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Happy V-Day To All Those Dear Players In The Guild! <3
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Happy Happy HAPPY 2020! :) ;) :D
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Very Slowly Catching Up With Posts...Even With Ones I Unintentionally Abandoned, Due To A Crazy Schedule & Writer’s Block :)
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To All Members of The Guild, I Bid You All A Merry Christmas! Hear the Bells Ring and Rejoice! :D
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@rebornfan320 Don't worry, I have Autism too :) But still highly-functional


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Name: Bre.
Aliases: Angel, Breeze, Kinoko, Panda, or Rae.
Birthday/Age: May 15. Taurus. Currently 21.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heteroflexible/Bi-curious.
Ethnicity: Mixed (Caucasian/African-American).
Ancestry: English, Irish, Polish, German, and South-West African.
Religion: Christian (Catholicism).
Time Zone: Eastern Standard.

Hair Color: Ombre-Blonde.
Eye Color: Dark-Brown.

Occupation(s): College Student, Admin. Assistant (summer; part-time), Student Assistant/Supervisor (school-year; part-time).
Major: Web and Digital Media (Graphic & Web Design).

Sources of Writing: Laptop, Desktop, and Cellphone.
Years of Experience: At least 8.
RP Level: High-Casual, depending on health/mental state and time.
Dedication Level: Very High.

Personality: Ambiverted, Caring/Compassionate, Understanding, Honest, Friendly, Imaginative, Artistic, Funny (in my own way, apparently), Confident, Strong-willed, Feisty, Sisterly, Organized, Protective, Loyal/Committed, Stubborn, Tomboyish, Determined, Opportunistic, Obsessive (somewhat), and Easily Distracted.
Habits, Tics, and Quirks: Speaking Accents (Australian, Russian, English, and Kiwi) At Random, Hashtag Genius, OCD (brief), ADHD, ’Experience-Taking’, Autism/Asperger's Syndrome (high-functioning); in regards to this, I must warn you that, when it comes to fandoms, I tend to be a little preoccupied with the ones I'm already into. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; if I lose interest in a story within play, I may either have a short-term writer's block, or feel that I'd highly recommend a new story that'll keep me strongly interested. So, bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one.
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Whereabouts and Ghosting.
Please be present and keep me updated from time to time.
It's annoying when people become invisible, miraculously appear out of nowhere, and complain, once they find a story cancelled.

~ OC-wise, I write female characters, though on rare occasions, I'll take on a male role.
~ I welcome dark themes, but definitely NOT pedophilia nor beastility (except for anthros).
~ I'm all-in for homo (MxM/FxF) and hetero (MxF) pairings (I mostly lean towards the dominant-role, depending on character and plot).
~ I am a self-proclaimed "professional music selector" and “casting director”. I'll gladly find you a tune or two, whether it's a theme or tribute, as well as find a good face for almost-any OC.

For more information on this topic, instant-transmission to my INTEREST CHECK!
Current Quantity: FEW SPACES LEFT

Genres: Action, Adventure, Anime/Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Thriller, War, Apocalyptic, and Western.
Themes: Epic, Cult/B-Movie, Coming of Age, Dystopia, Martial Arts, Supernatural, and a few others yet to be mentioned.

I also love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)!
It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it.
I have great taste in it, too!

Favorites include:
- Skillet, Halestorm, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, Manowar, Little V Mills, Avril Lavigne, Panic At The Disco!, Nickelback, Falconshield, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kesha, Cascada, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, FabvL, Iggy Azalea, JT Machinima, etc. Others yet to be mentioned...

”She's so wild! So animal!
She's gonna work that sexy body, so sexual
She's like a female phenomenon, she's a glamazon
A female phenomenon. A glama-z-a-a-on”

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With so much focus on her own observance and reaction time, Nensu was not aware of the boy's silent admiration for her. Her dual-colored hair swayed in the wind, as she skated on the conjured ice she was able to provide for guidance and mobility. Since she and Shoto were clearly on the grand scale of leading the class, Nensu figured that their paths of ice would lead their fellow classmates on where to go - considering that they were clearly in a seemingly-endless forest.
They had to keep their eyes open, since unpredictability seemed to be a dominant trait in these creatures. This seemed to be subject of matter, even after Midoriya decided to run things through with her. She looked around - in front of them, behind, and next to them. She slowed down, so she was skating, in accordance to his own speed.
"Judging by depth, we could cover more ground, by splitting up. However, it will bring more harm than good, since these things can pick us off, separately. Plus, only certain quirks can put a significant impact on our adversaries. If we stay together, we would have numbers, by means of combining our quirks. Not always at the same time, but rather, we can triple battle power, if those quirks are built on top of each other. Those providing defense will be the shield, with others, taking assault at an open door."
She said, hoping that her thought process would work on such an analytical scenario.

