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Current What I need, is to be on my knees and shot in the back of the head. Were is a police officer when you need one
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Sad news, Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has Parkinson diagnosed
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In America, in theory, I can be on my knees and a police officer shots be in the back of my head. It is justified, if the police officer says "I am scared" before he shoots me
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Welcome to my biography. Sine I do not want a biography were I tell so much about myself, that someone from the internet reads it and comes to my home: I will be general about my biography. I am a 29 year old female (born April 1990). I have a undergrad double major in Philosophy and Political Science from Michigan State University. Right now I live in Tennessee.

I am very opened minded with role playing. Still, I am more interested in female female role playing. Just more comfortable with other women. Not really interested in smut role playing: but I am not scare to role play this way. It is just that, role play sex is just a longer version of instant messaging cyber sex. So, I know sex happens, but I do not want it to be the driving force with the role play.

My goal of role play, is to find something that is dark, vice, the worst of humanity. But, something that is or could really happen. True, I am into science fiction, still, a science fiction that could happen hundreds of years from now. I do like horror as well. I am not into the horror movies of the 1980's were you start out with 10 women and 5 are dead, and you know the movie is half over. I want horror that could happen, not stupid horror to see fake blood in the movies.

I am interested with female on female conflict with each other.

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Friday, I feel for you
I wish I could give you a new laptop
Sorry about your computer. Hope it does not cost that much.

Banned for being a unregistered male
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Welcome to the community! Post often and we will notice you! The more you post, the more friends you will have. The more times you post, and you post on a active period of time -- people will be more willing to role play with you. If you only post a few times over many months, more people will believe you can be gone for weeks. The more active you are, the more people will believe you will be regular with posting in role play.
-125 (thinking of you)

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