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6 mos ago
I'm alive, busy with convention prep. Apologies on delays replying guys.
10 mos ago
Man, Lost by Linkin Park is really good. It's been on my daily replay since it dropped...
12 mos ago
These last couple of days have been really productive! Got rid of some clutter in my room, and re-arranged. Hoping that will help increase my workflow in here :)
1 yr ago
I'll be away the rest of the week - should be getting replies out this time next week hopefully. <3
1 yr ago
Slowly getting back into the swing of it ^^ Thanks, guys 😊


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Knuxieh's Interest Check Is CLOSED For Business!

I'm looking to take on maybe 1 or 2 RPs, things a little quiet in my PMs so I'd like to add a few things. Added some other pairings to the front page. Hope to hear from you!

Edit : Thanks for the interest! :)
Ahem~! We are here with a special announcement!:

Knuxieh's Interest Check Is Currently...Temporarily CLOSED For Business!

Currently Craving:

* Pokemon Academy

* Shield Hero Inspired Roleplay

EDIT ; Currently shifting through PM Interest! Thanks for your responses. This thread is Currently TEMP CLOSED while we sort through our inbox! Thanks!
Hello, hello! Open again for 2 more slots!

Still super wanting to do Pokemon Academy. Think sorta like Hogwarts meets Naruto lmao. Got your interest yet?. I had a really great start with this a while ago with another rper, and I’d adore giving it a shot again. For this, I have a char made for this already. I’d love to see some sort of gruff guy for this to pair with her, or what sort of ideas you’ve got going on to go along with her. She’s a bubbly Coordinator/Nutritionist Type who def needs some work honing her battle skills.

Also would enjoy doing a Magic Academy sort of thing or just some sort of warrior something?

If you've got some sort of Fantasy Idea let's hear it! I'd also be open to taking up an MxM pairing as well c:

CLOSED! Thanks so much for all the new stories we've started!
Knuxieh's Interest Check Is Currently...OPEN For Business!

Posted some new vague ideas! Currently still craving some sort of Childhood Friends / Slow Burn / Magic Academy-Adventure something!
Edit;; Wahhh, CLOSED for now! Thanks a bunch guys! ❤❤😊
Knuxieh's Interest Check Is OPEN For Business!

Can't wait to hear from you!!
Ahem. Alrighty - Opening this ole thing up again for likely 2 additional rps just to make things less quiet in my PMs.
Evening, Eme!

Your RoyalxRoyal, RoommatexRoomate and possible Pokémon fandom could be interesting! I also have an idea that is kind of based with similar concepts to Inuyasha, but with our own spin on it. I would love to hear from you! :)
*bump bump* C'mon ye night owls!

Edit; Closed for now. Thanks!!
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