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Yes, @Ryuzaki. This particular venture does not currently have a GM.
Sounds like what's really needed for this is a GM. As per usual, a good GM is hard to find.
I know this is a bit on the older side, but did anything come of this?

Recently got the PF 2e core and have been looking around for opportunities to run characters.
So, have we hit the requisite number of people for the main event to occur yet, or are we still waiting on that?
Still open for other potential partners!
@silvermist1116 Send me a PM, we can work out your character and how the plot would go.


Welcome to my interest check! If you've read the story, you have a general idea of what this is. If not, then think of it as a setting crossed between Inuyasha and Samurai Champloo. While it won't directly reference either of those two, it's set in Japanese history and culture and gets a lot of inspiration from those anime.

I will be playing the part of a sohei; a monk warrior devoted to defeating the evil monsters of Japanese mythology, while also seeking to help the common man fight back against their latest tyrant. This particular sohei will be traveling the country, encountering many creatures and ultimately fighting to defeat the hidden mastermind who's behind all the chaos.

Your character is... Yours! Samurai, priestess, ninja, fellow monk, even just a commoner; These are all options, and there are many more. This is largely how this will be most like the two anime. My character has his own goals and motivations, and so will yours. However, there is no clear path to reach their goals, so they largely simply exist within this world until fortune offers them the next chance to take action.

Now, the technical stuff-

-This RP will deal with a lot of 18+ topics and scenes, so will be done over PMs. As such, please be 18+. I, of course, am 18+ myself.

-I write at an advanced level. I do not expect my partner to match me, but I do ask for at least a high casual standard. Grammar, correct spelling, and two or more paragraphs a post are all I'm really wanting.

-We will be working together to create this story. As such, there will be a wide margin for creative freedom, but there also won't be any single over-arcing plot line. Be prepared to contribute, I will not be telling you a story.

-Generally, I will post at least once a week. I ask that my partner be able to post, at least, that often. If you need to take a break for some reason, or need to miss a week, that's perfectly fine and I understand. However, going into this, please plan to post at least that frequently.

-A note on language; You may have noticed that I use a lot of terms that aren't English. While I don't expect this of my partner, and will be happy to explain any term I use, I use these terms because they are unique to the culture this RP will be exploring. For the most part, I will use these terms consistently, but only when referring to something that does not have a perfect analog in English otherwise. It's best to think of these terms as proper nouns, even though most of them won't be.

Alright, that's about it! If you have questions, feel free to ask here or message me directly.

To anyone interested in RPing with me, but not interested in this specific idea; Please, feel free to send me a PM. I'll happily field all ideas and suggestions. While I make no promises I will take on all partners that come to me, I will talk to anyone.
Melech - The Trudger, Flying over Beck's Skiff, Jundland Wastes

Yelling more profanity as he went up the steps-at this point, he'd almost made a game out of trying to see how many he could remember without accessing cyber memory-Melech headed back to his command deck. When he got there, things looked less than ideal. Beeps, in a glorious display of why it's a very bad idea to model an AI on your own personality, had made things 'ready' for Melech by finding a crate he could use to prop up his injured leg. This was, of course, in complete disregard to the fact Melech did not keep a chair on this level of the ship, in addition to not getting the scanners ready for Melech to reconnect.

While Melech's systems did enable him-a primarily organic being-to directly interact with the ship's controls as though he were a droid, with comparable efficiency, it took time to get them running. When he wasn't plugged into them, though, the drain on the ship's processing power to keep it active was high enough that he programmed them to end the program when he disconnected. Beep's could have restarted those programs, like he knew he was supposed to, and Melech would have been able to resume interfacing with his ship almost immediately. Instead, he'd now have to spend the better part of five minutes doing it himself, all so his robot could trill the closest thing it had to a laugh at him for getting shot in the only limb that could bleed.

Luckily for the skiff, he didn't need his long range scanners to tell him which side of his ship had taken fire from the heavy artillery. Sacrificing pure efficiency, he was able to delay the processes that would connect him to the scanners and a few of the ship's other systems all so he could bring shield controls online faster. Control of the ship's navigation already had similar protocols in place, specifically in case he needed to quickly take direct control of piloting his ship. Once the shield controls were up, he was able to adjust and redirect power to the forward shields to brace them for the impact of the heavier fire.

Once the shields were ready, he'd drop down in front of the skiff, putting the Trudger directly between the enemy's big gun and it's main target. The Trudger was by no means a small ship, so it would provide ample cover to the skiff. However, without his more complex systems online-Beeps rolling on the floor, trilling loudly, after Melech stubbed his toe on the crate while trying to kick it aside-there were no fancy tricks he'd be able to pull off to counter clever aim. The enemy might not be able to get a hit off on the engine, and anyone smart enough would be able to figure out a safe place to hide on the skiff, but there was more than ample opportunity to deal lasting damage with a well-placed round. At the very least, though, Melech's strategy meant the enemy would need time to aim, and would be hard pressed to get off two or three shots where before they could have gotten off nearly a dozen.
So, for clarity; what is the 'artillery,' actually? Some kind of cannon? Anti-tank rifle? Really big mortar?
May have taken a little creative license with that last one. Let me know if I need to make adjustments, @Mae.
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