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I'm sort of an addict for Harry Potter. If you ever want to do an RP... I will be down almost 99% of the time. :D
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Sorry for people who I was RPing with. I was in the Hospital. Getting back into things now slowly. Be patient!
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RIP Alan Rickman, best actor for the best character.


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Interacting With: @Hedgehawk/Melville/Aloysius

The blinking of a damaged sign reading 'No Board' is what captivated Kairo's attention. When not on duty and in a crowded location, such as a bustling airport with hundreds of potential flyers, Kai liked to lose track of the world for a little bit. A stark contrast to the constant head-turning, crowd checks, and contingency plans when he was on duty. It was the lack of work that had made him nervous in the first place, he had just been assigned to his assigned VIP, and not even a month later he was forced to separate to another flight so as to, 'not draw suspicion'. With a soft yawn, Kairo stood and gave a stretch and smoothed his hair on its left side above the ear. He was a mix of bored, frustrated, and relaxed and all of them were new emotions more or less. He made his way to his gate and plastered a fake smile onto his face as he greeted the ticket collector who blushed and looked down as she checked his ticket and then gave a wink when she noticed he was in first class. Briefly, Kairo considered flirting back but the gravity of the situation in Japan had ruined his mood and so he just widened his smile a little and started heading onto the plane proper.

Truth be told, Kai was lucky he had been allowed first-class. The Guild kept things simple, off the grid, but he had managed to get the ok after casually mentioning that he would have more time to prepare in a first-class seat and have a semblance of privacy instead of being locked shoulder to shoulder with a stranger that could be anybody. The guild relented and here Kairo was, settling into his seat and smirking softly as he brought out his laptop and typed in a coded phrase into a chatbox, 'Passing Herod.' There was a moment of quiet before a gentle ding informing of a message and Kairo glanced down to see a response. 'Copy, passing Herod. The package was delivered successfully. Safe flight.' Kai smirked and exited the chatroom before breathing out a sigh and closing his eyes. When he opened them next he found that the trip was already halfway over and that it was dark outside. With a large stretch and a stifled yawn, Kai took stock of his surroundings and decided to stretch his legs and use the little agent's room. As he was passing by other sleeping first-class fliers he took note of the time and chuckled a bit, he must have been more tired than he had thought. It didn't really matter, the trip was going to be spent doing nothing anyway so catching up on missed sleep was a blessing really but still, Kai didn't like succumbing to any weakness and the need for sleep was one of those.

In the end, however, after taking care of other mortal needs such as the bathroom, Kairo returned to his seat and once again passed out and didn't wake again until he felt hands gently shaking him. Coming out of his sleep he froze, muscles tensing and eyes dilating as a rush of adrenaline ran through him until he managed to gain control. He had to relax each muscle slowly and let himself wake before opening his eyes and forcing a smile when he noticed the same attractive blonde attendant hovering over him. She seemed hesitant and apologetic for startling him but Kai just poured on the charm and made sure to ease the situation to not make a scene. He also quietly cursed his exhaustion and for not waking earlier. He could just hear his old instructor in his head. 'Don't you DARE ever lose focus, at any time!' With a sigh, he gathered his belongings and after the plane touched down and began taxiing to an available gate, Kairo opened his laptop and opened a chat program and winced as he noticed the latest message. 'Safehouse has been compromised. No more safe houses left. Go to this address instead. Equipment stash secure.' The situation had deteriorated quickly then which meant that the rebellion was far more organized than most and that the local guild was more or less out of existence. Kairo and the team he was with were alone with no Operating Base and no support.

With the situation so hostile, Kairo was looking forward to retrieving his supplies and making contact with Melville. He knew that his charge's plane would have already landed which meant that the Louis was in the area with no one to help should he need it and if he was being honest with himself that put Kai on edge. He hurried through the luggage line to pick up his other bag, passed through inspection and customs, and then headed to the vehicle rental service. Inside was a black Lexus GS with his name on it, and Kairo once again had to smirk at the reach his family and the Guild had. He turned the ignition and patted the dash as the vehicle purred to life and as the car came to life the viewscreen went instantly to the map mode where coordinates had been programmed in. Kai nodded and took a few breaths before making his foray into Japan proper. He was a seasoned driver, the skill being one of many that had been ingrained into him by the Ahmedi family tutors and trainers who wished to ensure any of their members assigned to a Louis family member would be able to engage in vehicular skirmishes and knew defensive driving techniques. It was a bit different to be in a country he was unfamiliar with, but in the end, he made it to the address and peered at the unassuming warehouse.

Paranoia caused him to park the Lexus in the back, a tarp covering a pallet of supplies also being placed over it. He didn't necessarily think he could be compromised but one could never be too careful. After ensuring that his habits were followed he made his way into the warehouse and began searching. After ten minutes of searching, he came to a room marked with the Ahmedi crest and within a locked closet door. For Kairo, that door didn't stand a chance after having been taught Ahmedi locks and after a short time, the tell-tale 'click' of a lock opening followed by the 'clang!' of it hitting the ground was heard. Kai smirked and opened the closet to see a large black box standing up in the closet. It was about six feet tall and about as wide as Kai was and all total it had that 'heavy' look to it. Kai drug it out and then let it fall, the box making a loud boom throughout the warehouse and he mentally kicked himself for being so careless. His inner paranoia made him do a quick check to make sure no one heard before returning and typing in a four-digit code on the front. A hiss of compressed air was given before the locks clicked open and Kai had a wide grin on his face as he opened the box and revealed the treasures inside. Those 'treasures' included an HK MK23 side-arm complete with a flashlight, laser dot sight, and speed-loading magazine, an HK 416 Assault Rifle with full attachments, a shoulder holster, a hip holster, a tactical knife, high-powered flashlights, a black watch, pliers, extra magazines, his kevlar, and a tactical kit.

Kairo kept his smirk and went ahead and placed his shoulder holster on under the sports coat and as soon as he placed the MK23 and felt the familiar weight he breathed much easier. The rest of the gear he stowed away into the large unassuming grey backpack that was placed in the back of his car and once finished stood and took a deep breath. He pressed a button on the watch and a secure network was setup which he used to send an encrypted message from his phone while connected. 'Passing Jericho.' He disconnected from the network, pressed the button again, and then walked out of the warehouse with much less paranoia. He had heard horror stories of Ahmedi Agents being ambushed at an equipment drop site and with how this mission was turning out Kai wouldn't have put anything out of the frame of mind. As that thought passed by however it made him want to reach the residence as soon as possible. He secured his bag in the back, jumped into the driver's seat and sped off after inserting the address of his new home away from home.

All in all, the trip didn't take to long but would have been faster had he taken the train. He wasn't used to the traffic in the area and as such he hit a few jams that he notated for future information. He memorized what roads he could, and took in the landmarks he passed. He was in full mission mode and even his eyes had slightly narrowed as the serious face took over his face. Upon arriving, Kai passed the home twice to scope out any potential vehicular surveillance, and only when he was sure that things were clear did he park the Lexus in the driveway. He locked the vehicle down after exiting and then took a good look at the house. It actually wasn't terrible, and much better than Kai was expecting. He glanced around before sighing to himself and performing a full perimeter patrol... Three times, taking in escape routes in the adjoining yards, which roads went where, and the general escapability of the house overall. When he was finished he had four working full retreat options and defensive siege positions. Only then did he permit himself to return to the Lexus, haul the bag onto his back and make his way to the door.

He didn't bother knocking but tested the door to see if it was unlocked and sighed to himself when he noticed that it was, in fact, unlocked for any average joe to walk in on. He gently opened the door and crept in, locking it behind him. When he wished, Kai could make his footsteps quiet as a mouse and he glanced around the home for a moment and nodded, impressed at the size and relative neatness. Not half bad for a rapid job, and once again flexing just how much reach the Guild had around the globe. Part of him wanted to put his defensive plans into actions and start mapping the home, but as he heard Melville's voice from further inside Kai's smirk grew into a playful one and he crept further in. "Sorry Aloysius, I just love making you jump. Keeps you on your toes." Kai then took a deep breath, placed his bag down beside him, and then charged the couch, activating his anti-magic on his charge to make sure no accidents happened before yelling out.

"YOU LEFT THE DOOR UNLOCKED AND ARE NOW DEAD!" It was fast and meant to startle and perhaps make Mel fall off the couch or scream. Oh, that would be good.

Melville was just about to reply to Aloysius when the sudden yell came from behind. On instinct, he went to raise the nearest object he could see but realized that he couldn't. Turning around fully he could only see the blur of the figure approaching him. It was at this point he realized exactly who it was. "Nice try. If I really wanted to I could have smashed you into the wall." Melville commented as he crossed his arms. Aloysius in the background however couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

Luckily for Kairo, he was good as stopping quickly and so he simply flipped over the cough and landed beside Mel with a growing smirk and shrugged. "You could have tried yes." He gave a wink and then noticed Aloysius and grew a bit more serious. "Ah, sorry about that. Was just trying to shove home basic home defense. You know how it is these days with getting people to lock their doors." He gave a shrug and folded his arms behind his head.

"It is fine. Just don't trash my childhood home. I do still occasionally go there." Aloysius commented as he finally got around to putting his bowl of cereal down. Melville didn't respond, instead deciding to go back to sitting on the couch. 2 I left it unlocked so that you guys could walk right in. I highly doubt that the rebels even know this place exists.

