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4 days ago
Current Feeling very nostalgic, now. Looking back on stories long since closed, or forgotten. Where would we be now, I wonder..?
2 mos ago
Hi all, work is super rough today and killing my mojo to write. Hopefully once I'm home I'll be able to unwind and get some things started. Thanks for your patience.
2 mos ago
Why did I wake up queasy? (@ ×@
3 mos ago
Apologies on the silence, I've had a lot going on. I'll get back to you guys as soon as I can <3 Thanks for the patience so far.
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4 mos ago
And so, I look back on those days long past...Wondering if we'll ever meet again. I'll hold this version of you dear.


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Hello, hello! Open again for 2 more slots!

Still super wanting to do Pokemon Academy. Think sorta like Hogwarts meets Naruto lmao. Got your interest yet?. I had a really great start with this a while ago with another rper, and I’d adore giving it a shot again. For this, I have a char made for this already. I’d love to see some sort of gruff guy for this to pair with her, or what sort of ideas you’ve got going on to go along with her. She’s a bubbly Coordinator/Nutritionist Type who def needs some work honing her battle skills.

Also would enjoy doing a Magic Academy sort of thing or just some sort of warrior something?

If you've got some sort of Fantasy Idea let's hear it! I'd also be open to taking up an MxM pairing as well c:

CLOSED! Thanks so much for all the new stories we've started!
Knuxieh's Interest Check Is Currently...OPEN For Business!

Posted some new vague ideas! Currently still craving some sort of Childhood Friends / Slow Burn / Magic Academy-Adventure something!
Edit;; Wahhh, CLOSED for now! Thanks a bunch guys! ❤❤😊
Knuxieh's Interest Check Is OPEN For Business!

Can't wait to hear from you!!
Ahem. Alrighty - Opening this ole thing up again for likely 2 additional rps just to make things less quiet in my PMs.
Evening, Eme!

Your RoyalxRoyal, RoommatexRoomate and possible Pokémon fandom could be interesting! I also have an idea that is kind of based with similar concepts to Inuyasha, but with our own spin on it. I would love to hear from you! :)
*bump bump* C'mon ye night owls!

Edit; Closed for now. Thanks!!
*Bump* Alright - Let's see what we can cook up!
While Freya couldn't think things have gone smoother, she could have sworn James looked more tense than when they first entered the room. Only after Adrian dragged her boyfriend out of the room did she start to get why James was nervous. Deciding to stay back a little to talk with her father about the schedule they had drafted up, she ended things productively, and excused herself once her father had gotten a business call. Checking the time, she wanted to give her mind a small break from all things business, deciding to head out into the gardens. Taking some blankets with her, she laid one down for a pillow and another to keep her warm while she gazed up at the sky. Compared to whatever hell Adrian was giving James, she really was getting the easy part at least for now. Every now and again a maid would come make sure she was alright in James' place, and he would come sit with her to take in a bit of fresh air. Before the last time he left, she gave him a quick tug and smiled. "I'm going to move to the office on the second floor and start gathering information together, okay?"

Once he had gone back, she moved herself up to the office, and printed out paperwork that would need to be signed and began compiling questions she might have for the meetings with the local heirs. The door made a soft creak, causing Freya to look up. "Oh James, hi." She happily hummed after her welcoming kiss and couldn't help but take his hand and gently kiss it, her thumb stroking the back of it. "You look like you're going to fall out. Is everything alright?" Picking up a fork, she began eating and nodded to his question.

Swallowing, she smiled. "I got in touch with Wonderland, and he responded to come anytime we like. The Porcelain Doll Company wishes to meet this Thursday, and Charles from the Steel & Manufacturing has yet to respond. I think he's tied up with an order so we might have to stop by in person or reach out to the secretary? Other than that, Alex has said he is free anytime to give a tour." Freya gave a small laugh. "I'm sorry it isn't more cut and dry, but that's what I have right now." Giving a small wave of her hand, she dismissed it. "Enough of that. You've done nothing but talk about business since you got here. Don't tell me the James I know and love has checked out?" She teased. "Who am I possibly going to gush over how delicious this dish is?" She gave a fake huff and glanced back towards James.
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