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Current Now is the appropriate time to put on your best holiday-themed sets, Roleplayer Guild!
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Just call me the writer version of John Wick because, YEAH I'M THINKING I'M BACK TO POSTING SEMI-REGULARLY!
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After three long years, Tundy is back baby!
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Power Ranger jokes are hard to do. They sometimes feel Super Megaforced
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Think I might try my hand at NaNoWriMo this year. I haven't participated for a couple of years, but I miss it. I also miss writing for myself.


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Took me a bit longer than I would've liked. Had to deal with personal stuff today, but here's my boy.

@Cleveraptor Sweeeet! I'm already getting started on my Tamer sheet, but little question about Digimon lines.

When I was reading through the OOC last night, I noticed there was a somewhat...let's say hesitation about cyborg digimon (since you said the DigiWorld ismostly in medieval style), would it be a problem to use LoaderLiomon? Cause I was thinking about going the canon Liollmon line (Liollmon>Liamon>LoaderLiomon). Would that be a problem since LoaderLiomon is classed as machine?
I'm a simple man - I see Digimon rp, I join it

If you are still accepting, that is.

If so, fantastic because I already have an idea for a line. If not, then well crap this is awkward.

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Anakin did nothing wrong. #fuckthemkids

But welcome! Pokemon and Star Wars rule
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INTERACTIONS: Aegis Agent, New roomieeeee! @Retired
LOCATION: Rekt Room → New homeeee with da homie


It hadn't mattered where Kyle went. He always felt like the odd one out whenever he was on an island. The Aegis facility he and so many others were forced to live in might've been a lot less tropical than the place he called home, but it didn't lack the same kind of excitement.

Except, in Kyle's case, he wasn't at the center of said excitement. He wasn't mad or anything or even disappointed. He just felt like he was in an odd place as the events that unfolded had him lamenting about everything. He wasn't part of the group that was engaging with the others. He wasn't blowing up tables or anything even close to that. Kyle was playing video games, enjoying whatever racing game was left unattended. In all truth, he was having a grand time by himself because that's who Kyle was. He could find enjoyment out of simple pleasures such as video games.

During the immediate aftermath of everything that happened and every single meta like him was told to get against the wall, Kyle wanted to look back but it was so intense, he thought it would be beneficial to his physical well-being to just not poke the shark. Oh, but the temptation was indeed high.

Being led down some hallway, Kyle wasn't really paying attention other than where he was told to go. It hadn't been until he heard the soldier or whatever they were called had been guiding him down said highway did he hear another that was with him read off Kyle's name from the handy-dandy tablet in his hand.

"Vass, Kyle--" The look on the man's eyes when he met Kyle's was the expression of a man who thought he saw a ghost, but it was just the pesky annoying little turd that refuse to call him by his real name.

"Not Austin, It's Steve!" Kyle excitedly declared, seeing the familaar face and smiled. "Mahalo! How are you?"

"I don't ask for much from the director. I just want to do a job. I just want to do a job and not have to stress about much. And yet..." Steve was mumbling to himself and completely lost track of time.

"Yoooo whooooooo!" Kyle was waving his hands in front of the dazed Steve's face. Time went by, but after a few minutes, he finally snapped back to Planet Earth.

"Right. Anyway, this is your room. Your personal items..well, item should be in there. And you'll have a roo--"

Much like his own power over wind, Kyle blitz'd into the room. He had a one-tracked mind. He heard his board was returned to him and he rushed in to see it. He left STeve hanging on an unknowingly importnat note that he didn't even stop to consider that there would be two rooms. The implication didn't hit him until he saw the belongings of someone else in one of the rooms. Not that it was much, but Kyle made a note of a MP3player, but when he saw his board, Kyle's world came full circle. His heart was full of joy and he gave his board a gentle, yet full tap.

"I can't wait to ride you. Feeling the wind in my hair, letting the air currents really take us high."

The Hawaiian surfer spent a few moments saying things to an inanimate object that most would probably find weird, but Kyle was a weird dude. He marched to the beat of his own drum. And, in all honesty, he just didn't feel complete without his board. In that time, he didn't even acknowledge there was another person that entered the room. He was, however, snapped out of his own little world when the other boy greeted him.