Raising an eyebrow, Kai peered towards the screen and nodded. He had assumed the house was a quick back-up plan and supposed that it still was but still, knowing Aloysius had a personal attachment to it made Kai like the man all the more as he was willing to let them use it for the mission. He then glanced towards Mel and sighed a bit and nodded. "We can't assume anything with the local guild losing all of their holdings. Just, do me a favor and wait for me to arrive before losing protective habits eh?" He tried to brighten his facial structure but probably only succeeded in looking weird. It was still a bit awkward talking to Melville, the two having only recently been forced to spent time together as Kairo was assigned to him. He was still figuring the Louis heir out and was forced to guess on most interactions how to react.

"I still find it funny that an heir to one of the four great families needs a bodyguard." Melville said in a whimsical tone. He was about to speak when Aloysius interrupted him.

"At least you get a bodyguard. Me and Salem don't"

"Yeah, but you have a literal arsenal of weapons and Salem has her father."

"Just because my great grandfather started a weapons business doesn't mean I let it go to my head"

Kai opened his mouth to respond and just remained quiet instead, he also didn't really understand. It was one of the biggest questions he had as a child going through the regimented training and constant tests. He supposed it was mostly about appearances, having Anti-Mages guarding you tended to at least give potential Assassins pause, throw in a childhood of martial arts, weapons, and tactical training and you have yourself a pretty decent guardian. His father however told him that there was more to it, it allowed the heir and then ruler to have someone they trusted to carry out orders. A friend when everyone else wanted for power. Kai could understand that, and so that was what he was striving for with Mel.

"We're more than just bodyguards you know, and you not worrying about yourself lets you focus on throwing things at the enemy. And either way, neither of us have a real choice. It's a tradition at this point. Besides, I'm not that bad. Right?"

"You aren't bad in any way shape or form. You are an extremely helpful person." Melville remarked, making sure to focus on Kai rather than focus on the television screen. "You wouldn't have been chosen for this if you weren't good enough."

Kai opened his mouth to respond and then just nodded. He needed to hear that honestly but wouldn't let it go to his head. He gave a half-smirk and nodded over to Mel in thanks before standing and rolling his shoulder. "Er, thanks. I'm going to go and park near the door and verify everyone coming in. Let me know if you need anything?"
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Ashton II

Fallow Hill, the Riverlands

Ashton walked out of the war council feeling much better than he had going in. He had fretted non-stop at what his father would do and say when coming face to face with Ashton’s management of the House. As it was, things seemed just fine for the moment and with Edwyn back it meant that Ash could finally breathe clearly. He made his way to his room, calling for one of his servants to prepare a hot bath for him to actually enjoy this time. He entered his room proper and threw himself onto his bed, breathing in and out over and over again with a wide grin on his face.

The relaxing bath was very much a gift from the seven and Ashton savored it until the water was ice cold, even with Tristam, Ashton’s servant, refilling it many times. With all good things however, it had to come to and end and Ashton frowned as he stepped from the water, wrapping a cloth around his waist and drying his dripping body slowly. While drying the young Landry couldn’t help but yawn repeatedly and realized he had kept his emotions hidden and beat down for so long. He was exhausted, mentally and physically and he made an important mental note to find some excuse to go and visit with Ariella later that night, perhaps after supper… For now though, a nap would be perfect.

Said nap ended up taking away the entire afternoon and Ash would have would probably slept through lunch, the night, and most of the following day if Tristam didn’t start shaking his shoulder to wake the sleeping teen for supper. “Come on little Lord, and don’t fight me. I’ll toss ya off this bed if I have to.” Ash simply groaned and slammed his head back into the pillow and ever so slowly pushed himself up with his arms. He threw himself sideways and almost fell as his legs protested to being used so soon after waking. Tristam just rolled his eyes and put out a simple yet formal looking tunic and breeches.

“Thank you Trist.” Came the teen’s voice and Tristam just nodded and closed the door. Ashton dressed himself quickly and after tucking in his tunic he strapped on his sword belt once again and exited his room, his feet taking him unconsciously upon the memorized path to the Great Hall. As he entered he found servants all over preparing for the first time every Landry would sit at the same table. Every Landry but one… He thought with a sad grimace as his mind went to bring up Morgain.

“Ashton,” Lord Edwyn spoke, abruptly interrupting the thoughts of his youngest son. The riverlord’s strides were long and swift; he had likely just arrived from his study. Despite his demeanour being no less stoic than the norm, he seemed less formal than he had in the meeting room a few hours prior. He was no longer addressing the acting Lord of House Landry; he was addressing his son. “Are you well?” His question was broad and unspecific, but clearly sincere.

Ash pulled himself together in record fast time, forcing the grimace away and replacing it with a blank face. He turned to his father and nodded a few times, of course he was ok. “Father, yes I’m fine. I was just thinking that we’ll still have one empty chair at the High Table tonight, despite so many homecomings.” He gave a soft shrug and hoped his exhaustion wasn’t so evident, or the fact that he had slept for most of the day.

Edwyn’s eyes fell upon the hall’s interior as he listened. It was larger than the average castle’s. Old and stalwart, it’s mighty beams seemed unbreakable; if there was ever a quake of some kind, this would be the last building to fall. Two parallel rows of tables filled the room, with four on each side. There was space for ten at each table, with the hall having a maximum capacity of eighty, excluding the high table. The front right table was traditionally where the children of the lord would sit, along with any members of the extended household, such as Liliana. Morgain had always sat in the furthest-left forward-facing seat at this table. Ever since he left, it had remained untouched. This was the table the was currently being prepared for supper.

The high table was at the front of the hall; anyone who laid eyes on it would immediately notice the great mahogany seat that’s back stretched triple the length of any chair in the hall. This was Edwyn’s seat. It was the central of five at the high table; with Maester Oylen typically seated to Edwyn’s immediate right, and then Ser Baldric. Lady Priscilla would usually sit to Edwyn’s immediate left, with Ser Tristifer then next to her.

“Everyone keeps telling me of how well you’ve handled your circumstances,” Edwyn allowed for a strained smile to grace his mouth as he spoke. Now was not the time to speak about Morgain. But then again, there had never been a time to speak about Morgain for Edwyn, at least with his sons. He had discussed the disappearance with Ariella a handful of times, and his wife too, but even on those occasions he had held himself back emotionally. Never had he bared his thoughts on the subject to Ashton or Edmund. “I must admit, I am impressed you managed to keep this place from falling apart. I’m sure it took its toll.” Edwyn saw the fatigue in Ash’s face. He knew it too well. It was the same fatigue that he had felt intensely for the first few years of his lordship, and in times like this.

With a small nod Ashton accepted his father’s praise, taking it as such anyway and leaned against the wall as the servants continued to bustle about, all of them bowing when they caught sight of Edwyn. “I didn’t do anything special, only what I was taught father.” He was taken off his guard, not expecting the Lord Landry to express his praise this openly. Then again, they were alone and Ash had done a good job. It simply made him feel silly for worrying so much about the man's return to the Castle. “I’m fine father, no need to worry about me.” He refused to look weak when he was so close to finishing out this night and decompressing, just had to get through this dinner and it was clear sailing. “I just don’t know how you do it all the time.” The words came quickly, and Ash knew he was exhausted at that point if his usual filter wasn’t working. He had never been very talkative with Edwyn, had never expressed anything other than a loyal son but here he was...

“Just know there may be little time to relax going forward.” Edwyn's face turned colder. Ashton had been in command of the castle for the past week, so he would understand what his father meant by this. “Enjoy tonight. I need you back out in the yard training tomorrow. I'll not have you underprepared for the ambush,” and the war that may be to come he had thought, but not said. Setting his eyes on the table, which was now in the final stages of being prepared, Edwyn spoke curtly. “Let's sit.”

Ashton knew exactly what his father meant and the potential moment between father and son was shattered as Edwyn spoke on preparing for the ambush. Ash felt a small bit of relief as the ship was sent into safer and normal waters and he gave a firm nod of his head to his father. “I’ll be stealing Axell from you for most of the day tomorrow if that’s ok father, we were going to spend the day sparring. He’s getting some volunteers to fight against us, I figure if it’s going to be a battle, best train for one.” He nodded again as he finished speaking. He followed Edwyn into the hall proper and stared at the table, wondering who would sit where...

“Aye, it's better that he's prepared for the skirmish,” Edwyn glanced to his boy. “That you both are.” Edwyn's eyes shifted to the doors of the hall, hearing movement.

Edmund had left Priscilla after they chatted for a time like they often did. Leaving her to take care of a few things which included the savory smell of meat roasting that was calling to him. Nodding to his father.

"Ash I hear you've done good." Giving him a large pat on the back. "I did the family well at the tourney. I humbled Ser Symon and did well against Ser Gregor 'The Mountain'.” Edmund didn't embellish as much as he wanted with his father around.

“Quite the feat indeed,” Ariella added, coming into the Great Hall on Edmund’s heels. She had changed out of her riding clothes and into a slightly more regal burgundy gown, bishop sleeves hiding the sharpness of her elbows and wrists. “Though I’m somehow more impressed by the idea of knocking Symon into the mud.”

