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Current Thought I'd post Chicken update! No one has claimed her yet, I've named her Holly Oak. She's given me eggs. I love her so much, she gets very spoilt. She's mine now.
6 days ago
Came home from the doctors to find a chicken in my yard. Currently looking for the owners online but we'll keep her if no one takes her. How's Y'alls day going?
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twitter.com/AlienStrayArt/s… Please look here for more details
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For my artist/Writers/photographer lovelies who have Twitter, please note that twitters change in ToS means they can soon take ownership to everything you post
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Quietly trying to type up a proper, better, interest check to get more roleplays. Hopefully.
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a Gender-Fluid Novelist and Roleplayer from New Zealand! (They/Him Pronouns please)
I roleplay many different genres and Fandoms; I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.
I do not write smut due to trauma, I will do gentle foreplay up until fade black.
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Niccia followed Michael through the portal, as soon as they were out of StarFall, she let out a big sigh and relaxed her shoulders. It was stressful being there for her at the moment, she moved to grab Michael's hand to pull him into a gently hug. She breathed in with her head in his chest and felt her stress slowly fade.

Frosiien watched Andy and Netherlu work with the map before she looked to Niccia and Michael, she gave a smile before she noticed Eros staring to where the portal was. She worried that the little one was already missing his father, Eros looked over to the Articuno and gave a small smile to her, letting her know he was okay.
Frosiien glanced to Andy as he started to talk to Netherlu about what humans thought about him and gave a little chuckle. "Eternal anything would be hard to do, even for us legendaries." She said softly before she looked to Andy as he asked if she wanted to know.
She felt her face flush with slight red before she hesitated. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing?" She said with a tilt of her head.

Niccia pulled away from Michael as she listened to the Adults, her ears twitched gently before she sighed. "Do... Humans have myths about me?" She whispered to Michael, looking up to him with worry in her eyes.
Gaia's ears flicked at Stephs' voice, she moved forward in the shadows towards her friend but paused as she could sense Chiyoko. She waited for the other demon to leave before she inched towards Steph a bit more.
"Safe?" Gaia managed to croak out, her voice raspy and almost broken.
"I'm safe, I'm okay. Are you okay? Why don't you come out?" Steph frowned, kneeling down. "Have they hurt you?"

Gaia seemed to hesitate, shifting in the darkness while Steph could only get small glimpses of torn scales and flesh strips. "I'm okay." She spoke slowly, "Somethings... Happened. I don't know." She moved to fully pull herself up from the floor, the sound of flesh ripping before she fanned her wings out- now they couldn't even fully stretch out within the room. "I feel different."
Steph watched the shadows and moved to step over what she thought must have been some furniture before flicking on the light to get a better look at Gaia before she froze up. She moved her hands over her mouth to hold back a scream as she watched her companion carefully.

The wounded were in the infirmary, three men seemed to be injured, bite marks that barely pass their knees. The bite wounds had started to become blue around the edges, the skin drying out and becoming a bit wrinkly. The men seemed a bit out of it, staring off into space with IV drips in their arms, pumping water into their systems as it seemed they couldn't regulate their water levels.
"Here they are Ms Lily." The runner spoke, "Their water levels are tanking and they're not exactly talking. They're still... Cognitive, they'll make sure to move out of the way if things are in the way but they seem to just sort of, stare off into the distance."

Freya shivered as she walked along, she felt like she was being watched. I'll get you Sammy. She thought to herself before she saw a black van pull up in front of her and the doors opened, revealing the agents sent to grab her.
"Shit." Freya spoke, instinctively moving to hold her injury before she tried to turn around and run, but a couple more agents walked up behind her. "What do you want? I'll kill you if you get closer." Freya hissed, baring her teeth angrily as her nails grew sharp. She felt the pain from her injury pulse as she winced slightly.
Sara looked up to Marc as he walked over to her, for a moment she couldn't think before she flinched slightly. "If I said anything but yes, would you tell me to take medicine?" She uttered almost as a complaint. She glanced over to Benjamin hesitantly before looking back to Marc.
"I feel like shit, ultimately. No one believes me about anything I say. Vivian has sowed the seed that I'm just a dumb girl that pretends to work here."
Eros leapt happily on the spot before he walked to Arceus and gently pressed his head into his fathers leg. "I'll be good papa." He promised before he walked over to Michael again and nodded excitedly. "Where are we heading first?"

Nygari smiled to Netherlu as he took her shoulders, she listened to him with a soft look before she slipped out of his grip and gently wrapped her arms around him as a hug.
Frosiiens' face deepened in colour as Netherlu spoke about her doing 'anything naughty' with Andy. She would be lying if she said she hadn't thought of it, but that wasn't the current plan.
"Be safe." Nygari whispered to Netherlu before she looked to Niccia, "I await to see you again for the Journeys Test. Please be safe, both of you." She looked to Michael as well.
Sara watched Marc be with Benjamin, but could see his expression wasn't one of happiness. She tossed up the idea of interacting them but she wasn't sure she really wanted to right now.
Her body felt heavy and her head hurt. She walked over to get a glass of water to herself, they wouldn't give her painkillers if she asked; they would be afraid she'd give them to someone else that would have abused them in the past, or they'd interact incorrectly with her system.

