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Location: Training Grounds - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Interacting With: No one yet.


It was in the forest that he could truly breathe... that he could just be himself without consequence.

With the light from the sun streaming through the boughs in brilliant yet shadowy beams; it was in the forest that he felt a deep sense of kinship running through the flora and right into his core. Stretching out across the Earth, and touching everything that lived; and he could feel it. This strange life force. Filling his lungs... his brain; his very soul. It was in everything... the mountains, the undergrowth, the rivers and creeks, the trees and animals- everything that surrounded him and made the Earth they all called home as beautiful as it was. It was as though the forest itself was its own unique sentient being. Whispering softly to the purest of hearts with its wisdom. And really, it kind of was.

Adjusing the straps of his pack on his shoulders, Kepano's eyes closed. Head tilting back as the warm rays of a sun born to rise each morning streamed in through the canopy above him, washing over him. Each one seeping into his skin, and with them, he couldn't help but feel alive. How couldn't he..? Wrapped in the blessing provided to them by his mother... his half-sister, Persphone... Apollo... Pan- he opened his eyes. And doing so, took another look around his person.

Aside from the usual underbrush, the forest floor was littered with roots. Weaving in and out of the Earth which thanks to the morning dew that still clung almost desperately to the foliage, even now that the sun hung almost directly above him in the sky, emmited the strong scent of petrichor. Musky, fresh- it was really the only way that he could describe it without going into scientific detail. And honestly, it was still way too early for that sort of thinking. Normally he waited at least until early or late afternoon to bust out the botany and herbology, and even then, he tried to avoid boring people by yapping their ears off with all of the plant talk. It just wasn't something that everyone was into, and he wasn't exactly willing to go about forcing it on anyone.

That just wasn't who he was.

Letting out a sigh; gentle and relaxing. A sense of calm seemed to wash over him as he cast his gaze out to the scene lain out in front of him. From where he was stood, he had the perfect view of the horizon and the crest of mountains that encircled the area like a magnificent painting cast and held within a golden frame for all to stand and admire. The sky was blue. But then, when you looked deeper, it was so much more than that. A soft smile dancing over his features, it was a few moments longer of simply admiring the work that only Apollo could produce before he turned his back to the horizon. The ground crunching under his feet with each step that he took- the path nonexistent, though his destination was more than clear. It was time that he headed home. He'd already been gone for almost a week on his little impromptu camping trip, and if he was being honest with himself, he'd be more than surprised if he wasn't bombarded as soon as he got back by campers whining about having almost starved during his absence.

Gods, they could be so dramatic at times; but then, it was just who they were.

He wouldn't have them any other way.

Chuckling softly to himself, Kepano shoved his hands down into the pockets of his jacket. Giving a light shake of his head as he trudged along, winding his way through the trees until, finally, after having hiked for quite some time, he broke though the line and into the familiar open space of the camp. His dark brown gaze gliding slowly over the area as he slowed to a stop, taking a moment to try and get his bearings, they eventually fell to his phone as he drew it out from his pocket. His thumb pressing down into the power button, he waited for it to flash to life before he allowed himself to get distracted again. Glancing around at just where it was he'd ended up.

The training grounds. Huh...

He must have really gotten further off his normal track than he first thought. The buzzing vibration of his phone in his hand pulling his thoughts back down to the divice, he couldn't help but blink. Once... twice- he wasn't really sure how many times he did so before he let out a nervous laugh. Twelve new messages. If he was being completely honest, he was surprised it wasn't more. And-... Oh Gods... he wasn't looking forward to checking his email. How many orders had been put in while he was away..? Shaking his head lightly, pushing forward, Kep let his feet be his guide as he wandered back towards the main part of camp. Thumb moving over the screen as he began going through and responding to the messages he'd recieved during his little hiatus.

Ahh... getting back into his routine was going to be fun.



Love him, hun; you did a really good job with him..! You can pop him across with Lukas, and post him in when you're ready :'3

Location: Khione Cabin - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Interacting With: No one yet.


The ever familiar thud of her skates hitting the floor of her bedroom, Isaura turned her attention away and to the rest of the room. Her bright blues gliding slowly over her bedroom for what felt like the millionth time since she'd returned to camp. The large stone wall... the wooden paneling and beams... the large open window in front of the bed which had been littered with the warmest of furs... the chandelier, hand-crafted from steel and deer antlers... Honestly, she still had a hard time believing that this was hers- that it was the same room she'd left behind when she'd fled the camp over a year and a half ago; scared of what her heart had been trying to tell her about Hayden. And yet... he'd gone out of his way to do this for her... to renovate her bedroom and give her that little piece of home, right here in the middle of Long Island Sound, New York.

And that wasn't to mention the fact that every week, like clockwork, he took it upon himself to refill the woodpile for the fireplace he'd installed.

Boy was that a sight to see...

Unable to stop it- the small smirk that danced across her lips, or even the gentle blush that crept out across her cheeks at the very thought of the love of her life, shirtless, and muscles flexing with each and every swing of the axe. The sheer force behind the blade driving it into the wood, and causing it to split. Sending each half tumbling in separate directions. She bit her lip. Her eyes inadvertently drawing towards the fireplace to check the level of the wood pile. Speaking of which... it was getting to that time of the week again...

Hand lifting, her fingers ran gently across her forehead; and collecting up any stray strands of hair that had fallen from her usual braids, she took a moment to tuck them back and behind her ear. A slight frown drawing to her lips as her eyes picked up on something- or, to be more specific, the lack of something. Actually... somethings. There were multiple little things that were different from when she'd left her room that morning. The pillows were placed differently on her bed... the remote for her TV was no longer beside her bed, but on top of her DVD system... her laptop was closed on her desk, headphones sat on top of it, and-... Turning on the spot, her attention was drawn over to her wardrobe and the armchair she had close to it. The jacket she'd tried on before settling for the one Imani had given to her was gone from where she'd left it. No doubt hung up once more.

