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Isaura and Theodore

Location:The Lighthouse; Atlantic Ocean.
Interacting With: Each other.

Unable to stand it anymore, Theodore reached out for Juliette, gently extracting her from the man’s shirt, whether he let him or not, immediately pressing her to his own chest and hugging her tightly, shifting so he could slip her into his own shirt, stroking her hair. ”I love you, Julie… I have you” he said softly, retreating now that he had one of the two most dear people to him, trotting back to Isuara’s side, hugging his sister to him all the way, before sitting down besides Isuara, and wrapping his arms around her, as well, happy to have them both right where they belonged.

”We’re okay… “

His words barely registered in her mind; all she could think about was the fact that he had her… he had Juliette, and she was safe; she was alive- she could see clear as day the gentle rise and fall of the child’s chest with each breath the young girl brought into and expelled from her lungs.

The mere sight had the strain on her own heart easing slightly as a soft sigh of relief fell out through her lips.

“..s-she’s okay… she’s o-... okay…” Muttering, though mostly to herself, Isaura reached out a shaky hand as he sat down at her side, her touch light… full of love and worry as she ran her fingertips gently over the child’s cheek, her dark eyes filling with concern, “..s-she’s freezing… we need-... we need to warm her up… quickly…”

Despite the fact that he had both of them within reach, Theodore still felt helpless. There wasn’t anything that he could do to warm any of them up- no firewood… nothing. Any clothes they had would be wet, and he wasn’t much warmer himself, but he just had to hope that his body heat would be enough to keep her warm, until they could find someway of warming themselves.

”I know… but I don’t know how… everything is wet, and you’re just as cold as she is” He said softly, reaching out to take her in his arms too, being careful of Juliette. To have them both so close, and still know that it was possible to lose them in the next few hours was too much. ”We will figure it out, as long as we are together”

Her heart broke at his words. She was so cold… her body was shaking against his, and she was still having trouble feeling anything but the ice-cold touch of the sea anywhere in her legs; and yet... even after everything, he was still so worried about her.

“..if it comes to it; Theo… you need to forget about me… and you need to do everything to make sure that Julie is safe…” Her gaze tearing away from the girl held close against the both of them, Isaura lifted her head, her blue-tinged lips parting ever so slightly from one another as she met with his eyes, “..she-... she’s just a child… your sister… you need her more than you n-need me…”

”Isuara! It won’t come to that! I’m not losing either of you!” Theodore said, his words rushed. He couldn’t believe she’d suggest that… it would never be something he could do… he wouldn’t lose either of them. Somehow, he’d find a way. ”We both need you, Izzy… so very much. We probably would have been screwed without you this last year, so don’t ever say we don’t need you, please? Because we do” he said softly,

”We’ll find a way, I promise. We’ll survive, all of us” Would that be the same for all of them, who had found their way here? Suddenly the prospect of it just beeing the three of them was daunting, and he had to hope that everyone pulled through. ”When we’ve warmed a bit together, I’ll see if I can find anything for a fire”

He couldn’t promise that… he couldn’t know that all three of them would get through this in one piece; but she knew arguing with him about it would only lead to their hearts breaking more than they already had…

Closing her eyes, Isaura dropped her head, her own breathing quick… shallow as she let it come to a rest over his shoulder, burying down into the nape of his neck. He wasn’t willing to let either of them go… he was so strong, especially when they both knew she couldn’t be; it was one of the many things she loved about him. How he could be so confident in a situation like this… when everything seemed so bleak…

“..I love you…”

Theodore hugged her closer, shifting so Julie was between them- trying to give her as much warmth as possible, while also making sure that Isuara was okay. There had to be a way…

”I love you too” He said, making his voice as strong as he could, although it was still rather raw, ”As long as we stay awake, we will be okay… “ He said, not sure why going to sleep was a bad idea, just knowing that it was.

