked up, Saras demon has moved onto her from all her anger so i feel like it would work 'well' for her?
I know I feel mean for doing it but sometimes you gotta torment your characters ahaha.
Harry pulled himself up from the sand with a grumble, spitting out a bit more of the sand, watching the Seagull hop towards him once again, letting out more squawks.
Harry's left ear, the one still attached to his ear, fizzled slightly. "Huh?" He asked himself, moving to pull his music player out to check the connection.

He found the connection was fine and the music player wasn't damaged at all, he moved the earbud from his ear and looked at it, trying to see if that was broken as well. The seagull moved quickly, grabbing the cable of the headphones while Harry was distracted and moved to try and fly away, causing Harry to stand up and grab the music player before it could fall from the cable.

Harry's ears twitched as he heard a splash into the water but was too focused on getting their stuff back from a taunting gull. "Give." He tugged, "It." He pulled again, narrowing his eyes, "Back!" He pulled once last time, his headphones breaking in half before the gull flew off with the top half as Harry tumbled back into the sand and slid back towards the water.

Harry felt tears ebb at the edges of his eyes as he realized his soft music was gone, but the soft sound of the waves made him feel slightly better. He stifled a sob as he sat up towards the sea, watching the waves carefully.
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