Clenching her jaw slightly, Isaura closed her eyes. Corvus. It had to be. Her sister knew better than to go into her room uninvited; especially after a fight like they'd had the night before. Their older brother, however, still hadn't exactly learnt where the boundaries were when it came to cleaning the cabin. She appreciated it, of course, but... she liked things the way she liked them. And the idea of having someone come into her room without permission-..? Her bedroom was her sanctuary- a place she was free to do as she pleased. And family or not; she just didn't like it. It wasn't messy to begin with, but if she wanted it to be cleaner, she would have just done so herself.

Letting out a sigh; eyes rolling as she shook her head lightly, she moved over to her wardrobe door. And sliding it open, she took out the very jacket that her brother had seen to putting away without so much as a second thought, let alone a first one. Pulling it on, her hands drawing back behind her neck in order to gather up her long white locks, she pulled them across and over her shoulder. Her hands making their way into her pockets as she left her room and headed back down the stairs. Slowing only once she had made it out and onto the porch, she eventually drew to a stop. Her body falling gently until she was resting against one of the posts.

Really... it was such a beautiful day. Even if the Gods were trying to spoil it.

Location: Hades Cabin - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Interacting With: Zeru Williams (@King Kindred), & Erin Chase (@Vicier).


Zeru left the Apollo Cabin feeling fresh and satisfied after his shower with Fiamma. It almost helped him forget that they were about to be separated again, but he knew it wouldn't be long this time. He had more incentive to return home as soon as they could. If they were lucky they might not even take the full seven days.

The two cabins weren't far from each other and it took him no time at all to arrive at the steps of the cabin of his underworldly uncle and cousins. He was less nervous walking up the steps of the Hades cabin than he was Apollo's.

Once he reached the door he knocked and waited. As he did he looked down at himself and realized that he probably should have grabbed a shirt from his cabin first or at least picked up one of the hoodies he let Fiamma "borrow" last summer. It honestly had slipped his mind until now. He just wanted to talk to Erin as soon as possible so he could stop sneezing. It almost ruined his shower.


A few seconds... but apparently that's all it took. She'd turned her back on her bag for just those few brief seconds, and once she'd brought her attention back to it, there he was. A black ball of fur nestled comfortably along with the rest of the belongings she was taking with her on her quest- Gods, it still didn't feel real... she didn't want it to be real. There was still some small part of her that hoped it was a joke. Placing the charging cords for her phone and her kindle - argh... kindle... she hated not being able to hold actual books - down beside her bag, she instead reached into it. Her hold gentle as she wrapped her arms around the feline, and it was only a moment later that she was hoisting him up, " can't come with me this time..."

Normally, she wouldn't have an issue... the Underworld was as much his home as it was hers, but this was different. This wasn't just some spur of the moment trip to go and spend time with her father or her brother. The soft sound of someone knocking on her cabin door catching her ear, Erin's gaze was drawn towards the hall leading to the stairs. Hesitating, unsure if she wanted to leave it or answer it considering how the day had gone so far, she eventually sighed. And putting her cat down on the bed, quickly shoving the cords into her bag, she left the room. Her arms swinging lightly down by her sides as she took the stairs.

Reaching out as she drew close enough to the front door, Erin pulled it open. Her lips parting slightly at the seam as her gaze met with that of her cousin, "..Sparky..."

Zeru's eyes met his cousin's once she opened the door. He could tell that she had been crying, likely a lot, since she was accused this morning. He hated that the gods were putting her through this.

"Sup, Specter. I heard you were looking for me. Are you gonna let me inside so we can talk about this quest?" Zeru decided he rather not beat around the bush with her. She had likely had to repeat the conversation they were about to have quite a few times so he decided to make things a bit easier for her.

"..I just know I'm going to regret this..." Rolling her eyes, unable to help herself, Erin's hand slipped from the door. Back turning to her cousin as she began back up the stairs towards her bedroom. Already she had a sinking feeling that she was making the wrong choice, but it was too late now. There was no going back, and her mind was too clouded to even begin thinking about a possible replacement at this stage.

Zeru shook his head in response and followed his cousin inside closing the door behind him. He followed behind her and rubbed the back of his head. He felt a bit awkward now that they were inside the cabin. They were cousins, but they weren't exactly super close. Not like the posse that had managed to break through different layers of her shell. But he still cared about her and knew this was all incredibly hard on her, but he didn't want to spit out words that sounded like the cliches she likely had her so many times today.

"Hey, cous? I'm sorry this happened to you... It shouldn't have, but I promise you won't regret bringing me along. We're two of the most stubborn people I know. And in my experience stubbornness trumps fate. So don't let Ares looming over you or whatever the prophecy said get too deep in your head. We just have to do what we do best, survive." Zeru admittedly wasn't sure where he was going with this impromptu motivational speech but he hoped she got the message. That they were going to be fine and they were going to survive this.

"..survive... yeah..."

Voice soft as she repeated the word, mostly to herself, Erin rounded into her room once she'd hit the landing. Her feet carrying her back across to her bed, it was a few moments later that she was once more sitting on the edge of it. The dark feline resting in her lap, it's yellow eyes staring up at her cousin while behind her, the combined total of three hounds - two of her own, and one belonging to her brother - lounged over her sheets, "..what do you want to know..?"

Zeru followed Erin into her room that made him feel like he had stepped into the movie Hotel for Dogs. His blue eyes glancing over each hound, two from hell and one pit before they met the eyes of her cat Salem. It likely possessed his soul now. His attention returned to his cousin and he focused on the matter at hand. "You know, the basics. The prophecy, who's all coming, where we're going, and when do we leave?"

