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Current Starting a Vampire the Masquerade campaign. Look for it in the TTRPG interest check section. I'm gonna be a story teller!
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I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.
1 yr ago
I was a big darksouls fan. I've played all three of that line. Bloodborne seemed like the next step. Just didn't own a PS4... until now.
1 yr ago
Can't believe I bought a PS4 just so I could play Bloodborne.
1 yr ago
Go look at this thing I did:… Or don't. Largely neutral on the whole thing.


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I am, indeed, still recruiting. Go ahead and head to the thread. You'll find general rules there.

You'd be starting as licks, and you'll need to send me your character concepts and eventually full character sheets through PMs. If you have questions, message me directly through PMs and I'll respond as best I can that way.
@Limey She definitely gets the feeling that this letter has a deeper meaning, but she's too inexperienced as a kindred to fully understand the implications.
Alright, everyone has their marching orders! Let's see how well everyone recognizes the subtle hints.

For this one, we're looking at an Intelligence plus Politics roll.

2, 2, 5 Welp, unsurprisingly, Jesse doesn't catch the subtleties at All.
The envelope was closed with a wax seal, a stylized 'R' printed over a crossed staff and scepter imprinted in the wax. Inside the envelope awaited a thick parchment, scented with a noticeable hint of fine cologne, with writing scrawled across. Clearly written by hand, and seemingly done with quill and ink. Not over the top, but the kind of work that would cost money these days.

Attached to the parchment with a paperclip was a business card. Thick and pristinely white, the card had only a time and date on the front, with an address on the back. Inquiry would show that the address belonged to an old bar, in the downtown area. The date was the following night, and the time was midnight. Written inside the envelope was a note, clearly meant to only be read by the recipient.

"Destroy All Contents"
Alright, who's next now?
Alright, I posted. Let me know if you have questions.
Ajax wandered through the forest, looking for his next meal. The previous day he had managed to hunt down a large boar, and had decided to put most of it in the smoke house to cure. While he had left himself enough meat for that day, the curing would not be complete for another full day at least, so he needed something else for dinner that night. Assuming he were lucky, he might even find something large enough to be breakfast the next morning.

Thoughts of various large birds floated through his mind, as he had not had white meat in some time. Running headlong through the forest, he would bolt from dark corner to thick bush, always looking out for signs of enemies. Moving through the dense foliage and jumping over various gaps and hazards, it would be quite difficult for almost anything to follow him. Even as his thoughts drifted to which herbs he would use with his meal, his training kept him alert and on the move.

As he rushed along, something caught his eye, bringing him to an abrupt halt. Through the trees he spotted a black bear, making its way towards something. From how it was moving, Ajax could assume it was stalking some manner of prey. Taking advantage of its distraction, he took careful aim and let fly with two arrows. With little issues, both projectiles found their marks, sinking deep into the bear's side and ending its life.

Moving up to claim his prize, he eagerly licked his lips as he walked through the trees. First he would take back his arrows, not wishing to waste them, before remembering the bear had had a target. Looking over-expecting to find some dead deer-he saw a woman, laying on the ground. At first he was unsure if anything could be done, as the woman's black skin made him think she were dead. However, when taking a closer look, he realized that this was an elven woman. Having seen for himself what happened at the end of an elf's life, he knew she must yet live, and rushed to her side.

Rolling her onto her back, he quickly went about trying his best to wake her up. Though he traveled very lightly-wearing only a pair of tight leather pants and a large, fur cloak that left his chest exposed-he did carry a water skin and a small pouch with a few pieces of dried fruit. Once it seemed she were waking up, he would eagerly offer what little he had to her, the roughly six pounds of food a small snack to his mind.

"Here. Eat." His words were short and precise, with a voice not unlike that of a young boy. The language he spoke was elven, without the slightest trace of an accent. "I have more. Back at my camp. Finish this food while I gather supplies. We can leave after."

With that, he would stand. Turning to face the bear, he'd pull a long knife from under the cloak, walking towards the dead animal with intent. Over the course of the next half hour, he would skin and field dress the animal, harvesting from it every piece of edible meat. Most of the organs would be left behind, with select choices-such as the liver-being picked out on purpose to be taken along with thick cuts of meat. In total, he estimated roughly a hundred pounds of meat, with maybe ten or so more in chunks of fat. Wrapped up in the bear's own hide, he would casually toss it all over his shoulders. Looking at the girl, covered from head to toe in bear blood, he would smile and start walking back with the intent for her to follow.
Very nice posts, folks!

I'll be posting with the full letter this weekend. Looking forward to everyone's reactions.
I decided to change the design of his weapon. The new design is in his CS.
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