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I'm going to have access to a computer 2morrow and will replyy
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Hii there!

Writer Information:

♡ I am a woman, but I play all roles, male, female, gay male (dom/sub)
♡ I am 30 y/o
♡ Been writing since I am 15 or so.(So, half of my life)
♡ Can post daily.
♡ I am on GMT +2
♡ Post length - I tend to match my partners, but I'm pretty sure I'm considered low casual to hogh advanced.
♡ English is not my native tongue, but I think I'm pretty proficient in it. That being said, I do tend to translate sometimes from my mother tongue so it might sound odd haha.

What I am searching for in my writing partner:

¤ Writing level same as or close to my own.
¤ Please be 18+, I do not fade to black. While smut is not the main idea in my rp's, I think it is a part of life, and I like other mature themes too.
¤ Be cool with swearing, drugs, alchohol, violence and abuse.
¤ Chat with me! I like discussing our character and sending memes and stuff haha :)
¤ Be active - I understand life happens, but I expect you to post at least once a day.


So, right now I have two ideas which I'd like to rp, but in general I am open to suggestions:

Fandoms I enjoy:

¤ Hazbin Hotel
¤ The Hunger Games
¤ Attack on Titan
¤ Avatar the Last Airbender
¤ Demon Slayer
¤ Grey's Anatomy
¤ Harry Potter
¤ Twilight

Pairings I like:
Vampire x Vampire hunter/Human/Young vampire
Student x Teacher
All kinds of mythical creatures.

I rp on discord or in PM'S.

Please PM me if you are interested! Thank you for reading so far.

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For giving me a chance and being a part of the story. My sincere thanks to every one of you all!

Big upps to @The Savant for being the one who made my character jpeg header thingy. Mad skills and recognition to you!

@iFain @ampersand
@Artemis Arts @The Muse
@WhiteAngel25 @Autumn Moon* hope you are well
@Captain Amiyama

And to those that have yet to be I hope to meet you and create something magical, or memorable

That is very kind of you, thank you
Unrelated, happy birthday!

Thank youu
Skibidy bump
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