He didn't need convincing. He made up his mind about going on the quest the moment he was told she was looking for him.

The prophecy... right. How many times now would she have had to repeat the words given to her by the Oracle..? Repeat the names of the people she was dragging along with her into such a dangerous situation..? This was a conversation she'd already had countless of times that morning alone, and really the thought of having to have it again wasn't the most appealing, but it wasn't as though she really had a choice in the matter.

"..six figures, tall, stand strong in the East... a land of Pisa, pasta, and much art none the least... while two might find love, one soul shall be taken... the Ladies dove shall be found, but what vengeance will it awaken..?" A frown making it to her lips, Erin's fingers ran gently through Salem's black fur as she spoke to her cousin. Starting to give him the answers that he was currently looking to her for, "..that's the prophecy... we're going to Rome..."

Zeru listened to the prophecy and tried to analyze it as he did so to see what conclusions he could come up with based on each line. Most were fairly obvious. The amount of heroes going on the quest and the location being Rome. His ears twitched at the next two lines. He wasn't surprised that there'd be romance on a quest, let alone one for Aphrodite. The gods had ways of manipulating people based on their abilities. Rumor has it that Aphrodite was the reason Paris fell for the married Helen. But that was a story for another time.

He glanced down once again towards Salem at the mention of a soul being taken. He hoped his was safe in the hands of his cousin's familiar. But what did that mean for the other five, including her? He also had to worry about what Fi was going to think when he told her the prophecy. The next line revealed that Aphrodite's dove would be find but vengeance will awaken with it. Great. Aphrodite gets her dove and all they were going to get is a lost soul, vengeance, and two people in love as a consolation prize. He was starting to question his taste in his crush.

When Erin confirmed that they were going Zee nodded as to say he understood. "Right. Pretty standard prophecy of doom and gloom. But hey, all roads lead to Rome. Speaking of... Have you decided how we're going to get there? I know Underworld kids aren't the safest in the skies but I could call up my mom and get us a private plane ready to go and dear old dad would never attack us while I'm there." He was going to mention that it offered them comfort and the time to relax and come up with a plan but he didn't want to sound like he was a plane salesman.

"" Shaking her head lightly, her hand came to a brief stop on Salem before she continued to pet him, " sea... no sky..."

No sea. No sky. That only left one thing. He nearly shuddered at the thought. It wasn't the subway, but he wasn't entirely a fan of shadow travel either. "... Shadows?"


Zee saw no sense in fighting it and decided to take this loss for today. "And I see you're set on that so is there anything else I should know?"

"..some of the others think it best that we leave as soon as we finish packing."

"I agree. We may have seven days, but still. But what do you think? About any of this? You've had a lot thrown at you this morning. And I... uhh, I noticed you've been crying. Are you sure you're ready for this?"

Her body stiffened at his words. He could tell that she'd been crying..? Fuck. Even after having washed her face, it was still so obvious. Clearly. Would the humiliation of the day never cease..? Or was she just doomed to have it thrown back at her again and again..? Hand once more stilling against the feline who took the opportunity to slip out of her arms, causing her to lower her hands back down to her lap. Fingers curling slightly as she tried to think of just how to answer his questions.


She knew it wasn't the answer he was looking for- hell, it wasn't the answer she wanted to be able to give. But the both of them knew that it was truth. Plain and simple as that, "..I'm not ready for this... and I'm far from being okay, either; not that you bothered to actually ask for my current state of mind... I didn't ask for this- and I want nothing to do with it either, if I'm being completely candid. I might not particularly look it, but I'm already fighting... just with myself. I haven't stopped trembling since I was in Mr. D's office. And it's taking everything I have to simply pack this bag without breaking down into a mess right here on my bedroom floor..."

He felt that he had to choose his next words carefully. It already seemed that he made a blunder by not asking if she was okay. He just thought she had heard that question enough and was tired of answering it. He knew that he would have. But that was the thing. Most people would have lied or put on a brave front to show that they were okay, but Erin Chase wasn't most people. While everyone else was facing mythical monsters she faced ones that you couldn't just simply slay with a sword or crush it in darkness. It was the darkness. He didn't know too much about her past. He never wanted to push her to open up, but he knew it was something she was still facing within these borders.

"Then break down." He gave his words a moment to settle in before he continued. "Contrary to popular belief demigods don't have to be strong all the time. You're in your cabin, in your room, surrounded by your pets of comfort so break down. But you can't carry that fight with yourself when you're fighting out there. That's how you die and I know you don't want to die because you haven't really gotten the chance to live yet. You can start by telling Aphrodite where she can shove her bird once we finish this quest."

Her lips parting slightly at the seam, Erin found herself able to do little else other than stare up at her cousin from where she was sat. Her dark gaze holding fast to his; seeming to search them, though for what she just wasn't quite sure. Permission..? He'd already given it to her. He'd laid it out bare for her- told her to go ahead and let her emotions get the better of her now that she was faced with a situation she had almost absolutely no control over.

"..I can't..."

Her voice soft as she responded, she turned her head away from him. If she did- if she allowed herself to come crashing down now, then there was going to be no quest. At least not one that she would go on anyway. Then she'd just be right back where she started at square one. Shutting herself away in her cabin and waiting for the day when Ares came to deliver his judgement, "..what else did you want to know..?"

Zeru didn't need his ability to know that was a lie. She could. She just wouldn't and he wasn't going to force her. He'd just have to trust that when it came down to it she'd be ready to fight.

He shrugged his shoulders taking a second to think. There was only one thing left, well maybe two. "Just who else is coming and where you want to meet up to leave."

