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Current I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.
3 mos ago
I was a big darksouls fan. I've played all three of that line. Bloodborne seemed like the next step. Just didn't own a PS4... until now.
3 mos ago
Can't believe I bought a PS4 just so I could play Bloodborne.
3 mos ago
Go look at this thing I did:… Or don't. Largely neutral on the whole thing.
3 mos ago
Guess everybody likes a pretty girl. Good to see things haven't changed much, since the early days of the guild. I guess.


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Doctor Geoffrey sat down at the big lunchroom style table. Even so late at night, the building was alive with people, so the cafeteria stayed open. Which suited the doctor's needs just fine, as most of his time spent away from his lab was time spent eating meals. While it certainly did not cling to him as it did to others, he had learned in his early years that late night work powered by take-out on a regular basis was just a bad idea in general. Anymore, he much preferred a meal made with fresh ingredients, even if it cost more.

Sitting down with his tray, he looked over his choices. The night staff had prepared a southern themed menu that night, which included a variety of appetizing dishes. Upon his plate, the doctor had collected; a burrito, stuffed with red beans, rice and spiced meat; two corn-shell tacos, loaded with fresh vegetation; a serving of guacamole, with fresh-made tortilla chips; two fried chicken breasts, covered in white gravy and black pepper; three buttermilk biscuits, each smeared with apple butter; a small bowl of chili; and a slice of apple pie, for desert.

When the announcement played, the Doctor was crunching on tortilla chips, dripping with chili and guacamole. Naturally, that meant he had not gotten the message. Everyone else in the room had stood up and left, though, which he did take note of. Even the kitchen staff, he noticed, as he continued to eat. With no one else in the room, he shrugged his shoulders and started on his chicken. Certainly, this warranted investigation, but the lack of screaming and explosions made it difficult to consider it an urgent matter.

"Doc," came a familiar voice from behind him, one of the security team. He was approaching, and sounded concerned. "Didn't you notice-Woah... Damn, miss a few meals, Doc? Spread like that, I get why you didn't hear it. Hey, let me help you pack this up, we'll drop it in your lab on the way. Big meeting going on, and everyone has to come."

It took a moment to place the voice. More than a few of the security team had become familiar with him, and many of those had similar accents. By the time he'd swallowed his mouthful of chicken, though, he knew. The man was civil enough, but he really would shoot if someone refused an order from his superiors.

"Roskins!" He began, hands dropping the chicken to wipe them free of grease. "So kind of you to offer. How's Jessica, and your little boy, uhm... Richard? Did he like going with you, to the game?" As he spoke, he stood. The two exchange pleasantries, talking about the young man's wife and child. They did as was suggested, and stopped by the lab to drop off the food, before leaving to the meeting. Several other guards joined them on the way, each joining in the small talk. By the time they got to the room, the Doctor had gathered an escort of twelve armed men, and they were all smiling when they entered.

Michael kept smiling while she talked. He nursed his drink and let her have her turn. Though he kept his eyes on her, his peripheral vision was trained to keep on the look out for other things. The threat didn't send her friends into worry, nor did they try to calm her. She had jumped when he appeared, but people generally would; Her cop friend had done the same.

Once she was done, he'd already finished his drink. Turning to face Patrick, he raised an eyebrow and spoke. "Quite the little firecracker, isn't she?" If Patrick wasn't considering killing him before, Michael could see it in his eyes now. However, the older man knew the look his asset was giving him. Michael had a point to make, and Patrick knew it was better to let him make it while they were both present.

His face kept the smile, but his eyes became blank. "Madam," he began, voice calm and clear, maybe even a little bored. "If all it takes to rile you up quite so much as this is a free drink and an offer to jump in bed, then you're going to get cat-called into catching a bullet with your head before we get into the building."

Instead of being scared-or showing any real emotion from the threat at all, really-he practically ignored it. "Let there be no mistake, if we are to do this, you will be walking into a world you have clearly never been in. You supers all think that you're impressive, because you're used to playing the hero against the big villain. Dangerous work, to be sure, but it is a far cry from the depths we are set to delve down."

"We are not going to fight some lunatic with a power fantasy. No one will be wearing spandex to loudly declare themselves targets. When we get to our target, there will be humans there. Plane, ordinary humans, just doing their job. A lot of them will be mercenaries, men and women receiving a pay check for guarding someone else's property. More over, each one will, without doubt, be trained to kill people like you and me with zero hesitations or remorse, quickly and through whatever means possible. This will extend to non-combat individuals as well, who will attack us not because they are paid to guard the facility, but out of a belief that we might otherwise take their lives."

