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@Estylwen Need a hand? (You should of met us at the flower shop!)

The votes had come in, and they didn't favor kicking out Kali. Eve sniffled a bit as the injuries on her face for the most part had healed up nicely. She kept her hands tight and on the ready around her hips as if she was ready to get down with anyone who would act a fool for her gun. It wasn't the outcome she had thought, but she couldn't give Kali a chance right now. She was willing to make some bets, but for the most part, the majority accepted him despite how strange and fucked up he might be, maybe that was the charm behind St. Portwell it was always accepting of the unique and delirious.

"I vote for him to be kicked out, but since it's a majority to keep him. I can't complain, tho' if I'm right, we get backstabbed in the end or something. You guys owe me a slice of the finest 'za from St. Porwell's Pies.. I take mine, pepperoni." She rubbed her nose, unholstering the Glock from her waistband. She ejected the mag, and pulled the slide back with a *chck* as the casing went flying. She caught it and topped up his mag. With a quick movement of her hand, she threw the mag towards Kali as some shadows along the shade of some of the shelf/line of flowers kicked it up towards Kali. It was flying at a good speed, but would he catch it?

She clicked a button, bringing the slide forward before tucking the empty Glock into Devola's pants. In the front preferably, leaving it hang out comically but allowing it to bond with its new holder. "Hold onto this, fur' Kali, Devola." She said at a lower whisper into his ear her hand along his back so she could reach the damned mafioso, almost like she was the warm little center. Eve was anything but warm, or little but for that moment she felt like she was in the centre. Centre stage, that was her as her hand slid back away to her sides as she distanced herself from Devola as the door opened.

Britney, queen checks king.

She was shocked, perhaps a bit astonished that she showed up. Fuck it, she began to move towards Britney almost like a bullet at mach speed. Wrapping her arms around the giant, she gave her a friendly hug maybe more of the more real hugs that she had given in recent times. She squeezed the life out of the giant.

"Hey.. Good to see you Brit." Looks like she had one friend in the Coven.


Eve's Memories

Dark and cold, Kali glimpsed into the mind of a troubled soul.

The memories spun and wheeled around in a counterclockwise motion, asking to be unearthed. Reading all of them would be a complete overload, reading none would be a waste.

Whether it was Kali's intention or not, he saw into her life, her hopes and dreams.

By virtue of this, her soul.

It was all red.

The carpet was red, the banners were red bearing a new type of symbol embodying a swastika and symbolism from St. Portwell. The pictures of former nazi leaders hung in the massive Thorn mansion, arts from the era and artifacts swelled the dining hall. Though it was far from it's glory, bullet holes, bodies and blood littered the interior. Mostly of the Sun Wheel variety, slumped over, dead or dying. The fight for the most part was over, a majority of the guards, skinheads and cultists laid dead.

"God... Fuck!" Eve cried as tears fell down her face, slumped over by a marble statue of Hermann Göring with half of his face blown off. Lee stayed crouched over her, applying a tourniquet to her leg as he wrenched down on the device. Stopping the bleed rather quickly, Lee could be described as a six-foot-something blonde pretty boy. Except for that scar on his face over his lips, he could be described as devilishly handsome (for Eve's taste.) He wore surplus combat fatigues, Eve did aswell but it mixed and matched. Along with a plate carrier and some punk flair.

"You're okay, Eve. I got you!" He said, there was a reason she kept this stupid medic boy around. Eve got onto her feet, cringing in pain as she cried out. "Fuck.. I fucking hate this." Speaking to the situation and what was to come. Lee shoved that stolen Wolfpack AKM back into her tiny hands.

"You got this, we got this. Let's finish this." Lee grabbed onto her, Eve dragged herself along with a serious limp as they made their way up the grand staircase. Red tracers flew by, hot with phosphorus igniting the trail behind them as more 'soldiers' from the consolidated groups rushed past the pair to the master bedroom.


"...Think he'll notice?"

Lee said, now wearing a Wolfpack MC jacket along with Eve. He held out a hefty gold bar, stamped with the MCs logo along with "JUDAS." It seems like they were in a safe house deep in the woods.

"Lee Weaver you truly are insane." Eve responded her hand falling on the gold, it felt evil the gold particularly. They were going to steal from the rich, and give back to the poor. People died for this gold, killed for it and here they were looting Judas's stash. It was like taking candy from a baby, the MC thought they could just fuck over the people of St. Portwell and get away with it? Not while Everleigh Thorn and Lee Weaver were still kicking around. Her expression of shock and dumb foundness turned into one happy with joy and excitement, she couldn't help herself but kiss Lee.

"Fuck it Eve, we can leave this all behind us. Forget the Sun Wheel, the 8th, your dad-"

She kissed him many more times after that, if Kali could feel the emotion behind the memory he'd be able to feel that this was probably the best day of Eve's life.