He cast his gaze about them, looking for any option, but asides from the lighthouse, nothing seemed like it would provide any warmth. He turned his gaze back to Isuara and Juliette, checking on Julie to make sure she was still alright.

“ my eyelids are so heavy…”

”I know… “ how were they going to stay awake until they found warmth? ”Just… lets just keep talking” It was really all they could do, until everyone else was ready to seek out potential warmth.

“..a-about what..?”

Theodore thought a moment, ”How about what we are going to do when we get home?”

What they were going to do..? Forcing her eyes to open, even just a little, Isaura tilted her head slightly, her gaze lifting to try and meet with his own as his words played over in her mind, lingering and causing her mind to focus on that rather than the current situation which fell to the back of her train of thought, “..what-... what are we going to do..?”

Thoughtful a moment, Theodore tried to think how to put everything in words… there was so much, and yet…. There was one thing he knew for certain. He didn’t want to ever lose either of them. ”Well, spend our lives together” That seemed so simple, and yet, there was just about a whole world in there.

Ky' vie Morgan

Location: The Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Deon Alexander and Alan Carpenter (@YoshiSkittlez), and Chiron.

A second dull thud ringing out through the area, Ky’ vie narrowed her eyes; her body stood clearly between both Deon and Alan, and the heavy golden ring held down at her side giving a clear indication as to what it was that had just happened.

“Fair dinkum- ya such a mongrel, Deon..!”

Tossing the ring to the side, the heavy metal clunking slightly as it fell to the hard ground at her feet, she stalked forward, her actions angry as she lifted her hands up, using them to shove rather violently against his chest as she continued to lash out; completely irritated at just how blase he was being about the whole situation, “He’s bein’ a fuckin’ champ ‘bout this crap; an’ compared ta him, ya nothin’ but a bloody brown-eyed mullet..!”

Her hands balling into fists, she brought them down over his chest, looking as though she wanted to cause him pain; the fire in her eyes something she had long ago reigned in and brought under control, but there was just something about him… there was just something so damn irritating- so damn infuriating about Deon that brought that anger she had worked so hard to get rid of, back into her life, “Why don’ ya buy yaself a clue; an’ start thinkin’ ‘bout others for once in ya goddamn pathetic life..!”

“Ms. Morgan..! I won’t tell you agai-...”

“Lemmie go in his place, Chiron.” The words clear, precise, and without hesitation, Ky turned her attention over to the centaur; her jaw clenching slightly as she felt the stares of all in the crowd drawing over to her, though she didn’t care. The only one who mattered in this moment was Alan. Her gaze torn away from Chiron to instead meet with Alan’s, she nodded her head lightly, doing her best to be encouraging… comforting as she spoke again, “..I’ll go in his place… I’ll go an’ I’ll find the damn bird; an I’ll fuckin’ bring it back before the week’s out- there ain’t no way I’m gunna let ya take shit for somethin’ ya didn’ even do. It ain’t right.”

Juliette Morrison

Location: Ghal-Priyam; The Obelisk.
Post In Collaboration With: None.
Interacting With: Raymond Rahlei.

Every breath… it was strained.

Struggling to keep up pace with Raymond as they ascended the stairs, following in the path the other two had taken, Julie slowed to a stop, a single hand lifting to press gently against her chest, taking a moment to catch her breath as the warmth of a hand came to rest over her shoulder, lingering for a moment before her head was lifted.

“..we need to keep moving, Julie… the others… I cannot even see them anymore…” His finger slipping from under her chin, Raymond gently caressed her cheek, daring a glance behind him and up the stairs to where he knew the others had disappeared off to.

“..I-I know… forgive me… I just-...” Her voice soft, Juliette let her sentence trail off into nothing, her chest heaving lightly up and down with each and every breath that she let slip in through her lips. Hesitating, unsure if she would be able to make it on her own, she shook her head lightly, her hand lifting, reaching out to take a gentle hold of the front of his top as she forced herself to take another step, letting him know that she was willing to push on; to keep moving, though as quickly as her foot met the step, it was gone.


