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Unfortunately, I'm going to jump out of this. It has to do with my own motivation in regard to choppy activity in roleplays. I closed my own game for this reason. So, there is no personal issue with anyone.

I realize that it might put a few dents in things, but I'm willing to make the exit a good one. So, if I have to write something or do something to make the process 'make sense' in the story, let me know and I'll take care of it.
Well, friends. The time has come to close shop here. My motivation has plummeted due to the choppy activity in general, a few players are MIA, and several keys on my keyboard are about to die (have to hit the same one several times to get the letter).

Big thanks to those that stuck with it until now. All of you here are great writers, roleplayers, and people in general! This is entirely on me and I'm going to jump out of all games that I'm in right now. I'm not going to leave the forum or anything, but this is more of a burden than enjoyment for me as it is now.

You don't have to say anything after this message or anything. Just doing a peaceful close of this game instead of just 'vanishing' for a year.
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@Prisk You can bully me all day long.

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@Salsa Verde
Maybe some kind of posting schedule is in order? I can bully people as punishment when they miss it.
No worries. We'll do what I suggested earlier. Make sure you rest up well!

Poke! How are you, dear? You seem a bit distracted, still.

DAY 1 《》 UNDERGROUND FACILITY [ Steelwater ] 《》 Early Evening 《》@Krash@Rockette@DeadDrop@Exit

An enormous freight platform elevator had taken them deep below the surface of Steelwater. After hours of searching for signs among the rubble, destruction, and dangerous hazards, the Special Warfare and Reconnaissance Group had found what they were looking for. It was a semi-abandoned installation from the early days of the war. A massive emblem was carved into the steel and concrete above the main entrance to the slithering hallways by the elevator stop. The emblem was a bizarre mix between the Intelligence and Navigation divisions of the UDF. It was clearly never meant to see the light of day in any official, meaningful sense. The only conclusion that the perceptive members of the Group could draw was that this place was a 'black site', one of many secret projects that the divisions had out of sight from UDF High Command. "Huh, is that the Int and Nav symbols put together? I didn't know they ever collaborated. Weird." Emilia thought out loud.

Strange clusters of spores hung in the air in seemingly random locations and the colorful, easily recognizable fungi of the Stigma clad some of the walls. Emilia silently indicated to the team that it was time for respirators. They were standard-issue UDF half-face respirators that the Group had secured at the ResDiv Portable Research Station, earlier, before departing. Even if Aeon were quite resistant to diseases in general, the complexity that this apparently new strain of Stigma showed was enough to warrant caution. The remains of two guards lay on the cold steel floor by the main entrance, just off the elevator. They had been violently ripped apart by the waist with little sign of struggle. A gruesome trail of blood led further into the facility. Distant moaning, scratching, and dragging of things could be heard echoing between the narrow pathways. The 'undead' things were here, yet some corpses seemed to be unaffected by the transformation, such as the two guards. Perhaps they were too mauled to reanimate.

The facility still drew power as the lights and various systems appeared to be on. The place had most likely been in maintenance mode, barely in use, yet enough to warrant guards and other personnel to be stationed there. There were strange claw marks and other dents in the walls leading into the first hallway from the main entrance. Emilia's first thought was that Benjamin had forced his way in through his Archon form, but surely this space was too narrow. "Whatever this was, it clearly wasn't invited." Emilia said while hesitantly touching the bestial marks on the walls, as the group slowly advanced further into the facility. They shortly arrived at a junction with several hallways splitting off in different directions. A legend on the floor attached names of locations and colored lines to follow for easy orientation. The green line was marked 'Reactor', the red line was marked 'Research', the yellow line was marked 'Systems', and the purple line was marked 'Communication'. The trail of blood and occasional corpse seemed to split off in each direction as if the carnage had taken several turns all at the same time.

"It looks like he's been everywhere, so maybe he was looking for something." Emilia said, inspecting the colored lines and gazing off in each direction. "Errikos, you want to check out Systems? See if you can set yourself up in there, get an overview of the place and perhaps dig in some data." She delegated. Emilia had ignored and avoided the responsibility that McMahon had given her as 'punishment' for... whatever it was. However, at some point, she would have to apply some kind of leadership, as long as it did not create further complications. It was a truly bizarre situation that she had never been in before, trying to give 'orders' to people who gave orders to others every day. Not to mention, most if not all of those present were far more capable than Emilia, who was just a 'face' for the average masses to recognize. "Scylla, check the Reactor? Hopefully, we don't blow up. Cool it down if you have to." Emilia glanced at the pale royalty — a modest request. "Our friends from ResDiv can check out Research, yeah? Robert, you get to check Communications, since you're the only NavDiv here. And the rest of us get to pick our poison, which is just me and you, Christina" Emilia said and finally landed her eyes on the BlackRock operator. "Do you know anything about this place?"

