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Current Please be patient with me within the coming weeks. It's Christmas Fuckery and I work retail. I will trey to reply when I can but I may hit a massive burnout.
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Most probably no replies tonight. I'm sore and I'm tired and I want to tear this god damn reproductive systen out of my body.
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Replies will be slow! Massively bad period cramps are making it hard to focus.
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Replies will come soon! Heading home from work and then gonna warm up a bit.
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Littlemouse; But that's the fun of it! Like you feel sorry for the kingdom now but when it comes to playing that teeny chaos child, you'll love it.


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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She rolled her eyes and sent a message off to who needed to know before she put her phone away before she stared out the window slowly.
She was annoyed that the Spider broke away, they could have used their silk ability to help with ropes and stuff, but what was more important was the fucking Succubus.

The figure holding Freya felt the pins and needles feeling slowly trickling up his hand and up his arm, he was unable to pull the trigger as much as he wanted to, he stared down Freya before the Fairy appeared in his face and the light suddenly flashed in his face.
Freya yelped as she was blinded as well, trying to pull away from the grip of the male before Mike pulled her free.

She coughed and collapsed to the ground, her vision was blurry and she couldn't focus properly.
"I need..." She started quietly, "I need to get away." She was talking to Mike, "The Van is compromised, I need to get to the ocean."
Fear trembled through her voice.
The figure lowered his gun when he was blinded, moving to try to pull off his helmet to rub his eyes as he was blinded. He stumbled as he fumbled with the clips on his helmet, being blind didn't help at all.

"No nothings okay." Duncan started quickly, "I lost Harriet, We went to do the mission with a human using an elemental gem." He tried to calm himself down, "Daz was there and they started to fight, she teleported me away but I can't reach her phone. I'm worried and I can't contact Steph and Gaia, I'm just happy I could reach you." He sighed, managing to get himself a bit calmer before he looked to his computer screen in his room.
"My car should still be there."

The car, as if called on by Duncan, started up and drove towards the boys, stopping a few feet from him as the engine purred.
Mike should totally come too uwu
The woman rolled her eyes when the Van stopped running, they were wasting time.
She hopped out and followed the other agent as she looked at the door, she hesitated before waving it off.
"We have the two more dangerous ones." She said with a bit of a sneer, "If we need more subjects with the bugfuckers we can go back to the contained area since they can't leave it."

She moved to pull open the door that Steph was in side and made sure she was still stuck inside before she sneered and slammed it again.
"Come on. We're wasting time." She hissed as she entered the passenger side again.

Freya's hair- er, head feathers, prickled up at the mention of her being Bigoted.
"How fucking Dare you." She said angrily, her anger causing her not to notice the small red dot that suddenly flickered off the van and towards her body.
"You have no right to even bring up me being a Bigot, I don't trust you because you work for an Unknown Murderer! Your 'friends', if you'd even fucking call them that, are going to be injured and maybe even killed! I'm not the fucking Enemy here, The only reason I am fucking here with this god forsaken Agency is because they took my son! I've been trying to track down where they've taken him."

She held her arms out in anger as she stared daggers at Mike, "I don't care if you don't trust me, I don't give a fuck if you fucking trust anyone here. I'm going to get my fucking son and return to the ocean where I bel-"
A shot rung out from the roof as a bullet wizzed past Mike's head and hit Freya in the shoulder. Freya stumbled backwards and slammed into the van as she slid down the metal as she held her shoulder with a loud hiss, rows of shark-like teeth showing.
"You fucker." She hissed angrily towards Mike, "If you didn't fucking stop me, I could have being out of here and half way to reuniting my fucking family." She stared at him as her blue blood started to drip through her fingers. "You had to fucking play hero didn't you?"

A figure leapt from the roof and walked over to Mike and Freya slowly, fully cladded up as they lifted their handgun to Freya's head without a word. The two of them seemed to stare angrily at each other before Freya looked away.
"Just fucking do it. End my life, it's only fitting that a Siren gets killed away from the sea." She huffed before the figure moved to lift Freya up by her wounded shoulder, causing the woman to let out a pained yell. "Just fucking kill me." She hissed, staring at the figure as they stood up properly and readied themselves to pull Freya away to go back inside. "KILL ME." She yelled at the figure, her eyes glinting as the figure paused, moving to pull their gun up to her chest as they seemed to hesitate, their finger on the trigger as they watched Freya's eyes carefully.

Freya took a moment as she looked over to Mike with anger in her eyes, "If you ever find my son, I hope to the Seas he's in better hands than anyone in this place."

Duncan slammed into the wall of his apartment, his body wracked with pain as he went to try and call Harriet's private phone.
No answer.
Shit. He thought as he moved to try and call again and again. All calls just clicked off immediately. He started to panic, who else would be around to help him? Harriet was possibly going to kill herself.

He fumbled with his phone as he felt panic hit his chest.
He dialled Benjamins' number quickly. "Please please please." he mumbled to himself, trying to keep his head on straight as he felt his body start to aggressively twitch in fear.
Dia looked at Ari as they pulled away from each other, "I don't know if you'll be anything like me." She started, "I don't even know how I got like this." She said as she looked towards Benjamin with a small smile.
"He was as helpful as his damned existence can be, yeah." She said as she looked down at her nurse clothing, "He's got me in the system and the matching uniform but I don't know how they'll act."

