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Current Hubby starts his trial week for a potential new job next week, toebeans crossed things go well.
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Will be late with replies tomorrow, trying to get some Novel Planning(tm) out of the way so i dont feel so useless :D
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I'm great at messaging others to start new roleplays I promise ahaha
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Sorry for the long waiting times for replies, NZ has gone into a 3 day lockdown and as an "essential worker" i'm stuck working while people panicbuy.
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Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Sara nodded gently and started to follow him slowly, "Okay." She started, there was no staff around her, so she could start to relax a bit more. She felt herself breathe in and out a lot easier now. She had relaxed, Benjamin had a calming aura to her- maybe it was the fact he could potentially see her dark spirit and scared it off, maybe he just had that ability to him.
"You've seen the green room right?" She asked, trying to make small talk more than anything.

Ray sat in her cell angrily, she had tried another strike at the guard and had to be drugged again so she just sat in the back, her anger stewing silently as she stared at the wall, wishing she could stare at it hard enough to burn a hole through so she could escape.
"You're lucky I'm stuck in here..." She grumbled a threat to the guard, her cheek slightly bruised from where he had struck her to get her off the bars. "You couldn't take me on..." She hissed, "Cocky bastard."
Rose nodded to Chiyoko's words before she was about to ask about something else, before Chiyoko said she had to leave.
"Of course." Rose nodded gently, "Please enjoy whoever they end up giving you and.. If you ever need to socialize, we're here.. Or at least I am." She offered with a small smile, bowing her head slightly before she headed over to see Sammy and Gaia.

"My apologies Gaia." Rose started, moving to lift Sammy up from her grip, the Dragon woman simply watching her carefully- but not fighting her doing so. "I need to talk with Sammy." She said as she carried Sammy away from Gaia, who seemed to let out a rumble and closed her eyes.
The little Siren boy was helping her keep her mind off being trapped, keeping her mind off- Ethan. Gaia sighed as her ears flattened, moving to lie on her side and curl up into a bit of a ball, using her wing to cover her body with ease.
I hope Ethan is okay. He is a good human. Gaia thought to herself, her breathing rumbling through her body before she winced at her own mental pain, not realizing she projected her next thoughts to Ethan. I want Ethan back. I want him safe.

Steph felt warm in her shirt, she moved to grab a drink of water as she tried to calm her body down from whatever was happening. Whatever Gaia did to her, definitely made her feel something, but she couldn't understand if it was anything good or not. She shook the feeling off before she looked around again, the Pole was nice and so were the weights, but she wanted to see if there was any punching bags- apart from Gaia if she hung from the ceiling- that she could burn energy on.

Harriet looked to Morrison as he spoke, she gave a small nod before she looked over to the car as the agents got in. Harriet felt something move under her skin as she started to walk to the car, she gave a small smile to Ethan. She headed over towards the other side of the car to take the seat beside Ethan, making sure to give him enough room as she settled into the seat.

Part of her wondered if the agency saw her as a threat, a new part that was slowly bubbling up from her conciousness. She didn't want to have to harm Ethan if it came to it, she could take down Barrow and Morrison with some hardship, but she'd have to knock out Ethan to make sure he doesn't try and get himself killed by attacking her.
From here it was where her brain seemed to linger onto her groupmates, "Gaia..." She mumbled slightly under her breath, her head shaking as her eyes got a soft spark of her old personality back. Her body tensed in her seat before she suddenly relaxed, her eyes returning to their normal sheen as she looked over to Ethan with a weak smile. "Are the boys safe?"
Niccia suddenly gave a heave of breath before coughing as she rolled closer to Michael. She mumbled something under her breath and moved her hands to pull Michael's hand back to her cheek. "Soft touch..." She mumbled in her native language, a small smile across her face.
Fez held the new Mew egg as he walked to Niccia and Michael, making sure he didn't drop the egg as he got to them. "How did I end up on egg duty?" He grumbled before he looked to Michael with a small smile, "This doesn't happen every StarFall, I promise." He said with a weak smile, "I'm sorry that this had to happen on the one you arrived."