She wore something of a mischievous grin, but schooled it into a more polite smile as she curtseyed to her father, remembering his gentle reprimand from earlier. She hoped to lighten the mood, though; as much as she enjoyed getting the family together once in a while, she wasn’t looking forward to the tension that usually followed. Combined with the funny looks and gentle chastising she even for eating so little, dinners like these could sometimes be tiring.

Spotting her youngest brother, and subsequently the exhaustion on his face, her own expression softened. She’d watched those dark circles forming over the past few months as he acted as the head of household, but he’d done her proud standing strong against the wind. “Ashton, I haven’t seen you all day.” she gently chided, offering a warm smile, “I do apologize for missing court this morning, I’m afraid it slipped my mind.”

“I saw him.” Lilliana spoke up as she strolled cheerily over to the few gathered members of the Landry family [color=f6989d]“He wasn’t too bad…I suppose.”[color=f6989d] She grinned teasingly at Ashton, knowing full well that he had performed very capably but not wanting to give him too much praise. She did still owe him a bit of payback afterall.

The young Blackwood had returned to the Great Hall after having stored her new gifts in a hidden spot, taking care to make sure that no-one had spotted her with them. At least not yet. She had, after a brief squabble with Beatrice, also changed from her day clothes. Now she donned a dark blue dress, whose corset tied at the back instead of the front, the sleeves of which were only long enough to cover her shoulders. Her hair also hung loose in casual waves brought about by her braid. having run away before her handmaid could alter it.

“I’m glad to see you’ve returned safely Lord Edwyn.” She added to the head of the house, nodding politely as she spoke, having not yet seen him since he and Edmund arrived back at Fallow Hill.

”Thank you, my dear,” the riverlord spoke softly, leaving it at that. He had always been kind and gracious to Liliana, but ever distant, as with most.

Ashton gave a genuine smile as his family began to trickle into the Great Hall. He gave a final nod to his father and grinned ear to ear as Edmund spoke about the tourney. With a playful punch of his brothers arm Ash stood and nodded to him. ”Forget about me, you’re going to have to tell me everything.” He was broken out of his thoughts on King’s Landing and the bright armor by Ariella entering and speaking to him. He knew she could read him like a book so he didn’t bother to try and hide anything and just nodded at her words. ”I was in meeting most of the day sister, and then spent some time cleaning up. And no worri-” He cut himself off as Lilianna then made an appearance and he stuck out his tongue playfully as she spoke about his performance with the smallfolk. ”Great words of praise coming from a Blackwood!” He chuckled and gave Lili a wink and elbowed his brother in the chest, looking for support.

"Everything, how about just the best parts." Giving his little brother a hearty pat on his back as he could only smile at Ashton's excitement.

"I'm on her side now Ash. So watch out." Edmund offered a slight grin knowing Ash's reign as the prankster was coming to an end. Ash would know one day when he was to betrothed to a young woman that was to be his match. "Once we eat I will tell you all about knocking Ser Symon in the mud in front of King Robert no less and taking on Ser Gregor Clegane." Edmund remembered his father's light scolding earlier but Ashton was his brother and felt like he needed tell him the embellished version of the story. He felt that as a brother he needed to exaggerate some.

Ash just grinned widely and shrugged happily. He was quite more animated than he had been recently, and it showed just how much he still needed his family. All of them had a role to play in Ashton’s life and losing one could throw a wrench in everything. Though, as shown with Morgain’s disappearance all of the Landry’s could be resilient. The talk was cut short as the food arrived, carried in by five different servants and then another five carrying drinks. Boar, venison, and fish were placed upon the table sitting on large platters. Vegetables, and fresh baked bread came after and then a glass of wine (for the elders) or water came last.

Ashton nodded respectfully to the servants and gave a soft thanks as the last one began to file out before he looked back over his family and to Edwyn who would start the feast when he desired.

”Now,” Edwyn glanced over to the steaming boar. ”We will sit, and wait for Lady Landry,” Edwyn gracefully moved towards the table, where an additional seat had been placed at the end - a makeshift ‘head’ for the table fit for the lord. He gestured to his issue and the young Lilliana to sit. He’d had a fine meal in King’s Landing for the tourney, and been fed well in Pinkmaiden and Riverrun, but the best meals he could hope for were cooked in the kitchen of Fallow Hill.

After taking his seat, Edwyn ushered for one of the serving girls to fill the goblet that was laid out for him. Wine, Arbor Gold. The lord glanced over the children. By their age, Ariella, Edmund, and Lilliana were free to make their own decisions when it came to drink; at least in his household. Ashton, however, was still a boy in the eyes of most. ”I’ll allow for one glass, if you thirst for it,” he spoke, eyeing his youngest. ”Any more and your mother would surely object.”

Watching the food being brought in Edmund eyed the boar especially. Savory aromas would draw him to the meat when they all decided eat. Taking his prospective seat next to Liliana since it would be expected of him to sit next to his betrothed. Offering to help her into her seat before he took his own in turn.

It wasn’t until his stomach let loose several grumbles as telltale sign of his hunger. In terms of wine Edmund wasn’t one for a sweet wine like the one Edwyn had chosen but instead opted for a sour Dornish Red instead, the bitter taste would compliment the boar being served in his opinion. Edmund was ready for the food but his father was right, they needed to wait for their mother...Where was she anyways? “Where is mother anyways?” He’d wait for his mother on the food but the drink was a different story, sipping once from the goblet as everyone was getting situated.

Ariella sat daintily as the rest did, though she politely refused the servant’s offer of wine, taking water instead. Despite not having eaten much all day, the smells of the feast before her, tantalizing to most, nearly turned her stomach. Eating had been a chore ever since Morgain’s disappearance, and already in her head she was working out an excuse should her father or one of her brothers question her nearly-empty plate. But for now, they would wait for the assuredly joyous arrival of Lady Landry, a blessing only in that it allowed Ariella a little more time before having to force herself to eat something.

She looked over to Edmund at his question, but could offer little more than a shrug. “I saw her earlier, but I can’t speak to where she went next,” she replied, before looking to Liliana.

“But Liliana,” she began, giving the girl a coy look, “You must be so happy to have Edmund back!” She laughed a little, giving Ed a teasing look. “Knowing him, he probably brought back a lion cub from King’s Landing as a gift.”

Liliana turned to Ariella as she addressed her, eyeing her over the small goblet which was now cupped between her hands. “I wish! Though he clearly knows me better than to trust me with anything so lethal.” She cast a sideways glance at Edmund, raising her eyebrows playfully. At least she knew better than to mention his actual gift in front of his entire family... “Besides, I prefer ravens...” Lili commented as she took a small sip of her own wine. “..less chance of getting bitten!” She smiled lightheartedly, her gaze following one of the servants as they placed a dish containing an assortment of vegetables near her, the tables nearly full to the brim with food.

The Master-at-Arms oversaw the dismantling of the archery range. The several bales of hay used as targets were loaded onto wagons and driven back up to the castle. The arrows were gathered back up and returned to where they belonged. Those who borrowed bows from the armory were gathered up by the Master-at-Arms’ apprentice, his son, Mace. The young man then returned them to their proper place.

Once Ser Baldric returned to his quarters at the keep, he changed his attire to include a forest green silk doublet with a white snow shrike over the left breast; the sigil for House Durant. He was permitted to wear the sigil for House Landry and indeed wore the dull yellow otter from time to time, but occasionally, he fashioned himself with the deadly snow shrike of the north men.

Upon entering the great hall, Ser Baldric Durant strode with a purpose towards his seat near Ser Edwyn Landry. Before taking his seat, he greeted the head of the house, “Lord Landry,” with a nod of his head, which the lord returned. Then he pulled out the chair and deposited his large frame into the wooden seat. It was understood that he had been working with the archers on hitting targets at long distance. At least that was his excuse for being late to dinner.

“Edwyn,” a voice came from the doorway. Maester Oylen stood, a sullen look on his face. He quickly adapted it into a polite smile. “I am sorry to interrupt, but you are needed. There’s been a raven from the capital. Lady Priscilla opened it, and well…” He peered over. “You are required. Again, I am sorry.”

Edwyn glanced over at the Dornishman. He knew whatever the raven had brought for him, it wasn’t good. He sighed and nodded, rising to his feet. For once he’d felt comfortable and able to let his guard down around his children, but quickly, it fell apart. Predictable. Nonetheless, he had a duty. ”Very well,” Edwyn sighed, glancing over to Baldy. ”Baldric, if you would keep an eye on the children for me? Make sure they do not consume too much red.”

Shooting a disappointed look at each of his children, Edwyn gave a slight dip of his head, drowned the last of his wine, and marched out of the hall.
𝔏𝔲𝔠𝔞𝔫 𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔩𝔢𝔞𝔲𝔵

Lucan stared at Damien for a long moment before he nodded. ” Go ahead and then go and sit at that table.” He pointed to the table to their right which was close to the entrance before turning and giving a glance over of the lunchroom. It was a practice and reflex to scan a room for threats at this point in Lucan’s unlife and once he was confident everything was secure for the moment he relaxed slightly and moved to sit at the end of the table. He was stopped however by the sight of Leander coming his way. Luc smiled and inclined his head respectfully at his old comrade and shook hands. ”Leander, you have lunch duty today I suppose hm?” The vampire nodded and turned to put his back to the last table so he could see the rest of the cafeteria.