"Mahalo brada!" Kyle energetically gestured to..Wes with a hang loose hand gesture and a wide smile. He was still mentally in his own world, riding high on the cloud of air of his own excitement. "I'm Kyle! Well, Skylar, but all my ohana just calls me Kyle. Sometimes idiot. Definitely have been called a dumbass and loco. You're free to call me whatever the wind carries you to. You can even call me Wave Rider, if you're feeling like it...Though I guess that one makes no sense, huh? Well it's cause of this bad boy!" He tapped his hoverboard again for emphasis. "When I'm on my baby, I fly high like a seagull that's accidentally consumed an edible. You ever had edibles before? Let me tell you, that's a whole different kind of high, especially the good shit!"

LOCATION — Los Angeles International Airport → Miami International Airport → Private Hanger → Miami Marina
INTERACTIONS — Run in with an old friend


“Today’s the day.”

Derex was riding first class to his old stomping grounds — Palm Beach, Florida. The memories he had attached to that place. Those memories date back to when he was barely 13 and his family moved from Germany to Florida. At the time, he hadn’t thought about what exactly was in store for him. At thirteen, Derex wasn’t thinking about much. He was leaving the only home he knew to another home that he would eventually call his own. When he made his first friends in Asher and Ty, he thought it was great because here were two boys who he had developed a brotherhood for life with.

That friendship carried over through the years. As with everyone who becomes busy in life, sometimes the frequency of contact wavered in the years, but a thing about a brotherhood? No matter how busy life got for any of them, there was one thing that could bring em all back together: guaranteed front row seats at any of his fights. And the afterparties were always legendary. Always whether it was just the three dogs let loose on the town or when the gang could get together, especially because his social circle was the same as theirs.

Which included Paulina. Especially Paulina since she was best friends with Amalee and Rex had always been close with his self-appointed adopted introvert.

As he sat in his seat, thinking about the last time the whole gang was together and the events that followed, Rex couldn’t help but think about how his last…encounter with Paulina left a lot of questions. There was a night a few weeks ago where he and Paulina drank too much. He couldn’t remember how many shots he threw back, but he recalled Paulina matching his pace, if not exceeding it. Most of that night remained a mystery but he remembered they made it to his place. And the sex they had would make Thor and Odin jealous, yet make every viking cheer in support of the extremely-physical things they did.

And then morning came. Immediately after he woke up, he did so with a phone call from his baby sister. Lena, like Rex, also enjoyed the reckless unpredictability of a night out on the town. She was involved in a classic bar fight. Lena was a true firecracker and she had gotten herself arrested. Rex, ever the family man who always put his family first, left as soon as he could. He left a note for Paulina, explaining it and hoped she wouldn’t be mad at him.

But ever since then he never heard back from her. Not even to let him know how angry she was at him for leaving her alone in his Malibu beach house. He assumed that maybe she was busy with things in her own life or she needed space. He respected that, but in the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but wonder she was indeed mad at him. Or at least felt some kind of way about him.

Which brought him to the feeling of apprehension he was having. He was halfway into the flight and it would land with a couple of hours before he had to be at the Miami Marina. Still, something deep down told him this might not be the exciting reunion with his old class that he was hoping it might be.

“This is your captain speaking!” The captain of the flight spoke over the intercom. Rex immediately shook his head, and by extension, himself, awake as the captain continued, “We will be landing at Miami International Airport in 15 minutes.”

Rex stretched his arms and loosened all of his limbs. He made sure his seatbelt was on, as per the protocol when landing. No matter how many times he flew back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles, which in all honesty has been frequent due to his own business he conducts. Much like his father who also goes between the cities, he has his businesses. Ever since his father retired full time from running day to day operations of their gym, Rex took over the majority ownership. He may not have oversight of the day to day, but he pops in every other week for progress reports. He sits on the board of the now global chain of boxing and lifestyle fitness. In recent years, they’ve strayed away from his father’s initial vision and became more of a rival for the likes of Planet Fitness and In-Shape City.

