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Current Dangerous,Stupid,Dangerously Stupid,and Stupidly Dangerous are all descriptive terms for what I do!
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I'll get posts up within the hour if I don't pass out from exhaustion and my fever.
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Not even surprised,Otaku xD
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Posting wouldn't be such a hassle if I didn't sneeze every 5 seconds!
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Welcome to my profile. I're here for a reason,right? Not much really to discuss. I guess I could tell you a bit about myself so I'll try and not make this that long at all(it's going to be)

I've been an avid reader and writer my whole life and a roleplayer since 2012,back then I got into it because of the old Warrior books by Erin Hunter. I enjoy writing in many different genres,but I find the ones I most enjoy have to be Medieval Fantasy,Sci-Fi and post apocalyptic. If you ever have an idea for these please feel free to shoot me a PM,and if you ever want to do a 1x1 I'm fine with either male or female roles.

I'm an investigative and information person. I love drama,I love a good suspense and a good story,but at the end of the day my biggest craving is information. I apologize if I ever come across as someone who seems pushy if I'm asking you all these questions about your character. I love to know how everything works-The cultures of a setting,the equipment,the layout of towns,the language, the societal hierarchy and the social norms and how everything/everyone reacts to something and why they do so. However,if information is being withheld because it pertains to the plot,or it is something you do not want to share,I will cease immediately.

I DO NOT DO FANDOMS-unless,of course,it's warhammer 40k. then maybe. I do not like to do fandoms simply because I prefer an original world/alternate reality where I can have a character that'll actually do something that could alter the course of history of the setting.

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banned for being a heretic.

Hallo! I have a plot idea or two that I was wondering if you'd be interested in. Otherwise, I'd be up for some Human/ElfxWerebeast or perhaps a DemonxHuman/Elf if you still have a space available!
>Roleplays are slow
>"Kinda bored,why don't I go (write,play games,etc.)"
>Does X/Y/Z
>"Hm,this is boring,why don't I go hit up my roleplays?"
>Goes onto computer
>repeat ad infinitum

@Mae thee two scars would join just above her nose, with the smaller one going across her left eye and ending just above her cheek,and the other one going over the right eye and down to her jaw. I hope this clears it up for you and thank you very much for offering this again!
Thank you very much for offering your talents to a fine forum such as this. Some people can't really afford to pay for a commission all the time,and people like you can brighten someones day up quick!

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