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4 days ago
Current I'm thinking of studying into either Stoicism or Bushido in the next two or three weeks during my free time... Why? Just because.
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7 days ago
@LostButterfly92 Your not alone on that. Even things I love I sometimes find them strangely tedious.
9 days ago
"Civility must be rewarded Captain. If it isn't rewarded... there's just no use for it. There's no use for it at all..." Doctor Frankenstein said, twitching his head with a concerned look in his eye.
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13 days ago
You mean like this one?;…
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13 days ago
A well done haiku can sweep one away. Though I concede they aren't for everyone.


Pansexual Banana

🍌 🌸 ✌️

Just your average millennial college dropout. I’m twenty-four years old and I live in Los Angeles where I work as a data entry clerk and a personal assistant. I’ve been text-based role playing since I was thirteen and have been writing since the age of eleven. I still remember those days of sitting alone at lunch awkwardly and writing Dynasty Warriors fanfics and hyper-cringy Star Wars ripoffs. Ah, good times...

These days I write most of anything from fantasy to science fiction to smut. I’m also a big gamer and have played endless titles from Mortal Kombat and Mass Effect to The Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty. I’m also a huge fan of Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise believe it or not and have almost every game in the franchise except for Three Kingdoms. (I burned myself out on that era as a kid. Ask me about it sometime.)

Aside from gaming and writing, my other hobbies include reading, yoga, Netflix binging, and blowing away spare time on the internet.

I’m an aspiring actress and one day want to get into theatre seriously.

If you want to RP or just chat, feel free to PM me! ^.^

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>Start posting everywhere, writing up RP’s, and even messaging people. After all, the place will start to come to life at some point, and I’ve always wanted to be one of those internet cool people that everybody knows, quotes, and maybe even puts in their signature.
Looking for a new boxing partner but no one's there... *shrug*
Horse with hair.
Brush those teeth.
Based on avatar or username.
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Possibly relevant to POOHEAD but YOLO and I want an excuse to post this.

When I was a kid I would keep sneaking out of church and-or Sunday school. One day one of the deacons caught me and said, and I quote, that if I didn’t stop skipping church I’d get “drop kicked by Jesus”.
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LA isn't looking good I can tell you that...
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