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After three long years, Tundy is back baby!
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Power Ranger jokes are hard to do. They sometimes feel Super Megaforced
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Think I might try my hand at NaNoWriMo this year. I haven't participated for a couple of years, but I miss it. I also miss writing for myself.
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I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me.


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LOCATION — On the road → Miami Beach Marina/Docks
INTRODUCINGThe Turbulent Twins of Triton's Domain, Babble and Brooke Swimmer!
@Eyeshine & @Aces Away


“So what time do we have to be there again?” The younger Swimmer twin said, closing the door of her blue Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It was the 2020 model and she had bought it recently, after explaining to her good buddy Asher, who also served as the family’s personal account manager and the holder of her chains, that she wanted one and promised it was a good investment.

He didn’t disagree, so she bought it that day. In all cash.

Bro was more than just excited for this reunion, she was more energetic, more fueled up on Monster Energy than she probably should be. Suffice to say she was wired as fuck! But she was so wired and somehow managed to convince Babs to let her be the one to drive (she could focus decently enough to get from point a to point b, so it really wasn’t a big deal. She always thrived when she was on the edge of overdosing on pure adrenaline (the feeling, not the thing you stab someone in the heart with when they literally OD).

“Do you think we have time to get something to eat?” She asked as she was pulling out of the joint driveway of their homes. Oh yeah, the twins lived in the same shared land. Big ole piece of prime real estate. Big enough to fit two spacious homes with their own utilities and a conjoined pool that was a swimmer’s paradise. Also they had a mini skatepark. Basically they had a mansion-sized land.

Babble pulled their phone out from the inner pocket of their light-weight suit jacket, checking the time on the screen before opening the maps to search for fast food and doing a bit of mental math. Babs hummed and swayed their head side to side while thinking before coming to a decision.

“There’s a Checkers on the way or an Arby's a minute or two out of the way, dude. If we’re in line for like, less than ten minutes then we’ll still get there on time,” The dark haired twin allowed easily, also swayed by the hunger in their own stomach and the way it rumbled as if to prove a point. “I want the garlic loaded fries if it’s Checkers.”

“I do love Arby’s.” Unpopular opinion because most people reject the hidden brilliance that is Arby’s and their absolutely goated curly fries, but there was nothing like them. But Babs being Babs, Bro knew her twin wanted to get to the sight of the boat boat boat on time. “Checkers it is then! I want mine with ranch, cheese, and bacon.” Her mouth was salivating at the thought of it. She preferred Arby’s curly fries, but they were on a deadline and knowing the time of day it was now, there was no way in Poseidon’s underwater hell they would make it with Babs’ preferred schedule, even if Bro drove a little over the speed limit..

Well, she always did, but any faster would get the cops on their asses. Nobody wanted that.

It only took twenty minutes for the Swimmer Twins to get to their local Checkers-Rally’s and get their two orders of fries and a couple drinks, because how can you have fries without some liquid candy!

Babs slurped happily on their chocolate milkshake, a small coke shoved into the cup holder for when it was time to switch up the texture. As Bro peeled out of the parking lot, Babs fell into routine and stabilized all the food and drinks until Bro leveled out at just about eight miles above the speed limit. Babs slurped on their shake and watched Bro as the light haired woman’s hair got blown every which way by the wind, already planning on using the few early minutes they’d have upon arrival to detangle all the knots that their sister was accumulating. Maybe she’d let Babs braid it before they boarded, especially in case she needs to throw up after drinking too much and Babs isn’t around to hold her hair back for her. It would be a win-win.

Instead of offering up any of these thoughts, however, Babble opened their mouth and asked, “Bro, do you think that like…the garlic fries would be fuckin’ banger dipped in this shake?”

Bro took a few moments to ponder her twin’s question. After exactly two of them, she shrugged. “I can’t say I’ve ever given it a shot but we’ve both had odd combos before we never thought about and, well that’s how we became crack addicts!” She spoke with such a nonchalance that she understood what other people might assume. No it wasn’t crack the drug, but rather the unique salty and sweet mixture of fries and milkshakes. Fries and Ranch taste like the bomb dot com, so it was an easy jump because milk is used in the making of ice cream…kind of.

