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RIP Akira Toriyama, one of the best to ever do it. I can't even find the words to describe how heartbroken I am right now.
5 mos ago
What kind of concert costs only 45 cents? A 50 Cent concert featuring Nickelback.
8 mos ago
I used to hate facial hair but then it grew on me.
8 mos ago
Make sure you knock on your fridge before opening it. There might be a salad dressing.
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I don't typically allow myself to be affected by celebrity deaths, but Jason David Frank was a personal hero of mine for so long. This one hurts. RIP to one of the greatest rangers of all time.


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Second(?) but might as well be last according to ricky bobby /sadge
Sure why not?
TIMESTAMP — WHAT IF, Morning before Beau’s Party || Before One Eye Sees...The Other Feels



“And that was my hot all hell cousin Calliope along with ya girl K-Pop sexpot HAZEL with their latest collab, Break My Back. Absolute banger. We’re gonna take a short break whilst you listen to some ads about car insurance and erectile dysfunction. When we come back we’ll have the newest bop from the Latin Lothario Rico Nunez as well something special, for someone special. I’m Mei Midnight, she’s Harley Head, this is the Midnight Frequency and we’re about to ride the Dawn Patrol.”

Flipping the switch to play the preloaded adverts, Mei Ramsey leaned back in her chair with an exasperated and long groan. “Fuuuuuuuuuck my firm ass with whiskey stained broken glass.” She yawned. The youngest daughter of Will and Shannon was known for burning the candle at both ends, for being unstoppable and undeniable, for partying all day, working all night and somehow in between all that putting in hours at the gym and dojo that would make an Olympian weep. She had done this her entire life, she wondered now if that particular way of life was finally catching up to her. “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Turning to face her platinum blonde co-host, who was flicking through the impressive collection of classic vinyls that the girls had stocked over their years of working together, Mei cracked her neck fairly loudly. “How goes the playlist? You’ve been at it for a while.” A small smirk began to cross her black painted lips. “Maybe we should’ve got your android boyfriend involved, his computer brain could’ve gotten that thing done in seconds. Skynet all day baby.” The dark priestess teased her friend as she often did. Mei had no issues with Jade’s choice of boyfriend, Roddy was a nice guy and the two of them had been together since high school but she couldn’t help but make light of his lack of outward emotion. The only time Meiday ever saw the heart of the foundling was when he was with Jade, that boy loved her unconditionally.

Thinking of Roddy made Mei think of her own love life and her beautiful partner Devika. It made her think of her soft, caramel skin, her absolutely insane body, those Damn eyes. Maybe if she played her cards right, Miss Midnight could score herself a massage before she carried on the rest of her busy day.

This particular day and weekend was all about one Antoine Beauregard; teacher, confidant, jolly fat man who lived down the street. Everyone in town and many outside were working tirelessly to create the same atmosphere of love and respect that Beau had created for all of them as he finally chose to hang up his pinstripe suits and retire. Well deserved if you asked Mei. “I hope you’ve got plenty of classic r&b and soul. The big man loves that stuff.”

“Yeah tell me about it,” Jade commented absentmindedly, going through the massive catalog. The time Jade spent in his classroom and the many times she’d go to Rochambeau for coffee and those state-famous beignets that were always the right balance of crunch, fluff, and with the right amount of powdered sugar on top, she’d always hear the greats of Motown playing. He always had that jolly laugh that came deep from his gut, the kind that warmed the soul almost as much as his cooking did.

Beau was someone special. Someone who helped her in her own time of need. When Jade had found out about her cousin JJ, the resulting product of a relationship her uncle had long before she was even an afterthought, how she came to be in their lives. Beau heard her out and offered a perspective she didn’t think to consider. JJ didn’t know and Charlie didn’t know. It wasn’t like the woman Charlie was with some rival gang. She was a Milligan. And after meeting her, she was so nice. Almost too nice for Jade’s liking, but she wasn’t a bad person and neither was Jessie, for that matter.

Beau did that for her. It was a small thing that meant the world to her. And since then, she always went to him for any advice she was needing. Who needed therapy when you could get it just for the price of coffee and a baked good and about ten minutes of time? But he was more than that. He was like a third father in some cases. An uncle who could make it shine anywhere he went. So she needed to do right by this playlist.

