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Current Still Juggling! :/ Happy Pride Month!
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Currently juggling my job search, internship (yes, I have decided to continue) & writing time atm :P I’m coming with dem posts, guys
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Just turned 23 today! How life continues to surprise me :D
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Posts will come, at random times, for a while, as I am currently finding my footing, post-college :/
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Finals are here, but thank god, I'm posting normally now :) If any of my responses go outside this routine, up until mid-next week, you'll know why
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Upon hearing Dia's words, the female Rogers turned her head to look at her, and give her a fond smile, before placing a hand on one of her hands. However, the sadness coming from the short-haired girl made Maggie frown, and turn her attention back to her. "What made you think we wouldn't be friends anymore, Fae?", she asked, slightly offended. It was until she saw at the corners of Fae's eyes that made Maggie give a sigh, and bite her lip, after processing her words. She herself may not be crying, but then, it did tug something within her heart, upon seeing her close friend- or someone more- crumble before her. Keeping her one hand on Dia's own, Maggie placed her other one under Fae's chin, guiding her to look at her, before placing her hand down to land on the girl's thigh. "I, too, thought neither of you would want to speak to me. When nothing came, I turned my attention, somewhere else, by cooking", she admitted. "Mostly without passion", in addition.

Maggie shook her head. "But that's different from an emergency", she said, reaching forward to dry Fae's eyes, before pulling away. "Why didn't you tell us about...", gesturing to her wrists, saying it softly. This was not the place to say such things aloud.
Bringing her hands through her hair, and over her face, Maggie didn't see Dia and Fae joining her on the lounge. It was until she saw the faint figures of two females sit beside her that she was able to realize that they accompanied her without hesitation. At the same time, contact to her legs brought a nod that Dia was present, since the other woman had a habit of doing this to her, whenever they were sitting down, in the attempt to relax. Maggie smiled at her. "Not the first time we had trouble sneak up from under our noses", she pointed out, before looking over at Fae, who was fiddling with something in her a rather panicky way.

"Fae", the female Rogers softly called her, until she quickly placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. We're not in that crazy loop of a house anymore", she reassured. "If you ask me, we're not going back in there", she shuddered at the last bit, before crossing her arms. "I swear, if I see giant spiders, I'm not taking any chances".
The very mention of 'brainwashing' made Maggie's stomach, either do a few flips, or drop instantly, since their seemingly-mission turned on its head. They were instructed to investigate the strange behaviors of the college students, hopefully by finding the person, who may be brewing up something that might be influencing them. But then, how does that explain their surprising strength, like from earlier? Was that woman always strong, to begin with? Appearances can be deceiving, after all. Judging by what they have found tonight, however, it's like that very incident was seconds past. A brainwashing facility? An evil cult? The mysterious object that Daphne found? This was out of their league, and beyond them. However, that didn't mean they were going to abandon the mission, no matter how strange. 'Strange' was what they were all about.

Maggie reached back to take the free hands of both girls, right as they were exiting the haunted house ride. It was still dark, and the gang decided to retreat to the hotel, so they can gather their minds, and inform Mondavarius what they have discovered. The front lobby looked like a large, two-level lodge; like how one would expect on a trip to a house on the beach. One level had indoor fire pits, tables and chairs, along with some couches, with the second floor showing more tables and chairs, as well as piano, with someone playing on it, filling the room with relaxing music. The one thing that stood out, for both levels, were people sitting at bars.

“I’ll inform the owner”, Fred said, as Velma took the artifact from Daphne. “And I’ll go examine this; see if I can get anything from the inscriptions inside”, she declared with a smile, before the red head piped in. “I’ll go research cults on the ‘net”, before giving Velma a small high-five. With that, the three went their separate ways, including Shaggy and Scooby, who went to one of the nearby tables, where that familiar blonde girl was sitting at. Maggie walked over to one of the lounge couches, and flopped down with a tired sigh.
The closer they got to the building, the more anticipation Nensu felt for the future, regarding their training. Weren't they gonna be similar to the one that they were currently being tested on? Something similar? She wasn't sure, but such questions weren't gonna help their present situation. The goal was to get to their destination - everything else, later. The dual-haired girl looked back, for a moment, and gave a mental count of their class. A majority of them were following her, with three or four absentees, including Katsuki, and the one called "Kaminari". She didn't know whether to count Invisible Girl, but who wouldn't?

Further back, Momo yelped from the sudden action, performed by Han, prompting Kirishima to stop, and spot the taller male, using himself as a shield to cover the raven-haired girl. "Han!", he shouted, until the female launched a whip in the giant creature's direction to force it back. It was the perfect opening, so the red-haired boy hardened his skin to give their assailant's leg a punch, shattering it. "You good, man?!", he yelled.

