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Yep, you still plan on accepting any more?
N A L A J O H N S O N:

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - The Assembly |

By the time she had arrived at the assembly, it was late and mostly-filled with a whole lot of other students, the principal and other teachers were already beginning to take their positions, and with barely anytime at all to find her friends, Nala simply found her seat at one of the unoccupied places on the bleachers. The assembly began a minute later, and she tried to look as discreetly as she could for anyone that she knew, but the position she was at made it difficult to find anything through this crowd. After a couple more minutes of failure in her search, she decided to call the search off, and simply focus on whatever the principal was trying to get across to the student body this morning. A new addition to the school faculty, a man called Mr. Lehrer. She didn't know what to think about his corny joke about spreading wings. Jokes may not be his thing, but who was she to judge? She was beginning to feel more bored than she'd hoped to be.

Just less than half an hour ago, she'd been so excited at the thought of returning back to school, but here she was now, not even an hour into school, and she was actually starting to wish the day be over. In an attempt to curb her boredom, she glanced around at other student, trying to see if she could find anything interesting. The sight of girl seated not too far away from her looking at her schedule, made her want to do the same. The thought of that new class in her schedule this semester made her curious. What was this Social Conscience, and where in the world did it pop out of from? Her results weren't the best by any margin, and it took her darnest to actually maintain her grades within the B-C range. Hoping to meet up with the others after one of the most boring assembly ever, her wish for it to end wouldn't be much longer now.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - The Loft |

She was late again. This wasn't going to become a habit she swore. It was just first day bad luck that she hadn't quite shook off yet, she reassured herself. It was time to find out more about this Social Conscience class. Expecting the setting of a typical classroom with tables and chairs, Nala did a double take when couches were all that were present instead. Interesting. She was starting to feel like this class was not your ordinary class, and somehow that intrigued her to discover what else followed. The sight of the teacher in charge somehow made everything today feel so weird connected. Mr. Lehrer, the new guy heading this new class she'd never ever heard of?

She wondered if all of his classes involved couches. That would prove to be very comfortable indeed. Oh-so Mr. Lehrer has a first name. He wanted them to call his Jonas instead, like the Jonas brothers. She could do that. It was easier anyway. She wasn't one of those sticklers that refused to call their superiors by their first names no matter the circumstances. The class soon filled and the space on the couches were soon all taken by everyone else who apparently needed a little 'Social Conscience' in them. Their first task of the day? Introductions. Nala wasn't really a fan of introductions. She did them when they were needed, but she prefer things to go organically, and mandatory introductions always felt a little forced to her. Fortunately, she didn't have to go first. Or second. Third felt alright to her. It was doable. Standing up, she put on her best smile, one of the warm ones everyone loved and gave a casual wave to the others as she spoke in that posh London accent that so many people seemed to love. "Heyo! I'm Nala Johnson, a Junior. I'm originally from London, but moved to the Cresthollow two years ago." Turning to Mr. Lehrer, she threw him a question. "So, let me guess, the rumour of a fourth Jonas brother is true?"
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I'm not sure what you mean, but most likely!

In other news, here's this:

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N A L A J O H N S O N:

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 - 07:00 - 08:12 am |

The alarm clock blared, screaming out "It's 7:00AM" repeatedly in its robotic female voice, as it was gradually replaced by the familiar tune of Europe’s The Final Countdown. Nala groaned, knowing full well what that meant. During her brother’s visit back home here in Crestwood, he had brought along an alarm clock that he swore would do its job of making sure she woke up in the morning. Being the inventive genius he was, he had rigged the stupid contraption to blare out the time for twenty seconds before it shifted to the entire tune of that stupid song. She grabbed hold of the edge of a pillow, about the fling the thing at the stupid clock, before she stopped short, remembering her previous encounter with when she'd down such a thing. Sighing in frustration, she dropped the pillow back down without a fight left in her.

The damn song was exactly what it was titled, the final countdown. As soon as the song ended, a panel would open, and spray three generous squirts of noxious skunk spray into the room. The first time she was left at the mercy of the clock, it took her one week just to clear the smell out of the room for good. Her parents seemed to revel in her plight, and forbid her to even lay a single scratch on the clock, or they’ll take her car away for good. Forced to obey the stupid clock, she had to get up, face the clock face and activate its facial recognition system, which meant that she had to open her eyes to allow a successive beep, cutting off the song and resetting the alarm for the next morning. The wicked contraption certainly did its job. Waking up on time was now part of her daily routine, and it no longer troubled her as much as it did before.

