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Nadia was up as soon as she heard the peal of the morning bells. She was awakened to a fluster of bustle in the room, filled with the voices of various other girls talking. It was then that she remembered that she was no longer at home anyhome, but back at the Raindale University for Witches for the second year. This was just one of the things that reaffirmed why she loved being here so much. Instead of waking up in peaceful quiet in a large and mostly empty mansion, the lass not woke herself up to plenty of others in this room that she shared with so many others. The thought of that simply made her excited with glee. Privacy was not something that was that important to her, and she revelled in the sights of others changing and stripping their clothes in plain sight.

As girls continued to stream in and out of the room from the toilets, Nadia hastily grabbed her toiletries and started to head to the washroom herself. She was already starting to realise that waking up so late was not ideal, as plenty of others had also done so, and the toilet was terribly crowded and noisy from all the chatter going on at the same time. She'd forgotten all about that. Finally securing herself an unoccupied spot at a sink, she began to brush her teeth and wash her face, before tiding up the rest of her appearance.

Once she returned to her bed, she began to dress herself without a care of who was nearby. Properly dressed, she grabbed her bag and joined the stream of others heading towards breakfast. Once she was in the cafeteria, a quick glance told her that it was simple breakfast fare, and she got herself a place of two cheese toasted bread, and a bowl of yogurt before looking around for a place to sit. Her gaze locked onto a familiar sight, that of another Russian, she believed called Karina. Making a beeline to her table, Nadia placed her plate down onto the table and took seat next to her. "Privyet Karina! Had a good sleep?" The lass was a smiles now, her mood buoyed by the joy and enthusiasm of simply being here in Raindale in her second year. She was really hoping that she would do better this year.


Are you still interested?
If so how far are you into your CS?
We plan on starting within a day or two.

I spent all my free time yesterday to work on the CS!


Location | Home/In-N-Out Burger
Interacting with | Present Gearheads

As Monica had arrived into the vicinity of the Gearheads, the sight of Aleks having Yessi in what some might call a chokehold, but to her, it was nothing more than a loving embrace. He then kissed her on the top of her head she was sure they would all hear the complain about later. Monica herself wouldn’t. Complain, that is, about any form of kiss Aleks would give. The man was an absolute joy and delight to be with, and there was simply nothing he could do wrong in her eyes. Ok, maybe she was a little biased about things, but could you blame her? No one has ever stood by her as well as he had, especially since her split from the douchebag Martin. Of course, she hadn’t displayed such thoughts openly to Aleks, but she wasn’t going to deny the man anything. She was glad for any affection she could receive.

Mandy was quick to grab her phone as soon as she saw her approaching, and Monica grinned as she retrieved hers as well. It was mandatory selfie time. Putting her arms over the other girl, she held her arm out and took a selfie with own phone before taking one with hers. Amanda took a selfie with Monica as she smiled big and bright. This was their thing. This was also how they met and became friends. ❝Okay, one for my phone.❞ Amanda spoke with a smile while she grabbed her own cell phone and posed with Monica in a similar pose from just moments ago. She held her arm out and took a selfie then stood up and showed it to Monica before she placed her phone back into her crossbody purse. She eyed Aleks for the moment, shaking her head with a laugh before she turned back to glance at Monica.

Once the selfies were done with, she headed over to the counter with Mandy following alongside, mentioning her need for a dessert. Unlike her companion, desserts weren’t on Monica’s mind just yet. She was almost salivating at the thought of a Double Double, along with the fries that went along with it. She placed her order quickly, and beckoned for Mandy to order her dessert. ❝Come on, chop chop! We’re burning daylight here!❞ Amanda had ran up beside Monica after her beckoning towards her, standing beside her with a smile as she eyed the cashier and placed her order for a strawberry milkshake. ❝I got it, Monica.❞ She insisted with the flick of her hand towards Monica, which meant that she didn’t mind. She dug out her wallet and paid the cashier then waited for her change, which she happily accepted.