By making a slope out of the ice, Nensu touched the grassy ground, right outside the building.
"Speedwagon told me a lot about these creatures. In fact, I wanted to study them. But, of course, he refused; not wanting me to get...too tied up into his burdens".

Charlotte said, as a matter of fact, as she carefully navigated through the messy restaurant. Thankfully, there were no dead bodies on the ground, meaning that Sir Joestar was very, very, very lucky to not leave any casualties. The last thing they needed, was to get arrested, and have their vengeful journey delayed, while Straizo runs free. Therefore, they had to check if some harm was actually inflicted upon the vampire. At first, she wasn't aware of a figure, rising up in the dark. But then, it was the sound of multiple clattering that made her stiffen, and carefully turning around. "Herr (Sir) Joestar", she said in a hushed voice, while tapping his muscular forearm to get his attention.

The bullets were falling to the door, rolling to their feet.
Charlotte watched them for a moment, before looking back up at Straizo, who was slowly regenerating from the shots that were given to him.
"Don't you think we should...?"

Lochila Laufeysdottir

The rest of the day went by, swimmingly, and Lochila used everything in her power to ensure it stayed that way. If Thor was right...if the gates of Asgard was indeed waning, then the dark-haired woman stayed by Torunn's side, as much as possible. However, if she were truly vigilant, she wouldn't have missed the constant appearances of a tall, pale man with raven hair, who appeared before the blonde haired girl, whenever Lochila's back was turned. Even when she showed Torunn the library, his very silhouette lurked - following; watching. Since magic was a very common thing, Lochila could feel it, everywhere. She just didn't know who was wielding it. In this case, the wielder seemed to only appear before Torunn. All day, the goddess showed her - no, not daughter - her niece, around the palace, including the catacombs, the vault, and the medical bay. By all accounts, Lochila avoided the dungeons. Perhaps another day, she would show her the outskirts of the kingdom.

However, little did Lochila know that the silhouette of her brother was already acting on enticing the blonde to give into her curiosity. When the evening came, that same male figure appeared before Torunn, once more.
Knight in shining armor haha
I just woke up, and just recieved one :)
This is so sweet! I thank the sender, and I wish them a great holiday!
Daphne hugged Fae tightly, having to be relieved herself that she was safe. Looking back up at the drone, she took a moment to realize that maybe she was wrong; that the red-head shouldn't have put Fae's interests second. Judging by her cries, Daphne owed her an apology. "It's okay", she managed to say, after a moment of thought. "I'm okay", she added, shortly before she caught something in her line of sight behind her cousin. It seemed to be a stand, with a small pyramid, sitting on the top. "Hey", she said softly to the girl, tapping her back. Once she retracted, she wiped the tears off of her cousin's face, before cautiously approaching the strange object.

By the time she got in front of it, the red head carefully placed her hand on the sides, and lifted it from the stand. "What is it?", Daphne questioned, shortly before a loud alarm went off. "Let's go!", she didn't bother to figure out where it was coming from, since she immediately took Fae's hand, with the small pyramid in her other hand.

"Daph's with her", Maggie said, having to place her hands on the other woman's forearms, in order to reassure her best friend. "She should be okay. At least I hope", Fae had to be safe in her cousin's presence, right? Judging by how they were standing, they were pretty close together, although it was Shaggy's voice that cut into the tension.

"Hey", he said to everyone in the room; his head sticking into another part of the room. Maggie broke eye contact with Dianna, and looked over to see her brother and Scooby already on their feet. Taking the other woman's hand, the female Rogers wasn't too far behind her brother, having to see a kitchen-modeled set, in the next room, behind a curtain. Why would something like this be right next to a ride? In the same building? "Now, this is weird", she commented, as she stepped further in, and looked around.

Running her hand on the kitchen-cabinet's surface, so many questions went through her mind. However, before she could say anything, a loud alarm surrounded them. Only one thought came to mind. “Skedaddle!”, Shaggy declared, not hesitating to run out, with Scooby having to willingly follow suit. Were they caught? Maggie didn't want to wait around to find out.

Just as both groups managed to get back into the hallway, they found Fred and Velma attempting to leave, as well. “Hey! We found a very interesting clue”, Daphne told them, just as she and Fae appeared, and held the mysterious object carefully in her hands. “Us too. We believe that this is a brainwashing facility for an evil cult”, Velma shared with a smile. “And maybe this is the artifact-thingy that they worship”, it was great to see the gang seemingly cooperate with each other. It was as if the old days never left, and that the shifting had never existed. “Let’s get out of here”, Maggie said to all of them, having to get out of the building through the closest exit.
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