“Yea, I drew the short straw. I have it for the entire first semester, you can blame Callum since he stole my original straw.” Lucan grinned and nodded over to his old friend before turning as well and crossing his arms.

”I can’t stop feeling like I’m working Leander. Can’t shake the desire for structure and a set duty. I’m a soldier, always have been, I hate living this civilian life.” The other Vampire nodded and gave a shrug, eyes narrowing as more and more entered the lunch hall.

“It’s been almost 50 years since my own civilian life, and I can’t imagine trying to integrate again. You have my sympathies, Sir.” Lucan gave a small roll of his eyes, which pinpointed where Damien was before going back to browsing.

”I know I told you to stop calling me Sir at one point, please don’t start now.” Leander simply shrugged again and placed his own hands behind his back. He looked quite more professional than Lucan did in the crisp uniform of the Academy, and Luc quickly wished he was wearing something of the same sort.

“That might have worked when you were my superior, but now you’re a student and you know the rules. Have to address all students by their titles if applicable. Just be glad I’m not calling you ‘Sir, the Knight of the Evening.’ Not that anyone has time for all that anyway, except those heralds all you fancy Vamps have.” The smile Lucan had grown larger as Leander spoke and he nodded towards the end.

”Don’t even call me by that full title, I’ll stick to being happy with Sir. I wanted to ask you, my new Mage. He’s going to cause trouble, mind telling the other lads to keep an eye on him for me. I’m going to have my hands full regardless, but I’d feel better knowing my old teammates had my and his back. Leander considered for a minute before nodding.

“Can’t speak for anyone else but Callum and I will keep an eye out when we can. But most of the security forces have been preparing fo-.” He cut off and groaned a bit before raising his radio. “Samael is already bloody at it, making a scene in the lunch hall. Going to need some additional officers.” He clicked the radio off and shrugged over at Lucan. “I’ll talk to you later, going to go babysit.” Lucan just chuckled and was glad that Eris Samael never decided to enroll when he himself was a guard. He continued scanning the room and made note of Aaron leading a little pack of mages. He smiled in spite of himself and was glad to see the Starag doing well so far. He took out the schedule he had printed off from blackboard and saw that he was to be going to have Human Psych. He was just plotting a course in his mind when he heard his phone ding, which prompted the vampire to remove it. He spotted a message from the administration stating that his class was now going to be held in Nightingale Hall instead of Mockingbird and started rerouting…

Damien was off like a shot as soon as Lucan said go ahead, weaving through the room with little grace and plenty of apologies sprinkled throughout. He poked his nose around every option, stomach growling in protest. Damien agreed though; how did anyone expect him to choose one thing when he wanted all the things. But Mr. Stick in the Mud back there would probably find something to object about so he settled on pot roast, plenty of meat and veggies to hopefully keep the overbearing vampire off his back. He had entertained the idea of bringing back nothing but desert―he was an adult and come make those decisions!―but he was 2000% sure grumpy grandpa would get on his case. So instead he satisfied his sweet tooth with a slice of chocolate cake and zipped…

Damien narrowed his eyes thoughtfully for a second. He remember Lucan saying something about a table but the whole food thing demanded his attention at the time. He frowned, trying to remember but he was drawing a blank. So now he had two options. First, pick a random table and hope that was right or two, admit he wasn’t paying attention and get ripped a new one for a second time that day. He bounced a little on his feet, looking around for Lucan and slinking over to him.

“So hey buddy, old pal, old friend! Not that I’m calling you old, just a mortal thing and all that but uh where are we sitting again? May not have heard that little detail.” Damien admitted sheepishly.

Lucan was taken from his mental road map by Damien returning. The vampire looked him up and down and gestured to the table literally behind him and nodded. ”This one is fine until you make some friends anyway. I assume that’s your goal?”

"Yeah, I guess. Probably should be huh? My step 1 was figure out something about this magic shit but that's a way better idea." Damien agreed as he sat down, biting into his food with a satisfied groan. "This is so fucking good! I'd offer you some but man, the shitty part of the immortality, blood sucking thing. You really don't know what you're missing." He kept his mouth covered but continued chewing as he spoke until he abandoned an attempt at conversation and buried himself wholeheartedly into his food, plenty of satisfied groans and sighs accompanying it.

”I’m glad you seem to be enjoying the food. I’ll be sure to let Administration know should they ever ask that my Mage finds it to be exquisite and a true travesty to miss such sustenance.” His voice never wavered and it would be very hard to tell if Lucan was serious or not. ”I will direct you to your next class when you’re finished.

“I feel mocked. Are you mocking me? I feel like you are but I’m too dumb to tell.”Damien glared at Lucan, continuing to shove food in his face at record pace. Back at home if you wanted seconds, you finished first and Damien always wanted seconds. Eating when you could was the defining lesson of Damien’s younger years and it was a habit that he wasn’t likely to grow out of anytime soon. He stayed quiet the rest of his meal, focusing on inhaling his food, and slapping his silverware into his bowl with a loud clatter once he finished.

“Alrighty Count Doom-and-Gloom. Lead the way to dump this tray and off we go again!” Damien beamed at his little rhyme.

”I suppose it’s possible that you’re being mocked, though hard to tell I suppose. I’ll have to consider this and get back to you at a later point when you’re not eating the heavens own food.” He nodded and removed a handkerchief from his front pocket, taking a moment to dust off some dust from his outfit before replacing it.

He waited until Damien was finished eating, his eyes browsing the rest of the students one by one until Damien let it be known he was ready to go. ”Perhaps you can make a rhyme any time if you continue to practice.” He moved towards the door quickly before Dame could say anything though the vampire did throw a ‘come along now’ motion towards the mage.

Luc made for a clear courtyard that had visual sight of Onyx Hall and then stood patiently while Damien caught up. ”That building.” He pointed to Onyx, ”that will be where your class is being held. I will go and collect you afterward, so don’t go and run off. You’re not quite ready for that yet, and I don’t want you to offense the wrong party quite yet.”

"You are fucking mocking me! Dude, I don't know if I should faint or yell. Lord seventy names made a joke?" He considered for a moment before shrugging. "Unless you're being a dick about it then not cool man but I'll assume not!" He followed Lucan dutifully, looking around at everything as fast as he could. Everything was new and exciting and, as hella terrifying as it was, Damien was excited.

"Gotcha! Play huge game of hide and seek, sounds like a plan!" Damien waved before sprinting into Onyx Hall. What class this was, who knew? Probably should have asked Lucan about it. Maybe he should actually get his schedule from the vampire. Thats a future Damien issue.

Luc watched his charge run off and let out a heavy unnecessary sigh, That boy was going to be the death of him, but hopefully, the plans he put into motion earlier with the mage’s family would make things a bit easier. And if not, well Lucan was nothing if not patient. He turned and headed for his own class, right hand resting on the hilt of his Rapier and a glint in his eye.

Varis made his way from the library to his next class, Human Psychology. In his opinion, this was another class he should have exemption from but Ryner would shut the idea down instantly if he said anything. His time in the library had been productive but aggravating. The four artists he’d contacted had given him reponses full of complaints about the window but inevitably agreed to display their work at the event. Varis wanted to strangle them; if anyone knew how short noticed this way, it was him. Six months to plan and organize. If had been anyone but that woman, he would have shot down the request immediately.

He wove through students, briefcase in one hand and tablet in the other. Years of practice made reading some of the news he hadn’t had the time for in the morning while navigating the walksways practically easier than not. Another scandal―boring. Eris’s dramatic reveal―expected. A merger and a new publicly traded company. The Sinnenodel sent the articles to Eloise, confident she’ll handle it appropriately. It’d been awhile since she’d been tested after all. He’d keep an eye on his investments to see how she adjusted.

Lucan was an old pro at moving about through crowds unnoticed. He seemed to just have natural camouflage and this coupled with his ability to ‘surf’ the crowd meant that he spotted Varis moving towards the same building rather quickly. A few brief thoughts crossed Luc’s mind but in the end, he decided to at least try and have a conversation with the Sinnenodel.

He approached from behind and after a brief hesitation fell into perfect step at Varis’s side and inclined his head respectfully when the other vampire glanced over. [color=#9932CC]”Count, I didn’t expect to see you on this path towards the class. Coming from the library I suppose, already have lunch?”[/color His tone was polite and formal, though he allowed a bit of the inflection to seem quite conversational and not political to let the experienced court vampire know that he wasn’t looking to play the game at the current moment and that it was truly a coincidence to see him. ”Looking forward to the lesson? I doubt you or I really need it, but a refresher can always be useful!”

“Ser Lucan, the Knight of the Evening.” The Count paused for a moment before he spoke, considering the interruption and letting the brief flash of irritation fade away as he turned his attention away from his tablet fully. “Too much to do and far too little time. Despite my attendance at the Academy, my responsibilities to my house demand my attention. Lunch is simply a luxury I cannot afford unless circumstance demands it. I prefer to feed earlier in the evening anyway.” Varis eyed Lucan carefully, thinking a moment. He found it odd; they’d met here and there at appropriate functions but nothing more than a few exchanged pleasantries. There was little reason for the other to call out to him and although his tone was cordial, Varis knew better than to trust it.

