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An RP taking place after the events of the third war. The setting will be contained in the northern regions of the Eastern Continent. Player's will be able to take control of lore figures to shape their order/faction, or create original characters and carve out a kingdom from the ruined lands of the Alliance.

Major factions will include:
The Undead Scourge
The Burning Legion
The Scarlet Crusade

@product Sorry for the late reply. So, hrm, I'm not really sure how to introduce the ambush, since I don't really know anything about the king and his entourage - even things that a scout would be able to tell Nadijah and co. in advance (or that might be common knowledge to some townspeople). Things such as does he arrive on foot, in a litter, on horseback, how many men does he have in tow, how much armour he wears or... well, anything really.

Is it alright if I just skip to Nadijah confronting the king, maybe? Maybe the mob has gotten him separated from his men, and that's when she strikes. If you're looking to introduce him, that also gives an opportunity for it without a crapton of NPCs buzzing around.

With that said, er, I have it in my status as well, but I'll basically be gone until the 22nd of July in a few days (will be doing my last posts this weekend). So that... might make things a bit more difficult. You are free to control Nadijah if you wish after I'm gone, or handwave anything needed. I don't want to halt the rp for three weeks with my trip.

We could also do the whole ambush thing as a flashback later on, if you'd prefer. Like--- all focus is given to the other group for now, and if the king meets them at any point, he does (since I'm pretty sure he won't be dying in the ambush, haha). And after I'm back we can show what happened in the attempted ambush.

I'm cool with whatever is easiest for everyone. Whatever is decided, I can post this weekend on my part.

We can skip to the confrontation since you'll be MIA for a few weeks no prob. The king will be on horseback riding past the slums with his body guards when the riot starts. You're free to go from there and I'll have the king's response ready. He'll be fully armored.
I posted. You can all investigate the bodies and different passages or go straight for the castle. Either way, it's about to get good.

I'm giving you freedom on how you'd like to set up the ambush.
Sorry everyone I am not having the amount of free time I want to invest into this...I think it may be best I politely bow out. This is just from me not being able to post as much as I like and I apologize for that.

Real life comes first. If you ever get the time, feel free to check back in. Hope to RP again in the future ;)
Hyrule Castle

With a loud, rusty screech the door moved as Lesina's blade cut through the darkness. On the other side, the Knight found signs of the guard's last stand. A total of three bodies were scattered across the walkway, each wearing armor identical to the last dead man. The way the guards had died made it plain that they were fighting the guard with the map. If not for the fresh corpses, the rain water would have washed away all traces of the battle.

Aside from the corpses, the passage went three different directions. If someone checked the map that The Drifter had recovered, it would show that the path going straight would lead directly to the castle. The other two paths seemed to connect to different secret entrances and exits. Strangely, the stone pathway leading to the castle ended after a few yards. To go forward, everyone would have to brave the waist-high waters.

It was cold and wet, even in the tunnel. The heroes couldn't help shake the feeling that they were being watched. As water drained into the passage from the streets above, it sounded as though footsteps were wadding through the waters in every direction. In the darkness, Lesina's blade continued to shine with fire.

Hyrule Castle Town - Green District

Telma's Bar

Telma sat in silence while she processed Nadijah's words. The king was a tested warrior and commander. Would such a simple plan even work? This could be the only chance to catch him in the streets, but would the two Gerudo be able to best him and his bodyguards? Would this even be something the Queen and Impa would approve, or were they starting more trouble? Telma rubbed the side of her head at the foolishness she was considering.

"Have you cleared the Training Ground back home, sister" Telma said after a long silence. "I'm a good shot with my crossbow. If you can engage Rolo while the crowd distracts his men, then just maybe this will work, but we'll need to move quick."

Standing up, Telma moved to a cabinet and produced a black cloak and quiver. "The King will come through the South Gate. He'll have to pass the slums to reach the castle. Find a spot to ambush the King while I get the riot started. We'll meet back here in half an hour."

No worries man, glad to have you back.

Would you prefer I find a way to get Nadijah in with the others by now, or did you have another plan for her and Telma you actually wanted to see through? I'm game with whichever.

I think Telma and Nadijah will try to kill the king. It'll be a good way to introduce Rolo as a character.


Real life has a way of sneaking up on you.

Well, I'm not against the secret passage being straightforward. (wouldn't be a smart idea to turn a hidden escape into a maze. people getting lost in an escape sounds like an invitation for disaster.)

I kinda want to know what killed the Guardsman though.

I'll tie up that loose end. Hope everyone is ready >:)

Are we just slowing down or did this fade away?


We're waiting on Product to move the plot forward, or Dead to respond with Zwei.

Not sure what's going on, but I'm still here.

Edit: Something must have come up for Product, he's been off for three days, but things happen. Same with Deadmeat, actually.

Sorry for my delay. I had an unexpected trip to make. I had planned for the secret passage to act as the first dungeon, but at this point I'd like to move the plot to a more exciting locations. Is anybody against the map leading everyone through the sewers in one post, and then arriving in the castle? I'll have a post up after work tonight if nobody objects.
I'll have a post up tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.
I think a Lich is a pretty powerful being to start out as. Would you be interested in starting as young Mage then proceeding to lichdom?

That sounds very reasonable. Just to clarify, you mean a young mage that is still living?
Are you still looking for participants?
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