It was more than clear that he wanted to push the point, but just wouldn't. Despite his bluntness, he'd never once attempted to force her into having conversations that she didn't want to, and though she'd never admit it, for that she was rather grateful. Hands breaking away from her lap, she instead let them rest on either side of her body. Her fingers curled lightly over the sheets, "..Brandon, Spencer, Carlos, and Tyler... they have all agreed to come with me."

Pausing, Erin looked away from him. Her gaze drawing out the window of her bedroom. Where to meet though... that was something she'd never really discussed with any of them, "..just meet in front of my cabin when you're ready..."

He listened to the names as she called them out. The team was interesting enough. Brandon as the son of Ares was another rather capable fighter. Carlos was cool and he had a feeling they'd need his luck, especially if a god was manipulating things behind the scene. Tyler being there put one of the lines of the prophecy into perspective. He didn't really know anything about Spencer. All he knew was that he was the son of Thanatos and he arrived at camp sometime over the school year. But if Erin brought him over Dorian he was sure that he brought a lot to the table.

Zeru followed her gaze out the window to see if she was actually looking at anything. When she gave him the location he gave a nod. "Front of your cabin. Got it. Well, I have to go pack, but we're gonna get you through this, cous." He turned back towards the door and was about to step out when a thought suddenly entered his mind. "Oh yeah. Why'd you pick me?"

"..because despite everything... I think you're the one I need right now..."

The answer slipping from her lips before she really took a moment to think on whether she wanted to admit that to him or not, it was another moment or two before Erin let her attention draw back around to him. Her dark gaze once more meeting with his, "..besides... you can fly, and we're after a bird..."

Shrugging her shoulders lightly as she slipped that last little bit of information in, not wanting him to get a big head after the semi-compliment that she'd just inadvertently given him, Erin once more looked back out her bedroom widow, "..and cousin... just my own personal observation, but... you would do better keeping the prophecy to yourself rather than telling certain others what it is... it will only make things harder in the long run, if you catch my drift..."

His eyes widened at her words. He was glad that he turned away before then because for a brief moment his brown cheeks flashed red. He turned back towards her and found himself feeling a little guilty. Before today he hadn't really been there for his cousin and yeah he could blame his mortal life but no one prevented him from visiting camp over the breaks. He just didn't. But he no longer planned to use his mortal life as an excuse. He already considered starting to stay at camp full-time, but his cousin's words cemented the decision. He needed to be around for his friends, his family. He was going to start with this quest.

He laughed at her next reason. "I'll be your wingless hero. Your electric knight."

But her next words hit him like a brick and reality set in once again. Zeru knew the certain other was Fi and in a way she was right, but he also knew keeping it from her would be worse. "I catch it and I know... But I know keeping it from her would make her worry more. And honestly I can't lie to her."

"..then don't lie, but telling her the whole truth will just cause trouble... and you and I both know why..."

Zeru sighed. "I know. You'd think I would've outgrown this crush by now."

"'s not so easy to do... trust me..." Fingers curling tighter, Erin let out a gentle sigh. Staying silent for a few minutes before finally she brought her attention back to his figure in her doorway, " should pack... we'll be leaving as soon as we can..."

He trusted her, but he knew sooner or later he would have to move on from it. It wasn't like he actually loved Aphrodite and part of him wasn't sure that he ever could. It was just a celebrity crush that just developed over the years.

Erin's voice freed him from his mind causing him to realize that he had just been simply standing there in her doorway. "Right. Pack. I'll see you in 0-Whatever hours." And with that he made a quick half spin to face the hall and walked out of Erin's room and down the stairs.

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: Ares Cabin - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Interacting With: No one yet.

The dull boom, boom, boom of her fists smacking over and over against the canvas was lost on her; instead, she let the music playing from her phone and through the earphones fill her mind. Keeping her concentrated as she continued to pound hard, almost relentlessly so, on the punching bag that was suspended from the ceiling of the Ares cabin by chains. She wasn't sure just how long she'd been at it, but she knew that she'd been going at it long enough that her knuckles were now glistened red with her blood once more. Though all the while she kept her hands up. Protecting her face from the blows that weren't even coming her way; though after so long of having that particular lesson drummed into her over and over again, it had just simply become nothing more than habit. A natural instinct.

Protect yourself. Don't give your opponent an opening. Show no mercy.

Because in the end, they weren't going to show her any.

Chest heaving slightly with each breath that she took, a light sheen of sweat visible over her body; some even rolling slightly down the side of her face, Octavia shoved her fist as hard as she could into the bag. The sight of the seem splitting open, even slightly, causing her to pause for a moment. Her dark eyes flicking up to her brother who was holding it steady, she brought her attention back to the split. Watching as some of the sawdust trickled out and onto the floor before she shifted and began at it once again. Her blows landing at the bottom of the split; determined to either make it bigger... or to kill it altogether.

"Tavia... you're going to hurt yourself again. You can't keep pushing yourself like this. Seriously, you need to work on letting go of your pride."


Octavia refrained from rolling her eyes. It wasn't the first time that her pride had been the topic of conversation, and beyond that, her brother wasn't the only one who had brought it up either. Everyone seemed to think that it was some kind of a problem; she didn't see it, and honestly..? It was getting pretty damn old, real fast. Hesitating though, Octavia nevertheless stood down. Her hands balling up tighter, and for only a few moments before she turned away from the bag and instead to her brother who had been holding it steady. Her fists uncurling.

Despite the fact that she wanted to keep going with the bag, he was right... He was always right. She couldn't risk injuring herself and throwing all her hard work and progress back, even a few weeks, "..pushing limits is the only way to progress... and father always said; show no mercy. Not even to the bag..."