Monica was surprised by the gesture, but did not argue otherwise. If her friend was insisting on paying, she was going to let her. She simply smiled warmly at the thought. Amanda shoved Monica gently to the side so that they wouldn’t be in the way of the other customers that were waiting. She placed her wallet back inside her crossbody purse then eyed Monica. ❝I am so ready for this trip.❞

She muttered softly though the excitement could be heard in her tone, as well. ❝What about yourself?❞ She asked as she folded her arms over her chest and turned her body to fully face Monica now. ❝Oh I’m just as ready as you are! God knows that I really need this trip before whatever hell I need to go through soon that is medical school.❞ She did a cut throat gesture, and stuck out her tongue for emphasis. Amanda nodded her head toward Monica, shaking her head at the gestures she made. ❝I think we all do before we go onward with our separate lives.❞ She commented truthfully then turned to face the counter now. It took no more than a couple of minutes before their orders were ready, and Monica carried the tray filled their goodies to the table with the others. Amanda grabbed her shake with one swift motion off of the tray and got herself a straw, wasting no time taking a sip or five from it.The hungry girl was attacking her burger seconds after she got a seat and the tray hit the table.

She alternated between shoving fries into her mouth and taking bites of her burger. Her friends did say that she had the way of making anything she was eating looked delicious from her enthusiastic eating habits. It was truly a shame and a waste if you ask her that food companies here did not hire her for their commercials. Just think of all the people she could entice to come and eat their food!

As Matt arrived, late as usual, she stuck a hand out, waving before she resumed with date with food. As Monica gave her burger no choice to breathe, she walked past her to stand with everyone else but stood beside Matt. ❝Hey, Matt.❞

She greeted him quickly and with a brief smile before her lips went back to being wrapped around the straw, enjoying the taste of her shake at the moment. She was in tuned with the current conversations around her at the same time though.
Hi there!
I see this, and I can't not join when it looks so great.
Would you have me?
Sorry, after some further thought, I don't think I will be joining this after all.

Location | Home/In-N-Out Burger
Interacting with | Present Gearheads

The startup of her Ducati Panigale V4 broke the silence of the Lee's family mansion as the bike's engine purred loudly as it slowly warmed up. Today wasn't just any ordinary day. Today was the start of their incredible road trip across the country as the Gearheads did their best to live their life to the fullest one more time with a bang, now that high school graduation was upon them. Her parents had been pretty nonchalant about the trip when she'd told them, but that was nothing surprising to her. They probably saw it as her having one last round of fun before she entered medical or law school, whichever she picked for herself. They allowed her that much freedom in her future choice of career at least.

They appeared to still be otherwise ignorant of her real feelings and intentions of their choice of career path to her, and she was more than content to let the status quo remain for now. There was no reason to wade in her a minefield when there was no reason just yet. Perhaps, after the trip, she would muster enough courage to either let her real thoughts be known, or just suck it up and pick her poison.

She had especially dressed in all black, in stark contrast to her perfectly styled blonde bob. The black padded leather motorcycle racing jacket was present, along with a pair of similarly-styled gloves , pants and boots. They complemented really well with her black carbon Ducati, and every biker knew that looking the part was one of the best parts of being a motorcycle owner, especially those with a racing variant. Wearing her helmet with such an ease that still kept her hair in perfect shape, Monica got onto her bike, gunned the throttle and sped off, leaving only the sound of her bike in her wake. She had a place to be, and that happened to be none other than a In-N-Out Burger joint picked out by AJ.

When it came to cuisines, the only thing she loved more than Japanese was the oh-so-sinful fast food. Yep, you got it right. Monica was a fast food lover, and obsessive one at that. Fortunately, she was blessed with a high metabolism rate, which allowed her body to burn just about all the excess weight she gained, which allowed her a slim figure that most girls would kill to have. Speeding through the streets of LA, the roar of her bike announced her arrival long before she even appeared into the parking lot of the burger joint.

All it took was one-two glance before she saw the familiar sight of AJ's ride with music blaring from its speakers. Cruising along, she found a suitable parking spot, and headed off towards the group at the benches. Cradling her helmet in her arms, she greeted them.

"Hello guys! How are we? Urgh. I'm starving. Time for a Double-Double!"

Finished my character.

I decided to change my FC choice by the way. No longer using Shin Ryujin.
@Dirty Pretty Lies lol @ how she hates k-pop though.... somebody had to do it

Heh. I literally LOLed when I saw that.
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