"Let's regroup with the others", the raven-haired girl suggested, shortly after taking sight of one of the Todorokis.
Someone was clearly testing their agility, strength, and battle intelligence. Judging by how these obstacles were programmed to get in their way, Nensu had to think quickly, as soon as these things were able to appear before her. Another thing she came to note, was the fact that most of her classmates were following her, rather than taking point. She figured it was because of the reputation, gained by herself, and Shoto, during the Sports Festival; they were clearly Class-1A's shield and sword, considering that they were mid- to long-range on the offense and defense. They would be able to divide and overwhelm the battlefield, just as easily.
Looking behind her, she spotted Midoriya sticking close, with his new-found speed, forged during his internship. It made the female teen smile to herself at his accomplishment. Like how she viewed everybody else in UA, Nensu believed he will be able to do great things in the future.

"We could use some defense right now", Momo said, having to appear at Heims' side, with a staff in hand.
Still here.
Just busy busy. New semester just started :/
It was countless days and nights, when it came to preparing the right garment that would suit the princess. Around his teens, he was instructed to learn from perhaps the best weavers and ornamentalists in the kingdom, in order to produce many of the clothing worn by the royal family. Sometimes, such a task would involve lack of sleep and lots of pressuring, in order to meet the appropriate deadlines. Loki knew his fate and the cost, if these needs were not met.

The girl's reaction was something that the Jotun had expected; a rather normal thing that told him that she was satisfied and pleased with the results. It was the same face that each member of the royal family had come to express, whenever the garment was in the right place. It left him quite relieved, considering that he had remembered the first time he had made a mistake on the task. It wasn't a pleasant experience, since the consequences were made by the king himself. He stayed quiet, although he did let out a sigh of relief, and a small proud smile.

Silena's excitement told him to act, and he closed the door upon her instruction, so she could get enough privacy to try it on. "I thought the blue would match your eyes, milady; make you a lot more radiant upon your subjects", he said, hoping to share his thoughtfulness would help give his hard work some sort of meaning. "You look...radiant already", the Jotun added, as she spun around.

How do you feel on Aliens vs Predator?
The figure that Midoriya was able to point out, was rising on the spot - right behind Nensu. The rumbling sound vibrated throughout the ground, and the very sensation of being watched crept up on the female teen.
'What kind of test is this? Physical training?'
She wondered her eyes widened, watching this thing stand up to its full height in front of her. It rose its foot, and her basic instincts activated, causing her to automatically avoid the incoming assault, by creating an ice path, and skate upon it. Using her sense of balance, and experience in such a sport, Nensu evaded the creature, shortly before she landed back on solid earth, and conjured a frigid wind from her right side, very slowly freezing the creature.
'That should keep it still for some time'
She thought, before looking around, and running. Hopefully, in the direction of their destination. Another giant appeared, with Eijiro Kirishima. Following her instincts, she gave the red-haired teen a hand - by freezing it first, and allowing him to shatter it. "Nice shot!", he grinned, with her exchanging a smile in return, while using her left side to offset the right.

Thor Odinson
Lochila Laufeysdottir

"It is reason to say that you are confused, and you have the right. She never told you about me, Torunn, but as your aunt has said, I am your father. your mother", the blonde man said to her, having to continue giving off the gaze that consisted of fierceness and gentleness. His imposing height made him all the more mysterious to the girl. "I am sure that my dear sister learned her lesson about siding with dark powers", he said, looking over at Lochila, whose eyes were off to the side, avoiding his gaze. He looked back at the girl before him. "But, I summoned you back, because it is crucial and for your own protection". Lochila was indeed avoiding the gaze of her older brother, having to show her normal state of submission whenever she was around her much-more powerful sibling. His very strength alone wasn't to be handled, alone and, knowing full well about his heroic endeavors across the Nine Realms, the Goddess of Mischief couldn't question his very might, nor of his role as now-king. "I did what you said. But even you knew better than to tell me to lie; you'd be no better than our father", this caused the blonde man to look at her. "I didn't want her to make the same mistakes as I did", he told her, having to keep the dark-haired goddess at bay, and understand his actions.
It doesn’t have to be about the new movie, but rather any Sonic The Hedgehog ‘verse.
@Shadow Dragon

How do you feel about Sonic The Hedgehog?
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