Whoa, Bro’s mind went on a weird trajectory for a second. She took one of her loaded fries in her hand and stuffed it into her mouth and swallowed. “If it tastes good, then who needs dipping sauce when you got a good ole choco shaky! And if it’s not good…well, at least you’ll know, dude!” Her logic was sound in her mind and she gave her twin a thumbs up, almost like a seal of approval in this culinary endeavor (she learned that word recently! Learning is fun.)

Babs nodded along with the logic, taking the encouragement and absolutely scooping out a glob of chocolate shake with a handful of fries, shoving the combo in their mouth and chewing slowly to get the full flavor. Once the new taste had been filed away in their mind, Babs swallowed and grinned at Bro.

“That was amaziiiiiiiing,” They raved, already dipping another fry with enthusiasm. “So, who are you most excited to see?”

“Would it be fair to say Ji-Su? I know we see her almost all the time, but it’s a bit.” She knew it was still cheating. Ji-Su was a frequent flier on their interaction tour. “Ash might be cheating too. I’m financially required to see him.” She almost scowled at the unfairness of her financial leash. So what if she bought some little things here and there that ended up being mistakes or thought investing in NFT’s were a good idea. She learned her lesson. “I think it would be dope to see Ziggy outside of their club! But I am a bit nervous to see Kole again. I remember her being a big hard-ass back in the day. Never let me jump off any roof without hearing the whole lecture. Oh you shouldn’t do that! You could crack your skull! The roof was damaged!

“The roof held up just fine,” Babs assured with a confident nod. "But if we're going for those we don't see a lot then I gotta say Lindsey! I haven't seen her in person since Ama and I took her out for brunch after she lost Idol," Their head tilted to the side, thinking of another friend they hadn't seen in a while. Kole, upon Matty's disappearance, had pulled away from the twins, and Babble wasn't sure if that hurt them or their sister more, given that Babs and Kole's flings were much…lighter than the energy that always seemed to spark when Bro and Matty were near each other. Babs knew that what was between them and Kole was mostly exploration on the long haired girl's part, and tactile comfort for Babs. Knowing-despite not believing in the same fate for Matty as their sister- how down Brooke got whenever Matty, and by extension Kole, was brought up, Babs decided not to mention this particular person out loud. Instead, they turned to Brooke and gave her a needless assurance.

"I know we see them a lot but they still count! Like, I brought paint supplies so that Ama and I can do a paint and puff and sip!” Babble hung around Asher, Ty, and Ama any time they were on downtime during a gig in Cali, and Bro had to meet up with Asher at least once a month to go over her financials- a necessary repetitive lesson in responsibility, as Asher would say- but they were great friends and it has been a little while since they’ve seen each other. When Rex joins too? God help them all. “We were performing during Cole's last rodeo so I didn't get to use my ticket, so you can bet I'm going to glomp onto that dude as soon as possible," Cole was a great friend and Babs loves their conversations, but Babble was also a firm subscriber to 'If they're tall and sturdy than I shall climb', and Cole and Rex have both been victims of Babble's need to be in places higher than they themself can reach. "Oh, but I did get to catch Rex’s last match, talk about a nail biter! I wanted to talk to him too so we might not see each other much once we get there,” Which is par for the course. They almost always split up once they got to the actual party, which was totally fine given how much time they spend together in general. But they always found a point to check in with each other. Babs may only be older by a few minutes, but the big sibling urge to make sure that Bro was okay at any given time was strong. Especially given Brooke’s reckless proclivities that Babs only ever really indulged in when with the blonde. “Meet up at some point for a dip in the pool? Actually maybe the hot tub?”

