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Yo, what's up? The name's Day (or you can call me LG). I've been roleplaying for a good while and I've got experience in Group and 1x1 RPs. These days, I'm more inclined for 1x1s or small groups (3 people max)
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Location: Angel Grove Community Event -> Angel Grove Foothills
Interacting w/: Everyone @Akayaofthemoon @Crimson Flame @rocketrobie2 @BenG85

Sheer adrenaline was the reason why Charlie was able to remain close to the Muddies while they pursued the hooded person. Sure, death was a reasonably scary scenario, but somehow losing that suitcase was even scarier. She couldn't risk losing her internship because some cosplaying guys with scepters or this other person wanted to get their filthy fingerprints on GENESIS equipment.

"It's gonna sound crazy... but I don't know exactly. The only thing I do know is that it's important to Dr. Ogden, my supervisor with my internship. If I lose it then... I lose the internship," Charlie said, quickly glancing over to Jordan and then behind her once she realized that there were other people following away from the community event and into the woods that led towards the foothills. "I owe you guys big time for helping me out," she acknowledged to the others that tagged along with her and Jordan.

Up ahead, the hooded figure was grasping the suitcase tightly against their chest as the Muddies gained ground on them. As they came up towards the slopping part of the hills, one of the Muddies fired a blast in their direction, which sent them stumbling forward onto the rocky terrain, falling on their stomach with the suitcase covered by their arms. As they turned around, the cloak was suddenly snatched away by one of the Muddies before they started to surround the revealed person.

"Th-these Crystals belong to the Crystal Kingdom! I c-cannot allow you or anyone else to h-have them!" she replied, faint tears streaming down shimmery face. "Pl-please... I ask you to step away... I d-don't wish to harm you!"

One of the Muddies stepped forward as they surrounded her body on the ground, pointing the scepter's tip against the suitcase. But before it could strike, the suitcase burst open in a beam of cyan light. From it, five crystals floated into the air momentarily before blasting off past the Muddies to where the five individuals who were chasing them stood behind the group. Individually, the Crystals floated in front of them: the Green Crystal with Charlie; the Blue Crystal with Jordan; the Pink Crystal with Ryan; the Yellow Crystal with Nick; and the Red Crystal with Aiden.

"What is this?" Charlie mumbled, watching the Green Crystal float and dance around her upper body before meeting with her left wrist. It spun around rapidly in a beam of green light before detaching to her wrist in the form of a device. "Dr. Ogden... never told me about this..." Charlie replied, glancing over to Jordan and then the others as she saw that their respective Crystals were doing the same thing before forming the device around their left wrists.

By now, the Muddies' attention were on the five of them, away from the formerly hooded figure. They crept away from her with the threat of these five individuals looming.

"It doesn't make sense right now but... I am Princess Crystalia of the Crystal Kingdom," the formerly hooded figure called out, running over to the side of where the battle lines were naturally drawn. Whether or not these five were prepared to fight, they had no choice. The Crystals had chosen them. "The Power Crystals have selected to be bonded with you. You... are the Crystalizers."

"But... Dr. Ogden..." Charlie called out to Princess Crystalia, brushing over the fact that she didn't look like she was from this planet.

"Th-there is no time to explain! You must morph!" Crystalia interrupted. "Tap the helmet icon and use your hands to spin the perimeter of the Crystalizer Morpher and call out: Crystalize!"

As the final words left Crystalia's mouth, the Muddies slowly began to walk towards the five of them, hoisting their scepters in a horizontal fashion as if to stab a hole into one of them upon getting at a close enough range. Charlie lifted her left wrist to glance at the face of this... watch-looking device. Her hazel eyes glanced at the Muddies and then down to other four individuals beside her.

"We don't have much of a choice but to fight..." Charlie said softly, with a head nod. "Let's see if these things can help us... Maybe we'll get answers if we don't die."

Tapping her right index finger against the 'Ranger icon', the screen of the device lit up in a green color immediately.


Extending her hand out fully, she spun the tire-like perimeter of the device in a counterclockwise motion as the green Power Crystal emerged from the device and spun around her body rapidly. Charlie could feel her body beginning to "crystalize" and energize her as what was originally her street clothes changed into an entire different... suit.

"What is... this!?" Charlie squealed, glancing down at her hands through her newly equipped helmet.
Might be interested!
Reminder that posts are due this Friday! @Akayaofthemoon @rocketrobie2 @Crimson Flame @BenG85

Location: Angel Grove Community Event -> Angel Grove Foothills
Interacting w/: Everyone @Akayaofthemoon @Crimson Flame @rocketrobie2 @BenG85

The Muddies were gaining ground on the two women, with Charlie's breathing suddenly becoming a bit heavier at the sudden need to protect herself as well as Jordan and the people around her. Just as she was about to make her move though, a motorcycle zoomed towards one of the Muddies, sending it flying into a nearby pole, the creature exploding into a pile of dust upon impact.

"Ho-ly shit!" Charlie exclaimed as the Muddies were just as shocked at he humans were.

