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Well, here he is. If you'd like me to expand on anything, let me know.

@Skwint Yes, Now that's accepted cannon. However, for a majority of the time Orks have been a playable race, the orks debated which of the two gods was which. If my memory serves me (I was never a primary ork player) each of the klans had their own belief on the matter. It was even sighted as a reason for ork infighting (not that they need a reason.

So, I wanted to ask @Ollumhammersong for his opinion on the matter. My hope was that if it mattered between the vying factions in this campaign, he'd explain as much.
@Ollumhammersong Serious question: Which one is Gork, and which one is Mork? For the purposes of this campaign.
Well, obviously I'm interested. Likely I'll take the part of the group cook/explosives expert. If orks understood the concept, he might be called a 'chemist.'
Okay, just a couple more things:

When the game begins, will there be something stopping us from gaining power/abilities/gear?
If the group has a mek and a painboy, then it's entirely reasonable that cybork upgrades and powerklaws could be attached to various group members. Assuming we end up co-operating more than normal, we could feasibly elect a leader among ourselves. Would the leader then grow into a nob, as ork leaders tend to?

I asked about the terrain and kind of tasks we'll be facing because it will help players know going in what kinds of characters will actually be playable. Playing a kommando is perfectly reasonable, from a power-level perspective, but if we're never in a situation where one of us being sneaky would come up, then it's no different than playing an ork boy. Especially if we're expected to constantly be near each other.

These questions aren't me trying to manipulate things to my advantage, or to spoil the surprise. I've RPed in the 40k universe a number of time, here, on other websites, and even on the table top. The same problems tend to come up, and I'd like to avoid them where possible.
The 40k setting is massive, and deals with everything from grots to imperial titans in terms of scale. It's quite often a problem when people come to a game with different expectations of where on that scale they're going to be, in terms of both importance and potency.
It's also a setting capable of exploring every conceivable type of adventure. When people create characters who excel in certain scenarios, especially in an advanced thread where characters require a great deal of time and effort to create, they can be quite upset when they find out all that effort is for nothing.

When it comes down to it, I think this could be an amazing narrative with great opportunities for roleplaying unique scenarios, while also being quite fun. However, I also see all the potential issues, and experience has taught me to be weary of those things.
Alright, that's the basics out of the way. Now, to go a bit more in-depth.

What version of orks are we going for here? Will these orks be the grim-dark war mongers of death and destruction type, or the goofy, dumb-funny joking type of orks? Are we going to be monsters like a large percentage of the cannon would describe orks as, or the joke that their codex makes them out to be?

As a group, will we have worked together before? Are we an existing mob that has been together for a while, or will we be just random boyz who decided to group up because we could?

How important will we be to the overall plot? Are we meant to be 'heroes' who are sent on missions that the bosses need done, and thus our final decision of who to back will carry weight? Or, do the bosses themselves each have a preset destiny in store for them, and who we pick just decides what kind of game we play near the end?

How are we going to handle group equipment? For example, if our mob has a truk, who gets to drive? Who gets to use the guns? Will we decide as a group what kind of equipment is on the truk, or will the one designated the driver be considered the 'owner' who gets to make the final decision on what happens to it? Or, will there just always be an NPC driving us where we need to go in whatever the plot demands we be riding in?

What about in-fighting? Orks are well known for vying for power, especially within their own groups. Will we be depicting the typical ork traits, and thus constantly sparing with each other? Will our group be special, and more effective because of a surprising level of co-operation? Or will there just be a nob among us who keeps us in line, and if so who?

How about the planet we're landing on? What kind of terrain should we expect? Who will we be fighting? It would be quite annoying to create a mek who specializes in looting enemy war gear, only to find out we're fighting tyrannids the majority of the time.
Do we have to be orks? Could we instead be grots? If so, do we have to be basic grots, or can we have special gear? Examples in order of potency: mortars, grot tanks, killa kans.

Would we be allowed to be stealth boyz? How about an odd boy? Loota?

Orks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes on the table top, but truth be told they're like most other races. Most variants of ork are just boyz with different varieties of shooty/stabby kit. So, what are we allowed in our selection of weapons/wargear?
This is a character concept I'd wanted to try for a while. Kind of inspired by the Edolis arc, I foresee him becoming a sort of artificer type character. He's got room to grow elsewhere, but I left that part vague on purpose... That purpose being, in part, because this was meant to be kind of an application, and he has no idea about most of it himself. I know, though... I know.

I'm assuming this is still open, but I don't use discord so I can't help but wonder if I'm out of the loop. So, I guess I'm just checking.
Hell works a lot like our world. But think of it like Hollywood. Celebrities rise and fall, and often replaced by who people want or like. The sins got were like the superstars, Lucifer the executive producer, the archfiends the board, and everyone else filling different roles based on what as needed. But hell is a lot less lawless, demons breaking the rules all the time. And Demons who are jealous or hateful towards the Sins, thinking they deserve the spotlight, plotted and fought their way to where they were in the prime situation to through the sins of their pedestals. The sins , angry, depressed, and betrayed, had nowhere to go but the deepest parts of hell. This Rp is them going to the mortal plane, or our world, to start life anew, causing some hell all the while, and dealing with challenges they've never had to deal with before.

Can I finish the main thread now?

I see...

No offence to you, but I shall kindly be withdrawing my interest at this time. I believe I've greatly misunderstood the concept here, and feel I'd only detract from the experience if I tried to take part.

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