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Finally Reached 21 Years Of My Life! P.S. Doesn’t Mean To Start Drinking Immediately :)
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Happy Easter To All Of My Dear Roleplaying Comrades! :)
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Name: Breanna (or Bre).
Aliases: Angel, Kinoko, Panda, or Rae.
Age: 21.
Ethnicity: Mixed (Caucasian/African-American).
Ancestry: English, Irish, Polish, German, and South-West African.
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but can be Bi-curious.
Religion: Christian (Catholicism).
Time Zone: Eastern Standard.
Gender: Female.
Occupation(s): Student, Currently Planning For Summer Internship.
Major: Web and Digital Media (Graphic & Web Design).

Sources of Writing: Laptop, Desktop, and Cellphone.
Years of Experience: At least 7.
RP Level: High-Casual, depending on health/mental state and time.
Dedication Level: Very High.
Habits, Tics, and Quirks: Speaking Accents (Australian, Russian, English, and Kiwi) At Random, Hashtag Genius, OCD (brief), ADHD, ’Experience-Taking’, Autism/Asperger's Syndrome (high-functioning); in regards to this, I must warn you that, when it comes to fandoms, I tend to be a little preoccupied with the ones I'm already into. Be aware that I will not easily adapt to new fandoms; if I lose interest in a story within play, I may either have a short-term writer's block, or feel that I'd highly recommend a new story that'll keep me strongly interested. So, bear with me if I ever reject an unfamiliar idea, or suddenly suggest a new one.
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Whereabouts and Ghosting.
Please be present and keep me updated from time to time.
It's annoying when people become invisible, miraculously appear out of nowhere, and complain, once they find a story cancelled.

For the most part, I'll only portray female characters, though on very rare occasions, I'll take on a male role. There will be times where I would like my partners to take on the spotlight as the main character whilst I play as side-characters. But, again, this will not always be the case. I welcome darker themes, if needed, but definitely NOT pedophilia or beastility (except for anthros). I accept both homo and heterosexual pairings, and mostly lean towards playing the dominant-role in a relationship; both male and female, depending on the character.

I personally consider myself to be a "professional music selector" and “casting director” for every story I’ve participated in. If you want, I'll gladly find you a tune or two, whether it's a theme or tribute, as well as find a good face for almost-any OC.

Anyway, onto my Hobbies and Interests.....
I love Music very badly. Music is my life(-line)!
It also helps me think better, including anything that is upbeat and can help me feel into it.
I have great taste in it, too!
Examples include:
(Skillet, Halestorm, TEAMHEADKICK, Falconshield, Amaranthe, etc.)
(Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Little Mix, Demi Lovato, etc.)
(Nicki Minaj, FabvL, Iggy Azalea, JT Machinima, etc.)

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Meanwhile, Nensu was just washing her hands, after having to use up her time on taking a break. As soon as she was able to dry her hands, the hair-differing teenager looked at herself in the mirror, and went through her mind of how good the date was progressing; so far, so good. She knew it was going to take time for Midoriya to get used to such things, but once more, Nensu had the patience of an owl, whose willing to even wait forever ‘til she could do anything else that involved such close intimacy.

All-the-while, the girl smiled to herself, as she thought on that discussion she had with Midnight. Was a spark, possible? Yes, it could, and this very day proved that what was unfolding, was genuine yet full-fledged. To get her mind straight on the order, it was Izuku Midoriya, who brought her out of the abyss, into something they were willing to experience together.

Internally, Nensu was proud of his courage, and his own kindness was reciprocated, once she accepted to such an arrangement. So, here they were.

Just as she was leaving the restroom, the teen managed to catch sight of the green-haired boy sitting, but he wasn’t alone. She figured that it was perhaps a friend, but as they walked closer, there was something in the air; a spine-tingling feeling that told her, that something wasn’t right. To see the tears building up in her companions, and the bony fingers wrapped around his neck, a chill went down her spine, and her eyes widened - especially after this individual managed to turn his head to face her.
“Um, may I ask you to let go of him?”
This man was familiar. Very familiar...
Tomura Shigaraki pays Deku a visit in the mall, threatening him on his plan to kill All-Might, before taking notice of Nensu, once she intervened. He remembers her as Loma from the Festival, and finds her to be a perfect asset for the League of Villains.
Hearing the other whisper to her, Nensu snapped out of the trance of being in his arms, and came right back into reality, only to find themselves still in the middle of the store, wearing the hoodies they have yet to pay for.
“Right. S-sorry”
She said, before pulling herself away, and let him have his way of going throughout the store. This was going to be a long day.

They were only in the mall for a good couple of hours, with Nensu paying for some of the things, as she wouldn’t let Izuku do all of the work. Most of the things they were able to catch involved Pro-Hero memorabilia, and nothing made Izuku smile more than see such things. Of course, all that really mattered was the the presence of each other. Only did things go south, was after Nensu decided to use the restroom, leaving Midoriya in the middle of the mall, with some of their stuff.