“If this lesson is like the other drivel the Academy offers, I’ll likely ignore it.” Varis groused dryly before looking over at Lucan. “It’s a shame you missed the Princess’s invitation last night. It was quite the turn of events, the Spellman boy stripping himself of his rights and my mage both defying my orders and breaking protocol. However, I mostly missed the opportunity to inquire about the Starag boy’s aptitude with a blade. Her royal highness mentioned her studied under your tutelage and I wanted your opinion. The boy found a sparring partner whose meager skills do nothing for his own education―I suspect his mortals desires motivated that particular decision. What do you recommended the boy need to further hone his skills?”

Lucan allowed his face to remain passive as he walked along, nodding respectfully when required to show that he was, in fact, listening to the other vampire’s words. The world of politics could be made or broken by the slightest facial twitch and as such Lucan always preferred total passivity. It made courtiers question themselves which was always better than trying to outsmart them. Varis, in particular, was a worthy diplomatic adversary within the court.

”Unfortunately, I was called away for work. It was a true shame as I was so looking forward to having a night to relax and enjoy the fine company. I did, however, hear of my late Mage’s display and must admit that I never was truly able to get to know the boy.” He let a flash of consideration into his mask and nodded a few times.

”As for the Starag, he was given the traditional training that the Bordeleux’s hand out to human trainee’s. He is a capable master with his chosen weapon which was the Longsword and can hold his own with most vampiric threats. That’s not too say he won’t eventually be outlasted but the tactics taught will at least give would be assailants pause, and that’s before adding his magic into the mix. In addition to swordplay, martial arts and perception were also drilled into him. As far as opponents go I would recommend keeping with vampiric opponents where possible or a true human blademaster. A fighter is only as good as his competition after all and if you train below your level then you will ultimately decline in skill.”

He tilted his head in genuine thought and then nodded once more. ”I will be one of the instructors for combat training so if you’d like I can ensure Mr. Starag is placed with an opponent I believe will continue to grow him. Otherwise, I can personally continue training him under your supervision if you desire it. My father and family are fond of saying ‘that all of society would benefit from understanding combat on a deeper level’.”

"The boy trained under you for five years, if I recall properly. It's likely time he find someone new. The boy seems prone to complacency and I'd rather not find myself suffering for it.” Varis gramced at Lucan’s last statement. An absurd claim. Sticking each other with pointy things only made things worse in his opinion. “Interestingly enough however, the Spellman was gifted to the new Astorio. A council headhunter of some sort. He’ll sort those issues out one way or another.“ Varis stepped into the hall, eyes sweeping over the class and settling on the instructor with the fainstest grimace.

“Goodbye, Ser Lucan. I appreciate your insight into my bumbling mage.” Varis swept down the hall and settled into the Sinnenodel seat without a backwards glance.

Lucan kept his smile civil in return and inclined his head respectfully. ”Always a pleasure Count.” He found a seat near the back with a clear view of both the windows, the rest of the class, and the door and settled into a comfortable sitting position to listen as the instructor began to drone on. To be honest Lucan didn’t think that the Dame was the right person to teach such a class and found her ideas on how to bend a Mage to her will stomach churning.

But, the Knight of the Evening listened intently, only occasionally brushing off his outfit with a handkerchief. He said nothing, asked nothing and counted down the minutes when the class would be over.
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Ashton I

Fallow Hill, the Riverlands

The castle was on fire, barely seen through the smog but on fire nonetheless. Screams could be heard from all around, some Ashton knew but many were just an unknown. Ash stood in the Great Hall surrounded by men-at-arms and beside Tristifer Paege, the Knight whose duty it was to protect the Lord of the House. Women and men ran through the Great Hall, panic from all around, some being chased by figures shrouded in darkness. No sigils could be made out and Ash felt terror in his heart, but also determination. He needed to protect these people! He rushed forward and gave the order to charge, with himself forming the wedge point. The formation crashed into a line of enemy troops that had come to engage the remnants of resistance and the clash of steel could be heard over the cries of “For Tully! Fallow Hill! LANDRY!” Ashton did what he had always done in a larger melee, he put his back to a safe place and kept everyone in front of him. He then picked out a fighter and goaded them over to him, where he was able to engage in single combat which is where he excelled. He made quick work of his first opponent, the shadowy man's form weak and untrained. But something was wrong… He looked up and readied his shield, expecting another enemy but instead stared into a mirror. His reflection was covered in blood, but it was old and dried. His doppelganger shook his head, looking forlorn and lost completely. ”You failed Ashton, everyone is dead because of you.” The figure gasped and a knife appeared through his neck and the mirrored image slowly began to fall forward, eyes blank and limbs limp…

Ashton awoke with a start, chest heaving and eyes wild. He glanced around his room and jumped up as if he had just been scalded. The stone didn’t seem to have any answers and other than his breathing, all was quiet. Faster than many, Ash took control of his mind and calmed himself down. He gave an exhausted sigh and slumped back onto his bed, sprawling across it and staring up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and let his breathing settle down before he shook his head and groaned, wishing he knew the time. It didn’t really matter, but he was trying to get a number on how much sleep he was actually getting since his father and brother left for a funeral in Pinkmaiden. With another sigh, the 14-year-old stood and lit another torch since the one that had burned during the night was almost dead. With that done, the lad turned towards the clothes he had put out the night prior and stripped out of the underclothes he had worn to bed. He replaced them quickly with a new pair as the Castle walls were quite chilly and Ash had no intention of freezing his bits to pieces. He gave a small smirk at the thought and continued dressing in a simple white linen tunic and breeches. The only distinguishing feature of the tunic was the embroidered Landry sigil on the right breast. Sufficiently clothed and ready to begin another day, Ashton exited his room and began heading out of the great keep, nodding to a few of the guards who stood at the ready. It was fairly common to see Ash out this early, the guards having longed figured out the habits of the young Landry and as such, they merely gave a respectful salute and knowing smirk.

He started off in a jog around the enclosed portion of the keep and then after that circle, he entered the courtyard proper. The Castle was slowly coming to life, and Ashton let a smile across his face. It was his favorite time of day, the time when the world became aware once again and the animals started getting restless after a long night of quiet and relative stillness. Guards rotated out of the barracks and to the armory to prepare for their shift on the walls or stationed at the gates, and the early birds went to retrieve water from the well or supplies for breakfast. It was a time of serenity and peace, everyone just going about their business and if Ash had to pick a time that would last forever it would be this stretch of the morning. He passed by the sept and headed for the North Gate, which was his usual exercise spot. The hill running down was perfect, and he remained within sight of the guards on the battlements. He chuckled a bit to himself as he remembered the one time he had ‘disappeared’ and sent the entire watch on high alert. It hadn’t been funny at the time but reliving it in his head allowed the fourteen-year-old to appreciate the situation and how much the soldiers of House Landry cared.

He shook his head to get his thoughts in order and gave a small wave to the guards at the gate. He received a few eye rolls and grins but the gate was opened and Ash’s slim figure started stretching as he left the safe confines of the castle proper. After the quick warm-up, he began an easy jog down the hill, as he ran he let his brain wander once more and the events of the week started coming back to the young man so his mine could contemplate them better. The first thing, however, that came to the forefront of his mind was the nightmare he had. Did it mean something? Was he just exhausted and overworking himself? He didn’t know and not knowing something made the lad all the more anxious. He resigned himself to talking about it with Ella later one and until then moving on with his duties as the de facto head of the House. He still had Baldric to lean on but as the only male Landry left at Fallow Hill it was left to him to deal with things, and his judgment that would be reconsidered when his father returned. That would be soon actually, a raven had come a week prior speaking of trouble on the road back. It was no doubt the same bandits that Ash had been made aware of by the Landry merchant caravans that reported thieves stealing supplies and even some of the precious food that was being sent to various Houses as exports.

Before he knew it he had run five ‘laps’, consisting of going down and back up the hill and his breathing was becoming heavier and heavier. He could keep going, but for a simple exercise, he didn’t need to exhaust himself as he knew the rest of the day was going to be quite long. He started walking to pace himself and replayed the last decisions of the day to re-plan themselves out. A meeting with the Maester, Trademaster, and Quartermaster would be needed to iron out the finalized harvest and what else could be sold. The last of the summer trading caravans would need to be accounted for, and the final imports of weapons, armor, and other needed supplies would be arriving within the week. After that meeting, Ash would call for the Landry military advisors in order to discuss a plan to eradicate the bandits harrying trade routes. In between all of those meeting he would need to eat, and find some time to train and then be ready to go over all that his father had missed with the man himself and his brother Edmund. All in all, a very stressful day and by the end he would -definitely- need a soak in the bath to relax. He shook his head and finished his walking lap, grabbing his discarded tunic and wiping off his face and neck. He placed the linen shirt around his neck and made his way back into the Castle. He nodded to the new guards who closed the gate and secured it and slowly made his way back towards the enclosed Great Keep.