“I’m trying not to go mostly Motown. I know you can’t go wrong and thanks to Mr. Beau, I have added the likes of Steve Wonder to my usual rotation, but I know he’s more than that. I think I might throw in some blues too. B.B. King and others like him.” Jade leaned back and stretched, groaning with all the stress she was putting on herself to get this right.

“You got this Blondie.” Mei placed a supportive hand on her friend's shoulder. It was easier for the goth princess to shake off the same look of stress and not so hidden frustration that adorned Jade’s porcelain features. The biker girl, for all her hazards and appearances, wore her heart on her sleeve. When she felt something, you knew she felt it. One only had to watch her when she was with her boyfriend to see the love in her eyes for him, the deep rooted want and desire to be wrapped up in his arms. The pressure she felt currently was the same, so visceral and raw. Mei, on the other hand, lived within the darkness, she kept her cards close to her chest and if anyone tried to take a peek she would choke or knock them out. The only person that got to see behind her black bride veil was Devika and even then, most of the time it was only ever behind closed doors.

Mei jumped up to her feet and raised both her arms into the air as she stretched her petite athletic frame backwards. “I have an idea, how about you send an SOS to your pet robot and tell him to bring us some coffee, vodka and some snacks and we’ll hit the mattresses and go hard on this thing.”

“You and so many call him that. It feels like a meme at this point.” Jade couldn’t help but let a small giggle escaped through her cherry lips, a smile of pearls gleaming in the artificial lights blessed upon them by the LED lights above. Having been with her Roddy since practically high school, who has been by her side through all the good, bad, and ugly things that’s happened in her life, including but not limited to: her uncle and Sam getting together, Jane and her boyfriend Spence getting together, finding out her uncle had a daughter and getting to know her distant Milligan family, and of course, how she came around to forgiving her parents and letting them come into her life more than she would have been open to.

The Biker Princess took it upon herself to stand up, feeling the freeing sensation of her limbs and ligaments creating a symphony of cracking bones. Head to toe, the released all the stress and pressure gathered in them for the past few hours, sending her boyfriend a text.

My Joker, we need some refreshments. Coffee for me, but you know Midnight, she needs the Russian Delight.
From Harley

She sent it and peeped Mei for a brief moment. “Any requests on snacks? And no, my titties aren’t an option.”

“Booooo. You whore.” In some other life, Mei would’ve jumped at the chance to mount Jade like a dog in heat but they were both in beautiful, solid relationships and as wild as the granddaughter of the Dragonhead was, Mei respected the sanctity of love and one only had to look at Jade and Roddy to see that they were madly and deeply in love. She had never seen before, nor since, anyone give the look that the biker girl gave to her boyfriend. “I dunno, maybe like a waffle? Oooh or maybe some hot wings from the Hole? Need something bready to soak up all that vodka.”

Mei had learned long ago that she could never be anything but herself. It was probably why Devi loved her. She did not try to be anything other than what she was, she didn’t shy away from her feelings, her loves and her beliefs. Jade was the same; which was probably why they were kindred spirits screaming out across the airwaves to the unwashed masses. “OH!” Miss Midnight quickly hopped over the pile of records that her partner had amassed and began to flick through a stack of vinyls before suddenly raising her arm triumphantly, her slender fingers gripping a jet black record sleeve. “Found it! Hiding like a choir boy from a priest in the Catholic Church.” The goth priestess span on the heel of her Doc Martins and flashed Jade a yellow album cover. “Nina Simone. Sinnerman, we have to put this on there. The jolly fat man will fucking love it.”

Jade had texted Roddy the updated snack requirements. “Chicken wings and waffles from the Hole. ♥” The Biker Barbie sent to her boyfriend briefly. At the same time, she heard Mei make a sudden commotion that caused her to nearly drop her phone on the floor. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal since she had a case on it that would protect it from the hardwood floor.

“Lucifer fuck me in the ass, Mei! Gotta give a girl a warning when you’re about to--” The turquoise-eyed vixen saw heaven staring at her in the face and her jaw dropped by the sudden realization. “By Beau’s Beard!” Jade exclaimed almost at the same time Mei had announced what she found, almost grinning. She had scoured all places to get as much female representation into the playlist as she could. She tried not to overflood it, but Jade was a true feminist, so she added more than any regular person would. But even then, there was still something missing. Someone missing. “Now talk about a fucking perfect song!”