"Tay... you started pushing your limits an hour ago."

This time, she couldn't help it. She actually did roll her eyes, "Just... go. Get out of here already." Despite it all, a gentle smile danced over her lips, and after having gotten one in return. Her brother's hand reaching out to give an encouraging squeeze of her shoulder; she watched him leave. Her green eyes lingering after him for a few moments later before she turned and headed off. Her arms swinging lightly at her sides, in time with her hips, she began off up the stairs and towards her bedroom. She was going to need to clean and tape her hands.
My boy is finally ready!



He is accepted, hun..! Feel free to pop him across into the character tab, and to post him in when you're ready to do so :'3

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: The Lake - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Collab Between: Beauregard Garcia (@Rodiak), & Ky' vie Morgan (@Vicier).

The sound of the guitar strings rang throughout the bunker, filling the space with its soothing sounds and hypnotic rhythm. The conga drums picking up the song before they completely stopped, and a woman's voice joined in, smooth and enchanting before the instruments resumed and continued the song. The walls of the bunker were covered with various posters. Ranging from old Mexican bands to modern movies and tv shows to schematics for various projects being worked on. The roof had glow-in-the-dark stars that formed various poorly arranged constellations and some Christmas lights of different colors giving bunker 15 a sort of a chaotic vibe to it. On the far back of the bunker, Beauregard had a carving tool in one hand and a small hammer in the other.

"Ya no estas mas a mi lado, corazon y en el alma solo tengo soledad. Y si ya no puedo verte porque dios mi hizo quererte para hacerme sufrir mas."

He sang along with the song, hips moving from side to side with the beat as he danced around his woodworking tools. Beau had been working on a new desk for his room since the last had broken down after some... events. This time he was sure he'd make the legs sturdier for them to support more weight, but it seemed like he had been distracted from the task at hand. The song had taken his attention from carving the leaf designs on the edge of the desk to sing around his current project.

It wasn't unusual for the young man to get distracted from his work. Beau was known to work five projects at a time just to abandon them weeks later to finish older ones. His siblings were a lot more productive than him, which is why he never really took up one big project at a time or why he would just lend a hand when he didn't have anything significant work of his own.

"Siempre fuiste la razon de mi existir, adorarte para mi fue religion. En tus brazos encontraba el amor que me brindabas el calor de tu pasiΓ³n"

Beau continued to sing along as he danced around the desk in front of him before coming to a stop when he remembered what he was supposed to be doing. The song continued to play around him as he kneeled in front of the desk and began to carve out the intricate leaves on the wood. Masterful hands carefully shaped the material until he was pleased with the shape. Beau nodded approvingly at his work before moving on to the next.

"..did you want me ta reinforce the legs this time..?"

The natural warmth of her hands pressing first over her little brother's shoulders; Ky' vie slid them forward. Arms wrapping gently around him from behind, it was both affection and curiosity that had her body resting over his- curled over, and head situated right beside his own as her dark gaze took its time to slowly glide over his intricate carvings. She had to admit, it made her slightly jealous. His skill with woodworking far outweighed her own, but she knew she couldn't be good at everything. Despite being called it, even sarcastically, she wasn't perfect. And that was okay by her. Besides, that was just how it went in Hephaestus cabin. It seemed each of the four of them had something the others didn't. Each had their own specialties that they excelled in.

If you wanted autonomous weapons... lasers- something that was grand, flashy, and just over the top; then Corona was definitely your girl. You needed new furniture, a custom made bow or staff- literally anything to do with wood; well then, Beau was definitely the one you needed to see. Looking for something more delicate..? Automail, transport, robotics, firearms, computers- custom jobs and working replicas; that was her thing, and she did it well. And Hayden..?

Well... she was a decent weaponsmith, but even she knew that she couldn't make a blade as well as Hayden could.

Really, it made her proud. Seeing what they were all capable of. Combining their skills though..? She chuckled softly. Arms tightening slightly, giving her brother a hug before she pulled back and moved herself around to stand in his line of vision. Her hand reaching out to lightly brush over the surface of the desk in appreciation. A smile dancing over her features, "You didn't come cheer me on this mornin'. An' since you weren't at the cabin; kinda figured that you'd be here."

"Es la historia de un amor, como no hay otro igual- oh holy shit, you scared me!" Beau jumped, almost dropping the carving tools in his hands. He hadn't even heard Ky'vie enter the bunker or get close. He had been so concentrated on the carvings to even notice until she was practically hugging him. "You know, you should really knock." He huffed when she pulled back and stood across from him on the other side of the desk. Or he should start locking his bunker or maybe designs a special alert; Beau had to write that down at the top of his pending projects. It had been a while since he had done any real coding, so that would be a nice refresher.

"Stayed up late; by the time I woke up, I heard that it was over." Beau stood up, placing his tools on the desk. He looked over Ky'vie before he remembered what a little bird had told him before he came down to his bunker. "Heard Pierre took the ring, must suck losing; kinda regret not watching that in person." He teased her. Beau really wished he had been there that morning, mainly to cheer for Ky'vie and see the Ares kids fight amongst themselves. If only he had sent that guy from the Apollo cabin away right after finishing up with his bow, he wouldn't have stayed up so long at night. Ah well, what could he do? Beau couldn't resist pretty faces.

"Anyway, I think I got the legs handled. Just want you to take a look at them, and since I'm also going to install a tablet into the desk so I can work on some projects digitally I need to make sure this thing could handle a lot." Beau had always depended on one of his siblings to give his projects a one over before he deemed them complete. It was always smart for someone else to check his work, fresh eyes to make sure nothing was wrong or out of place. Back home, his grandparents had always been critical in giving him feedback, so he expected no less here- especially while being surrounded by others with similar interests as his.

