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Current I Plan To Start Writing A Lot More Easily Around Thanksgiving. Hang In There, Fellas! :)
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Expect Slower Postings; Stress & Drama Make A Horrible Cocktail :(
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Currently Packing & Settling For A New College Year! Posts Will Continue But Slower Than Normal
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Isn’t Life Great When You Hit The Beach & Write At The Same Time?
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Turned Twenty Today! Just Enjoy Year Three Of Your Adulthood!


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A Little About Myself:
The name's "Angel", "Rae", “Panda”, or "Marya", whichever seems fit, from Standard Eastern time, and I have been roleplaying for six years.
Even though I am full-American, my Polish, Irish, and German family roots can be a good reason why I mysteriously speak in European accents.
Or it could be that I would watch way too many British channels 😋
Anyway, I am a twenty-year-old college sophomore, seeking a degree in Web and Digital Media!
I have a very creative mind, but I can't seem to draw my ideas on a piece of paper. 😋
Instead, I mostly express my ideas through writing and graphic designing on my laptop or cellphone.

I must warn you: When it comes to fandoms, I tend to be a little preoccupied with the ones I'm already into. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; if I lose interest in a story within play, I may either have a short-term writer's block, or feel that I'd highly recommend a new story that'll keep me strongly interested. So, bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one. If it doesn't attract my interest, I might not be swayed into any kind of idea you have in store, unfortunately.

I try to have one partner per fandom, although this will not always be the case.

For the most part, I'll only portray female characters, though on very rare occasions, I'll take on a male role. There will be times where I would like my partners to take on the spotlight as the main character whilst I play as side-characters. But, again, this will not always be the case. I welcome darker themes, if needed, but definitely NOT pedophilia or beastility (which are forbidden). I accept both homo and heterosexual pairings, and mostly lean towards playing the dominant-role in a relationship; both male and female, depending on the character.

Anyway, onto my Hobbies and Interests.....
I love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)!
It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it.
I have great taste in it, too!
Examples include:
(Skillet, Halestorm, TEAMHEADKICK, Falconshield, Amaranthe, etc.)
(Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, etc.)
(Nicki Minaj, FabvL, Iggy Azalea, JT Machinima, etc.)

I personally consider myself to be a "professional music selector" and “casting director” for every story I’ve participated in. If you want, I'll gladly find you a tune or two, whether it's a theme or tribute, as well as find a good face for almost-any OC.

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Nensu locked eyes with the other teen, having to wonder what extent this fight made that bring for the both of them. By the looks of his starting position, the girl took a deep breath, before sprinting towards him, and moving her arm, sending a trail of spiked ice towards the boy. They obviously haven’t practiced, just she had offered, but she hoped things didn’t get out of hand, and that Midoriya came prepared. At this rate, she was more concerned for him, than she was for for herself.

“Think quickly!”, she told him, before sending a blaze of fire afterwards.
Mono waited for the fist to come, but all she really felt was the breeze of his fist stopping in mid-air. Opening her eyes, she came face to face with the other teen, who did nothing but gave the female a pat on the shoulder, before walking away. All she did was stare at him when he walked away, trying to figure out whether if it was a joke, or a genuine act. Whatever it was, Yaoyorozu followed suite in walking off out of the ring.

Nensu watched the scene before her, and it confused her, just slightly. Momo would have easily outsmarted Heims during such an encounter, but then, what was going through the other girl’s mind, that made her stop? It took the female Todoroki to eventually realize that she would be facing Deku in the next round. She swallowed almost nervously, but then, she took a breath, and entered the ring, looking up to see the green-haired teen on the other end.
I agree! :D
And I thank you for that :)
That was what I meant. Sorry about that :)
As a plus, Saeril would learn of her destiny, and would put her faith in her to end the darkness that has plagued her.
That can work, considering that no one can ultimately defeat Maleficent, other than Yavanna.
Legolas would act as her “bodyguard”, in a way, up until her destiny is met.
Missing Hiems entirely, Momo’s eyes widened, as soon as the taller male stood before her, having to knock away her shield, so there wouldn’t be any way for her to hide from his attacks. The raven-haired girl stared at him, trying to figure what his next move was going to be. Was he going to punch her in the face? She just wasn’t sure. Momo only had her whip, but judging by his standing position, it would be near impossible for her to use, if he decides to be up-close.

Blinking once, the female closed her eyes tightenly, while holding the weapon in her hand, strengthening her grip around it, before officially dropping it, allowing it to fall at her feet. There was a huge chance that he would have beaten her anyway, considering the fact that she couldn’t exactly come up with a strategy that would be proven flawless. “Go ahead. You win, so go ahead”.
Oh my god! That would definitely set Yavanna off, although at that time, she would come to officially know what the darkness inside Saeril was capable of. Perhaps, sometime during the battle's aftermath, she might ask Saeril to teach her further, so she could help get rid of the evil that has plagued Middle Earth.
Sara was patient with every one of the people who served in the military, with the exception that there will be consequences if one is not committed with their duties. Throughout her time of militaristic action, it was quite rare rare for the Angel to externally smile - especially if something or someone had managed to amuse her, and for that, there was a small, thin smile on the inside of her head that she formed at Miss Anderson’s clumsiness, as well as towards her reciprocating response. In some ways, the Angel was really quite proud of the young woman’s efforts to be an effective yet talented recruit and healer withhin their squad. That’s what made the young woman rather valuable and useful to them.

These thoughts lingered inside the lieutenant’s head, shortly before she heard the boy respond to her question. Having to remain sitting in her chair, her leg was crossed over the other, shortly before she then crossed her arms upon her chest. Her narrow, blue eyes looked into his own. “I believe it”, she said simply, and she did, as if she had faith, as well as the feeling in her gut that told her that the boy was more valuable than he initallt seemed. In truth, the discovery of his identity made her stiffen on the spot. ’That name. He’s the one; the individual I was meant to seek out. He’s the answer to everything’. After some time, Sarah calmed herself, momentarily tearing her gaze away from him, and closed her eyes. “I see now”, she finally said, after a moment.

Opening her eyes, Sara looked back at the prisoner, having to stand up from where she sat, and kicked the chair with her foot, letting it slide across the floor, and back to the wall behind her.

“What happened out there?”, she was back to her cold yet soft voice.
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