Jade didn’t hesitate to let the song play almost as soon as Mei handed her the album. She went over to the record player and let the soul of that all-time classic fill her soul. Music was part of her life and blood. Back in high school, she did her fair share runs with bands. Still to this day, Jade kept playing guitar but no longer did she seek the fame and glory of the life of a musician and simply played because it was one of three things in this world that made her feel completely at peace. “It just makes you feel.” Jade was snapping her fingers to it. God what a feeling this song evoked in one’s soul.

“I swear to Hecate herself, if Beau doesn’t love this shit I’ll spin kick his chubs straight to hell itself.” Mei would verbalise but she never could actually do it. She loved Beau just like everyone else. She didn’t have the relationship with him like some of her friends did, especially the Southies like Jade and those who grew up with a hole in their life that they just couldn’t fill. Mei was blessed with a functional family unit, even including her big sister Reagan amongst that number despite their somewhat tempestuous relationship.

She had figured out her authentic self early and didn’t need the guiding hand of their literature teacher to help her but that didn’t mean she didn’t love him. Beau helped to foster and nurture the dj’s love of the macabre, even recommending books that would show the young witch the other side of her beliefs that people just did not see. He even put her in contact with the Goode family, his wife’s kin who also held “distinct” beliefs.

“Shit! Fuck! Drag my dick through broken fucking glass!” Mei jumped over the stacks of records and back over to her sound station as quickly as she could, propping her headphones back clear her eyes she chimed back onto the airwaves with a millisecond to spare following the adverts. “Hey there ghastly ghouls, it’s your demon dream girl Mei Midnight back again with the morning tunes to start your day off right. Along for the ride of your life is the straddle queen herself, just ask her boyfriend, the one and only Harley Head. How about you tell them the traffic news for the day Jade and we can get back to the music?”

Jade loved watching how chaotic Mei could be and she nearly stumbled when she rushed to get back to her station. It brought her back to the first time she ever met the gothic mistress all those years ago. She was a fiery spitfire just like Jade was. Must’ve been why they clicked instantly. Though they were obviously not best friends (because that role was reserved for Decky and Poppy), they were on the same wavelength in so many other ways. Their similar personalities, for one, but also their love for music and all things controversial.

“Looks like all major highways are in the clear - unlike my back after a good night,” the blonde chuckled. Their morning show was always spicy. It’s why they were in the top three of most-listened and streamed shows in the Commonwealth of Boston. “Now back to you, Midnight. Seduce our listeners with the tunes they listen to us for.” Her gaze shifted to Mei and she shot the raven-haired woman a smirk.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Mei leaned over her soundboard and began to mix the next track. She was one of the few DJ’s that still actually mixed her records live on air. Most, if not all of her compatriots and competitors had everything preloaded onto a set playlist that literally was just the flick of a button. The Wiccan much preferred to create herself. To her, mixing and phasing music, increasing or decreasing the bass, dropping the beat down Lofi; crafting the perfect backdrop for her listeners to go about their day was Mei’s Everest and she wanted to hit the peak every day.

“Allow me to submit for your approval, a tune to take you back to bygone days drenched in pink neon, where the world was off its tits on cocaine, everyone was fucking everyone and yet somehow it was the more innocent of times…” Listening to the reverb of her own voice in her headphones, Miss Midnight began to fade out her vocals to line up with the growing synth her other hand was controlling. “This is CATBEAR with I Choose Love.As the song came into its own, the youngest Ramsey moved one of her ear pieces to the side and turned off her microphone. “Jade, baby, where’s your fucking android I’m hungy?!” She growled. “If he’s not here before the end of this song I’ll rip out his synthetic heart and feed it to CeCe’s dog Mongo.”

As if on cue, there were three knocks at the door of the studio.

“You know, your gothic powers scare me sometimes.” Jade opened the door and her gut was just telling her who it was. Even before she could physically confirm who it was, when the door opened and she grabbed a hand and pulled him close to her, Jade gave a passionate but contained display of affection to her boyfriend. Had it been just the two of them, things would have gotten x-rated in a heartbeat, but because a, Mei was literally staring razor blades into her and b, she was doing so through the power of her hunger demons, she had to resist the animalistic urge to rip her boyfriend’s clothes off right now.