Yalgai put Sparky on the ground gently and headed towards her brothers as they headed towards the gate, their father would be looked after by the two that went to him. "What did I miss?" She asked to Dialga, as she readied herself in case she needed to help.

Lecrero let out a bit of a groan before Kyio slid down the crater to help him up. Kyio helped their father into a sitting position before she gave him a soft smile and cupped his cheek with her hand before she suddenly gave a frown to him.
"What in the realms were you thinking!" She yelled at him, before composing herself and standing up, looking to the inky mess around them. "Darkrai." She said with a frown, "Malamar specifically, but definitely from Darkrai." She moved to rummage through her pockets, "Got a bottle or something on you brother?" She asked Harcu with a tilt of her head.

Lecrero flinched from Kyio's yell before he started to zone back in properly, he moved his hand to wipe his mouth, seeing the blood on his gloves before he sighed.
"My apologies my children." He said softly, his voice croaky and winded. "I'd be lying if I said I don't know what got over me." He continued with a frown. "Is Niccia..." He started before his voice trailed off.

Luna nodded at Ra's words, she knew what she was doing; but it was always nice to have Ra behind her back. Necrozoma sneered at everyone as they seemed to wait to hear what he had to say; the truth was, he was embarrassed about what it was.
"Why would you want to help me?" He hissed towards Nathan with a narrowing of his eyes.
"Vatier." Luna said Sternly, the large black pokemon freezing as he heard his name before he looked to Luna as he seemed to pull in on himself. "Just tell us."
"Humans." Vatier started, dropping to his knees and twisting into his humanoid form, his black cloak draping over his entire body as he sat on his knees. "They... Caught my children. I couldn't save them."
Luna held her breathe as she watched her brother change, and glanced back towards Ra to see if he believed it. Necrozoma barely ever shifted unless it was important, he was able to use his Pokemon form to get away with anything.
But when did Necrozoma have children? Luna thought to herself. Has he been hiding them from Arceus in fear of what would happen?
Dia winced when she heard Scooby yelling about Monsters, moving to look over the back of the couch as Fae peaked over as well. The two of them watched Fred scold the bigger dog, as much as Dia wasn't to argue against what Fred was saying before the large monster appeared from the wisps.

"Fae!" Dia called out, despite the woman being right beside her, Fae had already fumbled her camera from her pockets and was watching the creature carefully before she saw it started to grab people. She watched as it had grabbed Fred.
"Fred!" Fae yelled as she moved to try and stand, she glanced to Dia as she tried to volt over the couch and promptly slammed into the back of it upside down, Fae would have normally made a quip but this was serious. She started to head over to Fred before Maggie got to him.

Fae heard Daphne call out, a chill flooded through her body and she moved to follow the sound before Maggie was grabbed. Fae skidded and stood on the spot, who would she help? Her sister or her best friend?
she was frozen between a mix of fear and guilt as she watched Maggie be pulled away, slipping down onto her knees as tears ebbed at the sides of her eyes.

Dia managed to pull herself up from the ground and noticed Velma getting grabbed, she swore under her breathe before she broke into a run towards her before the beast turned and walked off without even noticing her.
"Velma!" She called out before she skidded to a stop with a grumble as she glanced to Fae and helped her up onto her shoulders gently. "We'll get them." She said before she looked towards Daphne as she called out, she glanced back to Fae with a small smile, "Got anymore drones?"

"V...VB is back at... at the house." Fae managed to speak as she tried to stop herself crying again. "I have... A couple other drones, I snuck them in after Daphne did a once over of my luggage." She have a weak grin and a blush on her face. Dia clapped Fae's shoulder with her hand and gave a bigger grin.
"I knew you would. Can you call on them now?"
Fae blinked, "N...Now?" She asked as Dia nodded, motioning for her to follow as she ran after Daphne.