She shuffled her slipper-clad feet as she went on with the rest of her morning routine. Brush her teeth, shower, dress and a tad of light makeup, just to make herself look neat and refreshed without being possibly overbearing, and then breakfast. Dressed in a black body-fitting tank-top and leggings, she completed her outfit with a gray Nike hoodie and matching tennis shoes. As she headed down to the living room, she found Anita, the housekeeper waiting for her with breakfast neatly packed for her in a lunchbox. “Two Toast Sandwiches with Bacon and Eggs?" She asked, her voice chipper and ready to start the day with a bang. “Done just the way you like them!”

Anita replied, a warm smile present on the matronly housekeeper’s visage. Nala grinned at the reply, her mood buoyed by the fact that with such a great breakfast in hand, nothing could possibly go wrong, can it? Grabbing the lunchbox and her keys, she made her way to the garage, opening the door of her red and black and red LaFerrari. She’d received the car as her birthday gift for her Sweet Sixteen, and the choice of car had been simply left up to draw. Her parents had gotten a fish bowl and threw in a handful of scrap paper each with names of their favourite cars written onto them. After mixing all of them up, all she had to do was reach into the bowl and pick up one of the scraps, and that was it.

This was typical of her parent’s behaviour, as they liked to inject fun and games into everything they did with regards to their family and personal life. They were incredibly serious and professional at work, but once they reached home, their fun-loving side takes over. Opening the garage door, Nala turned the key in the ignition, and the Ferrari growled deeply as it started up.

Turning out into the avenue that led to the main street, Nala raced into securing herself a spot in the early morning traffic, the sleek car announcing its presence to all that drove alongside it. Arriving in the school’s parking slot with a deep growl, Nala reversed into a lot deftly and turned off the engine, lowering the windows for the cool morning air, as she spent several minutes to consume her breakfast. Several minutes of sandwich savouring later, with the lunchbox tossed back unceremoniously on the passenger seat, she raised back up the window, grabbing her bag as she left the car, locking it with a beep as she headed towards her locker for quick moment before heading to the auditorium. The welcome back speech would be up soon, while it wasn’t all that interesting, Nala was looking forward to seeing her friends back again.
Sounds interesting. I'm keen on this.

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For the time being, I'm still open to applications.

Great! I finished my character! I hope you find it good enough.

This might be too late, but are you possibly looking for anymore players?
Hot Dayum! Some RP you got here Hoekage!

Location | Roadside - Near the RV in the Ditch
Interacting with | Aleks @Plank Sinatra & AJ @TootsiePop

The loud roar of a Ducati Panigale V4R pierced the air as its rider raced through the open road of the sunburned sands of the Nevada desert like a whirl of black. Not too far away, one could also hear the recognisable bellows of the roadsters along with other luxury sports vehicle driven by the Gearheads. There was something great about racing on long mostly empty roads, where one could stretch their ride to the absolute limits if they so wanted to. As crazy she was about racing, Monica still possessed the value of self-control and thus did not go beyond what was otherwise considered as suicidal if an accident were to happen. Speaking of accidents, as her bike continued to roar its way on through the road, she could already see some form of obstruction or commotion on the road ahead.

As she got closer, Monica recognised the sight of several familiar vehicles, such as the bright yellow roadster that she knew AJ owned, and the gold Lotus that Aleks drove. The drivers were out of their cars seemingly having a confrontation with someone, and she reduce her speed as she slowly let her grip off the throttle, the deafening roar dying down with the pressure lifted from its powerful engine. Without the roar, she could now hear clearly the commotion going on, and it only then that she noticed the large RV that had gone off the road. Monica could already guessed what'd happened, but she didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. But still, ah fuck. This can't be good.

She parked her bike behind Alek's Lotus and got off to check out the commotion. Not bothering to take off her helmet just to do that, she simply raised her visor and walked towards the group. Monica didn't feel the need to say anything just yet. She simply watched and listened. The crowd of voices in the mix were already quite the mess that she wasn't about to make it any worse than it needed to be. One-two minutes went by, and the situation was in no way any better than she first arrived, and she placed a gloved hand on Alex's shoulder.

"Trouble? Already?" Glancing over to take a better look at the sad excuse of an RV, she gave out a soft whistle.

"Tell me that isn't your handiwork, AJ?" She gestured again to the big smoking hunk of metal that was the RV. If it continued to smoked anymore, they could start sending smoke signals. She didn't know what for, it was just a passing thought.
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