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That's is pretty assuring and good to hear!

It's just me and I only have the thing about wanting to fit in with the group and previous bad experiences elsewhere that has made me overthink too much for my own good.

I've already started some work on my character.
Hi, newbie here.

I’ve seen the posts on the old thread and have been slightly intimidated by the level of writing that I have been witnessed to.

Nevertheless, I am still going to give it a shot and work on my character.

Feel free to give me your honest critique and tell me if it’s too bad when the time comes.
That's a good looking codex!

From what I've read, I like the idea of Beam or Blast.
I'm kinda interested in this. Seems like an interesting setting, and I can't lie. The aesthetic you've done for the current RP is gorgeous.

What kind of powers/magic are allowed? I'm guessing that the current cast is a good indicator of abilities are suitable?

The morning had only just started, but there was already a whole hell lot of things going on. First of all, the blondie she'd saw chatting up Juno was firstly referred to as DeVito by the redhead until her name made itself known. Judging from what she'd seen so far, she didn't think it would take very long at all before she and many of the other Liberty High students would learn his name. Emily had returned Juno's warm smile when she remarked about the mutual delight of being able to see each other again. She'd didn't often preferred to go by a nickname, but the way the redhead called her Ems was so surprisingly pleasant to hear that she had gradually taken a liking to it. Yeap. Not more than a couple of minutes after that very thought crossing her mind, a brunette came over to the blond and referred to him as Spike. Spike huh? Well, he did look like a Spike. Not like she knew exactly what Spikes were supposed to look like, but if anyone had to look like a Spike, this guy sure did. The only way he could look more like a Spike was to have his hair done up in a whole lot of tiny spikes.

Now that would be the ultimate Spike look. She was probably getting ahead of herself her, but what's new? It started to get more and more crowded all of a sudden. Seems like this Spike dude is really a popular dude or something. Yet another girl made her presence known around the blond as he found himself surrounded by more females. This one had extra silky hair and was angry at something, or she may just always look like that, but it didn't stop her from pushing his head in like it was some inanimate object getting in her way before extending her body in to retrieve what looked like a beverage from the dude's car. Shampoo commercial girl then turned to apologize for some reason before she choked on her drink upon the gaze of Juno's beauty. That was understandable. The redhead was beauty, there was no doubt there.

Silky hair referred to the third girl that came as Lil, and Emily took this time to try and remember as many names as she could possibly fit into her memory. Names were important, yeah? Another guy then briefly rolled back the group, referring to Spike as a walking potato. She didn't exactly knew what that meant, but she was intending on finding that out. The accuser was almost then caught in an accident with another car. Oh, my. The day had barely started, and this morning was already filled with action. As if there wasn't enough girls around Spike as it is, another one joined the fray. A new blonde. From the way she carried herself, Emily guessed that she was important. From the way she announced her presence and offered her help to the newbies, she definitely had to be. This Spike was really something else.

Once Spike left, the crowd dispersed, and Emily too took this time to get her bearings as she fished out her phone from her jacket pocket to look up the email from the school to see who she was to be attached too. It appears that she had been matched up to someone called Melissa. She didn't know who that was, never really mixing around with the lot from Rosefell High before today. Unbeknown to her, Emily had already met Melissa in the crowd, the one she referred to as the "important" one. The latest arrival caused her to glance up from her phone. Jackson. It had been a while since she has seen him as well. "Hey Jackson. How's life treating you?" Moving forward, Emily stepped into through the doors and into the entrance of Rosefell High. The banner and signage in blue and silver caught her eye immediately.

There were many things in Liberty High that she loved, but the colors were not one of them. The blue was alright, but she had always found the silver gaudy and outputting. If there was one thing Rosefell got right, it was their colors. She much, much preferred the Red and Black. Red was fiery and passionate, and black looked great with pretty much everything. Moving past the plethora of decorations that must have been oh-so-carefully prepared for the special opening day today, Emily headed to the sign-in counter where the school staff awaited the new Liberty High students to pick up their name tags and wait for their guides. Stepping up to a staff and presenting her name, she was given a old-fashioned looking name tag with her full name clearly printed onto it. Sticking the tag onto the top left of her jacket, she briefly looked around to see if there was anyone else that could possibly be Melissa waiting for her. Unable to find anyone, Emily asked the tired-looking older lady with the graying hair about the whereabouts of her guide. "Hi, have you seen Melissa around anywhere?"

