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Current Recovering on a Good Note! Took Sacrifices, and it was worth it! 😁
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Health complications came back with a vengeance. Taking it easy :(
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I’ve decided that posts will come in, on a routine basis, rather than back to back. Got so many stories simultaneously going, alongside my daily schedule, replies may be slower or faster than others.
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I’m starting to despise my crammed schedule 😡
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Just turned 24! Getting older but feeling the same :)


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It's annoying when people become invisible, miraculously appear out of nowhere, and complain, once they find a story cancelled.

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~ Mainly female OCs, though on rare occasions, I'll take on male and non-binary roles.
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~ FxF, MxF & (rarely) MxM. I mostly lean into the dominant-role, depending on character and plot.
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I was wondering if ya’ll can make this possible.
I'm thinking Midler. Perhaps introduce her, before she comes in for the kill.
Pairing-wise? Since one of my JoJo OCs is a lesbian, there has to be another female. Specifically, for Part 3.
How are you with OCs? Parts 2-4?
Sometimes, he hated his own cowardice. It often held him back from doing things that might help and satisfy others or benefit the gang's reputation. But now, the worst has come: It stopped him from preventing Maggie's abduction. That's not to say he didn't care about Fred or Velma, but he had thought, for a moment, of getting authority help, since he doubted that these creatures, whatever they are, were human. Their business was all about catching people in costumes, doing illegal activities. Something broadly supernatural was way out of their league.

As if she had read his mind, the blonde stranger took out her phone, and started to dial a number. "I'm calling for help. There has to be someone", she had paused, once Dia spoke up. A beeping sound went off on the phone, showing that there was no signal. "Oh, no. There's no signal out here", she said in disbelief. "No surprise", Daphne thought aloud. "We're on an island, after all". Calling for outside help wasn't an option, apparently. Sighing, the red head gripped the pyramid artifact in her hands. "We should wait for morning. We'll start looking at good clarity", she said. As much as Shaggy wanted to object, she was right. It was dark, and the moonlight was their only source.
Once they managed to quickly leave through the entrance of the hotel lobby, Daphne led them into some vegetation, where they could hide from the strange, dog-like humanoids. By the looks of it, the creatures were leaving; each one carrying an unconscious human, in their grasp. The group stayed low, watching them walk away from the building, and towards a dark section. Daphne glanced at Fae, next to her, spotting the drone her cousin had cleverly brought along. Typical Fae. Always so insistent. She shouldn't be scolding her, right now, while hiding from their pursuers. Besides, it would be useless, considering that her cousin always looked for an opportunity to use her gadgets. At this point, it was useless to argue.

"I have a sinking feeling these dudes aren't brainwashed cult members", Shaggy commented; a knot forming in his stomach, whilst poking his head out, alongside the blonde stranger. Daphne frowned, while watching the creatures slinking back into the darkness, with the unconscious students, in tow. "Then, what are they? And what do they want?", the red-head asked aloud.

Shaggy shook his head, and swallowed. After a moment of silence, once Fae released her drone, letting it follow the invaders. "W-We need to follow them", this caused Daphne to immediately look at him in disbelief and shock. Never did she imagine those words to tumble out of his mouth. "Initially, I would think 'getting out of here, and let them eat Fred and Velma' was a good plan, but...", he paused, not exactly registering nor believing himself. "They took Mags-ter...and Fred and Velma always figured out everything", this made Scooby whine in sadness. "Maggie kept us all together, even after we all split up".
Loki still has yet to open his green orbs, and to let go of the pouring chalice he instinctively kept close to his being, completely shutting himself away from the people around him, and the words being said. It was until he felt hands on his shoulders, along with the force of somebody releasing the pitcher from his hold, that took the Jotun out of his dissociated state, and finally opened his eyes. Fear and confusion engulfed him, once he was forced to arch himself forwards, gluing his eyes to ground, and escorted out of the room. He had never made a mistake, whenever he was in the presence of visitors, so this was a first - and hopefully, the last - if the king doesn't kill him first.

The healers pulled away from the Queen, shaking their heads, with gloom expressions on their faces. Her majesty wasn't breathing, and she seemed clammier, than how she was, a few minutes ago. Without a second thought, Thor placed his hands under the table, and flipped it, with an enraged yell; the food, the wine, and everything else, clattering to the ground. His wrath caused a few of the guests to back away, in fear. Taking a few breaths, the king looked around. "I thank all of you for joining me, this evening, and my daughter for her 'coming-of-age' celebration", he said, with passive aggression, until determination raged in his eyes.

"Mark my words, justice is in order as of tonight. All shall know their places."

The next thing he knew, Loki was thrown unceremoniously into a cell - tripping, and falling, on the way in. Normally, he would thrown back into the slave quarters, which, granted, looked and felt, like a cage, but now, he found himself in a literal cage. The force field surrounded him, giving him a full view of the dungeons, and the other prisoners within. Pulling himself into a sitting position, Loki wrapped his arms around his knees up, and rested his forehead on top of them, dreading for the next altercation.
Charlotte's eyes shook, and her heart started to race, upon seeing Joseph get closer to the creature. She wanted to stop him; prevent him from getting into Straizo's personal circle, but immediately held her tongue, as she stayed behind the young man. The blonde woman acted fast, out of instinct, by crouching down, once she heard the vampire speak. He suddenly put himself on the offense, making her gasp and shout. "Herr (Sir) Joestar!"