"You're such a mother." Fae said softly, getting a grin from Dia as she moved to pull out her tools and tried to find the controller for the two other drones. "I have them here, yeah." She looked to Daphne for a moment before she follow her close friend. Fae glanced back to the monsters before they headed towards the entrance of the building before she pulled out one of her other drones and threw it into the air.
This drone was a bit smaller than VB, VB obviously being her main drone. "X!" Dia seemed to gasp, remembering the small drone from some lighter times, "You still have him!"
"Why would I get rid of our- my boy?" She said before she looked to Daphne, "You said they wouldn't come in handy." She winked cheekily before she pulled up the screen for X and sent him forward quickly, the little flying robot just disappearing into the darkness in front of them with a quiet buzz.
Fae's face deepened in red as Maggie kissed her cheek, she was glad her friends missed her as much as she missed them. Maybe this trip wasn't going to be so bad, she had her friends back; her broken heart starting to slowly mend. She glanced to Dia as Maggie moved to hold her hand.
Dia only smiled back to Maggie as she smiled and laughed about the eel encounter. "The poor thing was endangered! We couldn't just eat him." Dia countered gently before she gave a bit frown at the mention of Maggie's cookie becoming more depressing.

Fae gave a giggle as Maggie poked at her nose and was going to reach out to do the same before she put her hand on top of hers. Fae nodded to her words without a thought, "Of course, we're back together; why wouldn't we smile?" She said before Maggie offered to surprise them with a drink. "A drink?" She repeated almost as a question before she gave a nod.
"A drink would be lovely." Dia added with a grin, watching Maggie stand up and head off to the bar. She moved to put her hand of Fae's, getting a flinch from the other girl.

"You okay?" Dia asked, Fae nodded quickly.
"I'm fine, why do you ask?" Fae looked to Dia in worry, hoping she could see through her mind and knew her feelings.
"Your face is red." Dia started with a bit of a frown, "You're not getting sick are you?" Fae shook her head with a small smile.
"No no, I'm... I'm okay." Fae said, A little Love Sick maybe. She thought to herself quietly.
Fae let out another sob as Maggie wrapped her arms around her, pulling her into an embrace. She listened to her voice as she said it would be okay, her body trembled from her silent tears as the woman spoke to her about how her and Dia were here for her. Her body just started to relax at that fact; she had her friends back with her. They still loved her, and she loved them.
When Maggie pulled away to look Fae in the eyes and fixed up her hair, she couldn't stop the blush flooding over her face as she felt her heart race. She gave her trademark wonky smile back after Maggie mentioned that no one could really change her.
"Thank you." Fae managed to speak, her voice a bit croaky from her crying before she glanced to Dia as well, getting a soft smile from the other female. "Both of you. I've missed you so... So much."

Dia gave a soft smile as Fae looked to her and she glanced over to Maggie with a bit of an accepting nod, as a way to say that she agreed with what she said. "We've never forgotten you." Dia spoke after a moment of silence, smiling a bit more. "Admittedly, I dreamed of you guys almost weekly." She said as she looked away in slight embarrassment, "It was more just... Reliving memories. The Movies, the Shopping, the Beach house."
Fae's blush became deeper at the mention of the beach house, getting a glimpse briefly of the time they first got changed around each other, Fae trying her best to keep her eyes off Maggie and Dia as she sat awkwardly in a tank top and Bikini bottoms as they got ready to go to the beach.

"Remember when you found that eel?" Fae managed to speak again, Dia gave a laugh as she started to blush as well.
"Gods yes, I remember screaming for you guys to have a look. And then Maggie wanted to catch it so she could try cooking it." Dia said with a soft sigh.
"I don't think we could have eaten it anyway." Fae said before she looked to Maggie, "But all those recipes sounded lovely. Have you ever managed to make them?" Dia glanced to Maggie as well, tilting her head slightly.
Dia listened to Benjamin before giving him a nod before she looked to Ari as Ari moved to offer her hand to help Dia up.
The two once-was Spirits slipped out of the bedroom and snuck down the halls towards Sara's room.

