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Current College Begins! Will Be Slower Than Usual This Week :(
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It's Moving Day To College!
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Two More Days, and College Begins!
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Three More Days, and College Begins!
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Agh, I'm Late! Happy Father's Day!
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The name's "Angel", "Rae", or "Marya", whichever seems fit, and I have been a roleplayer for four or five years.
In Eastern timezone of the US, although my family roots are Polish, German, and Irish, it does explain why I mysteriously speak in European accents 😋
Anyway, I am a nineteen year-old college freshman with a fascination in Mental Psychology, History, and the Arts!
I have a very creative mind, but I can't seem to draw my ideas on a piece of paper. 😋
Instead, I mostly express my ideas through writing and graphic designing on my laptop or cellphone.

I must warn you: When it comes to fandoms, I tend to be a little preoccupied with the ones I'm already into. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; if I lose interest in a story within play, I may either have a short-term writer's block, or feel that I'd highly recommend a new story that'll keep me strongly interested. So, bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one. If it doesn't attract my interest, I might not be swayed into any kind of idea you have in store, unfortunately.

Anyway, onto my Hobbies and Interests.....
I love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)! It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it. Those include:
(Skillet, Halestorm, Hollywood Undead, Falconshield, Crush 40, etc.)
(Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Andrea Kaden, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, etc.)
(Rockit Gaming, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, ERBOH, JT Machinima, etc.)

Did I mention that I can sing and rap? I can do both, alright!
I have an account on which is an online karaoke station where you can sing with others or sing the song yourself.
This is my account if you want to listen to any of my songs. Only the favorites! Please "heart" and follow me!
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Lochila was in the middle of the call for another hour that afternoon, and part of her wondered if she should listen to the person on the receiving end. Tracing her emerald-green eyes around the room, the raven-black haired woman did just that: Listened (though her powers of hypnosis have been doing most of the work to control the people within her job). If she ever used those said-powers, her eyes glow brighter in that natural green color, implying that the said-power is in effect upon the person on the receiving end. It was the easiest way to earn the highest pay of living on Earth a little longer. The more money, the longer she would be able to support Torunn, who just moved out a few months ago. Twirling the pen in her hand, the goddess stood up for her seat at the large desk, and wrote down an important notice on her calendar. After making the note, the glow in her eyes faded, going back to their natural-dim tone. She ended the call, shortly after.

Looking back at the framed selfie picture of her and a blonde, sixteen year-old girl, the goddess made that fond smirk again, until she heard a knock at her penthouse door. Straightening her black, designed dress that's been hugging her frame, Lochila strolled to the door in her black heels, already smirking at the voice she'd known all too well. Putting an ear to the door, she delicately looked through the peephole, but to find it blocked, a part of her knew that the action was intended by that said-someone. The black-haired woman chuckled in amusement, until she then heard the repetitive knocking coming from the nineteen year-old. 'And I thought I was the one made for trouble', Lochila mused, before gripping the doorknob, and pulled. "Alright! Message received", she drawled, playfully groaning with a smirk on her face, just as she opened the door.
It's all good. I'm at college orientation :)
Nineteen years old. Nineteen. That was how long Lochila had been taking care of her. The blonde daughter of a god she once hated. It was all Loki's fault that got her in this mess. They were both punished, in a very different way: Him, eternal imprisonment; her, eternal motherhood. At first, she was disgusted to even look at the babe; hold her in her arms, as if she was the ugliest thing in the world. Her cries kept her up at night, and there were some days where she wanted to terminate, and be rid of it. However, whenever she heard laughter, there was a flutter in her stoned-up heart that she couldn't get rid of. It was a light shining through it, and that was when she realized that there was a bit of fondness for the child.

Every time, the little thing smiled or laughed, a crack would appear on Lochila's face, even without her realization. It was almost like the first time she had ever spotted a baby, but she ignored those. However, when she saw this one, disgust was on her, but now, she wasn't so sure. She's been to Earth many times during her and older brother's exploits, so she wasn't blind or deaf to the concept of raising babies, or children, for that matter. Not to mention, that on Asgard, there were plenty of them. For some reason, in her eyes, Torunn became one of the few Lochila would ever wave off. She was special, both literally and figuratively; a pure soul. There were even days where the goddess of mischief wanted her as her own. But she wasn't. Besides, there was nothing relatable between them; Torunn was someone who would be in the clouds, while Lochila would belong underground. That was the reality: she was pure, and she was not.