“Whoa you really think there’ll be a hot tub?” Bro took a moment to think about it. It was Ty’s boat, right? He was super super rich. Like Richard Branson levels of rich. Of course there would be a spot for a pool and hot tub. She giggled after realizing this and grinned. “Yeah that sounds like a plan, Babs! I kind of want to check up on Ziggy too. Haven’t seen em since…the last time we DJ’d their club. Which was like…how long ago? A month, right?” With the sort of high-octane life Bro lived, both with her sister and on her own, sometimes the days were hard to keep track. In the past month alone she’s went cliff-diving, sky diving, did the 1-chip challenge, and was even on hot ones with Babs, which they totally nailed with mid diff!

“Yeah, last month, dude. That was a dope time,” The time keeper of the two answered easily, Thinking back to the pounding music and strobing lights. “And I know there’ll be a hot tub,” They promised, having been on The Thousand Sunny while hanging out with Ty before, coaxed into a daytrip with him, Ama, and Asher during a free weekend last summer. It’s an awesome boat, and Babs digs the fact they can swim INSIDE it. Fuckin’ dope is what that is. The hot tub was easy to find because of the scented chemicals used in the water, and Babs knew for a fact it was an easy trail to follow even when rather drunk, so it was the perfect meetup spot on the large ship. Babs spent a minute giving Bro the actual directions to the hot tub from inside the boat before realizing that the chemical scent was probably all the direction Bro would need in this instance. “Follow the fake flowery smell, my dude, you’ll find it!”

“Oh rad!” Brooke had been listening, enjoying her food and finishing them up as her twin finished explaining in surprising detail, because Babs knew just how bad Brooke was with navigation…all current circumstances aside. She could drive down a road, but something as simple as the layout of a boat was far beyond her pay grade. It was weird. She could do an all-nighter drive going to the Key West from Miami. There’s almost a part of her that would love to do that drive again, but she would have to settle for the half hour that remained until they got to the Miami Beach Marina.

As she made a quick glance at the visual GPS on the high tech LED display, if nothing on an astronomical bummer scale happened, they would make it with fifteen minutes remaining, which is more than enough time to be fashionably early. Just thinking about it, Bro was getting the jitters. Or maybe it was the sugar from the choco shake. Both? Both. Both is good!

“First thing I’m gonna do once I’ve caught up with the dudes and dudettes I wanna catch up with is stripping into my swim suit I have under my dress and taking a dippy dip!” Bro excitedly bopped the steering wheel as a way to control her excitement while trying to focus on the road. There wasn’t any traffic so a little distraction could be afforded as long as they didn’t swerve…

“Shawww yeah!” Babs replied with equal excitement while drumming their fingers on the dashboard, their own swimsuit under their floral patterned short suit. Kole had demanded that everyone arrive in smart-casual dress, and after looking up what the hell that meant the twins had complied, but the party planner knew she was putting the Swimmer twins near multiple different types of water so she had to know that the dress code would only last for so long once the Sunny had set sail. If Babs knew her at all then they knew that most of the reasoning was probably so everyone could get good pictures and exchange business cards, play at the professionals that most of them usually were before the night went absolutely off the rails.

They pulled up to the marina exactly fourteen minutes early, cups and containers empty but stomachs full, and as both jumped out of the Jeep, Babs turned back around and grabbed a wide-tooth comb and a bottle of sea salt spray from the glove compartment before closing the door. They pushed their own wild hair out of their face and gestured for their sister to turn around, spending the next few minutes gently detangling Bro’s loose waves and reviving them with the spray. Bro rejected Bab’s offer of a loose braid, so the older twin threw the comb and spray into their bag, in a pocket separate from the art supplies. With eight minutes to spare, the Swimmer twins were ready for The Thousand Sunny.

“Ready, Bro?”

Throwing her hands up into the air, showing just as much as care as she had in her entire body, Bro, with the widest grin she could physically muster, shouted at the top of her lungs, “I’M READY! READYYY TO PARRRRRRRTYYYYYY!”

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INTERACTIONS: Aegis Agent, Mountain Man and Freshwater/Saltwater Otter, everyone who heard him
LOCATION: San Francisco International Airport → HOP ON THE BUS → Boats n Hoes~ → Fun Playroom


"What a total bummer."