The scene changed for one last time, Eve was wearing the clothes she had now. Jacket, jeans with the cuffs rolled above her boot. Inked arms and cigarette in mouth. She leaned forward against the cold metal railings of the Mt. Portwell Park as she overlooked the entirety of St. Portwell, the city went on with it's life. The port received more shipments, more fish were caught. People lived and died as she hung around the observation deck of the park. The crunching of boots behind her broke the silence as she took as a long drag from that lucky Grey Strike of hers.

"So that's it, you're not coming? After everything we did? After I got fucking greenlit by Judas, wasted everything I had just so you could hold onto this dream!" Lee said, a duffelbag over his back and his 'chopper' running, spitting out fumes minus all the Wolfpack decals he once had on it.

"It's not a dream Lee, it's a nightmare that I live every day. What exists here is getting out of hand, I don't want to lose you like I lost Tyler. Magic is dangerous, para-norms are dangerous. I know you have one-eye-open, it's hard to see it all but, no one should have that power. My dad was.." She trailed off, thinking back to the night at the Kaiser's Mansion before shaking off the thought. She choked up for a moment. "A good example of how good people go bad."

Lee walked up behind her, drawn by her commitment to such a hopeless cause. Like a moth to a flame, he hugged her from behind pulling her in. She felt so weak when he hugged her, she couldn't even fight back despite being so mad and full of rage.

"Everleigh, you have to listen. If you keep this up, this quest to protect everyone. Rid the world of evil, stop people from being people. Magic from flowing, it's going to kill you. I won't be there to save you. You will die in St. Portwell, alone." Eve eventually peeled herself away from Lee's tight embrace, taking another inhale of the cigarette she quickly exhaled it through her nose as she turned to face him as tears dragged down her eyes.

"Fuck.. Lee if that's what it takes then that's the price I'll pay. I can't go on living this lie any longer, I'm not my dad. People only know me as a drifter or a punk, besides you. If I can change St. Portwell for the better I will, it's the least I can do after ever-" Lee smiled, taking the cigarette out of her hand before he kissed her one last time.

"Find me in Seattle, once this is all over. I didn't steal all this gold, just for you to die doing something stupid." Lee chuckled, taking a drag from her cigarette before killing it. Dropping it to the ground and crushing it with the heel of his boot, he ruffled her hair like she was some kid. Eve watched him as he got on his bike and took off, heading out and away from St. Portwell forever.

Eve wiped the tears away from her eyes, but it didn't seem like it would stop. After a few moments, she stared towards Kali looking him in the eyes.

"I remember." As he began to get shut out from her mind and memories, like the invader he was.

A wave of emotion hit Eve like a brick, as tears visibly drooled down her face from both of her eyes. She didn't know why, or how but she was thinking about Lee Weaver again. Stupid boy, a stupid boy she still loved. Had it been a year? She began to block out the thoughts again, wiping her face with her jacket as she composed herself but to anyone watching her they'd definitely notice something had changed.

“A vote where the final call is made by the one with a gun doesn’t seem very democratic,” said Sloane. “I abstain.”

She didn't fucking get it, Sloane never seemed to get it even when she was the genius in the room. Maybe she should of clarified that she wasn't going to shoot Kali if he lost, it just made sense to take the gun from the babbling, self-calming & righteous FBI Agent. Eve focused on her hate of law enforcement to return her to her senses at the time. Kali was a threat, in some way. The people had to vote if they wanted him or not, she wouldn't stand in the way of that.

”Maybe no one should have a gun?” Luca suggested.

"Not going to happen Luca, better that someone who actually knows how to use it holds it for now. I'll give it back to Kali once things are settled on the books for good." She turned her a growing burning hatred towards Sloane.

"I'm only voting last because I value the opinions of the others here, gun isn't in play here. Karen." She gritted her teeth for a moment, days like today were hard without him.

Eve's eyes flickered to Drake who had his final fantasy-esque lightning sword shattered for the time being, once the room read that it was Jack who came through the portal it seemed like everything calmed down for the time being. Auri browbeating her didn't seem like anything new but the cigarette she had earlier sat smoking in one of her pots, Eve wondered if it made her happier. "Karen.." She took out a third cigarette with a defeated sigh and tossed it to Drake. The shadows in the shade of the stalls and limited darkness of the flower shop 'kicked' up the cigarette as it fell making sure it didn't hit the ground before on the last leg the shadows kicked it up right towards Drake Blackmore. It would go flying toward his head, he could catch it with his hand or mouth (or biceps) if he wanted to.

"Good seeing you, hero." She mumbled acknowledging the 2nd most jacked man in the flower shop.

It felt good, when even Linqian agreed with Eve it made her seem like she was in the right. Drake chipped in, no one wanted some Special Agent Francis Morgan running around with them in the end. The government wasn't tapped into the whole idea of magic or idiots running around wielding it and sealing monsters away. Maybe? The surely had an idea in some regard, but what that looked like on the chessboard was an unknown.

