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2 yrs ago
Current I'm just a D&D junkie between DMs.
2 yrs ago
And I'm back!
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2 yrs ago
To all my players and writing partners; Don't worry! I've not vanished or forgotten you. I've had something come up, and will be taking the rest of this week off from my RPs. See you next week!
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2 yrs ago
Starting a Vampire the Masquerade campaign. Look for it in the TTRPG interest check section. I'm gonna be a story teller!
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3 yrs ago
I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.


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@Guardian Angel Haruki Gonna have to step out of this. My work has me on mandatory overtime for the foreseeable future, and I'm not going to have time to post here. Sorry.
@Guardian Angel Haruki Here's the sheet for first review. Just the mechanical stuff. I went with point-buy.
Going to need to slightly alter my character... mostly to get him back to level 1. Shouldn't be hard, but it'll take more time than I'd be willing to spend on it tonight.
@Guardian Angel Haruki I'd be up for playing, if you'd have me. I was looking forward to using my lizardfolk druid, so if you'd allow me to use him, then my character is ready.
Introducing, our healer; Thurkear
@TGM Seems like everyone else has picked, now. Decided what you're going to be, yet?
I had a wizard girl who dated a lizardfolk once. It was fun.

Lizardfolk can hold their breath for fifteen minutes straight. I could see a girl having fun with that.
I'm aware. I'm trans, not stupid.

In my experience, those two things are not mutually exclusive to one another.

@Dark Cloud
Think I've settled on a lizard folk druid. Not sure of the circle yet, but the race is decided. What kind of rolling were you thinking for stats?
@Dark Cloud Ravnica is as much one of the planes that exist within the wider WotC lore as much as Ravenloft is. Both are entirely separate planes to the FR, and any races from Ravnica have as much business being in the FR as a race from Ravenloft does.

That said, I'm fine with going with the aarakocka I mentioned. I thought you were restricting races for balance concerns, but if you're not corned with that I'll play a bird person. The Ravenloft legacies are on par with flight built into the race when it comes to power level, so my concerns about playing an overpowered race like the aaracocka are put at ease.
<Snipped quote by Guardian Angel Haruki>

Yep both work and both are completely acceptable.

So, Ravenloft races Are okay then? We're not restricted to the Forgotten Realms?
(I ask because I was actually wanting to play a loxodon, but they're not from the forgotten realms)
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