Her eyes widened in shock. Her expression lingered, until it became that of courage and determination. "You preach of knowing limits, but you, Straizo-lieb (dear), seem to forget the basics", Charlotte said; a smirk appearing on her beautiful features. "I suggest looking up", she gestured to the clock. 'Made you look', the blonde took quick action, and threw something at his Achilles in a particular angle. It was a decent-sized piece of glass. She had managed to discreetly pick it up, upon kneeling down.
Just as everything was going by, with tranquility...

"Monsters! Monsters!", Scooby comes running across the lobby, clearly frightened, bumping into a few people - tripping them and/or knocking the wind out of them - before eventually, albeit clumsily, finding shelter underneath one of the tables, taking out some of the objects that were above it. The shenanigan seemed to have attracted unwanted attention, since all of the other guests were turning their heads. Maggie, waiting for the drinks that she ordered, turned to watch her brother's dog, and narrowed her eyes in disbelief, trying to figure out why Scooby was consistently throwing frightful fits, since their arrival. The haunted house was one thing, but it appeared that the dog was mysteriously getting worked up in a completely normal setting. Was he seeing something that they couldn't? Did it only appear to him?

"Scooby, this is the most embarrassing thing you've done, since you decide to clean your beans at Don Knotts' Christmas party!", Fred scolded, making the poor dog whine in shame. He then took a relenting breath. "How many times do I have to tell you, boy?", he continued albeit softly, before kneeling down, and petting the canine's head for comfort. "There are no such things as ghouls, ghosts, goblins or monsters."

The leader looked around at the unsure faces of the people, around them. "Everyone, listen up", he said, getting up from where he knelt. "There is absolutely, absolutely no such thing as-", right before he could finish, the glass upon the lobby's front windows, suddenly shatters. Strong wind blew through, and the lights above, wildly flickered. Green wisps flew inside the lobby, and took shape: A thin leonine stature, much taller than an average human - perhaps between 9-12 feet - with long arms and legs, green eyes, and a dog-like face; almost like the god Anubis. They roared, causing the people to instinctively scream and scatter. "Monster!"

Due to everybody running, Velma was knocked into, making her glasses fall off. Shaggy (cowardly as ever) and the blonde girl immediately hid behind the bar, once Maggie broke a run to get back to Dia and Fae. Fred was on the run, until he had tripped over a stair, and fell the floor. Another one of the creatures managed to catch up to him, and grabbed him by the leg, and lifted him up, so he was upside down in its grip. "Fred!", Maggie shouted, interrupting her on her journey back to the others, to go help the leader, by grabbing his arm, and pulling, hoping that her effort would shake the creature off him. However, it was futile. If these were people in suits, they were super strong. Daphne was shielding the owner of the island, to the best of her ability, but finding themselves outnumbered, it was too late to stop the strange creatures from dragging him off. "Mr. Mondavarious!"

Maggie, in disbelief, pulled as hard as she could, but Fred wasn't budging. The dog-like thing that had him then released a green mist. "Maggie, save...", he said, just as that green mist traveled into the leader's airways, and disappeared into his body. "...Daphne", he was able to get out, before he lost consciousness in both the grips of Maggie, and the creature. With a roar, it lifted the unconscious Fred higher, which forced the female Rogers to lose her hold on him, allowing the creature to take its leave out of the lobby building, with a non-responsive Fred.

Another one came to take its place, and glared down at Maggie. "What are you?", she voiced; more to herself than the thing, towering over her. Once she starting crawling towards Dia and Fae, her leg was grabbed. The female Rogers wasn't one to easily show fear, but the fact that she was being pulled away from her 'best friends', that terrified her more. Her heart sped up, trying to muster as much strength as she can to crawl, and perhaps break its hold on her. She shook her leg, hoping to get it loose and kick it away, but the sheer strength of the creature continued to impress her. It was pulling her now, dragging Maggie across the floor, before it, too, released a green mist. Her breathing picked up, only having to quicken the process for it to enter her body, immediately knocking her out. "Mags!", Shaggy shouted, jumping out of his hiding, and watched helplessly, as his unconscious little sister was taken out of the building.

After a while of crawling around, Velma was able to find her glasses. Luckily, nobody stepped on them. By the time she was put them on, however, one of the creatures appeared before her. "Jinkies", she gasped in astonishment; her fight-or-flight instincts kicking in. But before she could break into a run, she was quickly grabbed, and picked up in its giant hand. Giving a yelp, she struggled, until it, too, unleashed the same green mist, which traveled into her airways, and disappeared into her body, causing the bespectacled girl to lose consciousness, as well.

Scooby was still hiding under the table, just as Daphne ran into the lobby room, and watched as her friends, as well as a few other people, get taken away. "Guys, come on!", she shouted to the rest of the gang, waving over at them, once the creatures set their sights on them. She ran towards the entrance of the building, hoping that they would follow her out. "Scooby-Doo, where are you!?", Shaggy shouted out, as he and the blonde stranger ran out, after Daphne. Right upon cue, Scooby didn't hesitate to heed his master's call.
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