Kali was a weird motherfucker, he wasn't like this way back when but perhaps he lost it along the way all these years. There was no way he was an agent, maybe he worked for a different clique. Greenwood, Dollhouse the picture wasn't clear yet but he didn't possess any prowess a law enforcement officer would have. Seeing the gun being placed on the table, she rolled up her sleeves exposing the ink on her arm it opened up the field for Everleigh to make a play. She approached the table briskly closing the distance, like a predator onto their prey. Picking up the Glock, she racked the slide back chambering a round of cold brass into the chamber of the firearm.

She roughly pressed it to the side of Kali's temple.

"Your pitch sucks, dude."

Eve said, her finger riding high on the slide not intending to blow Kali's brains at this very instance. She looked like she knew how to wield the polymer-based firearm, the cold steel of the barrel dug into the side of Kali's head.

"We sealed a dead god, ran through universes to collect items that don't even exist. Lost people, and still won. If you think we're afraid of the government, I think you're dead wrong." She pulled the glock away from his head, tucking it into her waistband as she went to walk back over to Edict.

"I don't think you're wrong about the Father Wolf thing, I think the Father is an idea not just on person. It's not Judas, but I'm not going to say no to kicking his ass." Eve stood closer to Edict, preparing for him to steal from her or do something with that big-little centre he had flying around.

"I'm going to hold onto your glock for safe keeping, you don't seem well Kali. There's something off about you, 'n I'm not one to jump to conclusions, yet. Besides, we know a bullet isn't going to kill you and this bravado is strange. Your verbiage is strange, the way you carry yourself. I don't think you're a cop, perhaps something else and that could be hella deadly." She hiked up her jeans keeping a cursory look to the group, while staying frosty with her new metal-polymer friend in her pants.

"We should have this vote, I'll go last. No one try for the gun, I'd hate to make this place a bigger mess than it already is." Eve sniffled, but she was to hold her ground.

Before Eve could ever really reply to Luca and the potential of 'rotten' pills, Sully came barging in. As she was hanging on to Finn by a thread she soon found herself in the arms of Sully, the actual healer. "I knew you were still around." She said before finding herself being nursed back to health by the Chalice. Every drop of 'magical' elixir entered her body, renewing her with strength and vitality as the brutal beating she had endured hours earlier seemed to vanish from her person. Color returned to her skin, internal bleeding slowed and stopped and of course her nose was back to its pristine self. Eve pulled the bandage off from a once broken nose, dropping it in the plant she flicked her cigarette to.

"Thank you, I missed you Healer Sully." Eve said remembering that he was the big guy who carried around that eldtrich chalice of his. She held onto his huge tree-trunk arms, it was almost comical but as the strength returned to her body she held onto his arm almost like a crutch before standing on her own after a minute or so, walking over Grayson Devola she took out her pack of Grey Strikes cigarettes offering it to one Gray guy. She'd then put a lone Grey Strike above her left ear with her blonde locks as she looked out. Watching Drake being sound blasted, people gobbling and gasping around as people literally came out of the woodworks.

"I missed this shit." She said whispering to Devola, a known thief and hearttaker. Her eyes darted looking over to Kali and Auri as they returned to give some kind of news.

"Sup A." Everleigh said to Auri, her shop turned into a china shop after a earthquake while she was gone for mere moments to sort out Kali.

"I hope this ain't the chalice talkin' but did I catch this right? Kali you're a fed, badge-carrying, gun-toting federal agent? Dude, I'm not sure how I feel about this 'cuz I spent a good amount of time behind bars upstate because of people like you."

She kept her hands in her jacket pockets, her right digits fumbling around with a old but handy pair of brass knuckles.

"Anyone reason us para-norms shouldn't send you packing back to your field office? Authority brings trouble, and I got a serious authority problem."

Grabbing onto Finn's shoulder, whether it was taut or not did not matter to the woman as she balanced herself off him. Body weight shifted as she chummed away on the cigarette in her mouth. She puffed a exhale of cancer towards Grayson Devola as her eyes moved over to the talking head. Taking one last inhale from the stick, she flicks the Stubb away into one of Auri's flower pots. Thankfully moist soil and burning ashes don't mix into a fire, right? She felt the taste of blood and iron return to her mouth as she spit off to the side of the floor, whether it was waxed and shined didn't matter anymore.

A crimson stain would leave its mark on the shop's floor like a forever pact of a certain coven long ago.

"Shut up Devola, go steal some painkillers for me. We'll call it even." She said looking up to him, face not swollen or severely discolored. A black eye, a healing face, a broken nose, and a soul unshattered. Eve had the face of a survivor, it was a hard look to shake from her.

Much like the history of this coven, much hadn't changed after all.