Her body torn from his as the whole construct gave a lurch, pain shot through the back of her head, as she was thrown against the wall, her hair growing warm… wet as she fell to the steps below, her body rolling down them until eventually it drew to a stop at the bottom.

“..Juliette..! Julie..!” Struggling to keep on his feet, Raymond watched the scene helplessly, his eyes flashing with worry as he dropped as close to the steps as he could, clinging to them as he searched for a safe way down to her, his body sliding down step by step without once letting go as he tried to reach her.

Sombra Burke

Location: Cedar Ash Inn.
Interacting With: Alexander Flores (@Crono).

“..maldita sea, Alex…”

A rather pained, though obviously put on expression flickering over her beautiful features, Sombra lifted her dark gaze up to once more meet with her brother’s, holding it for a few moments before she looked away, her eyes rolling, “ know… gone five years and already replaced. I see how it is.”

Turning back so that she was able to catch his attention from out the corner of her eye, she relaxed, her body resting lightly against his as she gave his hand a gentle squeeze; her smile softening as she dropped her head, gazing down at the puppy who seemed more than a little curious with sniffing at the scent he caught coming from her direction, “..I’ve missed you… Alex… really… You know; I never stopped watching over you… I just-... I’m sorry it took me so long…”

Seraphina Astarte

Location: East Ridge Animal Hospital.
Interacting With: Xerxes Arvanitis (@YoshiSkittlez), Callie Lenson (@Caits).

The sound of the woman’s pained yells were more than she could bare; each and every one causing her stomach to churn violently, threatening to have the one quick piece of toast she’d had for breakfast come back up. It had been a long time since she had last worked on actual human- she didn’t like it; she never had. How Xerxes could do this sort of thing every day of his life was beyond her…


Her eyes shutting tightly, Seraphina lifted her arm, her bloodied hand bent away from her as she buried her face against her inner elbow. It didn’t matter what anyone had to say about her… there was always a difference between when operating on a human, and when operating on an animal.

“..h-here..! W-We’re in here…” Her voice strained, though strong enough that she knew he would find him; she took another moment, doing her best to settle her stomach before she turned her attention back down to the witch laying in front of her…

..animals were easy… humans were hard… supernaturals..?

..this was one of the hardest things she’d ever had to do...

Syleste Astrea (Vos) Nioré

Location: Sky Lakes Medical Center.
Interacting With: Sebastian Monroe (@December), Miranda Burke (@YoshiSkittlez).

“Everything… everything is going to change, isn’t it..?”

It was a simple enough question… though she wasn’t sure if she was ready to answer it or not. It had been a long night; and not just for her, but for everyone that had been involved in the horror that had befallen them at the camp site. Wincing slightly as Miranda chose to make herself comfortable by leaning against her body, Syleste dropped her head down in the direction of her lap where she could still feel the cool touch of the aluminium brushing against her soft skin. She hadn’t opened it yet… she still wasn’t quite sure whether or not she actually wanted it; though the gesture had been a thoughtful one.

Her mind was racing- lingering on everything that had gone down; that had been said over the past two days so far. It was a lot to take in… and it was still rather early. A soft and almost inaudible sigh falling out past her lips, she tilted her head lightly to the side, her bright though ever unseeing eyes closing as she brought it to a rest against Miranda’s, cuddling up against the girl as best as she could without aggravating her injuries.

It didn’t matter if Miranda thought she was being a diva… she was right. Things felt… strained between her and Gage; like there was something there, stopping him from opening up to her like he had not even a few day prior…

Had-... Had things really changed that much over night..? The very thought scared her...

That was when she felt it… the warmth of another’s hand playing with her own; and while at first thought she believed it to be Gage returning to the room, the familiar scent of salty sea air washing over her proved her to be wrong, “..Sebbie..?”

“I’ll swing by your house tonight to check on you tonight, Syleste, assuming that’s okay with you. I wanna talk to you about some things. I’ll bring ice cream.”