It was still early but Ash must have been out for longer than usual as more servants were out and about and as the lad made his way towards his room he heard a few giggles and glanced to his right to see a small gaggle of serving girls blushing and looking away. Ash made eye contact with one and flashed a bright smile and gave a bit of a wink. He felt a bit of that boldness he was beginning to get used to and watching the girl turn into hysterics boosted his ego a bit. He didn’t linger long, however, definitely not like his older brother Edmund. In Ash’s mind, it was better to be an object of fantasy, an unreachable goal and almost mythical creature in those girl’s minds. It gave Ash a mysterious vibe and also secured at least a basic loyalty should they ever be tested. Beyond that, the youngest Landry had no real desire for a girl's touch as the moment. He had to ensure that he was the best he could be for his family before thinking of such things.

He passed one of his servants in the hall and verified that his bath was already waiting on him. It was sometimes nice having a predictable routine as things just seemed to always be ready to go. Ash liked that, appreciated having everything in its right place at the right time. He entered his room once more and stripped back down to his skin and slowly sunk into the tub. Unfortunately, this bath wasn’t one of relaxation, as the day wouldn’t wait for that. He washed the sweat and grime from his body and when he was satisfied gave his hair a wash as well. After he toweled himself off and then wrapped the linen fabric around his waist to pad over to the mirror. He styled his hair as best as possible into the usual messy spiked brown that he always wore and then turned to his closet. He picked out a much more refined silk set of clothing, as he would be addressing concerns of the population that morning. His shirt was blue with golden grain embroidered into the fabric, and his breeches matched perfectly. A pair of tan boots completed the outfit and after dressing, Ash made sure to check over his appearance in the mirror. Briefly, Ash remembered his dream and hesitated to take a full look before he told himself he was being ridiculous. Finally satisfied, the young Landry placed his signet ring and sword belt onto his waist and smiled at the familiar weight of his blades.

Priscilla had just finished adjusting her outfit after her handmaidens had messed up the snitching. She cursed to herself in a low breath and turned to the side then back to the other side to make sure everything was perfect. Priscilla let out a soft huff that eventually turned to a sigh as she walked over to her window and peered her eyes out of her window. She couldn’t really see anything right now and slumped down a bit and grew a bit worried. She hasn’t seen her husband but not that she was forward to it or her son, Edmund, in quite some time and she was eager for their return. Mostly Edmund’s if she was being honest with herself.

With a simple turn of her heel, she was heading out of her room and heading to the kitchen to make sure they were preparing breakfast for herself and others. Especially her little otter, Ashton. Gosh, how she loved her little man. He’ll make a great lord someday, or hell, even a king. The thought made her smile with glee as the servants stared at her, making sure it was real then her smiled wavered into a glare towards them. She had opted out of breakfast this morning because she was too worried to eat anything but as long as Ashton ate, that’s all she really cared about.

For now, she just wandered around the home to make sure things were ready for when Edwyn and the others return home. She even checked with the stable boys to make sure that they were ready. Her mind slipped for a second as she had forgotten about Ashton holding court for the day and immediately rushed in that direction before she missed anything.

Dressed and ready for the day, Ash left his room and headed straight for the Great Hall. As he arrived he gave his breakfast order of two small fish, some bread, an apple, and crispy bacon to the servant that awaited such at his chair and then sat with a sigh. It was rather lonely at this point in time, no one else awake to keep Ash company. He briefly wondered what Axell was doing at this same moment, and had a laugh as he imagined the redhead scrambling to get breakfast for Edwyn ready to go. It didn’t take long for his food to be ready, his routine once again paying up as the cooks had his order already prepared. He ate silently and -almost- made it through the entire meal without being interrupted. As it was Ash could only smile as Maester Oylen made his way up to the high table and sat down heavily. ”Maester, good morning to you. I thought for a moment I finally was up early enough to get through the meal without seeing you. Sleep well?” The Dornishman’s eyes twinkled a bit with laughter before he inclined his head to Ashton.

“Young Master Landry, your early morning escapades are well known within the Castle. But it’s my job to be as annoying as possible so all of the work that needs to be done, is in fact done.” He smirked a bit then. “As for my sleeping, I think the better question is whether you yourself slept well.” It was crazy at how fast the man could turn Ash’s questions back on him and the teenager just gave a half grimace, knowing it was useless to try and bluff the Maester.

”I slept fine for most of the night.” It wasn’t a lie, as a good majority of the night had in fact been quite perfect. He couldn’t help the rest of it was restless and knew the Maester was now regretting his decision of teaching Ash half-truths.

“My Lord, I know it’s early. But the commoners have already begun gathering, and the gate reports more coming towards the keep now from the village.” Ash looked past Oylen and gave a sigh before nodding and finishing off his bacon.

”You can send them in now, we’re ready. If my sister is awake let her know I’ll be holding court but she’s more than welcome to come as well.” Ash sincerely doubted that Ella would ever voluntarily step into a court session, but felt that offering would be polite and would let her know he was at least thinking of her. The guard bowed and hurried off to see to his orders. Ash leaned back and closed his eyes, his fingers gripping the chair until they turned white. He controlled his breathing and slowly relaxed before giving a knowing look to Oylen who said nothing but did nod in understanding to the young Lord sitting and preparing to fix what needs he could for the common folk. Sure enough, not even ten minutes later the first few filed in. They were put in a line and guards filled the rest of the Great Hall, just in case. While most of the requests were small, there were also many that would require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. This took most of the morning, and by the time it was over Ash was exhausted. ”And to think Father does this all the time.” He supposed it was the price one had to pay to have a population that respected and adored their Lord, but it was not an easy job in the slightest. Oylen just chuckled a bit and placed a weathered hand on Ash’s shoulder.

❝Yes, yes he does.❞ She commented plainly but chuckled right along with Oylen. ❝But I think you did an outstanding job, Ashton.❞ Priscilla said with a smile as she walked to stand before him now with a smile. ❝Your father and brother are coming back home today.❞ She stated as if it wasn’t big news. ❝Are you excited?❞ She questioned towards him and knelt down to be at eye level with him and a smile slowly crept between her lips.

Ashton had no idea his mother had been watching and a wide, dimpled smile hit his face. ”Mother! I didn’t know you were here!” He felt the pride in his chest and let it sit there for a bit. ❝Yeah, I slipped in through the crowd.❞ Priscilla commented honestly. She did move through the crowd of people with ease. ”Yes, I figured it would be today or tomorrow. It doesn’t stop me from being busy today, however. I’ll try to find you at lunch?!” He didn’t want to leave Priscilla’s side, in fact, he would like to have the rest of the morning to walk the Castle and talk to the woman, but he was still Lord and he had to make sure -nothing- went wrong.

❝Well...❞ Before she could say anything further, Ashton had left her side. She had sighed a bit, seeing him all grown up or growing up did sadden her a bit. She didn’t know what to do right now as she was still in the Great Hall, eyes wandered around the premises so, she just decided to sit down in the chair for now. Priscilla wondered heavily to herself when were her men coming home because of the growing worry that began to set in again.

”Bye mother!” Ash called over his shoulder as he disappeared into the hallway leading back into the Great Keep.

“It gets easier with practice, and a lot of the situations are repeated. It comes down to whether or not you believe that the problem is real and if helping will be a true blessing or just a convenience. You did very well, your father will be proud.” Ash frowned -just- slightly at that and doubted that even if Edwyn felt pride for his youngest son, it wouldn’t be shown. He hid the frown quickly and nodded to the old and wise Maester. “Now, young Master, we have a meeting to attend to.” Ash faked a groan and gave a chuckle as he followed Oylen out of the Great Hall and back into the Keep itself. They didn’t have travel far, only a few turns until the two arrived into a large yet very active room where a man stood directing the chaos.

“No, this one goes there, -THAT- one goes there.” Ash gave a subtle smirk and stepped closer to the yelling Pentoshi. Indiriyo Daratis had the tell-tale look of an eccentric foreigner, his well-trimmed beard and mustache dyed a smoky blue but to Ash he was a well-known retainer of his family and made House Landry more gold than many of the other Riverlanders could even think of. As such, he was a figure to be respected and not to be approached while in the middle of a tirade. Ashton and Oylen simply stood near the Trade Master’s office and his their amusement by glancing around the large storeroom. It was never the same, sometimes being filled with barrels of oats or crates of feed. Other times it was well-tanned leather armor or packages of grain. All if it was exported to various Houses all over the Seven Kingdoms, or across the narrow sea to Essos. After another few minutes of yelling Indiriyo swiftly turned and changed personalities from overseer to his usual charming and intelligent side. “Master Landry, Maester Oylen, time all ready for our meeting? The time just seems to disappear I tell you! Come, please into my office, I have had a few recent imported teas prepared for our discussion! I’m quite interested in trying these blends, and I’ve heard nothing but good things! Besides, if we -don’t- like it we can always sell it to another House.” The Trade Master shrugged and Ash could only think that this was the main reason Indiriyo was so good at his job. He took calculated risks and always had a backup plan with the products he procured. The Pentoshi led the way into the office and sure enough, three cups of tea awaited them. Ashton sat, at Indiriro’s insistence behind the desk, another reason Ash truly liked the man. Politely, he tried to tea and had to admit it was rather good, though not something that Ashton would -have- to have.