Maskaraid was content to sit back and allow the Muddies to do his work, but when the motorcyclist arrived on the scene, he took it upon himself to make a dastardly statement. There was a group of five notable people that stood out more than the rest who were actively trying to fight against his brigade, so Maskaraid's anger got the best of him as he lifted his scepter and swiped it forward. A piercing blast of energy fired towards Aiden and his bike, but energy got the better of the vehicle, slicing it in half, and sending the rider flying off of the bike.

"Foolish humans! You dare to defy the wishes of the Dark Empire!?" Maskaraid proclaimed.

With everyone else distracted with survival (or destruction, depending on your point of view), there was another figure donning a cloak that crept behind the now obliterated GENESIS table. The titanium suitcase was covered by the somewhat scorched tablecloth, but the person quickly pulled it aside to grab at the handle of the suitcase before running in the opposite direction of the carnage.

As he stood over the scene, Maskaraid's scepter began to glow before forcefully pointing itself in the direction of the cloaked figure with the titanium suitcase. "There! After them, Muddie Patrollers!"

Immediately, the Muddies shifted their focus from the event to the fleeing cloaked figure. The attacks against the group that was fighting to survive against them ceased. Narrowing her eyes, and feeling a sense of safety for the time being, Charlie soon realized that the cloaked figure stole the titanium suitcase. The same suitcase that Dr. Ogden asked her to protect.

"Too much crazy shit is going on today..." she said to herself, huffing slightly as she began to jog after the Muddies. It felt crazy, but Charlie needed to retrieve that suitcase, whatever it was that was inside of it. Dr. Ogden's work was considered top secret and classified; his work getting into the wrong hands could be detrimental to the world and, more importantly, Charlie's employment with GENESIS. "They stole GENESIS's suitcase!" she shouted to anyone who could hear. "Please! Help me get it back!"

By now, Charlie was in a full blown sprint away from the event, chasing behind the Muddies and the cloaked figure who was losing ground on Maskaraid's army. It wouldn't be long before they were caught and apprehended... which meant that Muddies would have possession of the suitcase then.
I'm interested!
Made an update to some of the Lore on the Zeroth post of the OOC section. Additionally, updated the Character's section.

Location: Angel Grove Community Event
Interacting w/: @Akayaofthemoon but acknowledging everyone @Crimson Flame @rocketrobie2 @BenG85

As Jordan made herself comfortable on the covered table, Charlie's eyes widened ever so slightly as she reached for the titanium briefcase before it accidentally tipped over. It had no chance of doing so, but Charlie was just paranoid.

"Heh... I wish. Everyone is all distracted by the carnival games and the performances," she mentioned, spotting the Fairy Woman from before greeting some guy. Not too far in the distance, she spotted another person seemingly isolated from everyone else. "My day has been kinda... blah," she added, sticking her tongue out in feigned disgust. "Dr. Ogden left me to man the table by myself so I haven't even had the opportunity to indulge in unhealthy carnival food."

The comment about the briefcase made her tap her acrylic nails against it, resulting a metal drumming sound. "Apparently this suitcase is very important to Dr. Ogden. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate you calling it creepy just as much as he wouldn't appreciate your ass sitting on our table. Get up, unless you want me to fill out a job application for you," she teased, poking a finger at her shoulder. "Seriously. We've got plenty of jobs available..."

A sudden ka-boom sent the entire event in a frenzy as one of the food trucks toppled over on its side. Fire and smoke erupted while adults and kids screamed and ran in the opposite direction of a monstrous humanoid creature with red-skin and partial head and face covering that was comparable to the Comedy and Tragedy Masks of Theater.

General Maskaraid stepped up onto the side of the fallen food truck, wielding his scepter as several of his Muddie Patrollers swarmed around his side before running out to attack civilians.

"I am Maskaraid, General of the Dark Empire! Hand over the Power Crystals immediately and I won't have my Muddie Patrollers massacre all of you!"

A look of confusion struck some of the faces of the people attending event before they were surrounded by Muddies. A duo of Muddies lifted a person together before slamming them into the ground while others grabbed at another person was tossed into a nearby tent. A gurgling sound emitted from the Muddies mouths as they celebrated the beginning of their carnage.

"Ah! So no one wants to step up? Fine! Attack!" Maskaraid shouted, pointing his scepter forward, commanding more damage to be done until they recovered the Power Crystals.

The explosion's impact was strong enough to knock over the GENESIS display that Charlie helped set up. In turn, the table skidded backwards causing the suitcase to drop to the ground and slide slightly on the concrete, out of Charlie's peripheral. For the time being, she wasn't concerned about the suitcase, and more about Jordan's well-being.

"You okay?" she asked as the smoke began to clear, but suddenly a massive claw attached to staff was swiped into her face, leading her to clumsily flip backwards and off the other side of the table. "What the fu- WHOA!" she yelped, ducking another swipe of the claw before being tangled up from behind by a Muddie, attempting to hold her still. "Get... off me!" She grunted, kicking the Muddie in front of her in the chest and then squirming away from the one that had her wrapped in its arms. She ran over to stand back to back with Jordan. "Who brought the circus?"
The party has officially gotten started! You've got your instruction in the opening post. Long story short, interact with each other in some shape or fashion. Then, Maskaraid will send the Muddies out to community event and cause havoc before getting their hands on that titanium suitcase that Charlie is protecting.

@Crimson Flame @Akayaofthemoon @rocketrobie2 @BenG85

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