“And the day is saved, thanks to Mei’s magical hunger powers and the best boyfriend a blonde baddie could ask for!” Out of Mei’s view, she squeezed Roddy’s firm ass.

“Well hello to you too.” Before Roddy had a chance to say another word, the pint sized witch snatched the bags he held in his left hand and darted over to a nearby table like some sort of possessed gremlin. She tore into its contents like a starving animal, forcing the shaggy haired Irishman to cock an eyebrow. He had never really run in the same circles as one Miss Ramsey, though since she was close with Jade, the goth was always around. The two women had connected in a way that the usually straight laced Rod could never truly understand and never would try to. Whatever Jade’s thing was with Mei, it was her thing. He didn't have any part of it.

Despite the weight of temptation that came with dating the Angel Princess, Roddy had not succumbed to darker impulses. Yes, he did own a motorcycle and yes, the Angels considered him a brother but he was not a patched member. He just helped out from time to time when they needed building work for something or planning permission; The joys of architect life. His true goal was for one day to build himself and Jade a little house out somewhere with a big stretch of lonely road so she could rev her bike in peace and he could just enjoy the quiet. He loved Edenridge but it was never just quiet. “How’s it going, gorgeous?” He brushed a strand of Jade’s peroxide blonde locks behind her ear and brushed her soft cheek with his thumb. He truly loved the quiet but Roddy loved her even more.

The Angel Princess had noticed just how quickly Mei seized the bag in a very gremlin-like way. She knew Miss Midnight was starving by how urgent she wanted snacks, but the least she could have done was wait until Rod had time to take them out of the bag, but she was always so impetuous. So the Harlot blonde decided to focus on her not-robotic boyfriend (contrary to what many say).

“Well…” She could just say everything was fine. Let her boyfriend live in his worry free state, but Jade was never able to lie to his face. Only two men in her life had the ability to see through her incredible pokerface. One that raised her since she was like ten and the other that she fucked every night, that also happened to be standing in front of. “We’ve been put in charge of compiling the playlist for Beau’s retirement party. It’s not been as easy as I thought it would be.” Not that Jade was really complaining. She was more than thrilled to do it, but sifting through hundreds of songs, listening to them, and making sure they would not just fit the vibe of a party, but one in honor of the best teacher anyone ever had, it was harder than a silicone dick.

“I’m sorry, I can’t really help with that babe. I’m not exactly known for my taste in music like the two of you.” Roddy gestured towards his lover and her fishnet clad bestie who was stuffing her face in the corner. The butchers boy was always amazed by how much the pint sized Mei could pack away into her tiny body. Then again, the simple fact of the matter was that beneath the leather and lolita fashion, Miss Midnight was a cardiovascular beast with more abs than Roddy had hot dinners. He’d often heard that nobody could outwork Mei and based on what Jade had told him of their training sessions, he really was starting to believe that she was a witch. “Any suggestion I make would only cause trouble.”

Like she had just been punched in her rock hard gut, Mei dropped her snacks and her dark eyes widened. “trouble,trouble,trouble,TROUBLE! Shooting across the room like lightning, Meiday stopped in front of the happy couple and slapped both their butts. Trouble! She repeated with glee, a smile crossing her usually morose face. “If I weren’t with Devi we’d about be having a three way right now. I don’t even give a fuck.” Mei had to laugh a little to herself. She’d definitely been spending too much time with Addie. Pushing past the two of them, she dove to another of the mountainous boxes that she and Jade had gathered filled with records and began to scour for something in particular before finally pulling free a classic. Trouble Man! Marvin’s Gaye! Add that shit!” She smiled before reaching up and gently scratching her throat. She always had an itch there for some reason. “Robot, you're a genius.”

Jade had found it nearly impossible to contain the amused expression that burst into laughter. She saw Roddy’s somewhat confused face, clearly not sure what happened. The Angel Princess herself was still putting together the pieces, but working with Mei as closely as she did, Jade had learned to understand and interpret the unique brand of chaos Miss Midnight operated in. “Whaddaya know, babe? You were a big help after all.” Jade embraced her boyfriend and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you for this, babe. Really, you may have saved our asses. I think we can finally find the rhythm of completing this playlist and we couldn’t have done it without you.” Jade’s turquoise gaze went to the scramble brained goth queen and Jade cleared throat in an obvious attempt to get her attention. “Isn’t that right!?” Her question was unsubtly directed at Mei.

