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Sombra Burke

Location: Cedar Ash Inn.
Interacting With: Alexander Flores (@Crono), and Myra Flores (@Caits).

“You aren’t planning on staying, are you?”

Having been glaring intently at her mother, Sombra’s attention was torn back over to her brother at his words, her soft lips parting ever so slightly from one another as the anger seemed to slowly melt away. What was she supposed to say..? The truth..? It was clear that they already thought she was a liar; so what good was it supposed to do for her to come out and tell them that she was werewolf, and that the only reason she left was because she was scared of losing control… of ripping them apart with her bare hands...

“ husband left that decision up to me…”

Her voice soft as she spoke, she relaxed her grip, her bloody claws slipping out from the palm of her hand as she continued to watch him, doing what she could to figure out just where his head was at. He was angry… that much was more than clear; but this seemed… different… she’d never seen him like this before; and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit that part of her feared what might happen if she pushed him any further than she already had…

“..we’re only meant to be staying here for a couple of days… then we were going to go back home…” Pausing a moment, Sombra shifted slightly over the spot, for the first time in a long time feeling awkward as she spoke to someone rather than confident as she was so well known for being, “..with my job… I mean; well, I can work from anywhere really, but James-... He said he was fine with whatever I chose for us... for our family... as long as it made me happy…”

Juliette Morrison

Location: Ghal-Priyam; The Obelisk.
Post In Collaboration With: None.
Interacting With: Raymond Rahlei.

It was loud… deafening. The deep rolling voice shouting out to them every few moments, along with the roar of the beating wings that belonged to the planes causing her to cower further into Raymond’s chest, seeking desperately the comfort that he offered to her whenever she seemed to need it the most as she lifted her arms up, pressing them hard over her ears.

It was loud… so very, very loud…

The ringing in her ears; was that normal..? Her body being forced to shift slightly against his as Raymond’s hold over her changed, Juliette pressed herself even closer into him, her heart fluttering with a slight panic as she felt the backs of her legs brushing up against what she knew was the cold and rough surface of stone, “..n-no-...”

“It’s okay, Julie- I’m still here.” Cutting her off before she could speak any more than she already had, Raymond made sure that she was sat comfortably and safely upon the stone step before he lifted his hand, his palm pressing against her cheek so that he could run his thumb comfortingly back and forth over the skin just under her eye… She was scared- he couldn’t blame her for that. Truth be told; he’d be more worried himself if she wasn’t showing any fear for their situation, “..I promise you; I’m not going anywhere. But I need you to be brave okay..? You have to help me… these steps… they’re too big for me to carry you up; I’m sorry…”

Lifting her hand up, Juliette closed her eyes, her palm resting lightly over his as she turned her head, leaning it further into his touch as she listened to what he was saying- he was still here; he wasn’t going anywhere… he had promised.

“..o-okay; I-... I-I will try…” Nodding her head lightly against the palm of his hand, Juliette lifted her head up so that her ever unseeing eyes were looking in the direction that his voice was coming from, her soft pink lips parting ever so slightly from one another, “..I will try…”

Smiling softly as he managed to catch a glimpse of her bright blue eyes, Raymond reached out with his other hand, gently brushing some stray strands of her long blonde locks back and off her face, neatly tucking them behind her ear before he leant in, pressing a soft lingering kiss upon her lips, allowing the moment to last what felt like a lifetime before he (reluctantly) pulled away, his gaze flicking over to the other two to see if they had started the perilous climb up the steps yet or not.
Sorry- been one hell of a week at work... will be working on something tonight when I get home for the weekend hun

Rhett Beckett, Nadia Reyes, and Theodore Colbeck

Location: The Lighthouse; Atlantic Ocean.
Interacting With: Each other, and Isaura Eldars (@Vicier).

A lighthouse? Yes, he remembered something about a lighthouse before. Had he seen it, or had he just heard about it? Rhett’s memory was slipping away faster and faster - his legs giving up long ago in an attempt to help propel the three of them forward. He rested his head down on the seat cushion, pressing his cheek to the fabric and laying his head on the side as to not get any water in his nose. His eyes were forcing to shut but each time they did, his heart panicked and his eyelids shot right back open again.

“..almost-... a-almost there…”

It wasn’t a lie- they were close… so close to what looked like large steps leading up to the lighthouse; but just how much further she could go, she wasn’t sure. Forcing herself to keep her eyes open as wide as she could, Nadia paused, the kicking motion of her legs losing its luster as she once more began to tread water, doing her best to keep her head above the surface as she struggled under the weight of their dog.