An inbuilt tablet wasn't going to add too much weight to the desk; his projects however... they were another matter entirely.

Nodding her head at his words, giving him a sign that she was indeed listening to what he was saying, Ky once more leant over. Fingers curling gently over the carved edge of the desk, she let her free palm run along the curves of its legs. And while she had faith in her brother, her gaze flicked between all four of them, searching his creation for any tiny little imperfections that might have appeared during the process that they should be worried about. Though as she'd already predicted, there were none. His work, as always, was pretty damn flawless.

" used oak..?" Eyes flicking up, meeting with his for a brief moment, her hands moved instead to the drawers. Her attention dropping down to them as she slid them open and shut again; seeming to eventually give up on doing so as she instead placed her hands on the surface. And after kicking off her shoes to make sure she didn't leave dirty prints behind - even after wiping her feet on the welcome mat - she hoisted herself up onto it. Her head dropping to watch the results as she put her full weight onto it, "..rollers are sticking a little on the drawers. Easy fix. Other than that... if it can hold my weight, and yours; then she'll be right to take whatever you throw at her."

Bringing her attention back to him, she held her hand out to him in offer to help him up, "..and F.Y.I... I did knock. You were just too far gone in your own lil' world to even bother noticing."

"Hard maple, it was a bitch to get shipped out here, but it was worth every penny and headache." Beau hummed, watching the legs of the desk while she stood over it, trying to spot anything else he had missed or ear any creak. Beau was always critical of his work, always searching for any imperfections or mistakes he could improve upon. It drove the guy crazy sometimes, almost to the point of staying up all night trying to improve that one little imperfection. He knew it wasn't a healthy habit, but it was relatively common with the rest of his siblings. They could get lost in their own projects for hours on end without even realizing it.

When Ky offered her hand, he kicked off his shoes and took it, pulling himself up on the desk. "Pretty damn sturdy," He grinned, bouncing just the slightest on his feet and looking down at his almost completed project. "Just gotta finish up the carvings, fix the rollers, sand it, and stain it." Beau couldn't help but do a little victory dance. The desk had passed the sturdiness test; now all there was needed was to finish its decorations. Beau was almost halfway done with carving out the desk's edges. Now he just needed to extend the carvings down to the legs. Installing the tablet would be the easier part, as long as he gathered the right materials. If not, he could always ask Ky or Corona to help him out on that end.

"I get lost in the music and work, can't blame me." Beau jumped off the desk onto the floor with a grunt. "And thanks for the help; I can probably get this done tomorrow." The carvings would take the most time, but they would be worth it.

"Yeah... I know what that feels like."

It was a flaw they all seemed to have- every child of Hephaestus. It was just so easy to get lost in their work. The amount of times she'd sat herself down at her desk, or her workbench- hell, even sitting down to watch a movie with her mates, only to look up what felt like five minutes later only to then be told hours had passed, or the movie had finished. Sure it could be annoying at times, but... it was just part of who they were. For better or worse.

Chuckling softly, her body crouching and hand pressing back down onto the surface of the desk; she followed her brother's lead. Though instead of hopping down off of it completely, Ky swung her legs around and out from under herself. Perching on the beautifully crafted piece of furniture with her legs dangling over the edge. Hands resting on either side of her body, "You want a in-build computer to use, I've been working on something new down on my level that you might be interested in having a look at. I plan on integrating it into my latest project, but having someone test it out, see what it's capable of would be a big help."

Beau had crouched down by one of the legs to examine one of the carved leaves. It looked like he may have gone a little too deep into the maple, and it seemed off. It would look exactly like the rest to a normal eye, but he knew that the tiny detail would eat at him. It wasn't anything some sandpaper and some minor adjustments wouldn't fix, but Beau had to make sure to get back to it soon.

He perked up when Ky mentioned one of her new projects, looking up from the desk to her. "Really? I've been meaning on starting this new project, but none of my current computers can handle it, so yours might." He had this idea flowing around in his mind for a while. His last conversation with his mother, as unpleasant as it had been, had planted a little idea- an idea that just kept growing day by day. He had to try it, and Ky's computer just might be the tool he needed.

"If it can't handle it, I'll be sorely disappointed." The sound of her soft chuckle once more filling the air, Ky pressed her hands down into the edge of the desk. Using them to give her that extra little push as she slipped herself off of it, and back onto her feet. Okay... so even she had to admit that it was so fucking adorable how his features lit up whenever they began talking about their current projects- or how his eyes sparkled when one of them mentioned they had an idea for a new project.

Were they all like that..?

A single hand remaining on the desks surface, her body nevertheless curled over slightly. The other hand reaching down to help pull her vans back onto her feet; she instead lifted her head. Her smile remaining over her features as she met her gaze to his, "Come down to twenty-seven with me an' test it out. Lemmie know what you think. I could use another's opinion on my work so far anyway- aside from Storm-breaker, I haven't attempted a project of this size before..."

"Ky, you are a genius; of course, it'll work. Maybe, who knows, I've seen you distracted lately." Beau had seen the way she'd look at a certain someone from cabin eight. It was easy to overlook, but he knew his sister well enough to know when she was catching feelings. When she'd smile to herself or tuck her hair behind her ear, even the little jump to her step, they were all dead giveaways. It was rather cute, he'd have to admit, he had his doubts about Brandon. It was no secret that he was a player, and as hot as he was, Beau had to be wary of the guy.

"I trust your creations" He stood up from his crouching positions, stretching out his back with a small groan. Being slouched over the desk for the past hour had stiffened his back, maybe he could get that guy from cabin eleven to come back tonight and give him a nice massage. Loose up the tension around his shoulders a bit.

"Let's go, I wanna see that supercomputer of yours. I wonder if it'll run Minecraft with ultra shaders on."