“Sure as shit is brown, sweet tits. Give the little synthetic a microchip for his good behaviour. Hussle up the loving buttercup. Mama got work to do!” Like some inhuman beast, Mei completely cleaned off a wing on one mouthful before diving back onto her seat by her mix station. “But seriously Roddy, thanks for the snacks. Always said you were a hero, true story.” The pint sized martial artist quickly placed her headphones back on to try and line up the next few songs for the radio, whilst simultaneously sending a text to her girlfriend.

“To Devi; Can’t wait to be done. See you soon x”

Roddy smiled before cupping both his hands around Jade’s alabaster face. “I guess that’s my cue to make like a tree and get out of here.” He lightly kissed her forehead. “Text me when you get done and if Mrs Elliott frees me from work, we can meet with Pops and them for some brunch. We still got a shit ton of meat…”

Against her own preferred and better judgement, Jade didn’t make a comment. She could, but she didn’t want to give Mei any additional ammo to use against her when they were on commercial break. Even as she went to open her mouth to say something, Mei was already interrupting her.


“Uh-huh.” Rod sighed. “We still have all that stuff my dad brought us so we might as well use it.” He leaned in again and left a lingering kiss on his beloved's lips. One day, Roddy planned to marry this girl. Though he oft wondered what a wedding between the Angel Princess and the Butchers Boy would actually look like; considering he carried Foundling status. “Love you, see you later.” He winked before waving at the raven haired DJ. ”See you Mei!”

“GET BENT C3PO!” Mei waved pleasantly in return before ushering to Jade to take her seat so they could begin work again, “As promised my good little spawns we’ve got something special up next. This one goes out to the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour. Funky like a monkey, Mister Antoine Beauregard. Mister Beau, by request of your baby girl Genevieve, Imma play this one, just for you. We’re gonna bring it back now, 1981, Luther Vandross, Never Too Much cos you never can have too much Beau in your life. Here’s to you, you old bitch.”



۞۞۞ Apollo's Cabin
۞۞۞ Vivian's Room

Interacting With
۞۞۞ Tiffannie Taccone, Daughter of Apollo via Text @Venus



| ۞ | Thursday, June 1st - 5:32-5:50AM | ۞ |

All around her was chaos. The kind of chaos that made thinking clearly next to impossible and all you could do was rely on your own adrenaline and reflexes to get you from point A to point B. The sounds of bronze metal clanked against bronze shields, yells for victory coming from both sides. Two teams of ruby and sapphire cheered for each other, each of them standing on opposite sides of the river.

Vivian couldn’t see where she stood but she could remember the moment that the chaos was at its peak. It was blinding and deafening. Everyone around her fighting with skill that far surpassed her own. Vivian wasn’t a fighter fighter. She was a supporter. She wasn’t the healer her brother Chandler was, but she could help in her own way. Moral support was where she shined. The light that came from her person was the kind of light that could refresh the mind. The power that came from her hands could make anyone forget whatever bad notion was crawling through the depths of their mind and of their soul.

But she had Aphelios in hand and was on the front lines.

Vivian wasn’t going to have a fun time.

And in a flash, the golden-haired sun princess woke up, the morning kiss of her Legacy hitting her gently through the sun-shaped ceiling in her room. She forced her eyes open, taking a look at the solar-powered clock she had at her bedside. She noticed it was a little past 5:30am, which was normal for Vivian to wake up. She had never been the kind of person to let the morning waste away. Never had been the kind of girl to sleep past what she had programmed in her mind for years as the time to wake up for school.

But when she woke up on this morning, Vivian realized what her dream was…it wasn’t a dream at all. She had a vision. A premonition and as it has always been the case ever since she discovered she inherited her father’s powers of prophecy, Vivian woke up with the worst migraine she’s had in months. Because that’s how long since the last time she had a premonition, one that was odd because it still hasn’t come true.

On her and Tiffannie’s birthday, she had a vision that her sister would be graduating and would see a massive shadow cast behind her, stalking her. And for weeks she tried to figure out what that was. The visions she had weren’t as accurate as the Oracle’s. Since she hasn’t mastered it yet, Vivian wasn’t ever able to have a clear idea. Only bits and pieces. She had to fill in the rest.