Those words echoed in the usually empty head of one Skylar Vass as he flew on a commercial flight, escorted by a couple of Aegis agents, no less, from Kahului Airport to San Francisco International. Flying coach with special circumstances or something to that effect made no sense to Kyle, but it wasn’t because he was looking too much into being escorted by these agents but, honest to god, he wasn’t even thinking about it. His mind was elsewhere. It was back on Hawaii and he kept thinking about what led up to this moment.

When he got his powers, Kyle didn’t know what to think or feel about it. He had always been an agile kid. His parents were the best and let him find his own way. He was homeschooled, which gave him the freedom to learn at his own pace. He wasn’t the kind of kid who would go on to be a big time scientist or even become a teacher. Kyle passed with average marks and made use of the free time. He loved to surf. He loved cliff-jumping. He loved swimming and skating. Extreme sports was not just part of the soul of the island but it was his lifeblood. Both of his parents were famous for their talents on a board. His mom was a famous skater while his dad was for the water.

So somewhere along the lines, Kyle developed a love for both. Excelling at speed like his mother did on land but took after his father for a love of water. Combine that with friends who often encouraged Kyle and his bad habits of doing some insane, crazy stunts that often led to broken arms, bruises all over his body, and an impressive amount of trips to the local clinic. It got to the point that Kyle was on a first name basis with every nurse and they didn’t need to bring up his information. It could be assumed by his injury at that time.

But getting his powers was a totally different story. Kyle didn’t change when he got it. One might say that his stunts grew in scale and so did the attention he brought on himself. The friends he kept encouraged him to go big or go home.

As it turned out, going big wouldn’t let him go home. Because within half of a fortnight, Aegis came-a-knockin on at his home, explaining the reason for their visit. One of Kyle’s bros convinced him it would be a good idea to use his powers on them and the other filmed it. That’s how he wound up on a plane to San Francisco.

Not your brightest idea, Kyle. Not at all…

When the plane landed and Kyle retrieved his singular luggage that wasn’t the backpack he had as a carry on, he waited with the good agents of Aegis, thinking about his life choices, but as he did, the simple-minded Hawaiian felt whelmed by his environment. No matter the reason, the fact remained that he was in a city that he always wanted to visit. He loved the idea of California. To a lot of his ohana back on the Island, California was like the distant cousin of Hawaii. The cousin that didn’t do everything they could but had enough of the working pieces. Plus, Beverly Hills 90210 and Katy Perry always made it seem like its own paradise. Even though Kyle wanted to think about the reasons that brought him here, all he could do was enjoy finally being in Cali. He wanted to see some California girls, with daisy dukes and bikini on top!

As he started to board, dressed in shorts and a tank, big hoverboard under his arm, Kyle found himself humming California Gurls as he took a seat in the back. Despite everything happening, Kyle was just happy to be here. Happy to be able to keep his board. It didn’t even occur to him until he heard a commotion that there were some interesting people on the bus. He spent so much time gazing out of the window like the tourist he was, taking in the sights of San Fran. It only really clicked when someone made a big deal about an otter.

Brown eyes glanced at the little critter and he mused, “Ay brada, you think that’s freshwater or seawater otter?” He asked the Aegis agent that sat next to him.

The man shrugged. “No clue. My knowledge of otters is nonexistant.”

Shoots. Kyle responded before returning to his previous activity of gazing at the sights that they’d pass. There were others that came aboard or that he had only just realized such as the man made of stone and the winged angel, but he was still going through the motions of jetlag that Kyle kept to his own devices.

By the time the bus came to its destination, Austin, the name of the aegis agent that sat near Kyle who didn’t give him his name technically, but Kyle estimated that he looked like an Austin, had gestured to him to get up. “Roger dat, Austin!” Kyle saluted Austin with the hang loose hand gesture.

“My name’s not Austin. It’s Steve.”

“Really? Roger dat, Not Austin, It’s Steve!” He gave Not Austin, It’s Steve a simple grin and descended off the bus and the dark-haired Hawaiian felt at home when he saw where they were. He looked around and couldn’t help but feel at peace being near water.

