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I am a young woman who has been roleplaying since 2007. I got my start on a Kingdom Hearts fan-forum, and now here I am! My roleplaying interests include slice-of-life, romance, drama, fantasy, and anime fandom. Did I mention I am a HUGE otaku? :D

I write at a high-casual/advanced level as far as the amount of content I write per-post, but I'm not into flowery language most of the time. My writing is very simple, with a lot of the focus being on the characters and how their thoughts and feelings are developing. Realism is the name of my game! This stems from the fact that, when I am not roleplaying or slaving away for a large technology conglomerate at my day job, I am working on plays and films as a professional actress. With this being my passion, it's quite literally my job to pick apart each character's brain to find the motivation behind their words and actions. I'm just saying, that kind of obsession shows in my writing.

For my partners, I mostly do 1x1 RPs unless a group really catches my eye. I expect 2-3 paragraphs per post and prefer those who can respond at least once a day. Original stories catch my eye more than fandoms, but I don't rule anything out until I've tried it- trust me, if something's not working I'll let you know. I do not write smut, but if it is story-driven I will consider 18+. I'm really not picky; these are just guidelines for how to *guarantee* I will love our RP! I've been surprised before!

A fair warning in advance: I'm also a little crazy. I am diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, so if I am feeling off I may just stop responding. My mental health does come first. Rest assured, I will pick up the pieces and clear my head enough to reply soon. I use my writing as an outlet, so I can never stay away more than a couple of days. That being said, my Guild partners are my family. Y'all have helped me through the worst times of my life and continue to remind me why I'm still alive on this Earth. So just know that I am here to do the same for any of you, even if we've just met. :)

Anywho, if this sounds like your thing then shoot me a PM! I swear I'm friendly, albeit a little strange, and I don't bite (hard)!

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:( We're still going with this one, right...?
Wails of anquish escaped Macy's lips as she cried, on and on, feeling the pain she had inflicted deep down in her core. Despite her interest in the macabre, she never wanted to hurt any of her allies. It did not take her knowing the man personally to know the sort of damage she had done. The worst of it was that she knew he would not be angry at her for losing control. He could not scold her, or think ill of her, as he had offered himself to her. She did not feel that was right. For her to be able to inflict such suffering, without consequence, because of her own stupid decision to use her magic... The young woman had been fully conscious of what would happen if she used her power. Had they really been so cornered that she needed to resort to magic? Really? Was it really worth the delay she had caused, the suffering Arguth was currently going through? Heavy tears streamed down her face, and for the first time in awhile she acted her age. She was still a child, really... and in this moment she reacted how a child should when faced with death and bloodshed. The bright light told her he was regenerating, but she couldn't stop her shoulders from bobbing in despair. He may heal physically, but she knew a deeper damage had been done. He would have the memories of this pain for a long time, just as she had memories of pain. It was worse than killing them, or so she believed.

Her body was numb to Diana's embrace, but she neither fought against it nor reciprocated it. Instead, she simply cried into her chest, like a small child crying to their mother, with her arms limp at her side. Arguth's screams made her flinch, and that was when she finally clung to the dragon-woman. Horrible, heart-aching screams echoed in her mind, and throughout the chambers within which they stood. The sound would haunt her for a long time. Sure, Macy had used her magic several times before... Scar would usually stop her. Why hadn't he, this time? Had he seen her desperate gaze? No, she couldn't blame him... There would have been no stopping this. Still, she had never felt the pain of actually going through with her bloodlust. The euphoric feeling of it had been fleeting, and left behind was only the weight of deep regret. The moments passed slowly, and time seemed to stand still as the young girl just cried and cried... unsure of what else she could possibly do at a time like this.


With no recollection of how she had gotten there, Macy awoke to find herself curled near Diana. One of the twins had woken them with a light tap, and judging by the state of things she figured quite a bit of time had passed. You could hardly call her well-rested, but she knew that there was no time to stay here. As Arguth said, they had no more time to waste. Arguth... Her gaze strayed toward the floor to hide her shame as he spoke. She couldn't look at him- his broken chainmail only served as a reminder of her misdeeds. Instead, she took a breath to focus herself, slowly rebuilding the emotional wall that she had up most of her life. Now was not the time to lose herself. They still had a mission to complete; after the delay she had caused, the last thing she wanted to do was become dead weight. Even so, she couldn't bring herself to eat the rations provided, opting instead to skip the meal and keep to herself in the corner as she "meditated", in a way. By the time they were ready to continue, she would be wearing her usual, monotone expression. Although she appeared mostly back to normal, she really had suppressed her feelings on the matter, deciding she would figure out how to cope with it once she had helped her comrades to safety. The only hint of her thoughts on the matter came in the form of her avoiding Arguth - she took great care not to stand close to him or make eye contact with him.