“..solo espera… please, Rhett… not much l-longer…” Bringing herself closer against him, she dropped her head, her eyes shutting as she let her forehead come into contact with the cool touch of his skin against her own. They were both cold… so damn cold- not to mention exhausted… She-... She just needed a break… just a small one… then they could keep going… she could get them both to safety…

Spanish. Why was she yelling at him in Spanish? Did he forget to turn off the coffee maker again?

”I’m s-sorry, baby. L-last t-t-time. P-prom...ise…”

Sorry..? Her brows furrowing together in slight confusion, Nadia lifted her head, her body shaking lightly in the water, though she didn’t seem to notice as in a moments notice, all of her attention was once more on her fiance, “..R-R-Rhett… s-stay with me, n-now…”

”You need a hand?” The voice… a stranger… though close, had Rhett’s mind coming back to himself, somewhat.

”N-no thank...s. I… I’ve al...ready g-got t-two…” He couldn’t even see the male that spoke out to them, but he gave a weak smile to the opposite direction of his fiance’ figuring that might be somewhat close.

Theodore was more than a little taken aback at the response. Was the guy drunk, or seriously hurt? He was clearly something, but Theo couldn’t tell. ”Well, yes… but… I meant did you need help? I wasn’t going to physically give you a hand” he said, wondering if it had been a mistake to approach them, not even sure what he could do, with Isuara on his back.

”G-good. Cuz… cuz we’d n-need a d-doctor f-for that.” Rhett laid his head back down on the cushion where it was nice and comfortable a fourth of an inch submerged under the frigid salt water. He snickered to himself, finding something rather funny.. ”Heh… g-good thing I… I kn-know one…”

Theo once more hesitated, not particularly sure where to go from there, wondering if he should just… swim away. Still, he continued ”Did… did you want help, or not, ‘cause I can just keep on swimming… “

“..e-espere…” Her eyes panicked slightly as she looked over her fiance, Nadia eventually lifted her head, her soft and slightly blue tinged lips parting ever so slightly as she looked over in the direction of the other man, her legs struggling to keep her head above the water, “..p-please… I-I need h-h-help…”

”Alright… “ he said, ”I’m not sure what i can do… I have Izzy already… but I’ll try” he said, ’we’ll get out of this… it’s not far now… We could get the dog between us?“

As if on cue, Boris had finally had enough of being carted around on Nadia’s shoulder. Claws digging into her skin for a moment as he got his footing, he launched himself off of her shoulder and back into the water, paddling as quickly as he could to the submerged stairs that led up to the lighthouse. Feet finally able to touch, Boris bounded up the stairs and once he was on flat, dry ground, shook his black and brown fur - the tag on his collar jingling in the night air.

“..n-nghh..!” Her face scrunching up as she felt the claws digging into her shoulder, Nadia winced in pain, her body sinking down and under the surface of the water the canine lept from his perch. Her body thrashing slightly as she hurried to bring herself back above the surface, she once more gasped for air, her eyes opening wide as her heart once more began to beat wildly within the confines of her chest.

“..d-damn that d-dog..! H-H-He’s on a d-diet w-when we get b-back h-home..!”

”Sh-shoulda g-got a Schnauzer.”

Theodore watched the dog reach land, ”Well, that makes things easier… “ he said, ”let’s get closer, then I’ll get Izzy out, and help you with him”

Nodding her head up and down as best as she could without swallowing any seawater, Nadia once again let her attention turn to Rhett, her dark gaze still filled with worry before she shook herself out of it, forcing herself to bring her mind back to the most current, and rather hard task ahead of them- she needed to be strong… for him; she needed to be the strong one…

Taking another couple of moments to catch her breath, Nadia shut her eyes, her legs heavy as she kicked them back and forth behind her, doing everything she could to get the both of them moving once more in the direction of the steps, the familiar sound of Boris’ bark letting her know that she was, at least, heading in the right direction.

Committed now, Theodore waited for the woman to begin to move once more, before he followed. Reaching the stairs, Theodore sighed in relief, quickly getting out of the water, and helping Isuara down from his back, checking her over quickly before he returned to the water, to help get the man out.

”I… I don’t th-think I c-can pull m-myself up th-there…” Rhett admitted, taking a look at the steps that Theodore had pulled himself out of the water to reach safety. Boris sat on the edge of the square-like structure, looking down into the water at them, his whine carrying over the water and mixing in with the lingering cries from help from those who hadn’t discovered the lighthouse yet.

”It’s okay, I can help” Theodore said as he flexed his hands to keep the blood moving, and loosen the stiffness the cold had worked into his body, He quickly sought a good place to stand, where he could keep his balance, without immersing himself in the water again, ”Might be a bit rough, but you’ll get out”

“..I have you baby- we’re going to get you out of the water okay..?”

