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1 day ago
Current instructions unclear. penguin in ass.
3 days ago
Apparently it was a firework goin' off... in an attempt to cover a gunshot. So that's fun.
3 days ago
Time to play a riveting game of "Was that a firework or did someone just get shot?"
24 days ago
Ah, yeah... my body *would* decide to betray me on my birthday.
2 mos ago
Actually really enjoying playing through Death's Door. Generally avoid anything Souls-like due to 'essential tremors', and having the reflexes of a grandma, but so far I'm having fun.
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Born in 1990. Most of you are annoying, and good arguments for birth control.

That's it. That's the bio.

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Clearly, I have a problem. I needed to sort of reset myself, and in turn I ended up developing another craving. Any partners from the other thread are welcome to nudge me to continue RPs.

Hello. We've been down this road before. Alex, 30+, female and not picky about pronouns, CST but active at random times because insomnia and other things. Multi-paragraph, often novella length, but I don't expect anyone to match me. Open to doubling, but I make no guarantees I'll be able to if it's a different fandom altogether.

For myself, I'm only looking for something in the "Alien" universe. Y'know, Ripley. Xenomorphs. The dreaded prequel movies especially, because I'm hyper-focusing DavidxOFC stuff. Walter's the cinnamon roll, and sought after as well. I do like sweet slice of life types of RP from time to time.

But it's pretty obvious by now I've got a problem with 'bastards', even if David's got some pretty decent reasons to be one.

I'm not expecting to adhere to lore and canon settings 100%, as I do love me some headcanon stuff, and the OFC I wanna use isn't exactly canon-compliant at her base. That's negotiable to an extent. Expecting romance, smut, etc. Plenty of stuff that needs to be discussed in private. Don't contact me if you're not okay with any of that. I do have some pretty basic plots, but nothing set in stone. I also have an F-list for more detailed 'stuff', and some insight on the OC herself. Feel free to ask for it.

Include this in your message when you DM:

Here's my Discord: Stargazer#6225
Will be getting around to PMs soon as my brain allows me to.
Still not doing well, but bumping in the hopes I'll find a distraction.
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