The older lady gave her a look of exhausted annoyance that seemed to suggest that she jolly well waited here until her guide came and not a single question more. She didn't need to see to know who made the announcement that suddenly came on. Those words, that tone, that way of speech. It had to be Spike. It had the same kind of crazy energy just like the kind she had witnessed out earlier back at the parking lot.

Emily Baxter was not looking forward to school. Well, that wasn't exactly true, but it wasn't untrue either. The lass found herself between moods, both unhappy and eager at the same time, if it was even possible to have such a turbulent mix of emotions dwelling within her mind. Today was the day that the influx of students from Liberty High will be making both their first appearance and impression in the much poorer school(in many ways) of Rosefell High. There was barely anything that she was exciting she could think of that could possibly appeal to her in Rosefell, but yet she found herself somewhat eager the morning she woke up for school. She was fucked.

SO fucked. The only possible consolation she could think of was that both Juno and Niki would be there with her. Not long after she had slammed the snooze button of her alarm, the rapid knocking on her door signaled the wake-up call by the family's head housekeeper, Alfred who lived with his family in the spare rooms in one of the wings the spacious mansion she and her father lived in. "Might as well put the rooms to good use, and Alfred has been most deserving." her father once said. Emily couldn't argue with that statement.

The elderly man had been there since she joined the Baxters, and was very much the only grandfatherly figure in her life. Speaking from experience, she knew that ignoring the rapid knocking on her door proved to be a bad decision. Alfred had to key to her room, and wasn't hesitant to use it whenever it got in the way of him fulfilling his duties. She had once been woken up with a loud speaker playing the all-time classic song of Europe's "The Final Countdown at what must have been the maximum volume for that blasted machine, scaring her out of her wits. That wasn't all. The song was merely a prelude to what came next. Yikes.

An icy cold shower using freezing water the sadistic old-man had specifically prepared according to her father's instructions. Emily had experienced such an awakening twice in her life, and she was determined for there not to ever be a third. She yelled "I'm awake" and walked as loudly as she could to stop whatever stopwatch or clock Alfred had on him and quickly went to the ensuite toilet to washup. The usual basic application of make-up came next, and she quickly made her way down to the dining room to help herself to the sumptuous breakfast prepared by Suzy's Alfred's wife. Freshly fried egg omelettes, crispy rashers of bacon and golden brown potatoes cubes sat nicely on a plate waiting to be washed down with a glass of refreshing apple juice. Breakfast could rarely get any better.

After she was done with breakfast, Emily grabbed her black motorcycle jacket and her full-faced helmet and made her way to the mansion's spacious garage full of daddy's cars. The black Harley's bellow echoed throughout the garage as she woke it up from its slumber. The crisp morning air greeted her as the automatic garage doors worked their way up. Straddling on the bellowing beast, she put on her helmet and sped off, announcing the presence of the powerful Harley as she rode down the road of her wealthy neighborhood. The parking lot of Rosefell High was filled with cars of assorted makes, from the luxurious super cars to the rundown hand-me-downs.

The roar of Emily's Harley entering the parking lot turned a good number of heads who were curious about the commotion, and the reaction of onlookers staring at her was something that would never get old. Navigating through traffic, it wasn't long before she caught the sight of a familiar red Volkswagen Beetle. It's owner was close by, and the sight of the lovely redhead lifted her spirits. There was a blonde dude she didn't recognize talking to her, but that didn't stop her. Riding beside them, Emily raised her visor and called out.

"Darling Juno! It's great to see you and your gorgeous red hair again. First day at Rosefell, huh? Whose the blondie?"

Hi. I'd like to place my interest in being a part of this, if that's cool?

TBD || Female || Liberty High Student || FC: TBD
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Yep, you still plan on accepting any more?
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