Her foot slipping from the submerged step as she moved forward, Nadia paused for a moment, taking a spell to regain her balance before she began to work once more, doing all that she could to push him as close to the risen steps as she could manage before she crouched down at his side, a flash of worry flickering behind her tired eyes as she let her mind wander over just how they were going to get him up the steps and onto the flat surface above them, “..we just need to get him out… I would do it myself, but-... but I don’t think I can…”

Theodore crouched on the steps, wishing he had something to hold onto. ”I think if i can get my hands under his arms, we can get him out, enough so he’s out the water at least.” He said, trying to figure out just how he could do that before he reached down to try and get the man out the water.

“; take a hold of my wrists, we can lift him together…” Her attention focused on her fiance, Nadia carefully slid her arms under the surface of the water, slipping them slowly between his back and the seat cushions that she had been using to help keep him as afloat as she had, her hands open as she waited for the guy who was helping her.

Theo nodded, and quickly reached for her wrists, gripping them, he shifted slightly, trying to make sure he wouldn’t slip, and that they weren’t going to drop him. ”Alright, I’m good, are you ready?” he asked, ready to begin getting the guy out the water.

Hesitating a moment to adjust her grip over his wrists, Nadia tightened her hold, chewing softly upon her lower lip before finally, she nodded her head, “..yeah… yeah, I’m ready…”

”Just… watch the b-back… and the front… Feeling the two somewhat sandwiching him, specifically Nadia at his back, the once numbed nerves of the entry and exit wounds began to flare up, reminding Rhett that he had a large piece of shrapnel piercing through his torso. ”I’ll n-need to be p-put on my side…”

”Right… “ Theodore wasn’t sure if it would be possible to get the man out while watching his injuries, but if they didn’t, he’d die in the water. So, he slowly began to rise, being careful not to slip, making his movements slow, knowing that one wrong move could be more than dangerous.

Her heart beating wildly against her rib cage with both the pressure and the adrenaline coursing through her body, Nadia’s gaze continuously moved, flicking back and forth between Rhett and the stairs as she took up the rear of the small cluster, ignoring the searing pain coursing through her arms at the sudden weight falling against her as she took it one step at a time.

Theodore could hate the water, and wish for the weightlessness it gave at the same time, as they began to get the man out the water, the task becoming harder the more they succeeded as the man’s weight was no longer supported by the water. Theo began to struggle, but he knew if they stopped now that would probably be it. He glanced down, grimacing slightly, making sure he wasn’t about to trip up the steps, focusing on when to rise up each step, until the man was out the water. His muscles, previously aching from cold, were burning with fire as they rapidly warmed up with the exertion, and breathing hard, Theodore looked for somewhere that the man could rest, without falling back into the water, knowing he’d have to put him down, or risk dropping him.

Finally, Theodore figured they were far enough on land to set the man down, and he began to carefully lower the man, remembering what he said about wounds, he shifted to be able to lay him down on his side, relief flooding through him when he was finally able to set him down, stepping back, he stood, shaking somewhat, looking back to Isuara before going over to make sure she was okay.

Reaching out towards him as he began to move away, Nadia took a gentle hold of his hand, her soft lips parting ever so slightly from one another as she lifted her gaze up to meet with his, “..t-thank you…”

Her grip dropping, she turned her attention back down to Rhett, her hand instead moving to gently brush the wet strands of hair of of his face so that she was able to see him better, her heart pounding against her chest while her stomach twisted nervously, her body shaking as she held him gently in her arms, “..don’t leave me, Rhett… please… please, you can’t leave me…”

Seraphina Astarte

Location: East Ridge Animal Hospital.
Interacting With: Xerxes Arvanitis (@YoshiSkittlez), Callie Lenson (@Caits), Leo Kwon (@December).

..come on… pick up- please Xerxes; pick up…

Shutting her eyes as the familiar sound of his voicemail hit her ears, Seraphina turned away, the tears that had been stinging her eyes before glistening in the corners before eventually, they began to fall; rolling down her cheeks as she waited the message out- the usual instructions causing her to shift almost nauseously over the spot in which she was stood, until finally, she began to speak after the beep, leaving her message.

“..X-Xerxes, I-... I need you… please…” Pausing a moment, she glanced around, her body shuffling just that little bit closer to her office door- she couldn’t do this… that was it; they were going to close early today. She had to get out of here, “..something… something doesn’t feel right- I-I feel like somebody’s watching me; and I-... I’m scared… p-please, Xerxes...”