Sara stood silently as the girls left before she looked over to Benjamin as he spoke to her. She blinked before she zoned back in with a bit of a gasp.
"Yes, of course." She said with an embarrassed smile, "I'm sorry, would you like me to lead?"
Rose flinched as Chiyoko shook her, pulling her out of her panic before she breathed in and out slowly. She was still slightly panicking, but the demons words definitely got to her, either her words, or the annoyance in her voice.
"I.." Rose started, moving to wipe her eyes as she noticed that tears had started to flood down her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean to panic." She straightened herself up and stepped to give Chiyoko a tight hug.
"I'm sorry they put you in a cage. I'm sorry they caught you." She continued, pulling away as she held the womans arms with a soft smile, "I can only offer to try and get them not to kill you, or... At least make your last days good. In any way I can." Rose said, her eyes changing to a caring look.

"They put us in... Boxes, when we got here. Before they gave us really... Personalized rooms." Rose said, mainly to calm herself down. "They... Care about us. Enough to keep us comfortable while they study us." She took a glance towards Sammy and her mind was brought to Freya. "Will... They kill the boy?" She asked with a frown.

Harriet smiled to Ethan as said they could go back to the base. The idea of beasties possibly being there made her body tremble in excitement, but an excitement that would normally scare Harriet if she wasn't so focused on being around people she trusted.
"Are we allowed to hunt them if they're there?" She asked with a tilt of her head, "They could have possibly stolen my things."

Jase grumbled as he sat up from the bed he rested in, looking around to realize it was a heartshaped bed. His face flushed before he looked over to see Carl asleep with his back to him, his soft silver wings wrapped closely around his body; he could see some bare skin of his hip, which caused him to look down at himself and realize he was naked and had a few fresh looking marks on his body.
"Oh god what did we do." He asked himself, shuddering as a feeling of warmth flooded over his body. "Fuck what did we do."
Chiyokos' words didn't get heard as Rose started to go into a full blown panic attack. Her breathing hitched quickly and her brain started to spiral, her head felt like it was spinning as she pulled her knees to her chest as she felt her stomach in her throat. She clenched her eyes closed as her body started to quiver, she wanted to be home, she wanted to go back to the farm she grew up on; she should have listened to her dad, the city wasn't for someone like her, but of course her curiousity obviously got the best of her.

As Chiyoko stepped towards her to try and help her up, she could see she was physically trembling with her head tucked into her knees and her spider legs curled up around her carefully and protectively.
"I'm gonna die." Rose uttered under her breathe, breathing heavily between sobs, "They're wanting to kill me. If they just wanted to study me they would have just done it at the agency." She hiccuped, her voice keeping low as she continued to panic.

Harriet scrunched her nose as Ethan took a cigarette but she didn't properly comment on it. She gave him a small smile as Ethan replied to her saying about her things being gone.
"It's alright." She waved her hand slightly. "Sadly worldly possessions disappear, I can easily replace what I've lost. I carry the rest with me at all times." She gave a soft grin before looking to Morison about the bases, "Either one really." She said, "I'd like to look and see if I can find things that I couldn't see; of course if that is okay with you." She smiled as she felt something bubble under her skin on her back, it was unsettling but she ignored it for now.
"Josh... Might help." Sara started, looking away from Dia's look as she smiled towards Benjamin, as if reading his mind, "He's... A weirdo, but I think... Someone on his level might be able to convince him."
"On his level in terms of his gender." Dia said with a nod, "It's... Not that he's misogynistic, he's..."
"Afraid of females." Sara said with a bit of a laugh, "It might be something about his species, but he sees us as a threat to him." Dia nodded in agreement before she glanced to Benjamin.

"Take Sara with you." Ari offered, "Ray has always had a soft spot for Sara, plus the staff know her."
"We'll... Stay here and try to hide if anyone comes in." Dia said with a smile, "Unless Sara wants to give us the go ahead for her room, people don't check there."
"I... Could do that." Sara said hesitantly before nodding once, "If Benjamin wants me to come along."
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