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You can call me Destiny!
Thank you for visiting my profile!

I am a young woman who has been roleplaying since 2007. I got my start on a Kingdom Hearts fan-forum, and now here I am! My roleplaying interests include slice-of-life, romance, drama, fantasy, and anime fandom. Did I mention I am a HUGE otaku? :D

I write at a high-casual/advanced level as far as the amount of content I write per-post, but I'm not into flowery language most of the time. My writing is very simple, with a lot of the focus being on the characters and how their thoughts and feelings are developing. Realism is the name of my game! This stems from the fact that, when I am not roleplaying or slaving away for a large technology conglomerate at my day job, I am working on plays and films as a professional actress. With this being my passion, it's quite literally my job to pick apart each character's brain to find the motivation behind their words and actions. I'm just saying, that kind of obsession shows in my writing.

For my partners, I mostly do 1x1 RPs unless a group really catches my eye. I expect 2-3 paragraphs per post and prefer those who can respond at least once a day. Original stories catch my eye more than fandoms, but I don't rule anything out until I've tried it- trust me, if something's not working I'll let you know. I do not write smut, but if it is story-driven I will consider 18+. I'm really not picky; these are just guidelines for how to *guarantee* I will love our RP! I've been surprised before!

A fair warning in advance: I'm also a little crazy. I am diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, so if I am feeling off I may just stop responding. My mental health does come first. Rest assured, I will pick up the pieces and clear my head enough to reply soon. I use my writing as an outlet, so I can never stay away more than a couple of days. That being said, my Guild partners are my family. Y'all have helped me through the worst times of my life and continue to remind me why I'm still alive on this Earth. So just know that I am here to do the same for any of you, even if we've just met. :)

Anywho, if this sounds like your thing then shoot me a PM! I swear I'm friendly, albeit a little strange, and I don't bite (hard)!

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Mari was surprised at his response, but it made sense. If he had already eaten, of course he wouldn't want to get any food. However, she hadn't exactly said she was hungry so why had they come here, again? Her head tilted to the side quizzically as she pondered this thought, though the peaceful quiet lasted only a moment as she quickly found herself being whisked away once again! His reminder of what they were supposed to be doing made her cheeks flush bright read with embarrassment. The poor, young girl had been so swept up in the excitement that she had nearly forgotten they were working! How much time had they spent here, so far? Now flustered, she quickly wiped the whipped topping from her nose and ate as quickly as she could while trying to scurry along behind her new companion. "S-Schorry!" She mumbled through her full mouth, though she couldn't help taking at least a moment to sigh, happily, at the flavor of it. Sweets were so delicious and soft and cute! Which is why it broke her heart to hear that he disliked them!

She tried not to judge others- Mari knew that everyone had their own tastes. Still, why work at a cafe, then? It didn't feel like the right time to ask a question as heavy as that. Life choices were sorta personal, right? And they had only just met. Before entering the store, she scurried over to the bin to toss her paper- after wiping her face with the napkin- and hurriedly followed Daehyun inside. Something about him seemed to change, once again. How was he suddenly so calm? So much for worrying about personal questions; his directness caught her off-guard and her cheeks flushed. "H-Huh? Oh, yes, I do..." Her gaze drifted down to her feet for a moment with a sort of sad smile as she thought about her reasons for starting work at the cafe. Really, she didn't mind sharing with him. "A-Am I really that young? I-I guess... Well, m-my dad lost his job, and m-my mom has been really stressed, s-so I wanted to do what I can to help out! I haven't really... had... a j-job before, but I want to do... w-whatever I can..." Her face flushed red and she looked back up at him with a smile. "A-Ah, I didn't mean to bore you with a-all of the details...! A-And it really is fine, my mom taught me I can handle anything I put my mind to!" She grinned, a bit, only to blink at the sight of the bottle in his hand.

It seemed like a rather mean prank to play. "M-Minkyu works hard to make the coffee, r-right? He might be upset..." Again, though, her warnings seemed to go unheard and she sighed, going quickly with him to the register. It was difficult to get a grasp on this guy, and it was making her head spin.
Life decided to be a b**** again so I am likely not gonna be able to participate in this. Sorry, y'all. Dx
Woop woop I'll have a sheet up for approval in the next couple days~
Once I get off my lazy bum and do it.
Was stalking @Zelosse, having nothing better to do than creep on my friend's profiles, only to find exactly the kind of RP I was in the mood for.


Y'all still accepting? xD
As Macy slashed her way through the relentless horde of grotesque mutants, solidly holding her own against the imperfect variants she currently faced, her gaze drifted up to the frontlines. More buzzing and scratching and thumping could be heard over the sounds of dropping acid flesh melting the very ground beneath them. Just how many more were there? They had the two strongest leading the march, but it was all the rest of them could do to hold off the horde that managed to get by them, and those who came from behind. The corpses they left behind had obviously reanimated- so whatever virus this is was related to necromancy in some way. Her growing interest was quickly curbed by the jarring memories of how she had slashed through Arguth. No... Her magic had caused enough trouble, already. The last thing she needed to be thinking about were the endless possibilities this plague could provide in her own witchcraft.

