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3 yrs ago
Ushi Saru Oo Ne E Tori Ushi Uma Tori Ne Tora Inu Tora Mee Ushi Hitsuji Me E Hitsuji Ne Genne Saru Tori Tatzu Tori Ushi Uma Hitsuji Tora Me Ne Saru Ooh E Tatzu Hitsuji Ne Ushi Hitsuji Tori Ge Ne E Tori
3 yrs ago
Well let’s see... an OP to finish, three 1x1’s to respond to, and two work related reports to fill out this afternoon. I’ll need some tea.
3 yrs ago
Someone took my Microsoft office and they will pay. You have my word.
3 yrs ago
Lavate las manos!
3 yrs ago
Nothing like a good night’s sleep and well brewed coffee to help you forget an unpleasant evening.


A little about me…

• Female (She/Her)
• Twenty seven years old.
• An America-born Eurasian. (Of Han Chinese and Dutch descent.)
• US Central Time Zone
• Casual & Advanced are my vibes.
• My writing interests are manifold in genre.
• I tend to prefer 1x1’s but I never shy away from a good group RP.
• Ask for the Discord.

Current Roleplays…

Griffons Knights of Auglire My long-running high fantasy 1x1 roleplay with @Shift.

Her Wrestling Dream Wrestling career 1x1 roleplay with @Skygirl.

Extra things…

My 1x1 Index.

My catalogue of characters. (The new one.)

My old/original catalogue of characters.

SANDSTRIDERS world and lore.

A Thousand Legends world and lore.

Group Roleplays that I have GM’d;

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Still on hiatus ☕️
Banned for not being lucky enough on the dexterity roll.
Banned for still not going back to your kobold aesthetic.
Banned for a cryptic ban.
Banned for being the first person to ban me for that reason.
Banned for being a rogue of a mischievous adventure.
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