“ do you have to go..?”

Her fingers curling lightly, as though trying to keep her hold over the guy holding her full attention, Syleste lifted her head back up; her voice, already quite soft, barely more than a whisper, though she knew that he would be able to hear what she was saying… what she was asking… He could always hear her; even if he was the only one listening.

..and sometimes; it felt like that was the case…

Shifting slightly over the bed, and doing her best to not jostle Miranda from her relaxed position, she dropped her head down on an angle. She didn’t want him to leave… she didn’t want to be left alone. The others were there for her… all of them- she knew that, but… there was just this… connection she had always seemed to have with Sebastian that she didn’t have with any of the others... and if what Xerxes said was true, then…

“..I-I’m not-... I’m not allowed to leave yet… Dr. Arvanitis wants to keep me here a few more nights…”

Sombra Burke

Location: Cedar Ash Inn.
Interacting With: Alexander Flores (@Crono).

“Tell me something… are you happy?”

The question was simple enough… so why was it so hard to answer..? Her soft lips parting ever so slightly, Sombra turned her head, her dark eyes meeting with that of her brother as she listened to what he had to say, her mind already trying to piece together an answer while he continued to speak.

“You and James together, working for the FBI, living out wherever you live… are you happy?

Remaining silent, she dropped her head, staring down at her lap for a few moments as she attempted to collect her thoughts. Was she happy..? When they were younger the answer would have come naturally- no. it was as simple as that. She hadn’t been happy; at least… not a lot of the time anyway. But things were different now; they were older… more mature… Things weren’t like they were back when they had been kids.

Lifting her head up, a soft sigh falling out through her lips, she frowned, her brows both furrowing lightly as she took hesitated, thinking over her words carefully before finally, she spoke, her voice soft, “..I am… but… it’s not the same, Alex…”

Turning her attention back over to where he was sitting, Sombra once more let her gaze meet with his, once more seeming to fall into a rather uncertain and nervous silence as he spoke up, letting her into his mind, and telling her exactly how he felt for the first time in five years- the mere thought of it had her heart swelling slightly. Gods, she’d missed him so damn much…

Maybe-… maybe James had been right when he had brought them back…

Hesitating, she lifted her hand, a tentative flicker crossing over her soft features before she reached out, gently taking hold of his hand, giving it a small though encouraging squeeze, doing her best, though knowing she was probably failing, to comfort him in some way, “..we won’t leave yet… we’ll stay- things have changed for the both of us, and-... and I don’t want to hurt you again… I can’t...”

Zoé Flores

Location: Klamath Falls Forest.
Interacting With: Leo Kwon (@December), and Damien Flores (@YoshiSkittlez).

The wind whipping through her snow white fur, Zoé couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt tugging at the back of her mind. She must have scared them… Cody and Aron… it wasn’t as though she had given them much warning as to what she was going to do, but still… having charged down the hall, stripping away the remainder of her clothes, she’d pounced; turning right before their eyes, and long before she had even passed through the front door.

Forcing her mind back to the present at the roar of an engine sounding from somewhere behind her, she pushed her legs faster, not even seeming to care about whether or not she was seen as she went streaking down the road, her large paws pounding against the bitchumen as she charged, following the all too familiar scent of her friend as it grew stronger with each passing moment.

They were getting closer.

Turning her head slightly, she shot a glance back over her shoulder, a low and threatening growl falling from her lips as she kept an eye on her brother, watching the motorbike he was riding move skillfully along behind her as they continued; her attention drawing back to the front as the scent turned away from the main road, leading her instead to a dirt road leading the dense forests.

Taking to the trees lining the edge of the road, Zoé pushed herself even harder… faster than before- letting her speed take over almost completely as she moved further into the trees, the dense brush scraping and hitting against her lithe figure as she ran, only coming to a pause after a few moments of what she realized was silence; the very lack of sound causing her to hesitate, her head turning, and her gaze flicking about as she searched for her brother’s figure. Shit… she’d lost him; but then… she couldn’t exactly afford to just stop.

