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Dia’s suggestion to retreat indoors was met with a moment’s hesitation. The night air - though cool - felt like a blanket of shared experience over the small group, yet the practicality of warmth and safety was undeniable; the camaraderie, being a balm to the uncertainty that tonight brought.

“Perhaps you’re right", Daphne finally conceded, with a sigh, sitting up, and brushing the sand from her clothes. “It would be good to regroup and rest, before the chaos of morning", she stood, before offering a hand to help Fae up. “Let’s stay together, tonight. They'd want us to do that.”

Mary-Jane stood - her movements, slow and thoughtful - offered Dia her hands to get to her feet, while Shaggy, after reassuringly patting Scooby’s back, rose to join them. The sound of the ocean was a constant whisper behind them, as they made their way back to the resort, and to the motel.

The shattered glass Dia joked about, crunched under their feet upon entering. By the time they got to a room - the shared one, that Dia and Fae had, with Maggie - they settled in, but not without being grimly reminded of the female Rogers' kidnapping. They're going to find her, their friends; and unravel this mystery - restore peace, like they were expected to.

However, if tonight wasn't strange enough, tomorrow got weirder...

Because the mess, from the night before, somehow, disappeared, when Shaggy exited the room, that morning, to look for something to eat. Even the structure itself was repaired. The walls weren't busted; the windows weren't smashed. It was like it never happened. He poked his head back into the room, confused.

"Gang? You need to see this".
"It's funny", Daphne murmured, just as she adjusted herself to lay her entire body down on the sand. "For the first time, they're the damsels in distress - not me", she voiced her thoughts aloud, as she gazed up at the stars, while holding her purse tight against her stomach. First thing they were doing, at first light, was to locate Fae's scouts, and hopefully, find some clue to locate their missing friends. From there, they can figure out what was going on, with the resort, as they were asked by Mr. Mondavarious. Perhaps unmask (?) the kidnappers? Something was off about them, for sure. If it was indeed a human, in a costume, they couldn't be able to lift or drag a fully-grown adult. Animatronics, or some kind of scientific advancement?

That was Velma's territory. Maybe she'll have an idea...

Shaggy retracted himself from Fae, and adjusted himself to lay beside Scooby.
Mary-Jane, not too far away on following suit.
Resurrected! LOL
Just as the group left for the arena, Shadow attached herself to the man, with the intent to follow him wherever he went. She doubted that he could see Duel Monsters, thus had no problem appearing behind him, every once in a while. What nefarious purpose did he have, to not play fair? Mokuba was willing to make up for his mistake - only for the man's understanding to be lacking. Whatever it is that she needed to know, Shadow placed that suggestion into his head.

"What are you playing at, lower?", she whispered in his ear. "Tell me what I need to know, before your grand performance. Be scared, if you wish. There is no resisting", the genie devilishly said; her red eyes, glowing. "What lesson do you plan to teach them?"
"Oh, I'm sorry", Mary Jane responded, with a sympathetic frown, to the girl, whom the male placed a comforting arm around, of which the blonde didn't feel the slightest bit of jealousy over. "Shaggy told me a lot about his sister - your friend. She appeared, and sounded, like a wonderful person", there was a slight dreamy tone in her voice, but overall soft. "We'll find her, and everyone, in the morning. They'll be alive, and well", the hippy girl said, with the intention to brighten Fae's spirit.

Shaggy felt Fae tense, and hesitated on retracting himself, if she was uncomfortable. He thought he could possibly help her.

Daphne was feeling a bit too down, on taking part in the introductions, as they sat on palm leaves, close to one another, in the dark, shrouded by vegetation, with the moon being their only surrounding-light. They needed a plan, so the red-head had to mentally distance herself, from the others' conversation. Looking over upon seeing her cousin pick up with the pyramid artifact, she sighed; Shaggy, looking over, upon hearing her speak.

"Velma said, it's called a 'Daemon Ritus'", she moved to pick up her hand-purse, and offer it to Fae.

"I don't know what that is, or what it means, but put it in here, for now. I don't know what those creatures were, but I won't take any chances, if they make off with it. I don't carry this, just to match my outfit", she said, with the intention of her words, lightening the other up, as well as herself. Better heads will come, in the morning.
Shaggy giggled, in response to the blonde stranger’s cheery laugh, before his attention was brought back to Fae, when she acknowledged him. “Like, all the time. In her hair; always using the same tie”, he said, with a frown. Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers - minus his cowardly tendencies - was, overall, a good sort, who carried a rather adorkable, airheaded swagger. Nothing malicious was expected from him; just… a good chap - like his sister.

“Sorry, guys. This is Mary-Jane”, his own bad, because he didn’t mean to be rude. Introductions were in-order, but they were gonna stick together. Almost like she totally forgot about their current situation, the long, blonde, and curly-haired hippyish girl flashed another grin, at the others.

“Hi”, she said, with a small wave. He wanted to be genuinely happy, about Mary-Jane, making it out with them, and introduce her to his friends - but Shaggy couldn’t entirely feel, that way. His energy must have been sensed, because it made Scooby whimper, and lie beside his owner, who watched Fae put her stuff aside, along with Daphne, who placed the pyramid artifact, on the ground.

Whether or not, it was his own fear, Shaggy slowly wrapped an arm around Fae - not in a seductive way - but in an attempt to comfort. “Like, we want to find her, too. We missed you guys”.
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Aside from all the debris, and the suspenseful atmosphere, the outdoors were quite nice. The group was perched on sand, at the border of the beach; a few feet from the brick walkway that led to the hotel, and all the amusement destinations. With some hint of courage, Shaggy and Scooby had scoped out some large palm leaves, and brought them back to the women, who remained at their hiding spot. As Fae worked, Daphne had been fidgeting with the pyramid artifact in her hands, nervously looking around. She was normally the 'damsel-in-distress' in these kinds of situations, but the ones that performed the rescuing, were no longer present - the roles have been switched, therefore the red-head felt out of her element. However, even though a black belt gave her some leverage, she currently didn't know where to start. Fred normally had that part figured out, and Velma would always point the logistics on how to proceed. Daphne wasn't highly-intellectual, nor was she a leader.

'But I have to try', she nodded to herself. A buzzing sound cut in, and she looked up to see her cousin's drone, before it went back to its owner, who talked to it. The sight made her give a warm smile - like a sister proud of her sibling. Sometimes, Fae wasn't even worth a cousin, but more-so a sister. The very mentions of 'tags' actually had Daphne give a smirk, once Fae mentioned her. She lifted her foot, and tilted it to show a flat metallic disc imbedded in the underside of her pink pump-boot. Even fashion had its safety measures. "And I never took it off", she shook her head, with a smile. Though they had their down-days, in the past two years, Daphne, though she often found her gadgets to be unnecessary, at the wrong time, it occurred to her that none were taken for granted. That's why, after they have returned to the hotel, after the freak show at the haunted house (which broke her last tracker), she snuck back to her room, and took out the spare from within her luggage.

"Like, I have mine, too!", Shaggy piped up, once he sat down on a palm leaf, with his legs crossed. Giving a smile, a small metallic piece in the bottom row of his back teeth, was apparent, making the blonde female give a cheery giggle.
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