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I Plan, By The End Of This Week, That I Am Able To Get Some Posts Done For My Fellow Partners. Blessed Thy Patience :)
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Sorry To Those That Are Waiting :( Work, College Preparations, And Replacing A Lost Phone Has Become Rather Distracting. Posts Will Come, Albeit Slower :(
2 mos ago
Inspiration Is On The Down-Low, Due To A Lack Of Sleep :P For Those Waiting, Responses Will Come Soon :)
2 mos ago
I Sincerely Apologize To Those Waiting For Responses :( Things Have Gotten A Bit Slow, And I’d Hate For Y’all To Play The Waiting Game. By Next Week, I Promise You :)
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Happy 4th To Everyone In The Guild! Especially To Those Who Stood By Me For These Many Years!


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Name: Bre.
Aliases: Angel, Breeze, Kinoko, Panda, or Rae.
Birthday/Age: May 15. Taurus. Currently 21.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Hetero-flexible/Bi-curious.
Ethnicity: Mixed (Caucasian/African-American).
Ancestry: English, Irish, Polish, German, and South-West African.
Religion: Christian (Catholicism).
Time Zone: Eastern Standard.

Hair Color: Ombre-Blonde.
Eye Color: Dark-Brown.

Occupation(s): Student, Admin. Assistant (summer; part-time).
Major: Web and Digital Media (Graphic & Web Design).

Sources of Writing: Laptop, Desktop, and Cellphone.
Years of Experience: At least 7.
RP Level: High-Casual, depending on health/mental state and time.
Dedication Level: Very High.

Personality: Ambiverted, Caring/Compassionate, Understanding, Honest, Friendly, Imaginative, Artistic, Funny (in my own way, apparently), Confident, Strong-willed, Feisty, Sisterly, Organized, Protective, Loyal/Committed, Stubborn, Tomboyish, Determined, Obsessive (somewhat), and Easily Distracted.
Habits, Tics, and Quirks: Speaking Accents (Australian, Russian, English, and Kiwi) At Random, Hashtag Genius, OCD (brief), ADHD, ’Experience-Taking’, Autism/Asperger's Syndrome (high-functioning); in regards to this, I must warn you that, when it comes to fandoms, I tend to be a little preoccupied with the ones I'm already into. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; if I lose interest in a story within play, I may either have a short-term writer's block, or feel that I'd highly recommend a new story that'll keep me strongly interested. So, bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one.
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Whereabouts and Ghosting.
Please be present and keep me updated from time to time.
It's annoying when people become invisible, miraculously appear out of nowhere, and complain, once they find a story cancelled.

~ I'll only portray original female characters, though on very rare occasions, I'll take on an original male role.
~ I welcome dark themes, if needed, but definitely NOT pedophilia or beastility (except for anthros).
~ I'm all-in for both homosexual and heterosexual pairings (I mostly lean towards the dominant-role in a relationship; both male and female, depending on the character and plot).
~ I personally consider myself to be a "professional music selector" and “casting director” for every story I’ve participated in. If you want, I'll gladly find you a tune or two, whether it's a theme or tribute, as well as find a good face for almost-any OC.

For more information on this topic, instant-transmission to my interest check!

I also love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)!
It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it.
I have great taste in it, too!
Examples include:
(Skillet, Halestorm, TEAMHEADKICK, Falconshield, Amaranthe, etc.)
(Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, etc.)
(Nicki Minaj, FabvL, Iggy Azalea, JT Machinima, etc.)

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I feel that it would be right to skip to the Summer Camp after my post :)
I was thinking of the same thing, in regards to this moment of foreshadowing the visit to her mother :)
Nensu looked down at the ground, as she thought about her mother; about the pain she had been living in, at the hands of her husband, whom was to blame by the children for the hurt she put upon her twin sibling. The girl listened to the teen next to her, and she could only wonder of her carrier’s current wellbeing. Did she feel safe at the hospital? Is she coping? Was she ready to go home? Or...not at all? That last thought made her retreat into herself, seemingly feeling guilty.
“She’, well, I honestly don’t know, Izuku. We haven’t seen her in years”.
The dual-haired girl admitted, having to sadly sigh.
“I remember...that she was very faithful, gentle, encouraging, and supportive. She believed in us; me and my brother. But, Endeavor...”
She paused, flinching slightly at the name, having to keep her hold on his hand.
“...he hurt her; hurt me, Shoto, and...well, you know the rest”.

Momo sighed, before turning her head to look back at Hiems, giving him a sad albeit relieved smile at his efforts of reassuring her.
“You may be right. We can only focus with our classes”.
It’s quite alright. College is about to start for me too :(

I plan to get something down this week, before it officially does :)
The trailer and wiki kind of spoiled it all for me, so there’s no need to lay blame :P

That wouldn’t be entirely necessary.
It’s just the character herself I thought about adding to the current plot
...unless that’s what you meant?

The movie takes places between the second and third season.
Just curious, because I plan on watching the movie soon. And I thought she would be a nice character to add, in regards to supporting UA.
I wonder if we can add Melissa Shield somewhere.
It’ll be quite heartwarming for Nensu to see her mother after so long :)
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