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2 mos ago
Current I'm just a D&D junkie between DMs.
7 mos ago
And I'm back!
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7 mos ago
To all my players and writing partners; Don't worry! I've not vanished or forgotten you. I've had something come up, and will be taking the rest of this week off from my RPs. See you next week!
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9 mos ago
Starting a Vampire the Masquerade campaign. Look for it in the TTRPG interest check section. I'm gonna be a story teller!
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2 yrs ago
I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.


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@TGM I'm guessing I wouldn't be invited to this, given experiences we've had in the past with each other. Likewise, seems like you've got plenty of players to spare.

That said, I am interested, so if you find you need another player and aren't against me taking part, send me a message and let me know.
@Chris488 We just done with this one, my dude?
I am, but I'm pretty sure we'll need a DM.
We can begin the conversation collab. Steel can enter at some point. It will likely take time.
@Dark Cloud I do believe we're waiting on your post, fearless leader.
Welcome back, boss man!
@Limey Good post! One important note; There would be no way for Elizabeth to know off-hand that either of the two people standing there are kindred. There are multiple abilities that let people know that, and she doesn't have any of them. While it's easy enough to chock it up to an assumption in this case, just know in the future that it won't always be something she just gets to know about people.
@flopflop122 To confirm: Jesse's reaction would just be to nod.
@Limey that looks to be the order.

Feel free to post with arrivals, everyone. After that, we'll work on the collab.
@flopflop122@Limey Both of you failed the roll. Please, mark your characters as hunger 2 in the CS section.
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