A familiar taste of metal oozed into Eve's mouth as she spit blood out, she couldn't pull herself out of the grasps of the dude who was holding her arms behind her in that neon lit parking lot of the Veni Vedi Veni. Wham! A punch grazed across her face as she recoiled from being slammed in the face by such a hammer fist. Spitting out blood she looked towards the oaf feeding her punches, she tensed up her arms wrenching against the guy who was holding her in place. Blood dribbled from her nose and mouth as she reactively spit on the biker in front of her.

"Fucking punk.." She muttered Wham! another punch across the bow left her head spinning again as her knees buckled but she was forced to stand up straight. "You think you can just scam our club and get away with it you little bitch!?" He was angry, big beard, shaved head the whole nine yards but no Judas. Eve blinked weakly as she looked back up to him trying to think of something witty to help her escape the situation. "...You take I-O-" Wham! that one knocked the wind out of her as she almost fell again only being stood up by the goon again.

Blinking tears out of her eyes she looked up as baldie reached into his boot for a knife, this definitely wasn't going. Moving her wrists she found purchase of grabbing onto the man behind her. Within moments he screamed out in pain, his skin growing frostbitten and cold as night drew over St. Portwell. Eve took her chance, running with the world spinning at her toes she ran towards the edge of the parking lot. The seven foot fence of freedom, she jumped and found her foot finding a hold in one of the spooled wired gaps. Reaching the top she felt a familiar, huge hand grab onto her!

"Gah! Fucker!" She said struggling, falling over the other side all the goon got was the MC colors she was wearing at the time. Left in her t-shirt and repairable jeans she took off. Way faster, and nimbler than the thugs that wanted her debt money and perhaps her life.

Oh right, the meeting.

Stumbling out of her small apartment, she did the best she could to fix herself up. Nose? The bone was set and held in place with a bandage. Cuts? Cleaned, and bandaged with polysporin. Scrapes on her arms? Washed out and covered by her clothing (not the ink, never fuck with the ink.) The trip to the Flowers and Canvas was one that would be taken by way of taxi, a popular mode of transportation in St. Portwell, almost falling out and paying her fare for the ride. Eve found herself at the front gates of heaven, or hell but ultimately it depended on who you asked.

A recall of memory, drama and more. She lined up a Grey Strike cigarette to her lips, her hands were a big shaky from an overdose of violence and trauma for the day. Lighting it with her blood-stained zippo lighter, the metal sounded dull without proper maintenance and care. She stumbled in, taking long drags of the burning tobacco. It calmed her, and for Mazzy Star it kept her alert. Alert that Eve was smoking, there was no actual evidence this helped Mazzy but she knew Eve was smoking.

Seeing such a big crowd, of faces she knew or thought she knew back then. Shit, it was a lot to take it.

"Sup... Who was the healer again?" Eve held her balance on a nearby plant for a moment as she edged her way over to the crowd of 'witches'.

She eventually placed a supportive hand on Finn's shoulder, surely he wouldn't let her fall?

The Peacekeepers.

Trey mentioned the fabled faction when the group arrived, for those not familiar with the intergalactic force. They are the arm of law enforcement that touches all of the land, eventually. Part military, part law enforcement and part government deathsquad they take souls and ask for little in return. The fact they are coming to Godfrey could mean an end to the rebel insurgency that is going on, but it could also mean the end for True Patriot as well. The Peacekeepers are more along the line of makers, three days was a tight timeline to find a girl on a dust ball.

Would they be able to do it?

Richard Demantis - Executive Business Agent, True Patriot - Godfrey

The dude in the ivory threads strolled over, flanked by a six-pack of True Patriot goons armed to the teeth in sand-kissed power armor. One of them even had a smartgun, decked out in more tech than a cyborg's wet dream. Ivory-suit guy, standing at a solid five-nine, surrounded by his army of corporate muscle, strutted up. Tilted his gallon hat like he's some rancher, shielding himself from the sun. Pale as a ghost, he was the type who manages mega-corp accounts in a godforsaken place like Godfrey. And here he was, meeting a ragtag crew of misfits.

"Howdy there!" Ivory man drawled out with a Godfrey accent, adjusting his suit and the mirrored shades glued to his face. Looked like he hadn't seen daylight in ages. "Welcome to the Town of Fiction. Name's Richard, I'm the TruePatriot rep in these parts. We got a legal leash on this land and everyone under it. Glad you swung by, 'cause things are a bit wild. Tourism's in the dumps, and workplace injuries are up. I reckon you're here on some important business, but getting out of Fiction's been a real pain thanks to the Guild throwing a tantrum."

"Let me roll out the red carpet for ya. Follow me; I got a ground shuttle that'll whisk us away to my branch's office. We can chat about a sweet business deal in these... challenging times," he tossed in, sounding like he'd trade his left arm for some outside help.

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