Jumping at the sound of the door slamming open from somewhere behind her, Seraphina screamed, her gentle features flickering with fear and her body shaking lightly as she turned slightly on the spot, the phone lowering only slightly as the speed of her heartbeat began to rise, her breath coming quickly as she shuffled back, her gaze fixed upon the door as she waited for whoever it was that had come barging into the building to find her- so this was it… this was how it was all going to end, “..Xerxes… h-help me…”

"I'm not here to hurt you. She's hurt, and needs help,"

The witch..? Her bright blue gaze flicking down to the woman he held in his arms, Seraphina shifted nervously once again- there was more of them..? And he brought her here..? What if the thing that had done this followed them..?

"This is Callie. She was attacked by a Werewolf near Klamath. She's a Witch, the wolf isn't near us. I have nowhere else to turn, and you're an Angel. You can save her."

“..a-a werewolf…” The very word sent a terrified shiver down her spine- she knew there was a pack living within Klamath Falls; but she had been assure on multiple occasions, and by Xerxes himself that the alpha wasn’t that type of wolf… that she wouldn’t condone her pack attacking another… All this time- had he been wrong..?

"I don't want to hurt you. I don't know why you're scared of us, but we're good people. I've spent my entire life saving supernaturals who have been wrongly accused. Saving those who don't deserve to die. Callie has done the same. She's the best person I have ever met, and I can't think of anyone else more worthy of being saved.”

Her attention flicking back down to the woman, Seraphina hesitated- she had taken part in the hippocratic oath, even when she knew she didn’t have to… she had the knowledge; the skills to be a doctor- a human doctor if she wished; but there was just something about animals that drew her in...


Her soft pink lips parting ever so slightly from one another at the plea, Seraphina lifted her head, her terrified gaze meeting with that of the witch for a moment before finally, she nodded her head lightly, her voice soft… shaky as she spoke.

“..put her on the table…”

Syleste Astrea (Vos) Nioré

Location: Sky Lakes Medical Center.
Interacting With: Sebastian Monroe (@December), Gage Brooks (@BlackPanther), Miranda Burke and Xerxes Arvanitis (@YoshiSkittlez).

"I’m going to sit down. I’ll still be next to you.... I just… need rest..."

“..o-okay, Gage…” Her fingers curling slightly around his, Syleste held softly to his hand, her gentle pink lips parting ever so slightly from one another as she tilted her head lightly to the side, causing some of her long and wavy bubblegum pink locks to fall lightly over her shoulder with the action. She was tired… her body screaming in pain, and practically begging her to once more relax back into the pillows like she should be already doing; though she knew that if she did, she might just fall back into a slumber.

She didn’t want that- she couldn’t go back to sleep… the nightmares were just too much to handle. But that didn’t mean that the others had to force themselves just to stay awake for her… they deserved their rest as much as anyone else… right..?

"Oh for fucks sake!"

At the sound of the familiar voice cutting through the air, she lifted her head up, her light blue, though ever unseeing eyes turning to gaze over in the direction that she could hear Miranda’s angered words coming from- though why she was so upset, she wasn’t too sure; perhaps she had missed something while speaking with Gag-...

“..M-Mimi..?” Her cheeks flushing a bright shade of red as she felt another’s figure falling down onto the bed beside her, Syleste winced slightly in pain at being jostled, the sudden extra weight causing her body to fall in and against Miranda’s side, only helping to fluster the young girl even more than she already was. Was it something she had done..? Miranda was angry at something- was it really at her..?

"The part of the big, macho, manly boyfriend will now be played by Miranda Burke. Here, Syleste. I brought a sprite over for you. You are so beautiful and I'm so very glad you are okay. Maybe after you get released we can go out for ice cream or something. Because I love you and you're the best girlfriend in the world."

Her head lifting so that she was looking up in the direction she knew Miranda’s voice to be coming from, Syleste blinked a couple of times, confusion flickering over her ever gentle features before she smiled, a soft giggle falling out through her lips as she reached out, her fingertips brushing lightly over the cool aluminium of the can of Sprite before she took it, holding it happily in her lap with both hands, “..heheh… thanks, Mimi…”

"I had stayed here all night. Only leaving to try to save what belongings I could from the fire my ex-foster parents started. I’m trying my best Miri."

Flinching slightly as the sound of her boyfriend’s angered voice filled the air, Syleste let her eyes shut, her shoulders hunching over slightly as she lowered her head down; any sign of the smile she had fading from her features as she instead tried to focus on the can that she held in her hands, her thumb brushing lightly back and forth over it for a few moments before she felt a warmth against it, causing her to look up in that direction as her hand was lifted away from her lap.