"This is because, when we go in, we won't be heroes. We'll be criminals. People there to take what is not ours. We will be met by human beings, earning a living through legal means, equipped with weapons and tools not only fully capable, but literally designed to kill us. Not just technologically, either. When dealing with the big six, magical means are not only possible, but to be expected. Very likely, we will come across people who have been given balls of paper they need only throw at us to do anything from detonate an EMP more powerful than a bolt of lightning, to completely desiccate our entire bodies, turning us into mummies before we even realize they're just another guard dressed as a pencil pusher."

"So," he said, taking a minute to let all that sink in while he ate his olive and his eyes returned to their cheery disposition, "would you rather go into an office building by yourself and determine if the woman behind the reception desk; the one with glasses, fussy hair, and a picture of her daughter riding her shoulders on her desk."

"Would you be able to kill her when she reaches for what is either a sign in sheet, or a bomb made of ink and paper, out of her desk? Or would you rather someone walk in ahead of you, who can incapacitate such threats before they even know the paper is needed? Because, I promise you; Unlike you heroes, who have been off doing god knows what this entire time, I've spent the past years doing exactly this. The big six, to a one, go out of their way to put this exact situation in your path at every possible opportunity, specifically to deter people like you. So, by all means... Kill me, and see how many more, completely innocent, men and women have to die by your hand because you couldn't take a man flirting with you."
@Skwint Would you have preferred we spent effort and time investment into this venture, then found out the DM is a child?

I offered to leave. In what context does a single player, actively offering to bow out, make anyone besides a toddler decide, "Fuck it, I'm taking my ball and going home!"?

No, I'll count my blessings and call it luck that I found out this was a train wreck waiting to happen before I invested time and effort into it. Thank you.
I said what I thought appropriate to get my point across. If I'd just said 'Vindicares too OP' you wouldn't have taken me seriously, thought I was being a troll, and/or ignored the comment because it's groundless.

I admit, I can be long-winded; However, if I'm not allowed to discuss 40k lore in so far as it's relevant to the conversation, how am I going to give context to any statement I make on the topic?

I understand, and to an extent, agree with you that people arguing about the lore can ruin a good RP. However, if you're trying to inform me that I won't be allowed to talk about 40k lore in a 40k roleplay, to any extent, then I'm afraid I won't be participating.
A vindicare assassin seems a little... excessive? Like, a space marine scout, a novitiate sister, a bullgryn; Those are all on a pretty level scale, near the bottom of their respective organizations.

Vindicares are sent to execute the Emperor's greatest enemies with a single bullet. When they put together an assassin team to go after Horus, one vindicare assassin was considered sufficient for the task. They failed, sure, but that's still one-sixth of the team sent after a primarch.

I don't mean to harp on about this, but Andreyich was told he couldn't play a greyknight because it was 'too much.' Vindicares are sent to assassinate space marine chapter masters, and usually do it while the target is in full gear.

A ratling seems like the appropriate tear for a sniper in this group. A death cultist would be the right mold for an assassin.
A Vindicare would be like using an earth-shaker round to kill a single chaos cultist. The ammunition costs so much, you could never justify using it for anything of that scale. Literally, anything that would require a vindicare on the team to kill would be so much above the paygrade of the rest of the characters present, it renders having them almost a moot point.


To be clear, I'm not saying "don't let skwint play a vindicare.' I'm saying, "if he gets to play a vindicare, Andreyich should be able to play his grey knight, and I'll need to come up with something higher up the food chain that an acolyte."
Eh, a crusader's primary, secondary, and tertiary concerns are the inquisitor's safety, the inquisitor's goals, and the inquisitor's glory, in that order. They're also, to my knowledge, attached to houses which treat them more like knights.

It's cannon that sisters are protected by the Emperor. Some of them have gotten literal magic powers as a result of their faith. Their primary, secondary, and tertiary concerns are the Emperor's will, the Emperor's will, and the Emperor's will, in that order.

It's a subtle difference, but a sister of the argent shroud better fits my purposes, I think.

Is uh... is anyone else thinking of signing up for this?
Basically the difference between a rogue and a paladin. I've played rogues. This is my first (decent) chance to play a paladin-analogue.
I was originally planning to run a ratling scout/sniper/blackmarketier/cook.

Now? Now I want to run a sister.

That'd make her a Sororitas acolyte, I'll say of the Order of the Argent Shroud.

I'm thinking chainsword and bolt pistol for weapons, alongside your traditional soritas-pattern power armor.

Sound good?
I'm potentially interested in this, so long as whoever is in charge of the whole thing can tolerate abhumans. Got an old ratling character I've been wanting to run.
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