As they made their way through the prison, she stuck to the back of the group, her rapier- covered in dried blood that she tried to ignore - and her dagger in hand. Fire and ice shot out in front of them, and that was when she truly went on her guard; the fight had begun. Following in her comrade's steps, she lunged forward to slash at the creatures, lacking her previous interest in their grotesque forms. Instead, her movements were like clockwork- slash, stab, push, jump- as she steadily tried to take down enemy after enemy, taking great care to not become overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. And good god, were there a lot. Her movements were methodical, and it was all she could do just to keep the bug creatures at bay.
Mari blinked a bit and cocked her head to the side, wondering why Minkyu wasn't replying to her question. Had he heard her? With all of this commotion, maybe she had spoken too quietly? The expression on his face mirrored how she was feeling inside, and for one brave moment she turned to follow his gaze toward all of the people currently gathered in the dining area. She noticed how the older gentleman seemed to handle the angry customer really well... That must have been why the siblings had been so happy to see him. Still, why was he serving her? They weren't open yet, right? All of the noise had nearly made Mari think she was late to work. This was turning out to be a very stressful first day! Unsure of what to do, she shifted her weight from foot to foot, glancing around. Bad move. Her gaze met that of the angry customer, her annoyed gaze enough to make the young woman freeze. A shiver ran up her spine and she quickly turned back toward Minkyu, shrinking just a bit. Will there be a lot of customers like that...? She didn't know if she could handle it if she made a customer angry! Her hands shook a bit and she locked her gaze on the pretty desserts, trying her best to calm down. It's okay... I'm sure Amelia or Minkyu or someone will show me what to do, right? I can do this...

Suddenly, March walked by and handed her a handkerchief, making her pause momentarily. Her panic must have shown on her face if he handed this to her- did she look like she was going to cry? Flushing bright red, she stood up straighter. No, I need to show them I can do this! I did really well at our class' maid cafe for the school festival- I just have to be as confident as they taught me to be for that! A small smile crept on her face as she began to feel a bit calmer. The customer was being handled, many of the people had retreated to the kitchen, and the commotion seemed to finally be dying down. Glancing back up at Minkyu, she saw that he had also been handed a handkerchief and giggled, lightly. Something about him being just as nervous as her was calming... It made her feel that she wasn't quite so alone. It was normal to be nervous on your first day, right? And that didn't stop him from running a whole restaurant! She shifted her gaze to Amelia as she spoke, standing up straight. "R-Right!" The sudden orders caught her off-guard as she suddenly found herself saluting the pink-haired commander (like an idiot! What was she even doing?).

Okay. Her task seemed simple enough- put on the uniform and watch her serve a customer. She could do that! As things started to look up, she happily went into the back, though found herself in the kitchen. Uh, where was the dressing area? She remembered the table where they had her interview... Timidly, she walked around the back area until the found where women were supposed to dress. It was a sigh of relief as she found a locker with her name, and inside of it... Her eyes sparkled. Inside was the cutest little yellow dress with a frilly apron! Was this really her uniform? It was so cute! Suddenly, she was excited. This was going to be so much fun! It was with no hesitation that she changed into the outfit- it was even cuter on! Happily, she did a small twirl, observing herself in the mirror. Her favorite blue bow even matched! The shoes were practical and cute, as well, and the plastic ears were surprisingly comfortable! Not to mention adorable! This whole place just oozed charm that Mari found completely irresistable! It was why she had chosen to apply here, after all. Now that she was dressed, she gave herself a determined nod. It was time to prove she belonged here!