Then came the ferries to carry off them off in batches of two to the giant island in view. Kyle was in group two because they had to account for Mountain Man. A hui hou, Mountain Man and Otter! Did they actually acknowledge Kyle’s simple farewell to them as they boarded their ferry? Probably not, but Kyle did it anyway because he didn’t know what else to do.

After the ferry came back and he rode on it himself, he pondered about how it would have been easy for him to just go across the sea with his board, but due to reasons of if he tried to do anything with his powers and Austin/Steve might attack him for it, Kyle knew that wasn’t a good idea. He didn’t have his bros to convince him it would be, either, so that meant he had to ride it out.

If only people would have told him all hell would break loose once they got to the island. People bled, a feather was used as a weapon, some cute Japanese girl got hit with pepper spray after she started to disappear (Wow that was killer!). But the worst of it all and probably the one thing that lingered in Kyle’s mind was his board being confiscated. He felt naked without it. He felt incomplete. What was a surfer, a kid from the island who spent his entire life on a board, without one? Whether skate, hover, or surf, him and his board was the closest thing he had ever come to finding his soul mate.

And now that he had to be without it, no matter how overdramatic it was, Kyle lost part of his free-spirited soul. Not even the residual hummings he tried to focus on of California Gurls could mend his broken heart. No amount of activities he saw as they went further into the facility, not the pool nor sauna nor steaming room could take his attention off the fact that he really needed to know where his board was.

But then everything changed when the activity empire attacked.

Okay, maybe more like a small battalion, but Kyle soon found himself in better spirits. A twinkle lit up his eyes when he saw the consoles. Something to know about Kyle: while he was an avid gamer, he didn’t play a wide variety, but he loved skating games. Skate, Tony Hawk Pro Skater - you name it. He loved playing those. He lived for those to an extent. He even liked Shaun White’s snowboarding game.

Honing in on the part of the rec room where the consoles were, both of the boys who were playing it went up and left and, Kyle being the kind of guy who never let a situation pass him by, he made a beeline for the console, making himself comfortable and continued playing whatever racing game it was those two were having a ball with. “Kinda wished it was Skate but a game is a game.” Kyle understood he was talking to himself. Most might find that weird, but then again, Kyle wasn’t necessarily the kind of person people looked at and thought ‘wow that kid is someone who totally fits society’s definition of a tool’.

Kyle was not a tool. He rode the waves and often crashed and burned when he went too high up.

@Supermaxx With a day to spare, here's one of two hunter twins dabs

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Of course the Smut Duchess herself, @Venus, had to claim the 69th post.

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Wave Rider

Skylar “Kyle” Vass February 19th ( 18 ) Male

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"Wanna touch my hair? It’s soft. Like a cloud."
◼ HEIGHT | 5’7

◼ WEIGHT | 153lbs/69kg (nice)

◼ BUILD | Think Slender Man’s body but with muscle

◼ HAIR COLOUR | Dark brown || Soft like a cloud

◼ EYE COLOUR | Brown

◼ 'VOICE' TEXT COLOUR | Aquamarine/#7fffd4

◼ OTHER | Kyle has his earlobes pierced. Also he's bisexual! *dabs*

Kyle is someone that doesn’t typically dress out of comfort. He isn’t a formal kind of guy and doesn’t like to wear physically-restricting attire. At the very most, you might catch him in a pair of jeans but only when it’s on a cold day. His wardrobe, whether it’s the clothes he has on his back or the clothes that he might pick up while at some thrift shop almost exclusively consists of tank tops, shorts, some sweatpants, a lot of beanie caps and windbreaker jackets. He has a lot of hair ties to, well tie his hair up in a manbun - his preferred style to wear his hair other than down in its natural, silky form.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"I need better friends."
There are a lot of wonders in the world that nobody understands how they can be so perfect. The feeling of getting that one trick shot on Rocket LEague that cements a person's legacy in the hall of fame. Being able to eat a whole five-course meal at the local buffet all by yourself. But the one that tops it all for a one Skyler Vass, often nicked Kyle by his friends, is the ability to find inner-peace before you turned ten by just embracing life to its fullest and not giving a care in the world.