Deep down, she knew he hadn't meant it, but... his words hit her like a ton of bricks, and with it, her smile faltered over her features. Had she really been so distracted lately that others were beginning to notice..? Crap; was it showing in her work..? Features falling slightly, distracted, all she seemed capable of doing was giving him a nod to know that she'd heard him. Her feet shuffling slightly over the ground as she headed back through his workshop and towards the room that held elevator. Waiting for him to join her first before she absentmindedly hit the button for level twenty-seven. The doors closing in front of them.

" it really that bad, Beau- like... have I really been that distracted..?"

If Beau was anything, he was but oblivious. Instantly he noticed the change in Ky, and it was surely from what he had said. He hadn't meant it in any bad way or to diminish the hard work she had been doing the past weeks. It had been just a small jab at her, a jab that seemed to be a sore spot for Ky. Beau would beat himself up for it later.

He hurried as he put away his tools and walked into the elevator with her. "Hey, I didn't mean it in a bad way. I barely even noticed, honestly." Beau reached over and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, giving them a slight squeeze to reassure her. "You being distracted is like me concentrating on a project. You're good Ky, really." Ky, along with Corona, were the most driven out of all of them. He always admired that about his sisters, not that he would admit it. They'd rub it in his face non-stop for the rest of his life.

"..I really like him, Beau..." Her lips parting slightly at the seam, Ky turned her head. Her dark eyes lifting up to meet with his; staring. Her gaze vulnerable, and almost with a slight fear behind iris', "..I know that we're not together- well... at least not officially or anything, but... how he makes me feel..? I didn't even feel like this when I was with Derek..."

Oh that look, a look Beau knew all too well. Well enough to know that what Ky was feeling was the real deal and there was no backing down. It would either lead down a long road or to heartbreak; he hoped for the former. "I'm rooting for you, Ky. If he really makes you happy, go for it." He smiled down at her, giving her a tight nod as encouragement. Her choice in men had always been questionable to him, but he couldn't deny her happiness. While Beau, or any of his other siblings, wouldn't hesitate to kick Brandon's ass if he hurt Ky, he knew his sister would be the first to do it. "Just... be careful, okay?" As much as he didn't want Ky to get hurt, it was inevitable. These kinds of feelings always ended up with someone hurt in the end.

Porque dios mi hizo quererte. Para hacerme sufrir mas, sufrir mas, sufrir mas...

Beau heard the last lyrics of the song just as the door closed in front of them. Funny.

β€” Ϋ΅ ۞ Ϋ΅ β€”

Location: The Lake - Camp Half-Blood; New York.
Collab Between: Hayden Morgan (@Moro), & Isaura Larsen (@Vicier).

It was... one of the only places she felt truly free...

Thoughts of everything going on slipping from her mind; Isaura took a single step forward. The surface of the lake freezing under the blade of her skate, though the rest of the lake remained as it was. Water. A gentle smile gracing her delicate features, showing no hesitation in her actions, she pushed forward. Her figure gliding gently over the lake, leaving behind her weaving strokes of ice decorating its surface, and tracing her each and every movement. It felt good... being back out on the ice- she needed almost desperately that small sense of normality among the chaos that currently reigned.

And it was simple muscle memory. Like riding a bike- and as she picked up confidence, as she picked up some speed, she couldn't help the way that her glossed lips lifted into a gentle smile that seemed to reach her eyes and light up her features.

It didn't matter how much went wrong- how hard everyone pushed her; what got thrown her way, or how much she second guessed her choices... the ice was where she belonged. And to her, it was as natural as breathing. The cold to her was just as much as the heat was to Hayden- it was who they were. And there was no changing that. Why would they ever want to..?

Slowing to a stop as she reached the center of the lake, Isaura allowed her gaze to glide over the area. It was so beautiful... and she couldn't imagine spending her days anywhere else, aside from her home in Norway. The seam of her lips parting ever slightly, her hand lifted. Giving a gentle wave towards the familiar figures huddled together on the edge of the lake, her attention fell to what she was doing. Head tilting lightly as she slipped her earphone in. And as the music hit her ears, she began to move. The routine coming with ease as she glided along to the song that had begun to play.

After having spent the better part of the morning slaving away on a busted sword for yet another one of the Ares campers, it was only when one of Hayden's siblings had barged into the forge to tell him and their siblings of the news brought by Chiron and Mr. D. Erin Chase had been named the one responsible for lifting Lady Aphrodite's godly symbol. From what he knew of the girl, he didn't believe that she could have done it, though the thought of wolves in sheep's clothing played at the back of his mind. No one had suspected Luke Castellan all those years ago when it came to Zeus' godly symbol having been stolen.

He shook the thought away, forcing himself to ignore the negativity. He truly hoped she hadn't been the one to do it. Though he hadn't had much time under his belt spent with her, he had to think better of her. She never did anyone wrong, or any harm. Sure, she sent the hounds after Brandon Murphy and Greyson from time to time but that didn't make her a villain. Hayden had played with the idea of simply remaining in the forge, but couldn't help but wonder how Issie had taken the news. Of course he knew the pair weren't friends, but still.. it had to have been hard to hear, regardless. Surely she had been there to hear the news straight from Chiron and Mr. D themselves, he knew she was headed for the Obstacle Tower this morning.

It hadn't taken Hayden long to reach the area, but after spending several minutes searching around the Obstacle Tower grounds, he couldn't find her. He knew she'd be one of two places, and decided to check the closest one before heading off to check in her cabin. Heading towards the lake, he didn't have to travel far up the path before he caught a glimpse of her gliding over the water, the water freezing beneath her skates as she went. A small little smile crept up at the corners of his lips as he approached, reaching the edge of the lake where he slowly dropped to the ground and sat on the beach to watch her. He loved seeing her in her element. Folding an arm over his knees, he placed an elbow over his hand and rested his chin into the other, watching her with a smile.