As the years passed, Lochila, eventually, internally-admitted that she adored the girl. From a babe, to the pre-adult she was now. They had moved from New Mexico, to New York City now, after Torunn had turned thirteen. From the small town in the desert, to the big city Lochila knew all too well. She figured that Torunn would fit in here, once she became an adult, and that day was today. Having to already live in a wealthy penthouse together, the girl found her own apartment to move into. Truth be told, the goddess didn't want her leave from her sight, since she's someone who's not originally from this world and, how protective she was, there were times where Lochila would spy on her with her magic, in order to know where she was at all times. But she couldn't follow her for long, since her magic is slightly weaker on Earth, than how it is back in Asgard. In additional, she hated to keep lying to her, as well; that her whole life spent on Earth wasn't exactly true, and that she was never her real mother to begin with. These were things she couldn't tell her, not yet. So, as the goddess of deceit, things were to remain concealed from girl's sight.

The woman was on a professional call with one of her co-workers from a job she had to sneak into, in order to keep their lives together. Torunn would sometimes ask her how they got this rich, but the goddess said that it was "a well-paid position" (though the truth was that she got herself inside through magical influence). The news on the hugely-dimensioned tv nearby has been going through, since morning, and Lochila's been on the phone, since that said-morning. Taking a glance at the framed picture of herself and Torunn taking a selfie nearby on her desk, she smirked at the memory before going back to talking.
Thank you. I did miss you for a bit, and everyday, I just wished for you to suddenly turn up :) lol
Yeah. I hate that luck too: I'm packing to leave for college tommorrow.
In my break time, I'm re-reading the story, and perhaps come up with more ideas.
Other than that, I'm glad to see you've returned :)
And let the game begin! ;)
Just as Rachel entered the darkness of the hallway, the form of Pearl just disappeared, as if she had never been there. Her figure disappeared as soon as it came. However, behind the girl, was another figure; though with blue hair this time, instead of white from earlier. Her eyes were a dark blue instead of cerulean. Both of her hands landed on Rachel's shoulders from behind, and she leaned in, inches away from the girl's ear.

"We're playing again?", she asked; in a sound that sounded more like a woman rather a minor girl. It just sounded appropriate for a figure of her physical prime. It sounded slightly sultry, all grown-up. "That's okay. But you're counting this time", there was a smirk behind that voice, almost devious but playful. Peri moved out of the darkness from behind Rachel, and in front of the light. That seemingly-friendly smile was there again, before she took the girl's hand, and led her to the other side of the hall, to the wall. "Start counting", the blue-haired female said, moving a strand of brown hair from her face, and waited for her to cover her eyes and begin.
A raven caws before it takes flight; through the skies of Earth, above the humans.

Once, mankind accepted a simple truth; that they were not alone in this universe. In some worlds, Man believed home to their Gods. Others, they knew to fear. From around the cold and darkness, came the Frost Gods.

The raven continued to fly through the sky, going through the upper clouds, before going into a gray one, which appears to have snow and ice on top of it; a wintry landscape, with frigid blasts of cold air riding in the wind. The bird flew over one of the mountains, where one of the common residents spotted it.

Forged in a body of ice, with eyes red as blood, these beings took their toll on war. Threatening to plunge mankind into a new ice age from above.

Areas upon Earth began to freeze over, and a mother and child tried to evade the cold air, but have froze on the spot. Then, an army of golden-armored beings ran through the area towards the invaders. The battle was vicious until it all fade to black.

The Asgardian army drove the Frost Ones back into the heart of their own world in the clouds, far separate from the victors' own homeland. In the end, the enemy's king Laufey fell. And the source of their power was taken from them.

The Casket of Ancient Winters, their homeland's power source, was picked up from its stand, just before their icy realm began to crumble, and fall apart, leaving it into ruin and desolation.

With the great war ending, the oldest story ever told, was written in the stars. Stories of time, when the Asgardians ruled above the Earth. These beings were powerful gods, each bearing and representing the natures of mankind: Thor became king of the heavens, and ruled over the strongest of storms, with his beloved queen Sif letting the plants grow and nourish; Balder, giving the sun to light the way, and Tyr, bestowing great strength in warfare. And tricksters, Loki and Lochila, aiming towards chaos and misery. In time, restlessness will come and, finally, rise up against them. In this world, a child was born. A girl who would change everything.
Mind if I let Peri jump in?
Okay. Make sure you switch 'em out :)
I'll post sometime tomorrow. As of now, I am fried :P
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