As she let time pass by, Vivian was starting to wake up and she knew she had to take herself out of that mindset. You’ll be no good to anyone if you linger on that what ifs, Vivian, she told herself as she got up. Vivian was wearing a light yellow and light pink-colored pair of PJs that had little sunflowers on it with jovial grins on them. Vivian immediately grabbed her phone, sending a quick text to her darling twin sister.

To: My Moon
From The Sun

She exited her messages app on her Samsung Galaxy S23 and immediately opened up Spotify. VIvian needed to get into better spirits. The only way she knew how to mellow out the migraines she always was cursed with after having a premonition was putting on music and meditating every morning. And for that, she needed a song that would make her at peace. She had a playlist of them that included more soft pop, girlie pop, bubblegum pop and pop-punk. She murmured “no, no, not the right vibe” over and over again until she found one.

“That’s it!” She excitedly chirped, grinning as she pressed play, put it on repeat, and let the beautiful musings of Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket of Sunshine play over and over again. After the first replay, she felt her headache retreat into a dull pain. After three replays, the headache was just a minor annoyance. By the fifth replay, the song had done its job, Vivian had soaked up all the sun’s rays as she sat on the floor stretching and letting the morning sun surround her in his light. Helios’ blessing was almost at its peak and when a sixth replay came around, Vivian felt nothing but the joy of being awake and bask in the Sun’s glory.

Any bad thoughts or feelings or temptations or mental tugs that Vivian Lucasta may have had or may not have had wasn’t important right now. She didn’t care and she didn’t pay it any mind. The day was beautiful. The morning summer was still brisk enough that Vivian felt comfortable to put on one of her sundresses, after of course, she slapped on her necklace she had worn almost every day since she was fourteen, the gold bracelet that Aphelios takes the form of, and another gold bracelet on her left wrist that her golden armor, Phaethon, takes the form of when dormant.

Looking in the mirror, approving of the outfit she chose, Vivian smiled with a bright and cheery grin so bright and cheery a small aura of sunlight poured out from the Daughter of Apollo like a golden smokey mist as she put on a pair of white flat slide sandals, leaving her room behind and the Apollo Cabin as she embraced the morning as only the oldest Daughter of Apollo currently at camp could.

With a bright smile and a jovial mood that not even the sourest soul could ruin.

Lili Reinhart | #daa520/Goldenrod
"The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are."Goldie Hahn


Jamie Campbell Bower | Steel Blue/#4682b4
"My mother taught me all the fables, told me that in the end, all sinners must pay."Silhouettes, Smile Empty Soul


Ryan Potter | Orange Red/#ff4500
"Even the mightiest warriors experience fears. What makes them true warriors is the courage that they possess to overcome those fears."Vegeta, Prince of all Sayians


There's a few things, but one of my favorites is, in general, Johnny Yong Bosch.

His career and the trajectory he's had with his life story, too, is very facsinating to me.

Everyone knows he got his start on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the second black ranger, Adam Park. We also know him as the voice of many anime characters for their various english dubs (Lelouch from Code Geass, Renton Thurston from Eureka 7, and Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach). A lesser known tidbit is his humble, but sadly not very successful musician career with his band Eyeshine and now more recently, Where Giants Fall. But what a lot of people don't know is he taught himself how to play the guitar, how to sing. He met the longtime drummer of his band, Eyeshine, while at church. They formed the band, got a small demo put-together, ended up getting a full band and released their first album. The band had a good amount of lineup changes, but ended up finding stability with Polo Yazaki as the main lead guitarist.

What not a lot of people know is Johnny actually sniped him from another band while they were touring . It's actually hilarious because Polo is the only other member of Where Giants Fall.

There's a lot more about it, especially some of the real life troubles Johnny had post-power rangers and how, for a while, his entire life was in trash bags. sleeping on couches of friends.

<Snipped quote by Vlad Tepes>

@AlteredTundra Did you know about this..? O-O

Yes I do and I can also go on a tangent about how effed up that entire situation was and how easily it could've been avoided if certain things had happened that didn't.
I believe wholeheartedly with my chest that black olives are superior to green olives.
I was literally typing something and then it goes and shits itself to Tartarus
Fucking discord

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