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I've got a piece of art I'd prefer to use over a face claim or hero forge. I'd either be human or half elf so I don't think my character's face would change much.
Interested! This sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
Are there any other characters coming in? There's just two of us right now. I can get writing an intro post at least, I'm just not really sure what I'm doing, and admittedly uncertain if this RP is going to get off the ground.
In Lilaethan 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ashelyth would definitely love to have a speedy hover-jet-bike-thingy. Hard to do all the scouting on foot and whatnot.
In Lilaethan 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Had some unexpected free time, so here we go!

I admit I have no idea how old a "young" Eldar should be, so I guessed. If anything else seems wrong or not lore-friendly let me know. Some of the history parts I left intentionally vague, if you want the details I can always PM them to you.
In Lilaethan 10 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'll try to have a character sheet done within a day or two here!
I think I would prefer to play a lone character, if possible. Would a Ranger work well for that? Stealthy lone sniper/scout, possibly working on the orders of someone else's higher ranking character?
Potentially interested! Bit of a newer fan of 40k, sadly don't know all that much about Aeldari, but happy to read up and learn. When you say a "small force" what does that mean? Like a small army, or a squad, or...?
Hi potential friends.

I'm Sky, looking to write some stuff in my free time. Haven't done any RP in years, but realized the other day how much I missed it, and took a look at some sites. I really like how this one is organized, it's clean and easy to read.

My interests are... all over the place, tbh, but anything with action and excitement is likely to get my attention.

So ya, hello!
Hi everyone! I'm Sky.

Bit of a specific RP request, figured I'd take a shot in the dark here and maybe I'll get lucky. The basic idea is that I want to do a pro wrestling RP, following a young female wrestler (my character) as she tries to go from local indie shows to the big time.

What I'm looking for in a partner is someone to facilitate that in a sort of GM role. Someone willing to help write the rivals my characters comes up against, allies she makes, her victories, defeats, feuds, and so on. Asking a lot, I know, but like I said, shot in the dark.

So we'd probably be writing a lot of in-ring action, then backstage encounters that set the stage for more in-ring action. Not looking to write too much slice of life stuff that happens between contests.

If I haven't lost you yet... cool! A little about me and my writing preferences:

I am over 21, but you don't have to be. I'm not really interested in writing any romance for this RP. Sorry if that is a dealbreaker.

I'm more or less looking for a casual writing level. As long as posts give me things to respond to and are decently written, I'm happy. My own posts will greatly vary in length depending on what we're writing.

I'm somewhat knowledgeable about wrestling, but definitely not an expert. Like there are a lot of terms for types of moves that I'm unfamiliar with. I play way more of the 2K game than actually watching wrestling on TV. All that to say it's fine if you don't know that much about wrestling either. We can learn together in that case! Still, I wanna write matches that are fairly grounded and not super over the top, so a basic idea of how matches are paced and such is good to have.

I can be pretty active, especially if I'm really into the RP. Something like a post every other day, or every day if things are going well and I have time. I'd like something similar in a partner. I'm fine with taking breaks or even ghosting too, though obviously I'd prefer being given a heads up. It happens, and life always comes first before RP.

I'd prefer to roleplay through PMs here on the site. Send me one if you think this sounds like a fun idea, and we can hash out some more details!
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