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Ugh god... when your creativity is stuck in purgatory for a day or two... -.-
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Well let’s see... an OP to finish, three 1x1’s to respond to, and two work related reports to fill out this afternoon. I’ll need some tea.
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Someone took my Microsoft office and they will pay. You have my word.
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Lavate las manos!



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Welcome 🤟😎
“Sounds like a plan then.” Vashti said with a slight exhale. By now she had walked off the lingering effects of the parachuting, her nerves a lot more settled. As she walked behind Raddek she double-checked that her backpack and other loose effects were properly secured, not wanting to drop anything while trekking along through the jungle. Like Raddek she avoided touching any of the local fauna as best she could. The surrounding vegetation was very alien in form. Tall trees with leaves both broad and narrow in various shapes and colors surrounded them, winding tendrils spanned the ground and poked up from the mulch covered dirt. All around she could hear the droning and chirping of local insects paired with the occasional scream or cry of some creature in the distant.

Vashti slipped her scattergun from its holster, holding it in both hands in a ready position. A red light shined beneath the chamber marking the incendiary rounds she had loaded. She walked about ten feet behind Raddek, her eyes forward though swiveling side to side every twenty to thirty steps to keep an eye out for predatory animals or other threats. If anything happened to leap from the nearby foliage or come charging from behind a tree her scattergun would make short work of it whatever it might be. Vashti jumped back a step as a green serpentine creature suddenly rushed across the wet dirt in front of her and disappeared into a nearby cluster of grass. “I hate snakes…” she hissed in a low tone as she continued walking behind Raddek, ignoring the chill that raced up her back.

The pair made their way through a thicket of gnarled trees covered in writhing red vines, carefully moving between the tall twisted trunks. The knee-high grass brushed at their legs, leaving traces of moisture from that clung to the thin green blades. Vashti wasn’t particularly bothered and she didn’t imagine Raddek was either, she doubted something as simple as a common grass would pose any real threat especially with their armor. Besides being on a planet as overgrown as this it would be impossible to outright avoid contact with any plant life.

“We must be nearly there…” she said aloud, fishing for a conformation from Raddek. Vashti wasn’t sure how long they had been walking exactly but she estimated it was probably around thirty minutes give or take. He said the ruins were nearby didn’t he?


"Which way will you take?"

The thief took a moment to consider her options. If she went left she would have to face more armed guards, if she went right she would be forced to deal with whoever these other intruders are. And of course the vents were still an option. Scarlet Shadow could easily make short work of the incoming security, a flashbang or smoke grenade would be enough to disorient them for her to then slice them up one by one. But in truth she preferred not to, while not opposed to killing Scarlet Shadow was a thief and leaving a trail of blood and corpses in her wake was amateurish and messily out of character.

The other two intruders were an X factor, Scarlet Shadow would not allow them to beat her to the heart. She had no interest in wasting time crossing them and in truth there was no guarantee she could best them. Not to mention time spent dealing with other infiltrators was time for the facility to be secured and the heart moved or even destroyed. Without further hesitation the thief made for a nearby vent, sliding her blade under the narrow space of the bottom right edge and prying the vent cover loose with a snap followed by the sound of screws bouncing across the hard floor. She pulled the cover free and then laid it over inside the vent. With any luck the guards in their rush would either make for the opposite door or veer off to their right heading back the way Scarlet Shadow had came.

If I’m lucky they’ll run right into those other two and at the very least stall them for me to grab the heart and be gone. With a grin Scarlet Shadow crawled up and inward through the narrow ventilation shaft. Even if they don’t I’m confident I can still retrieve it. With my speed after all…
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God of the Big Blade
𝚂𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 𝙷𝚒𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚘

Stella Hiroto felt stranded at a dead end in life. The twenty-five year old Japanese-American had woken up this morning and like clockwork had a short breakfast, slipped into her uniform, and made her way to Shogun Sushi where she had been working for two months now. Her fifth job in five years since dropping out of college. Stella appreciated her job of course and her boss was a very likeable and accommodating employer. The pay was decent enough that with a little penny pinching she could afford to live in a decent apartment which conveniently wasn't too far away. After work she would get home just in time to catch the evening news, have dinner, and then read before bed. On the weekends provided she had the energy Stella would swing by the library and make a trip to the gym as well. Her weekly pattern was for the most part near methodic as it had been for some time now, and it was this methodicalness that made her feel so "stuck".

She went about her job as usual with a meaningful smile on her face and a friendly tone in her voice. One thing Stella enjoyed about Shogun was the usual patronage. Most people who came here were very friendly, easy to accommodate, and tipped well, the ideal customer. The other staff were hard working and easy to get along with which was another bonus. Positivity and momentary social pleasures such as this helped to inject some optimism to Stella, unfortunately these did little for her outlook on the greater scheme of things. At the end of the day Stella knew she was just another cog in the machine, getting by as a mere drone at a food service establishment and living a simplistic and minimalist life with little variety.