Rex had always preferred to keep himself busy. In high school, even though he was training constantly at his father’s gym, he always wanted to be challenged. He did well enough at his academics, so he never needed to study much, so that’s really how he found himself with the free time to play football. Plus, he loved the sport. Whether it was American or European, he just loved it. He regularly plays soccer for charity as well as Football. He even has a minor ownership of the Miami Dolphins.

When the plane landed, it only took roughly half an hour for Rex to get his single duffle bag of luggage only to be led by security (upon his request) to a private hanger he owned. In it, among other things, was the one man he trusted above everyone else to manage the Miami location of his gym.

“Freddie!” Rex dapped his brother from another mother…well, one of three brothers from another mother. Freddie was his childhood best friend. Both of them were born and raised in Germany and even though Rex moved away, he never fell out of it with him. Always called. Always chatted. They would always play call of duty or madden every weekend and night that both of them were free. Eventually, Freddie moved to the states for college. Unlike Rex, he was a cage fighter and rose through the ranks in Bellator and UFC respectively. They called him Blitz because nobody sees him coming.

“Sexy Rexy! How was your flight? Ride it strong?” Fred joked, nudging his friend teasingly.

“You idiot,” Rex rolled his eyes, looking around his hanger. His own jet that he and Freddie owned was here but also his own personal ride that he kept here. “Yeah, it was fine. First class gets dull when you fly it all the time. A shame our baby is going through some hard times.”

“She just needs a little TLC and she’ll be flying us to Tokyo like she was last year. I do miss the dangerous delight of my puffer fish.”

The Bull shook his head. “You’re gonna die young, I hope you know that.”

“Life fast, die young, Fredrick Weiss does it well!” The blonde German started to dance to the rhythm of the slightly-altered Mia song. “Anyway! You got that reunion today, right?”

Rex smiled, shrugged, but eventually nodded. “Yeah. Gotta get to the marina within the hour. Of all places, it’s on a yacht.”

“So this otta be right up your alley. You’re basically a natural sailor at this point, what with how many models, sex workers, and the occasional hot mess socialites you’ve slept with on those fancy-ass LA yachts.”

Rex shook his head. Not that he was ashamed of his wildly impressive body count that was ont he verse of going triple…digits, that is, lately he’s been thinking of numero tres on that list. Number three being Paulina. He wanted to downplay some of Fredide’s comments and thoughts that he knew his friend was keeping inside. Rarely did Fred keep his intrusive thoughts inside, but knowing him, he could get a lot more colorful with his words.

“This one’s a bit different.”

“Oh because it’s your friend’s yacht? Cheer up, Rexy! I’ve met Ty plenty of times. He seems like he might be a dope ass host. Thousand Sunny is a great name for a yacht.”

He sighed. As always, Freddie was a bit too lost in his own intrusive thought-ridden mind. “No, not because of that. And yes, I agree it’s a great name and a yacht that I’m sure will be fun to party on. But you should know why, man. I literally told you about it last week.”

“Ohhh right! Has she not called you at all or are you too fucking chicken to make this move again?” Freddie allowed himself to sigh and almost glare at his childhood best friend. “You know for a Bull, you sure are playing chicken.”

“I am not a chicken!”

“Bock bock bock!” Freddie made the appropriate gestures, slouching forward and bending his arms like a chicken wing. “I’m sure your friends are tired of it, but this friend in this lovely hanger, standing right behind your damn Bugatti Chiron, is…also tired of it. There’s a long list of hot babes you’ve given the ole Bull Ride to, but what bout your heart, man? YOUR HEART!” Freddie gripped the very broad shoulders of The Bull and made the man who held a few inches over him look at him in his striking blue eyes. “Forget how mesmerizing my eyes are and listen to me! This woman Paulina is the only one you keep bitching about. You both made some stupid mistakes of thinking you were holding each other back. I don’t know how it was for her, but I was there on the other end of those late night gaming seshes. So I know, like usher said, you got it bad for her. So, also like Usher said, roll up to that reunion, pick the right time, and utter these following words…”

“Please no…”

Too late. Rex saw the grin on his friend’s face and he broke out into song. “THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS~!”