Knowing in her heart that he’d be able to find her- that he’d be able to catch up, Zoé once more began to move, a gentle sound from not too far up ahead catching her ear causing her speed to slow.


Her eyes widening, and her paws scrambling underneath her slightly at the sight of sharp shards of ice shooting towards her. No… A pained howl filling the air as she was forced back, the ice cutting quickly and easily through her body leaving her whimpering over the ground; her own blood seeping out to stain the ground crimson.

Ky' vie Morgan

Location: The Obstacle Tower; Camp Half-Blood.
Interacting With: Deon Alexander and Alan Carpenter (@YoshiSkittlez).

“Argh- enough Deon..!”

Her feet having barely hit the ground; a loud thud seemed to echo dully through the area as the golden, and particularly weighty, ring that she had been holding firmly in her grasp hit hard against the back of his head, the action leading way to her beautiful metallic silver eyes narrowing as she shot a glare in his direction. For the love of Tartarus; he could be such an insensitive pain in the fucking ass.

Arm dropping back down to her side, Ky’ vie rolled her eyes, knowing that she could only semi-control his outbursts as she turned to face Alan, her hard expression changing in an instant to one of a gentler nature. There was no possible way that he could have done it- he was such a sweet kid… always so kind, and friendly- always including everyone; making them feel welcomed even when others might have shoved them aside. She had only met the God himself, once before… not long after she had first arrived within the camp. He was a man who, from what she had seen, was one who rarely ever let his emotions truly get the better of him; instead relying on cold hard facts to make his judgement; but...

No… Ares was wrong… he had to be…

A blunt pain tearing through her heart as it began to break, she moved herself forward, her free hand reaching out to rest lightly over his shoulder, gently squeezing it in comfort as she sought for his attention, “..this is a mistake, Alan; it’s just gotta be. There’s no way in Tartarus that you would ever do somethin’ like this- and there’s not a bloody soul in this camp that could ever think you’d steal anythin’; especially from a Goddess no less…”

Sighing softly, she shook her head, her mind seeming to wander over what had already been said before she looked back up at him, her jaw set and her expression determined as she once more met with his eyes, “Whatever ya need. I got your back- I ain’t gunna let you go down for something ya didn’t do. And if Ares has a problem with that; then he can take it up with me personally.”

Juliette Morrison

Location: Ghal-Priyam; The Obelisk.
Post In Collaboration With: None.
Interacting With: Raymond Rahlei.

It was a slow climb. Taking it one step at a time, her hand never once leaving his, Juliette stumbled her way up the stairs, the gentle pressure of Raymond’s hand resting against her lower back helping to keep her steady as they continued to ascend. It was long… tedious… but she knew that as long as Raymond was at her side, there was no reason she wouldn’t be able to do it.

“..almost there, Julie…”

The sound of his gentle and encouraging voice hitting her ears, she lifted her head, her soft pink lips parting ever slightly from one another as she allowed her attention to fall completely to him, barely seeming to give it a second thought as she pressed closer, her body resting against his side as they maintained the pace they had set; the loud and rather ominous voice keeping them well aware of the situation they had landed in.

Her head turning on a swivel at the sound of another’s voice calling out to them, she curled her fingers, the very tips of her nails dragging lightly over the stone beside her as they moved; the two of them eventually coming to a stop behind the others, giving her a chance to catch her breath from travelling the unfamiliar terrain, “..Raymond… what-... what did she say..?”

“It’s alright, Julie… she just wants to know if we’re okay…” His hand brushing comfortingly up and down over the small of her back a couple of times, Raymond turned his gaze back to the woman addressing them, a small though weary smile playing over his lips as he nodded his head lightly in answer, “..yeah; we’re fine… but I want to get her out of here as soon as possible…”
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