Real Name: Torunn Thorsdottir
Hero/Villain Name: Torunn
Nicknames: Tori, Thor-unn, The Second Thor, Princess of Asgard, Daughter of Thor, The Storm Maiden, Goddess of Thunder.

Odin (biological grandfather), Angela/Aldrif (biological aunt), Balder (biological uncle), Thor (biological father), Sif (biological mother), Loki (foster uncle), Lochila (foster aunt).

Affiliations: Avengers (on-and-off); Asgardians; Lochila.

Race: Asgardian.
Citizenship: Asgard.
Marital Status: Single.
Faction: Hero (Asgardians).
Profession/Occupation(s): Deity (in-training); Adventurer; Goddess of Thunder; Part-Time Ally of the Avengers; Student of Lochila Thorsdottir.
Equipment/Weapons: Enchanted Sword, Natural God-Like Power.

Gender: Female.
Height: 5’ 9”.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Age: Over 900; Physically 17-18.

Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.

* Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Durability, Reflexes, Stamina, and Longevity.
* Electrical-Energy Manipulation/Generation/Detection/Projection/Immunity.
* Weather Element Manipulation/Conjuration/Immunity (thunder, lightning, wind, rain).
* Idiosyncratic Manipulation/Mystical Link (telekinetically-control/summon her sword).
* Worthiness Enchantment.
* Indomitable Will (can occasionally resist mental influence; not fully-developed).
* Advanced Intelligence.
* Flight.
* Expert Combatant.
* Arcane Lore Expert (still learning).
* Swordsmanship.

Torunn is shy but strong, very kind, friendly, graceful, somewhat tomboyish, and always motivated by her continuous desire to do the right thing. Having to be raised on Earth, instead of Asgard, mainly to learn about the humility and wisdom of her own mortality, Torunn has matured into a beautiful young maiden, full of compassion and selflessness, whilst also learning to become somewhat independent, although she still mostly relies on guidance, and help from her family, whenever conflicts arise. Due to having a close familial relationship with the Goddess of Mischief, Torunn continues to see Lochila as a "mother-figure" and a teacher, despite the latter having to be an adopted family member. She still wishes to connect more with her father, though.

Due to mostly growing up on Midgard, Torunn’s connection with Asgard was distant, making her quite clueless yet curious of its very culture and native traditions. Even though she is smart, with a high-level of intelligence, Torunn is also quite naïve to the capabilities of her family, making her become one of Loki's easiest of victims (with Lochila always having to interfere). However, much of this knowledge has been eventually filled in for her, thanks to Lochila. Although Torunn’s curiosity and naïveté seemed to always make her an easy target, her warmly nature only acts as a brilliant façade for others to greatly underestimate her, especially since her own sentiment is fierce, and when she’s manifesting and wielding her god-like power.

Though she is a budding adventurer and warrior, Torunn is, by heart, a pacifist, who dislikes war and violence, in any form. However, she knows that fighting is only necessary when it comes to protecting and defending others, as well as herself. Also, because of her innocence and purity, Torunn was considered special, where a few have already perceived her as one of the most worthy of individuals, to the point where she can wield even the most sacred of weapons i.e. the hammer of Mjolnir, which led to the creation of her sword. Because of this said-worthiness, as well as her strong-moral compass, Torunn tries to see the good in most individuals, and tends to play as the voice of reason for them; as such, towards her adoptive uncle Loki (despite his villainous deeds), and a few others.

Voiced By: Madison Iseman

Real Name: Lochila Laufeysdottir
Hero/Villain Name: Lochila
Nicknames: Lochila Odinsdottir, Madame Trickster, Goddess of Mischief, Serpent Queen, Lady Discord, Witch.

Odin (foster father), Laufey (biological father; deceased), Angela/Aldrif (older foster sister), Thor (older foster brother), Balder (older foster brother), Loki (biological older brother), Torunn (foster niece).

Affiliations: Loki (formerly); Avengers (on-and-off); Asgardians.

Race: Frost Giant.
Citizenship: Jotunheim (birthplace); Asgard (currently).
Marital Status: Single.
Faction: Redeemed Villain (Asgardians).
Profession/Occupation(s): Deity; Adventurer; Goddess of Mischief; Part-Time Ally to the Avengers; Teacher/Guardian to Torunn Thorsdottir.
Equipment/Weapons: Sorcery.

Gender: Female.
Height: 6’ 0”.
Weight: 425 lbs.
Age: Over 1,000; Physically 33-34.

Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Green.

* Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Durability, Stamina, and Longevity.
* Cold Immunity/Cryokinesis.
* Flight.
* Arcane Lore Expert.
* Master Manipulator.
* Expert Combatant.
* Advanced Intelligence.