And for ten minutes, with nobody around but the two of them to witness, the boys from Germany sang not just part one, not just part two, but PART 3 of Confessions. The two that Usher sang, but also the parody that Weird Al Yankovic did, as well. Ten minute spent singing in perfect German and ten more laughing about it.

When it was all said and done, the two were laying on their backs on the concrete floor of the hanger and they just looked up. It wasn’t always, but every now and then, Rex and Freddie liked to do this. They were idiots together. Rex had that vibe about him. Under all of the suave bravado he had with the many women he has slept with, the ultra macho, gym bro alpha male persona when he was in the ring, there was a boy who loved to break into song. Call him Troy Bolton but make it German. Call him a fruit (because he heard it from people all his life who didn’t understand), but don’t call him a coward.

Yet, as he laid in silence, Rex felt like one. He’s felt like one for close to a decade. He could say a lot about the reasons why he never pursued her after they “broke up”, but the truth of the matter was, deep down where all of his insecurities reside that are usually held under lock and key, he could see it for what it was. He was afraid. Always charging forward, but The Bull was running away.

He kipped up almost immediately after coming to this realization and as he did, his shorts hiked up into his ass. “Time for this bull to actually run towards something for a change.”

“MY MANNNN!” Freddie mirrored his friend and brought him into a bro hug. A tight one, at that. The hug lasted a few moments and they grinned at each other. “Better stampede ahead. You have…” Freddie checked his Apple Smart Watch. “Yeah, like twenty minutes to make it. Good thing you got yourself a car that will make you fast as fuck boiiiii!”

“Damn right it will. I knew keeping that beautiful candy-apple red Bugatti here would pay off.”

“That and you haven’t exactly paid for it to be shipped to your Malibu beach house.”

Rex shrugged. “Details-schmetails. What matters is that’s my ticket to not pisisng off a certain host.”


“Sadly no. He is the chillest motherfucker you’ll ever meet. If he was planning this shit, I could show up an hour late and he’d be too high to notice. It’s Nikole Saera. You know her. Hot as fuck, but also a nightmare if you make trouble for her planning. Ever the infamous party planner. Great when you want shit to go a certain way, but punctuality has no leeway in her eyes.” It was annoying, but Rex could understand the drive. Kole was no different than Rex was. She was all about the grind. It didn’t matter if her grind was barking orders at the unlucky sap that would be working close with her.

Poor Ty.

Rex opened the front door to the bugatti and turned it on, letting the engine get ready as he tossed his bag in the backseat. He specifically chose this Bugatti for the fact that he wanted a luxury convertible. He didn’t want just any and it was down to a McLaren and a Bugatti. The Bugatti won.

“Damn she sounds like a nightmare. Be sure to give her my number.”

Rex rolled his eyes and cracked a grin. “Sure. I’ll be sure to pass along the message. ‘Hey Kole, been a long time. By the way, you seeing anyone? My idiot brotha-from-anotha-mother wants to fuck ya. Here’s his number.’” Rex let out a deep laugh front he gut while he and Freddie play-wrestled for about a minute.

“Fucker. Get out of here. Be sure to post on your story. I wanna see all the craziness that you’re willing to make public.”

Revving the engine, both Rex and Freddie gave each other a hand gesture that was synonymous with not just their friendship, but the gesture a lot of the younger fans of both of them use to identify each other. Between the two of them, it was how they always communicated the sentiment of ‘see you later’.

As he drove out of the hanger and left the airport, Rex drove it like the stampeding bull that he was. While it may have been perceived as reckless, he had full control. The thrill of getting the attention of cops was always part of the addiction. Adding to it, Rex took advantage of his ability to multitask but hitting up his group chat with The Boys, Asher and Ty.


The sounds of Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys are Back In Town’ was like a symphony down the streets of Miami, en route to the Marina. But, more importantly, party central!

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