Quickly, she began to push her way through the mobs to the front, trying to figure out what could help them get through this massacre. A smoke bomb would only rob her team members of their visibility; these creatures seemed to attack at random rather than watch where they are going. Her skills were not good enough to fight on the front lines normally, but maybe if she helped to thin the middle a bit, more of their team could push together to back up Hawke and Arguth? Macy winced as a drop of flying guts seared the skin of her cheek. That could be a serious problem, too... And she couldn't see just how bad it was. Deciding to use her nimbleness to her own advantage, she quickly pushed off of the head of one creature, blocking its bite with her rapier as she lunged upwards, dagger in her mouth to cling to the limbs of one particularly slimy flying beast. It reacted as any creature might, and as she was flung around, she hung on just long enough to see Hawke and Arguth becoming overwhelmed. She couldn't use her magic, and at this range her weapon could not protect Hawke from the insect she spotted lunging at him in his blind spot.

Without thinking, the young woman pulled the dagger from her mouth and quickly flung it toward the attacker, aiming for its skull, before she lost her grip on the flying creature and was flung back into the mob.
I would be sad but I understand it being a busy time of year. I've just seen too many good RPs get put on "hold" and then never start back up. :'(

Maybe if we set a date to come back to it that would help keep that from happening? I love these characters too much to see it die
Mari was taken aback by his questions. "W... What? Well, no, she didn't, b-but... um... Rude?" She shrunk back a little when he said that. He did have a point; it would be rude to ask March to make them something when he was so busy with the kitchen. The young girl took a moment to ponder this, a sort of worried look in her eyes as she thought about what would be the best thing to do. What she didn't realize was just how easily Daehyun was taking advantage of her- actually, she legitimately was beginning to feel bad that they might have caused March trouble. Not only that, but she didn't want her new coworker to think ill of her. It was only a small bite to eat, right? It wouldn't hurt anything to stop for a minute...

Before she could even make the decision for herself, her new companion was thrusting the most delicious strawberry crepe into her hands. Her eyes glistened at this most beautiful gift she had been given, before quickly looking back at Daehyun. This was all so overwhelming! He really hadn't needed to use his own money on it, either, since he was buying the milk... "O-Oh! Thank you..." She murmured in reply, her cheeks flushing red. This was the first time anyone had treated her like this, not that she really ever went out with friends much, as timid as she was in busy places. Still, receiving such a cute crepe made her incredibly happy! Then, he said not to eat it and she tilted her head to the side, curiously. Why had he bought it if they shouldn't eat it?

Then he suddenly tried to take a picture. Her mind just couldn't keep up with this guy! Really, they were spending too much time as it was, but he seemed responsible and confident. He had probably done tasks like this many times before! And, though she wasn't sure how, he kept saying something about getting a lot of people to come to the store, though she didn't know how. She trusted him to know what was best. "I, uh... yes, I am... and I-I guess that's okay..." Still, taking a picture like this in such a crowded place was sort of embarrassing, and she instinctively held the crepe in front of her, a bit, her blue eyes peeking out from behind it shyly (and adorably) as he took the picture. As he uploaded the picture, she licked some of the now-melting creme that had dripped down the side and giggled, happily. God, this crepe was delicious! Mari always looked liveliest when eating sweets.

"Can I eat it now?" She asked, excitedly. If she had a tail, it would have been wagging. Once he gave her the go-ahead, she bit into the top of it and happily munched with a bit of whipped cream on the tip of her nose. As she ate though, she noticed his coffee and then looked back at the stand. It seemed like such a waste to leave with just a drink... "Aren't you going to get any food?"She asked curiously, oblivious to the fact that they had only come here as advertising. She was so caught up in her excitement over the dessert that she seemed to have completely forgotten that they were sent to get milk.
She's being used for advertising and has NO idea. How sad. xD

But you fed my little Mari, soooo.... I suppose it's alright. :P

"Ah, okay..." Mari tried to relax when he mentioned she didn't need to be so formal. He was a coworker, after all. They should get along just fine, right? A small smile formed on her lips at the thought. I'm actually on an errand with a coworker...! It still felt too good to be true; if she had a tail, it would have been wagging with happiness. "Hm?" The young woman tilted her head curiously when Daehyun seemed to be troubled by something, and her eyebrows furrowed in concern. What was wrong? Had she said something that made him upset? A slight panic built in her, before he spoke again. Suddenly, she noticed his movements becoming quicker... and quicker... until she was running to keep up with him.

"W-What...? W-W-Wait... D-Daehyun!" She didn't want to get left behind, so without thinking she found herself reaching for his hand. What was happening? One moment they were walking along, on a simple errand, and the next they were darting through crowds and weaving their way toward a waffle house! Brunch? Weren't they working? Amelia had wanted them to get the milk... As they approached the waffle house, he finally released her hand, and she bent over to rest on her knees as she caught her breath. "Where are... W...Wait..." She struggled to form a sentence with how heavily she was breathing. As she caught her breath, she walked after him, only to notice what he was saying. Was he really trying to advertise their cafe at another restaurant? Her cheeks flushed bright red, and little alarms of DANGERDANGER went off in her head.

"H-Huh? Oh, yeah, it... it will be... B-But Daehyun! We are supposed to be getting milk... I-I don't think we're supposed to stop for food..." She tried to be the voice of reason, but her voice was timid as she realized how many people were staring. Nervously, she followed him up the line, only for her voice to trail off at the sight of a strawberry crepe one of the customers was eating. It was so... so adorable! It looked delicious! Mari had an obvious weak spot for sweets, and she practically drooled as her eyes sparkled at the sight of it. Quickly, she shook her head. No, we're going to get in trouble... We have to go...
Sorry, moving this weekend and been trying to prep. I'll reply soon!!
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