FLASHBACK [ DAY 1 ] 《》 RD-PRS [ Research Wing ] 《》 After Noon 《》@Salsa Verde@Exit

It was nice to see Errikos in the flesh again. Even if just a couple of hours had passed since the meeting this morning, it felt like a lifetime had vanished in the blink of an eye. The man was a bit banged up, to say the least, but Emilia had a feeling that the old-timer could take quite a beating before going down on his knees. He also seemed to understand, among other things, that Robert had a point. The best would be for Isolde to tag along, which is probably what McMahon wanted in the first place. But, the UDF being what it was, there was always a hidden agenda somewhere that nobody ever mentioned. However, Emilia was not about to put it to the test. If the legendary Research Division icon wanted to come along, she would.

Eunji expertly explained how all the pieces in the 'undead' fiasco were put together. It was all rather unnerving, disturbing, and horrid all at once. What if Benjamin had just been hijacked by the Stigma? Perhaps something had gone wrong during this transcendence, the Stigma taking control of his Archon form, creating some kind of abomination that he has no control over. All kinds of strange scenarios played out in Emilia's mind, one more terrible than the other, boiling her senses and flustering her cheeks with reddish hues. Eunji's touch was a welcomed disruption. The destructive train of thought came to a screeching halt and Emilia was brought back to reality from her demented delusions. "I don't think there's much of a choice. We have to go all in." Emilia spoke with a modest tone as if having recently woken up from ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Scylla carried herself like the elegant mystery she had always been. The pale beauty told a compelling story, one that almost rang recognition in Emilia's mind but stumbled and failed on its way to the finish line. Benjamin must have either achieved his Archon form some time ago or the suspected affliction of Bahamut began to brood long before any transformation was possible. Either way, it did not change their current predicament. Emilia remained silent, leaning against that unspoiled wall. Scylla's notes were all good things to keep in mind going forward. Most things were never just coincidence. Emilia shrugged at the semi-question of what they would tell Command. She was not going to tell them anything. It was all on Isolde's shoulders at this point.

Christina asked what Emilia and probably the others were all thinking. It was the same concern that had rushed through Emilia's head just a moment ago, playing out its nasty scenario and unflattering ending before her very eyes. The worst fear was that Benjamin was neither the source nor simply infected, but 'hijacked' in a similar way that Eunji had explained the fungi doing with ants. Regardless, there was no use in speculating. It would only lead to disaster and nothing would be done. "I think we'll just have to get into the city and find out. There's no use in getting all hopped up here on theories, even if we have brilliant minds present." Emilia said and released herself from leaning against the wall. "I'll gather some respirators for us. We're leaving in 10 minutes." She said and slowly walked towards the doors they had blasted through some moments ago. "If there's anything in that city related to Ben, we'll find it."

The group has found an underground facility that belonged to the Intelligence and Navigation divisions of the UDF. It has likely been in maintenance mode for a long time, mostly unused. However, a trail of blood lay before them, clearly indicating that something or someone hostile has been there. The group finds a junction that splits off with clearly indicated destinations. Emilia suggests that they split up to make the search faster.

FLASHBACK: Emilia noted what everyone had to say. All valid points, good explanations, and thrilling theories. Errikos makes a good point in being careful with the diseases, so Emilia excuses herself to gather respirators for the team, telling them that they'll leave for the city soon.

Quest Steps
The interaction in the Protable Research Station can be considered completed. But, if you want to continue or just add something to it, then the FLASHBACKS are all open and ready to be used.

Emilia has suggested different tasks, but you ultimately choose whatever you think fits your character best. Down these different paths, you'll run into the 'undead' stiggies every now and then, so have at them.