”A fine blend, as you said. I’m sure if I was a bit more interested in teas I would be much more impressed.” Oylen, on the other hand, seemed as if he had tasted pure bliss and began making sounds that Ash wasn’t sure was appropriate for the Maester of a House. It seemed the older man agreed as he quickly replaced the tea and cleared his throat a bit, his kind smile returning.

“Ah, yes… It is quite a good blend Trade Master if you erm… Decide to sell it I’m sure you’ll get good prices from those of Dorne.” Even when the Maester hid it, however, Ash could tell that Oylen would consider the loss of the tea a great tragedy. Ashton cleared his throat, hiding his amusement and wanting to get the meeting underway before some other issue sprouted up that he would need to deal with.

”Well, tea aside.” He pushed his away for dramatic effect and then continued. ”The final harvest for summer is finished, we have our own winter supply doubled and the rest has been placed in your warehouses Indiriyo. However, with the recent trouble within the Kingdom, I have decided to scratch the last shipment to Essos in favor of stockpiling the food in case of war.” He knew this wasn’t -truly- his decision to make, as he wasn’t the Lord and at the end of the day his father trusted Indiriyo with what and when to trade. However, Ashton was always practicing his diplomacy and with the Landry name behind him, he knew his words did actually matter, despite them coming from a 14-year-old, acting Lord or not. The Trade Master seemed to flounder slightly, almost choking on his tea and quickly set it down, tilting his head and going to stroke his mustache a bit. Maester Oylen, on the other hand, seemed thoughtful and even nodded a few times.

“A wise action My Lord.” You could always tell when Oylen truly respected a decision from the children as he would always call them ‘Young Master’s’. When they did something or thought a problem through however he would change it to My Lord or Lady, and Ash felt a rush of pride run through him. Indiriyo, however, didn’t seem to enjoy the idea in the slightest.

“If we don’t send this shipment, we’ll have to deal with diplomatic repercussions from across the sea.” Ashton nodded a bit and frowned to show that he indeed, didn’t want that to occur but then gave a dramatic shrug and sigh.

”I’m sure the Good Master’s of Astapor, the Wise Master’s of Yunkai, and the Benevolent enslavers of Volantis will understand that war sometimes will prevent shipments from being sent? And if they can, then the three kingdoms of the contested lands will also understand, besides if war -does- break out then only the Reach and us will have a tradeable surplus of food to spare. That makes us a target yes, but also a good friend to have. The profits would be astronomical.” He nodded a few times and leaned back in his chair. For his part, Indiriyo remained silent and hid his actual feeling very well though Ash was perceptive enough to see just a glimmer, the tiniest glimmer, of respect and the Pentoshi inclined his head.

“I will change the order as you have suggested My Lord. I will also stop the export of our cowhide leather armor to the Summer Isles as well.” Ashton inclined his head to say he agreed with that move as well and flipped through a few parchments on the Trade Master’s desk.

“Now, the imported shipment of weapons couldn’t come at a better time. Do you have a full inventory of what we’ll be gaining?” Indiriyo nodded and stepped over to a chest and rummaged through a few older correspondences and pulled out a small ledger which he passed to Ash. ”100 Halberds, 100 Arming swords, 100 heavy kite shields, 100 heater shields, 100 lances, 50 longswords, and 50 set pieces consisting of Mail, surcoat, and coat of plates combination.” Ash shook his head a bit and tilted his head over to the Trade Master. ”I assume this was the remaining pieces to arm half of our potential forces?” Indiriyo nodded and sipped his tea.

“Yes, My Lord. The rest of that booklet has all orders of that fact.” Ashton nodded and felt a small wave of exhaustion wash over him.

”Very well, then everything seems to be in order. Thank you, Trade Master, for your time, Maester Oylen will finish his recording of the meeting and take the notes to my father’s study so he may review them when he returns. Until then, continue the good work, House Landry thanks you for your continued service and loyalty.” He grins at the end of his words so the Pentoshi knew he did actually mean the more ceremonial words. Indiriyo bows as Ashton stands and moves to leave, the young man leaving both older behind him. As soon as he enters the hall once more he releases the breath he only just realized he was holding and a wide grin split across his face. If he could get through this meeting then he could get through the next. First on the docket however would be lunch as sitting through the assembly, and then the meeting had his stomach growling unhappily. He made his way back to the Great Hall and almost ran right into the Maester’s assistant who helped run the ravenary. Ash tilted his head and ushered the poor teenager to a seat.

“Sorry my Lord, I didn’t see you even when I was lookin for ye. Raven came from Riverrun, Lord Tully has sent us commands if the banners are called again.” The boy bowed low and left the note on the table. Ash was flabbergasted for a moment and closed his eyes, war was surely coming soon enough. Now, more than ever did he need to speak to the military men of the House. He stood and looked towards one of the Hall servants and spoke gently to her.

“I will take my lunch in the meeting hall near my father’s quarters.” The girl nodded and curtsied before rushing out towards the kitchens. Ash grabbed the note and took a deep breath, controlling his nerves and emotions before returning back to the Keep.

It wasn’t long after, that the Landry entered the meeting room. His eyes were clouded with thought and in his hand was a note commonly attached to a raven. He seemed to be the first in the room and took a seat at the head of a long table. No more than 2 minutes later did the serving girl from the Great Hall enter carrying a plate of fish, bread, cheese, and fruit. A very small glass of wine and a larger glass of water balanced in her other hand. He placed all of these things upon the table and gave a shy smile to Ashton who inclined his head in thanks and gave her a wink. He had a reputation to keep up after all, but inside he was feeling anything but bold and alive. He was anxious, and a bit nervous now that he sat in the room. Left alone again, he took a few deep breaths and sipped his water. His company would be here soon enough.

“Good afternoon, m’lord,” Baldric addressed the current lord of Castle Fallow Hill while his father and older brother were away at the Hand’s Tournament. The Master-at-Arms wore a green silk tunic with the white image of a snow shrike emblazoned upon the left breast. The snow shrike is the house sigil in the lands north of the Riverlands. Resting his hand on the pommel of Shriek attached to his left hip, he took a seat the table across from Ashton Landry. This move enabled him to push the sword out of the way; allowing him easier access to take the seat. “Wench! Goblet of wine!” Baldric called the young woman who brought Ashton his fish and water. Then he turned back to the current lord of the house, “do ye know when ye father is returnin’ home?”

With his mouth full of bread, Ash could only dip his head in greeting as Baldric entered the room. He chewed slowly and let the Master-At-Arms get comfortable before he washed down the bread with some water. “Yes, I suppose at this point it is afternoon Ser Baldric, things have moved rather quickly today. He gave the man a glance over, his eyes not missing a detail, and said eyes lingered a bit on the sword that Baldric wore on his hip. It was well-made castle-forged steel, exactly what he would expect from his primary swordmaster. ”Should be some time today or tomorrow I would expect. His stay at Riverrun wasn’t long, Lord Tully released the other Riverlords to their respective lands to await further instruction and protect their own borders… But a raven just arrived for us in particular.” He pushed over the note which would read, ‘House Landry, your rapid pace in answering the call of banners is to be commended. House Tully appreciates your unwavering loyalty and has charged you with the primary defense of the South Eastern area of the Riverlands. If the banners are called again, forces from House Mallister and others will rendezvous at Fallow Hill. Family. Duty. Honor.’ Lyren, the serving girl came back with the requested wine right after Ash passed the note, and made sure she saw nothing before leaving the two alone once more.

“Good-day My Lord,” Royce Deddings announced as he strolled across the room, taking a seat next to Ser Baldric. He nodded at the Master-at-Arms, “Ser.” The portly shaped Captain of the Guards addressed the larger man on his left. Ser Royce had also come from a minor house in the foothills west of Riverrun. His family had supported the Tullys from time immemorial. It only made sense for the third son of a bannerman to work for one of the houses in the Riverlands. He had been training the off-shift garrison detachment since before the sun had risen. They ran drills around the castle and through the countryside until about a half hour after the sun rose. Upon return to the castle, they broke their fast and returned to the training yard for sword training with and without shields. Regardless of the round belly beneath Ser Royce’s armor, he was a very muscular man; age had not slowed him down.

Ash smiled a bit as Royce entered, he knew the big man was probably more than ready to see his son just as Ash was ready to see his brother and father. ”Good afternoon Captain, I just showed Ser Baldric our new ‘orders’ should Tully call the banners once more.” He gestured towards Baldric and the note and continued eating some of his lunch. ”Can I have Lyren get you anything Captain?” The serving girl had gone to stand near the doorway after handing over the cup of wine and awaited any instructions. As she heard her name the girl stepped forward and flashed a quick smile to Ash and Royce before lowering her head and awaiting a possible lunch order.

Baldric slid the missive or miniature scroll across the table for Royce Deddings to read. Baldric stared across the room past Ashton Landry, as though he were inspecting the rocks forming the great hall. After reading the message, Royce looked up slightly annoyed towards Ashton and Baldric. “Appears we may be heading to war soon,” the Captain murmured.

“Ye sure have a keen fukin’ eye for the bloody obvious, don’t ye?” Baldric stammered.

“Don’t you dare address me like that ser!” Royce blustered as though surprised by the larger man’s comment. He pulled back away from Baldric. “I’ve never been so offended.” Ser Royce was genuinely offended by Ser Baldric’s comments; well at least appearing to be offended.

