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Ushi Saru Oo Ne E Tori Ushi Uma Tori Ne Tora Inu Tora Mee Ushi Hitsuji Me E Hitsuji Ne Genne Saru Tori Tatzu Tori Ushi Uma Hitsuji Tora Me Ne Saru Ooh E Tatzu Hitsuji Ne Ushi Hitsuji Tori Ge Ne E Tori
2 yrs ago
Well let’s see... an OP to finish, three 1x1’s to respond to, and two work related reports to fill out this afternoon. I’ll need some tea.
2 yrs ago
Someone took my Microsoft office and they will pay. You have my word.
2 yrs ago
Lavate las manos!
2 yrs ago
Nothing like a good night’s sleep and well brewed coffee to help you forget an unpleasant evening.


A little about me…

• Female (She/Her)
• Twenty six years old.
• An American born Eurasian. (Of Han Chinese and Dutch descent.)
• US Central Time Zone
• Casual & Advanced are my vibes.
• My writing interests are manifold in genre.
• I tend to prefer 1x1’s but I never shy away from a good group RP.
• Ask for the Discord.

Current Roleplays…

Griffons Knights of Auglire My long-running high fantasy 1x1 roleplay with @Shift.

Black Lace: A Cyberpunk RP Cyberpunk 1x1 roleplay with @Atalanta.

Ionathair’s Revenge Historical high fantasy 1x1 roleplay with @Penny.

Extra things…

My 1x1 Interest Check.

My catalogue of characters. (The new one.)

My old/original catalogue of characters.

SANDSTRIDERS world and lore.

A Thousand Legends world and lore.

Group Roleplays that I have GM’d;

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Credit to @Gcold for the design 💯

It was a radical quest to discover dark desires that would cause damage to one's soul! Body odor was stanky, but we soldiered on passed the sweaty goblins. Questionable puddles formed under our large muscles mass, yet the awesomeness
Nearly three weeks later and there is still a kobold infestation in this building.


Notes and Facts

• All followings people in reincarnation/a cycle of life based upon virtue and merit with notable variations.

• Magic is rare in the world after the departing of the gods. The reason for this being that magic was bestowed by the gods or directly drawn from the heavens themselves. Only monk sects retain any sort of power which they draw upon from the holy sites of old. Various enchanted weapons, items, and relics can be found in the world. These are extremely rare and high-priced.

An Imperial map of Yongcun and the surrounding territories.

* * * * *

for backstory and references. To be gradually expanded upon.

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