And honestly, that's just what he did.

Kyle has always been a carefree kid. He was born on the Island of Maui. His mother was born there and his father was too. They met through their careers. She was a skating icon and he was a surfer who went mega famous before he was thirty, so naturally Kyle has been active most of his life too and embraced that as a key part of his identity. The lax environment of the Aloha state, for one, allowed him to grow up stress free. Akoni and Suki were the kind of parents who let their child find out who they wanted to be instead of pushing some kind of agenda on them of who they thought he should be. So there was going to be no tragic backstory for this kid.

His first love was surfing and his second love was food. One might argue his third love was enjoying life, but the first two are most important. Kyle was homeschooled for the majority of his adolescence. Another thing his parents believed in heavily. He wasn't without friends because when he wasn't studying for half the morning, he was always by the beach. Always in the water. Always being himself. Even with all the discourse around the world surrounding metahumans and anyone who didn't like that, Kyle was free to be who he wanted to be.

Well, that was until he developed his own powers. It was quite fitting for someone who just went through the motions of the world, someone who became so carefree and oblivious to the harsh realities of the world. He was out surfing one day when he was eighteen and he was facing the largest wave he'd ever encountered. He had been slowly working himself up to The Big One, but he wasn't quite at that level at this point. But Kyle was always a bit reckless when it came to being out in the water. He swam deeper into the great blue than he should. On this day, he caught a big one and rode the wave as much as he could, but as it would turn out, he wasn't ready and he wiped out.

Or, he should have.

By the miracle of whatever deity was looking out for him. By Johnny Tsunami himself, Kyle wasn't just surviving the big one, but as wind itself gathered around him, he began to ride the wave from the top, floating over it all the way into the ocean. This caused quite the stir. His ohana was willing to protect him, but there was only so much they could do to prevent the word of a literal flying kid from the Paradise in the Paciific riding a two-story wave on a specially-made hover board that was definitely waterproof that carried him to safety.

Speaking of safety, Aegis agents came to know about his new-found feats due to a rather accidental posting of the video. See, in addition to having unconventional parents who raised him through unconventional means, Kyle surrounded himself with friends who never thought that far ahead. He never did, either, so they didn't think twice when posting the video on Tik Tok and it went crazy viral. When they approached his family, there was a lot of it that went over Kyle's head. There was a lot that went over their heads too.

Junior Vigilante Program.

What was that? Kyle didn't know. Akoni nor Suki had any idea what it meant either, but even though he had technically didn't do anything illegal per se, Kyle was also a bit at risk, too. He literally had just developed these abilities of his within the last few months and in those few months, if you really wanted to be technically truthful, he did hurt a few people when showing off. Nobody cared because, again, Kyle and his friends weren't the brightest of bunches. They were the kinds of boys that would get inside a giant bubble and Kyle would use his powers to make it fly into the ocean. It's makes sense why they would want to get Kyle far away from irresponsible people that enable that kind of recklessness.

Well, suffice to say, Kyle was packed, took his special hoverboard, and was on a plane to California.

Pretty sick considering he's always wanted to see California girls. Now he had his chance!

Cowabunga dudes!

▼ M O T I V A T I O N / O B J E C T I V E:

"Where are the california girls at? Daisy dukes optional."
Kyle doesn’t want to hurt the people around him. He had a bad experience with how his powers got just a little out of hand and he saw this as an opportunity to learn how to get stronger. But a personal motivation, while somewhat materialistic on his end, he just wanted to see California girls. Is that too much to ask? It was a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, so he went with the flow. Riding the wave of life.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:

"Be like the wind, brada!
◼ Aerokinesis| Kyle has the inherent ability to generate and manipulate air.
◼ Wind Generation| Kyle is able to generate his own source of wind. It comes quite natural to him as he can turn it on and off almost like it’s an instinct…though controlling the rate he generates wind is a matter altogether.
◼ Wind Aura | Simply put, for a very limited amount of time, Kyle is able to wrap himself in a constantly-spinning “aura” of wind. It not only helps him control certain hard-to-manage feats, but grants him a significant boost in his speed and offensive, as well as defensive, capabilities. Control over it is great despite how long he can maintain it.
◼ Aerokinetic Surfing| Though typically done through the use of his hoverboard, Kyle can surf using the wind around him. Its easier with his hoverboard because it gives him a vehicle to move around on and it’s significantly easier for him to control since he had spent nearly his entire life surfing. It’s no different than if he was on water with his normal board.
◼ Wind-aided Jet Propulsion | Another case of “it’s easier with his hoverboard”, Kyle is able to manipulate the wind he generates by riding through the air currents and move at faster-than-normal speeds. On his board, it’s easier cause he can control how fast he goes and drift to avoid any major collisions, but when he’s not using his board (or can’t), he surrounds his body with an aura of air and TRIES to control his movements, but it’s a major WIP.

◼ Acrobatics| For his entire life since he could walk, Kyle has always been an athletic kid. It’s been part of his life for as long as he could remember. And especially growing up in Hawaii, it’s part of the culture. He has trained his natural feats to be able to move quite efficiently, which makes his meta ability very fitting. When he’s not using his ability, he can move around easily by flipping all around, jumping over rocks, jumping long distances, maneuvering like a stuntman, and above all else, embodying what it means to be a spider monkey.
◼ Stormwatcher| Being able to know when a storm was coming and when it was long gone is almost as second natured to Kyle as breathing is. Kyle can tell when it’s going to rain by the positon of the clouds. Are they bigger ones? Is it going to be overcast? Partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Clear skies? All of this became second natured to him through trial and error. Because he always preferred to surf when the storm was just about to hit so the waves were slightly more chaotic and larger. At a certain point, he became something of a meteorologist himself. If Surfing didn’t pan out like the way he wanted and if was allowed to go back into his normal life, he might do that. Be the hottest weatherman in paradise sounds nice.

◼ Lack of total control without his Hoverboard| As impressive as his feats have come in just months of having his abilities, Kyle lacks a fundamental control over them. He’s like a plane that has lost its landing gear as it comes in for a landing. He might somewhat have a grasp on how to land safely, but the ability to guarantee complete safety when landing is out of his hands when he is going with pure wind. The speed prevents a clear line of sight when trying to land and he mostly has to hope for the best.
◼ He’s only human, after all While he has impressive feats physically and metahumanly, Kyle is still human. He doesn’t have any super resistance or anything like that. Hit him hard enough and he’s bound to bail terribly. Like they say, all it takes is one lucky punch.

◼ Fire = Bad | Simply put, pit him against a pyro head or in a place where a lot of fire or heat is bound to be present, Kyle is bound to totally bail! Fire will suck out any of the wind he might generate and make it into a WILD FIRE!
◼ Ice = Also bad| | Kyle sucks when it comes to ice too. Anyone who can freeze things can also, theoretically, freeze the air, too. And considering that’s his main gimmick, if it’s cold as balls and someone is intentionally trying to make everything below freezing, Kyle might be in trouble. Simply put, hot or cold, Kyle no likey.

▼ N O T E S:

Akoni Vass | One part of my Ohana! Pops always pushed me to follow my dreams and that’s what I’m doing now, makua kane!
Mitsuki “Suki” Vass (nee. Watanabe) | Makuahine always believed in me and I couldn’t ask for a better mom!


Too many to count| Kyle surrounded himself with way too many enablers of bad habits. It’s how he wound up getting checked up on Agent Bubbles…”I mean Aegis agents.”

◼ USA | The Island of Maui, Hawaii

Hoverboard | Isn’t technology grand? Kyle was never one to ask for anything too fancy outside of the variety of boards he has collected over the years. He’s had a skateboard and obviously had plenty of surfboards, but the one that he cherished above all else and what, honestly, has been the best investment, has been this highly expensive and highly innovative hoverboard that responds perfectly to his needs. Even before he developed powers, he used it to get around. Now that he does have powers, it’s DEFINITELY been a godsend. It’s also a nice minty green color.

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