“Oh climb down off your fokkin’ horse, ye fat cunt. Did ye really think this peace-shit was gonna last forever?”

“No. You’re right about the peace, Baldy,” Royce collected himself. “Just don’t address me like that. It is improper for a lord to address another in such a distasteful manner.”

“Of course, ye dumb cunt.” Baldy held back a grin; retaining a more stoic expression.

Royce attempted to overlook the Northman's rude comments. “How many men do you think we will be able to provide for the campaign?” Ser Deddings asked.

“Based on recent figures, we’re lookin’ at twenty-fife hundred foot and six hundred horse. That number includes two hundred longbowmen and three hundred Rangers.” Baldric knew he was optimistic with his numbers. ’Let’s see if Deddings picks up on that.’ the Master-at-Arms mused to himself.

“Six hundred horse!?” Ser Royce queried.

’Ah, maybe the blithering idiot is paying attention,’ Baldric thought to himself with hope. “Yes, ser. I coun’ fifty heavy cavalry when you include the lords of the house, their kin and the hedge knights in our region. The two hundred conscripted cavalry known as Landry’s Lancers and another three hundred fifty mounted men-at-arms.” Baldric let the words float out there for a brief pause. Baldric focused his eyes on the Captain of the Guard and leaned in toward the man, “tell me if my numbers be off a wee bit.”

“Fifty is a bit optimistic. We’ll be lucky if we get forty. Those Lancers you speak of?... I doubt none of those lads show up. As for the remaining three hundred fifty men-at-arms, mounted? I expect no more than a few hundred. Maybe two fifty.”

“Good man, Ser Royce,” Baldric complimented the older man with a smile. “Maybe there is hope for you yet. How about the garrison? What do they look like?”

“We have two shifts of fifty men working twelve hours each. When the off shift is awake and not eating, I have them training either in the courtyard or in the fields around the castle. They are in tip top shape and prepared for whatever encounter may be presented to us.”

“Wonderful, Ser Royce,” Baldric spat out softly. “Maybe you’re not such a dumb cunt after all.”

”Alright, alright.” Ash had been eating while the two men went after each other, hiding his amusement in his cup. Baldric was an acquired taste but was one of the most respected soldiers and teachers Ash had in his years. ”I just came from a meeting with our Master of Trade and Maester Oylen. You’ll be happy to know we can arm all of our levee’s, though a quarter of them will have to use older equipment. Each infantryman can be equipped with Halberd, kite shield, arming sword, and armor. The Cavalry can be equipped with weapons of your choosing, but heater shields will be available. You can thank Indiriyo for all of the equipment when you both see him next.” He finished off his lunch and leaned back in his chair. ”Before we go any further on combat readiness I want to discuss the bandits that have hit our trade caravans. If we are to go to war, banditry will need to be handled swiftly as we will need clean supply lines. I have a plan I’d like to propose to you both.” He stood and tilted his head to either man.

Baldric was curious to hear the lad’s idea. “If it pleases m’lord. Let’s hear what ye haf to say.”

“Aye”, Ser Royce Deddings concurred.

Inclining his still tilted head Ash paced a bit to gather his thoughts and opened a map on the table. It showed the layout of the Riverlands as a whole and a red circle had already been placed in a location where Landry caravans have been attacked in the recent past. ”The raiders can’t be very large, as they only attack the more weakly guarded caravans. I would wager that they scout the traders here.” He pointed to a hilly area of the route on the map. ”They then find the target that they desire, prepare for combat, and hit the transport. This would mean their encampment is somewhere in these woods.” He gestured once again to the map and drew a black circle with the quill around woods that ran parallel to the road. ”My plan is to have a larger caravan leave Fallow Hill and run as all others do. But instead of transporting supplies they’d be transporting soldiers. They’d be covered and we’d have to ensure the deception can’t be seen before the bandit's attack. Our Rangers will enter the woods themselves and will find the encampment from their movements. Mounted men will ride north as if answering the call to banners. The bandits won’t know any better but our men will camp further down the road at this bend.” He once again pointed and drew a line from the various groups and formations. The Landry Lancers will come from the opposite end. We will eradicate the bandits, root, and st-. He cuts off as the door to the room opened and tilts his head at the interruption.

From the doorway, a familiar face emerged. Axell, squire to Lord Edwyn, and son to Ser Royce. The boy was ungraceful in his movements, and a little red in the face, dipping his head apologetically. He shared a brief look with his father, who’s expression brightened slightly, before looking to Ashton. A friend of his, for the most part, but, in the halls of House Landry, at this moment, his lord. “Apologies for the interruption, my lord,” the boy spoke, his voice monotone and deep. “Lord Edwyn has arrived, and he requests your presence in his quarters, and Ser Baldric’s likewise, with posthaste.” The boy panted. Perhaps he had run here.

If the appearance of Axell surprised Ashton, the young Landry didn’t let it show. He was in his element, and in command at this moment and as such merely placed his hands behind his back and considered for a few moments. He glanced back to the two military advisors, opened his mouth, and then closed it before turning back to Axell. ”Thank you for the message, inform my Lord Father that I’m currently in a meeting of utmost import to the protection of our lands. He is as always welcome to come and take over but otherwise, we will be along presently.” He nodded at the end of his words and turned back around, hesitating before throwing over his shoulder. ”It’s good to see you back Axell.” With that he turned his attention back to the two men. ”We shall wait and see if my father comes to join. He will no doubt wish to know about the plan regardless so my informed guess is that he will wish to sit in.”

Axell blushed redder than he was previously. He looked as if he was about to say something. It was apparent by his expression that he did not believe it was a smart move to reply to Lord Edwyn’s call with another call, and he didn’t look thrilled to be the one to deliver the message, but he loyally dipped his head. “It’s good to see you again, my lord,” he spoke, the edge of his lips curling into a small smile, before turning to Royce, “father.” He then turned to leave through the still-open door.

Royce Deddings looked uncomfortable at his son. He glanced at the young Landry knowing he had made a mistake but was unsure of how to approach the subject. He gave a wave to his son as though suggesting he should do what the present Lord Landry instructed him to do.

“Hold Fast, Axell!” Baldric called out. “Take one step and you will surely annoy the Lord of Fallow Hill! You do not want that attention.” Baldric then turned to Lord Ashton. “M’lord. Your father has returned. He is home. Been gone for over three months. I trust you miss his fatherly guidance. Wouldn’t you like to greet him in a respectable manner!? Show him how you have taken care of his house?” Baldric pointed to Axell, “please don’t place that lad over there in a more uncomfortable place. He is a good squire. Does fine service for your house and your father. It would be an insult for you not to go see the Lord of Fallow Hill in person. He requested our presence, we will accompany you.” Baldric gestured to both himself and ser Royce allowing the young man to think it over a few minutes. To emphasize the seriousness of his advice, he dropped the formal titles and deepened his tones, focusing on the young man’s eyes, “Ash, I strongly urge you heed my words if you know what is good for you.” His final statement, spoken with those low deep tones to underline the graveness of his decision.

Ashton tilted his head a bit as Baldric spoke and turned to face him slowly. He listened to the words and nodded a few times and stood beside his chair. ”Wise council Ser Baldric and I appreciate it.” Inside he was a hornet's nest but he didn’t let it show and did truly try to see it from Baldric’s point of view. The man must think that he didn’t know his father, or that he was some child to be coddled, that his decisions needed to be second-guessed publicly and his orders stopped entirely. He closed his eyes and then smiled slightly, dimples and all. ”If my father becomes annoyed at anyone it will be me and now Axell, and it’s his annoyance I’m willing to face because my father would do the same thing I have asked Axell to do here. He would -not- want me to leave this important meeting to go and see him, he would want me to handle business and to secure the people of our land than meet him in the hall all smiles and pretty words, and to show ‘how good of a job I did while he away’. I will show him with actions and not words, and another thing. Until Edwyn Landry of House Landry enters that door and I pass the scepter back to him I am Lord Landry. I do not think that you would question and halt his orders, but then again your council is beloved because of those reasons so maybe you would. Regardless, I need you to know that I can handle myself and my father. Axell only has one awkward position and that’s you throwing doubt on whose orders he is to follow. ” He stopped and turned back to Axell, giving him a much friendlier smile and an apologetic face. ”You must feel like you’re being thrown all over. Please let my father know where I am, and if he enters a fit of anger let him know it was me that spurned his initial invitation to handle work of our House.” He inclined his head again and returned his gaze back to the two men.”Now, I was discussing the pincer cavalry maneuver correct?”

Inside, however, Ashton was now a complete anxious mess. He had gone three months without his orders and command being questioned but the second his father returned it was back to Ashton is the youngest and needs all the help, his ideas should all be re-thought. He knew in his heart that it was for that reason Edwyn had summoned him and Baldric. They were going to go over every single choice Ash made while he sat the Lord’s chair and would tell them all of the things he had failed in. He couldn’t let it show… He knew his eyes were clouding, and tried to play it off as if he was pacing again, but Baldric knew of Ash’s condition, as the teenager had told him, long ago when he was still a lad and had come to the intimidating Master-At-Arms for help.

He would only have to deal with this weight on his chest for a bit longer. He drank a bit of the water, realizing he had completely ignored the wine and prepared to move on with his battle plans, father or no father.
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