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Current Turns out it was Gastro, but I'm now finally past the infectious stage! Now... I gotta go back to work... yay.
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Replies will come soon, somehow I've fallen massively sick from food I ate yesterday. I feel like shit.
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Managed to find one job that I've applied for. Okay, let's do this even more.
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Time to do some Job searching, wish me luck guys....
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Sara nodded at his words, "Smart idea," She said, "Its' good I have you on my side... I think." She blinked, trying to think about her next words as they walked towards Rays' room. Sara occasionally glanced back towards Benjamin as she noticed he wanted to go see her. "We'll check on her afterwards."

Dia settled Ari on Rays' bed, moving slowly to rub her head as she sat beside her.
"Ray's... Angry." She started, Ari gave a small mumble in response as she pulled the covers over her. "She thinks I did something to you, and she yelled at Benjamin for siding with me."
"he does seem to like you." Ari mumbled before she moved to put her hand on Dia's lap. "We'll... Get through this okay? Just give me some time to realize to use a real body again."
Eros went to speak his answer to Michael before Niccia was suddenly pulled back towards Arceus.
"That!" He squeaked, "Dad's... A bit temperamental. Especially when others argue against his rules." He felt the fear bubble through his body before he looked to Haphiro, watching the Bouffant seem to question his own morals being Arceus' guardian.
"Sir!" Haph called out, "Let her go! This isn't you!" He heard the Echoed Voice from Merlin and looked towards the Noctowl before he rallied to get some of the guardians to help by the portal.

Niccia struggled against Lecrero's grip, trying to kick her legs towards him as she moved her hands to tug at the energy that was holding her in place.
"Arceus this isn't you!" She called angrily, Lecrero narrowed his eyes and his plates spun quicker and suddenly darkened. Niccia's eyes widened as she noticed something before she reached behind her towards Soul and motioned for something.
Soul watched her and paused, he looked towards Michael and moved to nudge at his bag. "Feather. Now." He said quickly, glancing towards Lecrero every couple of seconds.

Yalgai shrugged at her brothers questions, quickly summoning her battle clothes rather her comfy formal suit. Her clothes were tighter than the suit, they looked like a dark black skinsuit; covered with small horizontal stripes of grey and red. "No idea, but this isn't good." She said as she stepped towards Arceus. "FATHER." She called out to him, catching his attention as he turned his head to look at her with narrowed eyes.
"What." Lecrero rumbled, his voice louder than before, the ground below him cracking slightly. Yalgai stepped back, genuine fear in her eyes as she readied herself.
"Oh fuck." Yalgai mumbled before she stepped back towards her brothers. "Guys, Dads darkening. Darkrai isn't anywhere around so he must have struck him when he was creating those new Legendaries."

Luna took Tarian as Ra spoke about going into his pokemon form, "You know that's dangerous! Be careful!" She called out to him before she called out for their guardians. A Gligar slowly flew over to Luna and looked to the small children, she turned and whistled towards a large Typhlosion.

The hand was slowly accompanied by another, and the portal slowly crackled open as a large, prism-black beast slowly climbed his way through.
"Brothers... Sisters... Did you not expect me to join you?" Necrozoma rumbled as he slowly stood properly, looking around before his eyes slowly settled on his siblings and their children. "Ahh, the little ones too. A perfect reunion."
Sara gave a small nod to Benjamins' words. "Should we check Ray's room first? Maybe Dia went there, or Ari could be there?" She asked before she blinked at his question. A frown washed over her face slowly before she nodded once, "Yeah, I've done paper work. I've helped with food. Most of it was dish washing or laundry." She sighed softly.

Dia moved to stand up with Ari in her arms still, keeping her tight to her chest. "I'm so happy to see you." She started quietly, pressing her head against Aris'. "I love you, my sister."
Ari gave a bit of a sob, "I love you too." She gripped Dia's face and couldn't find the words to say what she wanted to say. How was she suddenly solid, did... Dia know she was solid? Where was Ray? Was she okay?
"Ray...?" Ari started, Dia shook her head slightly.
"Not now, let's... Not bring her up."
Awesome, I didn't want to act out her heading to him without knowing so I made something where he can go to her C:
Rose jumped when someone spoke to her, she looked up towards the woman and blinked to her with a bit of a started grin. "Hi!" She said as she straightened herself up as she offered both of her left arms to the woman, "My name is Rose, and yeah, I'm new here. Steph, Gaia and I came in together." She motioned with one of her arms towards the two winged woman, who had seemed to relax and pulled away from each other.

