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Current Mental health has tanked, might be distant for a couple days. Sorry to my partners.
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I need to stop injuring my right leg. Thats the third time this YEAR.
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Made an interest check for something on my mind for the last couple days! roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
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Hahahaha, twisted my ankle on new years. Go to the beach today, retwist the ankle. 2024 10/10
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Happy crisis!


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a Gender-Fluid Novelist and Roleplayer from New Zealand! (They/Him Pronouns please)
I roleplay many different genres and Fandoms; I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.
I do not write smut due to trauma, I will do gentle foreplay up until fade black.
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Damien gave a small shrug at Jeremiah's questions, "You're free to wander in your free time, the offer still stands for a bit of a tour." He said before he laughed slightly, "I only have a cat, she's harmless for the most part." Damien chuckled.
Of course he was lying... Well, half lying; she was a cat, and for the most part she was Harmless. But she was a Fae-Wild cat; a small Winged Feline with a small pair of antlers- much like you'd expect from a jackalope. She was his guard animal, and could be dangerous when she needed to be, but she wouldn't attack someone without proper reason to.

Unless of course, it was Damien; Who had many different scratches and bite marks due to her.
Damien raised his eyebrow at the topic change and nodded once. "That's understandable." He said with a rather nonchalant tone, he looked to Diane to see if she had anything to add.
"I'll get you back here tomorrow morning for the first proper mission." Diane said with a small smile, "That way you can get used to the city a bit. Plus we'll need to get your badge and authority stuff for here." She said with a tilt of her head, "Of course we won't drag you too long, I don't know if you have something else to do or not today. So unless there are more questions, you're free to wander off?"
Ooooh I like those!
Steph looked over to Gaia as she stayed on all... Well, she can no longer say all-fours. "Did you want to head up to the common room?" She asked, Gaia didn't reply for a moment, her body staying still as her pupils seemed to flex in size. "Gai?"
Gaia let out a low rumble as she slowly turned towards Steph rather awkwardly around the size of the hallway and the spines down her back prickled slightly.

"Gaia." Steph hissed towards her angrily, trying to remember how Harriet managed to calm Gaia down when she got weird like this. "Don't try any shit, I will hit back if you try anything."
Gaia paced towards her slightly before moving past her with a sway of her tail, hitting Steph gently and pushing her to the wall as a couple guards came from the other elevator.
Is she protecting me? Steph thought to herself before Gaia's tail slowly wrapped around her waist and hoisted her into the air. Shit?!

Harriet had left the house for the first time in a while, she wondered why the agency didn't try and take her away; but she shrugged it off. She looked to her phone, thinking to text Ethan to check up on him, but thought against it, he's probably still resting.
She paused before she sent off a text.
She sent it off to Benjamin, they might as well meet up and go over the game plan now that she had apparently stabilized.
Niccia gave a chuckle to Michaels' words as she watched the food stir in the pot slowly. "I'm glad they seem to like you." She said with a bit of a laugh, "I thought they'd get angry at me for settling with a human." She leaned her head against his shoulder as she glanced around as Bear gave the food out. "I think it has happened in the past; but Arceus has always been a bit protective of me."

Soul smiled to Bear as he placed the food down and moved to settle properly on his belly. He'd wait until the smaller Pokemon had had their fill; he could wait to eat, it wasn't a problem.
Eros looked to the bowl of food before he jumped at Lytse's voice, startled by the Cyndaquils voice and presence. He looked towards the food again and stepped towards it as he watched the little fire type eat. "I've only really had berries all my life." Eros said as he moved down to take a piece of food with his hoof and looked at it, hesitant to try and eat it.

Missy and Sparky both ran over to Harry and Saruya as a bowl was placed in front of them, both of the smaller pokemon making their was physically over the larger pokemon to try and get to their food.
"Girls, play nice." Niccia called out softly, which caused Sparky to topple off of Harry and onto her back, playing dead.
"There is no rush in terms of adjusting to the stuff here." Diane said with a small smile, "Damien will be alongside you, and he's done this sort of stuff for a while." She said with a weak chuckle, "But of course, we'll get to work on cases tomorrow. I'll let you two get acquainted today and Damien can show you around Axemouth if you'd like him to?"

Damien gave a small shrug, "No need to pay rent, bar from buying your own food." He said, "I can cover the bills easily." He ignored the fact that Diane just offered him as a tour guide, "As long as you don't mind animals." He said as he moved to take the smoke from his mouth, still unlit, "You will have your own space of course, if you need another room for an office that can be arranged."
Damien listened to Jeremiah with a tilt of his head. He nodded at the statement before closing his eyes for a moment, This was good; he needed a partner who wasn't scared of getting dirty.
He glanced over towards Diane as Jeremiah started to speak to her.

