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Name: Bryce Wulfblod
Age: 34 (Appears early 20’s)
Race: Branded
Gender: Male
Affiliated Nation: Daein
Class: Lance Knight
Inventory: Iron Lance

Personality: Loyal, Fair and Brooding

Background: As a young child Bryce experienced a relatively normal and peaceful childhood with his mother in the north eastern provinces of Daein. Unfortunately, Bryce’s father was never involved in his life, but his mother loved the boy enough for two parents.

Growing up, Bryce’s mother frequently shared her families history with her son, retelling warstories spanning three generations. It was no surprise that when the young man came of age he enlisted in the army.

Life in the army was good, and Bryce got along well with his comrades, that is until his brand surfaced. Fearful of prosecution Bryce hid his nature until he was relieved of duty. Returning home, Bryce revealed his brand to his mother and after a tearful confession heard the truth of his parentage.

While still maintaing a healthy relationship with his mother, Bryce has lived on his own. Fearful of discovery, Bryce has moved from town to town, but has never settled for more than a few years.
@Denny Will you have a discord server? I have some questions about making a character.
Thus peace setteled upon Hyrule. Lesthias ruled for 300 years before dying peacefully in shler sleep. Chaos ensued after.
Big fan of FE9. It was my first Fire Emblem title and is easily in my top 10 games of all time. I Would love to be involved in this. Are you looking for player characters to take on any major roles such as royalty for any of the Beorc nations?
@ProductWhile i might be up to play a nation could you give me a sheet for heroes. And small factions. I dont know much about the OG warcraft games but i doe know quite a bit on world of warcraft.

@ProductI have some interest. But is it fine if im not the greatest roleplayer. Usually i stick to freestyle but this seemed very interesting.

If you're not up to running an entire nation you could try playing a single character in someone's faction. Like a Hero unit from the RTS games, or stick to a smaller faction and make alliances.
What of a Dwarf expedition

You can do wildhammer Dwarves in Aerie Peak, Hinterlands or Ironforge Dwarves in Dun Garok, Hillsbrad Foothills without breaking lore. If you're planning for an expedition it would probably make the most sense to go the Dun Garok route.
@Willy VerebI believe picking a color is an important part of a Warcraft Rp. It pays homage to the RTS games, but if nobody want to do that we can opt out.

People are free to make custom tribes/clans/orders as long as they’re lore friendly. The Vilebranch tribe from my example is an actual tribe though :p

Made a discord.

Slapped together a CS. I've never run a Nation RP before, so let me know if you feel like some importantt details are missing.

So great host. When we starting?

Good question. I thought this RP was dead in the water, so I haven't been putting much thought into it. I've never done a nation RP before, so I need to work out what sort of mechanics there will be. Does everyone want stats?

I should also do a role call to see who's all still interested. Haha.
@Bright_OpsOh, forgot this is post Third War. Albeit this raises the question of exactly when. Frozzen Throne era? Because technically the Third War concludes in Archimonde's death. Basically at this stage the fighting is far from over and the Scourge dominates most of Lordaeon. I feel that scenario wouldn't make a good nation game environment, either.

But again, @Product said we have AU setting with relatively custom nations. So whatever chaotic times we'd canonically be in, it can be sorted out.

I was going for a mid TfT start. After Arthas' exodus to Northrand, right before the Dreadlords ask Sylvanas to join them and Garithos is enslaved by Detheroc.

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