Steph glanced towards Gaia as she picked at her teeth with her sharpened nail, she looked away and gave a shaky smile. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly as she slowly stood to grab some water. Her mind went to Benjamin after Gaia had spoke about him, he'd understand if she ended up accidentally 'hunting' another human male, right? Was it just males she needed to feed from, because she felt something when Gaia got close to her.
She shuddered to herself before she drunk the glass of water and started to walk along the common room, taking it all in. Her eyes kept going to the pole, looking away as soon as she noticed the shine on it and held back the urge to go try it out.

Gaia picked at her teeth, pulling out a strange mix of cake and meat from some of her hind teeth before she looked at it and shrugged. Why waste food? She thought as she licked it off her claws before she glanced towards the smaller woman that entered, her tail slapped the chair she was on as she narrowed her eyes. Who was this new person, were they indoctrinated here? Sent in to make sure they stopped worrying about getting out?
The door opened again, Gaia's instincts caused her to look immediately towards the door as she watched the small boy waddle into the room and over to the water tap. Gaia tilted her head as her spines slowly prickled up at the very idea that a child would be here, "Hey." She called, watching the child ignore her, "Hey." She said in a soft growl, causing the kid to flinch and turn to face her.

"I'm... Sorry." The boy said as he turned the tap off as he filled his bottle, "I...I was thirsty and the guards won't get water for me." He said, Gaia's spines relaxed before she stood to walk over to the child and pulled him into her arms carefully.
"I'm sorry for scaring you." He said, looking the kid over and flicked her tongue at his face, flicking his nose and causing the kid to giggle.

Harriet felt her stomach churn again, moving to vomit behind a bush. She could hear voices, but she couldn't tell if they were in her head or in real life.
"Shut up." She hissed towards the darkness, thinking it was just in her head, the whispers slowly coming closer to her head before she gripped her head. "SHUT THE FUCK UP." She yelled loudly, causing the birds in the trees to scatter quickly.

The voices didn't lessen, they got louder and caused Harriet to close her eyes and collapse to the ground. She pressed her forehead to the ground and started mumbling stuff under her breathe. She wanted Gaia, she wanted Steph or Duncan, She wanted either one of the three boys. A known voice, a known touch. Someone she trusted, she needed to hear someone she trusted.
Oooh! I know a bit about those ones, I like them!
Maybe she'd be able to notice that Steph isn't exactly fully demon either.

Were you wanting Harry to meet up with Ethan somehow?
Dia smiled to Maggie as she smiled to her, before she glanced back to Fae as Maggie turned her attention to her. Dia's eyes widened at the sight of Fae's wrists, and she held back the urge to grab her arms and over question about it; she knew Fae would open up if she was comfortable.

Fae gave out a small sigh as Maggie spoke to her, she rubbed her wrists with her hands as Maggie motioned towards them. She didn't flinch when Maggie reached to dry her eyes.
"Everything that happened with the gang..." She started, holding back a sob that threatened the back of her throat, "How we were just... Split up, Daph wouldn't allow me to try and reach out to you guys." She stared at the floor. "Anything to do with the gang was just... thrown out of our lives, she tried to stop me tinkering because it reminded her too much of the past. She kind of just.. Tried to get rid of anything in our lives regarding the gang."