Diane gave a small smile, "I'm glad you found it interesting." She nodded, "I'm glad you could start so quickly, we don't like our Detectives working without partners." She said with a glance towards Damien, who narrowed his eyes towards her. "Damien does a lot of the... Harder cases, so I'm glad you're not squeamish." She gave a small chuckle, "Of course, we'll start you both off with easier tasks so you can learn how to work together properly."

Damien held back the grumble that stuck in his throat, twisting the cigarette in his fingers slightly. His slightly pointed ears flattened slightly out of his hair. He breathed in slowly and closed his eyes before he breathed out.
"Have you got a place to stay permanently?" He asked with a glance towards Diane, "I have a large house and a few spare rooms; I tend to offer housing to partners, makes it easier to do planning on longer cases and all of that."
"You're not interrupting." Diane said with a small smile as she motioned for him to sit down. "This is Damien Elk, he will be your partner." She looked to Damien as she watched him stare towards the newcomer quietly.
The hidden-fae watched the man carefully, he slightly tilted his head before he nodded towards Jeremiah, "As Diane said, I'm Damien."

He uncrossed his arms finally and offered one to Jeremiah as a handshake. "Have you done this sort of work before?" He asked after a moment, "I will warn you it's not for the faint of heart."
"Damien, don't scare him." Diane said lightly, getting a glance from the male with a raised eyebrow. She returned her attention to Jeremiah. "I'm sure your skills are more than adequate, I enjoyed your CV you sent us."
Character Sheet;

Name: Damien Elk.
Nicknames/Alias: Detective Elk(Work only), Dams (Old Friends)
Age: Physically 29-20 years old.
Gender + Sexuality: Male, Demiromantic/Demisexual
Rough Physical Description:
Dusty Grey Hair, short cut, scruffy.
Light Green eyes (Turn Yellow with magic)
Slightly tanned skin, small tattoos speckled over his body.
Stands roughly about 6’2”.

-Peace and Quiet
-Open areas
-Animals and Plants
-Loud places

-(Secretly) Baking
It was autumn, the wind was slightly cold as it blew through the trees of Axemouth. The sun slowly broke through the clouds, the lights in the building where the detective agency, ‘The Order’ worked from were on, even this early in the morning.

Damien stepped through the doors to Diane's office. He sat down across from the mocha skinned woman with narrowed eyes; he hated to call someone else 'his boss', but this was part of working for a business instead of yourself.
"I expected you not to come." Diane said calmly, watching the male in front of her as his messy jacket and dress pants already bringing dust and 'soot' on her chairs.
"You ordered me to." Damien said gruffly, moving to pull a cigarette from his pocket and placed it in his mouth. "Why are we here?"

Diane gave a small smile, "You're meeting your new partner." She said as Damien's nose twitched slightly.
"I don't need a new partner." He replied sharply, getting a tilt of her head from Diane. "I've been doing this long enough I can do it alone."
Diane shook her head slightly and placed her hands on a pile of papers that sat on her desk. Damien knew exactly what those papers were, his contract. Of course she'd bring it out to push the fact that he signed it to make him work with his 'new partner'.

"You know it's company policy." Diane said gently, "We work with the 'buddy system', we can't just have you going out on these dangerous missions on your own."
Damien grumbled to himself and chewed on the end of his smoke, "Bullshit." He hissed before Diane narrowed her eyes towards him as she leaned forward on the desk.
"Don't argue with me, Mr. Elk. You're part of this company now so you're under my rules." She said before a knock on the door echoed through the office and she straightened up.

A mousey man poked his head into the office to look at Diane and Damien, "The new recruit is here, Ma'am." The secretary, Stuart, spoke quickly. "Shall I send him in?"
Damien looked away from Stuart as he wanted to set his cigarette alight, while Diane nodded softly to him. "Absolutely Mr. Stuart, that would be fantastic, thank you." Diane said as Stuart nodded and left the room quickly.
When Saruya was finished with helping Michael, Harry walked over to her and pressed himself against her lovingly. "I missed you." He said as he settled down beside her with a bit of a rumble.
Niccia slowly stepped over to settle down beside Michael as he was working on the food, leaning against him softly with a soft sigh. "That wasn't the worst StarFall." She said gently, "I'm glad you could come with me."

Sparky and Missy play fought together while food was being made, tumbling 'aggressively' around together. Missy shot a bolt of lightning at Sparky, who simply stood still and absorbed the attack, her fur prickling with the lightning as it popped into the air slowly- Showing off the explosive properties of the sugar glitter on her body.

Eros looked around slowly, he moved to settle down near the fire but kept a safe distance away; he flinched when one of Niccia's pokeballs popped and Soul stepped from the light with a stretch and a yawn. He looked at the Skiddo carefully before giving a tilt of his head before moving to settle beside him.
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