Anyone can report back to the group about an unknown device that they can't identify, which also happens to have been either heavily guarded or locked away somehow, although forcefully broken through by Benjamin. I don't want to split us up for very long, so this solo thing should go on for no more than 1 post until someone finds the device. The device in question is a device that lets people communicate with the comet or the 'Voice' of the comet. Or, that was its purpose, anyway. This is the thing that Benjamin has taken from this facility.

Note the time change from 'After Noon' to 'Early Evening'.

If you want, you can use the time between the PRS scene and the Underground Facility as a transition/fluff thing, when the group searches the ruined city for leads or anything that indicates activity by Benjamin.

Great idea!

@Salsa Verde
Big time.
Thought I'd remind you of the immediate plans if I ever said them to begin with—can't remember.

* I'll split my next post as a response to ongoing discussions, and then a second part where time has moved on.

* I'll move us forward to where we need to be, so the actual searching will be cut out. It can be used as a transition in a post, though, if you need something to fill out the post with.

* The facility that we'll 'explore' will lead to a boss fight and some kind of idea of where Ben is going or where that answer can be found.

* After we get out of the facility, I'll open up recruitment again for another round to see if anyone wants to join us.
No worries. A lot can be said and done without words.
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act one: way down we go
Ritman High [Football Field]
Interacting with @Salsa Verde
Natalie observed that smudge being removed from Melanie's cheek with bewilderment. Huh... I literally didn't see that. I guess I was blinded by something. She thought to herself as Oleander did his best to clean things up. It was a flurry of people, greetings, and old feelings stirring. Pleasant for some, too much for others, like a kid getting three rounds of ice cream in a single day. Natalie found herself in an awkward position, to say the least. She was positive that things in her own perception of herself had changed. Her entire approach to other people had been as different the past year in comparison to Ritman as the color black is to white. Natalie was rather surprised that some of these individuals even bothered to say hello, let alone use her name. She gave Dante a nod and smile in return. It was good to see that he was still himself despite what the gals did, all the while Natalie herself did nothing to stop it in the usual fashion. Natalie kept her mouth shut, though. Perhaps it was best to say nothing for a bit after that Chubby Cheeks comment to Samuel. How the fuck did I let that one slip out? Her mind muttered.

In the old days, Natalie would have committed some kind of crime after being called the wrong name. Back then, she was somebody—at least she thought she was—and there was Hell to pay for any wrongdoings. Now, on the other hand, she simply kept quiet after being named 'Natasha' by Trystan. Could she really blame him? Blame anyone? Many of them had a right to do much worse to Natalie if they wanted to, and there was absolutely nothing she could or should do about it other than let it happen. Luckily, or perhaps hopefully, they were all good people, much better than Natalie had been and probably was ever going to be. She shrugged at the mispronounced name and glanced at Melanie to see if she noticed it at all. So many things were happening all at once, so much background noise of chattering and movement, that it would be no surprise if it flew under the radar and Natalie was the only one that somewhat reacted.

Natalie held her fort next to Melanie until the capsule opening. The evening had damp, chilling air to set the mood, even if it was the beginning of summer. The jean jacket and deep V-neck top that Natalie wore did not quite measure up to keeping cozy. Her slim-fitted jeans were strapped so tight that blood circulation was but a faint memory, so she did not feel anything down there anyway. A bit of stand-still walking to keep the motions going kept her warm until Meir returned with the capsule itself. "Out of breath already, Meir? Better take it easy on those drinks." She said with a mischievous smirk. Before the thing was opened, Natalie remembered what she had put in there all those years ago. It was a video of Jennifer Elkmann, one of the gals that had given so many of those currently present a hard time. Natalie had captured the chick puking her guts out at a party and making an ass out of herself. The video was a solid five minutes of embarrassing shit that Natalie actively encouraged Jennifer to do more of, all stored on a USB stick.

"Moment of truth! Here we go!" Natalie said excitingly loudly and gave her hands a few claps as Meir demolished the capsule with his boyish masculinity. However, the excitement was short lived. There was apparently nothing in the metal tube except some old, ragged book. Natalie leaned forward slightly to look inside the thing as someone else inspected it further, and it was true—the thing was empty. Natalie clearly remembered putting the USB stick in there, so someone had tampered with the capsule after that day at some point, which did not go well with the fact that Meir had to Hulk his way inside of it—a paradox. "What the Hell? I know I put a USB in there with a funny video of Jen. Maybe this is the wrong tube?" She said with a pale tone.

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