The blush growing brighter as she felt his lips pressing softly against her knuckles, she turned her head away slightly, another giggle filling the air with the action before she bit down softly upon her lower lip, chewing on it lightly- they were both so angry… though she still wasn’t sure why...
..I still never got to try smores... Q.Q
So... I'm unsure of what's going on- I've only just woken up, and wasn't aware of anything like that going on... O.O

Aella Lorraine Stedford

Location: The Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Her horse; Alcippe.

It had been a long trip… and that was putting it lightly.

For the better part of three full days, it had been the same routine- get up, tend to Alcippe, get her back in the float, pile into the jeep, drive for hours, stop somewhere for lunch, exercise the horse, put her back into the float, drive some more, stop for the night… and then it all started again the next morning. But today… today had finally been different. The very moment that they had reached New York, she’d been sure to ask that they stop right at the beginning of the highway that ran through the long island straight- yeah it was going to take her a little longer, but after the both of them having been cooped up for approximately the last forty-three hours… it was well worth the change of pace.

Pulling back on the reins to slow the pace as she drew closer to the top of the hill that she now knew to be the entrance to the Greek camp, Aella steered her mare off to the side slightly, her balance never once wavering on the equines back as the creature reluctantly came to a stop, shaking out its long though well-kept and beautiful mane, the action causing the demigoddess to lean forward in the saddle, her hand softly gliding up and down the animal’s neck a few times in both thanks and appreciation for having gotten her as far she had.

Leaving her life in Camp Jupiter behind had been easier than she thought it was going to be- sure it meant that she was leaving all her friends, and everyone she ever cared about behind in her wake, but she needed a fresh start… a fresh start away from all the loss… all the grief… the constant saddened looks, and the hushed whispers… majority of them couldn’t even meet her eyes anymore… Shoving the thought out of her mind, she sat up tall once more in the saddle, turning her head back in the direction of the camp, her attention falling to glance at the few demigods milling about at their own pace and leisure- this place was so… different to what she was used to… Where were the uniforms..? Where was the structure..?

It was going to take her a while to get used to living here…

Frowning as the roaring sound of cheers and hollers floated up to her from somewhere within the camp, Aella turned her head, and allowed her attention to slowly glide over to the area in front of her- the camp looked… deserted. Completely empty; but from the sound that she could hear in the distance, she knew for a fact that wasn’t the case. Something was going on. Some kind of event that had everyone on the edge of their seats, though whatever it was, she wasn’t completely sure.

Deciding it better to just go on ahead and find out for herself what was going on, she pressed onward, clicking her tongue a couple of times as she pressed her heels lightly into the side of her horse to once more gain its attention, gently flicking the reins and urging the creature to go forward as they headed down the hill to where she could hear the thrum of cheers and jeers coming from- her dark gaze gliding back and forth about her person so that she could take in as much as she possibly could before eventually, they settled upon the distant image of a large tower spinning back and forth, the campers packing the area tight as they tried their best to get a glimpse of what was going on.

Well… that was new…

Frowning heavily with both confusion and curiosity, she once more urged her mare to move forward, following the path that was lined out for her to follow before eventually, she once again came to a complete stop, though this time it was a few feet away from what she could only assume was some sort of obstacle tower- the familiar sound of grunting and shouting mixed with the sight of campers dropping to the ground at the foot of it helping her to relax, and to calm her nerves, even if just a little.

Furrowing her brows together, she took her time to look out over the arena from where she sat upon the saddle, her body leaning forward just slightly as her hands lowered down to rest upon the leather, her expression unreadable as she watched the scene unfolding before her very eyes- it seemed like whatever the event was going on, it was now over, leaving two demigods stood on the top of the tower conversing about something, while others made their way back down claiming who the winner had been.

By the gods, the Grecian’s were a weird lot… did the have nothing better to do than to stand about socializing..?

Reaching forward slightly, Aella once more let her hand brush over the horse’s neck a couple of times, patting it lightly and rather affectionately as she kept her place, watching on and just listening as the those situated in the stands, and the two stray demigods in front of her began to speak among themselves- the smoke from their cigarettes causing her horse to sneeze before finally, it shook out its mane, settling back down thanks to its master’s encouragement.

“Father give me strength…”

Her voice was soft, almost inaudible before finally, it wilted away into complete and utter silence as she let her dark eyes flick about the crowd, seeming to search for someone in particular as she once more sat herself up in the saddle, her dark purple Camp Jupiter top giving clear indication as to just where it was she was from as she continued to scan the group of campers- life was definitely going to be different for her now.
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