"And you thought you not being able to contact us caused us to hate you..." Dia said slowly, closing her eyes and leaned over to gently rub Fae's head. "Velma and I tried to do... some sort of investigations once we split but... It didn't have the same umph as it did with all of us." She said with a bit of a half smile, "I caught Velma almost asking for Freddy and Daphne's help before she turned to see me there alone. It hit all of us hun, it's alright."
Fae gave a small nod, slightly moving into Dia's touch before she sighed, her tears breaking through now. "I was... It just felt, so alone. Daph tried to stop me being... me. I... I was in a dark place for... ages. I tried therapy but." She stopped talking to give a bit of a sob, closing her eyes. "Sorry."
Haripho stomped his foot angrily towards Niccia and Michael as they seemed to stand in the way of Eros, he readied himself to step forward for a Headbash before Soul skidded in front of Niccia and Michael and summoned a barrier in front of them and pushed the Bouffant back.
"Back off Hari." he said with a rumble, swaying his tail. "Let the boy enjoy the party."
Haripho rumbled and tried to push against Souls' barrier, but was only pushed back by the Absols' power. "You dare go against your creators orders?" He rumbled loudly, the ground around him cracking slightly.

"Haripho Calm down!" Niccia said, stepping past Soul and his barrier. "Lecrero! Step off your throne and come down and talk to us, Legendary to Legendary!" She turned, challenging the God of Pokemon himself. Her ears were flattened back, focusing away from Hariphos' angered stance.
Eros quivered at everything around them, slowly stepping away from Lytse as he tried to look for a way out of this place. He bounced on his hooves slightly before he ran to hide behind Michael's legs with a shiver.

Frosiien froze as she heard Niccia speak to Arceus in such a way, Memories flooded back of the time where Arceus and Darkrai had their fight that caused him to be pushed out of the Legendary Committee. "Oh Niccia, please don't make this any worse my dear..."
Gavin grabbed Niccia's arm as he got up to her side, "Niccia what are you doing?" He hissed to her, flinching when she pulled her hand away.
"Gavin, I'm not a child anymore. Let me handle this on my own. I'm sick of Arceus' treatment towards descendants." Niccia said before she was suddenly lifted up into the air by some form of psychic attack.

Niccia was suddenly pulled towards Lecrero, who now stood up from his seat, standing taller than what he originally looked like. Shimmering shards floated around him as he pulled Niccia to his eyeline and sneered at her.
"You dare challenge me?" He hissed, tightening his grip on her, causing her to yelp slightly.
Yalgai looked up from cuddling Sparky before handing her off to her partner before she darted towards her brothers. "Boys, Dads angry." She said as she looked up towards Lecrero and Niccia. "Something's going wrong."

Carrish bounced on her feet as Bear left, moving towards the edge of the floating rock. She sighed as she watched him leave before she rolled onto her back and crossed her arms over her chest with a goofy grin on her face.
Manderva seemed to ignore what was happening between Lecrero and Niccia, listening carefully to Mindy. "That sounds like a plan." She said softly, "Looking after family is very important, even myself and my brothers look out for our children."

Luna nodded towards the portal, "Portal." She whispered to Ra, glancing back towards the drama inside with a shudder. "I fear that they are coming." Luna looked over towards Tarian carefully and sighed as she noticed he was still asleep.
The Portal warped again, sparks starting to scatter around before a large black arm suddenly shattered through the portals area. Luna bounced back and gripped onto Lily protectively as she backed into a table.
Sara nodded as Benjamin seemed to stretch. She was ready to get out of this room, it made her feel weird. Like it was some high school cafeteria and she was a bullied child by even the teachers.
"A walk sounds good." She said as she slowly stood from her chair, making sure not to hit the staff member behind her as she did so.

Ray felt Queasy. What the fuck had happened?
Ari, something happened to Ari. She jolted upright and looked around the padded room she was sealed in and gave a growl.
"Yeah yeah, growl all you want princess, not going to save you." The guard said from outside, Ray moved to stand up but stumbled back once she was on her feet. "Don't try to stand yet, your brain is still foggy from the sedative."
Dia, Dia had done something to Ari. She couldn't feel her anymore, what had Dia done to her? Was it because she finally had her own body again that she thought she'd be able to just take out her other spirit?

Anger bubbled through her body, Benjamin had started to defend her too! Dia was taking everything from her!
That fucking bitch, using her body as a Vessel for years and now this is how she repaid her?
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