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Current Finalizing Characters (& Ensuring Lore-Sense) For Alternate Events :P
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‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ Rating: 8.5-9/10
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OBSESSED With the Resident Evil Film Series OSTs & Soundtracks. Great Mental Fuel for Preparing Gritty RPs <3
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25 Years Old?! Where the Hell has Time Gone?
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Now Unemployed. Treating Myself To My Hobbies - Plus Writing - For Some Time, Before Going Back to the Workforce.


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I must warn you that, when it comes to the works, I tend to be a little preoccupied, or hyper-fixated, with the ones I'm already into. If I lose interest in a story within play, it may either be a short-term writer's block, or if it's time for me to recommend something else. Bear with me, if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one.
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~ Mainly female OCs, though on rare occasions, I'll take on male and non-binary roles.
~ OCxOC, CanonxOC & (rarely) CanonxCanon. I can play various canons for both of the two.
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~ Face-claims are preferable for live-action OCs.
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Aside from all the debris, and the suspenseful atmosphere, the outdoors were quite nice. The group was perched on sand, at the border of the beach; a few feet from the brick walkway that led to the hotel, and all the amusement destinations. With some hint of courage, Shaggy and Scooby had scoped out some large palm leaves, and brought them back to the women, who remained at their hiding spot. As Fae worked, Daphne had been fidgeting with the pyramid artifact in her hands, nervously looking around. She was normally the 'damsel-in-distress' in these kinds of situations, but the ones that performed the rescuing, were no longer present - the roles have been switched, therefore the red-head felt out of her element. However, even though a black belt gave her some leverage, she currently didn't know where to start. Fred normally had that part figured out, and Velma would always point the logistics on how to proceed. Daphne wasn't highly-intellectual, nor was she a leader.

'But I have to try', she nodded to herself. A buzzing sound cut in, and she looked up to see her cousin's drone, before it went back to its owner, who talked to it. The sight made her give a warm smile - like a sister proud of her sibling. Sometimes, Fae wasn't even worth a cousin, but more-so a sister. The very mentions of 'tags' actually had Daphne give a smirk, once Fae mentioned her. She lifted her foot, and tilted it to show a flat metallic disc imbedded in the underside of her pink pump-boot. Even fashion had its safety measures. "And I never took it off", she shook her head, with a smile. Though they had their down-days, in the past two years, Daphne, though she often found her gadgets to be unnecessary, at the wrong time, it occurred to her that none were taken for granted. That's why, after they have returned to the hotel, after the freak show at the haunted house (which broke her last tracker), she snuck back to her room, and took out the spare from within her luggage.

"Like, I have mine, too!", Shaggy piped up, once he sat down on a palm leaf, with his legs crossed. Giving a smile, a small metallic piece in the bottom row of his back teeth, was apparent, making the blonde female give a cheery giggle.
I was wondering if ya’ll can make this possible.
I'm thinking Midler. Perhaps introduce her, before she comes in for the kill.
Pairing-wise? Since one of my JoJo OCs is a lesbian, there has to be another female. Specifically, for Part 3.
How are you with OCs? Parts 2-4?
Sometimes, he hated his own cowardice. It often held him back from doing things that might help and satisfy others or benefit the gang's reputation. But now, the worst has come: It stopped him from preventing Maggie's abduction. That's not to say he didn't care about Fred or Velma, but he had thought, for a moment, of getting authority help, since he doubted that these creatures, whatever they are, were human. Their business was all about catching people in costumes, doing illegal activities. Something broadly supernatural was way out of their league.

As if she had read his mind, the blonde stranger took out her phone, and started to dial a number. "I'm calling for help. There has to be someone", she had paused, once Dia spoke up. A beeping sound went off on the phone, showing that there was no signal. "Oh, no. There's no signal out here", she said in disbelief. "No surprise", Daphne thought aloud. "We're on an island, after all". Calling for outside help wasn't an option, apparently. Sighing, the red head gripped the pyramid artifact in her hands. "We should wait for morning. We'll start looking at good clarity", she said. As much as Shaggy wanted to object, she was right. It was dark, and the moonlight was their only source.
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