- Sorcery
* Magical Energy Projection/Manipulation/Detection/Intuition.
* Illusion Manipulation/Shapeshifting.
* Hypnosis/Mind Control.
* Telepathic Communication/Immunity (with Loki).
* Invisibility.
* Telekinesis.
* Teleportation.

Having to be related to Loki, one can guess that the personality of Lochila is similar to his own: Thoughtful, farseeing, and calculating. A truly playful yet kind-hearted goddess, Lochila represents the good, harmless sides of a trickster, before becoming corrupted by her older brother's more-malicious aspect. Having to mostly grow up by his side, Lochila was in a position of total dependency; since Loki was the more experienced and worldly-wise of the two, he helped her study magic, agree with everything he says, and constantly bring her along in his many conquests. Because of all that Loki did for her, Lochila's previous affections for her other siblings were transferred solely to him, resulting her to have great hesitation to even question or reject his intentions, although it is heavily implied that she still harbors romantic feelings for Thor.

All across Asgard, Lochila was considered to be one of the most beautiful of individuals, having to rival with Amora the Enchantress, the huntress Angela/Aldrif, and the Lady Sif of War. Being able to attract numerous individuals, it even led her siblings to develop a soft spot for her. Even though this beauty was proven to be a natural strength, she is also very capable; even for a woman, she holds a very shrewd and manipulative mind that has been developing for centuries, and for Lochila to be competent and cunning with her magic, she's really an incredible foe, especially for those who mostly rely on brutish combat.

Unlike her brother, Lochila doesn't hold any resentment for her adoptive family; even after she found herself to be a Frost Giant, she doesn’t hold any sense of hatred for them either. However, after Loki convinced her that they were never going to get the throne, due to Odin’s fear of his betters, it made her to develop very strong feelings of rage and confusion. After being sentenced to exile by her adoptive father, to watch Thor's daughter Torunn, who comes to be her adoptive niece, she initially despised the child, but began to soften due to the girl's innocence. After many years, Lochila began to transform back into the woman she used to be before her corruption, having to become a capable mother-figure and mentor to Torunn, eventually developing a genuine familial love for her, in the process. She also becomes far more independent in her time of exile, and not have to rely on Loki for everything, although she still retains a typical but tenuous "brother-sister" relationship with him.

Voiced By: Amy Pemberton (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)

///// TV-14 || PG-13 \\\\\
Animation | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Romance | Thriller
Partial Nudity | Sequences of Action-Violence | Some Language/Rude Humor

The animated adventures of Marvel's mightiest, general-membership superhero team.

As soon as she heard his answer, Nensu could only release the breath she didn’t remember holding in. As she had promised, the girl was patient with him, and if he wanted to go slow, Nensu was willing keep her word. Having to feel his cheek rest itself against her own, the female Todoroki let out a comforting purr, before carefully resting herself against him.
“I’ll do what I can, Izuku”.
She whispered to him, as she closed her eyes, and just settled into the embrace. Nensu wasn’t sure if she was doing this right, but judging by the amount of comfort he was displaying, it just felt right.
While trying to hide much of his pain, Loki can only show that he would be able to carry on with his servitude. Ever since he was a child, he was convinced that this position was better than death, but not if the pain keeps coming, every time he made a mistake, or screws up. Sometimes he wondered whether if death was better than dealing with the cruelty they are able to inflict upon him. It was the darkness was threatening to swallow him while, and soon, he might disappear. However, the other thing that became a Ray of light was the one individual he had helped raise; from infancy, up to today.

After fifteen years of doing so, the Jotun felt this urge to overshadow her. It was practically his job to do so, but then, after all of those times to protect her and (whether purposely or not) put a smile on her face, for the sake of pleasing her parents, he was trying so hard to convince himself that he wasn’t showing any symptoms of attachment, mainly in fear of getting a beating; he was just doing his job, that’s all. At the same time, however, he was unaware of Silena’s sympathy. In his mind, he was someone below her own race and, of no-doubt, after the girl learned the stories about his own people, Loki didn’t bother to think twice on whether if she cared about the family slave or not. He could assume not.

With her smiling at him, the Jotun could only return one that was small, and a bit reluctant, but he didn’t keep the expression on his face, since they were walking by some of the palace guards, as well as past some of the nobles. As he should, he was tailing behind the princess and kept his head down. By the time they managed to reach her bedroom, Loki opened the door for her, and let her go first. Sitting on a stand was the finished product of her evening gown.
“I hope it suits your expectations, your grace”.
Nensu was looking at Midoriya’s face from the side, as she stood behind him, while listening intently on what and how he felt about their current situation. He was having trouble adjusting to the constant affection.
‘Maybe I should slow down? Not make it so sudden?’
She thought, as she looked to the side, at the floor, looking deep in thought. ’I should be careful then. He’s obviously not very used to this’
“I can go slow, if you prefer, Midoriya. Perhaps let you know before I do something? So you can prepare yourself?”
She softly asked him, having to care a bit more about his take on the matter than her own; like he comes first, and nothing else.
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