The moment she stepped out of the dressing area, she nearly bumped into Rebekah who was rushing around the kitchen preparing... everything? Did she even work here? She was in awe of the girl's skills for a moment, noticing how carefully she chopped everything. The young man also seemed quite skilled, delegating tasks to her. He must be the main cook, with how he had control of the kitchen. She stood there just watching them work for a moment before realizing she had been in a daze. Now wasn't the time to get distracted! Hurriedly shaking her head, she moved to go back out to the dining room, looking for Amelia. The moment she left the back, Mari became very self-conscious. This outfit would probably draw a lot of attention. She didn't do well with people staring at her. And now that she thought about it, wasn't the skirt a bit short? Nervously, she pulled on the hem a bit as her cheeks flushed red. Soon, she spotted the woman-in-charge she had been looking for and timidly approached her. "I-I'm ready to l-learn, m-m-ma'am..." Amelia was quite tall, wasn't she? At least in comparison... "What, um... W-What would you like me to do...?"
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Her gaze drifted over to Minkyu first, then to the older gentleman, and then to the young man crouching on the floor as they respectively took their own turns replying to her awkward greeting. It was a relief that they actually replied, but so much seemed to be going on that she wasn't really sure where to direct her attention. Mari could hear voices in the back - were there more people here? Amelia confirmed that when she walked out of the back room with another person, the only other one not in uniform aside from herself. Who should she talk to? Was she supposed to clock in or report somewhere or what? Nervously, she shifted her weight and rubbed her arm. Slight tears pricked at her eyes. This was a bad idea... I already look like such an idiot...

She let out a bit of a squeak as she heard the door open directly behind her and scrambled to move out of the way. "S-S-Sorry!" Her voice was high-pitched and frantic as she apologized to the newcomer, instantly recognizing them as a customer. Was she late? Shoot! And on her first day! This really was not going well at all, and her heart was going to beat out of her chest... Minkyu came to her rescue, offering her sweets, but even more so giving her a place to direect her attention. Feeling a bit defeated already, she walked up to him, timidly. "W-Wow... These look so c-cute..." Desserts really were her favorite. Rebekah had made these? Who was Rebekah? Her gaze drifted to the blonde girl standing nearby. For her being late, no one seemed to be in a rush...

Looking back to Minkyu, she stood up straight with her cheeks flushed even redder. He was probably the nicest one here, and he had pushed so hard for her to get this job... but he was her boss. She had to be respectful and professional and do her very best! Despite how quiet he was, though, the idea of his authority made her even more nervous. "H-How are y-y-you today, s-sir...?" Was that too formal? Oh god, this was embarassing. Her head was still reeling.
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It took awhile for Mari to arrive at the shop, as she lived rather far away and didn't drive. Two subway rides and an hour later, she arrived at the beautiful front door. Her nerves really got the best of her on the way over. What if she messed something up? Would they fire her on her first day? What if they didn't get along? She really wanted to make a good first impression, but her stomach was already beginning to hurt from all of the worrying. Her mother's words popped into her mind for a brief moment before she shook her head to get rid of them. No, this was something she wanted to do. There was no going back, now. Everyone had seemed so nice before, and all she could do was her best... Whatever happened, happened. Right? With these thoughts bolstering her confidence ever-so-slightly, she inhaled deeply and gathered the courage to pull the door open and enter.

It was with great care that she made sure not to trip over the entryway, this time, but what she walked into was less than expected. So many people were already there... and talking very loudly. It was so jarring to be in that sort of environment so early in the morning. Blinking, she shuffled just a little bit forward. Amelia was nowhere to be seen... Should she just say hello? She needed to get a uniform, too. Her cheeks flushed bright red. Just talk to someone... Anyone! Wasn't the best thing to look like you belonged there? What was she supposed to say?

Mari could already feel the gazes on her, and she shrunk back just a little. Obviously, if she didn't introduce herself they would think she was just some customer...! They wouldn't know that she worked here, would they? Feeling a bit flustered, already, she glanced around nervously before suddenly bowing very deeply. "G... G... G-G-Good morning, e-e-everyone!" They would not be able to tell from where she stood with her face toward the ground, but her expression was one of horror as she realized how unintentionally loud she had been. If she couldn't talk to one of them, best to say hello all at once, right? Still, now all eyes were on her, and she didn't know what to do! Standing back up straight, she looked like a red-faced deer in the headlights. I'm so stupid...
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