Ari floated around Rays room, testing everything to see if she could move anything. She was too weak to move the bed, but she managed to lift the pillow up and threw it at Dia's face with a grin.
Oooooh I love it.
One question; is it single use only or can we send multiple?
"They shouldn't have caged me." Rose almost instinctively replied, her voice suddenly different before it returned to normal. "They can try and hunt me down if they can find me." She said with a bit of a giggle.
"Just keep yourself and Freya safe, for me." Rose said before she watched the van leave and gave a bit of a sigh.

"Thank you for everything Ruddy." She started, her voice held sorrow, "Hopefully we'll eventually meet up again." She hung up and webbed the phone to the tree tightly before she leapt to another tree and followed a strange feeling in her stomach towards where the Spider People were being kept.

Freya snarled and her skin seemed to shimmer, becoming slightly scaley as cuts in her neck started to show. Her ears flattened back and looked like fins more than anything else.
"How can I trust you humans?" She snarled, "These Gems are going to be sunk to the bottom of the ocean." She stepped towards the drivers side door more, not turning away from the boys.

"Look, you can get the fuck out of my way." She started as her form started to shift a bit more, webbing seemed to appear between her fingers as she tried to open the drivers door without looking back, "Or I'm running you both over." Freya narrowed her now deep yellow eyes, "Or, alternatively. If I can trust you, you won't follow me."

Daz shot another bolt of lightning at Duncan and Harriet, Harriet moved to quickly grab it and shoot it back towards Daz as she stood protectively in front of Duncan.
"What do you WANT?" Harriet yelled, her energy starting to rise again.
Duncan moved to grip Harriets shoulder, "Harry lets go." He said, Harriet gave a small nod.
"Of course, I need to get you somewhere safe." She said, Duncan was about to question before Harriet opened a portal below him and watched him drop through it before she turned her attention back to Daz.

"You're dead." She said, her voice starting to warp, "You've messed with the wrong woman." Her powers started to spike more and more.
As the energy spikes showed up on the screens back at the headquarters, the lights in the room started to flicker as the energy that was being used for showing the spikes started to drain the electricity around the room.

A few lights started to flicker more and more, and as the spike started to get bigger as Daz and Harriet continued fighting; a few of the bulbs blew, throwing glass around everyone within the room.
Anylia smiled as she heard the change in Penalopy's voice as she sang. She fully relaxed and closed her eyes as she continued to sing, waving her hand gently as she sang.
Brock bowed a thank you to James as he moved to help him, their legendaries were siblings; which meant that Brock counted James as his brother as well. He looked up as he saw the Jirachi and grinned happily. "Hail!" He said happily, "It's good to see you!"

Footsteps echoed behind the rugged male, a slim figure stepped out of the trees and moved to tie up their long, fluffy purple-blue hair into a pony tail. The female hummed happily, she wore a smart looking suit, a soft crystalline blue colour with white ribbon trimming.
"Good afternoon brother~" The woman almost cooed, smiling to her brother before she looked to the sky. "As usual he's late."
"Not late." A voice echoed from a tree, a figure lay across the branch slowly, "Just waiting for you two to show up." They said with a toothy smirk.

"It's nice to see you too Cloud." The Suicune said with a smile as the Humanoid Raikou slipped down from the tree.
Cloud ran his white fingerless gloved hands through his hair, before moving one of his hands through his spiky slightly blue moustache. "Tanter, Derasin." Cloud said with a grin and a bow of his head. Unlike his sister and more like his brother, Cloud had chosen something comfortable to wear. He wore yellow shorts and a white tank top, showing off the markings down his arms and legs. Over top of his tank top was a light looking cape that was a soft purple colouration.

Frosiien frowned at Andy as he spoke before her attention was drawn to Gavin as she heard the name of an old friend.
"Saveri!" She called out happily, "Andy look, it's Celebi!" She grinned before she looked back to see him talking to his Pokemon.
She gave a happy sigh as she watched him, Mitch giving a sneer before he looked to Frosiien and saw the genuine happiness in her eyes.
He hesitated and looked at the ground momentarily before he slowly walked over to Andy.

Niccia looked over at Gavin grabbed the Celebi, she let out a happy squeak and tugged at Michael to move him with her.
"It's Saveri! Michael this is Celebi!" She said excitedly.
Saveri looked between Frosiien and Niccia, before looking to Mindy and seemed to quiver slightly in fear before he wriggled out of Gavins grip and moved to sit on Mindy's head.
"Greetings friends!" Saveri started, "Many of the others are already within the rift. Some are still arriving, please remember to let go of any grudges as you enter! Fighting will not be tolerated!"

The Talonflame lowered itself closer to Merlin, "Greetings fellow avian friend! I am Artioron, but please call me Art!" He said to the Noctowl, "You are in for a gorgeous treat!"
Brilliant, sweater is good xD
Awesome xD
This is gonna be fucking great!
Yes oh my god I love that idea.
Please that's amazing and I love it.
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