Sara was sure they laced the water with something, it always tasted gross to her. It never tasted clean, or at least not in the common room. It was less flakey in the staff rooms, but no one really wanted her there.

There was a moment where she looked back to Marc and Benjamin, she sighed and hung her head as she moved to take a seat on a chair nearby, but she didn't feel like interrupting anything.
That and if Marc wanted to talk to her, after what she did, he'd come to see her rather than her ruining things more.
Steph looked back towards Gaia's room as Chiyoko explained it was a goat, she frowned as she offered to hear how a man screams and shook her head. "No thank you." She said with another sigh. "Are we allowed to enter other rooms...?" She asked before she looked towards Gaia's door.
"Fuck it. I need to know if she's okay."

Steph moved over to Gaia's room and pushed the door open slowly, the scent of blood hitting her nose as she held her breath to not vomit from it. The darkness was hard for her to see through, even when aided with demon-sight. The Darkness almost felt... Alive?
"Gaia?" Steph spoke, choking on the smell of blood. "Are you okay?"

A frantic knock came on the door to Lily's room.
"Ms Lily!" A voice came from the other side of the door, "There's a bit of a problem! The Siren boy, I... I don't know what happened, we fed him his breakfast and he just went... wild." They sounded scared as they knocked again to try and get Lily's attention. "He bit two of the workers and the wounds are looking a bit... Blue in colour. Do we know much about them to find out whats happened?"

Freya pulled herself from the bathtub tiredly, her wound ached but she couldn't go to the sea without her son. Without Sammy, she wouldn't leave him behind.

She slipped on her clothes quietly, she was wounded and should stay hidden, but she wanted to get out... She craved some fried food.
Surely there was a nice place to get something around here, sure she probably couldn't afford anything, but she might be able to charm someone to get some free food.

Stepping out into the fresh air felt strange to Freya at the moment, her frilled ears pricked as she looked around. Things seemed safe, at least for now. Soon the boys and Harriet would go and take the compound where their friends and her son was hidden within.
She would get her boy back, even if it would kill her.
Valid! I'll definitely bring the siren in for Lily ahhah.
I have a terrible terrible no good amazing idea.
Does Ethan actively have feelings for Gaia currently? Like if someone commented on how they think she's good looking, would he get angery?

Also, I had an idea that possibly the Siren child could become potentially problematic and they might need to get Mamma Siren in to keep him calm? 😊
I feel like Lily would enjoy having a female Siren in the house ahaha.
April watched Benjamin for a moment before she shook his hand before shaking Mikes with a soft smile. "I'm more than happy to help you guys out." She started softly, "You two are good people, and I'm glad you're wanting to help the inhumans as well as the humans."
Jack offered to shake their hands as well, but April shot him down as he wasn't really part of it.

"Please don't hesitate to contact me." April said to them both, momentarily looking over to Benjamin, as if she knew that he had questions but she watched the boys leave.

Steph shivered before she looked over to Chiyoko, wincing at the very mention of the blood smell.
"I hate the smell of blood." Steph admitted, crossing her arms and shaking her head, "I don't need to share. I don't feed on humans. I already have a boyfriend and I will not feed on him either." She said with a grumble, "I just want to know what happened to Gaia, that blood isn't human or animal. It smells of Dragon, so it's Gaia's."

The fabric ties that she had made started to snap as Gaia slowly pulled herself up onto her limbs, she didn't really notice the extra pair of arms that pressed against the ground as she pulled herself from her old scales and out of the bloodied mess that she had cacooned in.
The goat finally noticed the movement and gave a bleat, Gaia took that moment to strike at the goat and dug into it almost immediately.
The goat gave a final scream as Gaia struck, before a horrible silence followed afterwards.

Steph winced at the scream before she looked around slowly, she shivered slightly. "Was that... Human?" She asked quietly.
"Oh right." Frosiien said with a wide smile before she looked to Andy as he, in a way, high fived Benny. "God you two are cute together." She said with a laugh before she looked over towards Netherlu with a soft smile. "It'll be a nice change to have you around." She said before she looked to Nygari. "Will you be joining us, mother?"
Nygari looked over to Frosiien and shook her head softly, she stayed silent as Netherlu explained what was happening to Arceus.

Arceus looked to the Ho-oh with a soft smile, "Of course." He said with a small smile, "Please be careful not to scorch him because he is a grass type." He laughed before he turned to Michael, "I wish you the safest of travels. Although with Niccia that might be interesting journey." He chuckled before he reached out to gently rub Niccia's head. "She's a good kid, she does have a pretty big journey ahead of her."
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