The movement along the bank... it had caught her attention out of the corner of her eye some time ago; and despite the fact that she had been so deeply gone in her own little world, Isaura just couldn't help but stare as the large and imposing figure wandered over. Sitting himself down on the bank of the lake in order to watch her skate out over the blend of ice and water. And that smile he wore-... It sent her heart fluttering madly in the confines of her chest.

Pulling out of her current spin- breaking away from the routine altogether in order to change paths instead, Isaura's glides were slow. Silent almost as she closed the gap between them, and without showing a hint of hesitation, she abruptly halted. The smallest bit of ice scraping into tiny shards as she twisted to a smooth stop. The gentle smile she was known for breaking out over her lips as she gazed down at him. Her hand extending out to take hold of his as she hoisted herself back up and onto the bank of the lake. The blades of her skates digging into the ground, "..I didn't think you'd be finished your work this early.

Hayden watched her as she moved over the water, noticing she had also seen him too and was now heading over. As she made her way over, he stood up and dusted himself off. Taking her hand, he gently pulled her back onto the shore.

"Oh, I'm not. After hearing the news though, I'm sure Dak won't mind me taking a break from fixing his sword. Seriously don't know what in the hell he did to that thing to screw it up so bad."

Reaching his free hand up, he gently brushed a few stray strands of hair from her face, tilting his head. "Er du ok, min kjære?"

"..jΓ‘... jeg har det bra, minn villieldr."

His touch, as gentle as it was with his fingers brushing across her face, was more than enough to send her heart into a fluttering storm, and with it, her gaze lifted. Once more meeting with his as she gave a nod of head; only further helping to cement her answer to the question. She was okay, considering. Of course she knew the girl that had been accused of the crime, but... it wasn't as though her and Erin were the best of friends. Respectful to one another in passing- never really getting into one another's path. She felt, however, that she knew her well enough to not believe a word that came from the mouth of Ares, " doesn't take a genius to know that she didn't do it... and from the outrage at the tower..? She has the support of the camp behind her. Those closest to her seem willing to wage war, even... I hope this doesn't come to that...

Hayden nodded lightly, sighing heavily. "Yeah, lucky enough for her, really." Looking over his shoulder off towards the other campers, Hayden chewed on his lip gently before turning back to look at Isaura. "Is that the only thing bothering you, or is there more?" He figured that it was, indeed, the only thing bothering her.. but even he knew that figuring wasn't fact and it never hurt to ask and make sure. Ever since Issie had gotten back and they'd rekindled their relationship, Hayden had been sure to always double check with her, especially when it came to how she was feeling.

What could she say..? He knew her better than she knew herself...

A gentle sigh passing out through her lips, Isaura's bright blues drifted away from him. Instead looking out over the lake before movement caught her attention, and her eyes flicked to the two figures that had been standing not too far from where they were; watching for a moment as they left. Though it wasn't until Valeria and Talon were both gone that she spoke again. Her voice soft, "..there was an incident on the tower this morning... and-..."

Hesitating, she let out another sigh. Her gaze lifting back up to meet with his before she finished the thought that she'd been in the process of voicing out loud, "..and I may have gotten into a small argument with my sister... again..."

Hayden's eyes followed her own to see the Ares boy standing off a ways with Valeria before disappearing, returning his gaze to her as she spoke. He'd heard about the incident with Talon, Octavia and a few others that were involved. The mention of her sister caused a shadow of a smirk to cast over his lips, tilting his head slightly. "What happened?"

"..what always happens..." Rolling her eyes, Isaura simply shook her head. Allowing her gaze to wander once more before returning back to the man that she loved.

Hayden chuckled softly, reaching a hand up to scratch at his beard.

"It's always something with her," he sighed softly, folding his arms over his chest with a soft charming smile. "Well, I just wanted to come out here and check on you, my queen. I should probably head back to the forge and polish off that sword of Dak's, but after I'm done, would you like me to accompany me to lunch?"

"I would love to; nothing would make me happier." Hand lifting; Isaura's touch was gentle as she lightly brushed the tips of her fingers across his forehead. Dragging across the stray strands of his hair before neatly tucking them back and behind his ear. Her hand lingering a moment or two longer before she let her arm fall back down by her side, "I don't have any classes to run today- no one has shown interest in winter sports this year, so I'm completely free for the foreseeable future. At least at this point anyway."

Isaura's light touch forced his eyes closed as his smile grew a bit, leaning into her hand in the moments before she let it drop away from his face. He dropped his own arms from where they'd been crossed over his chest, gently grabbing her wrist before pulling her into him slowly. His eyes met with his love's once more, listening to her speak.

"Mm.. these kids don't know what they're missing out on." The son of Hephaestus' lifted a hand to cup one side of her jaw, leaning down to press his lips to hers in a soft kiss. "I look forward to seeing you then." He flashed her a soft, loving grin before backing away from her, his hand lingering against her face as long as he could before dropping it at his side. After walking backwards a few steps more, he finally turned around to make his way back to the forges.

Her heart fluttered lightly in her chest. And even with such a small show of affection; she couldn't help the way her cheeks flushed a gentle shade of red. It was perfect- he was perfect. Ever since the first moment they'd laid eyes on one another. Before then, she wasn't sure she'd believed in love at first sight, but now-... Well, claim her a Disney Princess and call it a day. She'd found her Prince Charming. He just happened to be the one who made the shining armor.

"..till then, minn Γ‘stir."

@Vicier xP



..I am going to regret this, I just know it...
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