Stella had told herself that she was just feeling restless and this would pass. She had only been working at Shogun for a handful of weeks and the hard bumps over the past few years at times caused her to fell weary and misplaced at times. Not to mention going through a recent breakup had left her with an empty feeling some nights, an unwanted sensation that she knew she would get over. She had done it before after all. In truth she wondered why she was even pining over what had become such a draining and in truth abusive relationship, but at the same time another part of her knew why. Stella had always been the type to latch on to tightly to people when she developed a bond with them. This didn’t happen often as Stella could be a very distant person even as polite as she was, but when it did such a bond was Herculean in strength and as a result hard to shake free when needed.

Shaking her mind free of her wistful daydreaming Stella focused on her job. Delivering people their orders and ensuring her tables were well tended to. She got off work in several hours and had considering maybe walking through the park after, however the forecast mentioned thunderstorms that afternoon so she she would just be heading home afterwards. Stella had just finished delivering someone an order of sashimi when she heard the door opening signaling a new customer’s arrival followed by one of her coworkers receiving them.

For her first parachute jump Vashti overall took it surprisingly well. She had watched as Raddek gave her a nod and then turned and leapt through the open door and hurtled downward and out of sight. Spurring herself forward the Au’tori woman took two long strides and lifted herself off on the third. She was forced to bite her tongue to avoid impulsively crying out at leaping out of a starship and careening downward hundreds of thousands of feet.

Vashti took several deep breaths as she fell, arms and legs spanned outward like the wings of a bird. Within a short moment she had gathered the constitution to remember to activate her beacon. Immediately after she deployed her chute, the sudden jerk of her rapid descent breaking causing her stomach to roll and chest to flutter. The next several minutes were somewhat tense, her feet dangling as gravity did it’s thing and pulled the woman down towards the planet below. By the time she was breaking through the thin veils of clouds she had come to relax somewhat and marveled at the scene below that was this uncharted alien world.

As the green tops of trees and the ground below drew nearer her angst returned and she found herself wiggling her toes and fingers both in anticipation and uncertainty. There was a ripping sound as a long branch snagged the edge of her chute and Vashti impulsively unbuckled her straps and dropped down a good fifteen feet. Her feet slammed against the earth of the alien world, her knees buckling as she crumbled down with a groan of both aggravation and discomfort. Despite a sharp pain in both knees nothing was broken or even strained. Stupid. I shouldn’t have done that. Vashti scolded herself.

With a slight grunt she stood up straight slowly, the pain leaving her knees. Looking around Vashti saw the top of the beacon through a small grove of trees nearby. She slipped her right hand up against the side of her helmet as she took several slow, wobbly steps in the direction of the beacon. “Raddek, I’ve landed,” she said, a slight wince in her voice, “I can see the beacon about thirty yards from me. I’m heading that way.”
Unsure if martial artist, cosplayer, or seventh century bandit.

Scarlet Shadow had to act fast, she couldn’t afford to let the scientists sound the alarm. Even with her abilities she had no desire to face dozens of heavily armed guards in a facility on high alert. Ignoring the shouted warnings of the approaching guards the master thief sprang to action. In the blink of an eye her blade was from it’s sheath and in mere seconds it was buried in the gut of the nearest guard, a shocked cry coming from his mouth as his eyes widened.

In a flash Scarlet Shadow made for the next two guards, punching them hard in the throat simultaneously. Both fell to the floor with heavy thuds, gasping for air as they thrashed about. The other guards opened fire, Scarlet Shadow sprinting off to the left, her super speed allowing her to avoid the rounds fired. With a flick of her wrist she tossed a smoke grenade and crossed the room with another burst dodging more bullets. The grenade exploded and dispersed a thick cloud of smoke that blinded and choked the remaining five guards, two of whom fired wildly around the room in hopes of hitting their assailant. As bullets plinked and ricocheted against the metal walls, Scarlet Shadow made her way over to the first guard who lay curled up on the floor sobbing slightly as blood pooled around him. With a grimacing expression she yanked the sword still buried his his gullet free ignoring his sharp cry of agony.

It was simplicity dealing with the remaining five guards, Scarlet Shadow dancing about through the cloud of smoke and killing them with single brisk strokes of her blade, even taking off the head of the final man. Her feeling of victory was short-lived as red lights lit up the walls around her followed by the wailing drone of alarms from all around. She had taken too long dispatching the men now lying about her and allowed the scientists to sound the alarm. As the smoke cleared she looked about, the floor “painted” a deep crimson red. Scarlet Shadow preferred not to kill but this time she had no choice, wrinkling her nose at the strong metallic scent of fresh blood.

She wiped her blade on the sleeve of a nearby corpse and - after sheathing it - decided to make her way into the next room. With any luck she could take to the vents again and maneuver through the facility even on high alert. If nothing else - while not liking the idea - she would carve her way through the entire place if she had to.

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