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Current Alcohol helps numb the fact ive done nothing useful these last 7 months.
3 mos ago
three day weekend. nothing to do but get drunk and hope something interesting happens for once in this boring town -.-
5 mos ago
Oh boi, elf tiddies!
5 mos ago
all this talk about warrior nostalgia hits hard in the gut.
6 mos ago
Never gonna give you up,never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.


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I have Mitochondria

They are the powerhouse of my cells.
Hello! I apologize for formatting as I am on my mobile device.

Hello,fellow roleplayers of RPG! I am The Mage,no one special in this community, but someone who is looking for another roleplaying partner! I dont feel like any of my plot ideas are good enough to share with any of you, instead I wanted to find a roleplaying partner who would be interested in perhaps whipping up an idea together!

I do prefer to have a partner who posts at the very least once every two weeks,and that the posts be at least a few Paragraphs long. Life does get in the way though,so if you are uninspired or suffering from writers block I understand fly! I also tend to favor adult themes in my roleplays, with another emphasis being lore and storybuilding.
If you would be interested,or find my descriptions too vague-again I understand!- please feel free to message me! Have a wonderful day!
Banned because..I dunno. Reasons?

you about to get Rhino stomped,my bro.

Or you could gib Grakatas
[center]Name: Ilanya Far-Born/Lana Far-born


Current Age:23

Birth Date:Mid-Summer


Current Occupation:None/Herbalist

Past Occupations:none

Background:Ilanya grew up in the desert of a far continent, being raised by her mother as a bastard child from an affair between the noble sand elf and a skilled human swordsman. The young half-elf enjoyed the luxurious life only for the first few years of her life, but was sent off to live as a beggar with her mother after the affair had been brought to light and the families pride lie in the balance. Despite this, her mother was able to instill a bit of proper etiquette in the young woman- teaching her how to keep herself,write fluently, and how to behave properly as a (former) noble should. Ilanya's mother disappeared during her 11th year,leaving her to fend for herself. fortunately for her, the young woman had a natural aptitude for plants and healing and used it to earn herself whatever money she could for food.

At about 13, Ilanya-now going as 'Lana'- traveled slowly up North, wishing to escape the persecution of the sand elves to find a better place to live. She would never escape persecution,trading the elves for the full-blooded humans,but along the way she came to find that she had the natural aptitude for healing magic-giving her more room to move within the world.

Skills: Lana has a natural understanding of plants,and an ability to quickly decipher and combine plants to help ailments. She carries around many pieces of parchment for study if she comes across a plant she had never seen. She also has a vast reserve of magic within her, with the ability to use the magic in her to heal others. Using to much,due to her small and malnourished body,will lead her to extreme exhaustion and would need rest immediately after doing so.

Other information:
Thats my psychptic little killer,sooo adorable!
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