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This is a character concept I'd wanted to try for a while. Kind of inspired by the Edolis arc, I foresee him becoming a sort of artificer type character. He's got room to grow elsewhere, but I left that part vague on purpose... That purpose being, in part, because this was meant to be kind of an application, and he has no idea about most of it himself. I know, though... I know.

I'm assuming this is still open, but I don't use discord so I can't help but wonder if I'm out of the loop. So, I guess I'm just checking.
Hell works a lot like our world. But think of it like Hollywood. Celebrities rise and fall, and often replaced by who people want or like. The sins got were like the superstars, Lucifer the executive producer, the archfiends the board, and everyone else filling different roles based on what as needed. But hell is a lot less lawless, demons breaking the rules all the time. And Demons who are jealous or hateful towards the Sins, thinking they deserve the spotlight, plotted and fought their way to where they were in the prime situation to through the sins of their pedestals. The sins , angry, depressed, and betrayed, had nowhere to go but the deepest parts of hell. This Rp is them going to the mortal plane, or our world, to start life anew, causing some hell all the while, and dealing with challenges they've never had to deal with before.

Can I finish the main thread now?

I see...

No offence to you, but I shall kindly be withdrawing my interest at this time. I believe I've greatly misunderstood the concept here, and feel I'd only detract from the experience if I tried to take part.

Work in progress. Expect spelling mistakes and unfinished sections.
@Dealdric I'm assuming that you'll be taking on the role of the world we live in.

Either way, I'm interested. If there's no major objections, I'd like to lay claim to wrath.
If you're still taking on players, I'd be interested in a spot. Been wanting to play in a FT game for a while now.

What say the rest of you?
So... is this just dead now?
@Klomster Kind of makes you wonder; are there entire planets dedicated to the creation and distribution of ink cartridges, or is it just easier to mine aluminum or the like and engrave the instructions onto that?

Personally, I just want to know what poor, unfortunate agri-world is dedicated to growing nothing but paper trees so the rest of the Imperium has toilet paper.
@Jbcool Well, it's more complicated than that. The majority of loyalist legions see themselves as the protectors of humanity. They don't really judge humans as lesser beings, so much as they set themselves apart from them. Sure, there are some Astartes legions that could give two fucks less about humans, but that's more about the decisions of the chapter masters and the captains than the actual marines.

Remember, every space marine started life as a human. They've just ascended to the level of super-human. After that, they tend start thinking of humans the way Spider-man, or even Superman do. Separate, less powerful, and needing protection... but still living, sentient beings, worthy of both that protection, and of respect.

Especially for guardsmen. Practically any Marine recognizes that any given guard soldier is a hell of a lot braver than they are. Space Marines go into combat wrapped in power armor, wielding at minimum a chain sword and a literal hand-cannon, and with so many ogmentations that it takes absolutely ridiculous levels of firepower to actually kill them.
But Astra Militarum foot soldiers? They get a lasgun and flack armor, and they're expected to take on everything from hyper-evolved super aliens, to literal fucking daemons from hell. And those are just the ones that get training. Conscripts get issued a pamphlet on how to point their flashlights, and a complimentary wheel barrel to drag around their giant fucking testicles. And they're lucky if the Munitorum printed off enough pamphlets!
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